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1.6.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR
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January 7, 2023 1:58 am

1.6.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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January 7, 2023 1:58 am

JR talks with Football Expert Emory Hunt about the biggest NFL and College Football HEadlines


When you need to know what's happening, it's time to get hit. In The Huddle. You're fraudulent. You're not in the business of winning football games. You're in the business of trying to prove your own asinine decisions correct. We can talk about the Ursay thing. Do I think the Saturday thing is the biggest joke in the history of the NFL? I do. But at least he was willing to say, this ain't working for me. I don't care that I just gave him extensions. Listen to In The Huddle.

Available on the Ozzy app or wherever you get your podcast. When you need to know what's happening, it's time to get hit. In The Huddle. You're fraudulent. You're not in the business of winning football games. You're in the business of trying to prove your own asinine decisions correct. We can talk about the Ursay thing. Do I think the Saturday thing is the biggest joke in the history of the NFL? I do. But at least he was willing to say, this ain't working for me.

I don't care that I just gave him extensions. Listen to In The Huddle. Available on the Ozzy app or wherever you get your podcast. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is CBS Sports Radio and you are locked in to the JR Sport Brief show. Much love to everybody listening all over North America. I'm going to be hanging out here with you for the next three hours.

I get started at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Pacific. I'm being joined by super producer and host Dave Shepherd and everybody listening in every corner of North America. That means all my friends in Hawaii. That means my friends in Portland, Maine. That means my friends down in Miami, Florida.

My friends in San Diego, Alaska, and everything in between. You want to listen? Listen on the free Odyssey app. You can listen on your local affiliate. You can go to and listen. You can tune in on Sirius XM channel 158. You can ask a smart speaker to play CBS Sports Radio.

You can clap your hands and maybe if you get the station that way you're amazing, but try anything. I'm going to be here regardless for the next three hours, but it's a four-hour show. I've been here for an hour already.

That means 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific. In a few minutes we're going to have a conversation surrounding the college football championship this upcoming Monday night. My main man Emery Hunt is going to join us.

He's a contributor for all things football, NFL, and college to CBS and CBS Sports HQ, so we're going to be talking to an expert as to whether or not TCU has another upset up their sleeve. I do later on in the show wanted to get into some of the the other potential playoff matchups. We can look at the NFC. Are the Green Bay Packers going to beat the Lions and secure that last spot? Do the Lions stand a chance in hell to get in? What's going to happen with the Rams and Seahawks? That has some implications as to that Sunday night game between the Lions and the Packers, so there's there's a lot going on in the NFL and we know the most important news this week is that we know DeMar Hamlin has continued to improve, that the breathing tube was out.

He was able to face time and speak a little bit with his teammates hand gestures, so it's a beautiful thing and as a result the NFL has very much made clear what they plan to do with the postseason. We know that the game between the Bills and the Bengals has been cancelled. We know that the Bengals have won the AFC North. The Bengals will take on the Ravens this Sunday and you know if the Ravens win in Cincinnati, even though they already won the AFC North, they'll flip a coin because the Bengals and the Bills will have played one less game and if we get to the AFC Championship game and it's the Bills or the Bengals there, they'll flip a coin. There's a lot going on.

Trust me, there's a lot going on. The Bengals are probably more more affected than anybody else. There is no perfect system. Roger Goodell said there's no perfect system. They tried to do what they think would make the most sense with the idea that we have no idea how this past Monday's game would have ended. We can only look at what takes place with this coming Sunday's games and so before we talk to Emery, we had a caller on and I want to ask Emery if this makes sense as well when we speak to him in a second. I said at the end of the day you have to play the games that are in front of you and you have to make the most of whatever situation is presented because life isn't fair and when it comes down to having home field or not having it when you get into the lines in between the lines, it shouldn't matter.

Go play the game. Do we know that home field is important? Yes, of course and so we had a caller who's still here. His name is Tony from Boston and he said, oh JR, home field does matter and he gave an example and I said well Tony, I said you have to understand the difference between speaking literally and figuratively and I told him I was speaking figuratively about home field because I wasn't born yesterday. Of course, home field matters. Noise matters. Comfort matters. It all matters and then I spoke to Tony again and I asked Tony, I said Tony, you understand what I'm saying between literal and figurative and he said in response, I said do you understand what I'm saying about my point?

Like it doesn't matter when the whistle blows, you got to put everything out whether you're playing in Kansas City, Siberia, Alaska or your mom's basement. Just play the game at that point and he said a little bit. I understand a little bit you know because you said it doesn't matter so I said I gave him homework. This is the first time I gave a caller homework in the commercial break and I told Tony look up literal and figurative and let's see if he did his homework. Hey Shep, do you think he did his homework?

I know Emory would have done his homework. I don't know if Tony did but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Well let's talk to Tony and see if he understands fully what I meant. Tony is here from Boston, you're on CBS Sports Radio.

Yeah it must be really cool to like have your own show and you know kind of like do things, say things you know before a caller gets on and all that and you know try and make the caller look bad. What's your true, what's what you're trying to do right now? You and I'm gonna quote you on that.

Well hold on Tony. All right go ahead interrupt me again. Interrupt me again. I got five, I got five words out and you interrupted me.

Okay go ahead. It was about, it was about 40 words like it's easy for me. No it was not 40 words. Okay maybe 10.

No about 40. So do you fully understand my point? You said it does not matter. Tony went to school when he was in the 11th grade and they asked him a question. Hey Tony is this red or green? And Tony said I don't know it looks blue to me.

And they tried to explain to him the color wheel and he did not get to it. It's very clear he does not understand the difference between speaking literally and figuratively. I know what I said verbatim. I said home field doesn't matter.

I said that and then I explained to you what I said after. Here he is to be upset with me. Go ahead Tony. Stop on my call. Shep was he speaking that whole time?

I believe so yeah. Let's leave Tony there. He can wait forever. Let's talk to someone who I think understands, well I know he does. It's my main man Emery Hunt from CBS and CBS Sports HQ. Emery how are you man?

I'm doing fine dear man. Appreciate you bringing me out. No doubt about it.

Help me out here Emery. You're an educated man in many ways and many things. What I just said did it make a little sense?

It made full sense right? Right if you're speaking literal about something you're talking about a perceived fact like yes it is hot outside because it is 105 degrees outside right and if you say man it's just hot out it's hot out here you could it all depends on the context because it really could be 79 degrees but it may feel hot because of the humidity or whatever you may be talking about the humidity you know what I'm saying or it may be hot because it's 79 degrees in the summer you just program to think like okay it's the summertime I'm just hot it's hot outside you know so there's a difference you know first to your example and this it is rich coming from someone like me who understands this part when you talk about home in a way and I used to joke with people they used to say this when we were when I was playing college ball like man oh you know they're playing at home they could win like bro we lost all our games it didn't matter if we were playing at home on the road if you can't catch at home you won't be able to catch on the road you know nobody had our games anyway so it don't really matter but with the the um to the caller's point the one element I would say matters when you play at home is the comfort part because your schedule is not thrown off however the flip side of that is because you're playing on the road you're kind of forced to lock in because your schedule is thrown off so I could see both sides um but yeah if you're talking like sometimes we take things literally when we should take it figuratively it's about to take things figuratively when we should take them literally yeah we had a caller he called about the uh the Baltimore Ravens and he's like oh the the playoff situation isn't fair in a way to the Ravens and I'm like yeah okay you're right but let's also call a spade a spade the Ravens look like ass right now so I mean some sometimes we gotta step into reality and the reality is whether you are playing at home or you're playing away when the whistle blows you can only control what takes place in between those lines exactly and that's actually one of the things that that will take place of this Monday night as as you're a college football and football expert we know stepping away from the NFL for a minute that we have the college football national championship speaking of a neutral site we're going to see TCU taking on the Georgia Bulldogs and nobody expected TCU to even be here they haven't won a championship since the 30s they weren't even ranked to start the year their starting quarterback wasn't even starting the season and then you got the Georgia Bulldogs who are looking to go back to back and these were some wild games last weekend for both of these teams to to move forward are you expecting similar in this game big scores high scores or should we expect some of the offense to get kind of narrowed down I think all things can be true we probably won't see the the crazy back and forth that we saw from Michigan TCU but we could see almost a second quarter that we saw from Georgia and Ohio State but it all depends because what worked for TCU in that game against Michigan is that they got the confidence because the biggest question many people had and I had myself was whether or not that 335 stack will be able to hold up against that 13 personnel three tight ends double tight ends sets that Michigan throws out there and run the football and if you're judging based off the first play of the game you're like well this is going to happen all throughout the game they're going to be able to run downhill against this defense because they're not built up front or within the front seven to stop the downward pressure they'll see from this run game but TCU adjusted they were able to you know make the adjustments up front to where you're throwing a lot of slants and quits at the offensive line which clogged them up they couldn't get to the second level and allow those linebacks to roam free and make plays Georgia theoretically can do the same thing Michigan can do up front they got they got guys that are big beefy guys up front the question will be whether or not TCU offensively can make plays uh perhaps banged up in the backfield but can they make plays absent of Georgia turn the ball over one thing we don't see is Georgia make mistakes we saw Michigan make two crucial mistakes in that game and if they don't make those two mistakes they win the ball game so that's going to be the biggest key where can TCU find offense or find points outside of their own offense Emery Hunt of CBS and CBS Sports HQ is joining us from what it sounds like like many people you're favoring Georgia to go out there and beat TCU am I wrong no you're you're absolutely right I think Georgia can go out there and win the game most people tend to over or underestimate what Stetson Bennett brings to the table I've been on this show before saying he should have been you know in New York City last year I'm glad he got the free trip this season and Georgia I think got this and here and this is funny how things come full circle you know where Georgia fell victim to last weekend is an example of home in a way mattering is because had they played that game in Athens they probably wouldn't have seen the passing game from Ohio State that they saw now you put Ohio State that wants to spread the field and run routes indoors in perfect conditions you're going to be in trouble they don't have to worry about that with TCU they're not built the same way so I do think they take care of Benson West now you mentioned and Emery Hunt is here with us of CBS Sports HQ you mentioned Stetson Bennett I feel like he is this is an exaggeration I'm speaking figuratively many ways tonight Emery he feels like an 80-year-old quarterback out there on a college team he's trying to go back to back what realistically will he be doing at this time next year is he going to be on a practice squad what is he going to be doing next year it's a fascinating question JR and I have a great philosophical answer and a big picture approach if I'm Stetson Bennett if I'm Mag Duggan if I'm JT Daniels who just signed with Rice for whatever reason if I'm DJ Uyangole instead of going Oregon State I'm going directly to the XFL or USFL I'm playing crow ball against pro level talent I'm gonna let the NFL re-evaluate me from there because we all know this Stetson Bennett will get poked in private at the combine they'll finally realize that he is 5'11 he's 186 he doesn't look the part matched up against the other Anthony Richardson's or the you know the CJ Strouds and those guys even though he played toe-to-toe against those guys and played really well and we know the same thing about Mag Duggan and all these other people so why not go play against pro level talent make money and then take your chance from that level you know to the NFL it's better than JT Daniels going play 25 year old football at Rice like what how is he going to get better there and you know you talk about Stetson Bennett he's playing that 25 year old ball against Georgia well of course you better look good at 25 years old against 18 19 year olds so why not go challenge yourself against pro guys pro coaches and see how good you are and then maybe make your chance to jump into the NFL from that level. So Emery you believe and we actually got the release of the XFL schedule this week I'll be watching it in passing and I'm sure like most people I'll see the highlights etc we'll start to hear some names and you know we'll get a couple of guys who will make their way into the league you believe that the XFL will be an additional feeder for quote unquote tweeners guys like Stetson Bennett you think that's a realistic possibility for the league? If they want to sustain themselves they should be and I've said this before the XFL and USFL should be going after two separate types of people the XFL I think has the advantage because they play in February and they run through April early April so right before the NFL draft why not go after the young college players or the players in the transfer portal and therefore those guys use those 10 games to elevate their stock and then still have a chance to get drafted out of the NFL we saw this with uh I forgot the kid's name his last name was Robinson in the XFL of 2020 where he was with the St. Louis battle hawks balled out and Trenton got drafted from the by the panthers to the NFL and the USFL should go after those guys that have been in the NFL for quite some time that are languishing on rosters i.e your Jared Stidham your Nathan Peterman those guys that have played maybe two three years but won't see anything above you know a QB3 or wide receiver six go play there play those 10 games and try to jump back into a training camp after you put out good take you saw what that has done for Kevonta Turpin he turned the 10 game stint with the New Jersey Generals into an all-pro season and a significant part of the Dallas Cowboys return game that's the type of talent you go after XFL go after the younger talent while the USFL go after the young to mid-year talent the 24, 25, 26 year old talent okay wow Emory Hunt this is why you're the football expert here you're giving me another reason to watch the XFL I'm thinking about Stetson Bennett and then sure you're thinking about what the best case scenario would be for him if he and you know maybe his stock doesn't change all that much even if he wins another championship but the possibility that you presented I think would certainly garner him more attention than going into a training camp and just languishing and then sitting on a bench and maybe just being a glorified you know clipboard carrier for the next several years let me ask you this this final question uh how does TCU win we you you mentioned Max Duggan and I know they're running back Yondre Miller's busted up a little bit Quentin Johnson is big time how does TCU walk away with a victory in Los Angeles they gotta muck the game up they gotta bring Georgia down to their level and and and by that I mean do what you did against Michigan you force Michigan to break tendencies they got Michigan out their game on their first drop Michigan drove down the field in one big run then they got cute inside the red zone wanted to do the Philly special and then you get down inside the red zone again which should have been a touchdown but then you try to run hand the ball off to a guy that hadn't touched it no more than nine times in the season and he fumbled the football so if you get Georgia out of what they want to do the best way to do that is and it sounds easy but you got to stop the run you got to make this a Stetson Bennett versus Max Duggan game the reason why I say you got to make it a Stetson Bennett game it's not because Stetson Bennett can't wing it around the yard it's because Georgia really doesn't have those dynamic dogs out on the perimeter like they normally have they all tight in base their tight ends are legit elite however if you force them to make plays on the perimeter outside of the tight ends you got a chance and I think that's how TCU can win if they can stop the run force Georgia to go to their receivers instead of their tight ends it gives themselves a punching chain a puncher's chain against the Georgia Bulldogs. Yeah I'm with you Emery I think the Bulldogs they're going to go they're going to go back to back and Stetson Bennett is going to have a good old time when he gets back to Athens and at that point we can evaluate his next stop Emery Hunt has been joining us from CBS and CBS Sports HQ football game plan where can people follow you your commentary watch you on television all the great things that you're doing Emery. Well follow me on twitter at football game plan lock in on CBS Sports HQ you'll see me there tomorrow as well and keep it locked there football game plan slash football game plan I'm on my all-star game circuit now so I'm at the college put on showcase here in Fort Worth Texas covering these college prospects performing in front of these NFL, CFL, XFL, USFFL scouts and you'll see all the video content practice highlights interviews all on the youtube channel at slash football game plan so you'll see that this week the next week I'll be at the Hula Bowl and on so on and so forth so that's where you can follow me and get uh get soaked in with this content this draft content it's draft season at JR. Absolutely we're going to be tapping in with you you're a football expert you know everything from the the high school level the pro level the just everything college and man you have coached you have you have done it all Emery I appreciate you man. Thank you so much man appreciate you having me on. No doubt about it it's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS Sports Radio thank you so much to Emery Hunt it's it's gonna be tough I know TCU had the game of their life against against Michigan you got Jim Harbaugh standing around and the conversations have already started again as to whether or not he's gonna leave is he gonna come back and now he's gonna stay and it's just always something with the guy we're gonna hear from him in a minute because the latest is that Harbaugh is gonna stay but then also Michigan will be punished for a completely different reason I'll tell you why on the other side it's the JR sport reef show CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio God bless you JR I'm a huge follower supporter and listener of your show been admiring you for years I follow you on twitter it's an honor to be able to talk to you man you're listening to the JR sport brief call in now at 855-212-4CBS it's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS Sports Radio a big thank you to Emery Hunt from football game plan and CBS and CBS Sports HQ for joining us to talk about the national championship game that will take place on Monday Monday night it will go down in Los Angeles SoFi stadium as TCU takes on Georgia we know the Bulldogs are heavily heavily favored as they look to go back to back so I encourage you to go ahead and check out and follow Emery Hunt at F ball game plan football game plan you can find Emery Hunt all over the place on television he's amazing he's following football from the high school level through college all the way to the pros there's nothing that that man doesn't know and that's a hard thing to say but having said that we did hear from a few of the coaches who will be participating in the national championship game obviously Kirby Smart got a raise after the victory last year and then a couple of people got paid after him so maybe Kirby gets another bump up in salary but he spoke today after arriving in Los Angeles and he's like yeah we've been here before but we got something to play for we still have a couple days to get prepared we'll go through our normal process uh of preparing for a game which we've done 14 times now so it's uh it's not different in terms of what we do it's just where we're doing it yeah they're trying to go back to back we know this is a different version of the the national championship we're in the college football playoff era Georgia's trying to be the first team to repeat in the college football playoff era meanwhile we got TCU coached by Sonny Dykes who basically just arrived on the scene and TCU their last championship period in any era was in 1938 if you remember TCU's last championship I mean you can feel free to call me up but maybe I don't know anyway Sonny Dykes he spoke and he said yeah we got this far this is a great chance for us to do something amazing playing against a really good Georgia team on Monday night um you know I think that's the the one thing in our profession now that you can do anything the way it works these days is you want to try to play on Monday night and we're getting a chance to do that so excited for our players and I think it's a great opportunity for TCU and our football program and everything associated with it yeah if if TCU wins this is going to be one of the largest upsets I think that we will have seen in just college sports college athletics and so let's see if TCU can get the job done I don't know if they will I think the Georgia Bulldogs will go back to back I would love to see a great game but I can tell you as someone who lives here in Georgia it will be a sad sad show for multiple weeks I know for about a year multiple months if Georgia doesn't come out with this victory there's going to be a lot of people hyped about the Bulldogs in Atlanta and Athens here in Georgia they're going to be a lot of sad folks afterwards I hope that's not the case speaking of sad folks afterwards right after uh last weekend's games in the fiesta ball we know that Michigan was on the losing side to CCU I mean Harbaugh's own dad Jim Harbaugh's own dad was sitting in the stands at the end of the game trying to figure out what the hell he was doing with clock management what he was doing with his timeouts what he was doing with the clock and ultimately they lost 51 to 45 and it only took a few days before the rumors started to abound about where Jim Harbaugh was going to go next he just signed an extension he just told everyone last year after flirting and meeting with the Minnesota Vikings and not getting that job not being offered a contract that nobody would ever have to worry about this again and lo and behold we learned that he had a conversation this past week it wasn't a full interview with David Tepper and the Carolina Panthers that he was open to this after he said last year my recruits in the program and the organization doesn't have to worry about such well he put that to bed yesterday and he put that to bed after he sounded absolutely miserable last week so maybe it was just hey we lost let me explore my options again this is what Harbaugh had to say after the loss last weekend the difference in the game yeah last year championship at least he went and he beat Ohio State this year he has a chance to go a massive upset it's like oh you finally beat Ohio State you go to the championship and then you lose and now you finally go back you're one of the top four you get into the playoff you have a major upset and he has spoken openly about yeah yeah yeah we want to win a national championship but the Super Bowl is the big thing but I can win this here I think we all know this man isn't going to be at Michigan forever and he still probably feels he has unfinished business in the NFL and when the opportunity the perfect one presents itself this man is probably wait a minute he's back chef he's back Tony from Boston is back he is yeah yeah I know I I thought there was a better chance to harp off fleeing to the NFL than Tony being back but Tony's resilient man he keeps coming yes we spoke to Tony 30 minutes ago and I said that home field in the NFL doesn't matter I said you got to go out there and play the games and I painted a gigantic rosy picture about it and then he called and said JR homefield does matter and I said oh Tony of course it matters I said I said I was speaking figuratively not literally and I said literally is just speaking straight factual and I said nah man I painted a whole picture I said of course it matters I was being figurative I was exaggerating and I told him I said you get it and he says no you said home field doesn't matter I get it a little bit and I said look it up and now I'm a terrible guy I'm bad I had to shut a tear I'm being a bully I'm being a jerk on my own show so now I need to be punished it's terrible what we'll do is take a break and when we come back we'll have a direct conversation with Tony because I'm being mean on a Friday night it's the JR sport brief show here on CBS sports radio we're going to talk about home field advantage we're going to talk about how mean I am and then we'll talk some football as well we'll talk to Tony on the other side hold your breath it's the JR sport brief show on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio you're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio on CBS sports radio hey that's why first I just want to say JR you're the man all these other radio shows you hear the same boring stuff and you know what I'm saying I love how you bring them callers in call in now at 855-212-4CBS it is the JR sport reef show here on CBS sports radio we are gonna bring some callers in the top of the hour I do want to talk to you about some of the other interesting playoff matchups that we do have in the NFL Sunday night football we have the Packers and the Lions and the implications of that game are wide reaching and we'll even know a little bit more about what that game might mean because the Rams and the Seahawks game will have a direct correlation on Sunday night's game as well we spent some time here in the first two hours of the show talking about the the AFC playoff scenarios especially as it relates to the teams at the top the Bills Kansas City Cincinnati we talked about Baltimore and the Bengals and the scenario that the NFL has come up with to change the rules we might have a potential coin flip if Baltimore and the Bengals have to take each other on in the playoffs as to who will host the game in the wildcard round and if the Bills or Cincinnati go to the championship round it will be taking place at a neutral site so we went through those permutations we just had an amazing conversation with Emory Hunt breaking down the college football playoff which will take place on Monday night in Los Angeles between TCU and the Georgia Bulldogs we talked about Jim Harbaugh yeah there have been the rumors that he's he's gonna go but we got an announcement that he's going to stay I guess for now we'll have to deal with this again next season eyes surmised so we got a lot to do phone lines are open 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS that's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS and about actually almost an hour ago I made a point of ultimately saying for the playoffs and the NFL like you can't worry about home field and I said home field doesn't matter I said when it balled when it balls down you have to control what you can control doesn't matter where you play shut the noise out when the whistle blows go play and I had a caller who told me home field does matter JR gave me an example and I said okay I get it I agree with you I said I was I wasn't I wasn't being literal I was speaking figuratively I was exaggerating yeah I started talking about uh and I gave an example I said if you play a game in Siberia or you play it in Kansas City or you play it in your mom's basement you got to shut out the noise of course home field matters and I said does it make sense he's just like it's like a little bit somewhat because you said home field doesn't matter and I said whoa whoa whoa I said go look up what I just said and then I explained and then we got into an argument and I'm the bad guy I'm the jerk because it's my show and I'm being the bully and he called back he called back his name is Tony he's from Boston he called an hour ago and he's here again hey Tony you're on CBS sports radio the JR sport brief show what's up yeah it still still makes sense to me you said that home field does not matter correct correct me if I'm wrong you said home field does not matter it does matter can you imagine I mean I mean I don't know I don't know the uh seat capacity at uh orchard park but can you imagine what would have happened last year when KC played Buffalo I mean it matters home field does matter just to just be a man about it and say you were wrong and I'm right home field matters home field advantage definitely matters home field matters Tony and I have said that about four or five different times since I said that the first time you called no you you said the game could be played in Siberia I don't think we're gonna play a game in Siberia I think you're you're missing you're missing a point or in your mom's basement that's what you said because you were trying to insult me like I'm calling from my mom's basement you know you don't hold on talking callers Tony Tony hold on Tony I'm not not yeah you are you said mom hold on well Tony slow down Tony I have to put you on pause she shut your paws Tony like Tony calls and he's like why are you because you allow me to speak this is a record this is the fifth pause from Tony tonight yeah be quiet for a minute Tony listen to me you you're not even understanding what I'm saying to you how about this there was no there was no inference that you were calling me from your mom's basement that that told you tells me how far out you're not understanding what I'm saying listen to me and I can only say it one more time I'm gonna try I'm listening okay thank you the point that you are not understanding my statement about home field not mattering was an exaggeration it was figurative it was painting a wide picture my example of when the whistle blows you have to you have to play in between the lines whether you are playing in yes Siberia or Atlanta or the Red Sea or your mom's basement or your grandma's backyard that's an exaggeration that's what I meant by home field not mattering I think I've watched no I know I've watched enough sports in my life to know that home field matters I was being illustrative about my point and so yes for the sixth time yes Tony I agree with you home field matters I was exaggerating this does that make sense yeah it makes sense but okay I mean but am I a jerk for calling back and saying that like my point wasn't wrong I mean like I feel like I'm being intimidated by you guys I feel like I'm being insulted by you guys like I did nothing wrong I mean I loved I loved the game so much I'm addicted to it I mean no you're not addicted can I answer your you asked me a question no I don't think you're being a jerk to be honest I don't think you understood what I said and so here we are I agreed with you you're still talking about your point being right I that's why I told you and I'm gonna tell you this and then we can we can be cool we can leave it here look up what I meant by being figurative figurative language that's it okay all right I'll look it up okay thank you Tony have a great weekend okay yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna continue to listen to your show I love your show um thank you for letting me call back yeah I wasn't disrespectful at all no and I love and I love you but I was just trying to figure out I'm like I agree with you I'm I'm just painting a massive picture I'm exaggerating and I'm like why doesn't Tony get it and I said this is how I can explain it and then you said I don't get it the home field matters and I'm like I just said that it's like hey Tony here's a here's a question do you have kids yes you do okay god bless you you have you ever when you sit down how old are your kids if you don't mind me asking eight and thirteen eight and thirteen let's let's be real here when you sit down and you have to read your kids a book you reading a book like this are you painting the biggest the most grandest of stories when you read that book yes yeah that's that's my point so when I say home field doesn't matter I'm not I'm not home field doesn't matter no I'm painting a picture I'm being illustrative I'm exaggerating and so I think we have an understanding now Tony so don't worry about it we all good right yeah we're all good can I say one more thing yeah go for it I love your show and and you you truly are the go at what you do and thank you for taking my call for the fifth time and you know yeah if there were more poor people like you in sports media I mean I would listen to sports media more often well thank you for taking my call absolutely thank you Tony I love a good night from Boston you as well see people come on now like I'm a person I got no problem with nobody I'm sitting here talking about sports like if we haven't learned you know how you know how how crazy things could be just look at everything that's taking place this week so Tony hates my guts I'm being mean I'm being a bully and he's like nah we good chef that wasn't so bad now was it no it wasn't bad at all and when you love Tony I love Tony I I'm kind of shocked he hasn't looked up the definition he's been on hold for an hour at this point but besides the point but I love Tony's a good man and you know what I did not see the parent thing coming good for him oh what that he has two yeah I didn't see that coming why he sounds like a very young man he does he doesn't sound like he's a 13 18 year old JR uh he sounds he sounds like he's 20 years old exactly there's nothing wrong with that and we mean that as a compliment Tony oh yeah I sound like I've been eating Newports for a living I don't that was nice married nah Merry Christmas is gone and it's too late to say Happy New Year what are we up to like the sixth the seventh you know you have a six seven day window for Happy New Year we we on that today aren't we so you're still in the window yeah no Happy New Year if you say Happy New Year tomorrow you're a jerk or Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday okay no taking it's the JR sport re-show here on CBS Sports Radio I love you Tony when we come back we got a lot of people on hold they they got a lot of questions they got a lot of comments we'll talk to you and then also we have to get into the Packers we have to talk about the Lions we have to talk about the Jaguars and how about this we got to talk about Vince McMahon yeah Vince McMahon he made a woman bark like a dog 20 years ago and now he wants to I guess come back to his company so we got a lot to do playoffs Jaguars Packers Lions we'll talk to you Rams Seahawks Zach Wilson Joe Flacco it's the JR sport re-show CBS Sports Radio I'm gonna get back to your calls on the other side When you need to know what's happening it's it's it's it's time to get hit in the huddle this sham with Steve Keim out there in the desert I mean it's like no accountability never my fault it's never his fault stuff just happens losses just fall from the sky it's not Cliff's fault it's not Kyler's fault it's not my fault it's not the owner's fault we just have really bad luck just hang in there and keep throwing money at us and we'll figure it out shut up listen to in the huddle available on the ozzy app or wherever you get your podcast when you need to know what's happening it's it's it's it's time to get hit in the huddle this sham with Steve Keim out there in the desert I mean it's like no accountability never my fault it's never his fault stuff just happens losses just fall from the sky it's not Cliff's fault it's not Kyler's fault it's not my fault it's not the owner's fault we just have really bad luck just hang in there and keep throwing money at us and we'll figure it out shut up listen to in the huddle available on the ozzy app or wherever you get your podcast when you need to know what's happening it's it's it's it's time to get in the huddle you're fraudulent you're not in the business of winning football games you're in the business of trying to prove your own asinine decisions correct we can talk about the ursay thing do I think the saturday thing is the biggest joke in the history of the nfl I do but at least he was going to say this ain't working for me I don't care that I just gave him extensions listen to in the huddle listen to in the huddle available on the ozzy app or wherever you get your podcast
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