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The Companion of Faith - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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April 29, 2022 12:00 am

The Companion of Faith - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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April 29, 2022 12:00 am

We have a personal responsibility when it comes to works—the companion to faith.

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Welcome to the intense podcast with Charles Stanley Friday, April 29 works are both important to God.

You know if you have things in the right order. Stay with us for part two of the companion of faith.

I will talk about the companion of this something that goes along with her. Something that we cannot afford to neglect in God's eyes, something that he holds us accountable for something we are responsible for. Think about this for about when you trust in Jesus as your Savior and he began to live on the inside of you and he gave to every single one of us the responsibility of being a sounding board. The people around us, about who he is what he does, how to receive him as our personal savior. Think about this. It would be absolutely totally unthinkable and un-biblical unscriptural to think that Jesus Christ would live on the inside of you and me and be quiet about himself. It doesn't even make sense. He came to live on the inside of his because he says the church is the body of Christ that is his hands, his arms, his feet his eyes, his heart, his is that's who we are we the sons and daughters of God.

We have become the body of Christ. He stated the father's right hand, and he is living on the inside of us in the presence of the Holy Spirit. So having given is the responsibility of sharing with the world who he is, why he got on the cross and his resurrection his coming again. It would be absolutely unthinkable for Jesus to live on the inside of you and be quiet so therefore we too should be the sounding boards of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the office where you work in your home among your friends among your pleasures among your labors, he says, sounding boards for the gospel of Jesus Christ. So when we think about our faith.

For example, let's think about in this life and that is often times because of the emphasis we place on faith and is a very strong emphasis and his emphasis that is legitimate, we place a very strong emphasis on our faith because we say we do not want anybody to be misled, misled into thinking that you can go to heaven and be accepted by God by doing good works, and so we place great emphasis on the back for by grace are ye saved through faith that not of yourselves, not of works lest any person should boast. But we are his creation, created in Christ Jesus unto good works now listen.

Fate has a companion and that companion is works. That is when not to work to be saved. We can never work that hard that long that much, but because we are saved, we have a personal responsibility to be sounding boards of the truth to transform down life sounding boards of the gospel. Listen vessels of God to those of God.

Channels of God, through whom he can express his goodness, through whom he can help those who are in need, through whom he can help those who report through whom he can help those who are sick, through whom he can help those who discouraged and depressed. We are the body of Christ. He's left us here in order to live his life through us and to do through us.

For others, what he knows they need and he's chosen eyes as the vessels are in the and because you say you have positioned yourself to be a vessel and a channel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Someone you think about this in the light of that, what should be our attitude will mention three things that you might jot in the morning to be a long list of things in a few moments would think about this for moment whether I give you a drink of cold water in the name of Jesus, or give you $500 name of Jesus or pray with you in the name of Jesus, or give you a by your dinner in the name of Jesus never does whatever we do, whatever good deeds that they listen. One of those good deeds are. We do them in the name of Jesus. What does that mean that means at a minimum of three things a coming level, but it simply means this number one what I'm doing is in harmony with God's revealed will. This is what I believe God wants me to do at this time to do it in his name is to do it in harmony with you and God are. Listen you all in agreement about the dude in harmony with him. Second, led to do it in subjection to his will. That is his authority. I do it his way in his time. Whatever good deed should be in his way and his timing under his authority, waiting for his Tommy do it his way because certainly that is the best way and the most profitable way to do whatever God tells us to thirdly and naturally, his independence upon his power. Whatever we do we do in his name independence upon his power, which says God I can do it apart from you. I can't, but you can somebody says enough does not sound sanctimonious you want to set out loud, but the truth is I can to you and I can't do anything in our own strength is going to be fruitful, bearing a real lasting fruit. Lots of people can make an impression. Godly people make an impact to which you have to ask is this the only impression on somebody. I don't want to make an impact for the gospel am I doing this for myself and my doing this for Jesus sake, in the name of Jesus.

I'm doing it because I believe it's his will, in the name of Jesus. I'm doing it in his timing in his way and in the name of Jesus. I'm certainly going to do it, and upon his Holy Spirit, and certainly also I'm going to do it with thanksgiving. So think about this if all the works we do whatever we do for somebody in the name of Jesus. Whatever we do. If it's in the spirit of Thanksgiving. If it's independence upon the Holy Spirit.

If it's in subjection to his authority, his timing his way.

If all of this is true. You know what.

Whatever we do, God will make profitable. I'm assuring a few moments for that so important. God will make profitable and so the spirit in which we are to engage in good works that spirit is to exalt him and it and to do it in his name, but likewise the do it motivated by love is the way you can find out whether what you do in the name of Jesus.

What you do for example for others what you do in service to God.

Whether it is motivated by love and not so only give you list, you can just check yourself out to see where you're coming from number one I think certainly if I'm engaged in any good work motivated by love.

I'm going to be highly motivated if love is what's behind it. I'm going to be highly motivated. Secondly, I'm going to be enthusiastic about if it's love doing it, I'm going to be enthusiastic about 1/3 thing is is I'm gonna re-energize when you love somebody listen you love somebody you get excited when you love somebody and you will do something for them you energized you want to get it done. You will make it happen. And there's a sense of the energy that flows through us. When love is flowing through us. It makes all the difference in the world and having to do and because love is pumping it out in your life. Another thing is simply this, and that is that we do because of what will make time summarizes what you know I just don't have the time. The massacres and can you imagine Jesus say I don't have time to forgive you today. Sorry you not never come to him and he said sorry too busy when you're not motivated by love to serve the living God. Something awesome is absolutely going to happen there like nothing one of the things that will you also feel is you feel very fulfilled when you are serving the Lord and we know that our motive is right, we are pouring our lives in other people is what happens. You can feel fulfilled nothing about people always got problem, always feeling bad, everything is wrong. Everything is depressing everything discouraging.

Human will only go.

Sometimes you only want to be around me know what if they get their eyes off themselves and on the somebody else they get well listen. Their accountants would change their conversation would change that conduct would change. God does not intend for us to live Sooner lives ballistic. He intends for us to live like spraying the guard mommy getting everywhere. The life of Christ within you, no matter what's going on pouring yourself in the somebody else will cure you of more stuff in your find somebody who is in need and give your self to them, you cannot feel a great sense of fulfillment, you know what happens physiologic and still affect because this your whole nervous system your whole physiological B is affected by what the Bible says you know a heart that is discouraged and down happiness and joy, a good medicine. What happened, something happens to a person physically physiologic that something can happen. You start pouring your life in the summit of his, whatever you begin to sense that you have a purpose in your life that your life can make an impact you can make a difference in somebody's life. You can make it. It was in somebody's eternal life. When you motivated below. Likewise, you will take whatever sacrifices necessary. You will sacrifice you love somebody you sacrifice the time you sacrifice the money you sacrifice the effort. Whatever it might be you love somebody you don't count pennies you love somebody you don't count minutes if you love somebody is not a matter what somebody else think you know what you for your life and ask a question can you name anybody today in whose life you pouring your life you are sharing Jesus with them you sharing your experiences with them you sharing them things that happen you in the past you sharing things that are happening in the present. You telling them how God's answered your prayer you show them how God has met your needs be utilized that there are so many people who are so hungry they will upon somebody in whose life they believe God is real in her life, God is real in his life.

The world is a believe that God is real, they need to see it in us feeling among us. They need to sense that something real going on in those they cannot explain what will happen is you will worry about the sacrifices.

Likewise, if we are motivated by love. We don't have a joy about what we do is will be that will actually spark within us that we don't have to explain it's a law listen when you love somebody you go the 2nd mile, 10th mile hundred mile thousand mile and you know what all the way. You don't count the miles, or how much it cost you to get there.

We live in a world that knows little or nothing about true genuine love you give yourself away. Listen, don't you not want about what they think have a gun react having respond what you going to get has nothing to do with it, and most people today when you express love to guess what this first thing they think what is he won't. You know what they think that that's exactly the way they think if I give you something I want something in return is not the way Jesus thought of things is not the way true godly people think you see when you think about all the ways that genuine love to express itself you go do what you do with gratitude for the privilege when I think about asking someone to serve the Lord.

Somewhere there is a well you know what I do still have time.

But you know busy lot about about you know what you want to thank God for the privilege but also privilege of being able to serve the living God.

If I love him. I will not question what he requires. If I love him. I met acknowledge that he knows what's best for me.

I'm simply saying that you Jesus Christ is living on the inside of you and he expect you and me to be a sounding board gospel of Jesus Christ. He expects us to live as a way of life to be giving ourselves all the people pouring out ourselves the people and stop thinking about ourselves and Pollo me and Ma.

This in mind that I don't have this and I don't have that. What is he saying he says look my hands, my feet miasma my arms my heart if you and is waiting for us to become available. Let him do what he wants to do an outline should not thank him and praise him without complaining and given my best absolute that one less thing to watch this carefully. I miss you question what is the judgment of God all about W-2 judgments the judgment of the saints of the judgment of the lost people who got lost once the judgment all about. The Bible says it is important to men once to die, and after this the judgment was that all about. Marty saves all that my salvation is Jesus going take another look at my salvation. Deceiving work. No, what about the judgment of the lost is he going to give them another chance.

No, then what is the judgment of Jesus Christ all about the judgment of Jesus Christ is all about one thing, it's about listen. It's about our works. That's it. That's why it's so absolute important. It's about our works now. He was a well me and you know I'm saying that's all it matters. That's not all that matters. Now when you turn to some very sobering passages. Second print is chapter 5 second drink in chapter 5 missed what he says, verse 10 he says for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may be recompensed or rewarded for his deeds and the body according to what is done with a go to bed. What's the judgment over it's about rewards but what works second thingamajig notice you.

I want you look, if you will, in the the 20 chapter Revelation verse 11 through 50 summarizes not only that, but because I want to send you don't understand this part. Verse 11 John says, then I saw a great white throne and him who sat upon it, from whose presence earth and heaven fled away.

No place was found for I saw the dead, the great and the small standing before the throne of the books were open another book was opened, which is the book of life and the dead were judged from the things which are written in the books, according to their one according to their deeds. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, death and Hades gave they were trim them.

They were judged, every one of them are going their deeds. That is, the judgment is all about our works on earth now the 14th chapter of Revelation. Back in the 14th chapter for a moment and look if you will, of this verse you see our works are very important to God. When we stand before him in the judgment.

The issue is not our salvation. The issue is your life on earth.

What we did look at this chapter 14 verse 13 and I heard a voice from heaven saying right this blessed of the dead who die in the Lord bless those who say from now on. Yes, says the spirit so that they may rest from their labors, and their needs follow with somebody says when you die, can you take anything with absolutely.

Our works late negatives and salvation. Absolutely not make a difference in your worn all the difference in the world best with the judgments about think about how Satan has deceived so many people were just so you get say that's all it matters that is not all that matters. I watch this. This is how deceitful Satan's bed and how successfully having people think the only thing that matters is usually despise you get saving Guinea and that's it. He says for all eternity. Our life in heaven is going to have a relationship to Ally Fowler.

He says because our rewards will determine what God gives us to do in heaven. Probably tender. We are not going to be sitting around flying around like angels who bring it up in December, saying, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord praised LB work to be done and the question is are you going to get there. Not without Christ. You not. And if you will, and asking to forgive your sins. Based on what he did at the cross of Calvary pages send that info in his blood. The moment you ask him to forgive your sins and to save you concern your life to him say the grace of God is or what about all these years of life. I wasted their wasted is or is any hope for me absolutely trusted Jesus Christ there's hope.

Yes, more than hope. Absolutely blessed. Listen in revocable assurance from God that issues what you do the rest of your life. Think about this when you not stand before him. Listen, we may be busy in this life and we may think a lot of things of life, important.

This life is so short and eternity is so long and Satan's deceivers in the thinking squeeze out all the happiness squeeze out all the joy squeezes get everything you get on the slide because going be sure he's right about that short part is very deceptive about the squeezing part. What would Jesus say is what he said he record all of the numbers. He said he who saves his life for himself, shall lose it, but he who gives his life away to others will say you know what pleases the Lord. Most that his vessel juvenile trusted Jesus as our Savior that our lifestyle is pouring outline which is his lives of others good in the good works, not because you want to get say about them because we love him and couldn't do less God is done so much for us. Thank you for listening to part 211, the companion and faith to know more about Charles Stanley more intense ministries that are lacking is a presentation of InTouch ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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