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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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October 27, 2022 12:57 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sport Brief / JR

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October 27, 2022 12:57 am

JR talks about how special it is to be a Philadelphia sports fan right now

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He does a lot of talking. We had an opportunity to listen to Carl Anthony towns He's dissing his own teammates for eating Popeyes and then also We listened to Russell Wilson He wanted to let everybody know that he will be returning to the field after his leg injury hammy To play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London and good for him Yeah, Russell Wilson exercising on the plane while everybody else sleeps Yeah, I was looking at film while my teammates were asleep. By the way, I was exercising while my teammates were asleep And of course, I'm all about health and fitness I I got a quick nap before I looked at more film and and did more exercise must I remind you?

My teammates were asleep. And so yeah, we took a look at some guys who just Couldn't stop talking. I mean you want him to throw to football and hit three pointers and get buckets, but Just talking about themselves oddly enough in different contexts, right? Aaron Rodgers is just like my teammates are not good enough Carl Anthony towns is saying my star teammate is is a fat ass. He's out eating Popeyes And then Russell Wilson is is it's not that he's saying anything negative about his teammates.

He's not he's just Cuz he's trying to elevate himself and show everybody how great of a teammate he is and then for the next four hours Well, let's see it a whole thing. What did he do on the on a plane ride? I Don't really get jet lag too often, you know, I don't I don't really You know, I've traveled enough to get you know, kind of get my system down. But yeah for me I was on the plane first two hours.

I was first two hours by it was eight hours flight here That's the first two hours. I was watching the film get watching all the cutups and everything else and then for the next four hours I was doing treatment on the plane. I was walking up and down the aisles. Everybody was knocked out I was doing high knees and work. I'm working on my legs and everything else, you know, make sure I'm ready to rock So that was good. And then the last two hours of the last hour of that I watched I fell asleep for one hour And I watched the film the rest. Oh man, okay What are you what are you doing on the plane?

Not him You know on his team You know on his teammates. You want to go? What are you doing? Sit your ass down? You get some rest I Don't know easy such a teacher's pet who are you trying to impress man, who? My goodness I feel great.

I'm ready to ready to roll. I'm sure you is Next hour an hour from now, I should say I'm gonna bring you a new top six list as I do every Wednesday night And we're gonna take a look at some NFL coaches who deserve love. They deserve to be given a pat on the back It's not Russell Wilson's coach not Nathaniel Hackett because he He sucks. He might get fired. He might get fired after the game. He might he might have to get a commercial flight back from London to Denver We'll see At the same time I do eventually want to show love to a team that's performing very well Philadelphia Eagles give me a lot of great football Between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Broncos Between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Broncos It'll probably be a good game.

I expect it to be a good game These are two teams out of two and five It's not like they're taking on the the Buffalo Bills who will or probably annihilate the Green Bay Packers something that Aaron Rodgers said is what everyone expects to happen, but it's a It's a good opportunity for them to Maybe tie things together and prove people wrong. Sure Sure Eight five five two one two four CVS Todd is calling from Green Bay Hey Todd you're live Hey So I want to defend their Rogers because that is it his receivers Are not good. Let's just face it he had a great receiver one of the best and You know, they decided he decided to leave and they meaning good accounts could not replace him Sat on his hand. He's still sitting on his hand There's a deadline coming He does not pull the trigger on a receiver for whatever price It's his But it's not Aaron Rodgers Rodgers is crying right now because he needs help Well, I think I think we all know that he he needs help I think we all know that for quite a few years the Green Bay Packers have they've legitimately faced Criticism as to who they've brought in to help him offensively But in the case of Aaron Rodgers, he hasn't necessarily helped his own cause when it comes down to the talent who is there or maybe even I'd venture to say the talent that left and Devontae Adams when you kind of are coming and going when you make every off-season I was gonna use the word dramedy like it's Hollywood But when you make every offseason a drama and a comedy, I can't I can't blame Devontae Adams for wanting to leave He really had to correct himself Devontae Adams did earlier this offseason When referencing the move to Derek Carr from Rodgers, but when you go from one Hall of Famer to another Oh, yeah. Well, I'm Derek Carr has the potential to be halt.

Look, we know Aaron Rodgers is good. I would think one of the reasons he left a is because of age and Secondly, you know, what the hell this man was gonna do Is he going is he coming? Is he staying is he leaving? Is he retiring? Is he going into the mountains? Is he going on a cleanse?

Like we don't know and despite all of that. He's the one that wants to criticize people I think he's justified in saying oh, I need or want better teammates or let's run a different cycle of receiver Receivers out there so we can see what they got all Justifiable Not justifiable when you're part of the problem Greg Jennings He was on FS1 This is what he had to say about Rodgers running his yeah Aaron you can't do this now you you you can't sit on a form like the Pat McAfee show and I love Pat Pat Doing an unbelievable job. Mm-hmm, but you can't just vent about everything that's wrong in the locker room on the field and not talk about Your lack of production Like you have to go out front before you pull everybody out in front of you to guard what your your Performance has looked like he hasn't been I would not have a problem If he's calling out his teammates and he's been playing lights out, right? But he has not no and that's the part that rubs people the wrong way It's like you can't act as though you your your game has just been last year MVP level No, it hasn't special if you want to take a look at the playoffs Dan is calling from Wisconsin. You're on CBS Sports Radio the JR Sport Brief show Thanks a lot for taking my call I agree with a lot of things that you've been saying about Aaron Rodgers The last caller was right to from the very first play the very first offensive series Their first their second round pick receiver drops one laid in his hand He has no receivers that catch and hang on the ball and I I kind of don't Like how Rodgers is talking to his players But here's another thing bocciari his best friend and hasn't been down the field for two years He's the highest paid tackle in football and the sad thing about the whole deal the sad thing How many teams would love to have two quarterbacks like fire in Rodgers and only have two Super Bowls to show for it? Yeah, yeah, it's unbelievable. It's not respectful. Let's pack your fans are getting tired of it We can't waste it every year, but it gets first round by we got the whole field advantage And we do we craft the bat, you know, yeah, it's everybody's got their hands on to this there Rogers You can't give your quarterback all the money inspects have money to go around for everyone else.

It just doesn't work that way Sure, and and and what is actually worse? It's three more years of this or excuse me two more two months Man, he's calling from Flushing. You're on CBS Sports radio. What's up? How you doing, bro? Excellent.

Go ahead I'm good man. You know Eric Rodgers to me. I mean he he's not he's not a leader. I mean Take I mean it's the first time we've gone out of TV.

I usually call during the pre-season. He actually stories in one of the bus and And it's not a good look. I mean, yes, you know his team is still on the blade. Don't you follow the problem? Because you really think about the last few years He's been always like complicated retirement and all of a sudden he came back and now he's throwing shot in the team That's one of the reasons why that the Monty item left because he felt like I can't you know If these things I mean because he can fall you can give me even when he's above everything and that's you know If I were a team of Aaron Rodgers, I should be like, come on, man I mean, why you gotta take shots at us? How come you're not taking your yourself? Well, I think and thank you Manny for calling from Flushing You can't Run around.

Well, I give you I give you one of my favorite cartoons peanuts Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I I think everybody knows pick pen This man walked around or he wasn't a man. He was a boy. He was a child Pick pen moved around with a cloud of dust Pick pen needed to be hosed down Pick pen, I will assume smelled terrible You can't be pick pen and and Be upset with everybody else When you're the one who stinks You can't you you gotta look at yourself and what you're doing before you openly want to criticize other people Nobody wants to play football with me or the people who want to play football with me are not good enough Well, why are you always causing an issue or a problem? He's just like an old curmudgeon Aaron Rodgers like the dude who sits on the front of the stoop and Complains that all the young people playing ball up and down the block He wasn't always like this There was a point in time where I don't remember Aaron Rodgers saying anything He just went out and played football. He led the Packers to victories every now and then he looked miserable He wasn't always like this and man, what is he gonna be on the way out the door?

Just miserable. I Don't know if there's another Super Bowl in in his in his future, I don't think so You can never predict what the future will look like, but I wouldn't assume so he's running out of time It's been there in over a decade Yes, and it doesn't help that he's older. He's about to be 39 years old The team isn't constructed to win a Super Bowl.

I Don't know what changes they can make for next year It's a tough one man. He's just gonna go out and be old. I Guess we're in the era right now of old quarterbacks on their way out the door Aaron Rodgers my guys suck Tom Brady Unfortunately, this man is dealing with all types of personal issues on his way out and Matt Ryan We talked about him last night He just got benched and he spoke to the media today and and Matt Ryan is just oh, yeah I was shocked.

I was surprised But I'm gonna do my best to help my guys out and and what leg does he have to stand on? He's on a new team. He knows his time is basically up He got everything he would have ever wanted from the Falcons and then they said uh We're gonna try to get Deshaun As a matter of fact, this is what Matt Ryan had to say earlier today about being demoted Yeah, I love saying, you know, he's he's been awesome from the minute I got here and so I just told him you know, anyway, I can help you let me know and You know as a player you gotta go out there and you gotta cut it loose and Go play your game It's different from everybody's, you know individual game is different. So go play yours and he'll do a good job for us If Matt Ryan took the Aaron Rodgers approach to being benched he'd say well my offensive line sucks The running game that I was supposed to have I don't have and how about y'all fix things around me? And I wouldn't fumble the ball and turn it over so often Everybody wants to point the finger at the other guy instead of looking in the mirror Josh it Do you know there's only four guys in the NFL right now that have over 2,000 yards Matt Ryan is one of them Do you know the other three? What 2,000 yards?

Yes passing off the top my head. I'd probably say Josh Allen He's actually Josh Allen's 20 yards shy, but I'll give you that but okay the other three Mahomes Mahomes is one. Yes Justin Herbert sure and then Joe burrow now I understand that a lot of the Colts games are indicative of Matt Ryan having to play from behind So those stats are a little patted in that regard, but Matt Ryan is not the problem for the coles Oh, he's not the problem and he has every right to say I am J. I don't know how you feel about this He's a Hall of Fame quarterback. I'm not saying he's all century But he will eventually be in Canton and he is every right to say this is a this is a bull jive move This is amateur hour and here he is taking the high road and yet. It's Aaron Rodgers that thinks he His stuff doesn't stink and you know what the expression I want to use in that particular regard well go ahead say let's see What happens?

Well, no, I'm not gonna do that to you. It's not fair to your show, but I would just say his number two Don't stink Okay, I agree. I agree with you So I said if this was Aaron Rodgers, he'd be pointing a finger at everybody else And Matt Ryan, yeah, he does have he does have reason to complain, but here's the difference Matt Ryan at this stage of his career He's not at the same talent level.

No, it never has been honestly of Aaron Rodgers And so when you sit at the top of the heap and yeah, he has an MVP award a MVP award When you sit at the top? You're one of the best People tell you you're still one of the best and you just get 50 million dollars You're in a totally different position Than the guy at the end of his robe who was just given the boot from his old team and then was traded But you you are correct that Matt Ryan has always carried himself with class just just all the way through I would say that Aaron Rodgers could certainly learn a Thing or two, but just go ahead and talk to mr. BC right there It's the JR sport re-show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS I do want to show love to a team that is having some success that happens to be the Philadelphia Eagles And they didn't just rest on their laurels ahead of the trade deadline. They cited they decided to bring in some defensive help I'll take your calls. We'll talk about that I'll bring you a top six list at the top of the hour We got a lot to do. It's the JR sport brief show on CBS Sports Radio You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS Sports Radio First off I just want to say mad respect for your show.

You always got a lot of good points. I agree with all things You say I just want to say I love your show me and my grandpa listen to it every night I needed it a JR fix tonight I'm glad you're on calling now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS I mean with all the NFL talk I'm still saying to myself. Well, the world series is two days away The what? Oh man, that's not nice shop They did it themselves they shouldn't be waiting this long Well, you know in in Philadelphia. I heard that the tickets the average price of a ticket was I think about thirty two hundred bucks that's the second highest since the Cubs went to the World Series and There's people interested people want to see if the Astros can go out there and do it without banging on garbage cans and and and we know that the last Phillies appearance was 2009 against the Yankees and they lost that one. There was no expectation for these Phillies to even be here and it's You got to give the people in Philly credit They got two teams that they can really kind of enjoy right now You got the Eagles who are six or no You got the Phillies getting ready to go out there and compete against the Astros I think most of the country will probably root for the Phillies, especially given the Astros cheating scandal with the cans, etc in 2017 and it's also pretty funny, you know Their quarterback Jalen hurts who's having an amazing season.

He has improved as a passer He's still one of the top rushing quarterbacks in the game He has a new big gigantic wide receiver to throw to an AJ Brown. They just brought in Robert Quinn It's good Jalen hurts is from Houston, Texas Jalen hurts is also the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles And so he was having fun at the press conference today as he wore his Astros gear while obviously being the starting quarterback for the Eagles This is what Jalen hurts had to say about dealing with the Astros and Phillies series. I'm Houston born and raised I love my city and I'm you know, that's my hometown, but my home now is Philly, you know, and I love this city, too That's how I deal with it. Okay We know he's rooting for the Astros. He had on Astros gear the whole way and and if you're a fan in Philly, man, you can't You can't care. What does it matter to you?

What does it matter? You know, we're gonna boo him. No You look Eagles are gonna take on Pittsburgh a little Pennsylvania rivalry there Eastside versus West And nobody will care as long as he's winning out on the football field. That's all that matters That's all that matters and and ironically as I mentioned to you that how can you be bothered with the guy being an Astros fan? There were so many comments I read today about Aaron judge being booed by his own fans in the playoffs Just anonymous agents and players saying oh my god I I can't believe that our own fans booed Aaron judge and an Aaron judge should leave I saw Jake Arietta actually had a comment. Just like oh Aaron judge.

I would leave and tell the fans f you It's a wild world that we live in You have someone have one of the best seasons ever in baseball It wouldn't even be in the postseason without him And then you get there and he stinks and now you're gonna boo him Here today gone tomorrow, what have you done for me lately? People are absolutely nuts out here Congrats to the Phillies though and congrats to the Eagles Good for all of them 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS Chris is calling from Appleton, Wisconsin. You're on the JR Sport Brief Show Hey JR nice speaking to you.

Finally. I'm actually from England, but I love your show your combination with chef is just unbelievable Anyway, that said Talking about Aaron Rodgers, you always talk about leadership and in this guy's terms I don't think he understands what leadership should be you get a contract for 50 million dollars Now you're crying about your Rookies not being able to catch the ball and everything. Well, if you had stayed behind and acted like a leader and Showed people what leadership is all about Perhaps you could have taken those young rookies during the OTAs and Etas and everything and you know lead by example and then probably you're not crying today The difference between Brady and Rodgers is that Brady is always a good player And Rodgers is that Brady is always and has always sacrificed himself for the benefit of the team That's all I have to say and thanks once again for taking my call. Well, thank you Chris for calling from Appleton Thank you so much.

Also for calling. He's originally from London. He said god bless him you know something else and And I can make fun and other people can make fun and we can joke at the expense of Tom Brady Not not in regards his personal issues Throwing tablets and having fits and yelling at his offensive line the other day as Decorated as he is as successful as he's been His teammates for the most part They embrace him Every story that I've ever heard Every former Patriot and current Patriot that I've ever spoken to everybody talks about Tom Brady how he just He fits in in the locker room It's cuz he's not separating himself. He's not operating from a holier than thou perspective We know who you we we know who you are We know what you've accomplished and Tom Brady isn't rolling around on you know being fed grapes On the way to the locker room Being fanned. No, he's kind of with the group These comments that continue to be made by Aaron Rodgers, he separates himself from the group Ryan is here from Wisconsin. You're on CBS Sports radio Hello Go ahead Ryan. Yeah calling about Aaron Rodgers. Uh, I Just got three words Marquez Valdez gambling Uh Rodgers complained about him as a receiver when he was with Green Bay Now he's at Kansas City and he's doing just fine you know, I think you know Rodgers isn't a leader it never has been and I've never been able to say my opinion being in Wisconsin, but yeah, I don't think he's as good as he thinks he is That's for sure.

Okay. Thank you Ryan for calling from Wisconsin. We actually Spoke to Valdez scantling last season. He joined us here on the show and He was he was praising Aaron Rodgers he was doing what a teammate typically would and you could say oh, he's trying to suck up to the guy He was actually he was actually showing him love For the criticism that that that he would be on the other receiving end of He was showing him love You know what people think about him, right?

8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Let's go to San Diego and talk to Roxy You're on the JR sport. We shall go ahead Roxy. Hi. How are you? I'm amazing.

What's up? okay, I just wanted to tell you first you have a very soothing a very pleasant voice to listen to and Your boy Shep there. He was filling in on some show one time and I called I think it was about that how teeth debacle thing, but he was very very sweet to me. Oh, he's a sweet guy He's absolutely amazing Absolutely.

He absolutely is. Okay, so, um full disclosure. I am NOT a football person at all I don't know much about football. I've learned a few things this year and I do have a football question for you Yes But the things I just seems like There's a lot of really silly things going on and the things I've learned this year is like There's American teams playing football not in America in England Yes, and I guess like if you're Tom Brady, if you're a little bit of eye candy, you get to choose how you get tackled Okay Well reasonable you have a you have a quite a few you got quite a few points here What what can I what can I answer Roxy? Answer. Okay, the latest thing I've heard is that referees cannot ask a player for an autograph, correct? Yes, that is accurate and and why is that?

Could you tell me that so? You understand that betting is a huge part of a professional sport and for sent well not for centuries but for decades for more than a century now since people have been playing Organized sports and so what you don't want is outside influence You don't want referees to you know have favor with players and vice versa If I'm a play if I'm a player and I'm giving you referee acts and autograph Now referee acts is now he loves you because he can make money off of you Then you may not necessarily get the same call in the next game And so it it's it's a conflict of interest you want the referees to be impartial you don't want them to show favoritism and you would want to eliminate anything that would lead to that or even invite the thought of an Official now being influenced by an outside entity like a criminal Got it. Okay. So with all that being said, my actual question is what if you can't ask for an autograph Why is it okay to like go and throw out and exchange phone numbers and golf tips and make plans to golf together or whatever?

That seems a bit chummy Sorry, well That that that's a good point. What was explained and this is where it's I guess this is up for individual interpretation as to every person listening He went to the same college Mike Evans Actually said the referee is a good person. He said he is a human being like I am a human being I was literally giving him my phone number so he could share it with a golf instructor That was that the NFL says they investigated it and that was it I think it'd be a totally different situation if Mike Evans said yes I gave him my number so we could go golfing tomorrow because we went to the same college But there's certain elements in sports in a general sense that you can't avoid I give you a different example. So Are you a basketball fan? No, I'm not a sports fan at all.

Okay compliment to you that I'm listening to your show Well, thank you. Well, let me explain Well, I understand and I know the Padres unfortunately not there Here's the deal the New York Knicks have been a mediocre franchise for the better part of almost 20 years now The key position that they've been looking to bring someone in is the point guard who's basically the quarterback of the offense And so they finally had an opportunity to bring someone in his name is Jalen Brunson, okay, his dad Rick used to play for the New York Knicks a long time ago His dad also worked with the Knicks current coach And so knowing that the New York Knicks wanted to bring in Jalen Brunson sign him away from a different team The Dallas Mavericks it was only a couple of weeks a couple of months before free agency Where the New York Knicks hired his dad to be an assistant head coach They brought him into the organization what happens his son automatically goes to the New York Knicks Now they are people who go. Whoa, wait a minute It's tampering.

You can't do that. The New York Knicks try to skirt the system by bringing in his dad Well at what point do you go? Well, it's his dad What is he supposed to do not not speak to his dad not talk to his dad? And so yeah, sure, that's a little bit of an extreme example of what you mentioned with Mike Evans, but the fact is Yeah, what are we gonna do tell people not to to be cordial? Yeah, he's a referee I don't think he's going to his house and I don't think you know, he's picking up his kids and things like that So it's a tricky world for me personally. I Mentioned this last night.

I think it's much to do about nothing You know if if the referee is now not blowing the whistle or he's giving Oh, Anthony Davis back hurts. Anyway, Roxy, I digress you get my point, right? I do.

I do Thank you. Okay. I didn't really just understand why you can't ask for autograph, but you can exchange phone numbers. Yeah Separation a church and state he didn't necessarily Exchange his number you said he was passing it on to somebody but thank you Roxy. I appreciate you one more quick quick question Then this might sound a bit naive too, but I'm quick since I've been listening to these shows and stuff I've heard about a football player hunter Renfro Yes, is that the same hunter Renfro that played baseball or played baseball?

No, hunter hunter Renfro hunter Renfro went from Clemson to the Raiders. No different guy Okay Okay, I'll give you. All right.

And thank you Roxy. Okay. Okay.

I'm not gonna move for the Phillies either. Oh Okay, I understand they just knocked your team out. Good luck next year when Tatis isn't on drugs.

Okay? Okay, thank you or maybe when he's not getting dirty haircut, so whatever the hell you want to believe It's the JR Sport Brief show here with you on CBS Sports radio We got a top six list coming at the top of the hour. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports radio If on CBS Sports radio god bless you Jr. I'm a huge follower Supporter and listener of your show been it mind you for years.

I'll follow you on Twitter It's an honor to be able to talk to you, man You're listening to the JR Sport Brief call in now at eight five five two one two four CBS Well, I'm thrilled that you listen it is no show without you the listeners to people who participate the people who enjoy and People who are here So thank you very much at the top of the hour if you've been following me listening to me for years even before My time on CBS Sports radio even on YouTube. I would always deliver a weekly top six list I've been able to take that from YouTube to here on CBS Sports radio And so at the top of the hour a new top six list of NFL coaches who deserve a lot of love So far to start this 2022 NFL season we've heard about some coaches who are on the hot seat Someone like Nathaniel Hackett, but we're gonna go the opposite end. We're gonna look at some coaches who They deserve a pat on the back for what they've been able to accomplish so far this season and speaking of a pat on the back Or at least words of reassurance We mentioned the Phillies and the Astros getting ready to you know, play in the world series starting on Friday Today we learn at the New York Yankees.

No shock expected this to happen. They are not moving on from Aaron Boone He's under contract How Steinbrenner owner of the New York Yankees made it clear that they plan on bringing back Aaron Boone He thinks he's a good manager for the same reasons that they gave him a contract extension last year I would think the the same would hold true for Brian Cashman who many Yankees fans are are sick of Say, hey, you got the Steinbrenner's money, but you don't deliver a championship something that the Yankees haven't had since 2009 855 2124 CBS. Let's go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania shoutouts to everybody listening on the fan Ozzie you on the J.R.

Sport Brief show Well, Jr. I'm a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, but I'm also a Philadelphia fan if I love both teams and I want to start off by saying with the Phillies they play with heart and that's what it takes to win a world series I predict they will win a world series this year, even though there are underdog 180 to 100 and I don't see anybody Stopping the Philadelphia Eagles from going to the Super Bowl. So I'm rooting for Philly to win the World Series and to win the Super Bowl because that's that he deserves A break and it deserves to be a champion.

So let me ask you this. Are you are you spending? $3,200 for a World Series ticket.

I'm not going to spend $3,200 got can't afford if I had the money I would go. Oh, wow, but if the Philly if Phillies go to the Super Bowl, I will find the way to go So, I mean, I just I just think they're you know I'm from PA and like people say how can you be a Steeler fan in a Philly fan? No, I like their football team.

I like their baseball team. So I mean, I'm but I guess I'm a Unique unique individual, but there's no one's gonna beat the Eagles They're they're definitely going to the Super Bowl and I'm number one in my fantasy league I got hurt so I got brown and they just been tearing up for me So I'm gonna sit back and let's see you have a wonderful night. Go Philly. Okay Thank you so much Ozzy from Pittsburgh who roots for the Philly teams amazing and he's not you know line I wouldn't be surprised and kudos to the Eagles. They're not resting on their laurels You got Graham on one side and now you've added Robert Quinn and Robert Quinn doesn't get talked about a lot Maybe it's because he just recently played for the Bears But last year he had 18 and a half sacks this year.

He only has one. I don't think he fell off I think we can expect that production to increase now that he'll actually be on a good team I mean the defense for the Eagles is already one of the tops in the league They have some of the best defensive backs in the league. It's still kind of crazy to me how they have James Bradbury Basically because the New York Giants couldn't afford him and the offense is still just Slaughtering folks on the ground and then you have the improvement of Jill and Hertz as a passer The Eagles are are consistent to say the least and I think they've arrived at this point You know faster than anyone really realistically would have expected a Tyler's calling from Seattle. You're on the JR Sport Brief Shop Hello, yep, you're live Tyler going ahead. Hey, hey, thanks for taking my call. Jr. No problem I just I just wanted to you know, get back to a little bit of the Russell Wilson stuff Oh I don't know where the hell he went, but he disappeared. Maybe Russell Wilson intercepted his call Johnny's calling from, Ohio. You're on CBS Sports Radio sub Johnny Man, how you doing tonight? I'm good.

What's going on? Yeah, I'm just watching the Lakers game right now I don't know if you are but I mean my god the bra needs to lay it down Stop chasing Kareem. I mean they're terrible. I mean if anyone can Say to me that okay, he's still doing fine. He's not doing fine LeBron is over. It's time to retire your team sucks LeBron is not well, hold on LeBron is not doing fine. So he's he's having a bad game Tonight a bad game a bad year They the season just started they've only played three games and in the three games that they play LeBron James Game, this is the fourth game.

This is the fourth the three games that they played as an ED past Tense, you know what that means, right? Do you well, I guess not LeBron James has still been out there and played out of his mind Especially for do you find out of your mind? you know what when you when you're a basketball out of your mind when you're a basketball player and You can just wake up and drop almost thirty eight and eight.

That's out of your mind So that's what he's done this season. I'm gonna check the stats in three. Well, you know, you go check the stats You should check the stats before you call me up sheesh How many other guys are doing that what Luca Doncic? You tell me LeBron James needs to hang it up because he only has nine Points tonight.

Well, where were you the other games? Yeah games plural three The only three that they played ED past tense Tell me LeBron James sucks When he's played 50 games or the Lakers have played 50 games when LeBron is missed I don't know 30 of them and he's only averaging. I don't know nine points and six rebounds and five assists Not in three games when I watched the guy and he's like, oh, yeah, here's here's 28 points. Here's 31 points Well, here's eight rebounds. Here's nine assists No, that's a guy who's not slowing down Does the team suck around him? Yes Is he doing or saying the right things all the time? No, he's not But to call me and say LeBron James is washed up.

He needs to go away Come up with something better to do or at least check the numbers before you talk to me The guy didn't sound too bright. Anyway, it's the JR Sport We show on CBS Sports radio a new top six list on the other side of the break Without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running everything would suddenly stop Hospitals factories schools and power plants. They all depend on you. No matter the weather emergency or time of day You're the ones who get it done at Granger We're here for you 24-7 with supplies and solutions for every industry and access to product specialists ready to help call click Granger calm Or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done Without the ones like you who work tirelessly to keep things running everything would suddenly stop Hospitals factories schools and power plants. They all depend on you no matter the weather Emergency or time of day. You're the ones who get it done at Granger We're here for you 24-7 with supplies and solutions for every industry and access to product specialists ready to help call click Granger calm Or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done You're the one who protects the flock and that requires an eye for detail because when safety and well-being are on the line It's the details that can save lives even when no one else is watching you see everything Granger gets you and we're here for you and all the ones who get it done with a wide range of safety Products and solutions plus board certified safety consultants here to answer your questions Call click Granger calm or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done
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