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Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb are no-shows

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April 15, 2024 3:13 pm

Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb are no-shows

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 15, 2024 3:13 pm

Rich reacts to Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lambs absence from the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys’ offseason programs, to the Philadelphia Eagles paying WR Devonta Smith, and discusses the chances the New York Giants will draft a QB this year to replace Daniel Jones as the team’s long-term quarterback.

Actor Henry Cavill joins Rich in-studio to discuss the good fun had by all making the new ‘The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’ Guy Ritchie movie, the possibility of becoming the next 007 James Bond, and his unlikely Kansas City Chiefs fandom. 

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Find out how to bring your ideas to life at slash welcome to now. It's become replaceable because there's so many great ones because that's where all the great athletes in the sport are gravitating because of the passing game. Earlier on the show, ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan, NFL film senior producer Greg Cosell. Coming up, actor Henry Cavill. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air.

Greg Cosell of NFL films broke down every top quarterback prospect available in this year's draft. He had a great overreaction Monday as well last hour. If you missed it, we're going to re-air after this hour.

That also includes a fun chat with Jeff Passan of ESPN about his reaction to Shoay Ohtani's interpreter now having all of us know just how deep of a gambling problem he has or maybe still has or had. And if you missed any of that, again, we re-air after this hour, which should go quickly because Henry Cavill's on it. And we haven't spoken to him since he was coming in, I think, to promote The Witcher and then also the Mission Impossible film he was in. And this new movie that he is in called The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare that's in theaters near you this very Friday is fantastic. I have seen it. It is a mix of The Dirty Dozen and Inglourious Basterds and it's the latest Guy Ritchie movie so you know it moves and it's got a pulse to it and a serious pulse to it. It's awesome. Henry Cavill's in it.

So is Alan Richten's in it. And I'll ask them about their workout routines. Because I'm running my 40-yard dash soon for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and of course everyone should donate to slash runrichrun and over the next couple weeks leading up to the draft you'll hear quite a bit about that from me into this microphone.

844-204-rich is the number to dial here on the program. Chris Brockman, Mike Del Tufo in their spot, TJ Jefferson in his spot. It is Tax Day. Is that really something to celebrate?

No, very much no. Tax Day. It's the worst day of the year. Unless you're an NFL fan.

Today's a great day. Because? It's an off-season workout program. So it's not mandatory to appear. Unlike your taxes? It's not mandatory. That's mandatory. The question on days like this get asked of a lot of players because we haven't spoken to them in a while and they sit there in front of a microphone and we ask questions about narratives and things that happen in free agency, things that might happen in the draft. And then we get our answers.

Whether they're satisfactory or not is really up to you. But then there's also the individuals who are not there. And the individuals who are not there are frequently players who want a new contract and haven't gotten it yet and have expected it and still don't have it. For instance, you know, he's not at the Minnesota Vikings off-season workout program.

My cousin? His name is Justin Jefferson. He's not there. We asked him at the Super Bowl, which as you know is early February. Here it is mid-April. April 15th.

Ides of April, which is definitely a Shakespeare workshop, that one. And so, back in the day. And so we asked him, where's the bag? Where's the bag?

How large is the bag? We said, we have a bag. It's just, you know, just got some goodies in it.

It's like a Roku stick is in it. He appreciates it. You know, he did.

He seemed to appreciate it. But it's not nearly worth the actual retail value is what he's looking to get from the Minnesota Vikings. Nor will we profit to ever give it to him. But he's still looking for it. You know, he's also looking for it.

CD Lamb's looking for it. So there's that. He's not there today. He's getting his money. We all know this. Jerry pays the guys he wants to pay. CD's gonna get his money.

No, I know. We know he's gonna get it. He's gotta get it. I mean, you gotta give him the bag before the season. The all-in that we're talking about. That was accounted for when he said all-in.

The all-in that we're talking about. They have to give him his bag. Yes. I mean, don't they? And I gotta ask.

I think so. Pay that man his money. Because they've only given out the bag or part of their bag to five individuals in 2024. Are we going to Timpani?

No, I mean, seriously. And that's part of the reason why I thought they would redo DAC is to have more space to give the bag to this guy. Because you're gonna have to give the bag to DAC. You're gonna have to give the bag to CD.

You're gonna have to give the bag to Micah. That's it. We know it. That's what happens when you draft well and you succeed with them. That's what happens.

You got to pay them. And that's what, you know, and that's what you do with Cap Space. If you're a winning organization is you pay your own because not only does it reward those who have done well for you, but it shows everyone in the locker room you do well for us.

And this is how we handle our business for you. So I do believe this has got to happen. The only question is, what does it mean for the rest of the team? And how many others are they going to take care of in their all-in season where they're just going to go all-in with the current roster and not give any more extensions? And not going to give anybody more Jones Metroplex runway because they want to see them do it this year. Is it at all possible that they can pull that off with CD Lamb and get him on the field this year without giving him the bag?

Well, as of April 15th, the answer to that question is no. He's not showing up. And we will see how that plays out.

We will see how the Dallas Cowboys draft in 10 days, because that's a pretty damn big draft for them, because that's the only way they're supplementing this roster. Unless you include the free agency tracker. Yeah, this is my favorite. There you go, Mike. All right.

Now I need the timpani. There it is. It still is just five.

There you go. Eric Kendrick's new to the program. Everyone else has been resigned from a long snapper to currently only running back. Rico Dowdle, along with, I'm sorry, Deuce Vaughn is there as well. There is last five. And the grand total is five. If you look at the tote board, Jones, the Jerry tote board. So there's that in the Metro flex. Do you Japano Jones is just playing you guys like like like a puppet.

OK. By the way, for your sake, I hope so. And for all our sakes that want to see the Dallas Cowboys. Oh, there ain't a lot of fun. And so now we all want to see him front and center, brother. We want to see his fails. I don't.

I would I would love to have you. Seriously. Honestly.

Yeah. In terms of somebody who talks about it every Sunday on NFL Game Day morning and every day here, it would be nice to have Dallas make an NFC championship game. It would switch it up as opposed to the usual like, oh, here they go again.

And how about them Cowboys? Ha ha ha. Like, it would be great to just switch it up. And plus, it would unlock a version of me that you've never seen.

I would love to see it. I'm telling you, that guy's fun. Speaking on behalf of all Michigan Wolverine fans was great to switch it up. Yeah.

Yeah. I was on your side, remember? No, you weren't.

It was marvelous. No, I was the one who told you to start saying it with your chest. You did.

Thank you. I was on your side. And by the way, I don't like the Buckeyes.

In that regard to Ty Law, Steve Hutchinson and the rest of the University of Michigan Wolverines, Charles Woodson, who were in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I'm going to need your help at the jacket dinner this August because I'm going to need security and a solid exit strategy after I take the microphone in there. At any rate, you know who's not looking for the bag?

Devante Smith's not looking for the bag because he had it placed in front of him by Howie Roseman via Jeff Lurie. They picked up his fifth year option and added a three year deal on top of it. Seventy five million with fifty one million guaranteed. And I will say this.

I will say this. The Eagles always pay their guys early. They always extend them early.

They always get in before things get more and more expensive. They did it for Carson Wentz. And when that didn't work out because they did get in early, they got out from under it. They got out from under it and they drafted Jalen Hurts and then they paid him early before things get even crazier. That they do that all the time and then deal with the ramifications if they pay somebody too early. I think they do it right.

I love the way that they do it. And it's it's it's also what they do is let's get Saquon Barkley. Let's pay him. Let's get AJ Brown from somebody else. Let's pay him.

And then when it's time to pay our own, we'll have the room to do that as well. And we'll just keep on matriculating the ball down the field. And one last thing. Do you remember when Devante Smith on draft night was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles? We were all talking about him being too small. Right. Heisman Trophy winner. He's going to get his ass kicked in the next level. Slight build. That was a big knock.

How about that? He's got the C on his chest and now he's got the money in the bank. Great player, man. And the Eagles use him well. Eagles use him well.

And, you know, Philadelphia just keeps on keeping on. And I can't wait to see what they do in the draft as well. I imagine they're going to hit the hell out of their line of scrimmage on either side, because that's what they usually do, certainly in the front seven. Back end. I think they need some back end to the defense help to everybody does anyway.

That's not going out on a very, very long limb, but nicely done there. Meanwhile, at the turnpike where Saquon Barkley used to reside. And because they franchise tagged him and couldn't get a long term deal done with him at this point last year. They went ahead and made a long term deal with Daniel Jones instead. And I think. You know, if they could wave a wand and change the order of that, where they signed Saquon Barkley to a long term deal that they're comfortable with and franchise tag Daniel Jones.

That might have been a better way to go about it. I don't know, because you talk to any you know, you hear from Brian Dable and Joe Shane, the coach and general manager of the team. They believe in Daniel Jones again. I came back from the combine having heard a rumor and I don't usually rumor monger and not a rumor monger. That's Schefter.

That's the Michigan man there. And for those who think that I'm taking a shot at my great friend, it's a long joke that goes back to NFL Network history, as a matter of fact. So long story short, though, I came back and I heard from the combine that the Giants really don't. See, Daniel Jones is a long term future and they're kind of done with them and they're going to go into this draft and hit a quarterback. Could I be wrong?

Absolutely. Was I right about you coming that Caleb Williams is a done deal for the Bears? Was I right about the Dallas Cowboys terminology of all in was kind of different than what you thought. And they're going to make that play out his contract at this point. That looks pretty Nostradamus like Jayden Daniels being the 100 percent number two.

That's up in the air. And I was off on hearing that a plan B for the Vikings should cause Cousins leave would be Trey Lance. Wrong about that turned out to be Sam Darnold. Another number three overall pick from a previous draft.

So I could be off. Daniel Jones was at the Giants facility today. Oh, and we don't know if he's going to be ready for the season. I don't think he will be.

He's coming off a knee injury, a neck injury that apparently isn't an issue. And which somebody are we going with first here, Mike Hoskins? What are we going with is asked about his thoughts about what happens if the Giants draft a quarterback. As you know, their sixth overall. There's a rumor that they might be knocking on the door of the Patriots. See if they'll swap spots. So they get Drake may or Jayden Daniels, whoever is available there, depending on their liking. This is what Daniel Jones had to say about that. How would you feel if the Giants use their first round pick on a quarterback?

And have they looped you in at all to the possibility that they might do that and, you know, bring in a challenger for your job? Yeah, I mean, you know, my focus is is what I'm doing here with my with my rehab. You know, kind of the same thing with Saquon. It's, you know, the nature of our of our business.

It's a competitive league. So, you know, the best way to handle that, I think, is to focus on on what I'm doing. Focus on myself and making sure that I'm, you know, one healthy and then ready to play good football. So, you know, that's what I can control.

That's what what I can do to to help myself. Let me translate. He wouldn't like it. Would you like it with the guy who's questioning that?

Like, you know, hey, we're bringing in another reporter who's who's a really good beat writer. No one wants that. Get out of here.

Of course, he doesn't want that. But that's true. One way to battle through that would be to because whoever they draft, they'll probably have to sit.

Right. That's why they went ahead and, you know, got Drew Locke. He's going to start week one if Daniel Jones isn't ready. And at some point, Daniel Jones will be back ready and they're paying him a ton of money. They'll play him and they'll have his chance to show everybody shouldn't have drafted the quarterback.

Should he drafted a weapon for me? Which they could do. I mean, Malik Naber is six. If the quarterback they want isn't there, if they sit and they pick and stay.

They should definitely do that. OK, so so that's a good answer. Not an answer.

Of course, he doesn't want somebody there. Especially since I believe he's kind of hearing what I heard at the combine. That the face forward conversation from the GM and the coach is a vote of no confidence.

So what was the second sound bite again now? We got one. Oh, as if he's the best quarterback option for the Giants. Oh, boy. Check it out.

You're healthy. You know, this summer in training camp, which you hope to be and going on into the season, you feel you're the best quarterback that the Giants can have to start their season with. I do. Yes.

Wow. Do you feel Chris, do you feel you're the best person for the role that you have on the Rich Eisen show? Yes. OK. T.J. Jefferson, do you feel you're the best person for the role that you have on the Rich Eisen show? I mean, who better than me? I don't need to ask you. You already know Mike's answer. Are you the best?

Hold on a second. Are you? This is the way to ask you. Mike Del Tufu, are you the best person for any role that you think you need to play in life for anything?

Name anything in your life. Are you the best at it? No, there's better.

Oh, my God. But this guy don't pretend to be humble right now. This guy there is there are better. And there is. I mean, Henry Cavill's waiting. I thought that would be a quick answer.

I didn't expect to go down this rabbit hole. But I am the one with the most passion that you'll ever find. OK, there you go. That I will take. You've won the most awards.

That, too. Yeah. All right.

And you're happier for you being nominated than you are upset about us being snuck. That's totally wrong. For this show. Look at that beautiful screen. Look at that screen. OK, listen. Of course, I love it.

This is this is this is oh, my gosh. Washington, it's all going to be about who they choose second overall. And did they make the right choice at the head coach position? And what's going on in their first full season is having new owners in Dallas. It's all about the Jerry Jones philosophy of what he considered all in and how it does play out if he does go all in by meaning. Everybody's got to play for their jobs from the quarterback to the coach. What a crazy ass season that's going to be. Certainly if he does somehow not give C.D.

Lamb the bag prior to it. And Micah is going to be sitting out there, too, waiting for it in Philadelphia. It's all about the collapse last season and how do they respond to it, having kept their coach in both Philadelphia and Dallas, having an opportunity and Washington to go get Bill Belichick and all of them saying no thanks. OK, and the Giants, too, if you really want to throw that into the ring.

But Brian Dabble was one year removed from being coach of the year. And in New York, it's like, what are they doing in this draft? And how does that decision inform what they have in Daniel Jones? Oh, my God, is the NFC East going to be lit this year? And certainly in Philadelphia is how do they fare without Kelsey in the middle of that offensive line and Fletcher Cox in the middle of the defensive line? Cannot wait.

The NFC East is just set up and we haven't even seen a single draft pick chosen. Oh. Let's take a break.

Henry Cavill is back here on The Rich Eisen Show, and you will love his new movie, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Cannot wait to chat about that with him next. Let's talk sleep number, people. We all know quality sleep is essential.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Welcome back to The Rich Eisen Show right here on the Roku Channel. Before our radio audiences return, it is the first of two times I welcome in the star of the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, a fantastic film that is available in theaters later on this week, this Friday nationwide. Great to see you again, Henry Cavill. How are you, sir? Great to see you, too. Yes, worthy of a round of applause. Not just polite applause, that's genuine applause for you right there. Very kind, gents. Thank you. This movie is fantastic.

I was telling you that before you came out here. You are fantastic in it and here is a clip of it where you and your comrades are getting ready to take out some Nazis during World War Two. Check it out. OK. Well, it's just two Nazis taken out. Again, I've seen this film over a thousand, I think, wind up meeting their demise. At least. Not nearly enough. Yeah. We could do with some more. Oh, and in case people aren't aware as to, you know, why I'm here, this is a Guy Ritchie movie as well.

Oh, I can't wait for this. Put two and two together. Yeah.

I mean, a typical example of Guy Ritchie's style is that line which I heard you chuckle at. Yeah. It must get me one of those cuts. Yes.

None of that's in the script. It's a recurring line as well. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show. Thrilled to have here, back with our radio audience. Back on this Rich Eisen Show studio. Set the star of the ministry of ungentlemanly warfare available in theaters nationwide this Friday, April 19th.

We just saw a clip of it. Henry Cavill is here on the program. Great again to have you back here, brother. Thanks for coming.

Great to be here. It is a great movie. This is a fun, fun movie of serious subject matter, actually, that this is a based on true events film.

Guy Ritchie directing it, you and a terrific cast in it. I'll give you the floor on describing to the best what this film is, in fact, about, sir. Sir, this is about the first mission that gave birth to deniable operations, hence the name, ungentlemanly warfare. During World War II, we were still very much, not very much actually, there was still the sense of carrying out warfare in a certain way.

And the special operations executive, which is what that team is, they were skulking around in the background, essentially, carrying out these kind of missions. This one in particular was so important because it shut down the Nazi U-boat operations in the Atlantic, U-boats being submarines. And when they shut that down, that meant the Americans who joined the war, which, as we all know, you guys won the war, basically. Well, it helped turn the tide.

You can put it that way. It certainly helped turn the tide. And, you know, the German U-boats were dominating the Atlantic, which was cutting the United Kingdom off from the rest of the continent, the rest of the world. And obviously Hitler was beginning to bomb the crap out of London and things were looking pretty dire. And this was a crucial mission that actually happened.

This is a real life mission. Now, keep in mind, as much as this actually did happen and was key in changing the course of the war, this is the Guy Ritchie version of how things happened. So I do believe, and I may be wrong, but I do believe not a single shot was fired in anger.

Is that right? And as you know, that's quite different in this movie. Well, there's shots of guns and actual bow and arrow, which Alan Richten, I think, kills about 50 people on his own with a bow and arrow in this film. Alan is very handy with axes, with knives, with bow and arrows. Oh, my goodness. He's even handy with Nazis killing Nazis. He can kill a Nazi with a Nazi, which is quite impressive. That was.

And I imagine there might have been very little witty repartee in the real life as well, as opposed to this film, which is highly entertaining. It truly is from beginning to end. And it goes in about five minutes time. It really does. Good.

Thank you so much. We enjoyed making it. And it looks like it.

It looks like you did. And I was telling you before, and I'll say it here again. There's a Dirty Dozen feel to it. There's an Inglourious Basterds feel to it. And there's a Guy Ritchie feel to this film.

Put it all together and you come up with the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. And again, the cast is fantastic. Carrie Elwes in this film is is is brilliant. The best.

And we love Carrie. Yeah, for sure. And so you and Alan Richten together, you know, is there was there like a workout regimen that the two of you would go through here? No, no, I wouldn't dare try to keep up with keep up with Alan. What I did enjoy in particular about working with that and aside from the fact that he's a marvelous chap, very talented and just wonderful to be around. This is that I got to hand off all of the action to him. I didn't have to do any really complicated choreographed action, which was a wonderful break for me. Yeah.

And I enjoyed that enormously. Adam was always saying, hey, do you want to you know, do you want to do this one? I was like, please, no.

He's like, OK, yeah, I'll take it. I think one of the last times you were here, you were you were promoting the mission film. Yeah. And you said that fight scene with with Tom Cruise in the bathroom took how long for you to shoot that?

I think it was four weeks. So it makes sense that you and plus you were you wanted to do a lot of your own stunts as well. I think you kind of got that thrill ride aspect of your career out of your system, I'd imagine. I'm still very much into it. OK, we have we have Highlander coming up as well.

OK, there'll be plenty in there. OK, but it's nice from time to time just to do just the acting bit of it rather than the acting and the fighting. And I enjoy it. And it's certainly like I said, it worked out for sure.

And I got Henry Cavill here on the Ray Charles show. Let's talk a little bit of sports. You were at an event commonly known as the Super Bowl. Oh, correct.

I hope so. OK, very good. You were at the Super Bowl. There's another way for me to just say the most recent one in Las Vegas. Yes, indeed. Because you are a fan of I'm a fan of the Chiefs.

It's important to note prima homes. Yes. So I'm not one of those Brits who came over and chose the best team, which is, again, probably a controversial thing to say. Sorry.

It's quite all right. Speaking of the best team as well, I had a wonderful time because Apple very generously invited me to the Super Bowl. And Apple being where Apple is. Yes. Obviously 49ers fans. And they felt so poorly for me. And I think also we went in being the underdogs for that as well. Which is crazy, by the way. Yeah.

Crazy. I mean, it's it's not how many people thought the Chiefs were not going to flip a switch and things of that nature. Yeah.

And to be honest, up until halftime, there was some concern. Yes, indeed. But Apple felt so bad for me, they actually had one of their guys support the Chiefs with me and Natalie. And they said, yeah, you know, yeah, yeah.

You jump in there and just make them feel comfortable. What is designated consoler? Is that what you're saying? This gentleman, he was he had supported Chiefs in the past and he wasn't really sort of in one camp or the other. And so he said, yeah, yeah, you know, I'll go for it. I'm always about the underdogs and about the franchise.

Let's do it. And so everyone was quite vocal to begin with, especially sort of in the Apple box and being very pro, not Chiefs. And so I thought, OK, yeah, let's step up and let's be just as vocal back. Of course, I didn't get the memo that I should be less vocal when we started smashing them in the second half. And yes, so hopefully one day I will be invited back because it's all bets are off, though. Right.

When you're exactly. Yeah. Yeah. It was all in good spirit. That was great.

If there was some some good natured ribbon going. Yeah, I know when you're out here on the on the on the left coast, you look at your you look at your phone and it's Cupertino time that's on your phone. So clearly we're we're well aware of where their allegiances might lie geographically and emotionally as well. But I mean, just rooting for Patrick Mahomes has got to be one of the greatest things of all time. Just seeing this guy always seems to provide. It's a great thing. It is unbelievable.

Every single time, it seems. And so just to remind everyone again, why the Chiefs? What what turned you on to the Chiefs to begin with? So being over here, wanting to get into football, learning that I could actually enjoy the game because initially I thought it's just a bad version of rugby. And then I realized it's human chess. Essentially, it's nothing like rugby. Right. And and well, the play that the Eagles run on the goal line is basically rugby brotherly shove. That's now that's rugby. Right. But outside of that. Yes.

Yeah. And I had to pick a team and I thought, well, what's what's going to be a constant in my life? What's going to be one thing which will always be?

I'll always have connected to always have connection to in one way or another. And it was clearly Superman. And I thought, great.

Now, who would Superman support? And even though the Chiefs, I often hear this, they say, but they're not in Kansas. And they kind of are. They're not. Right. They are. Right. And that's who Clark would have supported. And I figured the deal, I'll stick with the Chiefs. And then they started winning. Yeah.

The Kansas City fandom does not stop at the Missouri-Kansas border. It does spill over the other side. Yeah. So that's true on a hard wall. That's truly the one that that's that's. And so. Yeah. So what year was this right around the time?

OK, so it was the year where we lost to the Steelers in the playoffs because I was there. OK. And I was a cold. That was a cold night, wasn't it? Where there was like a delay. The game was delayed a little bit to the start of the day. It was supposed to be a day game.

And then they did have it at night because it was too damn. Yeah. There's something going on with those.

Mahomes is first game on because their first string was out with an injury, I believe. And I think anyway. OK. I don't remember. It was quite quite the spectacle.

OK. As a Brit going over there, being down on the sidelines and everything in Arrowhead. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And it is as loud as they say.

I'll tell you what. The first time I'd ever been to a game at Arrowhead, it was Thanksgiving night in 2006. It was the first ever Thanksgiving, Thursday night evening game.

NFL Network had it. And I'd never been to a game in Kansas City. And my my colleagues, Steve Mariucci, longtime coach in the league goes, listen, when they do the national anthem and instead of home of the brave and they say chiefs, it's going to be the loudest word you've ever heard. And I'm like, OK, sure. Yeah.

And it was the loudest word I've ever heard said it was it just came out of like a void. Right. Because everyone is just politely waiting and being quiet.

Waiting. Yes, indeed. You're you're not wrong. It truly is a special experience. Yeah, I loved it.

I loved it. And so, yeah, I'm a I'm a big old cheese fan. And then Mahomes gets drafted. No, they just they're a dynasty.

They're totally dynastic. That's the 2016 wild card. That was it. Yeah.

I lost it home to Pittsburgh. OK. So the year before Mahomes was even drafted. There you go.

The year before. So, yeah, you you were at an Alex Smith game early. Yeah. You were there. Yeah. OK. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. You were in early. So you're not you're not one of those. Yeah.

Not at all. So who is your your your other teams? Do you have any other teams like so when it comes to rugby?

Anything I sport. Obviously, England and also Gloucester. OK. My club rugby team. Jersey used to have a team. Jersey where I'm from.

The island of Jersey. I'm originally from. They no longer have a team, unfortunately. So my local team is Gloucester. OK.

I support them. Any Premier League squad? I have I am still agnostic when it comes to Premier League. But why is that? I just never really got into it at a young age. I seem to find myself a bit more readily available for watching sports at the weekend these days. I make some more time for it.

So maybe I'll get into premiership. OK. I didn't know that. OK. Did you see the Beckham documentary? Did you ever see it? I did. It's very good.

I thought it was really good. Really compelling. I'd never I didn't I'd forgotten most of that about about him and how he's birthed into being famous. And and that it highlighted the era and how difficult it was being a British sporting celebrity. And and obviously married to a massive pop icon as well. My gosh.

I mean, it looks uncomfortable to say the least. I'm speaking of documentaries. Have you seen Vinnie Jones's documentary? I have not. I've heard it's amazing. It's so worth a watch.

Like if you guys want to have a board and need something to watch. It's beautiful. Vinnie Jones's farm. It's a wonderful insight to writing it down. I'm imagining you have to know Vinnie Jones if you're going to do a Guy Ritchie movie.

Right. You have to know as much about Vinnie Jones if you're going to like is that an that's like an entry level Guy Ritchie thing. Watching watching this movie or this documentary does taught me that I know nothing about Vinnie Jones until you watch this. And I actually you'll be surprised.

You'll be surprised. He lives out here. I think he's a member of the golf club that I'm a member of. I worked at Fox with him for a second.

Is that right? Stuff with us early. Yeah. He's an interesting guy.

He seems like a really, really nice guy. Henry, I can't like I said, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this movie that you're in that everybody's going to start enjoying on Friday. It's just a total blast. And again, I did not know the story of how there was a group of of men and women as well that that turned the tide of the war. Absolutely. By taking on this black opera release, black ops mission in a world where that just doesn't happen. Yes. Right.

It was it was it was a new concept for the time. Right. And one of the the I guess one of one of the people who are in charge, for the lack of better phrase, back at the back at the home office was Ian Fleming. Yes. The the Ian Fleming, Ian Fleming, who turned out to be the guy who created James Bond. Indeed. And the character of James Bond is rumored to be based on the guy you play in this film. Yes. Yeah. Now, I'm sure I'm sure Ian Fleming wrote James Bond with a lot of stories, a lot of different characters in mind. Sure.

But an amalgam, I'm sure. As I understand it, Gus March Phillips was was one of the stronger influences. And in fact, Gus March Phillips is they all had code numbers and Gus was W01, which is what eventually became 007.

Yes. Over time, they all had these these little code numbers just so they could reference each other and be deniable in their operations. Also, Gus March Phillips, I have recently learned and I may be wrong in this, too, but I'm fairly sure I'm not, was also an amateur author and poet. And he had written a book about a spy based on his adventures as well. And had he not died during World War Two, he may have beaten Ian Fleming to the punch. That is wild. Yeah, that is totally wild. Again, when I'm watching this movie and I heard Ian Fleming's name, I'm like, wait a minute.

I had the benefit of what people won't have in the theater, which is I racked it back. I'm like, wait a minute. Did I hear that name right? Yeah. And that that had me at hello, essentially, to use another phrase from the movies.

And Carrie Elwes is character. Is that M? Is that? Yes. From? Yeah. Yeah, that's that's M. From Bum. Yeah. Damn Judi Dench. Well, eventually. Yeah. You know, six degrees of Kevin Bacon later.

You know, it is it just adds another layer of coolness to this film. And so I just want to ask and hope I'm not putting you in a position. Is there is there any bond in your future still?

Is there any possibility of this? I have no idea. All I've got to go off is is the rumors.

The same information you have. Right. Maybe I'm too old now. Maybe I'm not. We'll see.

It's up to Bubba Broccoli and Mike Wilson and we'll see what they what their plans are. Well, I mean, you're you're playing the guy who Bond is based on. Yeah. Seems like a good first step, right? You know, again, I'm just a moviegoer, you know, but and you're outstanding in it.

You are outstanding in this. And we've had Alan Ritchson in here before. And by the way, he said he eats pizza. He said he ate pizza the night before he showed up here.

No chance. What a bunch of crap. He does what he does. He's he's not kidding.

No, he just works really hard. But he's he's. Hold on a second.

Have you seen Alan Ritchson hit crash services during during a break in action here? Really? Well, that's another thing.

We're often eating sort of off the back of Guy's trailer, which has like a little barbecue there. So it's yeah. Yeah. Guy Guy has a thing called a wild kitchen.

Oh, right. It's a check it out. It's very, very cool. It's like an outdoor cooking space instead of barbecue cooking space. What do you mean?

We check it out. Like you can buy Guy Ritchie's wild kitchen. It literally auto populates Guy Ritchie outdoor kitchen. Yes. You can buy this sort of thing. Yes.

It's featured. Yeah. It's a thing.

Cash me a caveman is the I think the name of the company. Oh, my goodness. Yes.

All right. Yeah. So he has one of those on the back of his trailer. And then what? So and then he has a chef out there who's who's cooking away. And we have like meat and vegetables all day just off the back of that.

Oh, obviously you can actually have a proper meal. Yeah. Guy is fantastic like that. He really creates an environment on set where you're on tour doing a job. You're a troop of creatives rather than it being it doesn't feel like a factory floor where you just got to go, go, go, go, go. Everything is as efficiently cheap as possible so the movie can be made. It's supposed to be a fun experience.

And Guy really does make it. Yeah, I'm telling you, there's like some Indiana Jones in this, too, like with the maps and you know what I mean? And and and World War Two and Nazis, obviously. It feels like an adventure because I mean, this was. These guys sailed all the way down to just off West Africa in this Brixton trawler through Nazi waters and survived. The whole thing was an adventure.

It's amazing they made it. Yeah. Suicide mission. And the Nazis were out to kill them. And the Brits, if they captured them, they couldn't say, hey, you know, where one are you? And in fact, it was after this mission. But Hitler, when he found out about these guys, said. All all bets are off if we capture you, you will be tortured to in the most horrific of ways. And so he really did not like these guys. Sounds like Hitler. Yeah, I mean, it does.

I mean, it's definitely in character for the guy. Oh, my goodness gracious. The film is awesome.

Again, it's called The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, available in theaters nationwide this Friday, April 19th. And I imagine the Chiefs have not lost the Super Bowl since you received the script of this film a couple of years ago. Right. Yeah.

They did not lose since a dynasty has been born. And now we know how at Henry Cavill on Instagram as well. Great to see you, sir. Thank you.

Please. Any time you've got something to promote, you just want to come and hang out. Hey, it's nice hanging out here. I appreciate you guys have a good environment. I appreciate that. That's deserving of a round of applause.

OK, thank you so much. Great to see you, Henry Cavill. Again, check out the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare available in theaters nationwide this Friday, April 19th. You will not be disappointed.

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Our house is a mess. Come on in. I'm Amber Whalen, Internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast, Fly on the Wall. OK, that's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast, by the way. Anyway, that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host Benjamin Whalen. Listen in as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive. Fly on the wall and wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, do you see Kyla Murray's tweet this weekend?

He doesn't usually tweet about anything personal. What do we got? We got it for you. Do we have it? There he is.

My date is whooping any of y'all's ass. That is a fact, by the way. Do you want to describe what we're seeing on the screen here, TJ Jefferson? Well, this was a shot from UFC 300. Yes. And he was sitting next to Victoria Shevchenko.

And she is one of the toughest women to. Are they an item? No, I don't think so. He just happened to be sitting next door and calling her his date. Look, maybe that's pretty funny. Maybe they are.

That would be awesome. OK, just don't know anymore. I saw it when the camera I was like, oh, he's he's in a safe company right there. OK.

Better protected than he is on certain Sundays is what you're saying. Did I say Victoria? I'm sorry. I meant Valentina Valentina Shevchenko. OK, very good.

Victoria for some reason. All right. All right. But that's not the top headline of UFC 300. No, no, no. Max Holloway.

But Justin Keith, you sleep, man. Did you watch that live? I was. Yeah, I was with I was at a place where it was on. I was watching it.

Why are you parsing it out like this? What do you mean? You were at a place where it was details are really important.

They really aren't. You're at someone else's house. Someone else's house.

And that's and it was on. Who is it? Whose house?

Whose house are you at? I mean, the details aren't important. I just told you it's literally not important.

It's not like TJ. I'm not like hiding anything. OK, sounds like you are hiding anything. You know, I've got my friends out.

Who's your friend, Ashton? I'm not doing one of those. Yeah, OK. Yeah. Do I do that all the time? Yes, you do.

Which is why when you dropped Rihanna's name earlier, it was just like it's just an outlier. OK, so make up your mind. Am I? No, you're not. You're not. That's the point. Don't be so defensive. The way you said it. I think you should name drop all the time. I mean, you should do that.

I'm just saying. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger has the right product for you.

Call click ranger dot com or just stop by. Guys, we've had a terrific show, but all we need to do is make one more mistake and everybody gets free chicken. How many mistakes do you have to make? I don't know. One more. Two. That's it.

I could just one more. You missed Tim Horton earlier. No, no, no. That was that was the that was the last mistake. I mean, prior to one more mistake and you get you get you get free chicken. How about Boban?

What a guy. So Boban's former clipper knows that if if if a team is held to a certain amount of points, isn't it, as the opponent inside the crypt, inside crypto. No, no. What it is, you get more you get ticket if you if the opposing player misses two free throws. That's right. He knows that he missed the first and everybody starts clapping. And he was on the line. He knew. He knew. And he's just basically he's just told everybody, I got this.

I got you. And then he purposefully missed the final free throw, by the way, doing a good job. He didn't just like take it and wing it at the at the backboard. He didn't make it look like a real shot. He didn't make it look like a real shot. Oh, man, I got to watch this again. Oh, and he did.

And he was a man of the people. He was literally pointing at himself. I got you guys. I got you guys. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it.

I'm a former clipper. I understand if I miss another free throw here, I got you. That's how it's done. There you have it. And the game was already decided. So it's over.

But of course, somebody in the comment section of something I read was like, that's point saving and that's illegal. Shut up. And he looks at the crowd and is like, I'm the best. And he's Mr. Soup, right? See, it's chicken soup. Chicken soup. Oh, Boban, just an absolute delightful, delightful human being.

Man of the people, that boy. That's right. People walking around with a full belly of chicken here in Los Angeles today have Boban to thank.

Chick-fil-A is about to go crazy this week. I like it. That's it.

Right. Look, I mean, we look like little people. Look at that. I mean, I literally look like I know I could be his kid.

Well, you are his child right there. And Brockman, all he's got to do is just lift up his left arm and use you as like a roll on right there. It's you look exactly. Can we put that picture up again?

Why not? Is that arm on your shoulder? Is that Brockman's arm or that's Brockman's arm? No, it's Brockman's arm. It's Brockman's arm. Look at Boban's right hand and what that fist looks like on Del Tufo's shoulder. As a matter of fact, I fist bumped him in that one, too. And my my honestly, I look like half the size of this.

I know I look like stubby kid. It was perfect of you two wonder twin power. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

We pounded and it just looked like his his his fist was swallowing up mine. There it is. Great shot, guys. Way to have it ready. Look at that. Didn't even know it was coming. Look at that. Wonder twin powers activate. Oh my God. Form up a bucket of water.

Form up a bulldozer in the form of a fist. That was great. It was for John Wick 3, right? Yeah. He was promoting John Wick 3.

He was briefly in that movie. Why not? Why not, indeed? Thank you for the chicken on behalf of all the Los Angelinos today walking around with free chicken. Boban's like, I got you a full belly. What a delightful human. He's a giver. I'm really worried.

This guy is not worried. Wondering, I should say, is Calamari really dating Valentina Shevchenko? Because I think that's like a hot rumor right now. Well, I mean, he called her his date. Yeah. I mean, you don't say date.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. And you've got a 75 percent chance of seeing the Yankees win a baseball game if you see a Yankee game because they've won 75 percent of their first 16 games. I'll do the math for you. That's 12 and four. Oh, baby. Hey, after an 0 and 4 start, the Metropolitans are 7 and 8. Look out, man.

Look out. You're back. How are you Red Sox doing today? Oh, we lost on Marathon Day. And then Tyler O'Neill, your major league home run leader, collided with Raffi Devers on a pop flag. That can't go well for him.

The worst defense in baseball. Eight stitches and he's in concussion protocols. Oh, my gosh. I'm sorry to hear that.

Thoughts out to Tyler O'Neill. I'm sorry to hear that, sir. Yeah. OK, sorry. OK, so there's that.

We're 9 and 8. OK, that's great. That's better than expected.

No, no, no doubt. 12 and four is better than the Yankees I expected. They've been looking terrific. And they don't even have Gary Cole or Jason Dominguez or Peraza. They don't have any of them.

You know, or D.J. LeMayhew. They're all coming.

Can't get you to say something good about the Yankees, huh? Can't even say. It's April. No, no. OK.

This guy over there. He's right, though. He won't. He won't because he sent me a video of Cage playing T-ball. Did he blur out the Yankees? No, T.J. was like, go Yankees. I'm like, don't ever say that to me. It's so great that his beautiful boy, his beautiful boy, his beautiful boy.

Well, here's the thing is that is that even if he does have that I'm going to show dad thing in him, his mom is never going to let that happen. Ever. No.

Ever. So Yankees and Cage. That's right. If he's getting paid by the Yankees, then I will cheer for the Yankees.

Is that right? That's all he needs is Steinbrenner dollars? OK. You think they're still going to own the team by the time Cage is in the major leagues? Of course they will. Of course they will.

Somebody in the family will. Oh, yeah, they will. They're not selling. They're not selling. They've got a good jillion dollars.

They don't have any reason to sell. Actually, I think the Yankees are probably the Steinbrenners, like, what, third most profitable part of their portfolio right now. Oh, yeah, absolutely.

They might not have anything to do with the Yankees. Once a Steinbrenner cuts a check, I'm all in. Is that right? That's all it's going to take? Yeah. OK. We're in.

All right. You'll see me at Yankee Stadium. I'll wear the hat and everything. Is he pitching or is he pitching or hitting? What's he doing?

Good question. What's he doing? He might be off. He can do both. OK. Oh, so Angel Hernandez can screw him twice.

Angel Hernandez is still a major league umpire for maybe 20 years. Why wouldn't he? It's insane. Why wouldn't he? What's going to happen? Somebody going to actually tap him on the shoulder? Don't they get reviews like everyone gets like in jobs? Like they get like, he's 62.

Oh, why not? I mean, if there's excuse me, if there's any umpire who has a chance to still be calling balls and strikes at age 82, it's that man. Oh, my God. He's gone this long. What are they going to do? That's terrifying thought. Well, I mean, what are they going to do? Tell him he's not he's not because, you know, he's going to be doing it.

Seriously. He's going to make Joe West look like baby fenced a baby. Fenced a baby. I love fenced a baby. Now, that's an analogy.

You didn't think it here is Joe West is fenced a baby. I'm trying to look. But that's the way I roll.

That's the way I roll. Great show today. Fun show today. All over the map.

Jeff Passan, Greg Cosell and Henry Cavill. I think I survived that two shot. I'm feeling good about myself. Thank you.

Patches still in the patches are still right here. All right. We'll tell you on the Roku channel the rest of the week. And for our radio audience, we'll chat again Tuesday.

Tell you that. Mike Carruthers shares little pieces of intel and interviews you can use to improve your life on the Something You Should Know podcast. The next time you're looking for a job and have to write a cover letter, here's some advice from Skip Freeman, author of a book called Headhunters Hiring Secrets. Add a P.S. to the bottom of that cover letter. That can actually increase the chances of that letter being read by up to 75 percent. Some people actually glance down and read the P.S. first.

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