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Why Did Marshall Faulk Leave Indianapolis?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 21, 2023 4:56 pm

Why Did Marshall Faulk Leave Indianapolis?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 21, 2023 4:56 pm

12/21/23- Hour 2

Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk joins Rich in-studio to discuss the Michigan cheating scandal and if the Wolverines can beat Alabama in their College Football Playoff semifinal at the Rose Bowl, how much NIL money he could have made in college at San Diego State, if the Jets could have done anything differently to save their season in the wake of Aaron Rodgers Achilles injury, Bill Belichick and Mike Tomlin’s hot seats with the Patriots and Steelers, Christian McCaffrey as NFL MVP, and weighs in on the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, and Philadelphia Eagles.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The Rich Eisen Show. Is the brotherly shove on the verge of extinction? I don't think so. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Changing the rule that a ball that's fumbled into and through or out of the end zone. There's a possibility that this could truly be changed.

We do need to take a look at that. Earlier on the show, Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton. Coming up, Pro Football Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk.

Brown's wide receiver Amari Cooper. Comedian Brad Williams. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, it is our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844-204-Rich is the number to dial. Here on the program, we had a great chat moments ago with Kyle Hamilton of the Baltimore Ravens defense and, of course, Notre Dame football, who refused steadfastly to answer a straightforward question. And that's all I've heard is he's just a straight type kid.

The question straightforward was, who's got it better than you? And he refused to say the words word nobody. Yeah, just one because he said it was a Michigan thing. And I'm like, no, it's a Harbaugh thing. And I don't understand. Well, I understand it. And I respect it.

You have to respect it. Amari Cooper is going to be on this program in hour number three of the Cleveland Browns. And the comedian Brad Williams is going to be here on the program. So that's going to be a lot of fun.

That's all in hour number three. And sitting down right now. Good to see you. My Hall of Fame friend, Marshall Faulk. What's going on, Rich Eisen?

How you doing, man? That's how we roll here on the program. I've got a question for you, Rich. Yes, Marshall Faulk. What's what's what's your question?

Oh, let's get going. Does Michigan cheat? Does Michigan cheat? Yes.

No, they do not cheat. OK. I just have to ask you, what do you mean by that? What do you mean? Does Michigan cheat?

What do you mean by that? I'm just asking a question, man. Marshall, I don't understand. Who was your first quarterback in the National Football League? Listen, who was your first quarterback in the National Football League is a straight up question. I didn't ask you a Jim Harbaugh cheat. I asked you a Michigan.

I mean, but what is your what is your definition of cheat? We didn't get to Harbaugh yet. Can we can you just wait?

I just want to talk about Michigan. You sit down and just fire. That's why I asked you the question. Did you even aim? There's no layups here. OK. There's no layups here. I know that. Breakaway. So do you want to answer the question I asked you?

What? Who is your first quarterback in the National Football League? Jim Harbaugh. How welcoming was he to the NFL? Let's just be clear.

I don't know that the way you just sat down. I refuse to come on this show and ask you, does Jim Harbaugh cheat? I love Jim. So I asked you, does Michigan cheat? But all I hear from that guy over there, it's kind of funny that he separates from me on this front. All he does is just want to play a foil and don't cheat, don't cheat, don't cheat, and that your accomplishments might actually be tainted. I have two rules.

This guy over there will fumble. Don't cheat. I hear you. I hear you. So and all of the Patriots accomplishments, a lot of people have asterisks, did you want me to ask you if the Patriots cheat? You can ask me that, OK, but I would never say Tom Brady cheat ever.

OK, so my question is he doesn't he doesn't sit there at all and go, you know what, Rich, I feel your pain. I'm there for you that your team's accomplishments are somehow, some way wrecked or discounted because of something that hasn't been completely proven when your draft choices got forfeited. You know what I'm saying? Like I'm in the same boat. I'm in your boat now. I don't think I'd ever be in your boat. Hold on. Hold on. We're in the boat game.

Six more wins to get in my boat. Oh, that guy right there. I love it. I love it. I'm good, man. I'm good. I just, you know, I just start. Yeah.

Yeah. It was a game on a first. We got some days. We got some days before we get to the game. What do you think? Can you guys win? Of course we can win. Don't just stop.

What are you talking about? Serious. Michigan needs to make sure Milro has a long day. Michigan needs to have a run game, be consistent, and Michigan needs their quarterback to play, have a clean sheet. We do that.

I think we win this football game. OK. And Michigan has the grown man. I know that he's not just some little dude you tackle it. I'm aware of that.

Like he's a little bit smaller than Derek Henry. No, I'm aware. I'm aware of that. But if he can have long days in the SEC, why not against Michigan's defense?

Why not? OK. And this is this is a a team that has, whether you feel it is appropriate or not, a mentality that everyone is against them and they are using that as a rallying cry, as well as a a way to to play for one another. I think that worked. And this is this is this like I believe that worked, Rich, when you guys weren't one. See, when you played Ohio State, what's a number?

Everybody was like, say what? What's a number? That's the expectation. One is playing four. There's an expectation. Yeah, you're the favorite. You guys were when you guys were playing Ohio State, you guys weren't favorite. This guy over there. I'm just I'm telling you, this matters with these kids. I'm serious.

I'm a bring you I'm bringing you into it because every time games, Rich, think about it. When you guys went to was it the Penn State game? You didn't have your coach. It was like, oh, we're not going to know. Like all of these. We didn't know until 24 hours, but literally exactly 10 hours. So the expectation was that when he arrived on the tarmac.

Yes. So the expectation wasn't there. Like in this game, you guys are expected. That's the more you are the number one seat. You are expected. So you're saying, Chris, over there, that a team that is expected to win cannot play the nobody believes in his card. Everyone's against exactly. Hell, no.

You're number one. Do you know how many times Brady went off to the Super Bowl and told Sully and Fitz at their farewell? We're going off to the Super Bowl party with a big rally. Nobody believes in us. And the whole country's like, get out of here.

You've got five trophies. When everybody said he sucked and that it was time to go to the back. You're telling me that J.J. McCarthy has Jedi mind tricks that he's going to use on himself to get him up for the game. I'm hoping Jim does that.

He says his spirit animal. Hey, man, the reality, Rich, is you guys are the favorite to win it all. So do you think Michigan has no chance to win? That's not true. I don't want to have a chance.

I forgot. This is this is the Marcia Fulk conversation. I'm just going to advocate until I actually put it in your lap about you feel this wasn't about what I think and what I feel. This was about you. I told you how I feel.

And then you push back and then you say you actually agree with me. Is that what you're saying? I agree with you. They're the favorite.

Oh, my God. They are the favorite. See that little box I put you in?

Actually, you're in the box right now on the screen. Now they're now with us. But we're betting Alabama, right, Marshall? So do you feel who wins this game?

Alabama? Listen, why? Because the SEC because they're the SEC only.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. There's something with this team. The game again, they don't they should not even be there because of what we win against Auburn. I was just like, oh, my God, I've seen some unbelievable games that game like what Murrow did.

And you don't I mean, unless they start talking about it to this degree. Yes. They benched him. They played somebody else. They cycled through quarterbacks.

Well, I mean, isn't that how both Tua and Hertz got born into our national consciousness? Somebody got hurt. That was a somebody got hurt. Well, no, Tua and Hertz got benched, you know, in the national championship game. Well, no, no, they pulled him in the game. So it wasn't like Murrow got benched.

Like they took his job. That was different. And that throw was great against Auburn. There's no doubt about it. I just there's there's something I want to see, man.

I you know, I've only Kirby Smart is the only one that's that's in this position. Done it to Saban. Well, maybe Michigan could hire someone from the Georgia staff in time, you know, before the game. Maybe they could do that. Alabama.

Alabama did. I don't I don't like where you're going with this. Very good. I mean, you just sat down and just like I'm like, oh, no, no, no. I asked I say, Rich, can I ask you a question?

Did I not? I remember how it started. OK, cool.

Marshall Fulk is here on the program. Well, how much would you have gotten in NIL at San Diego State? Yeah, right. I probably would have sounded more like Caleb Williams, like I might not be going to.

I probably would have went for my fifth or sixth year, fifth or sixth year. I got all the green shirt, the blue shirt. I got all the shirts.

Better be creating colors of shirts. I should ask you, how much and I own money would you have made against BYU? Oh, my God. You tormented them. Yeah. They would have probably paid me to leave. You got to go. Yeah.

And name, image and leave. That's how that would have been. And then they would have put some figure on the table and you'd have been like Cincinnati still has that first overall pick. No dice. You know, there's still not enough money. Didn't want to go there. Oh, man. So, yeah, the whole NIL days. Can you imagine?

I cannot. Prime is deep in that world right now. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I mean, rightfully so. Couldn't have a better person.

Couldn't have a better person. You know, you know, he understands the bag, understands how to play the game, too. And he gets it.

And he understands when kids might actually renege on him, which it seems like as of this conversation in that seat two weeks ago, Jordan Seaton was sitting here wearing his blenders, talking about how if you're a dog, you're going to Colorado and he might not show up there at the end of the day. It's kind of crazy right now. It's OK. Do you think the end of the college football should go with what Chip Kelly said, which is go independent from the rest of college sports? Let everyone be in the old conferences and basketball and the Olympic sports and football.

It should just be 64 of us. And let's play it like it's the NFL. You know what he said?

I don't know if that sounds good or not, but I always question, should we listen to Chip Kelly? I'm just being honest. Say what you want. I'm just being honest.

I know that. That's it. Should we be listening to Chip Kelly is the question.

I don't know. I mean, college football, he's he's he seems to have had a lot of answers, although maybe not as much at UCLA. OK, I'm just that's all I would ask. Like if Nick Saban said that, I'd be like, let's listen to him. And when Brockman doesn't make eye contact with me, he knows he wants no part of this conversation. Makes me laugh.

Marshall Faulkier on the Rich Isles Show. OK, so what should we talk about here? Anything I noticed. But Michigan, that's OK. I mean, it's all good, man. So why did you leave Indianapolis? Wow, that's a great question.

Great question. Well, you know, we had a difference of opinion. We were going in a different we were going separate ways. You know, the town just wasn't big enough for two New Orleanians about to say, can you imagine Peyton Manning and you playing your entire careers together? I mean, obviously, you wound up in the same place. You know, football happened to use your phrase. You are on the same team again. But I'm sure and Kurt Warner's like, why are you even asking that question? Hey, man, it was listen, it was fun playing with Peyton a year like and then playing with him.

It was fun watching the process of of him processing. How to navigate the league, like literally learning. OK, I can't do that. I can't do this.

I can't do that. And anybody else who throw 20 and some odd interceptions their rookie year, they have a the next year is just not good. The next year they went 13 and three like how he without you. Yeah, without me, like the next year they went 13 and three. I mean, he he he really stepped it up. And I think he only threw like eight, maybe nine interceptions, something like that. It wasn't but it was impressive to watch the process of of his rookie year and then how he picked it up and how he stepped it up and what they did to evolve the offense.

And listen, they were right. When I was there, Peyton leaned on me a lot. And when I wasn't there, the maturity and growth that that he needed to become a leader, it it happened naturally and everybody followed him. And I love that story. It's one of my favorite stories I've ever heard you tell is the processing that Peyton was going through about throwing footballs where he shouldn't.

And when I say, can you tell that story? Oh, yeah. So so we're like beginning of the season, he throws a pick, throws a couple more picks, and his thing was, oh, man, I just didn't think the guy couldn't get there. It's like, oh, yeah, I just I was like, I just didn't think he can get there.

Meaning the defensive back? Yeah, he just didn't think he can get there. I didn't think he could get there. I didn't think he can get there. And then pretty soon I was just like, hey, Peyton, everybody can get there. Welcome to the NFL.

Everybody can get there. But it just it was it was it was you could you could watch the process because he just wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Like literally he filed it away. If a defensive coordinator did something, it was like and he saw it coming again. Couldn't get him twice with the same thing.

Anybody else you play with like that? He was the only one who had control of the game. Martz wouldn't let like Martz wouldn't allow our offense was different.

Right. You know, Kurt, Kurt had control of the game, but it was just in his decision making. His ability to make decisions on based on the coverage where the ball would go to coverage sometime would dictate where the ball went. And then even though that was the case, Kurt would then he had the option to hold onto it a little longer, take the hit and make the throw. And and he did that better than better than anybody.

Like the dude. I mean, we won the Super Bowl because of that, that that throw him holding on to it, taking the hit, throwing the ball to Isaac. That like that was his that was his calling, like what he did. And to watch the movie, watching his movie, understanding that his defining moment and the thing that he's known for was what kept him bench because he could not stay in the pocket. He kept running out of the pocket. And in the movie, his coach was like, you got to stand there and take it in college college.

And that became his calling card. Unbelievable, man. Unbelievable.

He's the American underdog. One hundred percent. Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks you played with.

All right. So and it's interesting with Peyton, you're saying that Peyton was the offense because when he went out with the neck injury in the bottom fell out, it's kind of because he was the only one who could operate the system that they had in place and that you had to change the system in mid midway in the middle of of everything when he went out. And it's kind of I always use the analogy.

It's like the movie Independence Day, that the only the aliens can actually operate the spacecraft that they had. And that's what Peyton was like with that offense. And it seems like that was the case with the Jets this year.

When Rogers goes out, certainly with the coordinator they had, the system was set up for all right. You're basically the quarterback and the coordinator pre snap whole damn thing. And then he goes out and the Jets season goes down the toilet because they couldn't adjust. Is that is that an appropriate way of of analogizing that?

That's exactly it. When what Peyton did and and you know, people want to get into greatest quarterback, this, this and this. The current state of what a quarterback's job is in the NFL is because of what Peyton did. Obviously, before Peyton, long, long time ago, guys called their own plays. What Peyton did was he went to the line of scrimmage with multiple plays and checks. They were never in a bad play. He always had an answer and no down was wasted.

That was that was the idea. Let's get something out of every down and not not the physical elements of he didn't have the strongest arm. He wasn't he wasn't the fastest.

He like all of that stuff. But his capacity to stand at the line of scrimmage and slow the game down and literally put them in a play that's going to be successful was unbelievable. And throughout the time when it was him, Marvin, Reggie and and Dallas. They line up in the same formation with Edgeron back there and wore you out and a lot of the plays look the same, but. They run that stretch and he knew it and and if they handed off the Edgeron and the safeties back, they're getting 20 and if that safety cheat up, you're going to see that naked hand.

And if that naked hand go out to the back is going over your head. I mean, they did it better than anybody. And then Brady Brady turned into that as well. Brady turned into that. And you could make a case that Rogers he's that is well and maybe the best skill set in terms of physical abilities to boot out or run it himself with that neck up ability. And we'll see if Mahone Mahone's is there.

He can do it right. Exactly. And so that's the question is that what could the Jets have done? Right, because you're not you're not telling the play caller we're pulling a code red on you because Rogers was either a thinking of coming back this year or be absolutely wanted everything still still be in the same place. And the Jets made a decision. We're going to keep it frozen here because we can't antagonize the guy that we just put all the eggs in the basket and the basket blew up for snaps into the season. What could they have done differently?

Nothing. I mean, they went into it. And the worst case scenario, the worst the worst was if your offensive coordinator had the coach, the guy calling in place had to coach somebody other than Aaron Rogers, because we saw what that looked like with Russ. Yeah, we saw what it looked like. That was that was the worst case, like of all the things that could have happened.

That was the worst. Because in most cases, here's what I want you to look at. Minnesota has won games with backup backup quarterbacks. Look at the Browns.

The Browns with the backup quarterback the Jets used last year for Zach. So understand that you can win games. It's like it's a reflection on and I'm going to say this. Aaron Rogers is an exceptional talent, like we beyond beyond what he's able to do. And I think what we were about to see was the maturation of his process and what he was about to do with that offense with taking ownership of it with the probably one of the best receiving course he's had in a while. That the receiving corps that the Jets were about to put on the field. So getting Flacco off his couch in week two, week three, that wouldn't have fixed it.

Jets might have a better season right now if they went ahead and made some sort of it was it is. That's the whole point. Is it a Zach thing or because McDaniel called Zach Wilson, quote unquote, dangerous? And he does not mean because he's dangerous for his own team.

Rich, I don't I don't know. And I can't tell if it's a Zach thing. But what I but what I am going to say is when I watch him or any other quarterback for the Jets play. A lot of the times they don't have the answers to what's going on out there. It doesn't look like they're getting. Hey, when you see this, we're going here. When they do this, this and this, we're doing this. We're late in the season. Defenses aren't doing things that you haven't seen.

That's usually, you know, first maybe month of the season. They're trying stuff they're trying to disguise. Right now, when you line up against the defense, you have the data that's telling you on first down. When you put regular personnel out there, here's what they line up in. These are the things that they run. If you run motion, here's what they like to do.

Here's what they check is, you know, those things. And it just appears to me that he doesn't appear to have the answers. And when he does. He plays well, he slings it, he plays well. Marshall Faulk, Pro Football Hall of Famer here on the Rich Eisen Show. Another segment with him. I want to, we're going to go down some of the, I guess, narratives that have been popular in the NFL over the last three weeks.

I don't want to hit you with that. That's Marshall Faulk here, 844204 Rich. TJ's fantasy advice.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. And then Mike Del Tufo was out there to pull the rope and complete malfunction. Marshall was here.

This is it. You know, and remember this moment, guys? Hold on a minute. Hold on. I think Marshall's it's coming. Just give it one big pull. Good Jersey. There we go.

And then if it goes, that's Marshall laughing, that's it. Oh, man. Classic.

Both ropes came down. All right. Very good. Seven years ago.

Right. Seven years ago, I think he's still in uniform. Are you wearing the same shirt? No, you lost weight, but is it the same shirt? Oh, my God. That's an old. That's an old. The same hat. That's the same shirt. Oh, my God. That's the same shirt.

You need to know these pegs on your left arm. No. You just popped on your left arm in the video and you're wearing the same shirt. This is his finest. Oh, my God. He said you were you and you for my 20 Super Bowl. Oh, my God.

We're back here on a radio show and we're showing an old footage from seven years ago. I just called it a uniform to take down multiple properly and you're wearing the same hat and shirt that day. No, the hat's different. No, it's not. It's really the same hat.

It's the whole 50. It's the same shirt that you're wearing. It's the same shirt. Oh, my God. It's a uniform.

The shirts are gone. Excuse me. We've all advanced as humans. You have not.

I think it's the form. Oh, my God. Marcia's sweating.

You're sweating right now. Oh, my God. I love to you, man. That is that is the best. There you go.

Does not get better than that, bro. There you go. Awesome. You're laughing so hard.

You were sweating. Oh, my gosh. The man, they'll to follow that on the other day.

They'll tell my favorite human beings on the planet. Oh, that's man. I love seven years ago.

That doesn't change the fact you were in the same shirt. That's your favorite. You know, it's the same.

He's trying to throw us off the Senate. Good job, dude. Oh, my gosh. I'm sitting. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Quick story times with you. This is the Marshall Faulk Bowl tonight, right? Yes, Rams.

It would be Rams calls for your teams that you played for professionally. But Rams versus New Orleans. Yeah, that's where you are from. Well, the old NFC West. Aha. OK, I like it. Yeah. And you every single time we would talk about the Saints back in the day on NFL Network, everyone would scream out the word popcorn, but like popcorn.

And why would that be? Why are we doing this? I got my start, man. As a kid, when I couldn't afford money to get in the game, I was I was a vendor. I sold popcorn in the Superdome. That's how I got in the games.

It's the only way I can see professional football other than on TV. Do you remember what year that was? Remember with that? Oh, man, let's see.

This was 89 senior, 88, 87, 88, 89. OK. Yeah. So was this Dome Patrol? Is this what we're it's Bobby a bear. This was we were just out of being the inks. OK. The bags came off of our heads and we like we started having a showing.

Oh yeah. Eighty seven. There were twelve and three. Wow.

Ten and six and eighty eight, nine and seven. And so you started showing up. It's the Marshall. We just got the bags off. And then you were filling up with popcorn. Yeah.

I heard Hayward. We were the inks, man. And the fans were so I mean, we have sell our crowds and they put bags on their heads. I remember the little I mean, paper bags with eyes cut out and the mouth cut out.

So they got to be able to drink. You know, I, I will never forget the night the Superdome reopened. Oh yeah. And we were there for NFL Network. Man, I was standing next to you. And you told me going into the game, this is going to be the loudest building you've ever been in your life. You told me that. And I was standing next to you. We were in some suite. You, you, you, you, you were, I was, I was your plus one. Yeah.

Okay. Mr. New Orleans. And I will never forget when Vic rolls out and the ball goes on the ground and everybody thought it was going to be a Saints turnover on the opening drive of the reopening of the Superdome and the place went nuts. And then the ball rolled out of bounds and everyone and you looked at me and I looked at you because it was the loudest I've ever heard of building. And you start looking at me and you're nodding your head at me. You're nodding your head at me.

You start laughing like, yeah, I told you, I told you. And then the next place is the Steve Gleason. The punt block. Yeah. That is now, you know, Memorial, basically with the, with the, with the statue. Yeah. I'm getting the chills right now.

Like thinking about it, thinking about it. Like we were there that night. Yeah. Yeah. It come coming off, coming off Katrina and, and, and all, all that, that team had been through the, this place playing in San Antonio, playing more away games. And nobody knew if, if the Superdome would reopen, would the team ever come back?

And the awfulness that was going on in that building to wipe that memory away best, the best that the city could. Amazing. And have that happened within like the first minute of return?

Yep. Like the, the, I've never been at an event that was that loud. Like you, you remember it was like, we were standing next to each other talking like. Yeah, we couldn't, I couldn't hear you.

Could not hear each other. That's why you, when I looked at you and you were like, yep, I told you it was going to be that loud. And then it got louder.

Yeah. And I just, like the city was buzzing. We were there, it was just buzzing. They were, they were so hungry for a home game. And I'm going to tell you, I'm going to tell you what, what, what my people did, the New Orleanians, it was like, they wanted to show people that we were resilient. We were resilient.

It was so much going on. And the city was being talked about because of, you know, all the stuff that happened in Superdome and do they deserve a team? And do they want to move the team?

And man, like, would they ever support sellout crowd? Everybody. It was like, everybody stood up the whole game almost. Tag Liebe was insistent that everyone returned to New Orleans. Yeah, because I mean, there was a conversation about going to San Antonio or anything like that, that I remember that night. Like, I will never forget it. And the fact that I got to stand next to you, a Mr. New Orleans, essentially, I will never forget that. It is a blessing that I had that.

And it also leads to the your other favorite moment of that night, because it was a Monday night game on ESPN, and we went down on the field to watch that game in the third quarter. And they go up member of the security staff to Marshall and say, you can stay. Looked at me and said, you got to go. Like, I'm dumb. He kept looking at me like, what's going on?

What's going to help? They saw me and I was I was not essential. They saw him and they're like, you're essential. And guess who got to allow me to stay on the field? Oh, this guy.

Oh, nice. And then when afterwards you're like, let's go out. And I'm like, excuse me, this night is not great enough that I get to go out in New Orleans with Marshall Fogg on the night the Superdome reopens this triumphantly.

It's going to be amazing. And we turn to Mooch and like, come on. And he's like, no, I'm just going to go back to the hotel. Wow, that's for you. And I said to my guest, Steve, this next hurricane of the century, wipes the city off the map and then reopen the Superdome like this. And the most popular guy in New Orleans asked you to go out.

We'll do it. And he still wants to left. That's Mooch.

That is Mooch. And Spike Lee was there and bands were there. And everybody was there.

YouTube Green Day. Amazing. Believable.

It was amazing. Yeah. All right. Let's ask you about some narratives here, Marshall Fogg, that are going on right now. Cowboys are going to be one and done because we saw what happened in Buffalo. That it's just the same old thing. Same old thing.

Or or they're not going to make it back to the NFC championship game because we just saw they were shown as being fugazi by the Bills. What do you think? Man, I want to think that is different.

I've seen a different DAC. The question is going to be, can Mike McCarthy get out of the way? Really? Yep. Because he's been dialing her up like crazy to this point. I think just watching the game, right?

Watching the game. They have to learn because it's not that he's dialing it up. It's that DAC is putting them in the proper place. But on the road, they can't they can't get in the proper play. On the road is different.

You got to have some signals and you got to be able to get into the proper place. At home, they can hear him. He's real audio. Here we go. He can check.

He can do stuff. On the on the road in Buffalo, there was no checks and they had that. They literally DAC had to make decisions dropping back. And that's hard. So ask anybody. Ask Peyton, all of them. They get a pre-snap read and they play from that pre-snap read.

If you do something, boom. Buffalo literally, they play four cross and they drop it in late on him. And he had to make decisions and your guys got to win. So give DAC the the ability pre-snap to do whatever he's seeing. Give him full control is and the fact that he doesn't have it. Maybe the reason why we're seeing the Cowboys struggle on the road. That's my analogy that he doesn't have it like he has to have like the ability to get in and out of plays, call certain plays if they're going to do what they need to do. When you watch Patrick Mahomes, just just pay attention. Patrick will stop it, get him into something else.

I mean, he he has the ability to do that and they allow him to. So let me turn to Mahomes. The narrative is Caderius Toney is absolutely going to cost them the ability to win an important game in the playoffs, but but he is the personification of the issues with the offense. How about that is a better way of setting up the net kind of I'm not going to let Watson off and I'm not going to let with 24 with Skymore, them three like the three of them. So is that fixable?

No. So then their issues at receiver writ large that Caderius Toney personifies is going to cost them. So let's say this is it fixable? What's fixable is and I love Sap. Sap showed us that.

Sap in the lab. Yeah, Tony was offside a bunch of times and they didn't call it. OK, what's fixable is OK, lined up in the neutral zone.

That's fixable. Your ability to catch the football when you're when you have the drops. The fix is just catch the damn ball like this and whether they're going to catch it. The the touchdown at Valdesk and drop like that was it like when he dropped that ball, it's like his career ended. I haven't seen him throw him a meaningful ball since.

So they have four guys that have the drops. Well, he did throw on one that that should have been passed interference against the Packers, but wasn't. But I do think that the Mahomes going nuts on the official was because he just bring one thing up. They missed their wide receivers coach.

Is that the enemy? They missed their wide receivers coach. OK, so if we asking what his worth was, it was those guys were on schedule with Mahomes because he worked with Mahomes. He worked with the White House and right now right now those wide receivers look like they play for the Bears. Marshall Faulk here on the Rich Eisen show. Another narrative is that the Eagles are less than because their coordinators are head coaches somewhere else, and this is not fixable either.

Yes, yes, you lose. I'm impressed that they got off to the start that they did, you know, and now it's time now it's time. OK, both offense and defensive coordinator. They figured you out. What are your adjustments? That's that's that's what we and we're not seeing the adjustments we're not seeing now they've adjusted to you.

Now what? You got two head coaches. And the one in Indianapolis is doing a great job. Sure, you see why he's missed. I mean, he got Gardner Minshew. Gardner looking good. That team is playing well. The run game is the Trace Sermon and Tyler Goodson ran all over the place.

And Tyler Goodson ran all over the Steelers 14 straight times. It's it's it's it's you see why to wrap that game. Yeah. So you're they're going to be there's a deficiency. And I think I believe let's let's just see if they can make the adjustments going into the latter part of the season to get them ready for the for the for the push in the playoffs.

I'm just amazed that they're here. Rich teams that lose the Super Bowl don't they don't start off the way that the Eagles started off. I give Sirianni credit for having them ready at the start of the season. And then another narrative is that both and this is the third rail is that both Belichick and Tomlin have run their courses at their spots.

Would you agree with that? I just can't see how unless Belichick wants to live in Southern California, coach the Chargers and sell his boat in Newport off of Newport Beach. I mean, I can't see you getting rid of Bell. I just I the the Robert Kraft that we know, I just I don't even know how you do that. I don't even know how you do. I can't even people keep saying.

And I'm like, how do you put that into words? Like, what do you what do you tell Belichick? I because he clearly is still one of the greatest coaches of all time.

I'm not I'm not discounting that now. Now, he's always been the bad judge of talent. He hasn't always picked the groceries. Yeah, it hasn't always, you know, cooked the food that he wanted to the dish that he said he was going to make. But but he finds ways to win.

And I just could not ask him that. And then I believe Mike Tomlin. Some of the Pittsburgh Steelers when they lost their GM, that that's the difference in this in this team. The talent doesn't look like the Pittsburgh Steelers talent. And and I listen to guys like Ryan Clark. Ryan Clark said, here's the problem.

And I was like, that that might make sense. The Pittsburgh Steelers used to draft the best available talent, not to what they needed. And if you start drafting the what you need, then you get in trouble. You got to take the best available talent.

So they always have high quality, you know, high ID. What I saw those two receivers do. Deontay Johnson against the Bengals. Yes, I'm telling you right now, if that was Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt, every time I got a chance, I'd run up their back. I'd hit him in the back. Like, you're not you're not going to that is like on the field during the play.

Yes, they don't get in contact. You either block or get ran over what they're doing. That's that's not even football, man.

Watching him to stand up, watching him. He watched the ball and the other guy get out of the way. Just let a guy go hit the running back. Well, that's why people are putting that on Tomlin. Like, isn't that the head coach to fix that? Not Jalen Warren's responsibility or Najee Harris's responsibility? Your best two receivers.

Can you win games without them too? It's your best two receivers. And and coaching today is hard. If you got to bench those two guys and listen, we we both know because we watched with Antonio Brown, Tomlin don't have a problem benching you. You don't have a problem sending you to the locker room. But in today's in today's climate, you got to win games.

They're already talent deficient. You know, they got Big Ben calling in, saying that this don't look like Steelers football. You got Ryan Clark making comments. I mean, well, the time when I saw looked as engaged as ever when I saw him.

And by the way, same guy, same everything. And T.J. Watts, like I would run through all for this guy. How did they win games early in the year with Matt Canada doing what he did now? Now, if there's a thing, the fact that his loyalty to his coaches sometimes, you know, Canada, the proof is in the pudding. He wasn't up for the job.

It didn't fit what they were trying to do. He wouldn't the guys to cook those groceries like didn't fit. But Tomlin's loyalty is that's that's who he is. But you're not going to tell me that that guy can't coach if they let him go.

If they let him go, I mean, it'd be a fire sell for people trying to get him. I got one more segment. T.J., we'll do your fantasy at the end of the at the end of the show. I got Marcia Falk here on a roll. Let's take a break right here.

Amari Cooper, top of the next hour. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial. You know, in today's world, it seems the best treatment is reserved only for a few. Well, Discover wants to change that by making everyone feel special. That's why with your Discover card, you have access to 24 seven live customer service as well as zero dollar fraud liability, which means you're never held responsible for unauthorized purchases. Finally, no matter who you are or where you are in life, you'll feel special with Discover. Learn more at discover dot com slash credit card.

Limitations apply. Saturday, Christmas comes early only on Peacock. Bills, Chargers, an exclusive NFL game live in prime time.

Saturday, 730 Eastern exclusively on Peacock. All right. Back here before our radio audience returns, will you tell this another one of my favorite stories about you barking back at the Cardinals sideline? Oh, my God. You tell that story, please.

One of my favorite. So we're playing the Cardinals and I'm having the day. Oh, man. And in any time, like, you know, I normally don't engage, but I run a couple of plays their side and they're talking and they're real chirpy and they're getting off.

And now it's literally a blow out. And I'm going up and down the sideline and I'm, you know, some nasty things. And I go keep going, keep going. And then I double back. I'm like. Mr. Green, not you. I'm sorry.

Every time I have the whole thing, I remind him, I'm like, he's like, I remember that. So mean, Joe is on the sideline is the assistant on the sideline as he's he's to D line coach. He's on the sideline. And I'm I'm telling them, y'all ain't this this this. Y'all getting worked. Y'all sorry. So at Arizona, Marshall, at Arizona, Arizona, this was November 3rd. Oh, two. Yes. What was his day? Twenty seven carries for one hundred and seventy eight yards, five five catches for fifty eight more. Wearing them out.

Rich. I'm wearing them out and you're letting them know and I'm letting them know it. I'm wearing them out. And I'm like and then I was like, Mr. Green, that wasn't for you. I'm sorry. I just think you can't talk trash to me. Joe Green, you got to have some respect, man. I respect that man too much. Now I call him pops, you know, I'm like, but I just man, I call myself it was just like, you know, you get in the moment and you're being disrespectful and you're just trying to get on everybody on the sideline. And I was like, not you, sir. I love it.

That's truly one of my favorite stories from you, Marshall. Back on the Rich Eisen Show, you can check out the NFL on Westwood one for free, sponsored by AutoZone, including tonight's Thursday night football game on the NFL app. The every Westwood Run broadcast of the NFL can be found live there. Or you can ask Alexa to open Westwood Run Sports on your Westwood Run affiliate station's digital platforms. Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner on Monday nights and me for free. Get in the zone with AutoZone.

The free AutoZone fixed finder service can help you find a fix for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone.

AutoZone. I had to lay into that one. Marshall Faulk still here on the program. Last segment. What is your interpretation of what Sean Payton was saying to Russell Wilson on the sideline in Detroit when he went right after him and started yelling at him?

You're my Sean Payton whisperer. I don't know if you saw that sequence on Saturday night. Yes. What do you think that was about? Because he said it's none of our business what that was about.

So let me ask you what you think that business might have been. Exactly. Um, Sean only responds to stuff like that when something was supposed to be done that was talked about, agreed upon, and Russ did the opposite or something different.

Okay. Like he's not, Sean Payton will not lose doing stuff that he doesn't want to do. Or has been run through just in case it happens. And then that had happened. So what was it? Because the essential idea was that he ran the play maybe too fast. He couldn't challenge what had happened just before on the goal line or anything like that. There's just whatever happened.

Here's what I'm saying. It had to be discussed, talked about, and the situation. Because Sean's all about, you know, he's situational football.

Right. That's exactly where Belichick got it from, which is Parcells. Sean got it from, which is football is all about situations. And for a veteran quarterback to not understand the situation. Like that is like, like you can make physical errors with him, but the mental errors he cannot handle. He cannot. It is just not, it is not acceptable.

So he let him know about it on the sideline. And this is one of those things where pages are turned and off we go and we can do it again. Let's move on. Right.

He's, he's, let's move on. That happened. And you got, you got to be able to take that.

Like that's, that's his thing. Like sometimes the coach is going to get at you and you got to be able to take it. Like March, March has done that to Kurt. He just got, as the player, you got to be able to take it.

Because one of the most frustrating things for a coach is you put a lot of time and effort into it, but you don't get to do anything on the field and, and, and that's going to happen. That's going to happen. Last narrative for you is the 49ers are unbeatable.

It looks that way, Rich, I'm telling you. I just, there's no answer for, for what, for what, I mean, obviously if, if the head coach decides that he wants the quarterback to be MVP instead of the running back and they decide to throw the ball in the red zone against the team that they play in the Superbowl, then they can be beaten. That's what you think is at stake on Monday night, huh? I'm just saying if they, if, if, if what they do is if he decides to control the game and not allow the game to control, like they, right now they're playing and whoever is hot, they go through. And, uh, you know, if he wants, if he wants to have Brock Purdy be the MVP, then he can get in the way. So let me ask you in the two minutes I have left here, then as somebody who knows what it's like to run and catch and block and do everything that McCaffrey is doing, make the case for him as the MVP, as you once won.

It is what it is, man. He, he, he is, if, if, if they allowed, hold on, if they wouldn't pacify Debo and hand in the ball and do the things that they need to do, McCaffrey's numbers would be through the roof off the charts. It would be through the roof, but the way that they operate their offense is, um, they, they try to create mismatches with personnel being in different, different positions.

And we did that too. And I think his touches and his numbers are exact, they're great, but I think his touches are down because they want to make sure he's fresh for the, for the, for the playoffs. Remember last year, Caff had a little calf injury and sometimes you get worn down a little bit, but, um, I, it's, I, I, Brock Purdy, when it didn't have no McCaffrey, they didn't have Trent and they didn't have Debo, he looked regular. He was just regular, nothing was there.

He wasn't able to carry the team. And um, and I just think, I think it's Kristin McCaffrey. And then after that, you got to go with the cheetah.

If the cheetah clips 2000, that's, that's, that's unbelievable. So it, the first two MVP votes, uh, or when in place should be non quarterbacks. Yes. Yes. Then who's the quarterback that, that, that shows, is it Purdy or is it Lamar? And that's, what's at stake Monday night, depending on what Lamar does. Yes.

Hmm. You know, because you can't turn off the early parts of the season for Lamar. They had some, they had some, they, they, they gave some games away early this year. They sure did. They just, just imagine, but they figured it out.

They literally figured it out, including one of Pittsburgh, which has the opportunity, you know, Pittsburgh, uh, everybody seems to forget that they, they beat the Ravens earlier this year. Yeah. Great to see you brother. All good. You're the best.

Thanks for having me. We just filled an hour. Boom.

Like that. Amari Cooper coming up and the comedian, Brad Williams and TJ's fantasy advice in hour three still got about a minute plus right here. So, um, it's, it's funny to say McCaffrey's numbers would be even gaudier if they did not hand the ball to a Deebo every night. But how do you not? I mean, the guy is a huge weapon to diversify, you know.

Yes. You have to use him and listen, Kittles is underused. I know. I love the fact that he just, he'll block, he'll bang his head. He does what he does. Sometimes he get highlighted, he'll, he'll get six, seven, eight catches, two touchdowns and um, just the greater good. I love, he's probably a guy that could, that, that, that should be looked at as Gronk or, you know, like the star tight end.

Oh sure. Kelsey. He could be featured like Kelsey. He could be that, but, but he's not trying to.

And then interesting again, I know this is more of a conversation than 30 seconds. James Cook is re-imagining the way that the Bills are, are, are playing offensively. Joe Brady.

Right? It's, it's, it's, it's unbelievable. You know, the guy, the guy knows how to call plays and obviously something was going on in Carolina that got him out of there, but, um, I, I like, here's the same thing, same thing. Um, you're watching the quarterback with answers. The quarterback has answers to, Joe is like, this, this, this, these are the answers. When you see this, this, this, these are the answers. James Cook is a hell of an answer.

Yes. Why, why hasn't he been getting in touch with the bingo? And that's why they switched maybe offensive coordinators, hall of Famer, Marshall Falk, everybody. We're back with our three and a sec. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules.

Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. I don't know that I would call it respect that I have for Sandoval, but the world hated him. He still went out, performed shows with his head held high. He showed up to the reunion when we all were going after him. Like he didn't skip a beat. The way he's handling it, if I were in his position and I said it straight up to the entire audience, thousands of people, I would tell you all to **** and the room was dead. Watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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