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When We Feel Frustrated - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 25, 2022 12:00 am

When We Feel Frustrated - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 25, 2022 12:00 am

Dr. Stanley shows how the real source of irritation comes from within.

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Welcome to the index podcast for child family for Tuesday, January 25 that frustrating sense that something is just not right. Learn how to interpret those feelings of unrest and turn your focus to Jesus Christ of the title of this message to the use on groceries. The social role strength when feeling frustrated and let me just say while you turn nausea 14.

All of us have those moments of frustration. Your local mobile start.

You know your babies are crying the telephones ringing the doorbell's ringing. All of the same time are you working on this document on your computer and you're almost finished this whole timebomb comes up, says Sarris systems failure and the thing goes blank on and all you out of the expressway and all of a sudden you look you have looked you know better than this. And all of a sudden the motor dies and you look at your gas tank. You signal it says empty values asking several of my brothers. All ofthose countertops. I'm not talking about that primer on this message.

I'm talking about those seasons of frustration when we go through periods of frustration in our life and how we deal with those in and what happens so if you'll notice the 14 chapter of the Isaiah he says in verse 27 for the Lord of host has planned who can frustrate his plans and is for his stressed-out hand. He says who can turn it back now. There are periods of frustration or life that have nothing to do with sin or mistakes necessarily.

First of all, it will be a frustration that you not you don't feel driven to prove something you are not blaming someone you can put your finger on the circumstances you really think about change that everything will be different and so that frustration oftentimes comes instantly without a warning. Sometimes it comes as a process over a period of time and somehow you cannot identify its cause you see most of the time when when something that's a result of something inside of us is going on that we are responsible for men. We got a lot of things we put our finger on, but when it's God's frustration. You can put your finger on it. One of the purposes that God begins to bring about frustration and this restlessness within us. He wants to get our attention about something a better life. It's probably something that you are not never thought about never considered never gave any thought. And so we think will you know I must be sick in a couple above and may do something and what is it is a restlessness that you keep its finger on.

You just feel it. If it is something that you have not thought about most of the time. God is in sight. There is, but he but he brings this restlessness.

The sense of frustration little by little.

He begins to move us in his direction, and it is a time is a process that goes on within us and it may be one of his reasons may be to resolve something in our past.

We talked about before they will even realize needs to be resolved and so we think will, so frustrated and I can look in my own life this very day and tell you that that God has done that in my life. A number of times this frustration that I cannot put my finger don't know about the blame. Nothing I can say was going wrong until finally he got me back younger. The dealing with something that I never even thought about was an issue never even crossed my mind that he would have any effect on me later in life, and so his purpose is to bring us into the fullness of who he wants us to be so has he going to do that one of the things he's trying to do is to stir up to agitate us. Listen, you say were gone when agitate yes he will. This frustration till he agitates us until we come to the place of thinking God. Maybe you try to say something. Now we cooking and so what happens part of that is a purifying process will ask yourself the question, God is this frustration result of something you trying to say to me you trying to change the direction of my life trying to get me to think differently you want me to think differently about you.

I can tell you one the greatest challenges in my own life and one of the ways God has worked on me is to change my thinking about him and is taken some real work in my own life to get me to thinking the way he thinks.

Listen to get me to thinking about him the way he wants me to think about him so what he wants to say to me I will be willing and able to accept it is coming from a loving genuine father who genuinely loves me. He loves you enough to intervene, inject himself, and you live in Sonoma on the watch accomplishes this.

I want you deal with something in it.

What is he put the pressure on and a pressure pressure pressure now if I weasel my way out and you can do that and I wanted reviews run to the pill bottle run the something else in life.

I'm going to miss God's best, but his purpose is always something good. Now when he does that is what happens when you think maybe that God may be doing something in your life. You see, he's far more interested in person involve the most you think is in the first thing you do is that she is okay Lord if you're up to something in my life.

First I will deal with anything and everything you bring to my mind that I know about and so here's what God does not wants this. What is he takes the surface. The first anybody can see he takes on the surface stuff for you deal with it then use okay Lord, what else then what happens is that you have a right to began to expect and anticipate God to do something in your life when you begin to realize that God is doing something in your life and you begin to anticipate that he is up to something. What happens then you and I began to tune our hearts to him. We want to hear what he has to say we really and truly want to know what's going on with you if we can just practice loving heavenly father loves me enough that he may want to say something to me personally and listen. He desires this intimate relationship. He desires to have one is he desires to work in your life now. I will give you several examples of how willing God is working our life and saw how he moves that will be different in everybody's life but I want to remember what he was 16 or 86 God does sin frustrations into our life to get our attention, yet is locked in on himself so we can hear what you say so he can do what he can move me in my attitude move me in my understanding me geographically, it makes no difference, but move.

I remember a lot of instances in my life and I just mentioned to the river. Here the first time this ever came reality to me. My wife and I finished two years seminary finish of the second year and we were going to Fresno, California to preach and I was going to preach that someone she was noticing that was to give us some experience in our never been a pastor except one summer in so usually the cornerstone church and have a passion so easily gotten fill-in for three months and we had all worked out everything just fine. I can remember disliking today set in the morning I got up early that one begin to pray and all of a sudden with no warning out of them.

How frustrated I feel about what's going on is like I was churning. Nothing was wrong. School is about out grades refine the what's going on. God, I couldn't find anything to blame anything on Arthur over what was going on. So when she finally got up and we are synonymous to pray sums not right you know, we prayed all morning. We prayed almost around 6 o'clock in the evening all day long about that time, we concluded those rare plans. They want God's plans that supposedly got up and felt wetness on you to go out and walk, eat a big breakfast, take a buffer to some numbers.

Let's discover Cisco do something you want me to miss me to miss the will of God through the mess we do miss the will of God desperately let me show you how we do miss. We ended up spending three months a bit like Lauren North Carolina taking it easy. You can imagine that you select this December spiritual. I know it doesn't, but you see that's the flesh that's why God wanted us because about the last week were up there out of the lake fishing. This man came. Then he said, he sincerely Charles Dennis that he's using their stillness and yet he said I'll talk to came over. He said that passes can be gone two weeks when you preach a church acid washer so like a long story short I preached that there they call me. I was pastor the church and talk about is the treatment supposedly said we going to Fresno no matter what. That's what God said we going out another the will of God is still on the past has nothing to do. Being a pastor has to do with what is the will of God for your life. It may be a job, it may be what school God wants you to go to.

It may be a most make a geographical change in your life where you live, what's going on. What I'm saying to you is those frustrations if they are divided there from God. You better listen no equipment when I was a pastor in the barter been there about 11 months in the I was preaching up and not Alexander vision of revival.

I came back to the hotel and I got on the pray that first night.

All of a sudden I felt real restless what's going on about was going good church going good everything's fantastic. Love Barto two blocks away to big lakes and I go fishing every afternoon is wonderful, restless next to came back restless, got on the pray. Just think What's happening, what's going on.

Third night same thing fortnight I said longer handlers sums got a halfhearted legal pad. I drew a circle in the middle of it. Five lines as it must be this this this this or it must be something I never thought about sucking back the next night as the Lord what was going on. I'm so frustrated it's like the Lord said to me when I got in the pray. I'm gonna move you. And when I said win. It's like just about this past is a screen like a screen set up in your home to show slides on bottom left 10, top right-hand corner big bold black capital letters September make a long story short, September 30 I moved to Atlanta supposedly said so is frustration about the past.

Next day Mrs. go play golf. Let's do some I need to get over this feeling of God. You never know me and I would know you are beyond the will of God, I'm saying to you when God sends frustration your life. He has a definite specific purpose in mind, I can give you lots of illustrations but just those that say listen, he loves you just as much as he loves me and he's just as interested in your job and your family and your work and your children and your things and your goals and your your ideals in life as he is me or anyone else. All he wants is is when he starts rustling up your nest and getting you frustrated.

Instead of blaming looking somewhere else. First of all, look inside and ask God. Is this something he wants to be aware of and secondly look to him and say Lord you try to say something to me.

Let's at least give them a chance.

Don't go running off somewhere, or blaming someone else or trying to change your circumstance. It may be that God is God is just loving you. God is so in control of your life in my life. We don't have to worry about what people do the laws and circumstances we belong to him. If we are listening to him and he sends these frustrations into our life.

Don't look to somebody to blame look to him and say God you trying to say something to be doing change something about my thinking. My attitude, my actions, my habits you want to change where I am, what I'm doing change my major.

Do you want to change occupations you want change my vocation. What are you doing God. He loves that you know will happen, that frustration will turn the most wonderful excitement that you know that God is up to something. Now the two things.

Sometimes it's a process and the process sometimes is set up along the Bengali, white, businessmen have determined what is know he's he's got his own timetable and then sometimes you know you getting close.

You know you getting close but you know what you can't make him this is heartbeat except sometimes you listen you can't make him tell you one second quicker than he intends to listen to me carefully. More times than not what he's trying to do is going to hit you when you're not even thinking about anything like all of a sudden there is you think will come from it came from that long process of listening, waiting, sifting, sanding working, frustration, anxiety, having pity parties and all the things that we do in the process of having God speak to us use okay I got you. What do I have to do to make all the surreal.

I want to listen very, very careful because this is the end, it doesn't make any difference if your frustration is the result of something that is wrong and you wrong attitude blame blame will change this. It can be that that can be the cause of it sandal some whatever God's dealing with you like it could be that all it can be frustration that God sends in your life, because he wants to change move all the something in your life. Does Megan switch wanted it. Listen to this.

The answer is the same answers the same.

What is the answer.

I don't trip over this.

No matter what's happening.

I need to acknowledge this father I may not be worth two cents in my own thinking I may still be so messed up someone's cinema like a missile file that God may feel that way, Lord, I know you love me anyway. I have to listen if you don't begin with acknowledging God's left leg work to listen to me again.

I know you love me. I don't feel very lovable. I don't think I love you very much article my actions and habits and God. But I know you love me. Secondly, I'm going trust you listen to this. Trusting him means that I'm just depending and relying and surrendering myself to him to do in meeting for me and threw me into me whatever he chooses because he has the power of the he can change a thing about me was the change he can put me somewhere I can never put myself that's what you underestimate God so I could never do that on estimated know what is is coming to the conclusion that this wonderful, loving father loves you and me with all of his heart and secondly all he wants me to do is to trust and if I trusting I just surrender my life to him and to say Lord here I am, you just do whatever you want to do.

Listen to him. I don't care what you going through. I don't care had been dark frustrating how much turmoil heart ache suffering.

I don't care what you going through. I can tell you with all of my heart. Once you acknowledge this wonderful fatherly love for you and you say Lord because I know your wonderful loving father who's always doing the right thing. The good thing I'm screwed trust you is what happens. Frustration disappears the peace roles in the quietness of your spirit overwhelms you.

There is a joy. There is a sense of contentment. There's a sense of absolute peace because you know what you know that God is going to shelter you in every stall. He's going to be your shield from every attack. He's going to be your wisdom for all decisions. He's going to be everything you need no matter what. If you want God's best start looking around, look up yield yourself to him just surrender you something to say God your loving father you want the best for me. That's what I want. So I you come out a winner every single solitary time no exception because there's no exception to the goodness law the grace of Almighty God.

Thank you for listening to part 211, when we feel frustrated if you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley were intact ministries not my intent. Start enlarging this podcast is a presentation of InTEXT ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

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