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Foreshadows of the Black Horse

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 28, 2022 7:00 am

Foreshadows of the Black Horse

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 28, 2022 7:00 am

Jan Markell talks to economist Dan Celia for the hour. The Bible suggests that the black horse of the four horsemen represents coming economic turmoil, mainly in the Tribulation. We are in a run-up to that now. The money issues of that time are casting a shadow on the Church Age. The new Covid economy doesn’t help. The Antichrist will wipe out all debt and offer solutions to a desperate world.

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It's a sure thing money in the love of money is driving this world. Cashless society crypto currency micro-chipping technology.

What does all this mean for our future. The signs of the last days money has always been important in the past, and economics will continue to play an essential role in future events including the end times. Welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel radio for the remnant brought you by Olive tree ministries agent features financial analyst Dan Celia, the financial tribulation warnings are casting a shadow on this church age are the four horsemen of Revelation getting ready to ride. How do we cope with the current financial challenges and are they a warning that the tribulation is nearing here is today's program money will play an essential role in all of the events of the future, including the end times is a couple of chapters in the book of Revelation, where the economic center of the world at that time Babylon is destroyed and occupies dozens of versus talking about the destruction of Babylon.

The center of monetary world so money is always been important in the past, everything connected with economics is increasingly important today but is driving our world. I think we can assume money will remain important in the future and that he will dominate our world even more in days to come. Get ready so glad you can join me for today's programming on understanding the times radio and with all the changes taking place in our world. Many are wondering what will become of our financial system, the banking system are money investments and more. I get a lot of emails about this not an expert. Inflation is affecting every one of my listeners and we even read it out in time inflation in the Bible, Revelation 6, which is a passage on the seal of judgment that is an ordeal in the seven year tribulation, but the tribulation is casting a shadow now on this church age will only have the world economic forum saying that someday soon we're going to own nothing and be happy. Frankly, that sounds like global Marxism and when I say the world economic forum's great reset is the tribulation. You've heard me say that on this program many many times. I'm just further convinced that the reset is the tribulation, by the way, as I speak. I believe the meetings in Davo's are just ending, and the world economic forum met to well scheme and plan for a one world government here just in the last couple weeks, so cash is going to go away eventually. The Bible even seems to reference that there is that classic verse in second Timothy three in the last days men will be lovers of self and money in the biblical reminder that the love of money is the root of all evil. So will also talk about the new Covidien economy.

Whoever thought there would be lockdowns government payments to people so generous that have a limit quit working so all that is new to the global economy. I'm going to play several soundbites this hour to complement the discussion of financial issues.

Johnny made this week on understanding the times are radio's Dan Celia, founder of financial issues, stewardship ministries, how do we navigate our finances in these unstable times will talk about that this hour.

And what about the new Covidien economy in some of the strange things that have come along in just the last two years Dan Celia welcome for the first time to understanding the times radio yet. I appreciate your work. I know it] hold you reach out to me.

I'm happy to be here and I've heard you say you love our country, second only to the word of God, the Bible, so you and I are both watching an all-out assault on everything righteous. Americans have loved for couple of centuries here we see the great destabilization going on. Can you give me a paragraph on what you see the financial issues ahead here in 2022. We got more uncertainty we have more globalization more efforts at making America socialist what you see, what would be all that but I don't believe that the uncertainty is going to be quite a great 2022.21 so I think it will be less uncertainty, but the certainty of what we have is better known now. Yes, that what it was last year so that would be the reason why it is done with that we are already beginning to see all rising up all corporate America against the very things that they back and have been all about. So that could be interesting to watch that play out this year we are releasing a new economy. So I am an economist by three. I consider myself a behavioral economist were kind of a dying breed term, but when I look at things.

I look at things, who I called the behavior of consumers, the behavior of business owners, executives, CEOs, and those kind of things and how that behavior reacts based upon different kinds of conditions. Generally it's the same all the time. Under the certain economic conditions. The behavior is astonishing that it can change over the year it almost expect the same thing different now very difficult for analyst or economist like me who's doing analytical work every day on analyzing something that is such a moving target is forever changing that it's very difficult to get a handle on. I do look at the political atmosphere about part of the grand agenda of the global yes there are some things that we found out next year that I am a student of the Federal Reserve, always have been, but I didn't know that Janet Yellen, our secretary of treasury was such a radical global anybody and that really changed a lot of my thinking about the future because I think she showed her hand was a number of times about that. Let me just interject here and see maybe a puppet of the world economic forum which is I think the major player right now as we speak. And perhaps this great reset and I talked about the reset here often on this program. I believe it's the tribulation from which the church is absent, but that's not the purpose of this hour today. So this great reset the full economic form. Dan, their slogan is you'll own nothing and be happy now for a capitalist country like America that's hard for us to wrap my brain around that these folks and they just met here in the last week or 10 days. They just met, I believe, to plot and scheme to get there reset off the ground and get their agenda moving but honestly Dan will own nothing and be happy. Do you think they really believe that know him very close and familiar with the world economic forum. I've been studying the great reset for 32 years. It started like 68 and I have been speaking about it for the last 15 years.

I have a good feel for what class Schwab has done with the great reset and where he is taken. It started by Rockefeller the Rockefeller foundation was called capital Rome when it first started and then it evolved into some the other thing I think cold. Whether it was intentional or not intentional, is the greatest gift to economic form that there could ever be.

I don't know, even if it wasn't intentional. They have managed to use it as if it were very intentional. The Rockefeller foundation five years ago, wrote a paper on four different scenarios.

The paper was presented for the first time to Denmark and I have video from one of the members of Parliament that was explaining this to Parliament last year and going through the so-called made up scenarios and it was everything that has happened to her to okay edit the end of his conversation. He said to Parliament.

This anybody really think this was what it obviously was not their goal was always planned to use global warming and the environment as their springboard wasn't very effective.

So effective at all, but this is been very strong replacement for that. So the great reset is certainly going to enter into the economy the nightmare will be for them is what happens in a do-nothing America which we could very easily have at the end of November. I can imagine I will say that if conservatives don't pay control the House of Representatives and the Senate then nobody will be voting for the presidential elections because will be quite obvious that it will do any good. So what happened if they that the midterm elections are going to be too hard for them to fix. I think you lose 40 seats. The last will lose 40 seats yes will lose 40 and that means were doing nothing for the next two years.

After that that better than what they that's true that's better than the incense call and when play, click, click here. I want to get your response to that Dan talk to Dan Celia for the hour. You can learn financial I'll say more about his radio and TV here in just a little bit later playing a clip here Mark Hitchcock and Marx talking about Revelation 13 global government, one world system one world currency. The whole thing and this is how obviously Weimar Germany started 80, 90 years ago, and the longing for as Savior and folks. That's what the world is longing for. Unfortunately they're not in their heart longing for Jesus Christ is the Savior there longing for a man called antichrist they don't know it but that's who they're longing for remarkably alike to this thing that we been talking about with the antichrist and the mark of the beast one world government one world economies you will write about this in your book. It's taught about in the word of God is not it is you, Revelation chapter 13 really is the entry point.

I like to say to this one world government is one world economy that the Bible predicts.

It says that one manager can ultimately rule the world for the last 3 1/2 years of this current age we can seal that can happen to me.

People today are looking for someone with answers like to go back to the time and why more Germany when the hyperinflation took place and they were looking for someone to come in to bring some order from the chaos. That's how they ended up without a filler. It's the same thing in our world today is I think as we see more economic chaos in nations and chaos people are to be looking for a Savior in the delivery and then the ability with the exchange to the Internet that you can purchase and then the global aspect of our economy are credit cards online banking.

It all just seems to fit into the biblical narrative of the ancients. This modern technology does and the Bible never tells us this in time economy will be cashless but I believe it has to be in order to control it because as long as there's money you can buy on the black market and kind of get around the system, but you can't buy or sell.

The Bible says unless you have this mark of the beast. This identifying mark of the Antichrist and to be the only way for that to happen is it's all gotta be under his control, and we see today.

All that could happen with all the electronic technology there is how you can control every transaction in the world and people can't buy or sell without this market to get electronic currency of electronic global currency is knobby all possibility, and we saw the European Union, the culmination of all these different countries that have their own unique currency folding into the euro and now that's everyday reported its value reported right alongside the US dollar, the Japanese in it is what I think one thing that's very important to me in all of this to see if some people take this mark of the beast to be able to buy or sell it's going to be really taking his name upon them.

So it's really going to be a mark of their allegiance to him and I think in the coming tribulation unlike any other time.

People can have a clear-cut choice of the gonna take Christ really gonna follow the antichrist and that's what's coming in this world. It's a sobering thing to think about your listening, understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. I have on the line Dan Celia and he heads financial issues stewardship ministries. Learn Dan that little clip there vector Mark Hitchcock said a lot of interesting things that he does expect the world to be cashless and I think you do as well, correct, correct soon.

I think it really depends on the political climate.

What happened midterm election always say that almost half that happened, no matter whatever the midterm elections. The next three years. I think that if they can't get pregnant. United States stamp on it to change some things, and that the only shot of that is a five minute by stepped away from office for one reason or another, and then Harris to come alongside that. So I think it's going to be within the next three years. If it's to be for sure one of the things that we keep hearing about is the potential bank shutdowns for days to weeks, perhaps a month then in the process. There different things with our money how you think that will play out. You and I talked about that fear. And I think a lot of my listeners are concerned about that because obviously they're going to be up to something sneaky if in fact they do shut down the banks and they come back a few weeks later there's no cash everything is digital. Is that a possibility readily just go back a little bit Jack to something that we talk about here a little bit better.

Great respect to go back to the details of the great reset but can't hear question that I have to use that word reset of reset is just that yes he said that's right so you can go where we, you and I and others believe go without a reset. Now that we say calls for banks to close down they would have to there would be major changes that have to be made. System I would suspect that Janet Yellen already talked about one's we don't need a banking system which is crazy when you think about it, but if you have an electronic currency. Could we all just get by with a very sophisticated exchange system and you no longer need that now the bank closing down. Don't be scared anybody listening okay all my work. Listen we need to understand that number one if that is to be there is not a thing you were going to do to protect against it. Not a thing people hear this. They will call me if they will what about this. What about that there is nothing that you will be able to do to protect against that woman to put all my money at home.

Okay how you can explain it to the exchange that you are using that you now have to turn that in because you kept it all at home. Suppose they say too bad you missed your opportunity.

How are you going to prevent what we all pray that we can prevent because your currency have to remember your dollars are going to be work while there would be a black market or something and they know what exactly, but there won't be a black market because it would be no reason to have a black market.

So to get any thanks for your dollars.

That's when they start looking for a Savior then and I believe this will be the left behind world. The tribulation then look for a Savior that's gonna bring them back to life as they once knew it exactly and I think that that is going to be a great time for those that will find that Savior, but at the same time I don't want people today to start loading self-insure is going to do that. No good whatsoever. You can get at it day that'll keep the wolves away from the door and you can store food so they can survive for a period of time, maybe with a barter system.

I used to tell people that were worried about this very thing. Think about a way to gather date, I say to people you need to understand that my jar peanut butter be worth more than your 10 ounces of gold because I be able to get a bag of rice with somebody my jar peanut butter you're going to get nothing for your goal may people pause. I remember my father lived through the Great Depression was 21, 22 years old. There were farmers in the middle of the state that really had no idea what was going okay so I think for this to be fixed. Stressful by the radical globalist all these things have to happen at one time.

They are carefully and met adequately looking at every single angle that people are going to be taking to try to circumvent this social control that this globalist world is going to desire one and the current and they're going to have solution to keep that from happening and I think that we would be much better served worried about our spiritual life worried about who is going to have been with us sir. Worried about evangelism and don't take our focus off any kind of material things other than what we need to exist.

That's easier said than done. Yes, it is because the other possibility is none of this might happen, I just want to morph a little bit here into this covert economy, and I have some specific questions for you if possible. I also want to talk a little bit about inflation because this is just a cruel tax on every one of my listeners that I don't think a year ago we had any idea this was going to hit us in unless my listeners are getting constant wage hikes and Social Security hikes. There is going backwards and backwards. Let's deal with that from just moments play that clip of Tucker Carlson and then come back and talk for a couple minutes the Anabaptists inflation curse that were dealing with and what folks might do about that think numbers allow fake economists to tell a fake story about what's actually happening to the country and definitely been doing our economists have conveyed that they feel that the impact of our proposals will be transitory. All of the economists that the present is been relying on suggest that there is a transitory nature and the inflation problem. Economists called all these things transitory effects. This inflation that we experience and is transitory is not going to be here long. We've had several months of fine inflation. There most economists, including me, believes will be transitory. We don't expect that upward pressure will produce substantially higher prices or that the effects will be persistent. We expected Toby transitory or temporary usual cavalcade of wires and dumb people. Maxine Waters on economic policy. Please stay in your lane with the last guy is regarded as very smart. His name is Jerome Powell. He is, believe it or not, the chairman of the Federal Reserve was now updated his assessment transitory. After weeks of being laughed at. He no longer uses that word transitory to describe inflation good.

I think it's probably a good time to retire that word Powell said to Lake Jerome no one believes you anymore. No one ever did was paying attention.

In fact there's only 1 Accurate Way to measure inflation and somehow the Fed is not you figure this out here is to ask yourself what does it cost you to live in this country compared to what it cost you your complicated do the math and you will see that the actual number of the rising inflation is not even close to the 7% that Washington is claiming in the last year the price of the used car for examples going up by more than 30% beef prices have risen by 21% crude oil up 55% dimensional lumber 35% weight 37% sugar 33% corn 39%. Palm oil 43% coffee in the morning ever owe too bad the price of coffee is risen hundred and 8% in the last year like breakfast cereal whole sorry oats are up hundred and 14% and those is the numbers you see in the label to grocery store.

In addition to conventional inflation. Consumers also face widespread translation that's informal term that economists use for the stealth shrinking of consumer products so companies sell you less for the same price and he bought a Snickers bar recently. If it seems a lot smaller than it used to. That's because it is in those is the project by most people in this country still live in doors and the cost of living indoors has risen dramatically. Rents in Southern California, for example, have tripled in a single year and Celia.

I was somewhat amused.

No, not really, because these leftists are such liars were calling this transitory which is laughable. They knew this was going to be forever and ever. My listeners cope with the situation of this rampant out-of-control inflation that we've got now I know my sinners over the year and 1/2 acres. I called it complacent to see that I called the Federal Reserve to try to pat myself on the back. The point I'm trying to make it not that smart. It was so obvious and I left Jerome Palin February. I just thought it was comical next to typical Federal Reserve and back in February I said in December.

Before that, I called the inflation I said it's going to be nonstop continue to write in February when Jerome Powell came out and said this is the most interesting part about this is Sally Carter reverse course because like the Fed always does to time they manage from behind it up exactly what they're doing right now the managing from behind because they couldn't see this freight train that was as plain as day come. Why because everybody they were just lying.

They were making predictions and hoping that it would happen just because they made the prediction they were making predictions about company being transitory. That was as obvious as they wasn't and hoping that it would be transitory.

There was no chance of any of that happening no chance whatsoever. How does the average listener site that what can you do. And that's what you have to look at when you're looking about fighting back, and this is what I try to tell people today you got to look at your option. There is no plan you can adopt at this point the fight back. So you got a look at the obvious and be very practical, no matter what you do you not can it change the fact that your potatoes are gonna cost you a lot more money that's never going to change no matter how you can prepare for that. So unless you can work on second and third job to make more money.

What happens is what always Happened in the Carter years it happened in 2008 nine people will change their buying habits.

Not because I think that's what will happen is because I know that's the only thing that can happen for inflation go away. So anybody that gives anybody the how they can do to protect again. It is just wall what you have to do is prepare the best you can do what is going to happen and you will change your buying habits, your driving habits, your work habits, you will be changing a lot of things that is going to be part of a new normal is whether temporary new normal. Like it was in the Jimmy Carter years, or whether it's going to be a permanent new normal, but I wish I could say wall people I could do if this is all the commodity correction bundle and my guest for the hours Dan Celia and again he's a financial analyst and planner and just knows a lot about economic issues.

Learn financial and he's got a radio and television program is ahead of financial issues, stewardship ministries and still go to that website financial and look up where you can find them on radio and TV or on his website. It's a wealth of information as well. You can supplement for.

We only have less than an hour to do that on this program but what I want to go in part two of my programming as I just want to look a little bit more into the covert economy 111 vaccine passports there already existing in some states the blue states they're coming to perhaps your neighborhood. How's that going to affect the economy and how's that going to affect your bottom line.

Some other things with just dealt with lockdowns, and particularly in 2020. Are they coming back made all of this so dynamically and dramatically affects economic issues which is why talking about this 10 years ago versus today, and just now into 2022. It's kind of a whole new world say just a quick heads up here that we have an understanding the times night coming up Thursday, February 10 Thursday, February 10 we will be featuring an evening with Pastor Tom Hughes of hope for our times again Thursday, February 10 8:53 PM central time, location, revive church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and you can live stream this anywhere in the Mark Henry again. Understanding the times Thursday, February 10 8:53 PM central limit just get quick heads up here because Olive tree is all over social media or on telegram run Facebook run Gab Instagram rumble YouTube. Sadly, people are impersonating us all over social media.

So would you please understand that we don't appeal for money ever on the social media platforms. There is sake YouTube's of our radio program out there by the dozens and dozens of them. Just ignore them. Please we wouldn't stoop to the level that these folks are stooping to make everybody look like fools starting with myself. That's what's happening on social media. Just keep an eye open for all the phony that's out there impersonating olive tree ministries, and yours truly and back in just a minute or two don't go away. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through politics reviews done so far that's all of tree call a central time at 763-559-4447 635594444 writers through the mail and policy ministries and John Markel, PO Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible page of fake news and false teaching.

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Let's contend for the Bible exhorts us to do while we still have time. Let's occupy until he comes. We need to be. Let's focus on material things that we have and more focused on the things of God in understanding more and more that he still ain't. Think about how grateful we are that we have a sovereign God. I think that all those people you don't have to. So this is an opportunity for us to be a great evangelist among different know you can always be via radio so catch understanding the times radio at your convenience online. Watch the video version of the program.

Listen to the audio idolatry and to complete archives on you to unravel on light source and on his channel Christian TV now here are John Markel and her just financial analyst Dan Celia to wrap up the today like it or not, were all relying on the security and trustworthiness of electronic systems and massive banks to manager savings handle her finances more and more people in the Western world are buying, selling and giving, not with physical money coins and bills, but through a series of touches on the small screen. We love the convenience of managing our accounts from our palms. For the most of us this technology is still on the outside of her hand in her smart phone, but it's only 2 mm from work.

Poster one would like it to be under our skin welcome. That cat was Dr. David Jeremiah played two or three clips of him this particular hour and by the way vaccine passports.

Well, the literal passport in Sweden is under the skin in the hand.

Now that's eerily foreshadowing the mark of the beast is at the mark know folks. It is not at this point is not the mark of the beast. We don't have an antichrist, so he may be alive, but is not raining is not empowering. We have no idea who he is.

The church never will know who is because will be gone enjoying heaven during the tribulation when the Antichrist reigns. But when we have vaccine passports being inserted in Sweden in a chip under the skin in the hand, I think we better start paying close attention, which is why I scheduled today's program actually several weeks ago with my guest, Dan, Celia and Dan heads the financial issues stewardship ministries financial head to his website.

If you really want to understand some financial issues here in the last days and my goodness, I've referred to some other things here in recent months about the headline I saw in Israel national news.

They headline read government won't force you to take the vaccine. But Amazon will the airlines will the banks will and then the rest of that little seven headline said you won't be able to buy, sell or trade without the vaccine again. All of this falls under the category of end time finances in time financial issues in the meantime, how do we cope with the insanity that were saying.

I'm not sure that there is a real good answer.

I think my guest has some suggestions on how to protect yourself with reference to feel reference a few more Dan Celia. Let's just head for a moment here to vaccine passports because you and I talked a little bit about them again in Sweden. Vaccine passports are going to be in a chip under the skin in the hand in Minneapolis-St. Paul where I headquartered now. You are not going to be able to do anything in Minneapolis and St. Paul proper without showing a vaccine passport. How is this going to affect the economy. That's my basic bottom line. I can't believe it's going to be for the good to be pretty good at all to part five for the Academy is going to keep this let me just start before us to other companies or companies holding back a difficulty getting employees low productivity, high prices, low consumer spending is going to have a devastating impact on the economy, the economy can only get worse under that circumstance, the question how bad will it get before comparable and nobody can deal with it.

Well that is going to be what I think some in the global would like to see happen sooner rather than later, but it is very very difficult thing for us to cope with it because will have to make some hard decisions.

If we choose to make those decisions and I think if you live in a blue state. I'd be moving. That's what we did okay at the vans good advice.

The pre-state of Florida. Now and I think that it's quite obvious that the government is going to continue to push these backing passport refused to look at what happened in some state that you thwarted. An example Florida had no mandates on anything since September 2020 and no passport.

Here are no really shut down and we see our economy here Friday. Yes, and this is got the left extremely angry that anger is going to continue to build against the red state get the conservatives yes get the back in. Yes to a frenzy like well persecution against the unvaccinated is starting to escalate the great scary proportions lockdowns you think that coming back or not.

I think lockdowns are coming back, but I don't think they're going to be successful in the red states.

I think people are starting to stand up and speak up. Dan, you said to me you think that people are literally tiring of covalent and I go to startle just plain walk away from it. I think they are I think are already doing some areas it would just tired of it. People are smart enough to look around at the other friend that have gotten sick over the last couple of months, that today when I was anywhere set up absolute for some people, correct some people pretty minor and are seen that there say I never did this when it was Lucy's in a letter to do it now. I think were going to start to see a little bit of normalization come into at least those states that are going to allow that. I think be worse if I get I get it, never to have to get out and start doing that may be the case for the average citizen.

But if the government continues to insist that this is the crisis were not gonna let go to waste, then doesn't matter if your average citizen says were moving on, because the leftist government is not a lot they going to pick up on another crisis of the globalists thrive on a crisis so it had covertly tried as we referred earlier. They tried climate change about supply chain shortage of goods, shortage of food supply chain is going to become a crisis, I believe, leading to even worse shortage of goods and possibly shortage of food, so will these be the next crises that the world leaders can't let go to waste.

It will be said that a year ago. There are going to be food shortages. Yes, there is no doubt about it.

It started this year with fertilizer shortages dramatic shortages in fertilizer and can't think of what the other chemicals called back protect crops that is almost nonexistent that we can get through the next target. When I get to anything with that.

But this harvest.

The next harvest is going to be yielding quite a bit less because of the lack of fertilizer and blogging pass protection.

The lower harvest low yields and definite drive commodity out commodity prices are everything when it comes to affliction. The reason why I said our year and two months ago that we were going to have inflation in your essay was commodity price and that's what you look at that's what every good account of us all to be looking at. I assume they were and they were ignoring it because I don't think that they want smart enough to see we have to have food shortages that will be the next thing there will be a organizational meeting of everything from longshoremen to Teamsters to the government that is going to orchestrate a continuation of a project.

The denial that there is an over empty shell in grocery stores is all just a bunch of propaganda we have to remember Jared that they can accomplish whatever they want because the first order of business on a global list or a Marxist regime at the begins to wind up is a propaganda machine and we had a state run media now for three years so that was where it started. They got that Microsoft bought another large media company between the state run media and what will be the marching orders of the technology companies will continue to see more propaganda. The question is can we hope that unlawful programs like yours mine and others that are out there yet not play.

You know I made a joke to my listeners but I was serious like it will be on ham radio reactions are bulimic proclaim the truth. I have to say this, but your listeners need to understand that there is going to be a great persecution of yes unvaccinated. But there has to be not be it's going to lead to an times because Pavel left to achieve their have to be a great minimal innovation of Christians. Yes, there were success minimize Jews all the way down to a street rat with his propaganda machine. Christian have to be minimalized because the left cannot accomplish what they want as long as they have a yardstick in front of them, by which some are going to measure them by as long as there is a absolute value, or God's values in front of they got to get rid of all moral compass yardstick by which to be measured by daddy you and me in our listeners and they need to understand because they need to tell their children they need to build the conviction that there been a need to stand firmly on the rock of Christ because they going to need because we will be minimalized that we will be persecuted and the vaccine passport is the beginning of that you minimize a few people. The society begins to know and they will know. I remember years ago everybody was ran Arabia, the intelligentsia of Hollywood as I call it when it about the homeless population was bad that you know what in six months we were just stepping over the homeless people we get inoculated and very quick through. There are some things that are definitely going to happen in a food shortage integrated final crisis that could come to America. Adolf Hitler got elected for one reason he promised everybody a loaf of bread on the table with his campaign.

His whole campaign was built upon that good people were starving. That's where none of this works if the cold. The passport is a work the food shortage will annex very easy orchestra right and I opened the program talking about the Bible and the Bible's references to all of these things and that would be heavily Revelation 13 and the seal judgments found in Revelation 6. Again folks not saying that you and I will go through some terrible times of trial. Here we do not go through the terrible tribulation which talks about starvation, the issues of inflation, etc. that are so off the chart horrible again. God spares the church from his wrath. Unfortunately, that allows the church to go through some of man's wrath. I think Dan the thing I have seen in the last two years is that people not just in America but lots of countries are relying too much on the government for its safety and even for health. Not everyone obviously we see demonstrations in Australia in parts of Europe and some other countries of the world. We see people saying enough is enough and we don't want you to be looking out for our safety and health. We want to look out for our own safety and health and obviously a left behind society will be willing to follow big government I'm talking about big government right now here in this church age is gotten out of control, and people leaning on it some anyway, leaning on government for everything and that troubles me that really troubles me at seven leaning on the Lord troubles me a great deal well and you're right with people in the market to be what we do it already felt what part of the beer when that happens, and I agree with all you said but nonetheless to be an awful lot that we probably will. Leading up to and we may and we need to ready ourselves. I think some of the mineralization that have to get done here.

The short term to drive a propaganda machine will happen and people ask and they will ask you calling to me every day and asked me what are we going to do. How do we fix it. I believe there's only one way could be fixed and that's from the pulpit. You can be fixed anywhere else. I think there has to be a great uprising and unity of the church, but we have a church that can agree on what songs to say that we have a church that can't unite on the blood of Calvert. Everything else, we can't unite on the blood of Calvary that we have a problem. And guess what, I don't think we can unite because there's too many churches that have essential that on essentials at all. But if we could unite, we could change all because what would happen if there would be a huge power shift in America and the power would go to us and we could make some changes that I don't know if that God I don't know if he's waiting for that remnant to rise up. We don't know if the remnant is going to be made smaller for his purposes. Certainly I will use it when the Lord returns, finding the sword are knocking to be crawled up into fetal position in a corner somewhere. We need to keep fighting. We don't know when the Lord is going to come but he will come quickly. We don't know when that's going to be. We obviously have to be prepared, but I believe his church could do a great work to carry that.

I think the church could raise up to great power in the United States. If we have time not surely have time for the church to rise up like what no name again when I know if God wills it once it can happen. But unfortunately, in the meantime, as we try to organize that a lot of people are about to come to the saving grace of Christ. Yes, thank you for referencing that consent is so essential you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel and I have on the line Dan Celia and he had financial issues stewardship ministries. Learn

If you've got a question concerning financial issues wanted to write him at that address and not quite finished yet. With the onset of the cashless society does folks.

It's going to be here sooner than you can imagine the main beneficiaries of this development are located on the other side of the Atlantic conventional credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard but also new payment service providers like Google or Apple and Amazon. The online retailer has now opened the number of supermarkets without checkouts, customers simply scan their phones at the entrance to that cameras trying on items they select facial recognition technology allows the system to identify each customer build a credit card as they leave the receipt for the purchases that appears in the Amazon go no cash. It's a trend that's growing in popularity worldwide last year visa run a campaign in which it offered 50 restaurants $10,000 each if they agreed to stop accepting cash, Mike Ryan wasn't able to apply is his restaurant had already gone cashless but in this business a long time and I feel like there's a lot of stuff cash so when is cash in the safe downstairs in the office or everyone's dipping in and sharing your drawer with another employee.

This cash always is missing is eliminated that's off the table the more importantly it was late to work. The placement still open because they don't need to go to the safe get cash set up the store, arriving about, so its operational standpoint's abilities, so it's coming. We don't know when I think probably just over the horizon. But Dan because were on this issue right now cashless.

I just want to jump to another banking story 11 talking to Dan Celia here for the hour and about the end time money plan. What do we do, how do we cope. How does the average listener, how does the average Christian cope financially with all that's transpired here actually in the last two years. If you really want to get specific including the raging inflation in the many many things we talked about now for almost an hour Mike Lindell and he's headquarters here in Minnesota as most folks know, again arranging the blue state quite socialist to be honest, Mike Lindell has had two banks shut him down and I'm assuming he can get to his money, though I don't know where is this going. Could good conservative people are good Christians put our banks shut us down because they don't agree with our politics will insert area to Thursday's epic that it going to continue to happen would hear a lot about this unit in the news in the Wall Street Journal another place is in the news about what big banks are doing. So I think you could do that him and shut us down a dozen able to lose our money to say that the people left. You need to be diversified. I try to use credit unions are used, banks.

And that's something that people think about basically Christian community credit union you can use. I use my brokerage account my best Mikael for money market to things that I have a little more control and I think everybody Jan should have cash and hope for this reason, you will have to have cash at home. I say that because if we had a massive bank shut down her ATM shut down. You've got to have some cash to be able to put gas in your car or to maybe get to the emergency room or whatever you might need to do.

It was Richter. Some countries in Europe that cash is worthless that's coming into America. I'm sure any time. I just played a clip. I think that it coming to the world but it doesn't mean your cash is going to be worthless, it means you're going to have whatever the alternative, it if the alternative at home becomes some sort of click go to your currency card that metric you have at home, but I think it's critically important that all of your well in all of your money is not in an institution somewhere that the government can control remember something and I've been saying this is 2009 I been begging people to start moving money out of your IRA Brokerage account because the government got control of this $22 trillion. It rained monies in the government is just chafing at the bit to get and the government think that they regulated. They control so I believe that what happened two years ago when they changed the rules on IRA qualified account.

I think it was nothing more than it I think they were not up the flagpole to see Ford fly it.

Nobody said no so they can control and we have to be conscious and aware of that so we should have some food home we should have some currency at home, usable currency for the times, whatever that might be a me you have to have all those things. I hope it is going to last? People are going to store gold or silver, it will be worthless to be of no value. Well yeah but I can use that you electrify some of it all right right gross is ranked in the laws already on the books to make it illegal as a currency for Mikey. Cottage are Enacted at the wall in the back and allow an alternative currency to undermine what you're trying to do it all out so please don't put all your money into that nobody's been helped except for the salesman telling y'all. We've got think logically sooner through scenarios and unfortunately too many people are not Dan. You have given and you've already touched on them so I don't want to be redundant.

What to do to protect my listeners and you've sent have cash at home and I think you referenced another message of yours I heard, grow some food if you can do that that would be very helpful. You've emphasized the uselessness of gold and silver it's going to be here eventually in one of the things you said about protecting yourself and I certainly made a note of this. This is easier said than done. And that's get out of debt and got an article here by FOXBusiness and frenemy and headline is Americans are falling into deeper debt as household incomes drop cost-of-living rises. Let me read two short paragraphs, more Americans are falling deeper into debt as median incomes have dropped amid the rising costs of housing, food, gas, transportation, etc. according to the 2021 American household credit card debt study found that US households are $15 trillion in debt. That's up considerably from the previous year and then it goes on to say, we owe $1 trillion on our credit cards which often have interest rates as high as 20%. We've borrowed $1 trillion to buy new cars which plummet in value. The minute you drive off the lot and we've racked up about 1.5 trillion for college diplomas with dubious worth and then 73% of Americans die with huge debt as much a $60,000 and then the article concludes even before the coronavirus appeared many American families were falling behind on student loans. Americans are getting poorer and the entire debt is increasing to the point of no return. Unfunded liabilities are hundred and 62 trillion we can't wrap my brain around that obviously somebody's going to come along I: Mr. fix-it Mr. antichrist come along and say I'm in a wipe out all your debt that will be during the tribulation and folks will flock to him just because he's going to get them out of debt. Dan I'm down 2 to 3 minutes. I think we should wind this down a little more positive note, because God is in control. He's allowing all of this to happen for his purposes. I know you agree with that I do and I would hope that everybody would if they're not already become very kingdom focused. I think that this is an opportunity God has done all kinds of things in our world to bring people to their knees. Yes fiction well need to get to their knees to repent and get more focused on the work of the kingdom, and the kingdom itself, and this is all part of the plan from the government. That is a good thing because of something that people will do anything to get out of, and that the great control mechanism. So you need to be focused on that for sure, but we need to be less focus on the material things that we have and more focused on the things of God in understanding more and more that he still on the throne is changed and think about how grateful we are that we have a sovereign God that we will I think that all those people you know that don't have that.

So this is an opportunity for us with some to be great evangelist among our families or friends, and to help people become very focused on that.

It's all like I said, and like you. It is easier said than done.

I know that I get that, understand it, but nonetheless we have to stop focusing on how much money you are making or how much you are making the debt is not getting any better right a reduction in income is going to continue. We are going to continue to see money robbed out of my pocket to higher gasoline prices and food prices hello so were losing our discretionary income. There is a going to be any, and we need to really start to think logically through that and work as hard as we can still mail to get out of debt because of the military that could be the one thing that is going to be a huge help to us in our family and speaking of that, the number one reason the people are getting it debt is medical into saying that the number one reason and if the number one reason among senior citizens. He got questions for Dan financial I don't either he or someone on his staff would be happy to help you with your particular question. Check out his radio and TV you need to find that as well. You can keep updated daily, not just now and then when programs like mine feature a financial analyst I just want to go out of the program here with a couple of Bible verses because I think it's important we maintain that perspective. Hebrews 13 five keep your lives free from the love of money and become tense with what you have, because God has said, never will I leave you never will I forsake you and the psalmist writes turned my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain some 119, 36, the last first quote here in Ecclesiastes 510 whoever loves money never has enough whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. I want to thank you for listening folks and we will talk to you again next week.

Contact us through our websites. Olive tree olive tree' call is central time at 763559444 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write to alter ministries of Jim Markel Fox 1452-year-old and a soda.

55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311.

All gifts are tax-deductible. There are so many biblical expectations that we are to fear not, even as we see financial troubled waters, increasing number God has everything under control shoe in the palm of his hand. Everything is falling in the place

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