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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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March 18, 2023 3:09 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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March 18, 2023 3:09 am

JR puts a bow on the first round of March Madness as it comes to a close and speaks to the Head Coach of FAU Dusty May and TCU hero who hit the game-winner vs ASU, JaKobe Coles!

JR Sport Brief
JR Sport Brief

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Subscribe to NerdWallet's Smart Money Podcast. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Sheppard.

He's coming to you live from New York City. The first two days of madness is over. We have seen firm in advance on Thursday, massive upset against Virginia. And then we saw another massive upset today. Again, Fairleigh Dickinson knocking off Purdue. You may not even know where Fairleigh Dickinson is.

It's located in Teaneck, New Jersey. So back to back surprising wins, back to back shockers. And in the case of Fairleigh Dickinson, man, this is the first time they ever even advanced to the second round. Fairleigh Dickinson's not even supposed to be here. And for Purdue, well, they just, they stink it up again. And who are they going to face? Who's waiting for Fairleigh Dickinson?

FAU, Florida Atlantic. They just beat Penny Hardaway's squad. Just beat the Memphis Tigers a few minutes ago. The final score there, 66 to 65. And how did this game end? Well, pretty much ended on a layup. Two seconds left on the clock. You can go ahead and thank Nick Boyd.

A matter of fact, I want you to hear that final call. Game-winning layup, courtesy of Westwood One. Davis gets the basketball, looking, peering, kicks it into the right corner. Boyd fakes the three, drives into the paint, to the rim, finger roll over the front of the rim is good. Florida Atlantic 66, Memphis 65, no timeouts for the Tigers.

Womack's ahead to McCadden, no good on the shot. And Florida Atlantic for the first time in the history of the Florida Atlantic for the first time in school history is a winner in the NCAA tournament. 66, 65, the Owls fly on to the round of 32, knocking off the Memphis Tigers by one. What a finish, what a ball game, and what a drive by Nick Boyd to provide the winning margin for the Owls. This game was back and forth. It is crazy to me that either Florida Atlantic, FAU, or Fairleigh Dickinson will move forward, somebody's going to advance, to the Sweet 16. This was a back and forth game and Penny Hardaway was pretty much beside himself at the end of this game.

You could see the disgust oozing through his face. He talked about this. What happened now? What needs to take place next season? Listen to Penny Hardaway, head coach of the Memphis Tigers.

It's a lot to take away from it. I guess one thing I could say is, you know, to just adjust some things in June and July when we come in, get ahead of the game, because this group didn't really start doing some things that we needed back in June and July until January, February. So for me, June and July are going to be big months for our team and continuing to push this culture in the right direction. Despite the loss, despite taking the L, Penny Hardaway, he decided to thank the fans who were there with him in Columbus, Ohio.

Take a listen to Penny. I definitely want to just tell the city thanks for being behind us. That AAC championship was a big jolt that we needed in the city and the fans, I'm sure they had a ton of watch parties today and just the high of winning the AAC and then the lows of losing this game, you know, just appreciate the fans for hanging in there with us all season long and fighting with us. I think Penny Hardaway might need a little bit more help with the actual players on the court. He wasn't too happy at the end of the game. The Tigers had the ball. They had a one-point lead, 19 seconds left. Ball was stolen, jump ball. Penny Hardaway says, why are we having a jump ball?

We call the time out. And the next thing you know, Nicholas Boyd hit that floater to win the game for FAU. This is just a day of underdogs. Told you about Fairleigh Dickinson. These are going to be two teams that are going to match up on Sunday.

Whoever wins this next game is going to win their second game ever in the tournament. Nobody. And if you did, I guess you went to Fairleigh Dickinson. I don't know nobody. Shep, do you know anybody who went to Fairleigh Dickinson?

I fairly don't, do you? Sorry. You couldn't help yourself, could you? Couldn't help myself. They were fairly good on Friday. They were fairly good. They were fairly good enough to knock off Purdue, a team that has basketball expenses last season of $2.3 million. Fairleigh Dickinson, their basketball expenses, $166,000.

Bad. Fairleigh Dickinson, they walked away with a W at the end. And you can go ahead and thank Sean Moore. Scored nine consecutive points at the end of the game. He actually also had a huge block as Purdue kind of had the watch in shock as he got busy.

I want you to listen to Sean Moore. And he was playing defense and offense. He had a steal and then he had a layup with about 90 seconds left.

Listen to this courtesy of Westwood One. Inbound to Ealy, poked out of his hands and a turnover. Ahead to Moore. Moore running to the rim, all the way up, playing is good. FDU by five, 58-53. Singleton dribbling on the March Madness logo. Living up to its name, the Madness. Moore, three, top of the key.

Got it! Moore holding the gooseneck, immortalizing that moment in history. 1.03 to go. FDU 61, Purdue 56.

You know what? Why not just, let's, let's reach the heights. Let's give you the final call. 63-58, FDU. The inbound comes, overshoots everyone.

Scooped up by Roberts and that'll do it. The Knights have slain the dragon for the second time in NCAA tournament history. A 16 has beaten a 1. And the FDU Knights are that 16. Knocking off number one in the East, Purdue 63 to 58.

My apologies in advance. I'm not trying to rub it into anyone who happens to be a fan of the, the Cavaliers, especially after that loss to Furman on Thursday night. The only other time that a, a number one seed lost to a 16 seed, it was Virginia taking that out. UMBC.

Sorry. And now we're going to have Fairleigh Dickinson taking on FAU. What world are we living in?

I have no idea. Pretty much the way the rest of the, the bracket sets up over the weekend. Alabama's going to take on Maryland. That should be a lot of fun. I don't know if Brandon Miller is going to play.

And if he does play, he's going to be accompanied out to the game with an armed guard. San Diego state is going to take on Furman. We got Creighton and Baylor, Missouri and Princeton.

What else do we got here? Houston and Auburn. I wonder if Sasser is going to be available to play. Hey, Miami. They're going to take on Indiana. We just spoke to one of Miami star players, at least for the night. I just, I just played that for you right before the break. Norchad O'Mear came on and joined us.

He was able to contribute 12 points and 14 rebounds as the Hurricanes beat Drake 63 to 56 up in Albany, New York. And I asked Norchad, I said, Hey, you're getting ready to take on Indiana at the time the game was still going on. And Norchad told us live. I said, what you doing Norchad over the next couple of days? How are you going to prepare for Indiana?

And this is what Norchad had to say. We know coming out here in the tournament, every team we play is going to be a good team. You know, they earned the right to come to March Madness. So every team in the tournament is great team.

And the number 16 CDs for the number one season. You can't underestimate anybody. You got to come out, play. You know, we prepare really good. We practice hard.

We practice physically, mentally, you know. Just getting ready for any adversity I know. Get over it. Yeah, just get ready for any adversity and get over it.

No jitters, no fears. I got a local team here, local of me here in Georgia. I was watching this game real early in the day. Xavier, they beat Kennesaw State 72 to 67. Xavier is going to move forward and take forward and take on Pitt. Pitt beat Iowa State 59 to 41. And their head coach, Sean Miller, that was a damn good game too. Kennesaw State hung in there with them. It took a couple of fouls. It took a couple of blocked shots. And Xavier, they should be happy that they're here getting past Kennesaw State. Their head coach, Sean Miller, he said, hell yeah, we have the fight, kick, scratch, and claw to walk away with that W. They're good on defense and offense.

They change defenses. And for a period of time, maybe that took us out of rhythm and we adjusted. But, you know, we earned, you know, every point we got. And this was as hard of a hard-fought victory as we've had this year. Good for them. Let's see what they can do against Pitt, who I must also say is, I don't say they're happy to be here, but they should be. Congratulations.

This is, uh, this has all just happened so damn fast. Watching all these games, trying to watch all of them. Personally, I try to avoid the blowouts. I don't want to waste my time on some of the ass whoopings. And this game, it was not an ass whooping. It took some time for us to get there, but I wanted to see what was going to take place because this game starred, well, he didn't even play, but he's a coach. His name is Rick Pitino. The Iona Gales.

Yeah, they went into the second half and then they got smashed by Yukon. 87 to 63. We have no idea what Rick Pitino was going to do next. He has spent the past week answering questions about his future.

Is he going to St. John's? Is he going to quit? He's like, I want to coach until I'm 80. Well, he got plenty of time to think about his future because he lost. Before we hear from him, I want you to listen to the winner.

Yukon head coach Dan Hurley. He said, yeah, we smashed him. Well, he didn't say that. He did say that everybody contributed.

Listen to this. It felt like we, you know, especially offensively, we're playing relatively well in the first half. Um, you know, credit, uh, you know, credit, you know, Iona, they made some, I thought some really tough shots in the first half. I think, you know, Jean-Louis, you know, we didn't expect him to make two threes.

Um, he had 11 at the half. You know, I thought we were guarding relatively well. They were making tough shots. We felt great at halftime. Um, we felt like, uh, we were going to play very well in the second half. And obviously we turned up our defense. Yeah, they turned up their defense.

They beat him about 24 points. And so now that we heard from the winner, I guess the next time we hear from Rick Pitino, he's, uh, he'll be with a new team. Maybe Rick Pitino was asked about this after the game, after the L and Rick Pitino is like, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Listen to this. I know this is a delicate question after the game, but, um, is this your last game coaching yet? Iona?

I really don't have an answer to it. And to be honest with you, I have no idea if it is or isn't because I've focused everything on this game, try and develop a plan to beat Connecticut. And they just physically dominated us on the glass and in the low post. And it really taught me a lesson of what you need to compete at this level.

And we did, we didn't have the front court that can compete at this level. So it taught me a lot of what Iona needs in the future. What the, what, why is he talking about the future? Like he's going to be there. I can imagine Rick Pitino moving on.

He's basically teased it. I feel like for the past week, let's all not act like Rick Pitino didn't feel kind of, I don't know, slighted. Maybe he felt disrespected. I mean, they vacated his championship at Louisville. I guess poor oversight of the program. He didn't know what was going on. He had to go out to Europe and, and coach in Greece.

And now he's back. You think Rick Pitino at 70 years old is just trying to sit around and coach a new Rochelle. Nothing wrong with new Rochelle. I used to be my next door neighbor, but ain't nothing wrong with Queens either.

We know St. John's is a bigger program. Red Storm hasn't won a, a damn. Haven't been worth anything. Good for Rick Pitino trying to find some money.

I wish he'd go away with some of the older guys. But anyway, 855-212-4CBI. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to go ahead and take a break. When we come back, I'll pick up the phones and talk some more hoops. And there's just, there's so much going on. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio.

Don't move. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. There's so much madness going on in, in college basketball. A few minutes ago, the Dallas Mavericks beat the Los Angeles Lakers, a buzzer beating three. Kyrie Irving trying to get into the lane, has to pass it out to Max Kleber, who knocks down the game winner. The Lakers lose at home, 1-11-110. A buzzer beating three.

You can't beat that. Also, earlier this evening, Joel Embiid tries to continue on with his MVP march. The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Charlotte Hornets, 121-82. You might have heard Michael Jordan.

He's ready to sell a majority stake there. Joel Embiid finished tonight. 38 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists, and 4 blocks.

Joel Embiid did all of this in 30 minutes. This man is a, he's a beast. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Seattle and talk to Mike. Mike, you're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Mike? Hey, JR. Shout out to you and Shep. A great show as always, man.

Thank you. What's on your mind? Hey, I'm the only Wizards fan that calls in and talks to you, but I'm calling, I'm going to talk about the Maryland Terrapins today.

Please. I feel like, I feel like the Terps have a little bit of grit and a little swagger in their step that they're missing under Mark Turgeon, under this new coach, Willard. It kind of feels a little like, like the Gary Williams Terps where they're playing fast and intense with a little grit and some, some strong defense. So I'm over here betting they're going to upset Alabama and make a little bit of noise in this tournament.

Is, would it really be an upset, especially given, and we talked about this a couple of breaks ago, that Brandon Miller has been dealing with a groin injury? I mean, they have a solid squad up and down, Alabama does, but you, you feeling that confident or you, what are you saying? Hey, fear the turtle. That is not, did you hear we had a grandmaster for, for chess on earlier today?

I did not. We had a grandmaster and he was talking about the power of an upset. And he said in the case of like a Fairleigh Dickinson going out there and beating a Purdue, he says, if you're a school like Purdue or you're Virginia, you have to absolutely hate, hate your opponent, right? You're telling me here, I'm supposed to, I'm supposed to feel threatened and afraid because you told me to, what'd you say? Fear the turtle? Fear the turtle.

Absolutely. We got a tip on our shoulder there. On our shoulder. Alabama knocked us out two years ago.

So we got a little revenge on our mind. Okay, Mike, I am, I am shaking in my boots and so is the rest of America. Appreciate you, Terrapin. Okay. Thank you. Happy St. Paddy's day, man.

Yeah, enjoy. And shout out to everybody celebrating St. Patrick's day. You don't gotta be Irish. You just, hopefully you ain't drinking. Yeah, this is a bad day. If you're hearing me right now, I hope you're safe.

I hope you're drinking responsibly. We don't need no accidents. Okay. 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS.

That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Let's go to California. Let's talk to Connor. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show.

What's going on, Connor? Hey, JR. I really love your show. Thanks for having me on. Certainly. I just like to say you got pretty annoyed with a caller last night who's talking about the Aztecs. Yeah. And I gotta say, you are right. I'm an Aztecs fan.

I used to live down in Southern California for a while. And I plan on going to the school, but I'm not trying to like beat down on them, but I just don't think they have it. They've never really had it. And they've just never really done that good as a basketball team. Well, it's not so much about what they've done in the past.

I think it's about being realistic about what's currently going on. I wasn't super totally into the game yesterday where they took on Charleston, but I was in and out of the game. I'm flipping around to a million games and I'm saying to myself, wait a minute. If you're having this much of a difficult time beating Charleston, what am I, I'm supposed to feel confident in you moving forward. They need to feel fortunate and happy that Furman upset Virginia. Otherwise people would be looking at San Diego State going, man, Virginia about to whoop your ass. They, they, they caught a break here. Absolutely.

Yeah. Thanks for having me on JR. Oh, thank you Connor for calling from California. I guess he just wanted to join the show and set everybody straight. Why not? Look, I just try to be realistic about everything that I talk about.

I had no time to sit around and dilly dally and, and feed you. And so I guess now any second or minute now I'm going to have a Sacramento Kings fan call me up and, and curse me out too, about how I'm not giving them love and respect. What else is new? Anyway, speaking of respect, I told you a few seconds ago, the Dallas Mavericks were able to kind of kick the Los Angeles Lakers, who are just trying to keep it, keep alive for LeBron James return that we don't know what's going to happen. You want to hear a Maxie Kleber three-point shot to send the Lakers home? We got it, courtesy of the Mavs radio network. Hinson looking, Hardaway trying to set a screen for Irving.

They get it into Irving. He's doubled. He turns wide to his left, back to his right. Can he get it away in time? Oh, it looked like he traveled now to Cleveland. Did he get it away in time? He did!

He did! The Mavericks win! Maxie Kleber wins the game and it's a dogpile at half court!

Oh man, he blew up my eardrums in the process of it. And so now the Los Angeles Lakers, after losing that game, the Lakers are the 10th seed. They got time.

They render everybody's running out of time. The Lakers fall to 34 and 37. The Utah Jazz is right behind them.

The Lakers want to stay in the play-in. We have already hit the three-week evaluation period for LeBron James and God knows when he is or if he is going to return. Kyrie Irving did play tonight. We did not see Luka Doncic out on the floor.

Let me check these numbers here. Kyrie Irving, 38 points. Kyrie's been dealing with a foot issue. Kyrie comes back and drops 38 points, but he's able to dish the ball out to Kleber for the win.

Shep, let me, let me ask you this. Now that we're here in the stretch run of the NBA and we saw tonight what Joel Embiid did, Denver Nuggets seem, they've fallen off a little bit right now, kind of 500 their last bunch of games. You think Embiid could run away with this?

I'm feeling that he might. Man, if there's anyone more deserving of having that bestowed upon him, I mean you talk about an individual that has been a runner-up multiple times for MVP in the regular season, but yet has not even made all-NBA first team. James Harden has had a nice bounce-back season considering what he did in the playoffs, but Joel Embiid by far, and no disrespect to Giannis, no disrespect to Tatum, no disrespect to Jokic, there is nobody more important for their respective team than Joel Embiid. And when you consider the mess, the absolute chaos he had to deal with when it came to that, you know, guy who used to be known as Ben Simmons, yeah, he is more than deserving and he's doing it in spite of having Doc Rivers as his head coach and that says something. Ouch. Well, it's true. Doc Rivers can coach you if you have four Hall of Famers, but if you don't, he struggles, especially in the playoffs. Well, there's quite a few points that you just made there. I mean, we can splinter off into multiple discussions here. By the way, Ben Simmons is no longer represented by Clutch, same agency, pretty much LeBron's agency, not his agency.

I think we all get the point there. But Joel Embiid and the Sixers, they have won seven consecutive games. Every time I look up, Joel Embiid is out here just dropping 30 points and grabbing 10 and 15 rebounds. I think Joel Embiid here is going to potentially walk away with the MVP and it doesn't have to be the MVP and it doesn't have anything to do with the whole Kendrick Perkins, J.J. Riddick, who is voting for who and why are they voting and where the, you know, Jokic is coming from overseas.

I don't think it has anything to do with any of that nonsense. Philadelphia is hot right now. Seven-game winning streak. Embiid is playing out of his mind.

This is pretty much, this is fun to watch. You got another MVP that you might want to speak with right now. We got an MVP.

Who's the MVP? Goes by the name of Jocobi Coles. He had himself quite a Friday. Oh, we got Jocobi Coles here from from TCU?

I'm right, we do. Hey, Jocobi, what's going on, man? What's going on?

What's going on? Well, you've calmed down a little bit. You were real hyped after that floor break. After that floater to win the game for TCU, man.

Oh yeah, for sure. You know, I was a little lit, but I was just happy for my guys. Happy for my guys.

I hear that Jocobi Coles is joining us. TCU knocked off Arizona State 72 to 70. Jocobi hit the floater with about a second left, less than two seconds left to help knock off Arizona State. Man, you guys had to come back from down 10 plus points to knock them off. What was coach Jamie Dixon telling you all to get you straight?

The biggest thing was just staying together. The guys that we played against today, they were really good. They took a lot of dribble shots and, you know, we just had to make them take more tough shots and ultimately we did that and we stuck together and we got to win. It's been quite a, well, I'll get to last week, but even talking about today, Mike Miles was the one who threw you the ball. He was getting busy all game, ended the game with 26 points. What did Mike mean to y'all for that game and that comeback? Well, you know, me and Mike have been playing together for probably about four years now and, you know, me and him have always had good chemistry and knowing, you know, give each other the ball and playing off each other and it was just another one of those moments like it was in high school when we played at the Titans where, you know, he trusted me and, you know, he knew that they were going to double team him and, you know, I was the second option and he trusted me with the ball and, you know, ultimately I had confidence in my shot and, you know, it went in for me. We know that Miles was hurt not too long ago.

He was limping around a little bit in the course of the game. How's he feeling after the game, post game? Oh man, he's happy, man. He's happy for our guys. He's excited, but we're still focused, man. We're ready for the next round, ready for Gonzaga on Sunday and that's our focus now. You know, tonight we're going to enjoy it, but after tonight, you know, we gotta go back to the drawing board and be ready for next game. Jacoby Coles is joining us here from TCU.

Had the game-winning runner, the game-winning floater, 72 to 70. They knock off Arizona State. You talk about taking on the Zags next week. We saw, unfortunately, you guys did not come out on top in the Big 12 tournament.

How has this week been like in regards to preparation for the tournament and in regards to bouncing back after the Big 12? Just focus, man. You know, we focus in practice, we walk through with film, scout. The biggest thing about this tournament is focus is staying together and if we can do that as a team and do it for 40 minutes, I don't see a team beating us. Today, you know, with this team had a lot of tough shots, but ultimately we stay poised and we stay together and we stay focused and, you know, that's what led us to the win and, you know, I believe, I truly believe if we keep doing that, you know, there's no one that's going to beat us. No one that's going to beat us. Okay, last question for you, Jacoby. You hit that floater to win the game today for TCU.

A lot of America is finding out about you. They're watching TCU. Someone who has never seen this squad play before, how would you describe them? What are we in store for when you take on the Zags? You're just going to see a lot of brothers, you know, playing together and playing for each other. Ultimately, you know, we're going to play hard. We're going to play tough and we're going to stay together and we're going to do the best we can to get the win and, you know, that's what our team is about. You know, we're always hyped for wins. We're hyped for each other. We're happy for each other and that's the TCU culture and that's what we built here and that's what you guys are going to see on Sunday. Okay, hey, congratulations on that game winner.

Congratulations on knocking off Arizona State and good luck against those Zags. Thank you so much, Jacoby. Appreciate you. Right. Appreciate you. Thank you.

No doubt about it. We just had a conversation that was Jacoby Coles from TCU. He decided to knock down that floater. About a second and a half left in the game.

A matter of fact, I don't need to talk about it. Let's go ahead, I believe, and take a listen. This is that final call, the game winner that Jacoby Coles hit to send them to the next round.

Take a listen to this. He catches the inbound pass near the mid-court line now with 10 seconds to go. Now with eight still holding the ball on the right side about 35 feet away with five. He gives it up. Coles top of the key drives into the lane with two.

A floater is good from six feet. With a second and a half left. Three-quarter court shot for the win. Arizona State no and TCU wins.

72 to 70 moving on to the second round to play Gonzaga. Jacoby Coles who's only an eight point per game scorer put it on the floor. Drove to the middle of the lane and hit the game-winning shot.

Yeah, big time. Thank you again to Jacoby Coles for joining us just a few seconds ago. You know, we talked about Mike Miles. He had 26 points. He had the limp through it and he was able to give the ball to Jacoby who drove to the lane and sent them to the field of 32. An amazing ending.

We've had plenty of those over the past 48 hours. Thank you to Jacoby. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. We're going to get ready to roll out. I can't believe the first couple of days of March Madness is done.

It's crazy. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. March is for Madness and not too long ago, we saw a mad ending as Florida Atlantic, the Owls, they knock off Memphis and they gave us a little bit of a heart attack in the process. They went 66 to 65. Nick Boyd won it with a layup with two seconds left on the clock and right now we are being joined by the head coach of Florida Atlantic.

He also happens to be the Conference USA Coach of the Year, Dusty May. Dusty, how are you? How's your blood pressure? Everything's good, JR. On to the next. On to the next. Well, before we move on to the next, I want to talk to you about this game today. It was a tight one.

It was a close one. What the heck did you tell your team prior to this process, especially knowing that they haven't been here in like 20 years? Well, I think, you know, we had a 20-game winning streak and our league was really tough this year. So we learned early on that there was no moment that was too big for our guys. We went into the University of Florida when they were playing great basketball and won in their gym and then Conference USA, we played really well in our conference tournament. So other than the gym just being significantly bigger, we didn't feel like our guys would be phased by it at all. We knew if we took care of the basketball and found a way to rebound, we'd have a chance to win.

Dusty May is joining us. Head Coach of Florida Atlantic, you have basically set every record this past season for wins and victories, etc. How do you keep the team kind of humble through this process knowing that they're the best that this school has ever seen? Well, the unique thing about this team is when we do anything related to the game, whether it's film, weights, practice, walkthroughs, they have great focus and attention to detail. They really value the details of the game because it helps them win.

And outside of practice, sometimes as an older adult and a coach, you may be worried they're on social media too much, or they're doing this too much, or whatever the case. And we just kind of just said, you know what? These guys, when it's time to work, they're always ready to work. They're prepared. And so we just kind of let them be themselves.

And when they get together, they hold each other accountable and just have a great work ethic and work capacity. Dusty May is joining us. Head Coach of FAU just beat Memphis, the Tigers 66 to 65.

This is going to get replayed over the next, I don't know, almost 48 hours. That layup by Nick Boyd to win it with the time almost expiring. He didn't have the greatest of shooting nights. Can you tell us about him and maintaining the confidence to even go out there and do that for the whole country to see? Well, he's one of the hardest working players I've ever been around. He's obsessed with working on his game, working on his body in the weight room. So he deserves it. So I think even when he's having an off shooting night, his confidence is never shaken because when you put in that much work, you just have a belief. And even though his stat line wasn't great tonight, he stepped up and made a couple big shots throughout the game at the end of the shot clock that we needed all those points. So he was, I thought he defended well. I thought he did a lot to help us win, but most importantly with Nick, he's a great leader.

So he brings a lot of tangibly, even when he's not shooting his best. Penny Hardaway gave you and your team a lot of credit and victory. What can you say about how Memphis fought and was prepared out there as well? Well, I can't say enough good things about Coach Hardaway. I watched them play a lot last year because I knew one of their players. He's from Boca.

He played high school basketball with my son. So I followed them closely and they had a really good season, almost beat Gonzaga, but they just didn't seem as together as this year's group. Well, this year's group, they cover for each other. They've got two really dynamic scores that they play through, but they also have some role players that step up and make good plays.

They have a new group, so they evolve throughout the season. They adjust to their roles and they played a really good first half after we got off to a good start. So I can't say enough about Coach Hardaway. I've seen him in practice, so I know what type of basketball coach he is, and we are fortunate to get out of there tonight with a win. Yeah, FAU, you guys are going to be moving on to the AAC. This was like a warm-up to seeing Memphis more often, isn't it? Yeah, as a warm-up against the premier program going forward in the AAC with Houston leaving and Cincinnati departing.

So yeah, we wanted to see where we were as far as tout level and things like that, but we weren't thinking too far ahead. We wanted to find a way to win this game. Dusty May is here with us. We're getting ready to wrap up with you.

I don't want to hold you too long. Head coach, Florida Atlantic, Fairleigh Dickinson is next. They are the bell of the ball right now, based on what they did earlier on Friday in knocking off Purdue. What do you tell your team to just not think that they're just going to be pushovers there? Well, they know that. They watched FDU against Purdue, and we got to the arena.

We encouraged our guys to go out and just soak in the environment and get comfortable being in that environment. You know, our gymnasium is not very big, so they went out. So they watched them play, and obviously they're scrappy. They're quick. They're aggressive. They play to their system to a tee. Our guys respect them, and Nick Boyd's actually from New Jersey, so he knows a lot of their players. So we know how difficult it's going to be on Sunday, and it's going to take a great effort, and we're going to have to get past this big win tonight quickly because there's a lot of preparation.

Dusty May, last question for you. There's going to be a lot of folks who have learned about you over the past 24 hours. There are going to be so many more people watching you over the weekend and on Sunday. How would you describe your team for someone who's going to watch them for the first time? A true team.

Our staff, players, everyone in our program is truly connected and really care about each other and will sacrifice whatever is necessary for the team to find a way to win. I appreciate that. Well, good luck taking on Fairleigh Dickinson. Thank you so much, Dusty.

Good luck, okay? Thank you, JR. No doubt about it. That was a conversation with Dusty May, Conference USA Coach of the Year. His squad, they just knocked off Memphis 66 to 65. Took a shot at the end of the game. Two seconds left.

A matter of fact, don't take my word for it. Of course we have it. This is Nicholas Boyd, winning it all, moving them on to the next round, courtesy of Westwood One. Davis gets the basketball, looking, peering, kicks it into the right corner. Boyd fakes the three, drives into the paint, to the rim, finger roll over the front of the rim is good. Florida Atlantic 66, Memphis 65, no timeouts for the Tigers.

Womack's ahead to McCadden, no good on the shot. And Florida Atlantic, for the first time in school history, is a winner in the NCAA tournament. 66-65, the Owls fly on to the round of 32, knocking off the Memphis Tigers by one. What a finish, what a ball game, and what a drive by Nick Boyd to provide the winning margin for the Owls. Wow, that's, that's crazy. And it's just so, they're gonna take on Fairleigh Dickinson. Like, two schools that you just say, whoa, what, how did they get here, what are they doing here? But a credit to Dusty May, and thank you so much again to Dusty for his time and joining us as the Owls have had more success this past season than they have had in their school's history.

I mean, this is only their second appearance in the tournament, the last time they showed up, 21 years ago. Thank you so much to Dusty May again for your time. And thank you to everybody who's been listening to the show.

It's been a fun two days, and when I say two days, I'm talking about the tournament. I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to be back with you Monday, 10 p.m. Eastern time, 7 p.m. Pacific.

There's going to be even more to watch. I'm going to be glued to the couch, probably. Tomorrow and Sunday, we're going to talk about the games on Monday. And Shep, you, you here over the weekend, you, you holding it down? Yeah, I will be, sir.

2 to 6 a.m. Eastern time, Sunday. And so I have a feeling, JR, we might tackle some March Madness. Yeah, well, I think, yeah, I think so too. Nothing, nothing but basketball.

There's a lot of basketball going on. Didn't some other guy do something this week in terms of, you know, claiming that he's going to play in New York, even though it's not necessarily official at this point? His first name Aaron? Yeah, yeah. Last name start with an R? Yeah, middle name Darkness, yeah. Does, what, what rhymes with nothing, right?

Nothing rhymes with Rogers, no? Well, that, you're talking about the last 12 years of his post-season career in the NFL. That's nothing. You're right. Oh, ouch. It's true.

Damn. Well, maybe Aaron Rogers gets traded over the weekend. That's going to happen. You know that.

I know there's, there'll, there'll be a lot of basketball either way. Shep, when are you on air? Say again? 2 to 6 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday.

All right. Make sure you tune into Shep. Cheryl's Porphy Show with CBS Sports Radio is done. Shep, who's coming up next? Our good friend Ryan Hickey. I like him. Don't move.

CBS Sports Radio. I'm done. Ryan Hickey's coming up next.

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