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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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February 16, 2023 2:00 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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February 16, 2023 2:00 am

JR's New Top 6 list - GREATEST ALL-TIME NFL QB. Callers weigh in!

6- John Elway

5- Johnny Unitas

4- Patrick Mahomes

3 - Peyton Manning

2- Joe Montana

1- Tom Brady

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JR Sport Brief

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. It is the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. I hope you're having a tremendous night. Much love to everybody listening all over North America, on our many CBS Sports Radio affiliates, the free Odyssey app, Sirius XM Channel 158, and everybody listening on a smart speaker.

I'm gonna be hanging out here with you for one more hour. Thank you to everyone who's tuned in since the start of the show. We get started every single weeknight 10pm Eastern Time, 7pm Pacific. We talked about the Chiefs Parade. We've talked about the NBA All-Star Weekend.

How about this? Spring training is pretty much underway for a lot of teams. The players have started to report. Some have reported early. How is Jacob DeGrom already feeling like tightness in his side? How are we here already? Shep, how is Jacob DeGrom hurt already?

How? That's what he does. This is what he is right now. The Texas Rangers gave him all this money. Steve Cohen has all the money.

And Steve Cohen has to be laughing like, yeah man, I'm glad. If the New York Mets paid Jacob DeGrom, and this man already showed up to work hurt, oh my God, he wouldn't hear the end of it. He's a little better, but I believe he is the closest thing to Anthony Davis in Major League Baseball. Yeah, but the thing is, that's the peculiar thing about pitching, like your arm can go at any time. I couldn't tell you who right now has a quote-unquote rubber arm. These dudes just... Scherzer? No, even Max Scherzer. I mean, now at his age, he falls apart at the end of the season. What about his former teammate?

Which one? JV, Justin Verland. Closest thing we have to that. Yeah, because he's still going and going and going. God bless him coming back from his surgery, winning a Cy Young.

It's true. But it's just so sad that when you see someone the caliber of Jacob DeGrom, that he can't stay healthy. Maybe it's the velocity, trying to go out there, throw a 103, lighting people up. When he's healthy, he's one of the best pitchers that you have probably ever seen in your life. But it's like Zion Williamson. When is he going to be healthy?

That's the part that sucks. These dudes get so much money, can't stay healthy, amazing talents, and they end up being like a flash in the pan. That's why you look at someone like LeBron James, who did play basketball tonight, and I just go, well, damn, even he's slowing down. He's not out there for every game. He ain't going to play 82, 75, like them days are over.

But it's amazing what he's able to do, even right now in his career. And the Los Angeles Lakers actually did hold on tonight to beat the New Orleans Pelicans in Los Angeles. The final score there, 120 to 102. LeBron James, 21 points, six rebounds, six assists.

Anthony Davis had 28 points, newly acquired D'Angelo Russell poured in 21. Amongst everything else that we've discussed tonight, every Wednesday night into Thursday morning, I deliver you a new top six list. And tonight, in honor of the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, and a lot of the conversations that have revolved around the quarterback position, Mr. Patrick, my home homes, we looked at the top six quarterbacks that the NFL has seen. And it's history. And when I think about its history, I'm give or take thinking about the Super Bowl era. And maybe a few years before that, give or take before they started, you know, AFL, NFC, AFC, NFC, and then boom, and then boom, AFC, and then we start getting a Super Bowl, this is about 60 years, I'd say, we know the NFL is about all things considered 103 years old.

But the modern era, I would say started late 50s, mid 60s. And so we have a multitude of quarterbacks to take a look at. And I'm looking at accomplishments from a hardware perspective. I'm looking at longevity. And I'm looking at talent. Like those are the three main things that I'm looking at. What were you able to accomplish?

When it comes to a trophy case? What did you really push forward to contributing? What about your overall talent?

How long were you able to stick around? And so, at number six, I gave you John Elway. And number five, I gave you Johnny Unitas, someone who pretty much tied together the Super Bowl era with pre-Super Bowl with the NFL championship. I gave you at number four, Patrick Mahomes. And number three, I gave you Peyton Manning. And number two, I gave you the man who always put you in the game, put you in a position to win the game, Joe Montana. And at number one, I gave you the current underwear model, the man who just retired, Tom Brady.

The man who inspired this list this week, his name is Patrick Mahomes. And he had a very busy day, throwing back beers. And I don't know if they were Coors Light, Bud Light. I want to commend myself for not knowing the difference in taste.

Maybe if I, maybe if I had a sip of each one, I'd probably know. But Patrick Mahomes was living his life, drinking beers, telling everybody today at the parade that you're damn right, he's going to work to come back next year. Listen to this. I just want to let y'all know that this is just the beginning. We ain't done yet. So I'll make sure to hit y'all back next year.

And I hope the crowd's the same. Appreciate y'all. Let's go, baby.

Oh, anyway. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Bill Belichick, before I get to the phone lines, I want you to hear why Bill Belichick believes Tom Brady has had the greatest quarterback career ever. This is what he told Tom Brady on his own podcast, Let's Go. Tom's had just a tremendous career.

It was funny, you know, I was out at the East West game last weekend. And of course, you know, Tom's picture is up there everywhere as a player in the game. And, you know, along with a lot of other Hall of Famers, I think I had like 70 Hall of Famers played in that game or something like that. But anyway, so, you know, that's kind of where it all started. You know, Michigan, the Orange Bowl, the East West game, and, you know, just the greatest player, the greatest career, the great, great person. It's such an opportunity and an honor for me to, you know, to coach Tom.

And I guess it's got in at some point, you know, but it's the greatest one ever. So, congratulations, Tom. Yeah, congratulations, Tom.

Good for that, man. 855-212-4CBS. Let's go to Dave. Dave is calling from Maryland. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. JR, been with you since day one. You got to be coming up on three years now, huh? Yeah, three, not four. Thank you. How about that? It's coming up, man.

It's coming up. But, you know, I listened to your list. I like the list.

I really do. There's just one name came into my mind. It was somebody who led a team to four Super Bowls in six years. Probably the best NFL dynasty in the Super Bowl era. Terry Bradshaw.

Okay. Not the big numbers, but the leadership and the rings. You can't argue with that. No, correct.

And you are one million percent correct. And I did not forget about Terry Bradshaw. When you think about the six guys that I named here, you would take Terry Bradshaw over John Elway, all things considered talent wise.

You know what? Put them in that era. Put them in that on that team.

I'm not going to say I like Elway. I like your picks. I like your picks. And Patrick is going to move up. I get him at number three before it's all said and done.

You would put. Yeah, sure, sure. But I'm talking about Terry Bradshaw. I know with these dudes on the list. Yeah, Terry Bradshaw is great. He's one of the greatest quarterbacks that we've seen. But if I'm looking at the criteria that I mentioned, if I have to look at accomplishments, yes, he checks the box. He checks that box with the championships. If I want to look at longevity, he kind of, quote unquote, age like fine wine. Like the early portion of his career, if you want to think about what he did and the numbers that he put up, you said yourself, it wasn't there.

And so the longevity aspect of it doesn't kind of click there as well. And so is he one of the most accomplished? Yes. Is he one of the better leaders? Yes. Did he have an excellent team?

Was he perfect with that squad? Yes, absolutely. An MVP, Super Bowl MVP, all of that. But all things considered. I'm not putting him above any of the dudes I listed. I'm not. I agree with you.

I have him in number 10. JR, keep going. Here's to three more years. Thank you.

Oh, damn. Thank you, Dave. Appreciate you.

Thank you, Dave. Hey, Shub, what happened? You told me Kevin Love, he's selling milk out of a truck. What happened with him? No, according to Shubbs, his time with Cleveland is coming to an end. We all know he came over in LeBron's second stint, 2014. So we're now talking about going into year nine. And there are many contenders and suitors that will gladly love having Kevin.

Do you like that pun? Kevin Love is going to go to the Phoenix Suns. Oh, no.

Well, I'm trying to think. So he was a year after Kevin Durant in that. So he's UCLA.

He was one year after Durant when he played at Texas. Maybe. I wouldn't put it past them.

You never know. What do their college careers have to do with him going to the Suns? Well, they're very close in age. Obviously, we know about the playing on the U.S. Olympic team together.

What does that have to do with them being friends? The man, the Suns have no depth. Kevin Love is free. He wants to win. Yeah. If those guys are healthy, he has a chance of going there and winning.

Let me tell you something. Who else? Who needs Kevin Love? He shoots threes and will rebound.

Nothing else. There's a team, there's a team and a former teammate of his that would love to have Kevin. And they won a championship together back in 2016 when Kevin Love was clearly the third best player. And he knows if he goes with LeBron, he's got a better chance of winning than he will with Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, who have won nothing in their NBA careers. Yes, Kevin Durant won too.

I get that. But that was, he was more of a, you know, along for the ride than anything else. Even though he was the best in the NBA finals, he doesn't win. If Kevin Love goes to the Lakers.

Yes. Well, he wants to, he went to UCLA. He wants to be back with the Bruins. He wants to be back on Sunset Boulevard.

Like. It didn't work out for us, but it will work out for Kevin. Cause Kevin's not a ball dominant player. What is the, what are the Lakers winning this year? Jr.

I stand corrected. I thought the pelicans were going to come back on them and they did, but the Lakers depth. I mean, you talk about the implosion and I mean that in a positive way that D D lo has given them now at 26 years old, he's the real deal Jr. They have not had a legitimate star point guard for their roster. Are you telling me, are you telling me you believe the Lakers are going to go on a championship run if they get a Kevin love to Anthony Davis stays healthy. If the Angelo Russell's head is on straight and he doesn't, you know, dime out teammates, if LeBron James can stay healthy in your 20 and if Lonnie Walker can give them that depth off the bench, if you bring in Kevin Love with his veteran presence and his leadership and his bench productivity, there is no denying. And I include the Denver Nuggets in this conversation.

We're five games ahead of everybody else. The Lakers can absolutely contend for a championship representing the Western Conference. They got, they got, they got some ways to go, man. Of course they do.

Of course they do. But, but Jr. You listen, I'm not trying to sound all cliche here. When you have LeBron James and Anthony Davis and they're healthy and now they have better pieces around those two guys than they have at any point in that four-year reign that they've had together. And LeBron James is not so far removed. Remember when you get to the playoffs, Jr. and you know this, you have two, three games off.

You're not playing in back to backs. So all of a sudden the guys who are in year 18, year 19, year 20, as long as they're able to maintain their body, which we know Mr. Million Dollar Man LeBron James does in terms of taking care of his body does, he'll be just fine. I'm not worried about LeBron James. I'm worried about the Lakers. I hear you.

And I, I, you know what? I wouldn't be shocked. I agree with you. I wouldn't be shocked if they went on a run. I believe that the Phoenix Suns would be better equipped to do so.

Everybody comes down to injuries. If you think about the contenders, the Nuggets, the Nuggets are there. What have they won?

Nothing. They have to show that Jamal Murray can just, quote unquote, knock down a shot at the end of the game. The Grizzlies do too much talking and yapping. The Kings, ain't nobody, the Kings ain't winning squad diddly. You have the Suns. You have the Clippers who also have to worry about injuries. And that's it. The Golden State Warriors, they ain't equipped to do nothing this year.

Sorry. And then you have the Lakers at the bottom of the bottom. That's all you have in the West.

So I definitely agree with you. If the Lakers can get back into a playoff position, then they should be okay. Are we going to trust Anthony Davis?

It's the same song dancing story for every one of these teams. Kevin Durant going to stay healthy. Chris Paul going to stay healthy. LeBron going to stay healthy. Anthony Davis going to stay healthy. If you actually give 10 minutes a game to Kevin Love, what is he going to look like? He's going to have options though.

But I agree with you. I can see him going to the Lakers. I can see him going to the Suns. I have no idea, none, why he would decide to go anywhere else. Do you see any other team that he would go to? No, I agree with your assessment of the West.

I agree with your assessment of the West. Good for Kevin Love. He gets to go back out West because we know the Cavs as good as they are.

They're young. They ain't winning nothing. JR, it is surprising though because he's been there for so long when they never could contend post LeBron. Now finally, they're one of the big four in the East.

Boston, Milwaukee, Philly, and Cleveland. I don't understand this move right now. It's not like this is Bickerstaff's first rodeo. Doesn't matter. The Cavs aren't winning anything.

I don't know. It's likely, but JR, they're in it. No, no, no, no, no. The Cavs are not winning anything this year.

You're positive. Yes, they have a great collection of young talent. What have they won with this group? JR, I'm not trying to be a jackass here, but you have never won anything as a group until you actually win. Right.

But typically what happens first is you go and you get beat up and you come back. That's fair. This crew has not done that yet. You have established teams that are in front of them that have experience. But Mitchell's had his share of experience in the West getting knocked out in the Yes, and getting his ass whooped. But not here with the Cavs. No, he hasn't. But Jared Allen has postseason experience too.

No, no, no, no, no. This is still a young team. The collection of a team from Mitchell to Mobley, these dudes have not seen it. The other teams in the East, the Celtics have been there and tasted it. The Bucks have been there and ultimately tasted it. The 76ers have now gone a bunch and they have more experience from as much as you may not.

Anybody may not like James Harden. They have a team. They've been there. It's not the Cavs turn on the merry-go-round yet.

I would say give it a year. Look, I'm not a betting man. The Cavaliers, man, they can go to the East Finals.

I would put everything I have. Cavaliers ain't winning no championship. That they are teams that have more experience, that are better equipped, have the same amount of talent, that can actually win a title. If the Cavs win a championship, I'm selling everything I got.

That sounds good. And to your point, they got to go through Milwaukee and Boston because they're not going to have a home court advantage. Not happening. I do hear where you're coming from. If I'm Kevin Love, I'm like, yeah, it's time to go. Like I got a better chance out West than I do hanging out here. I need to go and then what am I contributing?

What am I going to do, defend and beat? That ain't happening. Well, nobody can. Yeah, exactly. Then Kevin Love, he ain't got no time for that.

Too much work. 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. That's 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. I'm going to get back to more of your calls on the other side. We're going to take a look at some, and we already have, some of the greatest quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. Who's walked away with championship?

Who's had longevity? Who has talent? Who's been lighting it up in the give or take Super Bowl era? We'll get back to you on the other side here on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Man, I have all the respect for you. First of all, JR, appreciate you bringing the truth every night. I listen to you on my way back from work at this time. Big fan. I just started listening to your show a few months ago.

I'm hooked, man. Call in now at 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio. 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS.

That's 8-5-5-2-1-2 for CBS. We're thinking about the greatest quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. At number one, we gave you a name that is not surprising to anyone and that happens to be Mr. Tom Brady. This list was inspired by Patrick Mahomes, who was having himself a good old time. He probably had, I don't know, at minimum 10 beers. I'm making that up. He had a lot of beer today, but when he was sober not too long ago, he was on ESPN and Patrick Mahomes talked about the comparisons between himself and Tom Brady.

Listen to this. I mean, it's still early for the LeBron and Michael Jordan stuff, but for me, if you're in this league, you're trying to win. You're trying to be the best player on that football field every single day and Tom's done it for a long time and he's won a lot of Super Bowls. And so when you're coming up and you're watching football, you want to go out there and win championships like he's done. And so I'm going to try to do whatever I can to every single year put us in a position that we can win a lot of championships, hopefully.

Yeah, if he's healthy and we never know, he's certainly going to be competing for more. 855-2124 CBS. Randy is calling from Pennsylvania. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show. What's up, Randy? Hey, how you doing, JR?

I'm very good, man. You got me on speaker? You calling me from the Twilight Zone?

No, no, no, no. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Hold on. I don't have to hold on.

You come back. Todd is calling from Alabama. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Go ahead, Todd. Hey, JR. I think one person who gets missed all the time because he lost the Super Bowl is Aaron McNair. Steve McNair was one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

I grew up watching. I saw Doug Williams and thought that was the best performance I've ever seen in a Super Bowl. But then Aaron McNair and then you look at Jalen Hurst, you know, a couple weeks ago, a couple weeks ago, Steve McNair is the one who just lost in the whole conversation. He was such a great quarterback. He carried Houston to Tennessee, but he never got any of the respect he deserved, I think.

What do you think? Yes, he is a very or was a very talented quarterback, God rest his soul. But I would say this, there were a lot of dudes who had a lot of talent. He had a lot of talent and he doesn't get his just do. I think a part of that is, unfortunately, he's not here with us, but I'm not going to place him on the list of I agree.

I agree with that. But also that, you know, there's the tackle. There's every game and every every there's one play in every game. You know, that tackle right there at the goal line. If it is that if he's a guy to cross against the Rams, then maybe not even there again next year.

Maybe maybe Tennessee's there again. You know what I mean? Yeah, but but the fact Todd, this is what it was. Yeah, they didn't make it. Yeah, you're right.

Well, that's not even it. He has talent, but I'm not going to put Steve McNair into like the top six quarterbacks of all time. Well, I understand.

I understand. I'm not talking about all time. I'm talking about just Super Bowl performances. I thought we were coming out. Well, no, there's obviously Joe Cool.

Yeah, that is the Montana, yeah, but that's that's not what I'm discussing right now. I'm not talking about Super Bowl performances. I'm talking about the top quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. Who's played a long time? Who played at a high level for a long time? Who walked away with trophies and championships? Aaron McNair was awesome.

One of my favorite players to watch. You're not on this list. Not at all. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Oh, hey shop. I almost tricked myself. You know what I was getting ready to do, right?

Uh, no, not quite. America. America.

North America. Prepare yourself. It's Rick from Toronto. Oh, yeah. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Just go ahead and make sure you take a breath. Thank you for taking my call again, JR. First of all, I'm a little disappointed about the commercials on Monday night when you're talking about it. There was a commercial that thanked Canada, a whiskey commercial.

I just want to remind you how important that commercial is. After all, Canada invented basketball and American football. So thank you, Canada. Thank you. I think CBS and Paramount Global should thank Canada for the 11-year, $113 billion contract for 2023 to 2034.

Because thank you, Canada. You're a part of that contract. Wait, hold on. Hold on, Rick. Hold on. Don't say anything.

Hey, Marco Belletti. Yeah. You hear that? Are you thinking Canada? Oh, yeah. Thank you, Canada. Why not? What the hell? Okay, Rick, continue.

Go ahead. Okay, my choice for the quarterback of the past is Ollie Graham from 1946 to 1955. He, in the All-American Football Conference from 1946-49, four championships for Cleveland. And he made 10 appearances in championship games, both in the AAF, AAFC, and the NFL. So he is one of the greatest quarterbacks.

I saw this. He's in the top five, just like Johnny Anaitis. Of course, I like Bart Starr better than Brett Barr and Aaron Rodgers. Bart Starr. The two appearances in the Super Bowl. So the guys from the past are... Oh, by the way, Jim Brown never played in the Super Bowl era, by the way.

He quit. Yeah, well, we're not talking about running backs, Rick. I know, but... Well, can we stick to quarterbacks?

I am sticking to quarterbacks. No, you're not. For the same reason that you just go... You went ahead and named Otto Graham. You know, I've read about the guy. Well, slow down.

Thank you. For the same reason that you just mentioned Jim Brown and I said, don't even get me on a running back. I didn't have Otto Graham on this list because I wanted to take a look at the modern NFL. And the reason why I put Johnny Anaitis on this list, because he was more of a bridge than what we saw here from Otto Graham, who pretty much predated the modern NFL. And so I understand everything that you just said, but that's one of the reasons I didn't have him here, Rick.

Thank you for calling from Toronto. Hey, Marco Balletti, besides being very thankful for Canada... Who's the greatest quarterback that you've ever seen with your own two eyes? It's Brady.

I mean, it's... Look, you can go through all the thing. I think we all know it. So it's Brady.

It's Montana. I'll say this. The guys that... I feel like Peyton Manning and Dan Marino are their own categories because they couldn't move.

Like, let's be fair. They did everything from the pocket and they did it better than anybody else when it was at the line of scrimmage, through the pocket, did move around, found the receivers, put the guys in the right spots. Those two guys were the best at that, that I ever saw. Athletically, it's Mahomes, Elway, and Aaron Rodgers. Those are athletically, but they could do everything.

There was nothing. There is nothing that those three guys can't do. But when you look at the top guys, you got to add in winning, and that's why Brady and Montana wind up one and two. If Elway would have stuck with hockey, you think he would have been in the top 10? In that Hall of Fame, too?

Probably, right. I mean, Elway could have done whatever the hell he wanted. He could have played baseball. I was going to say, he was drafted by the Yankees. I don't know how much that was real. That was more of a ploy to get out of Baltimore and to get moved in the draft, but he claims that he was serious, that he would have played baseball instead of going to the Colts.

So who knows? But the Yankees were... I will say this. George Steinbrenner was very serious about getting John Elway on that team. So he was obviously talented. He was serious about bringing in anybody and getting rid of Mr. Winfield. But that's true.

That's very true. The Yankees could use anybody to play the outfield now. They could use a pitcher now. They could certainly use a lot.

Well, thank you, Marco, for also, once again, being appreciative of Canada. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here on CBS Sports Radio, 855-2124 CBS. We're going to take more of your calls before we roll out. We're going to hear from super producer Dave Shepherd as well. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I got to tell you, JR, the only highlight of my night is being able to talk to you. One of the best and most underrated in the business. I got to tell you, you're amazing.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Okay. Yeah, that's something that reminds me of Mariano Rivera.

Shep, what is that? Enter Sandman? You trying to send me a message? No, but it is... You're the closer. You're the starter, the reliever, and the closer.

And you know how to close. This is a celebration of you. Oh, thanks. I heard Mariano Rivera, he was talking about Edwin Diaz. He was saying his song is better.

Did you see part of that? That's just Mo being humble. He doesn't mean it.

Oh, no, but it is true. Mariano Rivera didn't have trumpet players and all this other stuff. Oh, by the way, we're going to talk to Bernie Williams tomorrow, right?

I believe so. He likes coming on your show. I like Bernie Williams. He's an unheralded Yankee.

And in the New York Mets, choked. Shout out to all my friends here in Atlanta who like the Braves. Anyway, I can't believe it's spring training already, right? It's crazy.

What does this mean? Six more months until we talk about baseball? Oh, my God. Nah, we're going to have, I already know what the discussions are going to be. Gosh, will people pretend to watch it come playoff time? No, no, no, no, no, no.

People are, and I'm going to ask, I'm going to ask Bernie about this tomorrow. I forgot who said it. Somebody said the new bases are the size of a pizza box. Alex Core, I believe. Yes, Alex Core said the bases are the size of a pizza box. Do you not think there are so many rule changes that are going to be implemented for this season?

Actually, we might have the sound if you want to hear it. Yeah, let's see Alex Core, sure. The bases, they're the bases, you know? Wait till you see them.

They look like a pizza box, to be honest with you. I get it, four inches, that's huge. I think there was a play to the end in the World Series that the guy was, it was a bang bang play at second. He got called out probably with the new bases he saved. Okay, well, that's what baseball wants. But this is, and I get it, I understand it. There's so many of the rules that, and I'm not a baseball purist. I just think the game, the quality of play, or the ability of some of the players has brought the game down.

I think the inability of some of the players to speed things up without bitching and wanting and complaining has made the game suffer. So I'm not a fan of, you know, the league having to say no more shift. It'd be nice if the baseball players were skilled enough to just defeat the shift with their bats, but so be it. I hate the fact, and I understand it, that this runner at second base in extra innings is the new rule. I hate it.

Hate it. There's not too much at baseball where they switch things up where I go, oh, I can't stand that. Like, we're putting somebody on base automatically? Like, whatever, you had to earn these bases. You had to steal a base.

And now you want the dudes to stay healthy, fine. You don't want to have 30 inning games, fine. We're handing out free bases?

What are we doing? Shut up. How do you feel about that?

I think it's minuscule. I think it's not going to matter. The best team is going to win, although usually that hasn't happened. But whoever has a player left wins.

Right. I think Alex Cora has a certain excuse, if you ask me. Alex Cora, say again, what?

I think Alex Cora, he's got a certain excuse. It's like, who cares? Everyone's got to play. It's like the field, JR, when everyone was complaining about people slipping and sliding at the Super Bowl. You know what?

The Chiefs had to deal with it, too. And I just feel like it's not something that Alex Cora should be complaining about. I don't think he's complaining about the bases.

He's just pointing out that the bases are the size of a pizza box. They're going to really try to enforce box. Baseball is going to look real different in, like, two or three years.

Really? Oh, wait until the complaints start. Wait until these pitchers get called for box.

If you thought the pitchers were upset when they had to get checked for, like, a foreign substance, wait until the umpire goes ball, because the guy didn't throw the ball to the plate. Like, we're going to have eruptions. We're going to have arguments. The managers will be losing their minds. Angel Hernandez will trend every single night or every other night. And then eventually he'll be replaced in a couple of seasons by a robot.

You've said that before. And so we're moving in that direction with baseball. This year is going to be very interesting at the start. I don't know if spring training will be enough time for everybody to be acclimated to the new rules. We got a lot of players who will be taking off for the World Baseball Classic. And here we are.

Jacob deGrom is injured already. And now you know baseball season is underway. Let's get in more of your calls before we roll out. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. Oh, this is the guy who wanted to talk to me on speakerphone. Hey, Randy, you're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, how you doing, buddy? I'm sorry about that. My daughter pressed the speakerphone. She was on my phone. Oh, it's okay. Your daughter. What the heck is her problem? Uh, she likes to play with my phone all the time.

I gotta get her a phone, you know? But anyway, uh, I'm sorry about the jar. Hey, I appreciate your honesty and everything about, uh, you know, what you talk about.

And I beg to differ a couple, uh, quarterback shit you named. Okay, well, go ahead. I cannot. Can I say who I think really? Yes.

Yeah, you're live. Go ahead, please. Okay.

I'm thinking, uh, maybe, uh, Fran Tarkinson. Uh, well, he's, I mean, yeah. Okay. You want an MVP.

When you talk about Fran Tarkinson, what are some of the first things that you say about his career? Go ahead. Say it.

Go ahead. Yeah, he won. He won a lot of championships. I do know that. He did what?

He won a lot of championships for the bikes, not Super Bowls. Oh, man. Come on. Oh, stop it. Oh, come on.

Hey, I got another one. I'm from beer of salt and Joe Namath, man. Joe Namath.

Come on, bro. You, you going to buy Joe Namath new knees? Joe Namath. Yeah.

Joe Namath is, uh, was a great quarterback. Randy, come on, man. Hey, you see that? Hey, you're telling me about Fran. You, you, you dressed up time here. I want my dogs want to sing to you.

Mr. Maddox, your dogs or your daughter. There you go. They are. Thank you, Randy. Appreciate you from Pennsylvania. Thank you. All right. All right.

Shub, do I want to pick up any other calls after that? Yes, but American idol won't be one of them. I don't know about that. That's the first time you see shop. That's three years.

I've been here almost three full years that I've ever had. Anyone put their dog on the line to sing to me. Ah, well, the dogs were the highlight of that call. You, you, you've been rough. Randy, I'm ready for Pennsylvania.

I'm just kidding. We very much appreciate you training your dogs to sing to them on the air. Yeah, I do. Hey, Jr. What'd you do today? Well, uh, you know, I launched the podcast agents of inclusion and I had a two or three dogs just sing to me over the air.

I don't know what to do after that. Well, shepherd anyway, what are your thoughts on, on the, these quarterbacks, man? I Jr. I think he, I think you nailed your list. I understand people wanting and clamoring for Terry Bradshaw and Joe Namath and auto gram, but listen, Terry had too great of a team and he wasn't great enough as an individual. Joe Namath, you said his knees got the best of him. You're a hundred percent right. He had Joe Namath had no knees in high school. Right, right. And listen, he has the most iconic, uh, maybe moment in terms of, uh, just in football history with, you know, putting up the number one faker and the guarantee, but he didn't do it long enough.

You talk about winter loss versus touchdown interception ratio. It's, it's, it's, it's average. He wore stockings too. And he wore fur. That's right. We were stockings and fur, he tried to kiss Susie Colbert.

Right, right. He's a nice guy. I like him. He is. And I would say other than that, I mean, it's tough to argue for Drew Brees. It's tough to argue for Aaron Rogers for regular season MVPs, but he's been crap in the playoffs. So I love your list.

No, thanks. And also hello to, uh, he has a daughter. She's very nice as well.

Uh, Joe Namath's daughter. She's, she's so nice. She is very nice lady.

She is very nice. Anyway, we got Bernie Williams tomorrow. I'm going to ask Bernie Williams about these crap baseball rules. I'm going to ask Bernie Williams, uh, Derek Jeter. This Derek Jeter going, he's not doing, no, he's not doing play by play.

He's just going to be in the studio, right? There's not a chance Derek Jeter is doing play by play. Yeah. Derek Jeter is like, man, I'm Derek Jeter. Yeah.

I ain't sitting down watching this crap baseball. There's only one Michigan guy that can do play by play. And it's taken him a year and a half to do it. So, Oh, uh, Tom Brady. Yes.

Yeah. I know Derek Jeter is, uh, his money. Ain't matching up to what they paying this dude. I still am not Tom Brady's going to really do that job only for a couple of years. And then he'll quit. I think, I think they need to make that a three minute booth.

I think they're really missing the boat by not including Olson. Yeah. That'll be a good indoctrination for Tom Brady, right? Yeah, I think he's getting all his practice in right now with, uh, what's the guy that kisses his ass, Jim gray. Yeah. That's the guy here. He also does, you should know him.

He's in your world too. You guys both do these boxing, uh, yeah. These big time boxing. Oh yeah.

I know Jim gray. Yeah. Oh yeah. I know.

I was hoping that maybe a few years ago, either Pete Rose or Mayweather would punch him. That's just me. I'm nonviolent. What can I say? It's the JR sport brief show here on CBS sports radio. We're going to be back with you tomorrow at 10 PM Eastern time, 7 PM Pacific. Thank you to super producer and host Dave shepherd. Thank you to all of you for locking in and tuning into the show and make sure you please go listen to the brand new podcast agents of inclusion every single week. We're going to bring you a different story from a special Olympics athlete that will inspire you and inspire those around you agents of inclusion, wherever the hell you get your podcasts. We'll be back with you tomorrow. The Gerald sport show on CBS sports radio is a wrap. Thank you, Shep. Don't move. Amy Lawrence. She's coming up next.
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