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Q&A With Koloff- #66

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 26, 2022 1:00 am

Q&A With Koloff- #66

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 26, 2022 1:00 am

Today Nikita has a conversation with Duncan Brannan. Speaker, voice over artist, and follower of Christ.

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It's Time to Man Up!
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It's Time to Man Up!
Nikita Koloff

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This is the Truth Network is welcome to another episode Q&A with welcome back to another episode of Q&A would cool off questions and answers and this is the time I give you the opportunity to ask me the questions usually appear listening to the man up show you find that I'm prompting all the conversation are asking all the questions but here's the opportunity for you to get a phone call from the Russian nightmare sometimes bring you right into the studio to asked me point blank and and most the time I have no idea what you're getting. As is just organic.

I got Duncan Brannon on the Q&A show would be today.

Duncan welcome to Q&A integrating me with yet those I heard a laugh in the back of the jealousy laughed out of the tub and you know what it is again. I just always I we just have fun with this show and more listeners you maybe don't know who Duncan Brannon is to give a quick backdrop on on Duncan Brannon for listeners. Yeah. So Gordon and Nikita and I go way back.

We met through my manhood cheating on what it done years ago but I've been a believer now since the 1991, and that they say got a wonderful family. Of course, and just been preaching the gospel out here and and after worn many hats that way in the church that the work and the boy's overall so you know you if you if you have if you follow Jesus to lead you on a fantastic adventure and trusting him. What faith really stand for right there I've got to do voiceover professional voiceover techie cheese Barney the dinosaur Google me out there and people can find out more about me. That way, and so forth. But that getting to meet a brother like me with such a fascinating story is been a great part of that journey as well. Can't believe it's been all these years really 20 years now you and you and I crossed paths coming up on it for sure. I mean it's Bill Spink is been quite an adventure. As you say, quite a journey you and your lovely bride and yet how many children we have two girls and Adrian Carly and they are the apple of her eyes course and Martin, their wonderful speech language pathologist and that Carly said is a special education and in your bride. She in ministry with you. Yes, our Alanna Alanna always say that Luana is the next best thing that happened to meet God.

Edit years of my life worship when he brought Alanna around and we been married almost 30 years. That's amazing, amazing woman of God, brilliant financial mind. The book that for sure and that you work here in the Fort Worth stockyards locally and is just a force to be reckoned with an amazing force in ministry to be side-by-side with all that that's that's that's awesome and I know you kind of skimmed over it for those who you maybe pick up on it but when when I when you impacted my life to your manhood teaching on that eventful class and I later found out you were the voice of Barney alike.

You gotta be kidding me life my mind can wrap around that initially. I'm like, because your teacher was so powerful you're depth of knowledge of the word of God at all about it. I like how on earth did he ever do it and I'm very familiar with Barney because one of my daughters was in love with Barney and Phoebe was Barney everything liked and I know you've done some method acting in an age and stage plays you.

You've done a lot in in that world is while we talked more we talk more about that on on the man up, show what job for those who maybe have never listened to. We did a two-part series actually kisses so much to talk to about but don't go, listen, go listen to the man up show Duncan Brannon part one part two you be blown away by all that this man has done and accomplished, including including a blocky you've written a blank you're listening to the Truth Network and drain tile from the top right number one thing this is Nicole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show man Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were you're listening to the Truth Network and yes or soldier code ancient warrior with modern-day Christian soldiers.

A book centered on spiritual warfare, but approaching the subject in a way that we haven't done before it. It takes comparative history. Look at six ancient warrior cultures in the book samurai, Viking, medieval night Roman gladiator the legionary and the Spartan and we dig deep into their cultures to their war into their legend and as we dig into the things we begin to find the lesson bits of wisdom and so forth that friendly so beautifully into the Christian experience.

We walked straight in the Scripture, and we look at Scripture from Ephesians 612.

The first Peter 58 be sober, be vigilant. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a boring latch bighearted what Scripture says about spiritual warfare, but by the time people are coming done with this law through history and scripture in language and culture. I believe that they'll find that their sentences have become sharper and the weapons of our warfare, their more familiar with them.

The book is really serious. The heart attack about putting cutting and weapons into the hands of believers strategies that work, not just the pie-in-the-sky fluffy nonsense and outfitting believers for the times that that we are in the workforce, and super response with that well and in the timing that could be could be more better to be better really with culture which were living in annual 30 years of experience in you walking with the Lord is all gone into into this book and I just know from from your teaching how to impact me your skill and how this book is getting impact as so many others, and in how can they find the soldiers killed making donates that it didn't need soldier code, not the soldiers go, but the soldier code and they can go to the soldier and visit our website.

They can also just go straight to Amazon if they prefer. Most everybody had Right and you can get it in paperback, hardback, or e-book form where you can download it.

You could have in your tablet, your smartphone in minutes or whatever you can order a copy and will be on your doorstep within a day or two but it's it's available there for the whole world. I know I heard a statistic I recently that just blew me away. Nikita, you'll appreciate this is Amazon now distribute 80% of the world, e-books, and 70% of the world's printed books.

How crazy is that while who would've thought that it is so while I encourage all of our listeners go go pick up a copy of that book you it will impact can say with confidence.

It will impact your life and let let's so you grew up in Texas and I do know that that you're not unfamiliar with professional wrestling right after I question you get to those my bubbly couple minutes of so I sobbed on Eric's family. I mean they're big in Texas where you grew up in a world class in it. So as so many others I know you've mentioned the Pasi NWA WW often yeah all all of the of a favorite memory.

I think using a shared have a favorite memory was was the von Erickson the ring, but at any one is your a Russian nightmare match that you remember that I put you on the spot before I get what I see that you know about about about that because girl all you know you will know because girl he beat let me just say I'll just give you short answer that he sees one interesting individual because I've done some autograph signings and stuff with him and there's there's one story I will out.

I will tell on air about because with Beckett's WWF days but it went okay. What I'll be all right. Besides, is the secret what else who else anyone else know got everybody from from bruiser Brody Johnny Mantell County wildfire Ridge Road. The American dream.

The Armstrong Bratton that Brad and Gary Armstrong Obama Bob Bob Bob yeah you family me again like the Bonaire family ever. Yeah, a plethora of Armstrong's at Russell. Yeah. And of course you the days of the date of Gary Hart all caliphate managing at the time with Andre the giant, Moloch listening to the truth and golf.

I am excited to know well anyway Facebook all my new fan page. Fans and the like, and follow your listening to the Truth Network and, Uganda was giant as I Uganda Giants right yeah you got a giant yeah he was.

He was an amazing huge huge giant of a man he will and I was an but yet so many, many, that way the fabulous bird. There is another group yes but I is Terry trying to locate Terry Gore Terry Bam Bam Gordy okay I got it so so again I will going to details on air, but I had to babysit Terry Gordon Japan one time he like for real. I guess you just have to go by Nikita a tale of the ring and redemption to get more of that story go on my website call off.and then buy that book you you will hear how how Terry was instrumental in in it and in ending my tours to Japan. Actually because I had to babysit him in Japan. I'll let you imagine how little you listeners. Use your imagination about one plucked up while Lotta great Lotta great memories there. It sounds like you that you have from your days are growing up of professional wrestling so button alright so let's let's do this. Let's so let's flip the table here and and and and I give you the often asked couple, three questions of the Russian nightmare question number one is yet question number one is out of all of them that you wrestle all the places that you did what was that crazy crazy is wrestling match, you were ever a part of it could be you fellow could beat egg team. It could be Texas deathmatch could be the K, you name it. What was the craziest that the Russian nightmare had ever been a part of the massacre class uses some of the ones you just rattled off of me. I was in Texas deathmatch is yeah ropes strap Matt Indian strap match with while who picked it at the all matches with the cowbell in the middle was blackboard and Ron Basson dirty Dick Murdoch or the redneck Dick Murdoch. He had a lot of different names to nicknames Russian chain matches all Florida. I have more chip teeth from Russian chain matches the other not. It's not plow plastic chain. It's like a real chain and that chain only has to tap your tooth in order to chip it like for real, but I literally had cosmetic surgery. When I retired from wrestling because I had so many chips in my tea. People wrap it around my through my mouth and everything else right hobby cage matches you know the nature boy Ric flair, and bagged MTA and so many others, but I I have to say keeping all of those in mind. Probably the one that comes to mind is that the wargame seven of you do remember the wargames at all done and I don't think any of them. There so the wargames was was the brainchild of Dusty Rhodes, the American dream. The towel of away, but the way I appreciate was it said I'm not as good as you. You know I can't do the voice of our second teaser already.

Of those blog but I I worked hard on on impersonating my superpower partner.the road you know self but the wargames which was new at the time that III believe had never been to before.

Two rings side-by-side. Now their bid steel cage matches but this is a steel cage to paint the picture for those who aren't familiar still cage all way around both rings with with a cage on top so that was new at the time that it assumes all enclosed secure the past, you could climb out of a steel cage match writer somebody yeah climb into the steel cage which which was I don't know, but you could anyway Sort of covering on top and then the road lawyers. The superpowers and a Paul Ellery Mr. Paul Ellery against the four horsemen, the infamous four Horsemen, Ric flair, Arnone Oleander said or at one time Lex Luger JJ Dillon and and just the dynamics of that match, especially the very first one when we had no idea you were listening to the Truth Network and to call off and I am here with a huge announcement like big announcement man up men's conference. MorningStar ministries portal South Carolina August 25-27. You think that's always a way. No, not too soon to sign up.

What a lineup of speakers we have the benefit of David and Jason All-Star NBA All-Star how would his speaking world wrestling champion the code of practice, Lex Luger, Chris Rick Joyner Delta force commander Gen. Gen. Jerry Boyd hired.

Yours truly, Nikita falafel renowned evangelist bring shelf and register today is live*events M* go get registered and you will want to miss your listening to the Truth Network and what to even expect it was electrifying and and the fans are on their feet for the entire. I think nearly 30 minutes. As we alternated back-and-forth all you start off with two guys there was a coin toss and and Duncan. I can't figure this out, but the bad guys always won the like because it happened that we got a 50-50 chance here, but which which which meant when the bell rang. They always had a two on one advantage or three on two or 43 so they always had the advantage until all five were in the ring and that it was to submission. Somebody had to give up. Interestingly enough, the good guys always won, so back I will put the good guys always won the wargames so there you go there's a long answer to your question about the great one okay so here's your second week down the crazy match. Now let's let's go back to that crazy moment again that you mentioned in and one of the other broadcasting we record you talk about raising moment manhood moment the you listening to the manhood teaching from Yours truly years ago. Can we go back for a second in time.

Now this amazing moment that God encounter that you're having on this retreat. Your hearing this teaching that she said so so impacted your life and and and all of that. What what was going through your mind when you when you in that moment and when you walked away.

What were some of the things what was in the wake there is a vision that God gave you for for ministry with their something one of the little things that you really sprung up from that what was going on inside you in that moment well. So prior to that teaching that you did it at that at that at that events you know my definition of manhood was what I learned growing up. You know growing up without a dad.

My dad left I was about three years old, my dad left I had no male role models. No mail figures to look up to tell my play tell Bill Burke Mike Mike my seventh grade football coach. He was my first male mentor if you will. Kind of took me under his wings right behind that was Jerry McFarland in in ninth grade when when he was a health teacher.

He was a professional bodybuilder and I was all into bodybuilding at the time and so he taught me about eating and exercising. Then there would be other coaches coaches. All coaches that will come into my life that that would help define who I was as a man on button but outside of that conversations in in the locker rooms and didn't know for the for the male listeners out there are some of you can probably relate to what some of those conversations probably centered around the opposite sex, and because there are other. I will say for the record, in my view there are two male and female God created them just for the record button on all that to say, and my attraction to the opposite sex, and at an early age through magazines and and so that was my view of of manhood and how I viewed women and relationships and so when I sat through that teaching got open my eyes that it wasn't about you know how many women you could conquer how many notches were in your belt or you know it and/or treated or and/or you but you missed treated women but through your teaching what the Bible what the Bible what God and the Bible through you had to say about manhood that no man looks at the outward appearance right reminded of Samuel in it. When you are relating to Samuel anointing the next king of Israel and looking at all the usually outstanding form. Surely he must look like Lex Luger. The total package. I think just yeah right. Sam is surely he's the one I mean you must add the long flowing hair like lax and and sizzled like a rock in you know, not the rock, a rock by the way, but God says no not at all do not know do not look at his outward appearance and you know he's disqualified if you will.

You're listening to the Truth Network and the cuticle off here if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit for considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today that W, S, M. C. The number because you are number one you're listening to the Truth Network and and coming to learn that there how God sees man were we look at a lot of the outward appearance and/or actions of man that God looks at the heart at the heart and I'm like wow and and then you dive into talking about the character of a man and I'm like wow I can relax some areas of my life and my character is so character, integrity and subleasing said that I may have started working on as a Christ follower but you just brought clarity to that picture. And from that moment on. I was on a different path in a different journey for that is safe. Thank you for that teaching and I'm glad God brought you into my life. Duncan praised benefited that such a great story. I want to ask you want to ask you, in follow-up to that, you know, obviously God opened up and that's a new door. She had new things and new ministry and support you done so much time taking the so many places in a quart of milk he brought you down the Crossroads Church when I was down there for a while get out right children's pastor you brought you there so we got to cross paths again. That way is up with the obviously you bend all these places all over the world administered in so many different arenas from the church to public settings and so forth, what, what's one of the most amazing miracles that she that you ever seen anything from got a person that you never thought man that I got a fade or a guide and be needed freedom or somebody needed healing was one of the craziest miracle that she ever got to witness and and be a part of God is unfolding in somebody/schoolboy to try distill it down and ended in the wind just for sake of time for our our show. This is so Duncan the so many IMAP in the as you mentioned in all 50 states have traveled to different countries. God is doubled my reached well more than double the reach now through the podcast and the man of radio show through tooth radio network has been downloaded over's at this .64 countries and counting out there that led into the man up TV show on MorningStar ministries and you know if you're not familiar with equity. MorningStar go to YouTube, Facebook and and catch the that's all different shows all different episodes and shows and down and then the man camp man up conferences quest events of fellowship of the sword.

You're right about.I've preached to an audience of one. The largest audience to date was over 73,000 in Jamaica on the island of Jamaica that an outreach with my dear friend and a ministry partner. The that the total package Lex Luger and incautious so many other things. So you and I've seen supernatural healings, God spoke to me that he's placed that gift within me when I was baptized in the River Jordan and that's a whole story in and of itself, so, so, I've seen supernatural miracles or supernatural healings. Yep, you guys are never thought it at camp and other places that would never come to Christ to crumbled as you even mentioned in your salvation story, and crumble to their knees and and cry out to God and put on but it sure Chad Nelson stories a pastor in Michigan who I had no idea came to camp. He had full-blown MS musculoskeletal legal process and on our our our banquet worship night. God said go gold lay hands on him, anointing with oil. Pray for them. We did any tears he tears out the door and I'm like what the heck was he going it, and you understand you know I like he's got MS, he can't run like that or whatever I'm like really like I didn't have a clue you're listening to the Truth Network and I will be sure to check out the man up show now available on television broadcast and go to MorningStar or the truth radio network. Check out your local listings or better yet, download the Truth Network app today. You're listening to the Truth Network and in his blood for like five minutes he comes back it is like pouring sweat is like I just really don't have that entire rolled down that hill back up that hill and if you've ever been to camp little light in Georgia. We have her man camp. See you know the hill were talking about.

It's not an easy walk let alone a run right in any look at my hair as it is like flexing his fingers, and I guess he could barely hold a pen, the camp right at noon and then he goes to turn the music up the music plan would only turn it up just use me is said to have your hearing aids.

The next week when he got back to Michigan he needed no hearing aids.

He had 17. The lesions on his brain, which means dead spots. The, the brain surgeon Hutu who scanned him. Afterwards he walked in one day and he goes how to something dead come to life like literally all 17. The lesions disappeared and I just had recently had lunch with Chad and and all these years later he still healed he still whole. He was supernaturally set free of of MS and so that was the biggest miracle that I God the one at one of the big there so many morbid Chad God bless you, and amazing story so I got one more go ahead or comment I did I do what I love what I love hearing your story Nikita is that your passion everything that I came to know the passion is still ablaze.

Whether your passion is still burning as white-hot as I remember the first time that I ever met you and I and that's the question that I want to close with. I want to ask you we we we know that spiritual discipline does man of God. We know about ending the fire with with with in our walk with Christ and and so forth. I want to ask you personally that I am not. I've watched your life. I know that you Journal. I know that there are many things that you hold very close chest about ending your personal relationship with Christ. What what are the things that you really look to as your kind of handful of the disciplines about your life that you feel have really helped cement and sink down those roots into and into the Christian faith. One of those things you could canna boil it down for a second talk about that with everybody yesterday. Tigre is a great question. A great great question it took to close on my way to distillate Dallas to say distill it down because we could probably do an entire show.

Have you back again to have you back on the man up show two by the way it is, is this an operative word that immediately comes to mind immediately. That's the word daily daily that that I have. I have been intentional to daily focus and center my gaze on him daily and and that can vary from day to day, but I me to where might be you might just be a few minutes to to a few hours to an entire day that I merge myself in his presence and Brother Lawrence wrote a book years ago your book. The soldier called is good to be a phenomenal book brother Lawrence rolling back about.

I think the 1600s, 1500 Scott called practicing the presence of God, so I can encourage anyone out there listening in order to gain depth in your relationship with Jesus as you fall more in love with him is to be conscious of that havoc God consciousness a daily consciousness unawareness if you will that he's omnipresent and omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, that he's there all the time and and and and then and then be intentional and spending time with him. Whether it's time of the word like I know you do Duncan time in worship, man. I emerge I submerge myself in and worship the somebody good worship teams out there now maverick city music Nashville, a legacy, and in a worship mob and insight so many others upper room out there in Texas and so many others that I immersed myself in Jesus culture. I mean I could name tons that so I merge myself and worship. I merge myself in the word at my time and communication in prayer and talking with him. Whether it's driving up the truth radio like I did today or or or laying in bed that sometimes am on my knees. Sometimes I'm just laying in bed and sometimes and I'm talking Duncan. Sometimes I'm learning better how to listen.

So not just talk, but to listen and and I might ask the question and then the key is waiting for the answer right and so those are just a handful of the things that have that have helped me grow in my love for the Lord and and my passion for him. So thank you for asking that question. It was awesome so great and thank you too for BNI Q&A with coal off man, I'm excited for you and I.

Thank you. Thanks for having me on brother let you know you and walk you a fellow believer and fellowship with well don't go folks to download the booklet download article by hard copy paperback, Amazon, Walmart, on the website one more time. The soldier lethal to and you can buy on Amazon awesome will. God bless you. Love you and your family. My friend, a prescient guy God brought you in my life. Thank, likewise, thank you so much Nikita, and thank everybody that you tune into another episode Q&A. God bless you have a wonderful day. This podcast is made possible by the grace of God and your faithful prayers and generous.

May God bless you for your continual contributions not only if you would like to support Cola for Christ ministries. For a gift of $25. Nikita was seen as adoration and declaration for a gift of $50.

The cuboid is wrestling with this for $100 more will include a signed copy of his newly updated tail of the ring today. This is the Truth Network

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