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Romans Ch 13 Pt.1 with Dana Coverstone

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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March 2, 2022 8:30 am

Romans Ch 13 Pt.1 with Dana Coverstone

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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March 2, 2022 8:30 am

The Romans sequence continues with Mike Zwick and special guest Pastor Dana Coverstone. Join Mike and  Pastor Dana as they discuss Romans Ch 13 and the importance of not letting people misuse the word of God.


This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds. So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network welcome to Mount Vernon on stories of hopelessness that turn to hope.

Your host might swing if not for God with my weight. Today we have Pastor go back on the show today and think like you got siding knew the guy right here I was your daughter just got engaged yet.

My daughter will be getting married sometime here later this year, but then got married last year. Now my daughter about to be the first one to get married. It may have been over the last weekend. The guy has been making been dating a really good solid guy probably were incredibly get the guitar and will be working in music ministry and things. I'm excited that a great weekend for me, off the map, though I believe you also have a book that's out of that right yes I could call simple accountability at the web and accountability 30 years and my hope help men, especially for accountability and are in the spiritual walk of being able to be transparent and open with people I available on Amazon like that called simple accountability and pleasant people right and left out. Got to go pick up that Balkan get right into it today. We got Romans chapter 13 and and will be looking at is really broken up into two parts it if you look at that. I got the NASD version of 2020 will start off in it that every person is to be subject to the governing authority.

There is no authority from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever authority as opposed to the ordinance of God, you have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves for folders are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil, you have no fear of authority do what is good and you will have praise in the same for innovation. A servant of God to you for good. If you do evil, be afraid, for it could not bear the sword for nothing is a servant of God and adventurer who brings wrath, one who practices evil. Therefore, it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath but also for the sake of concept because of this you also pay taxes or servants of God devoting themselves to correct themselves to this very thing hates all what is due them. Taxes and taxes due. Constant doom customers do respect to respect, honor to whom honor them and surpass the data. When I read those first seven verses, you know, one of the thing that comes to my mind that as Christians we should fluently whatever percent obey the laws of the land giving example got there murder people were not to steal. Not supposed to. Whatever the temple laws are that are obviously according to the will of God. We are supposed to obey those law as we were to talk about before the show. There have been times never been countries where people are taken from chapter 13 and they said you need to update the government no matter what, but let me ask you this yesterday and are there there be some reason for. Could there be some examples where we made the deed actually disobey the government absolutely any wall, any rule in the mandate and violate the word of God against the principles of God's word violate individual understanding of who God is. Company is moral value. I believe that the abortion laws are violation of God's word is his wife is so manlike and right now America and Canada, especially, there are truckers you are disobeying the government. There are truckers who have stood against the emergency usage of the law would (opening up against that day to be arrested and multi protest of the peaceful comes a time when will Oak Park different but for the most part people waking up in the reason that we have.

Be careful though because a lot of folks a lot of turkey so listen mandate the things in America that we have come to okay guy with with how you feel about the wall like a Christmas dance was silent because there will be times when the laws violate God's purpose because I I do not agree with any any law that allows for people to motivate. Why, because God's words that do not murder, not kill.

Choose life. We know that the time government because when they are function with a people believe of the culture is very relaxed that the laws out there that violate moral standard such as 2015 we saw the Supreme Court redefined what marriages the Bible is very clear and was beginning, God made them male and female marriage between a man and woman and so no church contained what that looks like no government contained what that looks like God's work also for now where identity, gender identity is a big deal out there. You got both Thursday on one of them asked you a man thing aluminum woman finger man when biologically, they are not in yet blogging, support that will they speak against those are things I support only traditional merit man, woman, and all the losses hazy things are right I say no God's word says they're wrong and therefore that long me a violation of God's word and violate the principle of God's work. I have every right to say I will not follow it.

I will not, I will not I will not spend with it and that's where a lot of churches right now trying to bend and compromise the cultural whole lot more. The Bible says God's word is the final authority (court, not the House and Senate word of God is the final authority on the thing. Yes there are times when we as believers have to say, I cannot follow that law, I cannot support that law is also the time the plays we as believers contact our elected representatives. We let our senators or congressmen know exactly how you feel you have the federal level or at the state level. So that's what we have people we can't just do it. We have to we have to be vocal and say something and I'll give you an example. I was a youth pastor but in in in Indiana gas station in town that started selling pornography actually magazines that and that the pastor came during the past minutes.

I let you guys know that the board will boycott that store with people not to go that well. The senior pastor asked that you talk to people, business, no talking People that really my passion on that gas station and we have to speak to the manager and figure manager we said hey take. We were computing kids were in community work was going to have to bring. I don't work like that.

He was stopped on the step because it ends up in the hand. The kids knew make a big mess. Marriages of the we got there. Think about that link later. You know, we go back and do not want to get rid of Stella Winamp if he knew the pastor. The truth is that no boycott at that church with an effective got all going to Christian to past minutes talk with them face-to-face and was concerned about the yelled strand and make demands. We visited about this that guy responded perfectly that you showed us all boxed up in the back so the stone for so we can make a difference when it comes law. We had we had open her mouth because the truth is the truth. Truth of the world know why be well or does not fall not because of this we have to say this is what God's word says the wives were violent. This will violate God's work which we got responsibility not just not follow the law explain why God's principal to note, yes, that's true. We were actually talking about this before the show you were actually talking about acts chapter 4 is not right you back your list in the book of acts chapter 4 Peter and John were on the way to pray on the way that France's laymen relates his work that Peter says you not have what I do have I give you the name of Jesus the Nazarene walk got guys heal simply gently sleeping never walk on black people, and broadsided the message will then the leaders of the church, the varices of the dead, the leaders and basically they put them in jail until the next day and then greatly enough for chapter 4.

Many of those who heard the message believed, will I also saw the miracle healing and so the next day they tell you that priest in the name of Jesus play day and I was right and got your PDU value God says but we cannot stop what we've seen and heard.

Although this wasn't the Roman law.

The religious law. Basically, Peter said we got a higher parody answer to. They were mad because of what was the name of Jesus and then the healing that laymen but he was there and also been around even talk to after last John chapter 11.

In that moment, they were like we keep this guy. He's preaching like this will shut him down some Jesus miracles and pretty soon we so distracted, extracted by him to Rome. Rome come and take us over thing. The fact that Jesus was raised from the dead, or the name of Jesus as man in the field. There were concerned about their political power in their their their connection with divorce laws today if they really really serve God, and who got what they would be putting laws out there that allow people to fill their babies reason have a whole lot more concern and I put 50 Catholic Church because the Catholic Church is the most vocal group out there when it comes to pro-life supporting inborn with her so many of our senators and congressmen that are Catholic and get their their pro-choice violation of their faith and I would Catholic Church come out more and more against these folks and some came out he is present by an Indian community thing that went violate God's word is a separate name Jesus. I'm not going to do that censorship the big deal right now that girls not try to come alive is why.

That why that take to present all I just said okay will be literally bitter speech that on and on and by people well.

I believe God's word says one thing about marriage that would God's word says one thing about just as I believe God's words is one thing about truth speaking the truth and back religious people became intolerant of the messages he people will not like what Jesus says or never guarantee those in the secular world political world leaders and echelon the government in power and authority like what Jesus said either so we know, we got the stand up against the things we face yeah you know any attorney in the whole Bible I've ever read the whole thing and I never saw a time when Jesus, licked his finger in and stuck it up in the air and fall which way the wind was blowing the film to go this way you know he he I he had his convictions.

He knew what was right. He knew what was wrong and I'm to do the right thing. I think a lot of the listeners today would say yeah we we agree with you on the abortion thing and we agree with you on the marriage and we know that it marriage is between a man and a woman, but the table mandate thinking of what's wrong with that. Well first of all I would have to question what is the legal with the legal background for the mandate of the news items that I look at on a daily basis are talking. I get information from Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe countries. Even Canada are finding that in the last year they stain over 100 athletes in the in the in the in the professional soccer league that have brought better had massive heart attacks were talking about teenagers and children in Ireland. There was a 10-year-old kid had a heart attack on the playground EMTs but about life thing incredible increase in myocardial and when did you remember that when the ball came out with an emergency authorization usage. Well I type I diabetic, I question what are the side effects of the coded one of the side effects of these injections type I diabetic type of diabetic I should have access to those records so yeah yeah is that it is not given a whole of information, the research out it just been kinda like what we have to pass the bill before we know what that and the trials of the test were not long enough that they did not follow FDA regulation standards and ill in the in the fence approached the pro-choice movement always googled my body, my life as I turnaround thing with my body. My life I get look at it from craving for something, but just about any time in history, have you seen where every nation was requiring a vaccination back in 1918 1990 at the fence.

Blue broke out they start developing vaccination. Thanks especially at that time it was not every Thing you ever had to get a hold of something we've seen most every government on the planet walk business down small business down mass mandate thinking vaccination mandate ribbon so that people will be fired if they don't get mandate when in the last time in your life and lifetime that we ever heard you had to have a vaccination of the employment was last time. Both had management and so it was over said overstepped was great overreach on the part of government, and if you set up with anything.

You were considered to be fanatical or crazy or or part of no your league with with the those that are releasing COBIT or whatever you question where it came from your happy go cute if you mention it will gladly you were you'll quiet down now that same language coming from the halls of Congress to hold you family was been talking to major newspapers so suddenly everything's changing because people are pretty much set up. But when it comes the mandate I say it's my right as American citizens determined to what goes into my body and they can tell me what to put them up on the first vaccination they can tell me what hours I have to work they can tell me what I have to eat for lunch. They can tell me how much money I can make no base of once again the mandate become an open door for a whole lot more tyranny this week presence in front of the Prime Minister of Canada started emergency although he put emergency laws out there which gives their leaders on limited access to bank accounts.

He was talking about a figure like a big attraction and kind of personalization licensing that you read your bank account and all of a sudden it's like wait a minute that's it overstepped that's overreach you know so that's lively mandate, which I believe these mandates will ultimately lead to that as well. Even slow down. I think mandate way I would be more and more encroachment of government on our rights and freedoms we think censorship go out of control. This year, even things things said by Joe Rogan know I have apologized people to take you much. You take that person off on the other move all my music. While the sun is that I don't like this person so much. You only knew the that I'm a pull out a bunch of kids on the playground fighting over who dissipate dodgeball interview because the globe when the game and that those mandate literally are taking our rights and freedoms and you know the other thing that I'm hearing people say is a unit there may be some medicine out there like I correct in her hydroxychloroquine and I don't know it or are they saying anything about that I'm hearing from people point emergency numbers.

They usually can only be applied if there are no medications that work and now you got doctors coming up thing. Hey, I'm back to work hate Hiram Corrigan works hey this stuff over here were paid.

Vitamin D the making Street technically is.

Think of stuff like that so if there's already something that works just as yourself. You and I both told the media do everything that could demonize anybody using Ira Becton or hydrochloric one and all. I was so I went to the Farm Bureau store here. I got a bottle of the government been injectable time. I'm a diabetic place ranges and I use that I did not go the hospital I had to go to the hospital was that I was COBIT and I look at it and I realized that the Ira Becton that I fit help me get through that and healing faster you got people demonizing others out there because they use that just goes to show you that when people begin to demonize something that works for now.hindsight 2020 that all the stuff they were demonizing awful terrible is actually helping people is actually working to help people's physical situations get better better better and it also got to place where your lot of people are blaming all the all the impacted people over 65% back in the country and a lot of people hospitalized ill even after you get the second third shot at getting COBIT again and you can't blame you can't blame a certain group of people because they have gotten something was continuing to be what they consider to be pandemic so as American citizen. I got right as American citizen, I have the right to control what goes in my body under something called informed consent form because that means a lot to me a lot you because basically means it only DC company that would think that you have had a shot before you work well for both Of those companies that were taking responsibility for forcing those employees to get the shot like that. Thinking of Congress that you can't you can't supervisor you get into J&J so in other words, Congress allowed both companies that made vaccine could just have no liability.

Now how how how responsible American citizens that make our Congress. They base the road is off and so II got a big problem that Romans 13 I think. I think our government has done a disservice to the American citizen by forcing the things and requiring employees to do it or finding them a thing like that you actually saw something on social media the other day and it said whatever the media says do the opposite.

Yeah I think that's very great.

Good advice and even with the media weaving code was speaking the truth I can find 5000 articles out there against the vaccines is active by 5000 for the vaccine saying that you miss groups like CNN and lose a lot of your listeners because there just for being mandate for the mainstream media. The same thing same talking points not expose the truth so as American flag the right that I have the right to examine what think that after I'd like to examine articles under places of different websites and I'm okay with alternative alternative news accurate wealth is all mainstream media accurate.

You know you I will have the right to to to research the dig to find the truth. The final thing throughout their lives are centering which you can say not say what you have to have the work that government overstepping his line that publicly we we have a right as American Christians?

Government that that First Amendment also talked about the right to assemble the island right to talk to our elected officials on the note thinking and you do all those things absolutely mandate you know one of the things I think about when it comes to these mandates when it comes to the pressure in the thing that I've actually heard it said over the years that in times where in Christianity.

In countries where it's been easy to be a Christian, where everybody was a Christian and you didn't receive any pushback or any any blowback or anything like that. A lot of times the moral values kind of just went downhill. A lot of times people stay when it would not that Christianity didn't really thrive. But in time you look at countries now like China were there's the underground church are like a ran were you can even publicly say that you are Christian or you made kill that in those places Christianity is thriving and and maybe there's something to the persecution. The one thing we find the book about church was persecuted scattered believers everywhere.

They took the gospel with them. What happened on the day of Pentecost in the book of acts. What happened through the Holy Spirit following what happened to the man healed is the beautiful gate the underlying thing.

There was a relationship and fellowship.

Those people love the Lord and love each other. They knew that what they had tested their hearts as faith.

Christianity was meant to change the world and it was meant to transform the lives of anybody around everywhere they went there for the assertion that the one Stephen was killed get a persecuted church like crazy scattered and it made a huge impact made a huge impact on the watch O'Reilly. We have the Bible today we have hospital you look at the things that Christianity brought the world to change the way people educated change the way people taking care of hospital things like that. That all came out of I've got a book basically called you what Christianity done for the world. It talks about even things like architecture science Christianity's latest great impact on this country on a world forget that as well because the church got scattered and accept great resources there for those of us scattered when about reaching the word.

The first scattered is a scattered everywhere they go. That left out of your heart will be our intent in all we do. In this day and age matter how hard it gets to keep Jesus and how difficult it gets you preaching that name.

No matter how hard it becomes purposely or individually or overly church as a whole.

We keep serving Jesus many trials and tribulations you enter the kingdom of heaven cannot baptize people arouse quote from Revelation was the revenge for the death and I'll give you the crown of life. I mean Jesus and he wants us to endure those tenderly and with faith and that endurance part has to do with the some of the vendor base in Louisville whatever comes. We serve Jesus whatever comes. We serve Jesus and we were talking about persecution. One of the verses that, came to my mind is acts 541 a number to use the NASB again. It says so they went all the way from the presence of the Council rejoicing.

Consider, to suffer shame for his name so I think; taking America we say will thank God were not suffering persecution or thank God you know were not living in China.

Thank God were not living a ran but said that he went to a Chinese church, and he said the Chinese church actually said will you pray that we can become more like you and he said no he says after coming here to pray that the American church to become more like you were not to be afraid of persecution, but like that you have the summer when it's tested in the firemen that we are that were shown to be worthy of his name and worthy of be called Christiansen that don't fall away when things get tough and faster data management it's been so awesome to have you on the first was like you have to do. Romans 13 of our second shadow, but I think there were some things in the show that really really needed to be talked about and I tell you what to tell you that you social listening right now you can entering taking the shot during doing this for you do it, pray about and make sure that the Lord has told you because I had met so many people who have said, why did you take the shot placement will my mom for how to do it for my job. I had to do for this Friday. You don't have to do anything. You always have the same thing. I really don't think it is again. I think only show the name of the book to having you back again. This is the Truth Network

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