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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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February 20, 2023 11:04 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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February 20, 2023 11:04 pm

JR talks about the embarrassing NBA All Star Game, ponders what the league can do to fix it, and discusses Mac McClung's victory at the dunk contest.


It's the JR Sport Retro here on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Monday to you. I hope you had a tremendous weekend. I'm gonna be hanging out here with you for the next four hours. I'm being joined by our producer tonight holding it down, my main man, Jack Stern. Jack is awesome. And we got a lot to do here over the next four hours. It's very simple. If you follow me on social media, you will already know everything that we will discuss.

It's at JR Sportbreed. In a few minutes, we're gonna get into that crap All-Star game. Daniel Jones of the New York Giants wants some money. Who doesn't want money?

Everybody wants money. Nikola Jokic has been disrespected. Oh, turn the music up a little bit. It's Monday.

I like the Ghetto Boys. There we go. Russell Westbrook. He's on his way to being a Los Angeles Clipper. DK Metcalf is about to be drug tested if he hasn't been drug tested already. Aaron Rodgers. Damn, they're ready to give this guy the boot.

Mac McClung. People know who he is now. And then there were some interesting conversations surrounding NBA All-Star where Adam Silver took time to talk about load management.

I think for the first time in a long time, I'm going to be critical of Mr. Adam Silver. Here's the deal. You follow me on social media at JR Sportbrief.

You already know what we're going to discuss because I just tweeted it out. At JR Sportbrief and just did the same thing on Facebook. If you want to talk to me or follow me, it's simple. It's at JR Sportbrief and the phone number here on CBS Sports Radio is as follows. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Jack, how are you this evening, man? You doing good?

I'm doing absolutely fantastic, JR. I had a toga themed party at my house on Saturday night. It was a very good time. It was a perfect way to unwind.

And let me just say this. I think Greek themed toga parties are very underrated. Everyone's about the jerseys and the costumes and things of that nature. When everybody is walking around wearing a piece of cloth over their body, it's just beautiful. I was wearing a king's crown.

People were wearing those leaf crowns. It was a good time. Let me just put it that way. Good. Nothing that I would participate in, but good. Here's the deal, folks.

Let me just get right to it. I didn't have no toga parties. I didn't have a party. I sat down like a lot of folks and I tried to mind my damn business. After coming off of last week, which was all Super Bowl, after spending time in Phoenix, which was all Super Bowl, I enjoyed this past weekend where I was live on WFAN in New York City.

I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing, or at least I tried to. And so I had an opportunity, as we discussed here on Friday night, I had a chance to sit down and watch the celebrity game for the NBA right before I went on air. Following the celebrity game, live here on air, we talked about the Rising Stars game. And then on Saturday night, we know we had the dunk contest. Congratulations to Mac McClung.

Good for him. He put on a hell of a show. Some of the best dunks that we have seen in years. And then came the main event, or it's supposed to be the main event, which is the actual all-star game last night, Sunday night. And I gotta tell you, it was crap. It was garbage. It was terrible.

I had it on the entire time. I watched it from the opening draft that they had until they closed the broadcast and I just felt like I watched a complete waste of time. I watched the draft and I said, this is taking too long. I saw Nikola Jokic decide, you know what, I'm not going to wait to be selected last.

I'm going to select myself. And he left Lowry Markkonen up on the stage. I saw Giannis lightly lay in a dunk. I saw Giannis sit down.

I saw LeBron, you know, get his finger, his hand caught up in the rim and LeBron was done. I saw Tatum shoot threes. I saw Thames.

I like Thames. And then I saw, what are these guys' names? Tatum and Brown going at each other. And that's it. And then the show was over. They gave Tatum the MVP because he went out there and scored 55 points where anybody could score 55 points when nothing is going on with the damn game.

It was a brisk two hours in change. It did not resemble basketball. No surprise. These dudes typically don't play end to end. They don't play defense.

They really don't pick it up until late in the game. Even late in the game, it was an abomination as Damian Lillard wanted to show off his range. This game was terrible.

I tweeted out last night, I sat down and had the game on, watched the game and saw nothing. There was nothing of note outside of what I just described to you. You can put out a few arbitrary dunks, but come on, it was, there's not a damn thing to this game.

Nothing. It's not just my word. You had people who participated in the game who said as much as well. Mike Malone coached this squad for the West because the Denver Nuggets are the best team in the West. After the game, Mike Malone sat in a press conference and he told us all what we already knew, that the All-Star game was a disaster to sit down and watch.

It's an honor to be here. It's an honor to be a part of a great weekend, great players, but that is the worst basketball game ever played. How do you fix it?

I don't know if you can fix it. I mean, I give Joel Embiid, Kyrie Irving, those guys were like competing. Joel was imploring some of the guys to play harder, to try to get some defense in, but no one got hurt. They put on a show for the fans, but that is a tough game to sit through, I'm not going to lie.

It was bad to watch people. Team Giannis, not that it matters. I guess this is the first time a Team Lebron lost in an All-Star game in the five years or six years that we've done this now where the Dudes select the teams. Lebron had 13 points in 14 minutes and had to sit down out of precautionary reasons, right? He's Lebron. Joel Embiid had 32 points, Kyrie Irving had 32, Jalen Brown, 25. These are just the Team Lebron guys. Everybody on Team Giannis, Tatum led with 55 points, which is nothing. Mitchell had 40, Damian Lillard had 26.

Team Giannis beat Team Lebron 184 to 175. And it was nothing saving this broadcast, even from the beginning when they went through the process of the draft. It was long. They had to go through the draft, they're selecting the reserves. It's taken forever.

We don't need a story behind each guy. And then these Dudes have to go back in the locker room, they have to change, we get a performance by Post Malone, and then they got to warm up again. I felt like an hour and a half between the actual draft and then tip off. I went to go grab food.

I said, let me pick some food up, it'll take me 10 minutes. And I said, damn it, I'm going to miss the beginning of the game by a few and I ain't miss nothing. And then they started playing and it just went by like nothing happened. Like I might as well have been sitting outside at the park reading the newspaper while just Dudes were just jacking up shots and going back and forth.

This was terrible. So is the NBA going to fix it? Is it going to adjust things into the future? Do the guys actually want to play? Have we devolved into the space where they're like, screw the dunk contest, we'll talk about that. Now they're like, screw the All-Star game as well? I guess the players are, they're not appreciative. That's what it boils down to. These Dudes don't appreciate what they have and they don't want to give a little bit back to the fans.

It's embarrassing. I said this last week, these Dudes don't have the it. They're not killers. I talked about Michael Jordan last week. Last Friday as Michael Jordan turned 60 years old, I told you Michael Jordan was a killer.

You think Michael Jordan would have been just pussyfoot and jumping around out there on the basketball court at any point in time with the highest level of competition? That's what we got last night. It's like the Dudes don't care and they quit. So next year, I can probably not give a damn about the dunk contest. Matt McClung, he said he'll be back. Maybe Zion will play.

Maybe Zion will be healthy enough to participate. But now we've reached the point where I can pretty much just skip the All-Star game too. I used to record the All-Star game on VHS and watch it for months. I used to record the dunk contest and watch it for months.

Now I can save myself the time. The stupid All-Star game finished last night and they had a replay on and I said, I'll turn this crap off. Even two broadcasts didn't help. On TNT, you had Candace Parker, you had Reggie Miller. On TBS, you had Charles Barkley and Shaq. And as fun as that was, there was no structure. They just talked over each other. Probably the funniest thing that I remember or actually enjoyed from last night to the shock of no one came out of the mouth of Charles Barkley. This was the highlight for me for the damn All-Star game. Charles Barkley, on TBS, before the game started, talking about the city of Utah, telling everybody it is boring as hell.

Here, just take a listen. These people going to heaven, this ain't nothing to do with it. It's a boring-ass city. It's a great city, but ain't nothing to do here. These people all going to heaven.

I've never had so much room service in my life. Can't smoke, can't drink. These people going to heaven. Where they going? They going to heaven. Everybody in Salt Lake City, Utah is just going to heaven. Can't smoke, can't drink.

Nothing to do. Good for Salt Lake City. Something else that the people of Salt Lake City did not get or receive is just a decent All-Star game. I know there are a lot of sponsors, but there are people who pay for those seats as well.

I've been in them seats in All-Star games. That game was crap last night. Next year, guess what? We don't need no stupid draft before the game. It sounded nice. We didn't need it. We don't need to, and they try to make it interesting, splitting up the quarters.

Each quarter is its own score so the score doesn't look absolutely ridiculous. We don't need that crap. What the NBA actually needs for the All-Star game and what it probably won't get is killers out there. Guys who actually want to go out and ball. Mike Malone just said it. Joel Embiid and Kyrie Irving were actually two dudes out there imploring, imploring the other All-Stars to actually play some defense. You know one thing the NBA can't do? One thing the NBA can't produce? One thing the NBA can't wake up and have next year? Or a bunch of killers who actually want to go out there and play ball. Dudes who are actually competitive. Not an era and generation of dudes who make so much money that they're like, I'll show up and leave. It's a problem for the NBA. It's a problem in society.

Where's the killer instinct? Well the NBA is fun and when we get to the finals and the playoffs we'll actually see some of it. But for right now it's a damn shame these guys ain't here for a little bit of competition against some of the best in the world. They're too comfortable.

They make a lot of money. They don't feel they have anything left to prove to anyone. They don't feel that they owe anything to the fans. And that's not something that Adam Silver can make them do. That's something that the fans say with their wallets.

And that ain't changing either. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. The phone lines are open. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. What are your thoughts on the All-Star Game? It was absolutely disastrous and something else that they should not do next year is potentially leave the MVP up for embarrassment.

I'm going to talk about two-time reigning MVP, Nikola Jokic. I'm going to get to your calls. We're just getting started. It's the JR Sport Reshow, CBS Sports Radio. Robbie Anderson changed his name to Chosen Anderson? Oh my God.

I remember the Ultimate Warrior at one point changed his name from whatever the hell, Jim Hellwig, and then he became Warrior Warrior. Whatever makes you happy, man. I don't know if that's going to help Robbie Anderson or Chosen Anderson hauling touchdown passes, but sure, great. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chosen Anderson. Too much money and time on your hands, but not my damn name. What do I care? You know, right before we went to break, we talked about the All-Star Game, which I found almost just unwatchable. And I'm not expecting a bloodbath. I'm not expecting Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

I'm expecting a little bit more than just a pass-through. This wasn't even an exhibition, like there are levels to basketball. This wasn't an exhibition matchup where dudes will at least play, maybe not full throttle, but they'll at least play.

This was akin to a walkthrough. There are NBA practices that are more competitive than what we saw last night. And by the way, the teams barely practice as well. And so there are a lot of things that need to be adjusted with the All-Star Game.

I don't know if it will take place. It's really going to draw down to the talent on the court and how much they really want to go out there and ball. You know, do they got an edge?

Or are they just content with who and what they are and what they've accomplished? And this was pretty bad as well last night. Nikola Jokic is a two-time NBA MVP, reigning back-to-back. He's actually averaging a triple-double right now as a non-athletic center in the league, but one of its smartest players.

25 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists. He's knocking down 40% of his threes. The Denver Nuggets are number one in the standings right now in the West. They got some threats there. Clippers will get into Westbrook.

It depends on who's healthy. But Jokic is just beating guys at his own pace, destroying them on a nightly basis. When it came down to this silly draft that they had, it was Jokic and first-time All-Star and Utah Jazz member playing in front of his home crowd, Lowry Marking it. And so Jokic, it was the two of them and somebody had to get picked. Jokic literally walked off the stage to pretty much assure himself that he wasn't going to get picked last.

And so the dude who's been destroying the NBA for the past two seasons, this is what his peers think of him? And sure, we don't see Jokic in commercials. We don't see Jokic speaking. He's not a personality. He's just destroying dudes on the court.

And matter of fact, after the game, Jokic said, you know what? I'm not dunking. I'm not flying. I'm not ridiculously athletic. He says, I wouldn't pick myself. I've always said that awards don't mean that much to you. And you're a two-time MVP front-runner for a third MVP. Were you a bit surprised to go number seven in the draft?

No, I will not draft myself either. I'm not meant for this game. Yeah, he ain't flying. He ain't exciting anybody.

It doesn't just stop there. You know, Jokic, she thought he was the last dude up there. His head coach, Mike Malone, pretty much said as much as well.

Take a listen to this. He feels bad because he didn't realize that Laurie Martin was still on the stage. He thought he was the last pick. He goes, I can't believe I'm the last pick.

So he just walked down and put his arm around LeBron like, okay, I guess it's me and you, huh, buddy? And he apologized to Laurie because he had no idea that he was still up on the stage. But no, he didn't try to jump in front of Laurie Martin and he just didn't realize that he was up there.

You know, it's tough to believe. Laurie Martin was sitting like three seats across from him, maybe three, but they were sitting in a line. Laurie was the last dude at the end and he was sitting in the middle. So it's not like Laurie Martin was behind him.

He was, he was adjacent. And I get it. People would be surprised, or maybe you don't, when you're sitting on a set and there are lights and things moving.

Sometimes there are places and areas where you don't want to look just because of lights. That's a tough excuse, though. I think Jokic knew, and Jokic wasn't about to be picked last, and he just walked off the stage to be selected by LeBron. It's crazy. This doesn't take away who Jokic is as a player, but it's not a good look when just two of the top players in NBA history, of which I believe Jokic will find his way onto that next list, probably 100 players. It's just nuts.

Jokic, it's not a good look at all. Let's go ahead and get to the phone lines. It's 855-212-4CBS.

It's 855-212-4CBS. Matt, he's calling up from New Jersey. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Matt? Hey, JR.

Thanks for taking my call. I actually spoke to you over the weekend about the Knicks, so great to talk to you again so soon. This NBA All-Star Game, your opening segment, you nailed it. I could go on and on about the mistakes, and I think it's easy to blame the players, but I've got to blame the executives. Adam Silver, what do they think they're doing? I honestly feel bad for young kids because they're growing up with a game that doesn't resemble anything of what the real good of basketball is. There's no toughness, there's no rivalries, and it was evident in that game last night.

It was a layup draw. I made a mistake tuning in, then turning it off, and then I went back to it. I don't know why. Yeah, I understand that. Thank you, Matt, for calling up from New Jersey. The game of basketball has changed.

We know that element. There are more shots that are being made and taken. There's a give and a take. The players now are more skilled. They're more versatile with being able to handle the basketball, being able to shoot the ball. We have more big men than ever before who are able to go out there and shoot, so it's a little bit of a give and a take. But to another degree, there's some elements that the players aren't as skilled in. We don't see as many players operating down low. There is a lack of development for post-game because that's not where people are getting their points. It's a lot of jump shots.

So it's kind of a catch-22. The players are more skilled than ever before in particular areas. In other areas, traditionally, they are lacking. When I think about basketball players in general, and Kobe Bryant has said this, and Steve Kerr has said this, AAU and the system of which young people play basketball, the pipeline, does not develop team basketball.

It develops a me-first mentality. It develops a coddled system where we are here to highlight you so you can go to the NBA and make money. And we have amazing dudes, not to say guys won't pass the ball, but they don't got the it in them. They don't have to quote unquote come from the dirt. They're not going through the high school system and then going into college and being coached and being beat down through the process and emerging. We have kids, yes kids, in middle school who are being taught and coddled to think that they are the ones, that they're the next big thing. I'm not throwing this on Zion Williamson. Zion Williamson is probably one of the first of quote unquote this generation of this is a dude who we saw kill it on social media. And then we're going to have another wave. And these guys already exist there in the league, and they got to learn. The players are different. It really sucks.

It really does. Brendan is calling from Portland. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey, Jared, thanks for taking my call. If you want to fix the NBA, you need to let players from Rucker Park come play the All-Star game. And then as far as the dunk contest goes, let anybody that can dunk get in it. Okay, we're going to talk about Mack McClung. And one thing the NBA is not going to do is pull dudes off of the street because then they really have worries about these players being injured. Nick is calling from Hawaii. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Hey, man. A good idea, I think, for the NBA All-Star game would be to have them play like a little 1v1 tournament. I don't know. What would you think of that? I don't think they would sign up for that. I mean, when you have players who are already kind of reluctant to participate in the slam dunk contest because, hey, what's the benefit of it for me?

What's the benefit for me to win the slam dunk contest? It's not like money is going to be an incentive for them. And then if they lose, they have to deal with the embarrassment of losing. Oh my God, they're going to destroy me on social media. That's going to take a hit. Nike or Jordan may not love me as much. It sucks.

Everybody's just kind of riding the line and riding the wave. These dudes ain't killers. It'd be nice if they were. There is no fix. The NBA can get rid of the draft, the All-Star draft the next year. They can get rid of the ELOM rules or however you pronounce it. They could change all of it.

None of it will matter if the players aren't the ones who want to play. It's flat, simple, to the point. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side. One of our callers just mentioned Mac McClung.

It's crazy that somebody who really technically isn't in the NBA was just signed to a contract, a two-way contract at that. This is the man who helped revitalize All-Stars Saturday night with the dunk contest. We're going to talk about Mac McClung on the other side. I'm going to hear from him. You'll hear from him.

And I'm going to get to your calls as well. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. Talking about that crap NBA All-Star game, but you know, there was a little bit of a bright side. Looking at the fact that he is not someone who is well known, Mac McClung brought so much life to the dunk contest, everybody else was irrelevant. I couldn't tell you what KJ Martin did, Kenyon Martin's son. Jericho Sims just put his arm in the rim and it's like, okay, fine, whoever cares.

Oh man, what else did we get? Trey Murphy, okay, fine. Jose Alvarado threw him the ball, I believe. But it was all about Mr. Mac McClung flying around, six foot two, the white man can jump. Everybody's like, oh, white people can jump?

Oh yeah, they can. Mac McClung, he has been doing this since high school. He was right there along Zion Williamson flying around with these ridiculous dunks. I remember hearing more about Mac McClung. It's like, hey, the dude who can dunk is now going to Georgetown. And I remember he was with Patrick Ewing and then he went to Texas Tech and then I know he went absolutely nowhere. And the NBA trying to infuse some type of life into the dunk contest.

They put Mac McClung in it and he wowed. He had some of the most impressive dunks that the dunk contest has seen in recent years. He flying all over the place. His first dunk, he put like one guy was on another dude's shoulders and he's holding him up and he's holding a ball. He jumps, snatches the ball, bounces it off the backboard and then dunks it behind his head in one motion.

What? Another one of his dunks is debatable. It's like a 540 dunk. He's, he's nuts.

Listen to this via TNT. This is one of his dunks. Oh, boy, he's got a prop here, guys.

He's got a prop here. High school jersey. High school jersey. This is the high school that he played for.

They put the Iverson and the JJ Redick records in the state of Virginia. Here he goes. And he's putting on the handle.

Yeah, when Kenny the Jetsmith is proclaiming that it's over, Mac McClung, the dunk that you didn't see there, maybe you heard about it or saw it over the weekend. He just he spun. He went like 540.

It's debatable. People go, he went 360. The man did a full revolution in dunking the basketball.

And it made no sense. And he got a 50 score. And when your judges are Dominique Wilkins, you know, Carmelone was out there. Carmelone is a story unto himself.

He got a lot of negative attention over the weekend. I'll get to that later in the show. Mac McClung is the dude. He spoke to TNT about it after the game. And he pretty much said, yeah, this is something I've thought about my whole life. And I made it happen. It's great, man.

I'm truly blessed and grateful for this opportunity. You know, I think the biggest thing is manifestation. You know, I don't I don't get surprised by things like this. He manifested himself into a victory. Somebody else who was not surprised. It was LeBron James, because LeBron was asked about his his dunk contest performance last night. And LeBron James, ever the one who knows it all. LeBron James said, yeah, yeah, yeah, I've been watching Mac McClung, which I'm sure he has.

He's a he's an online phenomenon. This is what LeBron had to say. He solidified himself as one of the one of the greatest slam dunk competitors that we've had in the history of the game. Just some of the some of the dunks that he had wasn't a surprise for me. I've been seeing him, you know, obviously, you know, being a high school sensation and seeing him dunk the basketball for for quite a while now. So but it was, you know, some of the dunks that he had was just was very unique. It is, you know, Zion Williamson at one point was asked about participating in the future. He did not, you know, close the door on that.

You have John Moran, who had no issue with his own 360 dunk in the All-Star game last night. He told everyone that he will not participate in the slam dunk contest. Yeah, it can't nobody make these dudes do nothing.

What's the incentive for them to do so? Max said that if they'll have him back, he will return. And knowing the NBA, they will gladly have Mack McClung back.

And it'd be an amazing situation if Zion was the headliner right there with him. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. It's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Dave is calling from Alabama. Hi, how's it going, Jay? It's going good. What do you think about All-Star weekend? A slam dunk.

Go ahead. A joke on top of a joke. That's even a worse joke than it is. I've seen sumo wrestling that more exciting than the NBA All-Star game.

And not only that, it's not like what it used to be. I remember Dr. Jay, Larry Bird, Moses Malone, Mo Cheeks. Kevin McHale, those guys, I mean, they brought All-Star to the All-Star game. But this All-Star game, you got a bunch of superstar crybabies as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, nah, it's superstar crybabies. That's not all that far off. Are they crying or are they just not playing?

Or is it a combination of the two? Conner's calling from California. You're on CBS Sports Radio. OK, Conner's gone. Ramon, you're from Ohio.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. Go ahead, Ramon. Jay J. Hart. That's what I think is the difference between Michael Jordan and the GOAT. If Michael Jordan were to play the game, he had pride in playing the game. He would have fight for that MVP trophy. And if he was a leader, the game would have been different.

Because he makes his players play the game like he wanted to. That's what makes the difference between the debate of the GOAT. OK. Yeah. Well, he would have gone out there and he would have been competitive. There would have been no, you know, let's pal around and let's just go through the motions.

We talked about this on Friday night. Michael Jordan was a competitor. Was still competitive even in his Hall of Fame speech. He's calling dudes out from high school. He's challenging Magic Johnson to a game of one-on-one during the NBA's celebration for its 75th anniversary last year. It'd be nice if we had more players who were just cutthroat and ready to go after each other all the time. Not so much.

Not everybody cares. Manny is here from Flushing. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Jay? How are you doing? I'm good.

Go ahead. Man, man, man, man. Yo, I'm just, you know, this All-Star weekend was a joke. It has been a joke for the last few years. I mean, no defense, no intensity.

I mean, I mean, thank the good Lord that Mike, Mike McClung say the Doug contest, because when a white boy did it, a white boy wins a Doug contest on Black History Month, all hell breaks loose around here. But I can't wait to hear your next hour talking about Karl Blum. I would love to hear that because he received more praise than Kyrie Urban received boos last night's All-Star game.

Oh, my God. But the All-Star game was so boring. I mean, I think we should consider changing it back to the East versus West team. And then, you know, pick back the old jerseys where guys could have their pick up their old jerseys from the NBA or NBC days. You know, I'm talking about where guys with their team jerseys and, you know, play against each other.

And, you know, and everything. And I don't mind with the captains as well as the charities, but I don't want no damn job. I just want East versus West. Please. Right. I hear you, Manny.

Thank you for calling up from Flushing. I might as well save you time on Karl Malone. It has been just very well documented, more so over the past few years, about Karl Malone having a relationship with a minor. And he has kind of, I want to say, laid low over the past few years.

I mean, you know, not even past few years. Karl Malone has been out of basketball. He's been retired since that Lakers disaster in 2004. We don't hear about or see Karl Malone in the state of Utah playing for the Jazz. He's third all time in scoring. He was celebrated.

He was used. He was one of the judges for the All-Star, excuse me, for the dunk contest. And I think at this point, the less that people see of Karl Malone, the better. If you're interested in knowing more about what he has done and what he has not done as it relates to his own family, you can certainly check it out.

Rolling Stone did an entire piece just over a few days ago about Karl Malone. It's pretty bad. 855-2124 CBS. Billy's calling from Tucson. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hey, JR.

Thanks for having me, man. Hey, Billy, you sound like you. Are you on speaker, Billy? I'm agreeing with all these callers here.

Billy is on another plan. He's talking to himself. Scott is calling from Rhode Island.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, how you doing? I'm good. Thank you for speaking into the phone. Go ahead. All right.

Thank you. Well, I agree. I think that it should be East versus West, first of all. And second of all, I don't think it's a big deal that it's all offense because, you know, the kids are there to see. I mean, I was at a Celtics game last weekend. Of course, I wanted to see defense, but they call it an All-Star game.

It doesn't mean anything. I think they ruined Major League Baseball when they made it count for, like, a home field advantage. Yes, that was garbage. But the NBA, thank God, hasn't done that yet. But there's a difference here in just the NBA. We know all sports right now, everything is about offense. What has happened here with the NBA All-Star game is that it continues to deteriorate where the players aren't even competing. They are strictly going through the motions.

Mike Malone, who had the pleasure, the honor of coaching the West team or whatever it was, the team LeBron, the man himself said it was a difficult thing to watch and it has gotten worse. That's what the problem is. I don't think anybody's expecting them to just all of a sudden wake up and just go hard or ball out from, you know, like it's a playoff game. Nobody's expecting them to perform like it's a regular season game. But at minimum, you can at least compete. That doesn't mean you have to hand check, throw elbows. You can rebound.

These are open lanes. It's bad. And there's nothing that anybody could change unless the players want to go out and change things themselves. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on CBS Sports Radio, 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-2124 CBS.

We come back on the other side of the break. A former All-Star, an MVP. This man Russell Westbrook has a new team. I'm going to tell you where he's going, where he's expected to sign and whether or not it will make a difference. The J.R. Sportbree show on CBS Sports Radio.
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