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Jay Stewart- How To Get Refreshed and Restored

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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August 13, 2022 1:00 am

Jay Stewart- How To Get Refreshed and Restored

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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August 13, 2022 1:00 am

In today's episode Nikita speaks with his local church pastor Jay Stewart. Listen as they discuss Jay's church "The Refuge Church" and it's upcoming "Leaders Cadre" as well as Jay's book "Welded."

For more information on The Refuge Church and The Leaders Cadre please visit:

Find it under the events Tab.

To receive a copy of the book "Welded" visit:


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Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network is man up today my pastor Jay Stewart joins us today on the man up show Jay welcome back to the man up show you an incredible honor to be back. I don't like it never won't be back to Amanda Clark like the backbone beer with you again really have a lot of thank you so much.

Well it's is just a privilege to have you on the show. If I have to kind of chuckle you know that you say that it I've preached over 1200 churches big. I think about 1195 of never asked me back on what well maybe not out of Mattie by what I am. I do have quite a number that have invited me back to way more than one time but I think I come in so so heavy-handed and some of like that. I guy we have a knack. I get my one shot at it, Jay.

I got my one shot dropped the hammer one to drop the hammer will what was that all express, you are an evangelist or prior to becoming the lead pastor. What was the expression the evangelists blow CM blows up in the blows out of town is something like that. Blow out the part about the pastor there to mop up all all all of the good good good tears and bloodshed therefrom from about words and going about the exact going out of your pastor, author listed at don't let that discourage you from bringing me, and as an evangelist. By all means all that simply means is that I just I speak the truth of God's word.

I don't mince words and and sometimes it is a hard word do my best and in the jail, you might verify this and do my best not to be one of those of what the Bible talks about that you know to clean the ears of the listeners so worn about one of the many things that always loved about you that you are courageous and bold, never afraid to speak the truth and honestly the Bible for the truth that will fit people free and are really collective.

The pastor and I think you feel the same way I do people at the service. If I don't go on the trip yes and so that's one of the greatest thing we can do even though sometimes it's hard to swallow, just to speak the truth and I love that about you and your unapologetic and you never compromise the water got so thank you for that and I appreciate that a rib really doing and I'm reminded of another guess saying this is the truth to set you free. With the sometimes the truth hurts right I mean hurt that you hurt sometimes it really does mean when you got to go to another brother or or or somebody ago to assist her in and in the Lord and you know sometimes they'll call the call amount. Iron sharpens iron right Proverbs 2717. Maybe after you have somebody audit me and made somebody's feelings make it hurt her but but if it's absolute truth like like you and I are talking about that then. Ultimately, the potential is there to set them free. Right from whatever whatever sin they may find himself in whatever bondage they may find himself in a key consent. I then down or this morning all reminded the church of Ephesus, when he said you have to speak the truth and love to one another yes and he talked about how it careened the individual it shrink the bodyguards but the key is in a lot, speak the truth in love right a lot of people are great because of a true, but there is no load factor yes truth spoken without love parties. The heart and man of God spoken without true just becomes a license to compromise so we have to have both. Man that you just took them. He took the words on mama that I was to say hey the last thing you want to tag on Is are those keywords in love, speaking the truth. Love Jeff great insight. Now you pastor down William Criswell relation goes back 20+ years back to 1993 when when I surrender my life to to to the Lord, October 1993 and and we develop this friendship.

This relationship of this bond. Ever since that that time and in the course you're pastoring the refuge church there in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Your campuses in Salisbury, North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, and it ended just a thriving church there. You campuses in in down in South America and over in Africa as well. Yeah over the years that the refuge is really grown in an expanded and healthy and thriving in it because it because Jay and I think just want to say for the record you because you in in in in a loving way you from the platform Sunday after Sunday after Sunday also speak the truth without compromising and I think many many many people appreciate that even though some people might get offended or get their feelings hurt you, yourself a which I think is what's made our relationship. So it was so great is is you take. That's the same approach shows so appreciate it while you for the last time less than we had you on.

We had you and it actually 001 of the other pass pastor, Pastor Derek Hawkins. We had you got John and we highlighted. We talked about of the book that you guys wrote together a release together and in a timely manner in God's perfect timing about about unity and it and just give us a list is a quick a quick update on on the block and don't tell me about a man be glad to Nikita it still been almost 2 years. Not quite two years ago when the book was released November 2020" Caldwell did in the subtitle is performing racial bodies that last and although we all know we've made a lot of progress in America when it comes to racial unity. We still have a ways to go.

And God has really briefed on the welded and used it in so many ways. In some ways that we never even saw coming, but were so grateful for the message of the book and then the way God using it.

There's a small group curriculum that we talk about the last time that we were on the air with you that is carried by right now media that was six session BBD curriculum that goes through the book and so that's been a real blessing. I think the last time we talked as well on the air at that time there were 2000 copies of the book welded in every single person in South Carolina 2000 copies of every person in Tennessee 2000 copies in the 50 largest prison in Florida, and man am thrilled to report that as of today there are 2000 copies in every single prison in the state of North Carolina as well and that that was the thing we never saw coming. I mean a lot of churches have really benefited from the book. A lot of individuals constantly get Greg report contract I'm holding in my hand a letter right now that came to me from an inmate in a Florida in the second letter that he written to me.

The first letter he had written.

He got a copy of the book he read the book, he was greatly impacted by the message in the pages of welded any wrote me a letter and he asked me if I would consider mentoring him and training him for ministry prison and he knows Wally Claire. He feels like he can minister to guys and then when he gets out he wants to be in full-time ministry and followed him back to that I man I don't how that would work, but I'm totally open to and if we can find a way to make it happen. Let's do it. So he's with me again and tell that that's been a real blessing. I just got a testimony this morning from someone in our church who work just you know out in corporate America secular job and a guy in her company. Saul whatever shirt she had all met with something about prayer and he approached her. Anyway, long story short, she ended up giving him a copy of the book welded that she found out just a couple weeks ago. He read the entire book in one day, he was greatly impacted by he was out of church mail. He wants to come and maybe even show up this Sunday at the refuge because he was so impacted by the message of the book so men were grateful God continues to use it and I believe and we talk about this in the book that unity is is an absolute prerequisite for revival and I believe there's a great revival come to America and I believe a key part of that is that we get this racial unity thing figured out well and I for one those are some great stories and not surprise one of many that should have come in and many that will continue to, I myself read the book on on on a plane trip. Forget where I was going to but it and certainly in in reading it there for those you listing out there. This is striking a chord with you there someone you know that that would benefit from. From reading the book welded angle or yourself of, or several, that you may know that to to get a copy of this book is very insightful. Pastor Derek and if you have a silica guide is what like mid 50 a white guy in his mid-50s in a black eye in his mid-30s right that the God brings together right in my correct on after two to give a vision for that for this book and then the impact in the inroads that it's making on on bridging the communication went right, and in one of things I learned about was how it it it can help prompt you and/or give you some some insight on how to initiate conversations with people of another color that I write my four key messages throughout the book you listen, it will get dark somewhere analog to grant such a fear of like I don't know where to start and I don't know what I am afraid out the longplaying right of the book really equipment people to just start having those conversations that we could offer that we dreaded having and I think a lot of people have been very comprised as I waded into the water. They been very surprised at what it happened in the relationship letter been formed. The healing that is gone. The work that got done in their hearts and the hearts of other people is a beautiful thing then and I I'm just blown away, humbled and blessed that I have the privilege of you know the heart of God on the pages and now it's documentation well and it is skinny. I believe continue to grow and expand even even beyond the borders of America and I just feel the Lord Lord knows we need resources like this, like, like that of the book and and the the.

Though this the study guide you call us what you call it our study guide, but Margaret curriculum.

Yes, all small group curriculum to get those that initiate those those conversations and then building those those relationships and so I'm just thrilled about that the current success in a course, the prisons, you know, getting it in the in our house and as a kid has to grow and expand it on now is if somebody is there a website or Amazon or hot like if you want to find the book welded where where might they go.

So Amazon is easier to get the book and you can get it in Kindle format. You can buy a hard copy about paperback copy or you can get the audio AVAILABLE on Amazon or you can go to welded and there's even more information about the book on that website and been right now media right now our GHD now media is where you can get all group curriculum possible well and I encourage all of you out there you know this is a benefit so many in so many ways and and and there's actually one other opportunity will help somebody to get their hands on the like all like almost like immediately as well, and that is at a conference that working or you can have a vendor table there. The refuge can have a vendor table at the man up conference in Fort Mill, South Carolina August 25 two to the 27th and things you may or may not know J is this not only can they get copy there at at the conference in it and perhaps so hopefully meet you Pastor Derek some the other staff there from the refuge is all part of our theme for their for the mentor conference in the ward, the Lord dropped in my spirit as the where is the word unity you're listening to the Truth Network and If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25. The keel was seen as adoration and declaration for a gift of $50. The cuboid is wrestling with this gift of $100 more will include a signed copy of his newly updated life tale of the ring a lot.donate today call.

I am excited to hear you do know well, maybe. Anyway Facebook all my new friends and like and follow your listening to the Truth Network and unity and zero and we had a great lobby just incredible Ellwood NBA All-Star Elwood you be speaking WWE along the WWE superstar Lex Luger to be speaking there at the conference. Lieut. Gen. Jerry Boykin CF been bring bring in a powerful message for man international event in the serum brother, David, Jason Benham, international or nationally acclaimed business entrepreneurs, international evangelists Frank Shelton Dr. Joyner Chris Reed I'll be there for the lineup. It is degrading and working on a special movie night on the can give it away. You talk about this movie were to show the special movie night with pop, candy and soft drinks you actually talk about of the book welded sewing what is already really know what movie you talk about, but I mean it's it's it's a guy movie in the more or less in a sense it ties right into the theme of the block and no reconciliation among ethnic groups and and in among you know these different different different races and so so that's August 25 to the 27th so they got to get a copy of welded just come on out to Fortner South Carolina and stop either the refuge vendor table there and in get your copy and maybe maybe maybe we get it autographed. I don't know you know I will have to few books over the years but couple of books that are going to be exciting man shortsighted about the man up conference down there. MorningStar and such a great lineup. Speakers and really going to be able have a table there offer the book welded the guys and it ties right in with it will just put all your heart with unity for the conference all man that's going to be good. I can't wait to meet from you guys. Derek Tolbert startled at first I go see you Saturday and it's can be power absolute thinking through Thursday night will kickoff 7 o'clock go to Saturday night that we got a social hour work one night wherever you want to be down in the midst of all the vendors and all of it everywhere. You have everything from how I got it I got a massage therapist is going to give away like 10 minute free massages to Wheatley government businessman we got ministries that are going to be promoted looks that if the Benham Brothers Academy signing their books. Gen. Jerry Boykin's can be signing his book Rick and rejoin an argument signing our book so we know a lot and and on Saturday.

Almost forgot this way to do the truth radio Robbie Gilmore, the man himself is good to be doing a live radio broadcasting from the conference call to initial Christian car guy masculine journey and I'll be doing the man up show live from Fort Mill, South Carolina at the man up conference so he come on yeah yeah, we may remit maybe will get you on the on the on the radio Robbie to Jay so but am* where you can deregister a VIP. General admission is still a few VIPs left.

General admission a one-day pass.

You may be local in the in the in the area at that, Charlotte, North Carolina in July. I love the commish can come the whole thing. I what will solve that for you a one-day pass. Okay, come Friday. Come Saturday and if your church group discount get 10 or more guys load up the van you get a special group discount M* goal get registered today Hotel right on site food trucks cafs food. All right, there's can be great. But that said, there is another major conference coming up so not only is unity and racial reconciliation on your heart J there's all pastors are on your heart as well and you gotta be conference coming up in October right there at the main campus in campus North Carolina a pastor's cadre. I had a look at your option so you know like I know I believe it or not. I do a lot of harassment. It works cadre, for my own family members okay and others who are like what in the world's cadre work exactly like our listeners. J what is a cadre what is a pastor's cadre good feel as listen in the cadre.

Really a specially trained for people that have been given a specific assignment almost what you like the Delta force or maybe the old dark Green Berets or whatever you're listening to, and drain tile from the top right and stop number one thing this is the goal I want to thank lemons carpet for supporting my new show man Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that work.

I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and Vodafone is more radio network.

Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. You're listening to the Truth Network and will cadre the cadre that I'm doing is three days of impartation and encouragement and introduction anybody who is in ministry that I have to be a senior pastor lead pastor can be male or female can be used pastor's children's pastor and worship leader yeah yeah yeah anybody in ministry of really making it just as a stamp from just a growing desire of the last several years the poor and other pastors about have the opportunity to coach a lot of pastors poor in the church planter did that for number of years and then got put all my heart because I what I was I was doing it more locally and regionally and then I have lot of guys from around the country that were asking if they could be a part of it and that's when I decided to do it in a three day format so it Tuesday Wednesday Thursday so those that are in ministry don't have to mess with Sunday that comply analysts on Monday and I can plot our cattle Thursday evening and we just just a few months away from turning 60, and so I have almost 4 decades of full-time ministry. And and I've just taken what I feel like in the times in which we are living in the second Chronicles will come to visit guard who understood the time and they knew what to do and Carmichael.

The times that were living in are so unique and so challenging to ministers in town talk to Ray to God what is one of the things that we need the most. What can I impart to others that would help them to understand at times, but also give them some practical ways to walk it out so I have other people that come in and help me delete some of the questions people like Brooks and I both feel Sgt. Jason does a special marriage in ministry. David of the session on navigating cultural war.

Both of those sessions are hands-down. Some of the greatest information I've ever heard my life.

One of my executive pastors on staff of the female Majeed of the sessional women in ministry again. One of the greatest session.ever heard one the greatest teachings I've ever heard on women in ministry pastor Derek Hawkins that co-authored the book welded with me a session on racial reconciliation pastor Nathan Smith both professional and developing a leadership pipeline and volunteers within the church and members of the things that are poor into the leaders. It's a great family doing a granite top golf we feed you we pour into you weekend the entire thing by having our staff and other leaders lay hands on every person in attendance and pray over them and send you out with encouragement and with prayer.

I would go for anybody here in ministry, you know someone in ministry.

Please give him the information and get him registered might even offer to pay the registration and get them here. I believe it will be such an encouragement to them yet to be a great great investment in the end someone you know and in ministry and maybe as a pastor.

The just couldn't Say this I couldn't afford elect, but I like in cancer stuff we do men just know that I love to come to camp I can afford it, but that they love to come to this cadre there like that. I just I just can't afford it in and you're out there and you could sponsor a pastor or two or more or more make a donation to the refuge church. So it's like J where where would they so this is Pekin somebody's interest out today where would they go to register and/or get more information on the pastors cadre all of the information is available on the refuge website correctly would go to the refuge.the and panel one of the cabins they obligate on the events tab will find all the information in the registration and the details and the cost for the cadre is October 8, 2019 and 20, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and I would love I would love for people to come and if I have questions. I can certainly reach out to the refuge and get more information if they need okay and let me ask this for almost out of time.

But let me ask you this, so if if, as were talking so couple questions if if a pastor says I really to go to the insert on the registration site is there place on there for them to say hey I could use some financial assistance or something of that nature and/or belong there and designate donating designate specifically to the cadre so yeah." I don't know if there's a place on the registration form for them to indicate that they might need help. All they would have to do would be to shoot us an email and just I want to come but I need some help in the system and covering the registration I've Artie had people approach me from within our congregation and play will sponsor pastors that want to come but I can afford it, and so email us to reach out to us and then if there's others that want to donate to the same thing and email it straight.

They heard the broadcast.

And I love the sponsor pastor two or more what you were saying Nikita and the will will tell them exactly how to do okay the write that down. Make a note mental note to self find out more information.

No register for the cadre. Get more information on the pastors cadre October the states again. October 1819 and 20, October 1819 to 20th, August 25, 26, 27th, the man up conference for Mill, South Carolina Heritage USA hosted by MorningStar ministries go to M* and get registered there. Don't procrastinate any longer. Men don't wait, ladies.

Given your blessing and send them to the pastors cadre and/or come with them there and/or send your men of all ages of all ages on praying and believing every four generations and don't come to the conference to get your your hand-delivered book of welded and so J Stewart pastor Jay Stewart thank you for being a part of the show today. Thank you for sharing all this amazing information. All that you're doing for the body of Christ working on her Nikita. Thank you for all you do it as well. Thank you to all our wonderful listeners out there tonight again another episode of man up because it's time for mid this podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, generous, and may God bless you for your donate uniform fear have registered for the MorningStar men's conference in August.yet what are you waiting for, we have an amazing lineup of speakers, including NBA All-Star how would a superstar like Gen. Jerry Boykin, David and Jason Benevento brothers renowned evangelist like something read, and Yours truly register today what are you waiting for to M* the cuticle all fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem sure to check them out today at W. S. M. C. The number because you are number one this is the Truth Network

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