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Q&A With Koloff- #86

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 13, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #86

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 13, 2022 1:00 am

Today, Nikita sits down with "The Christian Car Guy" Robby Dilmore for another great episode of questions and answers.

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This is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back and enjoy it, share it, most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network is one welcome to another episode Q&A with today in studio with me, Robbie Gilmore, better known as well. Maybe a better known as also known as all of my say that, also known as a.k.a. the Christian car guy Robbie, welcome to the Q&A with cola.

I have listened to Q&A with Karloff and Hartman have said they are I think of recorded every single one of Syria have always wondered what it would be like to be emphasis to actually get to ask these questions.

I've heard a lot of questions a lot of questions and some guys are really experts at this stuff later. Just it was a Donna me recently unlike you knows many add to that point as many shows to Q&A shows as you recorded and/or listen to working here in the studio on my hello what why I never had Robbie on the Q&A shows so I'm glad this is worked out and and a bit before you get to your questions.

Not having a clue what he provided as before we get there.

Let's make sure listeners know who Robbie Gilmore is like that, like Christian car guy what's all that mean my father like a lot of folks you know her father has a big impact on us. My father worked for. Motivation when I was growing up as a kid and I idolized him and so I definitely knew I was can be in the car business you know when I grew up, and he wanted me to be a car dealer that was some picture that he had either never know that I wanted to be a car dealer, but I wanted my dad to be proud and I had some gifting as far as a salesman and add some other gifting that the Lord allowed me to do well in that industry certainly make a living and end up with my own dealership, but it certainly was bad in my heart, and Lord me that so he delivered me about 17 years ago. As far as I'm concerned, as I had nightmares for ever afterwards about running car dealership suggest wasn't it was good for my dad. It seems to be really good for my son.

It was not good for me prompts pressured like too much pressure what what what what would you say I care like I was in the business of getting people to do stuff I knew wasn't what they needed to do, like buying cars when they can afford him, which is careless giving Carlos Rihanna strike II car guys about bad rap or a bad name right and then we had the factories that were put in pressure on us to do things we shouldn't be doing either. And so it was like a constant battle of how do I protect my heart and still try to help people because what I really want to do is help people.

Last thing you want to do is hurt people, and so the Lord eventually came to me and said I want to get on the radio and talk about what breaks your heart every day and that was the calling to the Christian partnership act that happened to me in prayer. When I was praying about a lot of other stuff to them to do? If Hollis got the chance of despair as this is where unlike God, I think you got the wrong guy here if you heard my voice mean people have to go to college there. I talk in a radio item on the target. We had quite the discussion and afterwards the next morning I woke up I said manna had to be a bad dream. But I've heard a pastor.

Actually, our pastor once time preach a sermon that if God calls you to do so and swing the door wide open so I thought. I don't know anybody ever radio show you.

I don't know how many do this I civil I know Stu Epperson.

I'll go ask him when he tells me it's a crazy idea. That's my fleece.

You know when he is soon as he says this is crazy, then all know that I'll have radio shows a god must discuss must not be real. So I asked you to lunch you can picture the scene until Stu Mangano. If you are God's call me do thing called the Christian part.

I sure gave me the name gave me the logo all that stuff gave me what I was supposed to talk about right and course do this. He goes Robbie that's the best idea I've ever heard my life to do it this Saturday.

Let's get this Saturday and sell that Saturday I shot this day I don't know what I was thinking you were listening to the Truth Network and that he did call. I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway Facebook goal look up my new fan page. Bands and the like, and follow.

If you would like to support cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25.

You will see the adoration and declaration for a gift of $50 accumulated wrestling with this for $100 more will include a signed copy of the today your listening to the truth and lash of the studio and you would expect Stu to be here right you would expect somehow like I've never done any radio in my life. I've called into a shower too, but I never done a radio show.

So I'm standing in the studio. There is nobody here but an old this jockey was the producer and he's like, man, you must really like to talk on the radio somebody meaning. As we got hour-long live show God and break in by recording a show I broken like hour-long live show is like we can't have any dead air. So you better be ready to talk for an hour lesson with the calling shall be personal to call me, nobody gonna call you. You are lucky, God, what have you done to me so I did on the credit of the my I was terrified if you could see me shaking. It was unbelievable because I was not a public speaker didn't know anything and got it give me this idea that like okay it's calling show. Have you ever wanted is it better to take the rate or take the rebate. Have you ever wondered what's the best time of year to buy a car was the best time of the month of my car and I should I come in nights. They come in the morning you know should I come on a Saturday if you had questions like that you call me at 866.

Well I preempted Tony Evans right while at and in other words, Tony Evans was in that timeslot is a weekend edition right and so I had a huge audience.

I didn't know at the time that you know they were listening expected Tony Evans probably really upset about this crazy car person is nonetheless then the phone just lit up like and and then once the people got on the phone, you know, because I talked on the phone as his car person forever in job that the day that show became easier that day. I never came back to the studio without being just totally prepared to talk for an hour if need be fighting any calls right and then shortly thereafter. It might've been a month or two. Charles Stanley apparently rooster made reference to Charles Stanley says man we got to get Sean's serious 161 rate. So within six months. Not only did God kick the door wide open. I was on radio stations across the client I was on series 161 I was talking to New York and Mexico and all sorts of stuff and I couldn't believe how God expanded that show like crazy so that's that's how I became a Christian card Christian Garg, a cell is 17+ years later and here we are here you are, the Lord is utilize that more times and then we could probably ever counting impacted many, many know what what are some of the 90 like is on that show or click like you, help you help like widows and starving private Christian car guy later.*The Jesus labor love which is car repair labor force of the bombs widows and families in crisis. And that happened two or three years and that show and so we have a 501(c)(3) or just like last week we gave us this.

This pastor had been praying for a car for his single mom and his congregation somebody donated this car through the Jesus labor love. Now they're right out here get this car and we get the CI data we repair cars literally almost every day for some mom somewhere in the country as people have given money to that ministry and then we in turn use it to help them get the car fixed so it's a spectacular word, just like the middleman that there B by their that that that are mechanics and whatever that want to help people but they don't know where to find the people that really need help right and then the radio should just allow that to be kind and an action) make the connectivity to be read or whatever however you want to say that I make that connection to that's in you to set me besides radio me in the their session is one of many shows that you do and and and things you behind the scenes here at truth radio network and helping produce weathers the Q&A with coleslaw for, or the man up show or the podcast or so many other things from preaching to a boot camp you you facilitate a boot camp where were men come in for a weekend and you get this so into investing more in demand as well. Now I dislike you. You now gotta keep something in the doors and and when you have, you know the go-ahead from him you go, have fun and then it glad people say man out on seat. God orchestrates the thing and you just kind of like I said I love when you're describing the somebody on Q&A that you know you leave room in your schedule for audibles right because Jesus always did right right he never noticing like you now also this woman is tugging at them putting their way to help you touch the hem of her separation Roman soldier not Russian but a Roman soldier comes up and you know since you need to cut you fixed my guardian in whatever is left like that so I you know God like that you said something before we get to your questions.

I do want to get your questions. You said something and of course you know the a lot of men on the man up show Christian had women on there as well. In given their perspective on things as well.

You perspective to men and women's perspective to men, but you said something that I think it may be may be any and every man is ever struggled with and I know I'm certain you've heard them in your boot camps. I know I've heard them in our our man camps and that is you said you wanted to eat.

Here's the quote curricula want to make my dad proud. I so even though you went off into the car ventured off into the car business, not simply something you initially passionate about, or even really wanted to do to get your dad's approval in a sentence and make him proud. You did that. How many other guys, Rob reviewed that I and/or me ask you this Rick, have you not heard that how many guys have you heard I was right there under my dad's approval, worry or just your mind as him proud of you son Frank. I it's a huge thing. The big thing and it really really is and what's fascinating to me is because I wasn't the car business wasn't my natural support by med. I never remember my dad's him bore you really are.

The card I married the right. However let you know shortly before May for five years before he died he saw what was happening in my ministry and he was like man sometimes so I can't be more proud to be once I start doing what God had for me right was a completely different thing.

It wants it all. All the parents out there listening.

I think it's critical and and/or important that I look, I get it.

You want your cell you know you like for me if I had a son and I had all girls but no, I would've anticipated or would've pushed and probably towards football like my weightlifting and bodybuilding. Whatever, but it may not email wanted to go into theater. I don't know you. Whatever right, and as to how many times do we try to vicariously a phrase it this way vicariously live through her children may be a dream that will wasn't fulfilled in our own life.

We try to push our children towards doing it in and in that sense, the dream being fulfilled by vicariously living through them.

When that is not the approach in my view, that we should be a taking that will comes to our children.

We should look at what their gifts and their talents and their skills are and in then encouraging encouraging them to follow pursue that what they're passionate about. Right, encouraging them to their anointing you find out where they are anointed and then you you know you help encourage women in the in that in writing whatever that may be right now that that's great, great word that this case if so there's a little bonus for the Q&A with a cola show today. We did anticipate that but yeah those you who are parents out there really considering or maybe even reconsider. You know or evaluate your children's gifts and talents, skills and abilities and and encourage them to go down that path. So there's little bonus. Therefore, all right, let's transition here. I wait for this for two years ago at Ravi question number one for the Russian nightmare since I don't know much about wrestling.

I've learned quite a bit over the last two years you know that obviously there was some type of an agreement within the wrestlers. This was entertainment and this is what organ kinda do and this is how the matches can ago and you guys had a way you did things that was Innotech.

Hopefully sell the audience on the fight that you are the bad guy and he was the good guy in the end, and there was this bad blood will necessarily there may or may not of been anything but just you know this investor friends right at this show will let you know it's it's what was going on right but I'm wondering so you're out there and you're doing your thing with whatever wrestler at whatever point in time and all the sudden you can tell it's on. In other words, I've done something to get this guy and and now we are wrestling with week this is real IQ. We went from a stage of like okay this is whatever now okay it's really on in this guys wrestling me in our in our in our in our vernacular and our terminology would be a it went from a will work to a shoot for me to work to a shoot now. Fortunately fruit fortunately for me, maybe because I was 285 and in jacked up and bigger than most of the other guys.

Not every guy, but most of the other guys voice. I never really that I recall honestly heading whenever shoot on me. However, there were some other opportunities where what we would call. I threw a what would be termed a potato meaning I might want to punch the guy in the nose and knew he really did get hit in the nose now wasn't intentional Ryan but he really got it in the nose. Recall that a tater for shorter potato I and and with that, there was see equal retribution or you might see a receipt coming in our terminology, or at least the guy had the right to give a receipt dried payback to write for for that tater right and so that did occasionally happen in a match or two or three of mine were worse. I was maybe a little more stiff than I should have been her summer laid something in the little harder than a me. Maybe they wanted me your anticipated I would laid in an and then maybe getting returns to give something or a receipt and return that was just as snug. You might say are just as stiff. All that to say that their first sure our store reads of of guys in the business that that it it it did totally went from a work to a shoot one day that comes to mind is guy named Luther that she was legendary and professional wrestling for like almost 67 decades.

I think he actually his last match I think was in his 80s in Japan who thousand he was in multiple time NWA world heavyweight champion and he was the real deal. I mean a lot of the guys in the early years, Robbie came from amateur wrestling backgrounds right they could. They they know how to tie up into a pretzel. If they wanted to day but is a work so I but yeah there were times and/or times the stories I heard that I didn't do silly witness but even in dressing rooms guys get so mad out in the ring that the got into a fist coffered fit without each other in the dressing room my my first partner Ivan coal off had a horseshoe on his neck K a horseshoe you like what you like a tattoo you know him if they they were flying overseas so they were over the pond as they sign all over the ocean and him and a guy named the iron chic she key because now I are at the heard of the iron chic while they got into a fight on the plane over the ocean and chic bit Ivan on true blood, no tickets sold on the outlet other than the other patrons on the flight and the rest of the boys as we call them bullet but left a permanent like Michael Haft's half circle real teeth behind her I get when I mark on. I've been a snack that became a story for the rest of his life was the first of the metabolic Ivan Licata with Zephyr. How did you get that with that from you told me the story how the iron she could got the big fisticuffs on the plane and oversee the old man old Mike Tyson in the neck. You and symmetrically try to bite off somebody's ear something anyway so so that did happen, that did happen, fortunately never happened for me is Forest Lake going from a work to a shoot, I've never heard that term. So now I definitely have learned some young man then but one of my favorite ever Q&A with cholos. I forget what the question was, but all I remember is you are in this chain match.

As I recall with Magnum TA and Summer another he got the chain wrapped around his neck and you throw him over the chain over and over the top row over the top dog state was stating that urea okay and he was an ending and he was literally choking to death and you're like mayonnaise really sell this thing and he is trying to tap and he was scared like this. Is this man I could be discounted out right. Did that ever happened to you.

Did you ever have a situation where you're like they're going to take me out like your choking or there was something happening to you were like man this is desperate.

I gotta get out.

Yeah, yeah.

I mean, again, especially Intex in a mainly chain matches Gazette was very it was it was a great visual to wrap a chain around a guy snack or wrap it through his mouth and around his neck, or your will or or around over his eyes or whatever you know to make you look more vicious right and so yeah there are Coke a couple times and in those chain matches. That is, the idea is to get get get your hang get your fingers in between your neck and the chain so it doesn't cinch up like it did on the stinger there in Chicago and off the air and in so so the couple times to couple times their meager thinkable time seeing stars being hit with a metal chair. In other like yelled to the old sulfate go any hit to the head of the metal chair you know and help help you see stars a cuppa to send us of the intent. But again, things have a son. Exact science container with a chair hater with the chair things happen and others ways you learn to kinda protect yourself and where you know ye that you timely to where you can come get your hand up you know before you. Your head feels the full impact of the cherishing kinda break it a little bit, you know, we still want this book. Write it in the indoor indoor couple body slams out on the concrete floor were really does knock the wind.and you're gasping for air. You know you will catch my breath. Oh so yeah so that there was a handful at times that yes of accessible switching gears from wrestling to know what everybody that that now, as you well know is that obviously the word discipline is in the word disciple I'm interested you're listening to the Truth Network and drain tile from the top brand carpet right now number one thing this is Nikita cholos and I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to or radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today.

You're listening to the Truth Network and that to know Nikita is to see that the Lord anointed him one of the ways that he shows God in my pics in my opinion is easily tremendous disciple from a standpoint discipline. Discipline in the way he eats discipline the way it handles finance and not in a lot of folks have asked the spiritual disciplines, but I'd start to go in another direction, just so we all can learn a little bit because I know the value of some of these other things that you talk to really help me but so in the discipline of managing money right which you teach it, it man camp in the last day for at least a little session there which was extremely helpful.

What would you say you don't you have one thing to tell people as far as the discipline of their money. What what discipline would that be that you would you would say this is the one you eat unique you. Good question.

Been a devotion. I was reading maybe even this morning they called it the 10 1080 plan, try to think of who gets credit for. For me, I call it that. I called Maury I would need to get even step further to 10, 10, 1070 plan a and that too many people live beyond their means. No others living off credit credit cards or just spending beyond their means. You too much month at the end of the money and so if they could ever get the discipline of of scaling back and and and living off of the 1010, 1070 for me is being able to live off 70% of their income living always summerlike. There is actually no way, but that's not true. There actually is a way am I mean the player people, including myself, are are proof that you can you can live by it did matter you don't have any significant in their mind Robbie to think at all that I gotta make $1 million so I can live off 700,000 not know know me, you can make $100,000 year. Not a million a year in and live off of 70,000. I mean, so there would discipline with discipline, so learning to live below your means living below your means and developing the habits and of of course the very first hand is your time. Plain and simple. They may be some out there listening landed never even heard of that term, or know what that even means Coke go Google if you're not familiar with it, but the silly aim simply means giving 10% back to God because it's all his anyway and typically that that's in the way of your local church signature nontender is really cool. I heard this the other day that and it really made it really resonated with me. I kinda knew it, but I never grasp it in this word picture there used to be wine bears cupholder that kind of thing but the ideas if you share the first 10% of your income is first first right correct. We pray God right. He's like he's like saying okay now this is this is this is good for EE.

He's taste testing it for you say okay now you can live on the other because I'm telling you this is blessed right here that fits that if God blesses the first 10% than the other 90% spliced 100% called the multiplication effect right that that in the beyond just addition he can multiply the 92 stretch further than the hundred percent ever could write and said very and very rock-bottom managed to give 10% back to back to the Lord and you know, however, God directs you to do that but it all. So my faith, philanthropy, and whatever right, but so that's 10 another another 10 another 10 I maybe combine him to say, savings and investing savings and investing might might break down the other tends and and then so and in I liked it so the SOV lived live off 70% to 10% savings 10% investing 10% tithe.

Then you can you can actually take that 10% in the investment world and in multiple God can then multiply the investments show you direct you where to invest, and then the savings account for me is not saving for a rainy day but you you want to you want to buy a flatscreen TV with uncle buying on credit save. Then once you have enough saved to go by will pay for for cash and so not enough people are disciplined and in the area of finances, which is why so many are in debt and/or underwater financially concede that disciplined in that area of their life and take the time to make out a plan. I was really really helpful and he showed a lot of that stuff it main campus really really helpful to the other guys that to me is is a little bit unusual compared to most folks that I know that teach disciplines and ulcers of things is your discipline and fasting and those who don't know Nikita fast very regularly and so and I and I know the spiritual and I think most people I hope are experienced as a spiritual fasting sometime but since I know you're also as an expert in health, could you kindly share what your thoughts are on the physical attributes of fast regularly to hear youuse your mate, you may be re-regular church attenders sewer on a spiritual journey of their OC Internet relationship with Jesus that are at least evident some level of understanding.

Hopefully all fasting needs biblical rights in Matthew chapter 6 and when you given when you when you pray when you fast, you know not. If not, if you give if you pray fast when when you pray when you get when you pray when you fast so III just view it as does God ask expects us to do it.

I'm so the certainly the spiritual component to that in all the reasons for that which won't go into right and right now you get a book by Mike Bickel call the rewards of fasting. If you want to know more about the whole biblical spiritual principle side of it, but from a health and wellness standpoint is a health and wellness guy. Yes there there are actually several physical benefits to to to not eating to me. For one, think about your digestive system and how overworked for a lot of people it really is because they I say overworked because too many people overeat and so if you consider how many times a day you may be eating. How may times a day. Your digestive system compound that over 70, 80, 90 years, how long you might live – what what a novel idea to give your digestive system a break for a day or whatever that might look like and and just not make it work overtime and having to always be digesting food, but maybe you just taken in liquids for the day and kinda given it a break physically and there are lots a lot of health benefits to to doing that on a regular basis so even if you weren't doing it for spiritual reasons.

Manna can be so healthy and good for you to just give take a break every week and give your body a break, give your digestive system a break and let it come to cleanse itself.

So yes and now I would. I would even add for my that there are some emotional benefits to it because as you know I have a coffee incident which you know when I went to the main camp got all just crazy to shape a little bit ma'am, your coffee so yeah yeah so he looks over his jump in it real quick. There so so you know the people here again to our bodies crave things right. Whether it's a smoker craving nicotine right a coffee drinker craving caffeine right all the teams interesting nicotine, caffeine anyway.

Hmmm, yeah, soon so you find a real quick. You know just what you may not even be aware that you have certain addictions and tell you you know you you're not have till you don't have access to certain things like coffee, like you found out it at camp like now coffee. Just not available today like no I want copyright.

That's how I share and enter and what an eye-opener.

It is like how much your body has control over you.

Yes, and the fact that you you feel like you're fairly disciplined person. You find out. Well, I've got this bad weakness, and so, from my standpoint, you really watch my back by by helping me get these kind of disciplines to see where you will identify like maybe again you are unaware that there was maybe a minute addictions there right, let's just say let's assume you're unaware that there is even it is diction. There also near enlightened to the fact that man I am addicted to coffee him addicted to caffeine or what.

Again, fill in the blank. Whatever it is addicted to food right yeah you do you find out just do you have control of your body is your body have control of you. That's really what it boils down to evil, and it especially comes to eating right, you'll for the Israelites found that out and in and wandering in the desert you know there were so it will lease back in Egypt we had lentils and we had any of this is that you know and and and again yeah the discipline of of of taking you taking control over member of a guy my name is Craig. However, many of his books right. He said one time when he first started fasting like he's like exclusively would not eat to starve to death with no I can't go without a mule or whatever is Eddie Woody was first started fasting got super hungry Sica I gotta eat in the in the 80s like then he got a grip and goes to Lindemann because I literally start talking my body like talking my stomach on if you will stop growling him in a fast an extra day off so you think he does believe it or not. Thought the growling of the hunger pain to set. They listens and listened to what I thought I real quick. I control my body. My body does not control me. So, that's right. Now that you decayed. I'm glad I got a chance to get my shot and will will do it again another time, but for those you out there listening land, Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy who get the truth. Radial app Truth Network Download that get to his hip here one of many of his shows and so many other incredible programs as well as the Q&A and the map show, so thanks for tuning in today Q&A would cool off and if you'd like to be on coal off… In… I almost forgot just shoot me an email get you on this – this podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers and generous. May God bless you for your continual donate the cuticle all fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on wall helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today at W. S.

M. C. The number because you are number one this is the Truth Network

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