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Q&A With Koloff- #54

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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February 1, 2022 8:16 am

Q&A With Koloff- #54

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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February 1, 2022 8:16 am

Nikita speaks with Tom Alkazin in today's episode. Enjoy

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network is welcome to another episode Q&A with Cole.

Welcome back to another episode of Q&A with goal of questions and answers where we flip the table and you get to ask me the questions because I'm usually the one asking them if you want to get a personal phone call from the Russian nightmare nuclear co-op. Just submit your questions or call and will reach out and let you fire away but today our special guest on the show today.

Mr. Tom L Kazin Las Vegas Nevada Tom welcome to the Q&A with cola. Thank you to be with. It's great to have you on the Q&A show no idea what you can ask me but before we get there just to give our listeners little backdrop on, Kazin fit filament on on on who you are aware of where Tom and Bethany out when we we have been been married 40, 41, and to be 42 years, we have three beautiful kids Chris Brad and Amy and two beautiful granddaughters, Jordan made and wait we can we count our blessings every day, to be grateful for and we continue to we continue we had a phenomenal life and that we're so grateful for it really that emanates from the many amazing people that that had become print and print on on our life.

Nothing that we've learned over the years and yeah it's great to be great to be here with you and have a few minutes to talk again. Well, it is a question we got our paths crossed roughly roughly 15 years ago and nutrition company now known not now known as body pro BK break. Oh, the founder of the company of your and and running that it is a course and and I and I was a part of of your organization and and certainly enjoyed getting to know you over the years and in your family and and had just had so much fun so much fun being a part of of that company and help helping other people. Anyone who knows Tom IS going to know this is a man who likes to help other people what I think you know they had already garnered out from even your introduction that they got got to know you spent any time around you. They're going to know that's that's who you are. You like to help other people in the course being a part of nutrition company that that that was that. That was the catalyst for as you have said in the past you know just it's a people. It's a people business. The product is almost secondary right to the involvement right yeah really I mean you know everything no matter what occupation I think people you know everything emanates from relationship and in how we have word worthy on the receiving end of the benefit the people that we can come in contact with and learn from the opportunity that are there, but also the people that we can impact the people that we can touch and the people that you know that we can have a make a difference and sometimes in their life and that could be as simple as being in encourager you have to be good to be, it could be just somebody that there for somebody one embodiment, the yeah I think everything is everything relationship. Every people, and I think the is all about that and it always starts with a relationship in terms of buying and selling property like you and feel good about you, right before the before they do anything and I think you know, you probably have to early reflection of the incredible ministry that you built-in that you continue to build wire people attracted to you because you are in the difference that you make in their lives until everything comes back down to relationships and so that's what we learn that early on in our life well and yet I appreciate really appreciate that in and let you put me on the spot here with your questions. But before I do for our listeners for our audience out there. You. You have so many pearls of wisdom that I have learned from you over the years put you on the spot, just give give her audience. One pearl of wisdom well I think you know I think it comes to anything that you are doing what other area of why you're involved one of one of your eye. I talk about major areas of your life, your spiritual life family life. Life your business life. Your mental life in your social life you know all the credit to help our understanding and evaluate periodically. How are you doing in all of those areas always have my kids grade himself on a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of how how are they doing in the area so easy in life to get to get out of balance in terms of in terms of one of those areas.

People focus so much on the paper get the family focus so much on on social they they forget the business you go back and forth in an area so the balance become a critical thing to continue to strive for and think about and reflect on, but no matter what area do you you're working on that you are working in, but I think the one thing Carla was, you know that you can have anything that you want in life if you help enough other people first get what it is they want thin and so that is not earlier but it unfolded. I think people will cover tremendous fulfillment when they continued other people and try to make other people make other people course you know you can you can often find that when people have conversations and you notice how some people just dominate a conversation and they they they never stop and ask questions of the other person conversations or relationships a lot like a tennis match rate pushing the ball back and forth but will you learn so much in this watching how people converse and and whether people can actually really have a genuine people know badly that that's hard to find nowadays think like people become concentric on Feldman what they want me to forget about to get it done Jillian on other people until I have probably they focus on other people and I think when you do that you'll you'll find her children again everything that you want in life and you'll you'll achieve a balance doing well. That's a solid advice right there.

I'm really mad I didn't have a sheet of paper and a pen in front of me by man Robbie. The student was taken note stop just so you know, like the real like literally sticky notes. Here's your doctor. Just to encourage you.

You're always teaching job I love it I love it.

You are a master.

You know the balance thing in life.

Think about you think about how hard you talk about Mattie right right in and what we can get so out of whack and we get so overbalanced in in in pursuing the things that were after. That's a fun little exercise.

If you look good to you know part how they do one order in those six areas of life and I will I learn that years ago LOL at a weekend seminar I attended up in the mountains of California and Idlewild and never a member forget it.

A gentleman by the name of Ron that weekend and in boy was was that ever valuable in terms what I was trying to actually I was young I was in my 20 and learning. You know which way did I want to go in in my life and in matter what occupation I choosing know what I'm doing. This is applicable in ministry, as applicable, and applicable in every life is life itself else that I appreciate you sharing that well alright so I have a couple three questions for Mia. Let's transition see if I hopefully can answer whatever it is you're going to throw at me.

Not really.

I got number one number one you know what motivates you every what causes you to get up dead and go to work are you know what what what what the driving force for you.

That's a great question and I don't I don't know that I've been asked that one before, so that's a really good one really, honestly Tom, it's me, it's me really what you what we been somewhat talking about you wanting to make a difference is what initially comes about wanting to make a difference in anything I do. Whether it's a podcast radio show soon will be a television of version of the man up show airing now and and course you mentioned a reference to the ministry are still engaged in the wrestling world to autograph signings and instill whatever it is I'm involved in. My hope is my hope is in some way shape or form that I can make a positive impact in somebody else's life, whether it's through a conversation about that. We were just referencing all or through my actions and maybe serving or helping somebody else could be preaching a sermon a message on on a Sunday morning in the church and some community or city down one on one with an individual who struggling in their in their life it with with whatever an addiction or anything else. My hope is that I can make a difference, a positive difference even if Tom even posting. You know something on social media typically every day something of encouragement something of inspiration. The books ever written. I mean anything and everything that I'm doing at this point in juncture life.

That's the motivation. That's what gets me out of bed and hopefully come the end of the day.

I like to how safe this was summarized by saying this way hopefully I've left a mark and not a stain in in building and building God's kingdom and building other people. Well I love that Mark not alright now. Here's the next one though. Tell me I how did the maybe maybe most your listeners know this, but but the ministry.

How did you transition how did you and I'm assuming I don't know way back when, in terms of when you started the ministry, but how did that ball what what the what the what short answer in terms of how that happened. I think that that's inspiring you know you have a catalyst behind that of course I as I think everyone should even assume that because I still be people, think I really am from Russia. Believe it or not even read the Internet do something Google my name or something you want to call you to read the story but but I'm not not Russia. It all from the great state of Minnesota and up and inside he grew up in Russia I didn't grow up in church and I knew the story I we I understood the story of the man Jesus is nailed to a cross and likes to his hands and his feet the spirit through the site but but the story never made the 18 inch strip from my head down to my heart.

The first the right four years of my life than 17, October 1993 I found myself out and alter surrender my life Lord I encountered I had a genuine real encounter with Jesus. Life's never been the same. But Tom on that very day.

An elderly man named Buddy came up to me and shared with me how he had been praying for me for five years didn't even know me, but saw me doing an interview on television for wrestling and God spoke to Sartre said pray for that man's salvation. I have a call to ministry on his life at all yeah and I didn't fathom fully. He had been praying for you for five years, five years everyday.

He said you didn't even know we just saw me on and on an interview anyone a wrestling fan.

He said he stopped his watch wrestling gods as proof of duty abuses pray for that man's salvation. I will call to ministry on his life and God that day because I want to become the church today because I've been sick and he looks sick and and he goes with the Lord prompted me, his eyes welled up with tears and he said God blessed me today to see you soon as you walk to the altar. I knew it was you all my gosh, that's Amanda praying for for five years and over me yeah and so from that and by the way, I didn't just launch into ministry from that word he gave me that they actually went through a discipleship process for five years before the Lord wants to be into full-time ministry in in 1998 and since that time: for Christ ministries is been around the world. 30 different countries all 50 states and all radio show TV show on a podcast so it's crazy to think about Tom's crazy what a phenomenal story. I mean I don't I don't know that I've ever heard anybody say that he knew someone had been praying for them outside of your family.

You know or five years that this is crazy right now I am like you got it.

I don't know and yeah so let that be an encouragement to someone out there whether your pray for family or no was beyond hope that's that's the moral of the story why you know I'm in need in our lives to another student. People even in our family) that were were praying for every day and write and thinking about what I heard in church couple months ago it was against your there and he said something that was so's liking.

I needed it. Just like about not me over when he said 170,000 people day guy, not knowing Christ. And I thought oh my gosh it it it it it made me start to think about who we know right right that doesn't have that knowledge or awareness, or even at that, or have an opportunity and so that's been that's been heavy on on our hearts and minds and in really spurred us into interactivity and going all that. Yeah, that's incredible. Another question for you. What are your goals ministry is a great question because every year. So at the end of every year while, at the end of every year I can take it that cometh often in the conference call decision conference is a three day conference in MorningStar ministries for know South Carolina and and is there that a lot of times I'll take the time intentional time to say Lord what you want me what to list the next year look like and and then I saw do that. I'll write up the goals and then and then and then at Kathy and the are also always reevaluate and see how close I came to to achieving them or reaching them, and so presently, though, to space. Be specific. Presently is to I want to see the radio show the map radio show syndicated. My hope is to 300 stations across the across the country. The podcast is been downloaded into 59 countries but I want to see it downloaded in over 100 countries and and then the television show you're taking on a life of its own. Just reaching people will hopefully some of those hundred 70,000 you just made reference to with the gospel message in a just and I'll say this real quick to before ever lost a radio show, a podcast or TV show. You know my prayer had been almost like the prayer of Jabez, said Tom, your Lord, expand my territory, expand my reach, expand my voice my influence than when I was approached by Stu Epperson of truth radio you know that you need a radio show. I'm like don't know all that. It was like aha moment like wait a minute.

I mean airwaves right David. What greater way to reach the masses with my message with his message and on the on the mouthpiece that the radio television and podcasting and so that's the short list of of where I want to see the ministry get to my last question, did you ever think you know the Lutheran shared in terms of 1998 and now your ministry did you did you ever think that it would become as large as it has become number one and and number two.

Can you can you look back and and the certain things that happened at a certain point in time that made a huge difference in moving your message in your messaging. The ministry had well so never in a million years that I mean if if Tom would know prior prior to meeting you and I was already a Christ follower.

When you and I met, but it be if you write that 30 years ago instead of 15. You said I foresee you're going to be an evangelist traveler will tell people Jesus, I would like Tom what you like smoking you know you I like a real rhyming like a real like it just it.

Never in a million years did I fathom I'd be a minister, I'd be an evangelist, you know, I I'd be traveling the world teaching and preaching so so that's first and informal so and and I'm just grateful and thankful that it has grown and blossom into what it has in the second part of your question, I can clearly see. So here's the crazy part of this. I look back to my wrestling career.

I didn't look to get into wrestling.

Either that, just like I did look to get into ministry. I like to get into wrestling amine put a door of opportunity opened up.

I took advantage of it and I look back now I was summarize your question by saying this I will get wrestling okay what I do wrestling I flew an airplane is a Rent-A-Car sustainable tells a talk to microphones in front of cameras entertaining crowds. Well it's almost like God. Since a humor because I get I get saved my life to Jesus.

Now I look back, Tom and I go okay, whatever. What I've been doing ministry. All I know flying on airplanes Rent-A-Car sustainable tells talk to microphones in front of cameras many times not to entertain a crowd. Although I could do that but to bring a more important message. The gospel message and so was like wrestling was a training ground for me to to fulfill the ultimate call on my life.

Well so well crazy was that the ultimate call, and it is the ultimate call. I mean it is amazing what you done what you continued to do the treat such a pleasure to have a chance to visit with you to hear what knowledge drives. Yeah, but how it started out working to go compare what I appreciated I can't.

I think you for being a part of the Q&A, please, please, please, please, if you think about it give that lovely bride you hug her neck for me and and send my love her way and I just appreciate you and Bethany, Tom and your whole family.

Thanks for been on the show.

Michael, thank you for having me go today for another episode of Q&A Wacoal often will see you well you hear us next time. This is the Truth Network

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