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Sting: Man, Myth, Legend, & Wrestling Icon! - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 9, 2021 1:00 am

Sting: Man, Myth, Legend, & Wrestling Icon! - Part 2

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 9, 2021 1:00 am

The second installment of Nikita's talk with iconic American professional wrestler, Sting, about his wrestling journey and testimony.

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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast.

Our mission is to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network.

Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ once told Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call this time.

Well, welcome. It's time to man up with the Russian nightmare L actually the devil's nightmare added.

What a privilege to bring back if you two did last week you heard an amazing interview with the one and only icon Stinger talking about his journey in professional wrestling and add as promised, we said last week that we would continue this conversation and talk about his recent debut in AEW wrestling Stinger welcome back. That's time to man up. Probably back again. The bigger man Lasso went so quickly so fast that I appreciate you agreed to do a second show in and come back and you know we we headed off last week talking about course, your career and W being some of the memories that came to mind in WW EE and most recently you shocked once again as you have many times in your career by appearing on AEW and from what I saw I saw few clips you were very well received.

Talk about Shaka. I'm shocked myself right. Yeah, honestly I didn't think I would be doing or going back.

You know that any sort of capacity into the program is not from anybody. I made a very public over the years I really wanted to have no one last match against the undertaker right of cinema style match and it wasn't going to happen and I knew that you know I got a call hello Josh, earlier this year could've been even late last year actually text message from Tony Kahn putting out feelers. I was still with Debbie. Debbie so I never did contact Tony except for just your informalities.

Just hope you're doing good good good to hear from you again because I met Tony through the NFL okay or not. He contacted me and so we we go back before you ever got into wrestling so I just a mental good bubble bath but nothing ever happened with Debbie Debbie eat. We were trying to work things out. Unable to come to an agreement and you gonna call Tony just to see I didn't think I'd be a law from really anything that I thought he reached out to see what he has in mind. He asked me that. Would you be interested in doing cinema style mansion. Yeah, I would go that word isn't so.

I find multiyear deal with AEW and Tony Condon and just nominal in every way. And what a great organization with great group of guys young group of guys loose course my saying everyone is young, but generally speaking, generally speaking out there just a young group of guys and you talk about talent go and talk about being innovative and creative schedule on unreal, unreal. You got some of the most talented wrestlers and wrestling matches creative matches I've ever seen and great storytellers and nominal all around us. In all sincerity, if anyone deserves this opportunity you do and and and I really mean that. I mean, you have stayed the course in the past and I mean you've kept yourself in physical shape of good mental health. I mean, you're spiritually you're on on rock solid ground will talk about that today and a little later in the show and so of anyone deserves that. You certainly deserve it and what I envision is you taking that that plethora of knowledge and an experience that you have been all these years and be able to really transfer that as you mentioned some of these younger guys and even help them as talented as they are be able to help them even excel their careers even more so because they got something now and in the arsenal and and available to them. Absolutely, you know it's time to you know get back to him so I'm looking forward to that. You have so many of the guys in every wrestling order organization, but I was with even back with WW DNA Debbie Debbie and all of them and now in AEW you got some younger guys and you know what your watch one of my matches. Could you just please give me a critique on it. Are you really look out to advise me think about this, we think about that. So I'm loving that I just I really want to be part of it and you know I remember how Rick without even knowing it.

He was mentoring me and all the horsemen even you, you know. And those days and all learning from you to, but I'd love to be able to get back to some of these guys and in some way and I'm how I navigate her way through. You know how it translates I'm not exactly sure yet but you know just watching and giving input. For starters route to take Jeff Welling and you and I we were learning from each other, you know, and I think that some of the matches to be had against each other as well as no longer part of sting squadron and in some of those memories is certainly almost killed me in Chicago you are well. What is so here's is funny about that. So I was can say hey. Some highlights from your career. Although you've already shared a lot of us of memorable moments and I figured you would not bring that up as a highlight or a memory book book.

I was hoping you'd say you know the messaging that you Chicago. We almost choke the life out of me is is certainly a memory yeah yeah tell that story. I think hot had something to do with this same time hot stuffer room.

Hot stuff, you know a lot of you guys work sprayed on oil up your your body and you know I hate itů But they still use another way, but yeah, it would wash out your skin. It would bring the red blood filled in) make you look look darker than you really weren't so Lotta guys use it just because they never had a chance just so I have no idea why have I must've use of that night, but anyway I had to lift up on Russian chain match there. Here I am with with Mikita co-ops cargo URC pavilion sold out.

Unbelievable crowd, and you write that chain around my neck and rolled me over the top rope and I'm hanging okay and the thing is wrapped around in opposite directions, so it sort of does a thing type of the deal, right right right sliding on that that oily hot stuff around my neck to the point where if the chokehold to put anyone out. Second, you're trying to get your fingers in between your neck in the chain right that allow you to breathe right over well with one hand I was doing now the other hand, I had your ankle and I'll give you the office and it wasn't working. In the beginning I was paid no attention just for the record itself from my from my perspective just for the listeners out there.

I wanted use sell this thing so I want to sell the snake and the referees on the floor asking to be ready to quit or give up or whatever and in my mind like wow he's like really put this this part ovaries with well all at this time there like almost out of life and breath because your yeah I don't buy the moment right yeah I think I was II had been a few seconds away from passing out. Yeah yeah yeah really I for those who think wrestling is all think this is the real side of it. So yeah, I know people you know what I have been like for businesses that impressed me over the top of his head and throw me out onto the cement legal work. I say well you know what I get about 89 inches from the ground. I load up all down is right and I just for ease right on it looked like all his son into the pavement.

You know, I just yeah so my momentum down in midair yeah yeah right right anyway yeah that that will that was a night to remember Chicago okay so far listed not necessarily a highlight of things career but certainly a memorable moment of the stingers career and you know it it again. I just think back, and although the amazing moments we we've had together and and against each other and it is far as our careers going. I can really relate to stinger what you said about about the younger guys. I did a tour just a few years ago. 21 city tour in in 21 days across Canada and we logged in. This was old school figure we logged in 5500 miles in 21 days you. You drove opening we did There Was No Flying Involved Other Than Flying into Canada and Out Of Canada but All That's It Back. Honestly, It Brought Back so Many Amazing Results of Those Early Days in the Mid Atlantic and Crockett Promotions Her Uncle Live in a Dr. Note on Crusher Khrushchev. I Can Remember This Ultimately You Myself Rolled Were Animal and Luger.

A Number of Times on Some of the Loops Would Travel Together in It like Insane Cars Sometimes Stay the Same Hotel That Was Back before the Days of of of Marriott. It Was More Motel 6 Kind of Thing but You Member Those Days Went When Together. What One City Auto Aware of the Meltdown over All of You Know If There Was Working Talking Human Young That You Were You in Lack. You Had a Really Good Time Teasing Lex on on That One. Inolex Was Just so You Know, Anything That Was Imperfect like That. The Storm of Wall and He Was Always Sweating and Hot and Uncomfortable Know He Liked the Fog Coming Out Of His Breath.

You Know That's All Right Will Be like That You Know the Hotel Room.

The AC Was Not Working in the Only Hotel in Town and We We Had Some Bizarre Kind of like a Bunker Type of a Room or Something Really Weird That I Will You Be Will Accept All of Their Annalee and Alexis Written Out Of the Miscue Don't Bog Well If That Whole This Hold That Thought This Was a What When We Come Back Will Pick up Right There with That Story Because There's More to That Story so Hang Tight Will Be Right That You Feel Your Receiving Value from This Show. It's Time to Man up and You like to Support the Show along with Cola for Christ Ministries Go to and Make a Donation of Any Amount.

Note 1 of My Latest Book and You Receive a Personalized, Tail of the Ring and Redemption. Welcome Back. This Time to Man up Going to Talk about That Here in Just A Few Moments with with the Legendary Stinger. We Were Just for the Break, Talking about the Time and I Will Win It and Was Actually Not Only Mosquitoes. It Was Flies As Well. I Got What We Had Breakfast the Next Day. All I Heard Was How He Had to Stay up All Night Swatting Flies and Spraying Bug Spray and Never Got a Week Asleep and Then to Cap It All off, Were Eating Them or He Was Very Particular on His Food to Write at All. Yeah I'll Never Forget His Expression When They Sit down Is Omelette Layered with Oil. How beside Himself. He Was That That They Did Make It per Request That He Will. Lots of Amazing Stories There with Him and in Those Traveling Days As Well. So What Is It One Last Note on the Resting I Do Want to Transition Here in and I Know Our Listeners Want to Hear Us More of Your Story outside of Wrestling.

I Was to Save Mentioned That the Tour across Canada. I Can Really Relate to What You're Saying about Your Time in AEW and Young Guys Coming to You Because I Had That Happen All across Canada. Like the Guy Succumbed Me to Go Can You Watch My Mansion.

Would You Mind You'll Give Me Some Pointers and and I Go Now. It's Hard to Remember Every Every Matching Literally One Young Guy Came the Next Night with a Notebook. He Went and Bought a Notebook for Me so I Could Be Writing down and Recording All the Things from All the Matches to Be Able to Do It to Mentor These Guys Yeah Was an Incredible Really a Humbling Experience and They Were Very Sincere in Wanting to Kinda Pick My Brain or or Wanting to Hear Critiques of Their Matches so Stinger I Know You're Going to Be an Incredible Asset to AEW.

Well That Is My Goal for Sure. I Mean, It's Not about Me Anymore.

I Know That I've Always Known That It Really August 19 98 When I Got Saved Again like Jesus Christ. That's When I Realized Not about Me.

That's When I First Realized That It's Just More so Now Let's Let's Transition Right There Little More Back Story. I Leave Wrestling so I Make a Decision You Walk Winter My Own Terms and Had to Get into My Last Match against the Invader Had Couple Injuries Got a Hernia Injured My Neck. It Was Not Technically Career Ending Per Se.

However, I Made a Decision on My Own. In Fact, Was over Thanksgiving, Christmas Holiday. I Had Hernia Surgery. I'm Rehabilitating My Neck and I Just Make a Decision to Walk Away. Unlike Right on Don. It Was Part of My Goal Anyway When I Broke in Again a Business Right That I Was the Walkway from Act Arrested by the Time I Was 35 and Not That I Would Completely Walk Away, but from Active Wrestling and so It's 1992 I Find Myself, As You Just Testified to at an Altar October 17, 1993 I Find Mice Self at an Altar Surrender My Life to Jesus and As You Sit. Everything Changed Right. My Eyesight Change My Attitude Jamming and It's Been a Journey since That Time, but I Had an Encounter with Jesus at the Altar That Day and and It Set Me on a Whole Different Trajectory Whole Different Course and a Path for My Life. I Didn't See You Guys Again Any You Guys Are Intel. Fast Forward to December 1995 at the Old Coliseum in Charlotte North Carolina and I Don't Know How Much of This You Remember, Here's Here's What I Remember and Then You Can Maybe Fill the Gaps.

I Brought My Hair Matching Brought a Mullet Shave off the Fu Manchu.

I Have a Completely Different Looking Once at Some Kind. Incognito and I Find Myself during That Evening at Some Point Being Able to Know. Well, Maybe. Pun Intended. Kinda Pinning You in a Corner. After What Seemed like to Me Probably a Half-Hour More and I Phrase It This Way. I Basically Vomited up Jesus All over You That I Did It to the Point We like No Dude like I Got to Go like Okay Google Could You Do This Conversation. I Was so Excited about Jesus Right and You Yeah and I'm under My Breath Thing. No Yeah I Yeah and All It Was so Awkward, Though, Things Changed Much and You Were Such a Different Person and I Could Tell Something Really Really Happened. There Was a Real Sincere Change That Happened and You Know Really What It Was You Had a Big Bright Shining Light You Were Shining It All over Me. Yeah. And You Know Cockroaches When Me and I Just like I Just Want to Get Away Really I Want to Hear about Jesus. Right Now I Don't Want to Hear about All This in a Limited Form of My Life. I Want to Continue Party and You Know Living My Life the Way I Live in It Vaseline Right with Going to Be Yeah Yeah and Carlos Is out There. To His Credit, You Were Very Gracious to Just Sit There and Take That Hold Garage until the Point We Really Did Have To Go to the Ring and Russell and so You Are Very Very Gracious Annapolis Fast Forward to What You Just Made Reference to August 1998 Where You Yourself Had Your Own Encounter and and Tell Our Listeners about That Help As You Mentioned Already, but Everything Changed for You. You Know You and Incorrectly Know You're in the Entertainment Industry and You Know I Went up Everything in Our World Call Success and and Got It and along the Way I Made All Wrong Choices Lead to Really Severe Consequences and You Know, in Desperation, Probably 18 to 24 Months or August 1998 Just after You Know I Spoke to You Know 96, 97 Real Dark Period in My Life Because I Had Gotten Myself Addicted to Painkillers and Muscle Relaxers Drinking Every Day and in Desperation, You're Realizing While I Was Really Got Hooked on Me and I Can't Know What Kind I Was Sober As When I Was in the Ring Repelling Out Of a Helicopter or Repelling from the Top of the United Center in Chicago or Wherever We Were the Only Time I Was Really Ever Sober and Tried to Stop All the Nonsense, but Just Did Not Have the Ability to Do It under My Own Power. And so, in Desperation, You Know. I Remember Going Back Home to California Where My Younger Brother I'm the Oldest of Four, He Was an Elder in the Church, and He Invited Me to Go to Church with Them Every Time. Start Bringing the Kids in the Why We Leave Atlanta We Go Back to California and Keep Talk to Church on Sunday and so I Go after Would Always Give the Sermon and That the End of the Sermon.

Okay, All Valid on All Eyes Close That You like to Receive Jesus As Your Savior Eye Contact with the Rater Here and Now.

Say a Prayer and so I'd like to See If Anyone Was Looking Meek like Rate That My Hand Really Quick. Make Eye Contact and Put My Hand Back down Right. "Nobody Saw Me and I Had a Couple Moments like This and You Know I Thought William Based on What These Christians Are Telling Me If I Just Say This Prayer At Least Got Fired. At Least I Know Hell Yeah Yeah All Escape from Hell and No I Get Back in the Saddle Again. It Would Be Just like Business As Usual but Things Got Worse Every Time I Did This to Her Three Times and Things Got Worse Things Got Darker Immediately That I Don't Know How to Describe and I Finally Ended up in What You Know the Bible Would Call Deep Dark Despair or What I Call Deep Dark Despair Know That I Have All This Power. All This Money, Fame, Recognition All over the World and Thing Is Slipping through My Fingers. I Know That I'm a Hair Away from Losing My Wife, My Marriage, My Kids Two Sons at the Time. I Can't Stop Drinking. I Can't Stop Taking the Pill from Addicted to All of It and I Have a Moment of Truth. One Day in California Finally Talked My Wife in the Moving from My Ex-Wife Now from Atlanta Back Home to California to Be around My Family Because the Colors That We Got We Needed We Need to Get God in Our Lives Somehow We Know We We Went Back in.

She Confronted Me As She Had Done Many Times in Years past about Women and I Was. I Always Lied to Her.

I Was of the Great Liar.

I Could Lie so Well That I Could Make Her Feel so Guilty for Even Asking the Question. The Real Deactivation, but I One Day in August 1998 I Think I Was Probably Close to Have a Nervous Breakdown so Much Going on at One Time but I Ended up Making a Confession Tour in That Month I Buy Confessed to Her about Taking Pills and Drinking. She Would Even Know and I Could Test about the Women's Well She Asked Me Again, One Last Time and Nick, You Know, There Had Been Just Know the Bible Says during Flax I Will Not. So There Was Just Enough of a Spark There Is like God Was Trying to Blow It into a Flame and Keep It Alive before Went Legally out. I Believe That Was a Defining Moment in My Life Something Happened. I Could Not Lie to Her. I Had to Tell Her and I Think I Messed up about Everything. I Confess Everything You Are Mean and She Asked A Lot Of Questions and It Was a Horrible Horrible Time I Went in the Closet in the House and I Pray to God.

I Said Okay II Have Given You Lipservice up to Now, I Didn't Mean What I Said I Wanted You to Change Me from the outside in and I Need to Be Changed in My Heart You Know from the inside out. You Don't Clean Me out Here.

I I've Messed Things up so Bad. The Consequences Are so Severe I Can't Overcome This.

I Can't Stop Taking Pills. I Can't Stop Drinking. I Can't Fix My Marriage.

I Can't Do Any of This Unless Some Supernatural Happened, I Knew That There Wasn't Any Big Wrestling Match. No Amount of Money. No Drug, No Amount of Alcohol. No Woman, No Dr. No Psych out My Kaiser Psychologist W. Nobody Was Nothing I Knew That I Needed Something Supernatural.

American I Should God, No, Please Come and Save Save My Life, Save Me, Save Me Pull Me Out Of This. I Can Do Something and It Was in That Moment That I Know Jesus Came, I Stopped Taking Pills and Drinking Literally Overnight and You Remember There Were so Many of the Guys That I Really Taking Pills, Drinking like That. They Didn't Wake up.

I Couldn't Take It Anymore and I Was on My Way to Be in One of Those Types of Statistics but I Went to the One Step Jesus Christ.

I Should've Gone to a Rehab and Have Blood Transfusions or Something Because I Had a Mental and Physical Addiction. But God, Jesus Got Me through It and He Healed Me and Overnight. I Remember like You Know I Have All These Consequences, and It's Horrible, but I Knew Something Had Happened. Something Supernatural Did Happen.

Jesus Came He Came inside of Me Know. James 516 Says, Confess Your Sins One to Another, so That You May Be Healed in the Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Accomplishes Much and It Wasn't until I Made a Confession One to Another Means. Confess Your Sins to Those Who Sin against the Course, I Have Sinned against My Wife.

So I I Came Clean and Then the Greatest Gift. Aside from My Salvation and My Eternal Life Was Godly Remorse. Second Corinthians 710 Talks about Godly Remorse, the Kind of Remorse That Brings Repentance That Leads to Salvation. It Has an Alarm for This Year's End in a Indignation over Your Stand and Earnestness.

Clear Your Name and It Leaves No Regret, Whereas in the Same Verse to Talk about Worldly Remorse. United Seen This over and over Again Worldly Remorse of the Kind of Ticked off Because You Got Caught Jolly Old Lady Get All the Money She's Going to Get the Cars to Get the House Lovable and Cold Worldly Remorse about It Produces Death but Godly Remorse Leave No Regret. And Although My Marriage after 10 Years of Battling for after That Time. In August 1998. It Ended I Have No Regret I Would Do It All the Same Way Again.

I Would Make the Same Confession the Way I Did. He Whom the Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed. God Set Me Free.

Literally Overnight. So Jesus Came and He Saved My Wretched Soul. I Haven't Looked Back since August 1998 As a Powerful Testimony so Much More We Could Talk about. I Guess We Can Have Some Time Have To Have You Back Again. Talk about the Time You and I and Ted DiBiase Teamed up Administered over 43,000 Teenagers in Indianapolis over 10,000 Respond to the Altar That Day through Our Testimonies, but Man, I Can't Thank You Enough. And If You're Listening out There Is Something That Singer Said That That Just Really Resonated in Your Heart and in Your Spirit and You Don't Have Your Menu Played the Game Raised a Hand.

It Raised a Hand in All Pray the Prayer Didn't Mean It. But Today Would Be the Day to Make That Decision Real in Your Life like You Just Heard a Powerful Testimony from the Singer How Jesus Became Real in His Life and As He Testified to in 1993 How Jesus Became Real in My Life Today Would Be a Great Day to Make That Decision and Surrender Your Life to Jesus so Grateful to Have Stinger on Think You Would You Come Back Again Sometime. Nick, Anytime You Come Back and Be Happy to Come Back for Sure. Judy Had to Dynamite the TNT Dynamite That Singer and AEW Wrestling in and Be Praying for Him As He's a Salt and Light and into That World. Because of That Will Be Salt and Light. God Bless You Judy Next Week Men. I Would like to Challenge Each of You to Consider Spending Five Days with Less Liver and I Am Pursuing the Heart of Ladies You're Listening.

Will Send Your Manhole Better with God Godly Husband and Godly Deals. Do You Give Them Your Blessing and Am Sign up Today at Band Camp.Full Pastors You Would like to Bring Holland for Christ Ministries and Man up Conference to Your Community. Go to and Email. Remember This. It's Time to Man up. This Is the Truth Network

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