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May 12, 2023 1:36 am

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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May 12, 2023 1:36 am

JR talks about Jayson Tatum arriving just in time for the party as the Celtics Top the 76ers to force a Game 7!


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That's You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. Happy Thursday night to you. I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next four hours.

This is when I get started every single weeknight, 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd.

He is coming to you live from New York City. A busy night in the world of sports. First of all, the NFL schedule is out. Whether you root for a good team, a bad team, a trash team, a middling team, a rebuilding team, or a Super Bowl contending team, you can basically see when your squad is going to go out there and play.

Speaking of playing, we'll get into the NFL schedule right now. The Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, they are playing in Miami, Boston, playing for their lives. And right now, the Celtics, they lead in the fourth quarter 92 to 84. There's about 90 seconds left here in the game.

Boston is trying to stave off elimination and force a game seven in Boston on Sunday. Jason Tatum, all of a sudden he's awake. This man was hot crap. He was garbage. He stunk at the beginning at the beginning of the game. Forget the beginning of the game.

He stunk the first half of the game. If you want to think about some poor numbers, Tatum started the game 0 for 10 and the Celtics still led by seven points. Here in the fourth quarter, Jason Tatum has come alive at one point scoring eight consecutive points, knocking down multiple three-point shots. Right now he has 16 points and Boston, they're trying to hold on over the next minute and a half to force a game seven.

And so we'll definitely keep you up to date with that game as it continues on and probably goes final. Let's see if Philadelphia can come back and close things out. But for right now, a decent amount of time left on the clock to put up some some big shots. It looks like Boston may hold on to this one. We have another game on tap tonight. The Denver Nuggets are going to be taking on the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix Suns trying to avoid elimination. And not only is Chris Paul out tonight, DeAndre Ayton is also out. Rib injury. Murray for the Denver Nuggets.

Murray is dealing with an illness. And so there's a lot of star power and action missing. And so for a series that was already like two on five, man the the Phoenix Suns between Booker and then also Durant, they just gonna have to take every single shot. DeAndre Ayton not even an option there. So we'll keep you up to date on that game. Last night we saw what took place with the Golden State Warriors beating the Los Angeles Lakers. Anthony Davis exiting with a head injury. It appears as of right now, we said this when I went off air last night, it appears that Anthony Davis will be ready to roll tomorrow.

I don't know a more snake bit player than him. Brett Favre. Yeah, if you've been looking or trying to figure out where he's at besides suing people, Brett Favre is no longer suing Pat McAfee, the Jaguars. I told you about the NFL schedule. The Jags are going to have to move out of their home stadium for two years where they go. We'll kind of discuss that. And then yes, the NFL schedule release has been out or the NFL released the schedule and Tom Brady will ultimately and eventually be honored by the New England Patriots.

So maybe this will force his ass to stay at home. If you want to talk to me here on CBS Sports Radio, it is very simple. The phone number it's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Shep, how are you this evening, man? Are you doing okay? I'm doing well. Thank you for asking, Jay. Better than 76ers fans at this point. How are you, my friend? I'm good, man. Thank you.

Thank you so much. It's the Philadelphia 76ers. There's about 30 odd seconds left in this game right now. And the Boston looks like they're going to hold on. Looks like we're going to be moving into a possession and a free throw game to close things out and we'll get there momentarily. And this was going to be pretty much a, I don't want to say a death knell for Tatum, but he would have been eviscerated, annihilated. He would have been thrown to the wolves if the Celtics lost this game. They, they would have maybe forced a potential turnover if Tatum stunk, if Missoula didn't get this job done. And so right now with 36 seconds left on the clock, Boston leads 95 to 84. This is Tatum who finished the first half with 1.0 of 10 from the field. And as of late here in the fourth quarter, he has gotten hot.

He has 19 points total, including four three-point shots. We'll let you know about that game when it concludes. But I did mention this and let's just, let's just get into it. You know, last night we had a whole conversation about the NFL basically taking over every single holiday imaginable. The NFL just trying to go through the entire calendar when they play from September to January and say, we got this.

And so the NFL continues on. Three games on Thanksgiving. There's a game on Black Friday. There's three games on, well, excuse me, there's a full slate of games on Christmas Eve. There are three games on Christmas day. And then we even have a game on New Year's Eve that will be the Chiefs hosting the Bengals. And so the full schedule was announced about two hours ago.

We know that we got a lot of leaks over the past several days. And here are some games of note. If you should care, maybe one of these teams are yours. The Chiefs, they're actually going to open up the season against the Lions. September 7th, that's Thursday night football.

The Lions, we know they won last year, eight out of the last 10 games. And so the Lions already pushed back into prime time. And a matter of fact, speaking of prime time right now, this minute, this second, the Boston Celtics, Boston wins in prime time, 95 to 86.

That's the final score. This game, this series is going seven. The Philadelphia 76ers unable to close things out.

Joel Embiid walks to the back with his head held low. Jason Tatum and Brown smiling on the court, embracing, giving each other hugs. As Robert Williams and Grant Williams kind of dap them up and the Sixers feel disappointed at home to not close things out in advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Not the result that anyone would have wanted right now, especially for everyone out in Philadelphia. I told you about Tatum getting hot. Tatum right now is talking to Cassidy Hubbard of ESPN.

We'll share that with you momentarily and then get that done. But later in the fourth quarter, this was close. It really seemed that nobody wanted to go ahead by more than a field goal as Jason Tatum scored 14 points in the fourth quarter after having just a crap start. In the fourth, Joel Embiid, he was able to tie things up and pull things up pretty close here in the fourth. Take a listen, courtesy of the Sixers Radio Network.

Hard with it. 81-79 Boston to the left of the lane. Here comes Smart with Horford doubling Joel, and now Smart goes away. Joel with a jumper, it's good.

Midway up the left side of the lane, face up jumper. Joel Embiid, a 14-footer, and that ties it at 81. Embiid with 26 points.

Yeah, that might as well have been all she wrote for the Philadelphia 76ers. Because I told you, Jason Tatum went off in that first quarter. He was able to make it off in that fourth quarter after having a crap game. This is Tatum knocking down a 3 to take the lead back. 84-83 in the fourth. This is from the Celtics Radio Network. Brogdon sets the screen.

The end fights through it. Jalen, dangerous pass, but it gets to Brogdon, bounce pass Tatum in the corner. Tatum pull up 3.

Got it! And Jason Tatum is on the board from distance and the Celtics somehow have the lead. The Celtics somehow have the lead? They were knocking down shots as Tatum now shows some love to Donovan Mitchell. Yes, Donovan Mitchell from the Cavs who happened to be in attendance watching the game. That was one Jason Tatum 3. How about another one to extend the lead some more?

Here you go. Tatum moving slowly to the right. Jack Black at 8. Tatum makes his move. Right hand dribble.

Maxie stays in front of him. So Tatum steps back into a 3 and he drills another one. And the Sixers fans put their hands on their heads as their worst nightmare is beginning to unfold. Timeout Doc Rivers as Jason Tatum just in the nick of time with the Celtics gasping for air has dragged them back to the surface with a pair of 3s that has given Boston the lead. Tatum continued on.

I told you he had 4 3s. Here's another one. 12 and a shot clock.

Smart. Right hand dribble. Throw to the Tatum. He's got to look. Left side 3.

Got it! Man these big boys is stepping in their tracks right now. The Celtics have an 8 point lead. Jason Tatum at the very last second has arrived at the party.

Yeah he arrived at the party and he basically put everybody out. Jason Tatum wasting no time here to close out this game. What a terrible game. To pretty much go from 0 for 10. That's even difficult to think about.

Let me say that again. Jason Tatum went 0 for 10 to start the game in the first half. He ended the game with 19 points. He had 16 of those points in the fourth quarter. Ultimately from the field.

This is not going to look good regardless of how you shake it. 5 of 21 from the field. 9 rebounds. 6 assists.

Jason Tatum certainly got hot when they needed him the most. Through the first 3 quarters of the game. 3 points.

That's it. Jason Tatum first 3 quarters. 3 points. In the fourth quarter. 16 points.

He was out there lighting things up. And now the Boston Celtics they live to see another day. And you got to be concerned. You got to be worried. If you're a fan of the Sixers. There's a reason this game is going 7. Or the series is going 7.

Because the teams are are evenly matched. And unless we have some type of injury here. I want to lean towards the Celtics at home.

Unless. Unless Joel Embiid plays out of his mind. Tonight at home. And let's look at some of the numbers here from the Sixers instead of looking at Tatum who woke up and saved the day at the end. Joel Embiid. 26 points. 10 rebounds.

Okay fine. He also threw in 3 blocks. Not dominant but good.

Tyrese Maxey continued on. 26 points. James Harden gave you 13 points. 9 assists and 7 rebounds. And the 76ers didn't get much else. And when you think about the depth.

That might be a problem. Tobias Harris had a poor night. Poor. For all the money that he gets paid. Tobias Harris only contributed 2 points in 42 minutes. He was 1 of 7 from the field overall. And even PJ Tucker.

Not the most offensively gifted at this point of his career. He contributed 8 points. Outside of Jason Tatum in his 14 or excuse me 16 points in the 4th. Al Horford still having a bad series.

2 points. Marcus Smart had 22. Jalen Brown contributed 17. Malcolm Brogdon off the bench gave you 16.

And then Derek White had 9 points. So the Boston Celtics lived to see another day. Game 7 will take place on Sunday.

A matter of fact I want you to listen to the final call right now. Courtesy of the Celtics radio network. The Celtics will now dribble across half court.

They rose from the ashes in Milwaukee a year ago. They did it again 2 weeks later in game 7 in Miami. And tonight with the NBA world having written them off.

Jason Tatum in the nick of time arrives to knock down shot after shot after shot. And the 22 year wait for the Philadelphia 76ers to get back to the conference finals will have to wait at least 72 more hours. The Boston Celtics have done it again. They come from behind in the 4th quarter and they force a game 7. Force a game 7. You know, Joel Embiid might be the most dominant player in this series. I think Jason Tatum, if you needed the reminder tonight, he is the most dynamic. You know, all eyes are going to be on him. What do you do in game 7?

That's it. You get to a game 7, you want to see your star step up. And nobody's expecting the world from James Harden. Nobody's expecting the world from Maxie.

Nobody is looking at those two dudes. You want the contributions. You want to see what the MVP can do. What is Joel Embiid going to do up in Boston on Sunday? What is Tatum going to do on Sunday?

How is Brown going to work as well? Can Tatum have this bad of a game? Again, we saw him score seven points in the Celtics victory already this this series. And you just had to shrug and go, wow, they got away and got a W with him for seven points. With him performing poorly.

That ain't going to work on Sunday. Not at all. And so Jason Tatum, I told you he spoke to Cassidy Hubbard after the game on ESPN. And he was feeling it.

Take a listen. I'm going to humbly, one of the best basketball players in the world, you know, go through struggles, go through slumps. It's a long game. And you know, thanks. I got some great teammates that held it down.

Brogdon, JB, Smart, Al. And they all trust me, right? They tell me, keep taking great looks.

It's going to fall. Keep impacting the game in other ways. And all that mattered was we won this game, right? Give ourselves another chance. Come back home, you know, for game seven. And we saw your teammates, Al Horford, talking to guys in the huddle.

Marcus Smart, throughout this game. Can you describe the resiliency of this group, specifically in that fourth quarter? Yeah, they made a great run. And, you know, we just talked about it in fourth quarter, 12 minutes. Our season is on the line. Everybody knew what was on the line, what we had to do. And we said all the time, find a way.

Whatever that way is, it may be different any given night. But we figured it out tonight. They figured it out, hopefully for Jason Tatum. He has it all figured out on Sunday. Because if the Boston Celtics do not advance and go to the Eastern Conference Finals, there are two people who will be blamed. Joe Mazzola and Jason Tatum.

Unless this man drops 60 and a loss, he will get the blame. You gotta love it. This is the great thing about the NBA playoffs. A game seven. Do or die.

What does MB do? What does Tatum do? Who advances to the East Finals?

Me? I'm going to lean towards the Celtics at home. I think as you witnessed tonight, they have the most dynamic player capable of going off. And I think they have more depth on their roster than the Sixers do.

And I also want to give them the edge playing at home. I'm going to go with the Celtics in game seven. The phone lines are open. That's 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. You can also give me a holler.

I am at JR Sport Brief on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The Celtics come back. They win in Philadelphia.

95 to 86. Tatum 0 for 10 to start the game in the first half. He only had three points through the first three quarters. Tatum finishes the game with 19 points, 16 in the fourth to force a game seven.

Who do you like in this series? Who do you believe will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals? It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to talk more basketball. We're going to talk NFL schedule. We're going to get into the Suns and the Nuggets. We're just getting started here on CBS Sports Radio.

Don't you move. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. JR wants to hear from you. Call him now at 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4227. It is the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. The Boston Celtics, they stay alive tonight in Philadelphia. The Celtics force a game seven in Boston on Sunday. They beat the Sixers 95 to 86. The story of this game, Jason Tatum, who only had three points through the first three quarters, erupts for 16 points in the fourth quarter alone to help Boston take the lead, hold the lead, and walk away with this game. And so as we move to game seven, we know all eyes will be on Tatum to see how he bounces back for a full game. All eyes will be on the NBA's reigning MVP in Joel Embiid to see what he does. And you know what?

I didn't mention this name. I'm going to take your calls. I'm going to tell you who's ass, I don't want to say he's on the line, but he's going to be feeling some pressure too after tonight.

I'm going to tell you that in a minute. I do believe that the Celtics going home, having the momentum, having a deeper roster, having the more explosive dynamic player in Jason Tatum, I think that gives them the edge to walk away with this victory on Sunday at home. Let's see what the 76ers can do. 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS. It's 8-5-5, 2-1-2 for CBS. Evan is calling from Baltimore.

You're on the JR sport reshow. Go ahead, Evan. What's going on, buddy? Good.

What's up? I mean, I agree with you. I just think the Celtics roster is a little bit deeper. I think even when you see Jason Tatum basically lay an egg on his own home court, he still has the capability and the pieces around him to get it done. But I guess my question, or maybe more so a statement that I have to present for you tonight, is do you think that not only are the Sixers going to kick themselves for not getting it done, but if we look back, even just in recent past, getting rid of another dynamic superstar that could lead another team to a conference final berth in Jimmy Butler? That's all, man. Good talking to you. Love the show.

Oh, well, thank you, Evan, for calling from Baltimore. That would be a nice lineup in the East Finals, if it is to take place. And I know Jimmy Butler would certainly love it to go out there and perform against the Sixers, but they have to advance.

I think that's in the rearview mirror. It'll certainly be brought up a million times if the Sixers advance. But I think, and this was the point I was going to make, if you want to think about any individual or individuals who will feel pressure if the 76ers don't get this done up in Boston on Sunday, people are going to look at Doc Rivers. People are going to look at Doc Rivers and go, wait a minute, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute.

Here you guys have it. You're playing this game. Tatum has one of the worst game, not even one of the worst. Tatum has the worst game of his career going into the fourth quarter. You have the lead in this game. At one point in time, the Boston Celtics, towards the end here, they led by 16, the largest league.

The Sixers couldn't wipe them out. Like, people are going to look at Doc Rivers and go, oh yeah, this is the Doc Rivers that we're used to. Isn't this the Doc Rivers that we have seen, I don't know, just blow multiple 3-1 series leads? Isn't this the same Doc Rivers, by the way? He has three 3-1 series leads that his teams have blown us the most ever by any coach. People are going to start blaming Doc Rivers because he's the punching bag. And we talked about this last night.

When all else fails, you blame the coach. People are used to James Harden at this point. James Harden is going to give you 17-18 points and in 10-11 assists and maybe he burst for, I don't know, 30 or 40. But get used to him scoring in the teams. Tyrese Maxey has stepped up. Tobias Harris can go ghost. But when you have an opportunity to close things out at home, let's look at the score again.

95 to 86. This is not 1999. This is not 1998.

This is 2023. Everybody is scoring at a ridiculous pace right now and the 76ers could not muster anything. 855-2124 CBS. Keith is calling from San Diego. You're on the JR Sportbrief show. What's up, Keith? How you doing, JR? Good, man. You know, honestly, I just hope we don't have history repeating itself, you know, with Tatum posing as Leonard and breaking MB's heart, especially as an MVP.

But I do agree with you when it comes to Boston taking that game. But I don't know. Maybe he goes off and does something spectacular. But well, I hope I don't see him crying again on TV.

Oh, you're talking about Joel Embiid. You think you think we'll see Joel Embiid cry on television again? But that would be horrible. That'd be horrible. As an MVP, that would be horrible. Yeah, we just saw Joel Embiid crying on television, but it was for a good reason. He had his son. He won MVP.

He got the award and it would be pretty bad if he went out that way. But you know what's something, Keith? It takes the whole team to go out there and get the job done. And I think all throughout the course of the season, if you look at the Sixers roster, what's exciting you about their bench and their depth? Like, well, George Niang is like, well, who's doing it for you?

There's nobody. Philly's not known as a killer, be honest. Boston is really ready to take their life. I think it's going to happen just like you stated.

All right, we'll see what takes place. Thank you, Keith, for calling from San Diego. 855-212-4CVS.

That's 855-212-4CVS. Let's go to Ontario, our good friends in Canada. Justin, you're on CBS Sports Radio. Go ahead. Hey, J.I., what's going on? I'm excellent. What's on your mind?

What's on my mind? So, why doesn't Canada get another baseball or basketball team? Oh, maybe because there isn't a Canadian city who could support a team right now. Well, you don't think Montreal could support a team? Have you seen where the Expos went? Yeah, but have you seen where the Vancouver Grizzlies went? Well, there, people were saying the Coyotes were going to go back to Atlanta when Atlanta moved to Winnipeg. Well, you're referring to the Thrashers and the Jets, and yes, Atlanta can't support a team. Justin, you asked the question. I think you know the answer.

It's very clear. If there was money there, the teams would have stayed there. They would have been there. In due time, I don't know, five, not even five, I don't know, 10, 20 years from now, am I sure that we will have another team back in Vancouver or maybe Montreal? Probably, but for right now, that ain't the deal. I mean, if I'm throwing around money, I want to throw it around at a sure thing, especially when, I don't know, there's a couple of, probably five to ten billion dollars involved. Okay, okay, so then what is it going to take in the next 20 years for us to first get a team? It's going to take other American cities to get a team first, okay?

Whether it is a Kansas city, whether it's Vegas, whether it's Seattle, what is the rush? It's about dollars and cents, not about sentiment. Okay, okay, okay, okay. Well, I don't really like that answer, but I guess... You don't have to like the answer. It's just facts. It's called money.

You don't got to like the answer. Why don't we put an NBA team in Puerto Rico? Because it doesn't make sense. I mean, asking me why doesn't Major League Baseball put another team in Montreal, did you see what happened to the Expos? Do you see where they played? Do you see where they are now?

Do you see that they have a new name? Do you see that baseball hasn't necessarily rushed to say, hey, let's go back to Montreal? Baseball has enough issues trying to figure out why people won't show up in Miami. I wonder why. Hey Marco, why don't people go see the Marlins in Miami? Do you know why? Because they don't care? Yeah, I think so. I mean, come on.

Let's bring back the Expos. For what? To lose money? It makes no sense. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio 855-212-4CBS.

I'll tell you what else doesn't make sense. This loss tonight by the Sixers. And we just talked about Doc Rivers.

He also, I guess he has an answer. We're going to hear what his side is on the other side of the break. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, what's up, JR? I agree with you. I like your show because I tend to disagree, but tonight I agree.

Call in now with 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. Celtics force a game seven. 95 to 86, they beat Philadelphia in Philly.

They go up to Boston on Sunday. Whoever wins the game advances to the Eastern Conference Finals. Jason Tatum, the story of the night. Only three points in the first three quarters. He scores 16 points alone in the fourth, helping to push Boston over the edge into victory. Joel Embiid, the MVP, finishes with 26. Tyrese Maxey, 26. James Harden, 13 points to go along with nine assists and seven rebounds. Tobias Harris, only two points. Jalen Brown had 17. I told you Doc Rivers, I feel like Doc Rivers always gets slapped around when his teams lose and I think this will be no different.

I'm sure he's getting slapped around right now. Doc Rivers will get slapped around if they lose on Sunday, but Doc Rivers, he just spoke to the media and he had an answer for what went wrong tonight or at least I think he did. To make miss to make miss league and they were 15 for 35 from the three and we were eight for 34. I would say we had a lot of wide open threes.

We didn't make them. I didn't like how we played overall offensively though. Down the stretch, you know, got to play for three a big fella more. Didn't think the ball went there. So I have to watch the film, but I just didn't think we had a game of great trust tonight. You know, I thought our guys all wanted to win. They played that way and sometimes I think that gets in your way and I thought that happened tonight.

Oh, at least that's not Joe Missoula saying that we had a good intentions to win the game. You heard Doc Rivers refer to their three-point shooting. The Philadelphia 76ers went eight of 34 from downtown. That is 23 percent from deep.

That is not going to get the job done. We told you about how hot Tatum got in the fourth quarter. 16 points. He knocked down four of those via three.

It's three one three and another three and another three and another three. Boston ultimately went 15 of 35 from deep, 42 percent from three, which is damn good. Joe Missoula, he spoke as well. I just told you about Jason Tatum and his offensive explosion in the fourth. Missoula had an answer for what got him revved up. His poise got him going and so the standard that is set for him to where if he's not scoring he's not playing good basketball is wrong and so he's had multiple games this series and when he's at his best he doesn't need to score and I thought his communication to his teammates, I thought his defensive intensity and I thought just his even his force trying to drive the ball kept him in the game and so he plays with the level of poise regardless of how the game is going.

Joe Missoula, just the man who always has the greatest quotes. Look Missoula, ain't nobody thinking about Jason Tatum the rebounder. He had non-rebounds tonight, great. Tatum also had six assists, great.

People expect this man to score the ball because he's one of the best scorers in the league and when he doesn't do it, especially in a big game, he's gonna get crapped on. Somebody tell, I want Joe Missoula to go through media training by the time he gets through the off season, whenever it comes. 855-212-4CBS, it's 855-212-4CBS. Charles is calling from Baltimore, you're on the JR Sportbreeze show, what's up Charles? Hey JR, love your show, listen to you guys almost every night. I just wanted to say that I caught you today on the Big Bad Morning show with Rob Long and Ed Norris and Jeremy Khan. I thought you did a great job today with the Agents of Inclusion. I really love that whole concept that you got going on, I think it's really great and I just wanted to say they were giving you a lot of crap today about the, what was it, the New York accent versus the Baltimore accent, so I don't know.

It's fun stuff man, I can't change how it sounds right? We're having fun. Yeah of course, so I'm a huge, so I grew up in South Jersey in Atlantic City area, so I'm a huge Sixers fan, so I just want to know, like you know, I watched the game tonight and I thought the Sixers had it and then they kind of choked it away, so what are your thoughts about game seven and what's gonna, what do you think's gonna happen? They can't shoot that same percentage of three-pointers that they did tonight. So I hate to tell you the brutally honest truth, and this doesn't mean it's a guarantee because I don't have a crystal ball, but going up in Boston in game seven, knowing that the Celtics have more depth, I am going to take Boston to win on Sunday.

I really am. I think they have a better chance at A, scoring the ball. It's going to take, it's going to take a massive game from either Joel Embiid or dare I say even James Harden to walk away with a victory, but I think Boston, the Celtics just have too many weapons to throw out there, man. Yeah, I agree and what I'm, you know, my son, he's eight, so he's been following, you know, he's a huge like Golden State, Steph Curry fan and all that, but he also follows the Sixers because he knows his dad's a huge Sixers fan, but he was telling me today, he's like, listen, I think the Sixers need to trade Joel Embiid and I'm like, I got news for you. No, he's there for a while. I was like, you might have to say goodbye to James Harden because I think he's opting out after this year to go back to Houston and he's like, well, I don't understand why he's going back to Houston. Like, why wouldn't you stay with the Sixers? And I'm like, I don't know.

One day your son will understand how this world works, but let him enjoy the world as he sees it now because we know it's all downhill from here. Okay, Charles? Yep. All right.

Thank you so much for calling from Baltimore. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate you.

Yes. And I'm joking about everything being downhill. Unless you're a Sixers fan, then yeah, the things pretty much are going downhill.

I think they'll lose on Sunday. Hey, and yes, a big shout outs to all my friends at 105.7, the fan up in Baltimore. Thank you to everybody locked on and listening right now. I was on the Big Bad Morning show earlier today, Rob Long, Jeremy, and then also Ed.

Just, just a lot of fun. Thank you to Joe and Chuck for making it happen. As we talked about the Agents of Inclusion podcast, and we talk about some stories, big stories and accomplishments from special Olympic athletes. A matter of fact, I got something for you.

If you want to be uplifted, if you want to be inspired, do yourself a favor. Text include, you hear me right now, text the word include to 20357 for a link to listen to the show. That's include to 20357 for a link to listen.

Message and data rates may apply. Go ahead and check that out for a link to listen to the show. Right now is the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. Let's go ahead and talk to Bruce. He's calling up from Chicago. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Bruce?

Hey, how you doing, JR? Yes, I did. I did do special Olympics from, from the age of eight up until maybe age of 42. I want to get back into it again, but I work too much.

And, uh, but I still follow my friends back home doing a Special Olympics. So I, I still do, but that's why I called. The reason why I called is if Scott Rivers loses this game, he's fired. And I, and I don't believe that James Hart is the answer to, um, He's not. He's too much of a sport, but he's not, he's never going to win a championship. Well, he's, he's not what he used to be. And he's really going to have to piggyback on a, on a team that's already well-established that doesn't rely on him to go ahead and win a championship. I told you this upcoming Sunday, James Harden would have to have a massive game, which he's capable of, but it's more likely that he has a pedestrian game like he did today, somewhere in the line of 17 points and 10 assists.

And I don't know, seven or eight rebounds. He's not the player that he used to be when he was on Houston. And I know our prior caller from Baltimore said that, oh my God, uh, James Harden is going to opt out and go back to the, the Rockets.

I'm, I'm not so sure. Like who wants? Put it this way. James Harden would have to, he would have to, he don't like to play with nobody. This is the third team going to a team trying to win a championship.

Let's just face it. That man ain't going to win no championship. He's too good for looking at him for many years. He's too much of a 3D player.

He's like a, he's like a, um, Russell Westbrook 2.0 and never got to get no championship either. These, these players, they're gifted, but they're not going to go anywhere. You know, it's, they're just not, it's, it's, they put up big numbers, but they, they might, I'm sorry, but my career is actually my career is actually going to lose his job. Okay. Well, thank you. Well, thank you Bruce for calling from Chicago.

Appreciate your man. Look, James Harden can win a championship. He's going to have to be at the end of the bench. Russell Westbrook can win a championship. He may have to be at the end of the bench.

And I also found it pretty funny throughout the course of this week that they were, they were conversations. Uh, I think, uh, Shep who's Oh, Patrick Beverly. That's the clown. Where's he play now?

Uh, he played for the Bulls. We'll see if that's ongoing for the next season. Yeah. He was, he was jettisoned into exile, right? Yes, essentially. Wasn't, he wasn't a fit nor was Westbrook.

Yeah. Nobody, nobody cares about Patrick Beverly, but, but somewhere this week he opened up his mouth and he talked about how if he wins or if the Lakers win a championship, he still wants his championship ring. I think that's what was said. And I think there was a response from the Lakers that said, yeah, anyone who participated in this season would receive a championship ring and that would include Russell Westbrook.

And why the hell would he want one? He wasn't a part of no championship team. He was there early and they turned the team over and they gave him the boot. Why would he, Hey shut up before we hit the break. What are your thoughts on this game seven on Sunday between the Celtics and the Sixers?

Yeah. You know, look man, I mean, Doc Rivers, whether it's, well, first of all, the pressure's on doc. I mean, because as the player, you have the contract, I know James Harden took less money, so he's going to be protected. This is a career defining game for Doc Rivers because whether it's Orlando, Boston, LA, even two years ago with Philly, he has blown three, two series leads in which his team looked comfortable in that game six and then gave it away at the end.

And so to your point, the pressure is going to be on doc. But with that being said, I mean, you said it game two, Jason Tatum has seven points. Celtics still win in convincing fashion.

They're just a lot deeper. Al Horford did not play well tonight, nor has he pretty much any game. And so Jason Tatum obviously had three points to three quarters and they were still well within striking distance to take this game. And so it just goes to show you the Celtics have a lot more and the wide open shots that Melton was missing and Tucker was missing. I mean, this was a really bad showing from the Philadelphia 76ers with the exceptions of Tyrese Maxie, Joellen Beat and JR. I don't know how much gas in the tank Joellen Beat has left.

Well, he has been running around with that bum knee. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 855-2124. CBS is 855-2124 CBS. Celtics, they avoid elimination tonight. The Phoenix Suns, they're trying to do the same, but it's not looking good right now.

Not at all. The Nuggets lead 48 to 30 in the second. We're going to talk some NFL schedule and more basketball on the other side, plus your calls here on CBS Sports Radio, the JR Sport Brief Show. T-Mobile's network can help keep you connected to all your favorite podcasts when you're out and about. Whether you're an early bird looking to dive into a daily news podcast or a night owl who wants to catch up on the latest reality TV drama, T-Mobile will keep you connected on their strong and reliable network. T-Mobile covers more highway miles with 5G than anyone. So if you need great coverage, especially when you're on the go, check out T-Mobile.

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