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Our God of Promise - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 12, 2022 12:00 am

Our God of Promise - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 12, 2022 12:00 am

Hear about how God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

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Nonentity intense contact with family for Thursday, May 12 point chronic you know if you can trust them on today's podcast about God who has both the character and the ability to always do what he says is you think about promises that you have made in your life. Have you made promises so nonchalantly wrote you, Mel.

Be very low and so and so and so and then didn't do it. You said will will understand maybe they didn't understand one of the wonderful things about God. Listen, he's never broken a promise is never forgotten the promise, not a single one. So let's just look at God for a moment I want us to look at four attributes of God is for characteristics of God.

I want to salute you for the many others. For example, is the wholeness of God the justice of God, the righteous of God in all of these but just for of his attributes and because I want you to see when you understand who he is and what his character is and what that character means and his ability. You have no reason to doubt the word of God. So let's look at him for just a moment and the first attribute that I want us to look at is the simple fact number one God is truthful. That's one of his attributes. That means. Listen he's truthful all the time. He is the essence of truth. He only tells the truth, and he knows the truth about every single solitary thing there is to know in life and there are many things we can say about that. The second of those qualities is faithful God is faithful and in first Corinthians chapter 1 and Paul is just beginning as a person is what he said.

He said God is faithful, through whom you were called in the fellowship with his son Jesus Christ our Lord. He's a faithful God, which means he's trustworthy that he will do what he says he will do, and at no point in your life. A man has God ever proven to be unfaithful and I think about Abraham and Sarah, for example, listen, God made him a promise 25 years went by before that became a fulfilled promise and ever causing the know. Finally she laughed and done what he felt he felt all, crazy things. I'm sure yet God did exactly what he promise. Here's the problem we don't trust we don't trust what the reasons we don't trust Mrs. because he doesn't do it on our schedule and he doesn't do it the way we think it ought to be done and he doesn't do it through the person we think it'll be done through with this particular situation and so we doubt.

Listen, you can live in joy, peace and happiness in your life in confidence and assurance about anything if you say will God keeps most of his promises.

Well, which wants where God keeps his promises for certain people or which certain people listen. He is who he says he is or is not, and if he is not. We are all hopeless and helpless and thank you for the same category. The positive Jesus Christ didn't rise from the dead, then what we have we have insurance about anything he promised that he would and he did. Undeniably, he did and he says he's coming back and here's how I know is because all the Scriptures from beginning to end.

There's not a single time he failed to keep his promise under any circumstance. He's a God who is God of truth and he's a God who is a God of faithfulness, but there's 1/3 thing is a God who is immutable. That is, he doesn't change and he says, for example, and Malachi chapter 3 verse six that he's a God who does not change doesn't change his mind that certain things happen that a conditional and unconditional. If God says here's what I'm going to do if you don't do this and so if you do thus and so and so what happens you violate his will, or his purpose in some area and so he doesn't Either God and keep his promise of yesterday there was a conditional promise conditional something that you do or do not do. That's a very, very important point because if you don't get that you say will God is what you said you didn't do it God makes these promises based on conditions that are for our good.

If he made promises is let me send this be distributed to him is not for my good.

So the conditions he lays down for us is for our good, because it's an expression of his love for us and so we say that he is immutable. He doesn't change, what's this you and the whole world can't force God to change his mind about anything because he is a God of truth is faithful to himself as well as to us is immutable. Doesn't change, but is also a God of love and in first John chapter 4. There he speaks about being that God is love. Now one of the reasons you and I should believe in him. As far as his character's concern is civil. Avalon, the weather God loves me not. The cross is all the proof and need that he loves me and if he is willing to do that for me. I don't have any reason to doubt that he will do all those things less than because his his ultimate expression of love. He kept that promise. He's that I'm going across and I'm gonna die for your sins and you going to be forgiven of sin.

As a result of me being on the cross did he do what he promised to do. Yes, you have a reason to doubt him. No I do not. It is also loves to think about this when God makes a promise he makes a promise that he's committed to. You've heard me say this before we are where we are today. Every single one of us. We are where we are today, because when we been thinking all these years, the average your mama circumstance now repeated because we been thinking all these years now. Not saying they're not influences that affect his understand that God knows we are where we are because the way we think in our relationship to God. We are where we are because the way we think and if my thinking is a trusting. I believe he is who he says he is. I believe he'll do what he says he'll do. I believe he will do exactly what he says when he says I will never leave you nor forsake you. Watch this for every single believer, you can bet your hole if you turn the future I will never leave you nor forsake you. For an unbeliever that you don't have this promise, this is for believers only.

He's never leave you nor for sake of class God, let me be in the mess on the well because you you chose to be there or you violated something or are you in the measurement, because God has some fantastic in my essay. Oftentimes we get in the difficult situation of pain in her separation, sorrow, and all the rest.

We think will God where are you in this hour my pain and hurt his right way says he'll be once you change this watch this. Thank God he didn't move at my beck and call, because it may be that then hinders pain-and-suffering hurt something is going on inside of me that so fantastic that I will be so grateful to God. One of these days that he let me out over there so we judge him to quickly. He's a God who is absolute, faithful, absolute truth will never changing, and is a God of absolute love that has lived his character so I can trust him for his caregiver is aware of it but can he so there are three other attributes of God owns a look at and that's in this first of all, he is a God who is omniscient.

He knows every single solitary thing and this passage in Hebrews 4, chapter listen to what he says.

Beginning in the verse 12 for chapter for the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. There is no creature hidden from his site, but all things are open and laid there. That means uncovered to the eyes of him with whom we have to do, which means simply this, I can trust them because I know he has disability since he is omniscient and knows everything. He knows every single solitary thing involved in every single solitary decision you have. He knows what came before.

What's going on now and was going to happen thereafter. Therefore, when you and I come to him and he he makes a promise. Remember this. He's not making a promise by flipping a coin.

He makes promises based on what based on his absolute infinite total perfect knowledge of everything there is to know about you, he can't make any mistakes. I like to think of in this way loosely have a big parade and you're on the 12 story of this building and you can see the parade from the beginning and the end is everything going over everything is. That's the way God sees your life beginning and end, and there's not any point in your life in which he does not have absolute total full complete comprehensive knowledge so that no guesses, and so God's not guessing.

He's not trying to figure anything out. And that he's not. Don't ever say groups. He's not going to ever say or should have a lot in.

Think about that and I forgot that perfect knowledge so that when you not come to we can trust him that whatever he tells us to do. Remember this that his command is based on absolute perfect complete knowledge is omniscient this thing about this when you come to him about anything he has complete knowledge, no guessing right and you know when you come to the heavenly father you come in the one who knows everything there is to know that you things that nobody else will ever know, and he listened. That means that he knows what's best for you in every single situation he knows exactly what's best serve him, questioning him I'm questioning his knowledge I'm questioning is understanding I'm questioning if he has the power to correct whatever needs to be corrected or give me whatever I need is a second thing and that is that he is omnipresent and what is his omnipresence will you know the passage enough the hundred and 39 song listen to what he says. He says the Lord, you searched me and known me, you know want to sit down with the rise of the understand my thoughts from afar you scrutinize my path. My line down and are intimately acquainted with all my ways. Even before there is a word of my tongue, behold, the Lord, you know it all perfectly aware and listen to this, by omnipresence, I simply mean this.

He's always there for you and me no matter what he's there in the fulfillment of every promises made.

He says what the promises I will never forsake you.

Never forsake you. I will be with you to the end of this age, you name it. And Jesus is there. So why should I trust I can trust him because of his character. I can trust him because of his ability to fulfill everything is promise and then of course there's this awesome reason for me to trusting that is he's omnipotent. He has all power is not enough for him to know what to do, but he has the power to make it through and that Helen third Psalm 19 verse are coded almost every Sunday is establish his throne in the heavens and his sovereignty rules over all.

So when it comes to God, making promises that I have to wonder about what they can do it or not, absolutely not. And that 17 chapter of Genesis. In the year of first verse, L. Shada that Hebrew name for God means God Almighty. He has all power and all might God's never faced anything that he had absolute control they always understand why he does what he does in certain situations. No I don't is in control guesses watch this if he's not in control and I do this to be where one small Sbarro so I don't know about so and so on. As soon as if God is not in control here with you in control of life. Oh no is the devil in control of life. No will of the devil is not you're not, then who is all I don't know see they they can't admit the fact that God's in control because God isn't working things out in their life the way they think the artwork is in absolute control of everything he has your best interest in mind and heart because he's a God of love. He knows all things. He's a God of truth, he is faithful he does not change. He knows it all. He's with us and he has all power. Jeremiah chapter 32. Listen, this verse, Lord God, behold, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power by your outstretched arm.

Nothing is too difficult for you to watch this.

This is what we've just said. Every single promise.

God is made, you can absolutely rests with perfect assurance and no question is going to fulfill his promise. Why because he only tells the truth because he's a faithful God. He's reliable, dependable, and because he never changes his mind. He's a God of infinite love for us. He is absolutely omniscient, knows everything about us. He is with his every single moment every split-second he's there and has all power to execute any and every situation and circumstance that he chooses to do so because there is nothing that can limit the omnipotence of Almighty God, do you realize how blessed you are that this is our God. I think about all the other religions in the world. What kind of assurance that they have what real hope to their God is absolutely not only adequate, and faithful, but always available, but whatever you and I need to see us through it that serious. Now, but there's one other thing I want to mention here and that is I do have responsibility and you have responsibility and there are three requirements. First of all, I must be willing to be obedient to whatever he requires of me I must be obedient to, and the I want. I just want to give you one passage because the Old Testament is full of these and the Exodus 15 he says in this 26 verse if you will give earnest heed to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his sight, and give ear to his commandments and keep all the statues I will put none of these diseases on you which are put on the Egyptians, for the Lord your God now is what you find.

All through the Old Testament is what he says if you will do this and so his welder if you will do this and so his welder if I'm expecting God to work at his will and in my life and provide whatever needed may be I must be obedient to over and over and over again.

He's if, for example, the 28th chapter of the book of Deuteronomy has more promises from God than any other chapter in the Bible because is just one promise after the other, but they are conditioned upon obedience. Remember he told them what they would find in the promised land. If you do what I tell you.

Here's what happened when they finally got in.

They didn't do what he required of them and so they suffered and finally found themselves in deep trouble. So, we wonder why God doesn't fulfill his promise, he fulfilled his promise. But if the promise is based on the condition have a part to play in that so ask yourself the question, if you ask out about something, and God hasn't provided you believe that the word of God says he'll provide all your needs and you have a need and ask yourself the question, is the issue with God that his characters such as not telling the truth.

No is it that he can't give you what you know and there must be something within yourself that you need to deal with one thing is obedience, and second is faith. Are you really and truly trusting him for. And the third thing is to do what the climate there.

Watch this if I bring something to God and I really and truly don't. I just have some doubt about it, then I'm not going to claimant his hand are not claiming I asked him to answer a particular petition and so I'm driving Expressway and am concerned about arm at home and I'm worried about. And I'm thinking about MC, got his, which promise that you know what I've read it.

I've heard it. I know what he says but I haven't claimed it for myself. When you claim the promise of God for yourself. You not give me word and friend. What because you know he tells you the truth is not going to change. He's also God of love is a God of faithfulness. He's on the present.

He's omniscient, he's omnipotent. Tell me why should be complaining about. It's a matter do I believe. Do I believe that the God of the Bible is who he says he is. Which means that he keeps every single promise. He never fails to keep one that's this God, you and I on the basis of that we should have a sense of peace and joy and contentment and fulfillment in our lives are to be fruitful and abundant in the work of the Lord, why because we serve this awesome God. Listen who has committed himself to do what's best for us in every single circumstance.

Every single thank you for listening to party lab in our God of promise, we would like to invite you to join us in celebrating 45 years of God's faithfulness, intense, tantalizing 45 years to learn more. If I the presentation of ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

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