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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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April 1, 2023 1:23 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sport Brief / JR

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April 1, 2023 1:23 am

JR is blown away by how great and clutch Caitlin Clark has been in the NCAA Tournament. She is just ONE win away from being a National Champion as they stun undefeated South Carolina at the Final Four

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JR Sport Brief

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45% off selected products at Rules and restrictions may apply. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the J.R. Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. This is a big old weekend for college basketball, men's side, the women's side. A matter of fact, we got a women's final set. We're going to have a champion that's never been a champion before because both of these teams have never been here. We got Iowa taking on LSU Sunday afternoon to crown a champion on the women's side. And we know about the men's final four. That's going to take place Saturday afternoon and evening. Florida, Atlantic, San Diego State. You got Miami versus Yukon. College basketball out here dominating everything. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next two hours.

I get started every single week night, though. 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 Pacific. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you so much to super producer and host Dave Shepherd for joining us.

He's coming to us live from New York City. And thank you to you. There is no show without you. Whether you love me, you hate me, you can't stand me, you absolutely love me, you adore me. That's fine.

Doesn't matter to me either way. As long as I'm here and you feel something, that's damn good. And we got a lot of feelings to look after over the next couple of hours, especially on this college basketball side. If you've missed a minute or a second of the show, you can always hit rewind on the free Odyssey app.

That's A-U-D-A-C-Y. You can tune in on your local CBS Sports Radio affiliate. Shout outs to everybody on Sirius XM Channel 158 and everybody on a smart speaker. I hope your Friday's been going good. Hope you're safe. I hope you're cool. I hope you're well.

And I hope it stays that way. Congratulations to to Iowa. And it's not often that we sit here and talk about women's basketball.

But tonight we are because one of the performances that that just took place down in Dallas, Texas, was just absolutely amazing. The Iowa Hawkeyes beat the South Carolina Gamecocks, who entered into tonight's game undefeated at 36-0. Iowa wins 77 to 73. South Carolina basically tried to play catch up the entire game, but there was no way in hell they were going to get past Kaitlyn Clark. Kaitlyn Clark was just named the National Player of the Year a couple of days ago. Tonight she finishes with 41 points, eight assists and six rebounds. It was only last week that she had the first 40 point triple double in NCAA tournament history.

40 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds in beating Louisville. Iowa is here going to its first national championship. And we could say the same thing for LSU. LSU with Kim Mulkey in her second year.

LSU. They beat Virginia Tech 79 to 72. And so we are assured that for the first time in women's college basketball history. But this team is going to win its first championship. Congratulations to Iowa. Congratulations to LSU. A matter of fact, Kaitlyn Clark, she just spoke to Holly Rowe, ESPN, and this is what she had to say about her victory.

Take a listen. All we had to do was have some heart and some belief and we came through when we needed big plays and I'm just so proud of this group, man. Your coach told you earlier today that common people can do uncommon things. How did this group keep the circle tight when it mattered the most to finish this out? You know, all we do is believe in one another and we love each other to death. And that's what a true team is. You know, if you want an example of a team, that's what this is. Coach Booner knows how to create a team. She knows how to create a culture where everybody's valued. And I'm just lucky enough to be a part of it.

You know, I love these girls to death. It was a scrappy win, though. Kate Martin defending like crazy. People fighting their lives for rebounds.

How hard was it? Man, it was physical. You've got to give them a lot of credit. They're a tremendous team. They've had a tremendous year. Obviously so well coached. They killed us on the glass, but we never hung our heads. We just came right back down every single possession and got after it. Kaitlyn, I know it's not about you, but this is an unbelievable performance for you.

How did you have ice in your veins tonight? You know, just a belief. We had nothing to lose. You know, I have all the confidence in this world, in this group, and you know, they believe right back in me. And that's all you need is just teammates that believe in you, coaches that believe in you.

A program and a university that supports you in the state of Iowa. You know, they supported me like no other and I love it. You scored almost every single point for Iowa since it was 62 to 60. Do you understand what you've just done?

No, honestly not. But, you know, all that matters is that we won at the end of the day. And the scoreboard says the Iowa Hawkeyes won.

That's exactly what we did. Congratulations to her. I'm going to watch this game on Sunday afternoon. I want to see if she's putting up another 40 points. If there's one name that you need to know or should be well aware of at this point, it's Kaitlyn Clark. If you're a basketball fan, I don't care what level, if you are a fan of basketball, tune in and see what she does. I don't know. Maybe against LSU she goes out there, she craps the bed.

I don't think so. She is absolutely amazing. They're going to take on LSU. We'll hear from Kim Mulkey and the folks over at LSU momentarily. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We should have some news on the NBA and the CBA shortly. They have a deadline of tonight to figure things out. So we'll get to that, talk more, but let's talk to Big O. He's calling from Charlotte, North Carolina.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Big O? Hey, hey, hey.

Look, man. Congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeyes, ladies. They played an outstanding game. I put this loss directly at the feet of Dawn Staley and her staff. They just never seemed to adjust. Iowa packed it in so tight it made it almost impossible to get the ball down low. And then when they did, they were hands reaching in, knocking balls free, knocking balls loose, and they just couldn't get clean shots up. I think they should have, it's clear they didn't have the shooters, but they should have doubled up on Kaitlyn Clark, even when she didn't have the ball. It just chased her around with two people all night and made Iowa beat them four on three.

I don't think they would have had a chance. Now the athletes that Carolina has, and I just didn't see Carolina ladies make any adjustments, not a single one, until they started to shoot the ball a little bit. And it's like, geez, why are you just not shooting?

I mean, it was almost embarrassing to have that many open shots. Oh, Big O, are you still there? Oh, no, Big O's phone disconnected.

It's, I'll say what I said to the last caller. It's difficult for me. I can't speak for anybody else. If you are a basketball aficionado, I don't know, maybe you walked out of the grave with Dr. Naismith, but it's very difficult for me to look at one singular game where I've probably maybe seen only other, maybe one or two other games and just point at Dawn Staley for blowing it.

Like, I don't know. I'm not going to question someone who has had more success at basketball and life than I have when I have not watched a lot of her teams or the games. Like, can I sit down and question what this coach did or that coach or this one or players that I've watched for, I don't know, the past two years or year or months?

Yeah, I would give myself some leeway there. But I think it I personally cannot parachute in on one game and say I'm a blame the coach. Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not. But I don't personally think it's fair to think that Dawn Staley, was she choked or and she said, oh, well, Kaitlyn Clark will just let us shoot, let us shoot, let us shoot. I have no idea.

So I find it tough for anybody to say, oh, well, Dawn blew it. How many games of South Carolina did you watch? How many games of the Iowa Hawkeyes did you sit down and watch?

Unless you got a decent answer there where you say, oh, I've seen him plenty of times. And don't tell me it's not exactly, you know, you telling me that, oh, my God, what is Eric Spolstra doing? Allowing Chris Middleton to just launch nine threes.

And he made all of like it happens. This woman is a bad ass. Kaitlyn Clark had 41 points.

She's been cooking everybody. It happens. Sorry, eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four CBS. I told you about LSU. LSU was going to the national championship for the first time as well. Kim Mulkey.

She's been here for two years. LSU going to his first championship. She won three titles with Baylor, had a perfect season, similar to South Carolina, except for the game Cox just lost. She went perfect all the way. And now Kim Mulkey is trying to recreate that magic with LSU. Kim Mulkey. She spoke after the game. And hey, shut up.

What the hell did she say? Coach, this team is called Showtime for a reason. How was LSU able to outshine Virginia Tech twenty nine to thirteen in the fourth quarter to pull away? Defense. Unbelievable defense. I told them in that last time out, you play like this is the last two to three minutes of your life that you'll ever play basketball. Don't wait because you got 10 minutes.

You got to go now. I thought Alexis Mars was the best guard on the floor, bar none. She played her defense and she got after it, made big shots. And then we got on the boards. We were being out rebound at eleven at the half. And then I got to see Angel Reese get on the boards and Lydasia the end of the second quarter or in the second quarter. Flage and Lydasia got in foul trouble. And I didn't think the guys coming in off the bench did too much.

They kind of did some bad things. And I challenged them at halftime. I'm one lucky coach. Look at that LSU section. And I get to play for the national championship again with a new team. One more game.

And you made it a priority hug. Everyone on your team. What's special about this group that's keeping you all dancing? They just grind. They have some of the biggest personalities. They're all over social media. They just I'm blessed.

That's all I can tell you. Congratulations to LSU. Congratulations to Iowa. That should be a damn good game on Sunday afternoon. We talked a lot about the men's game last hour.

I want to thank the Shawn Tate College basketball expert for joining us to really break down what most of us think and believe will be a UConn victory by the time we get through tomorrow's games and then end up on Monday night. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Let's go to Cincinnati and talk to Lee. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Lee? Not much, JR.

Thanks for taking my call. All I have to say is I think that not if, but when LSU wins this championship over Iowa, that Kim Mulkey should be put up there in the echelon along the Mount Rushmore of best college coaches of all time. Look what she did with Baylor, you know, and then she she comes over to LSU and how long it's been two, three years and she's doing this. She's bringing them, you know, from nothingness to the national championship. It's just she's better, in my opinion, than Gino or Shleta at UConn because he said something there, but he was with the state.

Well, that's going a little bit too far. Okay. Yep.

He was great. And what I think I think Kim Mulkey has already received that recognition. I don't think anybody is lost on on what she's been able to accomplish. I think she gets her just due. I don't think anybody's missing out on her. Yeah.

But the thing is, you don't hear. And in my opinion, she's up there almost like with Pat Summitt. No offense.

Okay. And it's just because she's been able to do it with, you know, all everywhere she goes. She's able to do well. I think and I understand where you're coming from. And thank you, Lee, for calling from Cincinnati.

Appreciate it. How often is there a spotlight on the women's game? How often is there a spotlight on women's college basketball?

It's around this time of the year anyway. Kim Mulkey can win the championship on Sunday afternoon. She can lose the championship. This is not going to be this much national attention back on the squad. The Lady Tigers on any of it.

Until this time next year when we go back to the tournament. And so I don't think anybody is lost on on Kim Mulkey. To be honest, the last time that we really heard about Kim Mulkey and it was during COVID and her thought on whether or not they should play or not play. That was pretty loud. And so that's a pretty big topic to broach at the same time.

But I think people respect what she's done. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Madison is here from South Carolina. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. Hey, thank you. Great show. Appreciate you taking the time and taking comments from us. I mean, I tell you what. The last caller you just had, you asked a question about him about if you've seen so many games. Well, I have.

And he's right. They didn't do anything to cover that young lady. Congratulations to Iowa.

They did a fantastic job. Kayla is going. She's probably going with a national championship for them.

However, Don Staley is a great coach, but this loss is rest on her shoulders. OK, so you've seen all the I've seen. Yes, I'm a big South Carolina women's basketball. Well, I hear that part of it, obviously.

I would assume so. Have you seen the Hawkeyes play? Oh, my God.

They're incredible. Well, well, I'm saying that's number twenty five to twenty two and Caitlin number twenty five. Even. Yeah, I don't say recruit from Iowa. So you see.

So but help me out here. You've seen Iowa State play besides today. Are you familiar with the other players?

Just Justin, the eight Justin, the eight from eight on. Yeah, I've been focusing mostly on you. You're right. I'll give you a Carolina basketball. And that's what I care about.

And, you know, big fan. All right. I got you. But right. The loss.

You talked to the last caller. Yes. Did you watch games?

I'm hoping he's watched many as we have. Yeah. This loss is dogs.

I mean, no adjustment to Caitlin. OK. I mean, they played the basketball. They shot. I mean, Carolina was rebounded, rebounded, rebounded. No baskets. No answers.

Iowa comes around in this case. Number twenty two was shooting threes from the four point line. There's not a four point line. OK. All right. I got you. Well, thank you. Thank you, Madison.

Yeah. Congratulations, Iowa. Just I'm just I'm sorry for the loss of Carolina. I will continue to bleed.

Garnet and black. But OK. Thank you.

Congratulations. I think I mean, damn, damn. I've watched so many games. I call them Iowa State. It's it's Iowa. Everybody calling me telling me about how Dawn Blewett is is a Gamecocks fan. And they don't even say it's like, hey, OK, you tell him about the Gamecocks and the adjustments that Dawn Staley didn't make. Tell me about Iowa. Please.

The most criticized thirty six and one coach in the history of amateur sports there. Oh, my God. She didn't make adjustments. She maybe there's a reason. I don't know.

Maybe. Shep, you got numbers. I can't I can't read the board and talk. Well, what are the numbers on Caitlin?

I mean, I mean, what she's doing is unprecedented. One hundred sixty one points. That's second most all time in NCAA tournament history for a single tournament. Twenty four three pointers. That's most all time. She's got fifty two assists. So she knows she's not a ball hog. That's the most all time. She's the only tournament player in NCAA history. Yes, sir.

Slow down so people can digest. Go ahead. I'm so excited by Caitlin Clark. I can't contain myself. So one hundred and sixty one points so far in this tournament. That's second most all time.

She is going to pass that in the championship game. She has fifty two assists in this tournament. That is already the most all time in a single tournament.

Twenty four three pointers. That is already the most all time in a single tournament. And she is the only player in NCAA tournament history, men or women's side to go back to back 40 point games. And she did it in the elite eight and the final four. And the finale of her doing it was against the 36 and 0 team that was once deemed invincible against one of the all time great coaches that being Dawn Staley. And apologies to South Carolina fans for saying that after Friday night.

Yeah. And South Carolina, as far as I know and understand, they were supposed to have the best defense here in this tournament. And so now what now we're going to whoop Dawn Staley's ass for not making adjustments. Hey, look, that that might very well be true. Dawn Staley might have coached a crap game.

My only point is. I think it's very difficult for anyone to kick her unless you have watched Iowa and South Carolina games and tons of them. OK, this is not it's not you calling it and asking me about, oh, hey, J.R., why can't I don't know why didn't Eric Spolstra double?

You know, I don't know. Kevin Durant on the way up the court. Why didn't they press him?

Why did they do? Sometimes when you good, you good. And you just got to let somebody go out there and get their buckets that that sometimes that is the strategy. Let them go and stop everybody else.

I mean, it's college. I'm not expecting them to put an elbow into the young lady's forehead. I don't know what any of those other players are capable of doing. And so it's tough to just say, oh, they didn't do this and they didn't do that. They didn't double. They didn't do this.

They didn't do that. Do you know anybody else on that team? My point exactly.

I've watched all the South Carolina's. That's not the point. Did you see what else went on? Man. Dawn Staley. Hey, Shep, Dawn Staley spoke.

She did, J.R. So what we're going to do is we're going to take a break. I'm going to get some more of your calls. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. If you watch this game tonight, if you are familiar with Iowa and South Carolina, give us some insight. OK. What are your thoughts on the game? And then at the same time, I got to give you an update on the NBA and its negotiations as it relates to the collective bargaining agreement. NBA and the Players Association trying to figure that out. And then we'll hear from Dawn Staley. Dawn Staley just spoke.

And so we'll hear from Dawn Staley on the other side of the break. We'll talk more men's college hoops. It's a basketball weekend.

The phone lines are open. It's the J.R. Sport Brief Show. CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the J.R.

Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, J.R., how you doing, man? I'm a big fan. I like what you do, man. I enjoy your show.

You be on point, brother. You're doing the same, man. Just wanted to commend you about that. Hey, J.R., I love your show, man. I really appreciate what you're doing. You're like the Webster of sport.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the J.R. Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Yeah, we're talking about women's basketball. We're talking about college basketball, the women's side.

LSU and Iowa. They're going to take each other on this upcoming Sunday afternoon. I would just upset. Can I call it an upset? Probably not. When you got.

Well, yeah, it is. Kaitlyn Clark dropping 40 point games like it's nothing as I would beat South Carolina 77 to 73 and all my folks out in Iowa, everybody in the Midwest and even in parts of the South. Dealing with these these twisters out here, I hope you're safe and I hope you are. Well, I know there's a lot of Iowa or people in Iowa who were distracted by this this victory tonight and certainly needed it. I've got a lot of calls, almost all of them, all of them from the Carolinas and people not happy with the performance of of Don Staley tonight.

And my response has been, how much of our basketball have you watched? Don Staley didn't make adjustments. Don Staley didn't do this and Don Staley that and Don did a terrible job. She did a terrible job.

They went undefeated all year. And so she just laid an egg in this game. Did she forget a defensive strategy? I'm not so certain. Maybe she just ran up against a young lady and that whoop their ass. I can't tell you about any of the other players.

Maybe maybe they are just knocked down shooters. I don't know. That's 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Don Staley just spoke a few minutes ago. And after all the success of this season, at the end of the game, her players walked off the court in tears.

Don Staley says, Yeah, I feel bad for my team. I feel super sad for our seniors, but I also know that they're prepared for the next step in life. And that, you know, that that gives me great resolve knowing that they're going to be okay. She feels that they will be okay.

And she's also very proud of them. I said to my team that there will never be another another team like the team that we had. Not in South Carolina. I'm just talking about in women's basketball in general, the senior class, the selflessness that they provided to this entire women's basketball community.

Yeah, well, we'll see what they can do next year. Don Staley, not someone who is foreign to winning a championship, as she has already won two with South Carolina. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to South Carolina and talk to Richard. You're on CBS Sports Radio. I really want to my hats off to Coach Staley. I mean, come on. The best team didn't win tonight.

36-0. The lady poured her heart out. You can't blame her.

You got a girl that got hot. This is tournament time. It happens.

Make no mistake. Alabama football. Calling for Nick Saban.

Head. Announcers. Saying Kirby Sparks is the new way to go. That's the same thing they're saying about Dawn Staley, who sets the standard in women's basketball folks.

Make no mistake. You heard about them this year. That's the best women's basketball team on the floor.

They did not win tonight, but they are the best women's basketball team. Bar none. Nobody can argue that. Can't. Can't criticize that coach.

She poured her heart and soul into those players. Man, I mean, South Carolina is lucky to have her. Roll down to Tennessee. Ask them what it's like without Pat Summitt.

I mean, let's face it. South Carolina will be back. They'll be back.

Just the same way. I'm telling you. Alabama fans. Take Nick Saban for granted.

Tell me they don't. I think that's in most cases for teams that are used to having success. When things go wrong, they tend to not appreciate what they have.

And thank you, Richard, for calling from South Carolina. There's some fan bases that are spoiled. I mean, we got Bill Belichick up in New England talking about how, oh, look at my past 25 years, and he had to clean it up a little bit and go, yeah, we're not resting on our laurels. Well, yeah, Tom Brady is gone. And when Bill Belichick is also gone, yeah, teams generally bounce back. But you think the Patriots, you want to go back to what they were before they both got there? Come on. Yankee fans want to get rid of the general managers? Like, OK, no championships since 0-9, but you're winning 100 games every year.

That's not the goal, but sometimes you've got to be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Cameron is calling from Milwaukee. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Go ahead, Cameron. Hey, what's going on, JR?

Thank you for having my call, man. Hey, man, Ms. Clark been doing this for a long time, JR. I've been seeing her since freshman year in high school because, you know, I'm a high school coach and, you know, and I coach AU also.

I've been knowing about her for a long time. It didn't matter what defense you have. The woman could put up buckets, and that's what she's known for. So South Carolina never saw that.

And it took them by surprise. And also she can dribble, she can rebound, and she can assist. So she has the whole package, but she's a guard. So it's hard to defend a person like that. And what some of the cardinals are saying is take the ball away from her. They never did that.

But, you know, like you said, Don Staley is defense in your face. It was just that they, she's a juggernaut. And also, JR, the center, she played her butt off. She had, I think she had 25 also.

The center for Iowa. The blonde woman down low, right? Yes.

And JR. Yes. Oh, yes. She was down low. Nobody could do anything with her.

You couldn't do with her. So just imagine, JR, they scored 77 points. Them two ladies that we're talking about scored almost 70 points.

People got to sink that in. They had two players that scored almost 70 points and won the game. Well, it was closer to 60. It was 59 to be exact. Oh, 59. See? Yes. Two players for Iowa scored 59 out of the 77 points. Yes, correct.

So, so how can you defend that and buy? It's another thing that they was laying off the South Carolina's players. So the players on the players, they should adjust it.

If not Don Staley, she could just give them and tell them what to do. But sometimes as a player, you got to adjust to the game. And I think South Carolina didn't adjust to the game.

In the moment, sometimes we'll each up. Thank you, Cam, for calling from Milwaukee. I mean, even there were points at the end of the game. I'm like, damn, well foul, foul, foul. And they're looking over at coach as to what to do. Austin is here from Pittsburgh. You're on CBS Sports Ready. What's up, Austin?

How are you guys doing? I hear everyone else talking all that crap on the South Carolina coach. I'm thinking like here in Pittsburgh, that's what everyone talks about. Pittsburgh about Mike Tomlin.

And I'm thinking like, once you, I heard you say a minute ago, once you have something good going, you get a little bit too much candy on top. You get a little angry when you start losing a little bit. But now we got Mike Tomlin over here.

We have a couple losing the season. All of a sudden you want to get rid of the coach. I say everyone in South Carolina might want to relax a little bit. Take a deep breath. Calm down. Just won the championship last year, I believe so.

Yes. Relax. You'll come back next year. You don't even know what's going to happen.

You lost one game in a whole year and all of a sudden we want to throw away. Uh-uh. You're right, Austin. You know what? Everybody has a short-term, well, maybe memory loss.

You're only as good as your last victory or your last defeat. You know, people can't look through the whole forest, man, and they only see what's directly in front of them. I appreciate you, Austin. I hear you.

Hey, Kenny, pick it all the way, baby. Have a good day. I hope so.

Thank you. I know Coach Tomlin hopes so as well. Now, people only remember what's directly in front of them. That's it. Nothing else. And Dawn Staley all of a sudden forgot how to coach defense.

The team was undefeated. What do I know? It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio, 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. When we come back, I'll get to more of your calls and then I want to give you an update on the NBA, the NBA Players Association, and their CBA negotiations. Like, what's going on there? You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. First off, I just want to say mad respect for your show. You always got a lot of good points. I agree with a lot of things you say. I just want to say I love your show.

Me and my grandpa listen to it every night. I needed it at JR Sports tonight and I'm glad you're on. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. College basketball dominating the weekend. We've got the men's Final Four. They'll be in action on Saturday afternoon. The women's championship game is set after Iowa defeats South Carolina. And earlier this afternoon, or I should say this evening, we saw LSU beat Virginia Tech.

I want to give you an update as well. This was some pretty big news for the evening. It was a couple of days ago, or just the past several days, that we've learned more details about the NBA and its current collective bargaining agreement, which is set to expire at the end of next season. And if the NBA and the Players Association did not come to an agreement, the NBA and Adam Silver said, hey, we're going to opt out for next year, which would put next season in some type of peril. But you don't have to worry about that, because as of right now, the deadline was midnight Eastern time. On the East Coast, it's already past midnight. It is 1246, and it's been reported by WoS that the NBA and the Players Association, they've extended the midnight deadline, and they're still trying to hammer out a deal for tonight. And they're going to try to get this deal done, and so you don't have to worry about a potential NBA lockout. I'm going to provide more details for you on this at the beginning of next hour.

We got a bunch of callers here on the line with a lot of thoughts on what most of us, some of us, just witnessed, or maybe you heard about it, maybe you've been listening here. Kaitlyn Clark is a basketball, I don't even know the proper word to describe her. She's an ass-kicker out there, 41 points tonight, eight assists, six rebounds. The last game, she had a 40-point triple-double, and leading Iowa to a victory over South Carolina, she scored or assisted on all 18 of Iowa's points in the fourth quarter.

All 18 points. At one point in time, she scored 11 consecutive points for Iowa. She's an ass-kicker.

There ain't no other way to put it. 855-212-4CBS, that's 855-212-4CBS. Dylan is calling from South Carolina. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Dylan? Me?

Yeah, I'm sorry, Dylan. Yeah, you're calling from Columbia, right? I am, yes.

Yeah, go ahead. I was calling to, yeah, like you said, Kaitlyn Clark is an absolutely amazing player. It was crazy to see. Sorry, I'm sure you can hear my dogs in the background. Did you feed them? I did feed them.

They're just having fun. I apologize. Yeah, so... Okay. Hey, Dylan, take care of the dogs and then hit us back. He's still there.

I didn't hang up on him. Hey, Chris. Chris is calling from South Carolina. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

What's up, Chris? Well, first I want to say Don Staley is awesome. I think Kaitlyn Clark is probably the Michael Jordan of Iowa. Right, right. But even Michael Jordan, you know, he had to have his team around.

He's a team sport. And so even if they had doubled or tripled up on Kaitlyn Clark, I feel like, you know, then that would have left them open with the other players. So I don't think, I mean, she was just awesome.

And I don't think that would have done anything. And I appreciate that, you know, Don Staley said we're going to play our game. We're going to use what we had to get here.

And, you know, unfortunately it didn't win the game, but they're still an awesome team and they played their hearts out. No doubt. Well, thank you, Chris, for calling from South Carolina. You take care.

Okay. No doubt about it. Yeah, it's pretty wild. You got Kaitlyn Clark is pulling up like, like logo threes. She's just, she's over here just dropping threes and doesn't care where she's shooting them from. She's nuts to watch.

She's just on another planet. Corey is here from South Carolina. Go ahead, Corey. Hey, JR, man. Hey, man. Thanks for taking my call. Pleasure is all mine. Just meeting you, man.

You're great. Tough loss for our lady Gamecocks. We'll be back for sure.

Hopefully, you know, our star players come back, you know, with this little COVID year that they got nowadays. But, you know, Kaitlyn Clark is just amazing. You know, can't take hats off to her in an hour and hopefully our girls bounce back.

But more importantly, I wish Dawn would have went to a boxing one a little bit early on her just to kind of slow it down. But thanks for taking my call, JR. And you all, you know, I continue to listen to you every night, man. You're amazing, bro. Thanks. Appreciate you, Corey. You too.

Take care. I don't, I don't know if that would have slowed this young lady down. I really don't. You know, we can all look at Dawn and, you know, one of our callers, I think he mentioned or maybe I did mention Bill Belichick a couple days ago. Everybody's asking him like, oh, man, what are you going to do?

What are you going to do? He's like, hey, look at the look at the last twenty five years. He cleaned it up a little bit after that. But sometimes you do have to look at somebody's track record and go, hey, we we do have or have had one of the best. OK, he had Tom Brady there, but Bill Belichick forget how to coach. I saw him do an amazing job without Tom Brady in a covid year with Cam Newton.

Not too shabby. A matter of fact, this is what Bill Belichick had to say a few nights ago. I guess it's hard when you're on top and people get to lose and listen to this. Would you say anything to the fans right now as to where the team sits and what you're trying to put together? What would you say to them right now if they were listening to this long way to go? It's March. We play in September. A long way to go.

A lot of work to do. What what would you say to them to give them a reason to be optimistic for what's ahead for the Patriots? The last 25 years.

Oh, yeah. Well, he had quite a few players. I know Ben Watts and a couple other dudes were just like, oh, that doesn't sound like the Patriot way. Bill Belichick is resting on his laurels. Bill Belichick is telling the fans to look at the past 25 years as to why they should be good now. And then Bill Belichick actually cleaned it up over the past couple of days. And Belichick is just like, no, it's not the case. We're not resting on our laurels.

Everything that happened in previous years is done. You know, just just let Bill Belichick be a let the man be a polite. Well, not a chef. Is he polite? He's not polite.

Right. He's just a jerk. He's a jerk. Yeah. Let him let him be a jerk when he's talking to the media. Just being a jerk.

He has to figure out what. Your main man, Mac Jones, is going to do. Mac Jones is hopefully going to have a decent offense this year to work with. Yeah, Bill Belichick, let him be a jerk. Sometimes fans get so spoiled. Look at Dawn Staley. Oh, Dawn screwed it up.

She's not a jerk. Well, you know, she's not. But you can't look at Dawn. Dawn screwed it up. Dawn should have destroyed Kaitlyn Clark. Kaitlyn Clark isn't even eligible for the WNBA draft until next year. Like she's going to come back and this is going to sound nuts. She's going to come back and be better next season. And maybe after Sunday, she'll be a champion.

Maybe she'll go back to back. If I'm in the WNBA, I'm not even trying to see this lady right now, man. This is nuts. It's the J.R. sport re-show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get some more of your calls on the other side here on CBS Sports Radio.

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