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Seth Davis: Upset alerts for your Brackets

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 18, 2024 2:16 pm

Seth Davis: Upset alerts for your Brackets

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 18, 2024 2:16 pm

Rich and the guys recap the wild weekend in the NBA and on the PGA Tour, and reflects back on the 2021 NFL Draft quarterbacks class.

CBS Sports/The Athletic’s Seth Davis and Rich breakdown the 2024 NCAA Tournament field, which big name schools should be on upset alert, who will replace jawan Howard at Michigan, and more.

Rich reacts to Kenny Pickett's first public comments since being traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Philadelphia Eagles. 

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Again, that's slash deals. Coming up, CBS College basketball reporter Seth Davis, Steelers reporter for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Jerry Dulak. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Our number two of the Rich Eisen show on the air, everybody. Hey, good to see everyone right here on the Roku channel, which is free on every Roku device known to man. Also, it is free on the select Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV.

It's free on the Roku app because the Roku channel is on it and then the Roku if you just want to use a straight-up internet tubes. We say hello to our terrestrial radio audience listeners, over 70 affiliates coast to coast. We say hello to our podcast listeners, also through our connection with Cumulus. We say hello to Sirius XM and Odyssey streamers and satellite radio listeners. We're thrilled to be here on this day. Great chat with Lewis Riddick of ESPN coming up.

In this hour, we're gonna be talking about the brackets with Seth Davis. Gonna help us fill these things out. I gotta tell you, it's more of a dart throwing. Maybe I should throw, maybe I should hang it up on the wall at home and throw darts at it. That's a pretty good idea. You know?

Just drop teams out of a hat. Literally. Truly.

Because you never know what's gonna happen, right? NC State goes on a run, knocks off North Carolina, but they're still the one seed, right? Right. Iowa State destroys Houston.

They're still the one seed. Because, you know, there's RPI indexes and then there's what? Q1, Q4s? There's quad ones?

Quad ones. And now there's something called Kenpom. What the hell is a Kenpom? You've seen that on all these tweets about, hey, this team's got a rating of this on Kenpom. And then there's all these Q1s and then there's an RPI. Well, I saw that Rick Pitino's pissed.

So the red sweater is Plan B. No, that's Kenbone. Not Kenpom. Pitino's pissed. The rankings mean nothing. We need an overhaul.

Dude, hey. St. John's went on a roll after he basically said, you know, can't do anything with these guys. Right? They were the number one snub, right? Well, I mean Big East's only got three teams.

Yes, Eaton Hall was on the cusp. Not the days of old. You know, they only got three teams. And I guess UConn's got to just keep winning.

You know what it is? They just got to keep winning and just show everybody the Big East is back. Seems like they're the favorite.

31 and 3. So we'll talk about all this with, yeah. And then the story for me is Long Beach State fired their coach Dan Monson, you know, the old Gonzaga coach. He went to Minnesota. They fired him Monday and then he went and won the conference tournament. And they're now the 15th seed taking on Arizona in the West bracket. And we need them to make the final four.

Dude. That would be amazing. It's kind of crazy.

It's kind of crazy. So we'll take a look at the brackets. We'll have Seth Davis tell you who he thinks is the final four, winning it all. And then of course we'll give you some help to identify those bracket busters and avoid them and be smart and figure out what the upsets are. Because if you get those down right, right? Mm-hmm. You can win your pool.

Oh yeah. If you get those first-round upsets down right. So and congrats to Michigan State. How about Izzo making it again? What is that?

26 straight years for him? I thought I saw that. Wow. They did it again. They're in the ninth seed taking on Mississippi State. You tell me they're not gonna win that game, right? I'm not betting against them.

Okay. So Izzo's back in it. Love that guy. He's basically Mariucci, you know.

That's maybe part of the reason why I love him. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial right here on the program. Wild weekend. You had the March Madness tournament, conference tournaments going down. The Players Championship. Scottie Scheffler shoots a 64 to win this tournament in second consecutive years.

Wyndham Clark has a potential extra hole birdie attempt on 18. Go right in the center of the cup it seemed and then rimmed straight out. Full power lip. Unbelievable. I've never seen anything like that.

It was all the way down and then popped out. I mean, by the way, he was remarkable down the stretch. I just cannot imagine.

I was saying this to my friends as we were watching it together yesterday. What does it feel like to stroll out the TPC of Sawgrass on the final day of the Players Championship and you shoot a 64? I honestly cannot fathom what that requires. I mean, even I can fathom shooting a left-handed skyhook over Nikola Jokic to try and win a game at the buzzer. You know what I mean? Like, give me that shot.

Because I was even thinking about watching Alcaraz, you know, beat Medvedev to win Indian Wells as well. Like, okay, I could still get a point off this guy. But I could even potentially flip a left-handed hook shot over Jokic. Outrageous.

I don't know. Just getting in there. I could even flip it up there. I mean, I don't think I'd look as artful or as skilled as Kyrie Irving.

Okay, right? But I could do that. That's a million to one shot for me. I could still do that. But to stroll out at the TPC of Sawgrass and go, alright, you know, didn't have a great Saturday, but I'm gonna go low today. I'm gonna shoot 64?

I'm gonna go low. To shoot a 64. On the final day at the TPC of Sawgrass, think your way around the court.

I mean, just knee-knocking on 17, that Island Green, and just, I'll just splash it right there. 48 feet away and almost pull it out. You know, the NBC broadcast was great. They did a great job. They did a great job.

Was it Kisner is the guy who's now? I think he's terrific, by the way. I think he's gonna get the gig. I think he should.

It's a great listen. Great what, you know, Hicks and obviously Torrico and the whole crew. But they did Scheffler dirty. As he's stepping up to that 48 footer, they showed on the screen he's had a hundred and ten straight holes without three putting. Which is like, you know, let's put up, let's put up guy hasn't missed 40-yard field goals and 50 straight attempts as he's lining up for the 40-yard field goal. And then he put it within one inch of the cup and I'm like, well that's how you don't three putt in 110 straight holes or something like that.

I cannot imagine doing that. And Scotty Scheffler wins the player's championship. It's Tiger Woods stuff that he's doing right now in terms of ball striking and the top ten. Just the last year he's won four times, like 17 top five. It's unbelievable what he's doing right now.

And I'll just go here again. I don't watch the live tour. I don't know, truly. And I know people at the CW. I know the guy who's running the CW.

What's up worm? You know, and they've got a remarkable stable of big-name players. But you cannot create that atmosphere that we saw yesterday. That's what the PGA Tour will always have over the live tour. It's just, okay, there's 72 holes.

It's not 54. We're not doing, you know, we're not wearing t-shirt. We're not wearing, I mean, not t-shirts.

We're not wearing, you know, team golf shirts and shorts. It just doesn't, that was a big-time theater in a big-time event. And, you know, obviously would it be great if all the live tour players were playing in that, too?

Would it make for a more interesting watch? Absolutely. No question about it. Yeah, Rahm, DeChambeau, Niemann, Phil, just everybody.

Cam Smith, Koepke. I mean, over and over and over. But, you know. But the leaderboard yesterday was incredible.

It was great. Sheffler comes from five, six back. Oh yeah. You got three guys at 19 under. Brian Harman won the Open last year.

He has a birdie to force a playoff. He missed. Schauffele. It was awesome. And then Wyndham Clark goes around the world. Oh my God. He was ready to fist pump. Like, he saw it going in and kind of, oh, and then yeah, sad cobra. Right. It was great.

All the drama you could want from a good-time golf tournament. Right. And so, I know the feeling of power-lipping out. I know that. I don't know the feeling of left-handed 20-foot sky hooking at the buzzer over the greatest player on the planet right now.

Right? But I could make that shot. I mean, maybe you did when you were out.

You may have been playing pick-up ball and hit that shot. I don't know. What, me? Yeah. No. Okay. But I can say, I can, I can, you know, give me that one million to one shot.

I can do it. That's kind of crazy. So, there was that. So, here's what we're gonna do. Seth Davis is zooming in and we're gonna break down the brackets with him. I haven't talked about the Bears side of this remarkable trade away of Justin Fields. But the 2021 and I'll do that at the end of this hour because there is something that's going on with the Bears and how they, you know, a couple of moments that I've seen over the weekend they're reacting to Justin Fields being traded away that I think I can help out for the Bears and some Bears fans who are upset about this. I can help.

I'm here to help. I'll do that at the end of this hour after Seth Davis. But really quick, perfect example of how much of a difficult job it is to assess a quarterback draft class. The 2021 first round NFL draft class. Trevor Lawrence is the last man standing with his own team because Zach Wilson's gonna be gone.

There is no way. I shouldn't say this with Jimmy Garoppolo having shown the way that you can't say that there's no way, no chance that somebody, somebody who says farewell at a press conference in the final loss of a season and then is not given a playbook at the beginning of the following training camp winds up signing a deal and winds up starting for that team later on that fall as proven. But there's no way Zach Wilson's gonna be on the Jets. You know unless what he's sitting there is a third stringer holding a clipboard he's was told that he's gonna be sent somewhere. He should just be cut if that's the case and we'll see because I'm sure Joe Douglas is like in no hurry to you know cut Zach Wilson. Second overall pick and being cut is not what you want to have on your general managing resume. But the neat thing for Joe is that he's still there. Normally that gets you, gets you got. Trey Lance that normally gets you got too when you trade all those draft choices to move up and you take somebody who you flip away from a fourth-round draft choice but the way you survive it is you build such a great team around him and you draft the final pick in the draft in the 2022 draft and he turns out to be Brock Purdy and you almost win the Super Bowl anyway.

That's the way you keep your gig there too. Matt Jones, did you see his press conference? He had one?

He did. A sixth round draft choice is what the Jacksonville Jaguars gave to New England from Mack. Same, by the way, at least for for New England it's in this year's draft. Yeah. Chicago won't get the sixth round pick for Justin Fields taking four picks before Mack until next year's draft and it might even be a fourth year, fourth rounder. Mack looked like a butterfly freeing the cocoon.

Well I told you he was a guy that when I saw him in Germany looked like he needed a hug. Yeah. And now he's receiving it from his mom when she's picking him up from work cuz he's home again in Jacksonville. Probably a unique experience for you right now. Yeah, I do know the area good and I don't think I'll be staying with my parents.

Maybe, we'll see. But yeah, my mom's coming to pick me up in about 30 minutes. It's kind of nice when your mom can pick you up from work. Good to see him. He looks like a new man.

Yeah, yeah. He's back home, he knows the area, but just wants to let everyone know he's not Mack Cutlets. He's not gonna be living at home.

He's gonna be living separate. Yeah, but his mom's coming to pick him up. Pick him up, that's nice though.

Maybe pick him up from work. Does Mack Jones win a playoff game before the Patriots? I don't think he's gonna, I honestly don't think he's going to start a game for Jacksonville. Probably right. The only way he does is if Trevor Lawrence gets hurt.

Yeah. Trevor Lawrence is gonna have a 17. Guys, Trevor Lawrence is having his fifth year option picked up and then they're gonna work during the summer and he's gonna get paid. I don't think it's gonna be like Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow pay, but he's gonna get paid.

He's going to get paid. But we were all talking about the upside of Trevor Lawrence being exactly what we're talking about with Caleb Williams. Good news for Caleb is Matt Eberfluss is not even in the same Urban Meyer area code. And then Zach Wilson, second overall, and then Trey Lance, third overall. And look what we're gonna potentially have this year. Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback at the top of the draft. And you got two Heisman Trophy winners at the very top. Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels. And then potentially a national champion with only one loss on his college resume and JJ McCarthy.

If it's not him, it's Drake May. So buyer beware, essentially. Draft class three years ago. Total fire of the dumpster with Jacksonville as the one last spot. And now the first first round pick taken in that draft and the last one used on a quarterback in the first round of that draft are in the same quarterback room three years later.

Go figure that. Let's take a break. Seth Davis will join us. Bracketology. And then guess what?

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Last-minute tickets lowest price guaranteed. If you have a nice warm fuzzy feeling Chris today it's because I'm just seeing on my on my feed here it's the 20th anniversary of Jerry McNamara hitting for 43 for Syracuse over BYU in the tournament. That was awesome.

Looks like that's a first round of the old 512 BYU had had upset on the mind. And that was a that was a great run because that was the let's see 2004. Yeah 2004. 20 years ago today. Nice. He hit 9 threes. That's great. I think we lost the next round though.

Did you really? There was a period where Syracuse were just getting bounced rounds one and two. We had a yeah. And then and then there was a resurgence of nobody could figure out the matchup zone. Would be the 10th or 11th seed.

Right nobody else would play a team with a matchup zone all season long and then Syracuse would show up with their defense and totally discombobulate people and they'd be sweet 16 elite 8. You know it went on that run too. Oh yeah.

So. Oh no we lost Alabama. My my school is just in the dumpster man. I can't believe Juwan ended up getting fired. That that's the way it worked.

That's the way it wound up. Here's two things for you right. One you got the Fab Five back together which that to me lends itself to just being right. On January 15th and they I think Michigan won two more games the rest of the year. And two you don't care because you won football.

You won an action. You're gonna ride that way for the next year so you know I think this will kind of soothe and you know the the yeah like winning winning the national championship retiring Nick Saban turning Nick Saban into a Capitol Hill testimonial guy. Capitol Hill guy.

Right send him to sit there next to Ted Cruz. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Brackets. Okay let's start filling them out. Wouldn't that be odd if that's how I use my time with Seth Davis. Like just go fill up my bracket. He's joining us right now via zoom. You'll be enjoying him on CBS and the family of networks covering March Madness. He's Seth Davis. How you doing Seth? I'm doing well Rich. I'm enjoying my my brief span of relevance here these next couple weeks. And then I disappear.

Oh stop it. You've got a best-selling book out with Rex Chapman which I can't wait to talk with you about in our conversation that now kicks off with our brackets. When you get the brackets you look for what? What's the first thing you look for when you get the brackets Seth? You know I'm so immersed in this stuff Rich and you know we only get the bracket you know made me 10 to 12 minutes before the start of the selection show because the conference games are still finishing up. So I don't have a lot of time to fill it out.

I just take it I literally fill it out in about four minutes which is you know I think a pretty good way to do it. I think the more I think about it the worst my picks would have been although they're usually pretty bad anyway. So you really matchups is what it comes down to for me. I mean I look for sort of those 12-5 upsets 13-4 that's your most common first round quote-unquote upset.

So I kind of look for those. But I just I just watch these teams all season long and followed it so closely that whatever jumps out at me whatever I think. And I tend to go with early round upsets and then chalk later in the tournament. Some years it worked. Last year obviously it didn't. Year before it did.

So who knows it's a lot of fun and I just freewheel it. Okay so do you think the committee got it right with the top seeds? With the overall top seed?

What do you think at the very top? This is going to get into the weeds for the bracket nerds but I think a lot of people are not necessarily aware that the committee actually seeds teams 1 through 68 all the way through. And then they start putting them into the bracket based on their principles. And the first principle is geography.

You go to your closest place. And so as the weekend went on when Iowa State drilled Houston by 30. When you put you know Iowa State in North Carolina had the exact same record against the first two quadrants in the net. Iowa State had a much. Iowa State had better wins including two over Houston. Iowa State had a much worse non-conference strength of schedule but its overall strength of schedule was very comparable.

So you could go either way on it. I had Iowa State as a one. The committee went with North Carolina as a one.

So I guess it's not that big of a deal but on the overall I knew you'd like that. On the overall seed list Iowa State was number eight which means they were one slot away from being a three seed. Now why is that significant? Because if they were a five they would end up in Detroit against Purdue much more geographically better for them. Instead they have to go to Boston to play UConn of course assuming everybody goes that far. So you're paired against the team that's the favorite in the tournament and you have to go play them in Boston. I just think I think the committee was maybe trying to make a statement about that non-conference strength of schedule but I don't think you should be making statements. I think you should be going on the on the overall performance. Having said that you know you're gonna hear a lot of teams who are on the bubble who didn't get in talk about how they got robbed.

Oh you know this and that. Look I didn't have Virginia in the tournament. I don't think Virginia did enough to be in but if you are on the bubble you have put the game in the hands of the refs and one thing that happened over the weekend Rich is we had five teams including New Mexico which is a little bit of a surprise but five teams that won their conference tournament who would not have been in the NCAA tournament if they hadn't won their conference tournament. So that means five at-large spots were taken off of the board because you still have like Dayton and the Atlantic 10 still got the at-large bid so the Atlantic 10 got two teams in instead of one five last year there was only one year before there was only two so Indiana State was the third team out of this tournament which means if it was like the last two years we had one or two what we call bid thieves Indiana State would have been in which would have been a bit of a surprise so you know it just falls away it falls whoever are the first teams out and you know I know you're a big football guy when they go to 12 or 14 whatever the number is whoever's left out is gonna complain. Of course bubble teams will always that that's part of being on the bubble as you point out you know it's it's kind of the old football phrase play or basketball too I guess it works is play better than the refs ref don't don't leave it up in the hands of anybody who is so-called objectively looking at something just keep winning and then you take care of your business yourself while we're in the weeds before we just start looking at the bracket you know a little bit larger view Seth what the hell is Ken Palm Seth I mean it just seems like every every year you know what I mean like what what the hell is that I think I pay attention well enough but it just seems that it you know used to be RPI was the the new fangled thing years ago what the hell is Ken Palm Seth okay Ken Ken Palm is actually a person okay his name is is Ken Pomeroy okay he's a former television weatherman and he does he does an advanced metrics rating system based on efficiency and by the way he when they went to Olympics comes around he also does it for curling so if you ever need a curling expert I will put you in touch with Ken Pomeroy okay his website is called Ken Palm calm so it's all based on efficiency it's a brilliant website in terms of the metrics in the way that it's laid out and it's really I have to say it's a gambling site it sets point spreads and the the the all the books in Vegas use it and people use it right it's a very what we call it a predictive metric because it measures efficiency and it factors in you know who you're playing and strength of schedule and all that so the RPI the old RPI used to only go by results and it was heavily weighted towards your opponents and then your opponent's opponent so it counted a one point win in a 40-point win the same I actually had no problem with that because they that actually can't best count the same in the standings you want to get me lost the game right you want but you know a lot of them you know people out there said well you need to be a little bit more nuanced so the NCH said okay they went to Google so they're net ranking is more closely aligned with with Ken Palm but it's called it's a Ken Palm calm and it's a it's a great site for sus and all this stuff out if you really want to get into the weeds and it really is something that the selection committee use that they well we're just talking about in the media you know well I mean it's it's it's the most cited coaches use it again it's like you know one team averages 80 points a game one point one team averages 70 points a game who's the better offensive team well the team that scores more well but what if the team that scores more plays twice as fast right so it's points per possession is what Ken Palm is based on it and it goes into you know like if one team has you know 12 offensive rebounds a game one team has 10 offensive rebounds a game the well the one that has 12 well but how many shots if it takes which offensive rebound percentage so it's a very advanced and sophisticated and it's it's just one of like a zillion analytics so the committee looks at all of these metrics across the board and they are useful in the sense because they all weigh different things and if like a team is like you know 30 31 38 but then 75 in one of these metrics that just kind of gives them a little you know keyhole that they can go into it and and dig deeper into the nut okay so we're choosing NCAA tournament teams by Doppler radar now I got it very good I just I'm hoping Ken Palm was a good weatherman that's all I'm saying it'll be in the it'll be in the Anatefka bracket in the region okay I just work well we're really in the weeds now so who are your final four Seth who's your final four I hate myself for going chalk you know last year was everything got blown up but the year before was all blue blood so I got Yukon Arizona Houston and Purdue Yukon Yukon and Houston have been the best teams in the country all season Purdue has been right up there they've lost some games that maybe make you worry maybe we're unfairly looking at that because of their recent NCAA tournament history not just against that to you but they've lost earlier than they should have the last couple years playing smaller quicker teams Houston and Yukon you know Houston has been number one at Ken Palm for most of most of the season so you know but but Purdue I picked for do I went with my heart a little bit Purdue has this is school they haven't been to a final four since 1980 and they're one of the great fan bases and I just I love that Katie as a person and the player if you don't like Zack Edie you need to reevaluate things in your life this backlash with the fouling that you know they could call three times as many fouls as they do against this kid the way that he gets club and I've seen a lot of their games in person but I see two teams in the Midwest if you were gonna look for teams that Purdue doesn't want to play and you got to beat somebody good to get to a bottle for no matter what you would look for teams with dynamic scoring guards because their perimeter defense has been suspect and then you'd want teams with good defensive centers to at least create a problem for Zack Edie and then also teams that don't foul Creighton is ranked number one on Ken Palm in deep and defensive free throw rate they are the best team in the entire country at playing good defense without fouling now they don't get steals so that's the thing we're not gonna try but their efficiency is really good and they have one of the best defensive centers in the country and Ryan Kalkbrenner who's also a really good offensive player seven foot one Center so that to me and then Tennessee obviously a dynamic offensive player in Dalton connect I think Tennessee is actually relying too much on connect you know he had 40 when they played Kentucky at home but they lost the game so I think they're better off with connect getting 20 and winning the game and so that's going to be an interesting dynamic for them going forward you know they lost early in the SEC tournament Kentucky lost early Houston lost by 20 points to Iowa State Iowa State didn't do anybody a favor by making Houston angry going into the tournament so so I'm a little worried about Purdue I'll be honest who are your upsets that people might want to listen to and maybe sample when they're filling out their brackets Seth okay rich you probably don't know this nobody knows this about me this is just us I went to do okay I know nobody knows this I'm gonna reveal this now for 30 years in the industry I've got James Madison over the Blue Devils in the sweet 16 James Madison first game of the year they went at Michigan State ever since what's wrong with Michigan State well James Madison was both was wrong with Michigan State they actually ended the top 25 like their football team did they've won 31 games and they sailed through their tournament really well coached team by ups my other upset specials were down in the Midwest I got McNeese coached by will Wade we remember him and how he flamed out at LSU but but no one ever ever criticizes his basketball coaching it was the other stuff that got him in trouble again they won all year and Wisconsin played well in the Big Ten tournament they lost 8 of 11 at the end of the regular season and that's something by the way for all you bracket fill the routers out there when you're looking for teams especially the higher seat of the teams maybe to pick for upsets look for teams that did well all season long Grand Canyon I like Grand Canyon in the sweet 16 well the 12-5 is the classic upset the 13-4 has also there's going to be and that leads me to Sam Sanford over Kansas this may seem whack-a-doodle but Kansas lost by 20 at Cincinnati in the Big 12 tournament they lost four of the last five games because their best player the best player in the Big 12 Kevin McCullough has been struggling with a bone bruise and his knee basically doesn't practice has been in and out in terms of his game availability and then at the end of the regular season last game against Houston Hunter Dickinson dislocated his shoulder didn't play in the big football tournament now they say those guys are going to play but Kansas already had no depth they were basically only had four really good players four and so they won a lot of games because they're a really good four they're going up against the team in Samford they their head coach has gotten a Bucky McMillan who got hired four years if he's coaching the high school down the street yeah and Martin Newton hired him to be the head coach at Samford they played Bucky ball full court pressure 12 guys play they run they gun they shoot threes and how's this for a kicker Ridge the game is being played in Salt Lake City yeah so altitude comes into play so I got Sanford over Kansas with McNeese going to the sweet 16 I got James Madison in the sweet 16 I got Grand Canyon in the sweet 16 and then from there pretty much a lot of chalk yeah so you've got Samford versus McNeese in a second round Salt Lake City match up how about this one too who's in Salt Lake City but Long Beach State what a story that they tell Dan Monson you're out on a Monday and he's cutting down the tournament nets to become the 15 seed on a weekend that's nuts Seth have you ever heard of anything has that ever happened I mean I don't think it's ever happened the reverse of that is of course is your alma mater you know right yeah where we are Steve Fisher gets the gig because Bo won't keep Bill fish Bill Frieder in place you know by the way right like I guess the AD said I don't I'm not gonna have a Long Beach guy coach a Long Beach team right although the reverse to Bill Frieder left Michigan in 89 I guess but Monson's right I've never heard anything like that Seth well you know so you say why do you do this you do this for this reason because if you feel like you want to make a coaching change if the guy makes the NCAA tournament you can't fire it basically right that doesn't I mean I guess you can you can do anything you want so this this is what what they chose to do it's a it's an interesting time and in the coaching business is a college coach and in any sport but especially in basketball and football with with the way things are going to you know Dan Monson people may remember was the year was the og slipper still fits coaching Gonzaga when they when they made their original Elite Eight I think it was 1999 and then he be on the on the basis of that run he got hired to go to Minnesota right and mark few mark few was his assistant coach on that team and took over and and the rest is history so Dan Monson's like a well-thought-of guy and he'll find work if he wants it and it's a it's a fun situation well maybe they go on a run and he they they say uh you know we never took our finger on my chest piece you know like all right all right I'm with you Seth Davis here on the Rich has a show in a few minutes I have left with you the success of the memoir of Rex Chapman that you've written with Rex it is a New York Times bestseller right now are are you walk me through because he says that you you basically told him this has to happen Seth that he was up he was it kind of thinking about maybe not doing it well sort of I mean I definitely knew he had an amazing book in it so my thing with him was always we talked about it well maybe I'll think about it I think I said okay I'd love it to do it I'd love to do it with you but do not do this unless you are willing to be completely honest and completely forthcoming and not hold anything back and by anything I mean anything now there were a couple things we didn't put in there because of the impact it might have on someone else right but I waited until and I don't Rex you know told you the story but it was during the people that talked about you know obviously the addiction and depression anxiety and all those things and attention deficit that played into it but there's a lot of racial tension in this book and it was during the George Floyd protests where I saw Rex do an interview where he made the comment you know I and he was emotional and he made a comment you know what I didn't I never talked about these things because I was worried about it affecting my pocketbook but now I'm ready to talk about it and and that's when I called him I said okay let's go and he really trusted me and to be honest rich if he knew remotely how painful the process was gonna be there's no way that he would have done it there were a couple of times when I thought he was gonna pull out including as he was reading the final drafts and he had a severe panic attack and ended up in the hospital and but I have to tell you because of people like you and all of these interviews that he's been doing it's been incredible he's so filled with self-loathing you know and he was so sure that everybody was gonna hate him and judge him and castigate him and crucify him and to see the love that's that surrounded him and see the actual healing as he's talked about this over and over again you know it's one thing rich to say these things to a therapist once a month and you're probably not even talking about that you're probably talking about whatever with your therapist but to put it in a book to feel that vulnerability and then to talk about it and go there and to have his kids read it see like yeah I said Rex your kids are grown-ups man like it's just the truth right like it's just the truth so I'm super I'm super proud of them I love them like a brother and I really feel like rich we did we did something great together and I'm really proud of the book and gratified by the reception you should be brother and and congratulations uh you know to you as well and then we'll put the picture up I mean this is this this says it all right look at that I mean how about that see important you see I'm pointing at my name he's putting right at my name so intentional yeah you know I mean he does he does uh he's a he's a pleaser he's a pleaser Seth there's no doubt about that that is so cool all right before before I let you go two other things what's my alma mater gonna do now that you want Howard is out and this has been an unfortunate ending to something that had so much promise at the beginning yeah what's who's Michigan gonna hire do you think so I wish I had a good answer for you I mean it's there are no obvious candidates I think this notion of having to stay within the family is is often doesn't work sometimes it does work but some but I don't think you should be limiting your pool look the hot name on the coaching circuit is dusty May and a lot of us had dusty ticketed for Ohio State they've made their higher and so now you have Louisville out there interestingly enough a lot of basketball people will tell you Louisville is a better job because it is considered more of a basketball job I think Michigan is a fantastic job I think dusty May would be a fantastic fit there you know there's some big sweet candidates you know a kind of a dark horse might be Scott Drew he's been a Baylor for 21 years I look for guys who are not only good but have affordable buyouts and his bio is only for like Nate Oates is biotic prohibited Mick Cronin's is 20 million it goes down to the 16 but it's 20 million right now TJ Otzberger and Iowa State his bio to 16 million dollars Michigan is not nobody is paying that nobody's paying that and another guy in that category who I think could do the job was a manageable buyout is Jamie Dixon at at TCU so those would be three names that I would throw it in the mix Scott May Jamie Dixon and Scott Drew I think you call Scott first and see if he's might be interested but besides that you know you're looking at sort of the mid-major up-and-coming guys know the Nico med beds of the world the dairy and the reasons of the world I think we can kind of flush maybe forever the former NBA guy who's never coached in college coming back you know what goes on between the lines in practice and during a game is never a problem for guys like Juwan Howard Mike Woodson Penny Hardaway right on down the line that's about five percent of the job right now if that it's all your general manager you're a CEO you have to manage personalities the portal the recruiting NIL alums the university the fans like it's a big job the basketball part of it is only a small part of it so you want to have somebody who culturally could be a could be a good thing let me ask you this question yes as a Michigan alum as a Michigan alum would you be excited about Dusty May of course I'm excited for you know anything that wasn't this year honestly yeah I'm talking about a low bar but it's all but no no I I know but it's it's really all you know an unknown I you just you go with somebody else's track record and you feel like again if you had asked me years ago you psyched for John Belan I'm like well I mean you know he did he spun some some gold out of the pit snuggle straw you know what I mean like honestly like and and and I wouldn't mind having him back if that's what he wants to do and I also wouldn't mind you know if you give Jay Wright a little bit of an elbow when you see him on the set Seth and say you know those pinstripe suits would look good in Ann Arbor as well so let me tell you something you never saw any human being happier than Jay Wright I just I mean he doesn't look it's turned down more money than you and I will ever see he's 60 61 years old right he's attached to the game he's involved in the game in his current role he's amazing at it he's an absolute mention of a human being and he loves being with his family so my guess is he's coached his last game but I've been wrong before well you're an absolute mention as well Seth so I'm mandated to send you out the door by asking you who do you have winning at all what do you know I got Yukon over I got Yukon over Houston how's that for for a bold pick Wow back to back well it is bold though I mean for somebody to go back to back is pretty darn bold regardless of how well they've looked all season long stuff you know yeah and after by the way you know the only two teams since John Wooden did it were Duke in Florida in both cases to repeat both cases they basically brought back their entire team Yukon lost three starters and five over the top eight scores and look where they are now pretty that's why Dan Hurley's my coach of the year that's not even close he is amazing Seth thanks for the time greatly appreciate it have a great March Madness and we'll chat on the other side you be well love you rich right back at you that is Seth Davis check him out on CBS and the family of March Madness networks as you get set for your bracket ology right here on the Rich Eisen show hopefully that made you smarter hopefully that made you the winner in your NCAA tournament pool let's go let's take a break Kenny Pickett has spoken oh boy the Eagles trade form on Friday give them a press conference on Monday welcome to Philadelphia Kenny welcome to talk about all the ultimate small little rewatch podcast title transference aired October 27 2004 director James Marshall writers Todd Slapkin Darren swimmer I really like this episode and I'm surprised that you don't like it as much as you thought you did I actually respect your opinion more than I respect my own in general when you say things are good and I check them out they are jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on YouTube or wherever you listen named one of the best personal finance podcasts the stacking Benjamin show with Joe and his friends makes financial literacy fun I got an email today from the Len Penzo comm HR department I find really interesting I'm an employee of one at this company so but somebody from the HR department sent me an email telling me that I had a raise if I just open the attachment I could see how much my raise was make sure you click on the links that are in there too oh absolutely I can't wait this is I'm excited find out more by searching the stacking Benjamin's podcast wherever you listen back here on the Rich Eisen show so he he he had 312 seeds advancing that's aggressive yeah we've seen it before and Samford one and done in Kansas would be what we call it story of the tournament I mean the last few years we've gotten a 15 obviously we had another 16 win last year it seems like there's always an 11 a 12 a 13 wins Longwood taking on Houston who's with all due respect I know I'll get in trouble when I say this stuff who's Longwood well what is what school is long what I think great Grady Dick try to reenact that oh my god dude that was ridiculous I would say Longwood sounds like one of those one of those BBC America programs like this he's on the case Longwood is solving crimes Longwood's in Virginia rich Longwood's in Virginia yeah they're the Lancer Longwood University Lance Lancer BBC Grand Canyons head coach is Bryce Drew did you guys know that are you serious yeah Longwood's coach no no Grand Grand Canyon Grand Canyons head coaches Bryce Bryce Drew yeah I think the Valparaiso shot had an anniversary last week as a matter of fact yeah yeah one of the coolest shots and I mean it's also perfectly executed wouldn't it huh there's games tomorrow I know that there's for the first four yes in Dayton Ohio playing Howard taking on Wagner College that's of Staten Island New York yes my brother beat them in hockey there you go and then Virginia Colorado State Montana State and Grambling Boise State in Colorado very good back here on the Rich Eisen show eight four four two oh four rich number two doll I mean the fact that I've sat here and I'm like Kenny Pickett is absolutely going to compete for the job with Russell Wilson and then apparently the word was Russell Wilson was told he's gonna get first team reps and that's when Kenny Pickett decided he wanted out and the issue that was already lingering is allegedly they wanted him to dress for the final regular season game last year against or week 17 against Seattle last game of the area right and week 18 in Seattle and he said no coming off of ankle surgery and that led to I guess Mike Tomlin saying then you're out Mike Tomlin famously a couple years ago says that the Steelers they take volunteers not hostages and so now he's a Philadelphia Eagle not bad for an ocean Township kid by the way which is he is so apparently he's an Eagles fan this is what he had to say about him asking out reportedly and the Steelers obliging him you know I just thought it was time you know it just it just felt like it was time from you know the things that transpired and you know wanted to get a chance to go somewhere else and continue to grow my career and you know is what it is was behind closed doors you know I'm confident the way that I handled it I handled it the way I should have handled it you know I'm excited to be here it worked out so well that Philly was the place I ended up landing in so I think everything happens for a reason and you know I'm right where I'm supposed to be and again the word is Jerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette is gonna join us in just about seven minutes time saying that he apparently canceled an offseason workout with him and the rest of the Steelers receivers after he was told that Russ was getting first-team reps Lewis Riddick a pit guy saying that pickets never turned down competition before so then he was asked about the refusing to dress at the end of last season he was asked that question point-blank today in Philly Kenny there were some reports that you refused to be emergency quarterback for the end of the year last season and you tell us what happened yeah then that goes back to a lot of the communication behind closed doors that you know didn't go the way that I feel like they went I was getting released you know there was a plan there for that game it went down exactly the way it was planned to go down that entire week you know I was coming off the ankle surgery so it is what it is and you know like I've been saying I'm very happy to be here so he didn't talk about anything a lot of it is what it is behind closed doors yeah it's happened behind closed doors communication behind closed doors interesting did not have Kenny picket needing to be traded to Philadelphia where he's happy to be behind a guy who's making a gajillion dollars and is absolutely the installed starter rather than trying to beat out a guy who's about 10 years older than him and he could utilize the fact that they use the first-round draft choice on him and are therefore invested in making sure he's happy but he had to be sent away because he's a diva I mean I did not have that one on the old bingo card certainly when it was a month ago when they were supposedly committed to giving Kenny picket everything he needed to be successful in year three including a competition with Mason Rudolph instead he's a Philadelphia Eagle back up to Jalen Hertz and Russell Wilson and Justin Fields are in that quarterback room that Trubisky was in with picket and Mason Rudolph these are all facts as we now throw to our number three on this crazy Monday it's like the always sunny in Philadelphia it's absolutely what's happened crazy you know and Jerry Dulac is gonna rejoin us because the last time we had him on he was hearing from the Steelers they were uninterested in anybody outside the organization and rust and pop free and all he had to do is just sign for 1 million bucks and then Justin Fields again don't forget middle of February the conversation was Fields could go to Atlanta for their eighth overall pick in this year's draft and all the Steelers needed to do to get Fields was a sixth round choice in next year's draft that could be a fourth round pick it's a third day draft choice two years from now or a year from now pardon me two drafts from now so why not give that a whirl and Russ is like the quarterback room about to be fire okay bro and he's already taken ownership he's getting his hair cut in Pittsburgh he's got black and gold was black and gold here we go here they go there you go he's got it ready let Russ smelt that's what I'm hearing is that the phrase less phrases more wins yeah see but you get phrases with Russ and here we go oh my gosh and the crazy thing is that Jerry Dulac's friend in suits may be around the royal family longest hey everybody this is Dan Bespress host of fantasy NBA today a daily fantasy basketball podcast we cover every box score from every game every day plus bonus shows on by low opportunities players to stash schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces catch the fantasy NBA today podcast part of the believe Network on YouTube or wherever you listen
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