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Duncan Brannon- On The Front Lines Part#2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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June 25, 2022 1:00 am

Duncan Brannon- On The Front Lines Part#2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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June 25, 2022 1:00 am

Today's episode concludes Nikita's conversation with Duncan Brannon about his amazing journey in the entertainment industry as well as his journey with the Almighty God.

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Jesus said blessed are the persecuted and they are suffering big time right now. This is my believe international in 19-year-old Ari was beaten by her own father and violated by local authorities in order crime was simply that she gave her life to Jesus Christ after leaving radical Islam. They need Bibles in order to endure and persevere and that's why Truth Network and finally got teamed up to sin. God's word to 3500 persecuted believers around the world at five dollars and $500 since 20. Call 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word or give a, this is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network I love you were, will you live in a politically great day man up back for part two Matt if you listen to part wide. I know you are intrigued by the things that this man of God, talked about Duncan branded Duncan welcome back to it's time to man up part two basic units. Every Batman great to have you back. You would kinda left our our listeners hanging knowing we did that back in the wrestling days. You know some of the fans and I got new autograph signage was kind of fun is is or funny is algal managed to hate it when I be watching the shows on on on Saturday and you're like you be a case of this match is on the go all out war were out of time and we never saw the finish. We never saw what happened you I got out I was pretty intentional to keep coming back get in, week out right so I remember that brother Dallek hortatory and my friend, that God hired his family right what one thing that going on and what I ask you about that for a moment so so yeah girl watching some of that gibbering that's see the Von Erich family was big out in Texas where you were here born and raised in the end, this moratorium was legendary out there for world-class championship wrestling in the course of Harry and David and all the Von and Fritz Von Erich and more severe. The guys you maybe remember and did you ever see a Nikita call off mats. You better believe what you believe you to call Matt. You remember the night Jovan made in your name is familiar and are about the household work. My brother loser Brody Andre the giant and Kemal mean I can go down that the list of old-school people you know about I and Keith Parsons. You know all of these guys we we grew up with all of them and then quickly. We followed it all the way into the WWF, they became the big payday and on down the line, felt Lex Luther dialect liver is one of my favorite I know that you and your art are great. Calvin equipment my little brother he loved. He loves you, love this thing and that all of those people that that you know so well that our fellow believers now also yeah we we grew up watching them you lost it all and I dear this mess in this name the Tower of power to three to be, if you feel the thought of a plumber from Austin took the baby of the old, who became the superpower with with Nikita call off the year. If you we like I yeah the American dream. American dream I sought out as I got ask you and me amidst a lot of legendary names. Is there any there may not be but is there any match that just counted it could be anybody that jumps out at you. You remember anybody wow I got I think that the thing that struck out most was watching the Von Erich because we did we get to see them live in course they were from the other.

From there, for they were from here the correct right here in Addison and that amazing legacy. So getting to watch and whatnot we get to see all three of wrestling at one time, we will remember the date of David to write the oldest, but that's getting to see Kevin and Carrie and David all in the ring together at the same time.

That time, you know wrestling had not. I don't think fully exploded into the phenomenon that it would become later in the 90s and support but but you can dance. First of all, just that is that the leadership of their father, Fred. You could see the big dedication to athleticism and appreciate so much of how deeply devoted they were to sport and and just getting to watch them and will a member be a match is a course with Andre the giant yellow watching that that giant of a man now and one of the meal protocol on this man and putting this know this 7 foot know how recall he was then put five yeah this Bohemia, watching him go down to the mat. You know, listening and golf and I am excited to hear you do know well anyway, Facebook, call my new fan page 4 fans and the like, and follow you to call off their have registered for the morning service conference in August.yet what are you waiting for ribbon amazing lineup of speakers, including NBA All-Star Elwood superstar like Gen. Jerry Boykin, David and Jason Benevento brothers were renowned evangelist like something is read, and Yours truly registered today what are you waiting for go to and start you're listening to the and run from the back of the block so I'm now crazy. I remember I remember watching a match for the thorium years ago and that and just we were we were all into it but there was there was an entire family behind it and they were all in and to this day I start impersonating the woman that was sitting behind this rat array hey guys, you would develop that the referee touching the guy cheating right here and so forth.

In court representing that mat. I became more enamored. I think I'm listening to them well I lied. I will say for the record, many of the fans and said to be over the years. Some of the more entertaining matches route in the audience said that that the actually in the room but well I appreciate you sharing a little bit of that. I want to. We got a lot to cover on the show and you know you mentioned something in the last so you said something that I didn't know I was doing that with you with an acting background you use the terminology method acting and someone said to be one time. You know they found out you. I really wasn't from Russia, shocker, shocker, spoiler alert, the cuticle is not really the Russian nightmare is not really from Russia but not realize document that apparently that's what I was doing way back then nodded take acting classes like you letting go in. I was not on stage or in theater and I just I just did it and and later on found out that that's what I was doing, but let me ask you this in regards to your acting as Sarah of favorite polite maybe a favorite stage play that you did. Oh wow, that I think I would go back to Shakespeare because because Hamlet.

Hamlet is really seen. If you like Hamlet. Hamlet. It is really seen. First of all it really, but you see it are out there any any male actor could ever get it it it really is number one because the show is you know over three hours and so there is a just take on dialogue to memorize and so forth.

But it is an extremely juicy part because he dealing with, you know the death of his father.

This is proud of the intriguing ice father has mysteriously died, his mother is quickly married.

This year, the leader who is probably behind the plot and so forth. And Hamlet is investigating many, many visited by the ghost of his dad who revealed yes it was.

I was murdered. Now you you got this and so forth and that that that that role. He is defining for many, many actors Kevin Kline played a course or Lawrence Olivier played to play the original black and white that many of us know, and so coming into that role preparing for you know I was. I was so. I worked so many months of preparing for that nurse and of course there's sort for fighting in the show. There's all kind of stage combat, and so forth and so yeah it was that was such a defining role. I think for me on many levels that I knew that you know if I wasn't going to remain in actor that is skilled in those other things that I learned along the way that they would stick with me and of course after memorizing in and working that muscle memory so much when I became a Christ follower that ability to memorize Scripture manages to translate it. Writing sure my walker that experienced squalid list. That's a great transition point for me right there.

So as I want to lead to you how you and I met in an and talk about your transition from the stage and acting into into really sexy in full-time ministry, but I believe in you correctly Veronica my first introduction to Duncan Brannon was at an event out in in on a ranch in South Texas but through a ministry called Fellowship of the sword. Jan and I and I don't know if I've ever said this to you. Maybe I have. Or maybe I have a but I want to the world to know the impact you had on my life. Duncan in because I was at this event called Quast and for the first time in my life.

I my eyes were open to what it looks like to to live a life of of masculinity and manhood, the way God defines the way the Bible defines it as a teaching on manhood on masculinity that that was taught there at that event. This quest event and Eddie blew me away. And if you were the one doing the teaching and and that was it was through video but what you are doing the teaching and in fact, it's so impacted me. Here's what I want you to hear what I want our audience to understand it so impacted me and rocked my world that I went back home from from that that Quast and asked my passerby could share for five minutes on the platform. You don't and that time we we had about a thousand member church they should absolutely and Duncan. I said this is it for 46 years my life I was a male and for the first time in my life at the age of 47 exactly boarded the bus. It on my birthday. I said for the first time in my life I I stepped into manhood, the way God defines it because of your teaching on manhood, and I say that to say the first 46 years my life even even 13 years walking with Christ.

My view of manhood was defined by the world for real.

I grew up without dad. Many know my story, they listen to the show in the podcast of the striver of reconciliation, redemption with my father but but I grew up without a dad. And so my view of manhood came from conversations in school came from magazines.

You know like like Playboy penthouse of just being real and raw here on the show but that defined my manhood and that's what I knew of man, but when you gave the teaching on manhood. It rocked my world. I told that that I told the congregation morning. This is the first I've just stepped into to me and Anna and because of your teaching. I've been pursuing that now and now teach that myself.

I taught many of the things I learned from you now teach that in and of course you know I've got these documents elect Luger election. I have a skeptical man camp and we do one of the spring. One of the fall would bring men in for a number of days and just teach them about about masculinity about manhood. What looks like to be a godly husband and the godly father and and to walk that out and you are instrumental instrumental in in that transition for me so so I just want you to hear that. I want our audience to know just how your teaching impacted my own life and how now it's impacting many other men's lives. As I embraced what you taught and now share that with countless men, whether sewer conferences we call the conference the man up conference. No humor on the man up show. It's the man up conference and so let me ask you, let me ask you that that transition. Take a minute or two and just talk to our audience about how you transition from the stage early to becoming a full-time ministry that I want to go want to get to your book before we run out of time. You are short so a couple of things really kind of happened here, to make that little bit like that old possible. So I landed and I know you wanted to mention this earlier. I landed a major role in voiceover I become the voice of Chucky cheese a lot a lot a lot a lot Chucky Jesus in our home because so here's a blue file so it when I listen that teaching on manhood, and I think my Goss and this guys like the most profound Bible scholar that I had met at the time to write it and then the end of that. Afterwards they go all by the way, you know he he did some acting. This voiceover is all by the way, is anyone here ever watched anyone familiar with the purple dinosaur and and I like oh my gosh, my daughter Kendra was the biggest horny feel like I'm talking barding that sheets party videos to kill me per se. I see Barney and they come to find out this man of God, Duncan Brannon was the voice of Barney after I'd walks this manhood teaching of like you could get together so anyway there is no God brother there. The foolishness of God Barney and said Chucky cheese was so keep going through love yeah so I landed at the three largest voiceover gigs that I have had Artie Chucky cheese and invoices with automations Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball. The GT characters like Bob Eddie United crazy characters. I landed all three of those without any agent without without even a professional demo because because because God opened the door I I yielded it all, he had told me to lay down the acting thing and so forth and win. When he called me back unit. He threw open the door and the kickoff here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M.


The number because you are number one. If you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25 you will see adoration in her declaration for a gift of $50. The cuboid is wrestling with this for gift of $100 for more will include a signed copy of his newly updated tail of the ring today your listening to the and things like that I was doing a franchise convention in Phoenix. Zona doing a walk on character for Chucky cheese. At the time to work with Brent donate their auditioning for that role. You should put something together and I like what I don't have an agent I don't have a demo and they had a sound system and so I put together a patent put it out there and adamant later found out that I landed the part of Chucky cheese in 1993.

That's a lesson yeah I met Bob West was the original voice of Barney the dinosaur. At the time and doing Chucky cheese that he did other voices that we became friends, and in 1997 when Barney was exploding they needed to bring somebody loutish, and you can just see this crazy domino effect of the sovereign God and the cloud he had for my life.

Well yeah and then now you many goes often on manhood and I get I will know what I wanted to talk much about it.

So here's my lie right out as you talk to people asked me this all the time to still do the voice said it all. But yeah but you only show Russian not merely scary. I love you love where you have a politically great meeting you say you love.

I got fire that once I heard that a million times. Kendra I love you darling thank you thank you said I watch that video a million times are a delicate note that surveys seems to live with, let's talk about your blog. I mean to tell our listeners a mean what's it about it and what prompted you to write it to the book is called the soldier ancient or your wisdom for modern-day Christian soldiers and it it really is the accumulation of personable 30 years in ministry. I pastored family pastor Nan Lynn retreats for men and women alike after kids. I pastored you college and career, you name it. I really run the gamut. That way, and so naturally you acquire it. If you're paying attention. I think you require little bit of wisdom along the way and that journey, but in about 1999, the Lord started another sovereign work in my life and I was going into a Barnes & Noble bookstore passing the history section.

I really felt the Holy Spirit is prompting me to stop and walk over and I walked over to pick up a copy of Sun Tzu's Art of war and felt prompted to buy and took it home, began to read it and as I began to read it. I began to notice these amazing parallels between natural earthly warfare and the spiritual heavenly one that we wage as believers principle that translated from the Sun Tzu and ancient Chinese military classic into the Christian life with with just seamless mess and matter fact that the first thing that he says in the opening of the book or as a matter of vital importance. State the problem of life or death is mandatory to be thoroughly studied. I member looking at that when I started reading the book and going to grieve it like Ephesians 612 just said another way, you know, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. I remember this book impacting me and it started a 20 year journey delving into marshal history. Looking at the samurai looking at Spartans looking at the medieval knights of Europe. Looking at the Celts of the Roman legionary the gladiator biking so forth.

Just this great passion arose in the end as I began to study just like I had and in reading Sun Tzu's Art of war, I began to see many many lessons that translated into the Christian experience, and I noticed something that happened inside of me while I was number one.

It didn't change what I believe my beliefs had been rocksolid in Scripture, but what it did it. It brought a clarity.

It brought a sense of urgency to my warfare as a believer that I had not felt previously and again in the years following.

As I began to do all of this research and so forth teachings came out of that I had friends that were asking what you learned about and so forth. And then eventually became retreats and things like that where I would teach these principles and here you know just a couple years ago it was his will and I were getting ready for a major transition to move. She looked at me what's God calling you to do this next and I said without without a moment of the patient and let book that I agree and so this book is the product of 30 years of ministry 20 years in studying ancient warrior history and wanting to download to the Christians of this age, a revolutionary, a very cutting edge understanding of spiritual warfare that I think that we desperately need right in the South or West here Darren serious time and we need. I believe men of understanding of the times, like the children. It is a carcass, 432 says we need an understanding and we need hard-core weaponry and it's it's hard to find it hard to find solid teaching and it's hard to find teaching that you really feel that outfits you well. I remember some of the studies that I was doing just getting ready and putting the book together and the statistics of pastoral help of church health that were so alarming that only increased debt burden 53% of pastors today. They believe that seminary did not adequately equip them for their job right. Something over over 50% are struggling with pornography, 54% just feel overwhelmed and the more more I look at this more more I knew what God was telling me to do. It's time to put this together and it's time to put it out there for people and I like you noted very early on earth brought that well receipt work with doing really really well and were really excited and we just want to get into more hands as many as possible really well and I and I know it's I know it's going to do.

I feel confident say it's going to do well and in the excerpts that I reviewed it on and I look forward to reading read the entire block and in I just want to say for all the listeners out there. You know this is sweet. We are in a war. I am unit when the minute you enter into the kingdom of God. You know you signed up. It whether you like it or not you signed up and and hopefully in I sit all the time. Duncan if you're my foxhole, I don't want you cowering away. I want you standing operating or standing side-by-side with me and in fighting the good fight of faith it and so they could find this book on Amazon were all can I find your book yeah yeah they can hop on Amazon of course is available in e-book and that was well. It did paper in hardback on, you can visit our website also be soldier code all one word, the soldier and you can find out more about the book you can order the book. There also and and find out with this with this whole thing is about it. One of the most enthralling study I think anybody will ever do on the subject at age because it's a different way. It's a different way of approaching the subject really kind of like Jesus did his parable Jesus in order to relate kingdom truths to ask heavenly truth started with what was familiar. He started with what was here on earth with what people could touch, taste and see in this book continued in that same vein, we start with real history. We start with real stories and we get rid of the stereotypes we look at actual events that happened in the lives of the amazing warrior cultures and then we watched just literally almost, like it doesn't felt you what drain tile from the top brand carbon right that a number one in the reader's was the one that had more thing. This is the goal that I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man on Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were you're listening to the and, literally the principal walked right over and the Scripture walk straight over into the Christian experience as an look at a course I went to seminary course like a good boy also studied original language so we look at Hebrew and Greek and I we talk about the meeting. Look at context and culture in Scripture. So it's not just need grab the numbers here and just going well. It could be like this. We dig deep right is a right but a very deeply spiritual and off of her academic work.

So history buffs out there all the people there got no surprise there you are Matt you are a man of depth knowledge and understanding when it comes to Scripture and the word of God.

So everything you're saying. I just would just emphasize it as as well and is so you you have Duncan Brannon you have impacted the life of Mickey to cool off and forever grateful for that. I know I feel confident say this book is going to do amazingly well because of God's blessing on you in your life and the impact you've made not only online but many others, not just man just all of those that have come in contact with you.

I know that they walked away a better person. Having met you and I'm grateful for you. Have you on the show today. The soldiers cold. I hope you will going pick up a copy that are download a copy that Duncan Brannon man of God, Duncan Brannon, Esq. thank you for being on the men of show. Thank you so much for having me today Nikita I really appreciate and thank you all for tuning into another episode of its time to man up. God bless you. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers, and generous. May God bless you for your and donate. I will be sure to check out the man up, show how available on television broadcast and Vodafone is more radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the troop that work out today. This is the Truth Network

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