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Glorify God in Your Body

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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November 25, 2020 1:00 am

Glorify God in Your Body

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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November 25, 2020 1:00 am

Mike & Robby approach the tough subject of sexual immorality, discussing how to overcome those sins of the flesh with Christ's help and the destructive nature of sexual sin. Turn in your Bibles to 1 Corinthians 6: 12-20!

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Your host Mike welcome to if not for God with my Mike we have a sort of a touchy subject.

Yeah, well, why before we start, I don't know if I don't know if you needed are but if you do I I know a guy is matter fact I don't know if it's because I'm on the radio, but the cashiers around here. They keep checking me out and will rank I have to change my name. That's good. I like yeah you know, one other thing Robbie.

You know the guy who invented Velcro. He died Rev. rip right on his tombstone stone and the.

The energizer bunny. He was actually he was actually arrested.

He was charged with battery on purpose so we others but you know what what we were going to and I and I say that because sometimes we have a serious subject got a have to lighten up a little bit but looking at it Scripture in its first Corinthians 613 through 14 it says you say that food was made for the stomach and the stomach for food, but you can't say that our bodies were made for sexual immorality.

They were made for the Lord and the Lord cares for our bodies, and God will raise us in the dead by his power, just as he raised our Lord from the dead first Corinthians 618 through 19 it says run from sexual sin. No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does for sexual immorality is a sin against your own body and you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God. You do not belong yourself.

First Thessalonians 43 through four God's will is for you to be holy to stay away from all sexual sin, then each of you will control his own body and live in holiness and an honor and one of the things that we were talking about just a minute ago. Robbie is I was looking through a lot of the 10 Commandments and you look at some of them don't murder okay why cannot murder somebody don't steel cable I can not steal.

Don't commit adultery. Okay, I can physically not commit adultery and and stuff like that. But Jesus actually says in in Matthew chapter 5.

He says that you say you know don't commit adultery says that truly says, but anybody who lusts upon a woman in his heart has committed adultery already in his heart and one of the things that I was thinking about is that this is kind of a tougher one and we were just saying as well not only for men but it's becoming a tougher one for women as well on more women are looking at pornography now more women are cheating. Actually I read an article in the newspaper, probably about 1015 years ago and it said that more women are cheating and so one of the things I was praying and thinking about on the way over here this morning was that not having this talk number one not having it because I want to. This is something I wanted to talk about it something that the Lord laid on my heart and the number two it's not to condemn anybody.

You know it says judge not so that you too may not be judged and I was a verse that was on my heart this morning because this is something that most men and a lot of women have have really dealt with in in in many ways that even in my own life. You know have have overcome it from when I was younger man but it was just through the grace of God and the help of him so II think of anything else that I'm trying to do were trying to do today is is just to encourage other people. But where do you start with this Robbie.

I restart the anatomy and I hear you have a serious horrible situation where you know God designed us for sexuality. He designed us for this very strong desire at any clearly design be beautiful.

I mean absolutely amazing that you know for Adam to be an enjoyment and in the really neat thing.

When I think about it is that you know and he was standing there and and Adam took a look man she had nothing to hide. I mean yeah I II know you. You gave: who wouldn't bet that the truth is, she had nothing to hide and and so she was available for complete intimacy in a way that we have no way of understanding that, but by the same token, Adam had nothing to hide me neat.

He was completely innocent and and he was completely available for intimacy and and that was what God had in mind. And so here you have the situation where Adam is put in this moment and it says and I looked at the Scripture several times says in Hebrews, Adam was not deceived. It was deceived but Adam went into the deal flow open because what he simply did was he chose Eve over God and you know that particular choice for man is looking at provider figure you be sitting at the beach easily and there should go, and the next thing you know I mean this desire which is a beautiful thing God designed us so that desire is over intellect.

If I illustrate that like I just spent the last four months learning how to play classical gas on the guitar after 65 years old, not picked up a guitar first 30 years but man I want to play that so bad that my my desire to do that overran my light showed me what I needed to do in order to accomplish classical gas because it was something I really really really wanted to do in spite of the fact that I was have a lot of agreements to break in order to do that, but by the same token, you know how many times did I desire something you know in the way of lust that my got to the point where I desired it so bad I did something really stupid and you know, so I I am not a single pebble detested anybody that's made bad choices. But if we just look at David's life and David Perry was right and he looks out over the rooftops and Lindsay see I mean and and and clearly this was a man that love God had a phenomenal relationship with God. All the sub at this desire over drove his intellect and and Paul describes it, we don't know what his thorn in the flesh, but we don't know what he was, but he he said in in Romans right. I do what I don't want to do okay and so what some people do is they try to kill off the desire like like a monk and in the Buddhist like if we kill off this is our own anymore problems.

Your wife will care for that. A lot of that this was a really good thing and she really wants to be pursued, and she really wants intimacy and she really wants all that way but that stuff was really designed for, or vice versa. If the wife kills off the desire which I see happen now. Clearly, a lot of times and and she doesn't desire a husband anymore and it's really a bummer on that side of the equation and so by killing off the desire is is is really effective is just as is devastating to a relationship as feeding the desire with the wrong food is like you got a great desire to be hungry in your stomach and and but if you decide to be hungry every time for ice cream, then this may not play also good for you but you have to feed right the right intimacy after feed and then there's this other little trick that I learned at boot camp is called taking your question to Eve which is in no. Do I have what it takes in my real man right and and and wanting to get that question answered by Eva and she can answer that for you. There's only one in others, God the father was designed to answer that question for you, and intimacy with him in order to do that, but how many of us, including me many many many times gave my girlfriend, my wife, whatever the power to validate the one to make me feel like that I was that I was worthy but I was worthy of being loved that I was worthy of being a real man. Problem with that is if you give your spouse the authority to validate you.

You are also giving her the authority to do what envelops you to do to put you down or to correct you right right and and and so and and she can be trusted with some of that to some extent dependent on the relationship all that but there's only one that I know of where there is no condo message that God is is the person that was meant to be handled through an it takes some reconciling to him in order to get the solution because kill off the desire really destroy something that was vital to your heart and vital to God's heart because he wants.

He wants that intimacy and you know that's the whole reason he died on the cross, you know, just like you and I love this and maybe seen the picture before Charlotte for camp but Eve came out of Adam's rib. And so the fact that they gashed Jesus's rib for that blood become outs of you know, so that his bride could come to him is no accident at all is like out of Jesus's rib comes the church which is his bride, which believe me has this phenomenal desire phenomenal desire like we have this phenomenal desire to rescue his beauty and know he does that beautifully and and is a model that is also here. The near one of the things that I was think about was that in a Robbie is what I see this again and again and again in the New Testament about fornication and avoiding sexual sin and stuff like that it's it's not that God is a killjoy. Not that he just doesn't want us to have any fun, but he he does it for our own good at it. And I mean I even even when I look into whether my own life or whether you see famous people who have been brought down the women's or mineral or whatever and it's it's like or whether you're talking about sexually transmitted diseases or whether you mean that there are so many reasons, even from a worldly perspective to obey the Lord. But even if there weren't any.

You'd still want to do it because you're but when I look at it, you know, Matthew 1037 it says. Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy to me. Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy that is not worthy of me. Matthew 2237 Jesus replied, love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and love your love your neighbor as yourself. And so when you're choosing other things and it could be pornography, it could be sexual immorality, cheating on a spouse or sex outside of marriage or we we talked up talked about it before same-sex relationships. If you're choosing not over God which are really saying is as yet. Jesus, I love you but I want a little bit of Jesus, and I'm a little bit of the world to and that that's really not the way that works mean I was reading a book about Robert F. Kennedy Junior on and I was really impressed by some of the work that he did for the poor, and he really cared and he really wanted to help people out who didn't have any money and he wanted to. He had a heart for them and and stuff like that but everybody knew about his life a zones that he was having with Jackie Kennedy here. Prostitutes are just all of these different women. He was married and hitting of his wife Ethel.

They had 11 children, but Ito whether it was the FBI or the CIA are all these people who innovate date they knew what he was doing and so was almost like you know if he wanted to really push something date they had all of this evidence on him and in in.

I wonder, in a way and the same thing happened with Martin Luther King Jr. he, the CIA was following him. They had wiretapped them and they threatened to take some of the recordings that he had to his wife so he couldn't go as far as he wanted to go in certain areas and there's a there's a whole lot of reasons to obey the Lord other than just that the temporary pleasure of said there's really not a lot of reasons to disobey. And, you know, as I was watching a documentary on the alcoholism in an prohibition and one of the things that one of the people they were interviewing was saying was that there is a reason why sin has to be talked about so much in the reason why people have to talk about avoiding sin is not because it's bad or not any fun. The recent have to talk about it so much is because it can be so pleasurable and Satan plays this like a symphony.

I mean he he understands that a young boy including me right when I was 11 years old unit wasn't ethnography the way you would normally get it and I had a family member that decided that I needed to see her without her clothes on and all those things and it literally took away my innocence and Satan use a good good strategy to tell me what you know you're perfect because you knew that was a family member and you should look at her. So your guilty your permit, your permit, your permit right well if I'm because I'm a pervert and it sure seemed like it was pretty inviting. Then you start taking that road a little bit more in the more you take that road, the more the pervert and at some point in time you completely find yourself if you seen the movie good Will hunting. You know like the character that Matt Damon played ahead of these bruises all over his body like somebody taken a wrench to him because he chose the ranch and if you recall Robin Williams telling him it's not your fault it's not your fault so you know was very fortunate to walk with a band of brothers that would help me through these kind of things and when Jesus took me there when I got sick sick sick sick and tired of the battle and finally decided that men Jesus needed to talk this over.

Jesus said those very words to me. Robbie is not your fault. I want all yet it because I've been convinced for years and years and years and years that I and and he says Robbie do you want your innocent and I said no you don't understand I'm guilty I'm guilty, not just from that situation were done, but right now, but I been guilty for 40 billion other things I'm guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty and and and unfortunately it works with all sorts of addictions like I just heard testimony from one a minute Winston-Salem and is is listening to a story and and he'd been so bored and make that I was a sinner, Cinerama Cinerama center center center know that Satan piled on to the point that it's hard to say only I am innocent and I'm innocent, but Jesus gave me my card and uses no there's no Robbie did not pay enough for you to be clean to you to be innocent. Do you want to take this and want to believe with me that you really are free from sin, because if you don't take that.

You know what an insult to what Jesus did for you and but you gotta have it and you gotta come to the conclusion that yeah there was a strategy to take away your innocence and and Satan was working with people working with people that would feed young boys pornography or capture young girls into sex slavery are all the things it is doing to take away their slavery and I'm I'm sure you've heard of leader online and rescue every week that these girls they go back into it.

If you 55. A lot of stuff doesn't happen to break the cycle because once they think their prostitute just like if you were actually miserable. You don't understand, for you at and we have to we have to live in our innocence in Christ that we are a new creation and and we simply know are no longer a pervert and do I believe that in order to get to where Jesus can continue to work with me and don't think I got this dose of their all. Robbie has no okay I mean I'm one click away from trouble. At any moment totter and I can imagine there are many men who are that this is something that that that be wary if you think you got it under control because you know however Jesus is there just like he's right there with you my if I mean it in you know and and I said this at the beginning, but you know I'm I'm not saying this for not having the show to condemn anybody mean is matter fact when I look at Matthew chapter 12 verse 31 it says therefore I say unto you, all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven. Upon an to men, but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, shall not be forgiven. So if you've messed up, or if you're in the process of messing up this it doesn't's from what I see Robbie.

It doesn't say if the unforgivable sin. You know hunting but but it's it does talk about it again and again and and and I have seen sexual immorality get in the place of Jesus get it get you know people have put it ahead of Jesus is matter fact listen to Pastor Chad Harvey who we had on the show and and one of the things that he said was, there was a Christian psychologist and he said young Christians would go off to school go off to college and they come back and they said well I found out there's no such thing as God. Do you know he would say to them. So when did you start sleeping with your boyfriend or girlfriend so it wasn't like it was an intellectual thing that no there's no such thing as or anything like that. But what happened was, was that if they knew something was wrong and they knew something was said that they were doing it. It was so it you know it's almost impossible to know that you're doing something wrong and continue to do it. So what they do is they rationalize and a cobalt. I guess there's no such thing as God because I want to enjoy myself. I want to let my son and you know it.

Jesus, he says what what good is it to a man to gain the whole world, yet loses us all and so it's it's not a pleasant subject.

It's not something like I said I wanted to talk about Robbie, but I think it's something that many of us. Many of us, almost all of us have have dealt with it some at some point or another in and it's I think it's a process. Think it's a process. I know you know when I was in my early 20s the state of the stuff that I dealt with and I felt like it was impossible to stop you, fornication, or what. Whatever it was, but slowly just through prayer. Prayer prayer asking the father help you with this heat he could do so much.

I mean, it says for Jesus that he said with man this is impossible, but with God. How many things are possible. All all things so yeah I it's yeah I I would go further and say we all struggle with the meaning you know all of sin short of the glory of God. And this is one place that we all have huge desires. We have desire for intimacy, but will document given and we have desires for pleasure and all those things drive behavior at the neat thing that really we are after a life that's upon at end.

I think that is no God comes after that through prayer he starts to get you out outside right back out to where you can see beauty in our hearts contributed almost if you look at any Christmas movie I was telling about this or early.

I love Christmas movies because I and I like the happy ending, things that but almost all of now days.

Not some point time the man's can take off his shirt and show his sixpack about and you can almost know this is going to be the same where this is going to happen is by the rest of the movie is completely jaded not use any foul language or whatever they going to throw that out there because all of us crave duty and and and and so where we get our Buick beauty and adventure right like you look in the song of Solomon. How many times that you know that the beloved set.

You know once to take her away right on an adventure and she says oh here comes my my lover he's going to go off to the vendor she's looking to go off on an adventure and so how much are we putting adventure in our life company and also how much are we enjoying beauty and were looking at beauty if so important for souls as we sit inside a house way more than we were ever designed to sit we gotta be under God's beauty so we need beauty in our hearts we we got. We gotta be out there in that and then we need adventure we just do like it and so to take my wife sailing. I'm just telling it. You know, especially Reno, for whatever reason, is more adventurous at night so you know I have my my new little sailboat.

So Tammy and I replay this music point rather than an end. It's an adventure and ends romantic and and and you have this sense of you know God's there with you and and and these things are Corso unfortunately so many people sit on the couch and watch TV. They don't have an adventure in their life they don't they don't see any real beauty outside of what God is doing and and so when they see this artificial stuff start to show up other people's relationships. Other people's adventures in all others people up other people and by the way, it's all coming from the world and and Satan is using it to play your fit with you look at King David when he signed up when he saw Bathsheba.

What was he doing he wishes, laying out hanging out being lazy. I mean, you know. And it's because of Scripture said it was a time that games go out toward what's he doing hanging out. You didn't know in and and so that's a that's a very telling Scripture right there that that he was just gonna take it easy while he sent his men off to do what what he was supposed be part of adventure and all man, Satan is just right there waiting on an perfectly set you up and and and the consequences all my gosh when you think about what happening. King David's life with his sons you know of all that happened with Absalom and all those things you know were part of the penalty that he paid in cursing his own family with his body like what Paul is talking about her and in so but interestingly enough, and then to turn it back. I guess to the positive is that later on when God was talking to a prophet. I believe it was and he said that he wasn't to do anything bad during Solomon's reign, Solomon messed up.

He did all of these things that he said for the sake of my servant David said there is forgiveness right yeah and that's like the critical thing like well repentance is not a bad work.

It's a really fun word. It's like coming home and eaten steak dinner with dad okay is what you get. The fattened calf and you're the favorite song and that's you know that's what grace is to return to dad no matter what you talk right he is there to help you is there to forgive you and and and and for you to enjoy the life abundant, but that really he has for you, but you gotta want it you know you gotta turn to him and you gotta turn you in Revelation chapter 2. What he's talking to the church and he says nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. And maybe there's somebody out there listening today. Robbie, whose your site there saying left my first love what you talking about will at some point you have to say yes to Jesus you have to say that I'm II repent of my sins. I turn away from my sins shortly can't do it on her own, but with with his help and we turn to the cross, we turn to Jesus we choose to follow him all the days of our lives and in it if that's what you want to do today than the Robbie, would you pray with us.

Absolutely Jesus, thank you for coming and I really consider the price that you pay. It's phenomenal to have the innocence that you've given us in Lord you know that it's it's as simple as ABC. If we admit that we have sinned and we fallen way short and we chosen things that were just really bad for our families back for us.

We admit those we give those to you and we believe that human didn't die for those those very things that we'd met and we confess with your mouth securable and that you are the way to the father who wants to see just the table for eternity in an abundant life craving you with your prayers that you would help us to seek your face in the nuclear Jesus name I pray for God. This is the Truth Network

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