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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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December 14, 2022 12:39 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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December 14, 2022 12:39 am

JR talks about the unfortunate ending to Kyler Murray's 2022 NFL season


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That's slash listen. Being Gifty? My calendar can be a chaotic place.

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You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. And we are coming to you live from the Rocket Mortgage Studios. When you need cash out of your home and a simple way to get it, Rocket can. And we got a whole lot to do, a whole lot to talk about cash. We'll get there momentarily. It's a busy night. This is our number two of the show. I get started 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd and everybody listening across North America. So whether you're listening on your local affiliate, whether you're tuned in and locked in on the free Audacy app, A-U-D-A-C-Y, Sirius XM Channel 158, a smart speaker, I'm just glad, I'm thrilled that you're here. Here. Where am I? I'm in I'm in Phoenix.

I'm in Phoenix, Arizona. Shout outs to everybody at at Midwestern University. Had an amazing time talking about inclusive sports, inclusive health.

Just just with my friends from Special Olympics. So another amazing stop on the media for the movement tour. Thank you all so much to to Experian for also being a supporter of inclusion.

Anybody who's down with inclusion is down with me. And so thank you to Experian and much love to Special Olympics. I can't wait to share with you some of the conversations that I had here in Phoenix today.

And it's a lot of fun. I may have to share the interviews with you tomorrow, but it has been an amazing, amazing time. So thank you to everyone at Midwestern University. Thank you to Rebecca. Thank you to Karen.

I appreciate every body. That's not the only big thing that went down in Arizona today. Obviously, the entire world found out. Everyone in the football world found out that it is official. Kyler Murray has a torn ACL in his knee.

This is just a disaster scenario. We're going to talk about that momentarily. I want to get into Carmelo Anthony, explain why he's in the news. The Bucks smacked up the Warriors. The Warriors seemingly. Can't win the big one. They can't go on that that extended stretch here. Just trying to stay at or above 500. Maybe the Warriors are tired.

Maybe they're gassed. And we opened up the show by showing a whole lot of love to Mike Leach. Obviously, unfortunately, passing away due to a heart attack at the age of 61 years old, leaving behind a legacy that extends way past, you know, air raid. He left behind some amazing quotes. I love this quote so much. And chef, is this is there something wrong with me for wanting to listen to Mike Leach talk about the players fat little girlfriends? There's something wrong with me. Oh, there'd be something wrong if he didn't want to listen to that quote.

Well, damn it. Let's hear it again. As coaches, we failed to get through to him as coaches. We failed to make our coaching points and our points more compelling than their fat little girlfriends. Now their fat little girlfriends have some obvious advantages.

For one thing, their fat little girlfriends are telling them what they want to hear, which is how great you are and how easy it's going to be. And how, you know, you know, we you know, we had a whole bunch of people. Everybody wanted to win the football game, but nobody wanted to play the football game. Well, I mean, that defies every level of work ethic that exists with regard to football. And as coaches, we have to solve our failure on on reaching him and the players have to listen. And I'm willing to go to fairly amazing lengths to try to make that happen.

I don't know if I'll be successful this week or not, but but, you know, I am going to try and there will be some people inconvenienced. And if it happens, be their fat little girlfriends too bad. Yeah, that was it was more than a decade ago, 13, 14 years as the Raiders lost to Texas A&M. I guess they were feeling themselves a little bit.

They were listening to their fat little girlfriends. And so, yes, RIP to Mike Leach. You got to bring a little a little levity to the situation of such a unexpected, tragic passing. This man left behind a long football legacy in regards to his offense, his style of offense, but also anytime a microphone was in front of his mouth. It's wild.

Also, right before we went to break on a totally separate note. One of these these reports and reporters are crazy. They're wild. I saw a report come down the pipe and basically said the New York Mets are interested in Carlos Correa. It's just like and then the report said, oh, there's smoke, but I don't know how much fire. Then why are you reporting it? Why are you saying something that doesn't have a little bit more substance? I don't think people are all that interested in in what might be.

I could sit here and make up reports if I wanted to and then kind of string people along. Like, what's the point? Unless you have something of substance.

But I will say this. The New York Mets are just throwing money at everybody. Like I want to be a New York met right now. If Francisco Lindor gets money and Max Scherzer gets money and Verlander gets money, even Brandon Nemo gets money. And now Carlos Correa, you're going to get this guy buckets of money to for him to move over and play third base.

Why not? Everybody wants money from the New York Mets in there. Multi, multi, multi, multi, multi billionaire, multi billionaire times over. Steve Cohen, everybody wants his money except for. Jacob DeGrom, he wanted to leave New York. He wanted to leave the Mets. And yes, sure, not everybody wants to be in New York. Not everybody wants to live in New York.

New York is not for everybody. And DeGrom, I guess he found his fill or he probably found a better deal. The Texas Rangers gave Jacob DeGrom a five year contract.

One hundred and eighty five million dollars. I don't think the New York Mets were going to give this guy a five year deal. And so Jacob DeGrom went with security. Now, the hilarious thing is, why the hell is he sitting up there lying at the press conference, talking about how the Texas Rangers presented him with an idea to go ahead and win?

You just won one hundred and one games with the Mets and you basically didn't even play. If you want to listen to a world class liar, you just listen to Mike Leach. Be absolutely hilarious, which he was every time in front of the microphone. I don't think Mike Leach told the lie in front of the mic. He was brutally honest.

He is a liar. Jacob DeGrom. Going through the process, you set up meetings with teams and whenever I found out the Rangers were one of those teams, I was really excited. And then getting on a call with C.Y. and Boach, hearing the vision of what the Rangers want to do, and ultimately getting to meet Ray and the vision here and bringing a world series here. That's the goal, winning a world series. And these guys all had that same vision and it lined up with what I wanted to do. They showed a ton of interest right in the start and the feelings were mutual and just very happy to be here. The vision of building something special and winning for a long time.

I want to play this game for a long time and want to win. And hearing that from C.Y. and Boach and like I said, ultimately getting to meet Ray at the end and everybody having that same vision, you know, everything lined up and this is where I wanted to be.

Boach, you just got there. Just say you wanted to take the check. Just say you felt you got more security with the Rangers. Don't sit in front of us and lie that New York Mets are closer to a championship than the Rangers are. Damn. You know, one thing I respect about Anthony Davis, and by the way, Boston is taking on Los Angeles right now and Los Angeles is losing 65 to 49. What a shock, right? Anthony Davis got his deal. I will never forget it. He said, Yeah, I'd be stupid not to take the money based on my injury history.

Came out of Anthony Davis's mouth. I wish we had more athletes who are a little bit more honest about what they're doing, but not all of them have the quote unquote cojones. Not everybody can live up to the contract. Not everybody can live up to the deal. Not everybody can can be honest. And that's unfortunate.

Speaking of someone who got paid a lot of money. Oh, my God. Last night, I sat here on air and had to tell you about Kyler Murray that in less than 24 hours, we would find out about his knee and the status of it, whether or not it's a torn ACL. Well, it's been reported that it is. And we have no idea when Kyler Murray is going to return. We have no idea when he's going to be healthy.

This is likely, who knows, to stretch into next season as well. And this sucks for the guy who was selected number one overall in 2019. Cliff Kingsbury basically put everything he got, he put all of his eggs into the Kyler Murray basket.

And damn it, what is what is Cliff Kingsbury got out of it? I mean, he's he's a so-so coach. He's out here screwing up. When I say so-so, he's good enough to have a start to the season in these. He finishes up poorly.

It's similar to his game plans. And so Kyler Murray now being out is disastrous. This situation for Kyler Murray is disastrous. He just signed an extension five years, two hundred thirty million dollars, one hundred and sixty guaranteed.

This man is supposed to be an Arizona Cardinal. Until he's 31 years old in 2028. This is forty six million dollars per year. The Bidwells are going to have to pay this man to basically rehab.

Especially depending on what things look like next year, most players get paid during the course of the regular season. But this is bad. The cards are bad. Cliff Kingsbury is bad.

I don't know how the hell he got an extension. Kyler Murray's situation is bad with the injury and everything surrounding Kyler has just had a little bit of stink around it. And it's unfortunate. I don't know what he has done to kind of, you know, boost the feelings around him.

And it feels like it feels like nothing. The criticism around Kyler Murray comes from every single direction, every direction. He's too small. He's not a leader. He's not committed. Do you remember when when that clause came out about his contract about how the Arizona Cardinals wanted to put a study clause into his deal to ensure that he actually got into his playbook?

Never heard that in my life. It was such a negative distraction that they allegedly had to remove it. And then Kyler Murray had to come out and answer for it. Kyler Murray telling everybody that he felt disrespected, that people questioned his commitment to the game. Take a listen to this.

Do you remember this? I'm flattered. I'm honestly flattered that y'all think that at my size I can go out there and not prepare for the game and not, you know, not take it serious. It's disrespectful, I feel like, to my peers, to all the great athletes and great players that are in this league. And I don't do this often. I don't talk about myself.

But today I feel like I have to. And so I'm going to list the accolades, you know, to go 43-0 in high school in Texas. Some are going to say, oh, it's high school.

That's cool. But nobody else has done it. Go to college. Win the Heisman. Get drafted number one overall to the NFL. Get drafted number nine overall to MLB. Again, no one's ever done it. Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Two-time Pro Bowler. And, you know, I'm not 6'7", 230. I don't throw the ball 85 yards. I'm already behind the eight ball.

And I can't, you know, I can't afford to take any shortcuts, no pun intended. I refuse to let my work ethic, my preparation be in question. Well, it's been in question all season long. It's been in question all offseason long. And the fact that he had to address it. That says, that says enough.

There has to be some type of truth in there. Why was there even a clause in his contract saying that he would work and study? You think Tom Brady got that? You think they proposed that to him with the Buccaneers? As goofy and nutty as Aaron Rodgers is, you think they presented that to him? There's so many jokes about Colin Murray and how he is, he's more, he's more into video games. He wants to play Call of Duty. He's committed to beating people in a virtual world than he is to beating them up on an NFL field. But if there's one thing, congratulations, Colin Murray, you made the right choice.

You got the deal done because now you're going to be rehabbing that ACL. This man is making forty six million dollars per year. He was drafted by the Oakland Athletics and we know the Oakland A's don't want to pay anybody anything. Their entire team's payroll from this past season was forty eight million dollars. Kyler Murray, one guy, forty six. Oakland Athletics, who basically traded everybody, forty eight.

Do the math. Kyler Murray made the right decision in that regard. We just have no idea what is going to happen next. Cliff Kingsbury, his head coach, someone who might be out of a job still at the end of this season. He talked about just what's next. He talked about the future for Kyler Murray and said that, yeah, he might even come back stronger next season.

That's just part of the challenge. I think, you know, both of us heard enough this year to be highly motivated for the offseason. And I know he will be, too.

Those surgeries have been proven recently. The guys are coming back and faster and stronger. And I know he's he's excited about that prospect. To come back faster and stronger to what to you as head coach. To make the same stupid decisions in the second half.

To have the same undisciplined football squad. Yeah, I'm sure Kyler Murray will be rushing back to play for Cliff Kingsbury. And sure, everybody's emotions get the best of them. I mean, we've seen Kyler Murray out there cussing this guy out.

Tom Brady does it all the time. Mack Jones is cussing people out. But when Kyler Murray does it to Cliff Kingsbury, I go, yeah, Kyler kind of does have a point here.

What are you doing? And so the cards that this season for Kyler Murray. Has been a disaster. Cliff Kingsbury has been a disaster. The offense hasn't been healthy. This has been bad for everybody all the way around.

And Cliff Kingsbury, he even understands that like this has been a crap year for for the dude. A difficult year, obviously, from the beginning with, you know, not doing much in training camp with the wrist and then COVID and then, you know, having a tough stretch, you know, offensive not playing as well as we thought we could. And I really thought against the Chargers, our rhythm was a little bit better and was excited about this last five games.

And so to not be able to kind of build off that was it was disappointing. Arizona is four and nine. I thought the NFC West was supposed to be competitive. I mean, San Francisco was just beating up on everybody and they they've gone through three quarterbacks already. Seattle is now trying to hang on with a surprising Geno Smith, Los Angeles Rams, just a dead Super Bowl team walking. And this has been a crap year.

For Arizona. There is not a thing to hope for the rest of this season. And to not have a clear idea on when Kyler Murray comes back for next year.

That's just that's an extra punch. I don't know if the cards are the most disappointing team in the league this year I don't know if they're the biggest disaster. Houston was still rebuilding they got one win good for them they'll end up with a quarterback hopefully someone they can they can grow with. Think about some other disasters every year is a disaster for Las Vegas.

Can't say the lines are disaster they've been able to turn things around. Green Bay at five and eight. Okay, maybe Aaron Rodgers needs the ayahuasca and Chicago Bears already having been eliminated from the playoffs. Carolina Panthers are still showing some life they can't, they can't be the biggest disappointment. I guess it'd have to be Denver. Denver has to be the biggest disaster here. This NFL season. Russell Wilson goes down to a concussion this year. The offense can't score more than 15 points a game has disaster written all over it can't be the defending Super Bowl champs they're injured everywhere. Maybe it's the Chargers with all of their injuries and despite that, they're still in the playoff hunt. Last night was bad for Arizona.

You have no idea where the future is, or what it looks like, or who's coming back who's returning you have no idea. And the franchise quarterback we are paying $230 million. He's gonna be rehabbing. It's bad for the cards. I think in the long run the cards might be worse off than the Broncos. But the Broncos this season have to be the most disappointing NFL team, more so than the Bucks and I'd say yeah even more so right now than Arizona or the Rams. All the best to Collin Murray and his recovery from his torn ACL. Whatever he comes back to is probably not going to be pretty. It might not even be Cliff Kingsbury.

It's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS Sports Radio the phone lines are open I got a simple question. Who has been the most disappointing team in the NFL this year. What team is just in the absolute worst position. I think it has to be the Broncos. They're basically handing over a draft pick to Seattle. And Seattle has come off come off smelling like roses right now. The Broncos are the biggest disappointment.

Cardinals are right there. I'm going to take your calls 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. And then I want to tell you about another little guy in the NFL. This one is returning don't move here on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio. They are every time I get into an Uber. I always turn the Uber drivers onto your show.

We talked about sports some how awesome you are calling now at 855-212-4CBS. Oh, thank you and shout outs to all the Uber drivers out there. Imagine what happens when I get into the Uber. People go, wait a minute. I listen to you. I go, yeah, that's me.

Thank you so much. And then I got to give him a tip. Because then I can't run around. Oh, this guy JR got in the back of my car and a guy doesn't even tip. Can't have that on my resume.

855-212-4CBS someone who should have no problem tipping anybody. It's Kyler Murray. $230 million just went down with an ACL injury. God knows how long he'll be out. Maybe the beginning of next year. Maybe he'll be ready to go. No point in speculating.

This much we know. This year has been an absolute disaster. DeAndre Hopkins with the PEDs. You got Marquise Brown and then he's hurt.

Cliff Kingsbury, some of his coaching decisions. JJ Watt is still a serviceable football player. And by the time Arizona is healthy, JJ Watt is going to be like, man, I'm going home.

I don't have time for this. And so Arizona is a disappointment. Again. And there are so many question marks that will go unanswered about their future.

Let's be real. If Kyler Murray can't start next season, are they going to run out Colt McCoy? Hell no.

Colt McCoy better go sell insurance, be on television or hold a clipboard or something. This is not the move. And so they were disaster. Are they the biggest? I don't think so. I think that award goes to Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos. Who cannot score 15 points a game. Yeah, I know what they did against the Chiefs.

That was an outlier. And also who are basically handing over a draft pick to Seattle. Seattle made out like a bandit. They don't got to deal with Russell Wilson and his phoniness and they get a draft pick. Denver is just losers in every regard. 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. Oh, yeah.

By the way, if you didn't hear. Cole Beasley is coming back into the NFL. Cole Beasley is deciding to continue his career where he really played.

I'd say not Dallas, but in Buffalo. This man played two games with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and decided to quit because he wasn't going to get the ball. Well, now he's back after telling everyone the same damn thing Tom Brady did. That it was time for him to stay home with his family and his kids and his wife.

I guess that only lasts but so long. 8 5 5 2 1 2 for CBS. Greg is calling for Michigan. Good evening, chair. Mr.

Positive a great question. I got to tell you for me. It's Tom Brady, the biggest athlete on the world's biggest stage, professional football because of the ups and downs in the peccadilloes that he's had to deal with with his wife and possibly relationships that have what's been going on. It has to be him. But there's a lot of other teams like you've alluded to, you know, you could throw Green Bay, your Denver, like you said, but for me because Brady is the biggest star in football, even though, you know, you got my Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes, but because he's recognized as the goat, they're always going to look to him and go, wow, he's so up and down and all the things that he's had to traverse in his this season. Tom Brady is the biggest loser for this season. I would have to say so because of what he's done, what he's accomplished.

And yeah, I mean, he still he still has that ability to win games. But because of, you know, he comes back forty forty seven seconds and then he loses thirty five to seven. You know, he's got to be like, well, what's going on here?

Okay. Well, I think I think everything he's he's saying probably has a more expletives than that. But we definitely know Tom Brady is that man is out there cussing up a storm.

I know he goes to sleep at night and counts his money and doesn't worry about a thing, but he's like, man, this sucks. I came. He's a human being. Tom Brady is a human. You don't think this man is sitting around going? I came back for this crap. I would. Tom Brady's not from outer space.

He's a human. A five five two one two four CBS. Hey, I'll be in I'll be in Oregon tomorrow. Let's talk to Ryan.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to lean towards the Raiders a little bit. And I know they're averaging more than the 15 points again than the Cardinals are. But they have been in position to have double the wins that they have right now. So as a fan, as a player, all the improvements they made bringing in Devontae Adams, their new mastermind offensive coach and McDaniel's investing in the defense. And again, just emphasizing being ahead and in a lot of games and then just pissing them away.

That's got to be maddening on many levels. It is. But it's like telling me the Raiders are a disappointment is like telling me that water is wet. True. No, they just I felt like they were in position to probably take a step forward and I'm not a Raiders fan by any means. I'm like I said, I'm in Oregon. I don't have a home team. And I think that allows me to appreciate the game a little more and see it from other angles and not be locked in on one team. But, oh, yeah, Darren Waller been holding out on a contract and then get injured.

They just they just on paper should have made that next step and I didn't see it happen. OK, let me ask you this. I'm going to be up in Portland this week. Do I need to come to Eugene? What's in Eugene, man?

What was down there? Only good food and good drink. And University of Oregon campus is pretty impressive. So, OK. All right. That that doesn't sound too enticing. I think I can get that in a lot of places. Oh, no, it is.

It's so much more than that. Sorry, I'm home grown here, born and raised. OK, but it's central that just about anything you want. It's Eugene doesn't have it, but I mean, you got the Portland Trailblazers up there in Portland.

So if you're going there, I'd go hit up a game. All right. Yeah.

Maybe Damian Lillard will hit another eleven three. Say thank you, Ryan. Appreciate you, man.

Thank you. No doubt about it. Let's go to Pittsburgh. I like Pittsburgh to Pittsburgh. I feel like every city is good for drinking. Pittsburgh is damn good for drinking.

Don't ask me how I know. Scott is here from Pittsburgh. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

They are. I love the show, brother. How are you? I'm good, man.

What's up with the man? Here's my issue. Denver is obviously the biggest disappointment. But what about the Steelers paying them both money on the defense and they stink.

And I wanted to get your opinion. What goes on in the press box when they ask questions? Because if I'm in the press box press box asking Tomlin, nobody knows who the first quarterback at the Baltimore Ravens is. Everyone knows they're going to run three or three plays every down. Everyone in the stadium knows.

And then they can't they can't stop the run. Why? Why won't they ask him the hard question? You're asking?

Well, I'm not a part of the press corps in Pittsburgh. You have to ask them into it. Do you got you got Twitter, Scott?

Yeah, I do. Well, nicely do it. Don't be one of them jerk asses on Twitter. Just hitting people up. Ask them politely.

You might get blocked, but go ahead and ask them. I don't know. I mean, they're afraid to ask Tomlin anything.

Are they going to get kicked out of the press room? I don't know. I can't I can't speak to that. No, I don't think so.

I don't think so. Mike Tomlin is I think there's a respect factor there. And this is a great that you may not want to hear it. This is a part of being a good coach. And how about this?

This is how the sauce is made. It's how you you're actually a great speaker when you know how to control a room. You know how to control emotions and you know how to, quote unquote, just lead the circus, per se.

You lead the orchestra or lead the band. And Mike Tomlin is great at that. So I don't think that that says anything less from the media. I think that's actually a plus to Mike Tomlin and his communication skills. And it doesn't just stop in the press room. It also translates over to his players, who from all things that you hear and see Mike Tomlin's folks want to run through the wall for this guy.

And I don't think there's that many head coaches where people feel that way. What are your thoughts? Does he need to go? Oh, hell no. No, I think you hear what I said?

No, I don't think so. When you have part half of the job, most of the job, I don't care. Think about it. Not even in the NFL. Think about people who are in a position of power that walk into a room and have zero respect.

From the get go, everything is doomed. They've had success. And not just because Ben Roethlisberger was there and Bill Cower left him some keys.

He's been able to have sustainable success because he's a leader. You know, you don't have to love the X's and the O's. The Steelers are respected and reputable organization because they're not a clown show.

They're not ready to just hit the eject button to bring in another bozo. And I think that's something you actually have to appreciate. Scott, look at the answer. He's never had a coaching fear. Yeah, well, I understand that. But I'm saying this to you. Look across the NFL. Look at some of these jackass teams that people are talking about. You want to know what you should be happy about as a Steelers fan? I actually like the Steelers. Actually, a couple of the guys who played on the Steelers I'm cool with. Heinz Ward, Willie Colon. I've had great conversations with Franco. He ain't my friend, but he's been a joy. It's easy to root for the Steelers. They're an upstanding organization.

Sometimes you don't know what you got till it's gone. I'll leave it there. Thank you, Scott, for calling from Pittsburgh.

I've got to hit the break. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. We're talking about disappointing teams. The Steelers are in a rebuild. They're not in the category of, I don't know, the Broncos.

Let's cut them some slack. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I want to just thank you for all you do to the nation. I've been very analytical, and just looking at you, I can always say one thing.

When you say, I don't disagree with what you're saying. I think that's the biggest compliment that you give to people, and your marketing edge is that you're doing it on the radio, which is like the telephone versus being in front of the camera. And you know your stuff, man.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. You know what? This is an excellent opportunity to let you know about the Defensive Player of the Week, sponsored by the Navy Federal Credit Union, who proudly serves the Armed Forces, DOD, veterans, and their families. Their members are the mission.

You can learn more at Who is it? This man had three, count them, three sacks. In a win over the Cardinals yesterday. I'm talking about Josh Uche. Colt McCoy got sacked six times.

Congratulations to Josh Uche. Shout-outs to Michigan, Defensive Player of the Week. We've been talking about some disaster teams, and there's always fans who don't know how good they have it. Everybody goes through a down year. Nobody is just winning a championship in any sport. Yankee fans are not happy that they haven't won a championship since 2009. We have a segment of Steelers fans who are ready to run Mike Tomlin out the door. Bye. It's like, let's slow down. Things could be worse. Alex Ovechkin scored his 800th goal.

Two goals shy of passing Gordie Howe for second all-time. Okay, good. Sounds excited. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not excited at all. I can tell.

I'm not. I need Wayne Gretzky to be the top goal scorer forever. Alex Ovechkin, at this rate, he's going to be, what, two years away?

Maybe two and a half? That record's going down. No. That record, I mean, it even bothers me just a little bit.

Maybe I care less about that one. That Kareem, his record is going to go? Yep. LeBron, did you hear the exchange LeBron had with a fan recently? Yeah, you heard that tune in the Milwaukee game. And they asked him, are you going to cry and tear up? And he goes, I'll cry and tear up if I win another title, not if I break Kareem's scoring record. Good for him.

Yeah. People talk about how LeBron isn't worried about championships and titles anymore. He's living the L.A. life.

He's officially a billionaire. And, you know, what does he care about basketball? Man, you got to care to go through this.

Let me tell you something. It is not easy to be this committed, to play basketball like that, to be hurt, to be injured and come back. We can say it's about the money.

Of course it is. But there's a matter of commitment. LeBron James don't need no damn money. It's a legacy and a part of that legacy is championships. People don't see the behind the scenes. People don't see the training and the recovery. And I know it's an odd scene when you see a multimillionaire sitting in the four seasons. But these guys are sitting in wraps and there's so much equipment they go through a lot.

It is not an easy life. But I digress. Congratulations to Ovechkin whenever he does it. Hopefully never in a couple of years. And then we'll see LeBron probably pass Kareem, I'd say, in maybe, what, two, three more months. So time is flying. The NBA also changed the name of the awards. MVP award is now named after Michael Jordan. We'll get into that.

Sometimes it's a matter of tradition, but I don't think it's that important. 855-2124 CBS, 855-2124 CBS. We've got a bunch of people on the line talking about the most disappointing team in the NFL right now.

I'm leaning heavily, heavily towards the Broncos. Rob is calling from Charlotte. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Well, thank you, Mr. J. I think the Sorry's team is the Green Bay Packers.

Okay. Aaron Rodgers, he don't look like Aaron anymore. I don't know what happened to Aaron Rodgers.

I think he lost his 20 to Bonta. Well, hell yeah. $50 million in ayahuasca will do that to you. And then you've got to throw the ball to Christian Watson who in the first game didn't want to catch it. Yeah, it's a little tough. But, I mean, would you agree, though, it's kind of hard to build around the team and the quarterback taking all the pie, you know what I mean? Not necessarily. I know people talk about that all the time, but I'm not ready to just say, oh, the quarterback taking all the money. Aaron Rodgers, in his case, I think the answer is yes. This man is, he doesn't know if he's coming, if he's going, if he wants to be paid, if his feelings are hurt. You never know what's going on. You never know. I think he's too emotional. You think Aaron Rodgers, you think Aaron Rodgers is too emotional?

He actually, he just sat around and talked about how ayahuasca helped save his life. We'll share that with you, Rob, okay? All right. I appreciate it, man. You have a good one, sir.

You as well. Thank you, Rob, for calling from Charlotte. Hey, Shaq, we got some news on Carlos Correa. What's the deal with this guy? The deal with this, JR, is it's according to your boy, not Jon Haven, Jeff Passan, Carlos Correa finds himself San Francisco bound, that will soften the blow for not getting judged, for 13 years, $350 million. Wow.

Wait a second. He's only making, he's making less, okay, I guess that's, yeah, that's a reasonable deal, if you want to look at per year. I don't know how Carlos Correa is going to last 13 years from now.

I don't, he's a solid all-star, but I don't think he excels ridiculously in any one particular area besides defending himself from cheating. And how about this? We sat here an hour ago and I read a report that said that the New York Mets are interested, but where there's smoke, there's, you don't know how much fire.

These reporters are just saying any and anything. And now Carlos Correa can go play on a team and get his money. It's not Aaron Judge. If you're a Giants fan, you got, you got to be disappointed in this, right?

I hope that Carlos Correa, maybe he has a little bit of an attitude adjustment. Nice guy, but not the easiest dude to, to actually like. 855-2124 CBS. John is here from Detroit. What's up, John? Hey, JR. What's going on? I'm good, man. You're live. Go ahead.

Quickly. What's happening? Let's talk about those Detroit Lions.

What do you think about that? Come on, man. They beat Minnesota annually. As a disappointing team in the NFL right now?

That's what we're talking about. Well, disappointing teams would be the Denver Broncos. I mean, come on, you got John Elway at the helm.

I mean, you would think that team would have, you know, all their, all their baskets, all their eggs in the basket and ready to roll. I mean, I don't understand how that team goes sideways when you got John Elway at the helm. Well, that's, that's, that's inaccurate. John Elway basically told them, I'm out of here. I ain't dealing with this no more. So no, that's, that's wrong. Maybe the only thing that could save them right now is, is John Elway. But I would agree with you. The Broncos are disastrous.

I don't know where the hell he's been. We're talking about disaster teams. I guess it comes by nature just to say the Lions. No, Lions actually playing good ball right now.

We can't put them in the disaster category. I don't know if they're going to make the playoffs, but that'd be a hell of a story if they did. I know what I need. I need more Dan Campbell press conferences.

That's it. I need to hear this guy talk at every chance and opportunity. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Carlos Correa getting the big money.

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