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How Protected Do You Feel?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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March 24, 2022 10:21 am

How Protected Do You Feel?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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March 24, 2022 10:21 am

Caregivers need legal protection and counsel, but the cost can be astronomical – for even small legal matters. 

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October the caregiver this Peter Rosenberger. This is the vision of the month program you as a family caregiver for me ask you a quick question. Are you struggling with some legal matters that could be a power of attorney to have all the documents you will medical power of attorney. All those kinds of things.

What about just got a dispute was what about something that's going to trouble you with some estate planning or some conflict within your family over something or somebody has done something that your ghetto pretty uncomfortable with and you need to have a lawyer that gets involved, how much does all that cost must result all I got ready.

You know they say lawyers for expense. What if you could have a service provides all of that and so much more, or just a fraction of what an hourly lawyers would charge what you can do it if I said you could do it for under $30 a month would you believe me well you got to because Abby noted for years.

That's why use legal shield and I brought it somebody today don't want to talk about this wonderful service.

It's available because his caregivers where running into all kinds of things we don't know what we can be faced with sometimes from day-to-day. Knowing that you have a lawyer that is there for you to advocate for you to give you counsel and guidance on really sticky matters is not to break your wallet to do it and so I invited Michelle Stillman, who introduced me to this program many years ago and I signed up and I have been involved with the CF had I taught the one thing that I did. I had a dispute with lift the right sphere service and so that an attorney involved that it was. There's all kinds of things are going to come up in our daily lives. Do you have that kind of resource to go in get your law firm. Most of us don't. If you do. God bless you. But you know what the rest of us. There's a better plan, and so Michelle, thank you for being a part of the program. They welcome, but glad to have you here.

Well thanks Peter it's a pleasure to be here. This service is is an extraordinary opportunity for people to be able to protect themselves and in their loved ones and to navigate through the sticky wicket talk a little bit about it. Tell me how you got involved with this weekend involved in that we had heard about it and thought it was a great thing, but like so many of us is nice to have back and we can put it off and then my husband had somebody sue them. It was a frivolous lawsuit. We spoke to an attorney and he wanted a lot of money as a retainer.

So Larry said let's try this legal shield thing and see how it works and I interrupted you for second just a curiosity, how much was the retainer was $4500.22 years ago and that's as I came home and said let's try this legal shield and see how it works. We signed out and they found it's an attorney because it was a pre-existing issue. He needed retainer as well, but was $1200 you made the entire issue go away in two weeks. It just disappeared and he sent us a letter and said thank you so much for allowing me to represent you, please let me know if I can help you in the future, and this was the corner. Peter and that envelope was a chat. We got a refund from a lawyer for $300 Southwest $4500 retainer and I know you have listeners out there that have been used. Lawyers and attorneys, and they have paid them thousands of dollars and they have never known where that money left. How the attorney spent and they can't get a statement. They don't get any itemized anything and here we have an attorney give us a refund. It just blew our minds and that is believing in this to begin with this extraordinary and unknown know that there are so many stories like that and I know the headache took off with me to think of somehow have to figure this out by myself. You course know Gracie and me a note or journey and it's too big for one person to try to navigate without some type of legal counsel that they could go to edit in it. We may think it's you know I don't want to trouble you with this. That's what they're in the business of doing and you you you find out that this thing is first off, it's extremely affordable that it will pay for itself real quick view of of of used this for traffic tickets with Dr. talk about her driving and I that was a long time ago all kinds of things and and is just it's it is then that there's a there's a new product that you put me onto ID shield talk little bit about that I should and we hear it all the time it back on the news right now Russia maybe coming in and doing some amazing cyber attacks. We just never know how our personal lives will be impacted by someone with nefarious thoughts and our ID shield allows us to have the peace of mind that all of our information we integrated a very very secure site and the system is continuously going out and checking of the zillion and literally a billion websites in my mind when I heard how many to see if any of our information is out there and on the black lab. Is it available for sale. Somebody can take it and then use that but the strongest part of our ID shield is if you suspect or you know you are a victim. We have licensed investigators that have all letters after their name because they can certified in all sorts of fraud resolution and identity theft types of things they go out and put our lives back together. Let me ask you, would you know how to check if there's a drivers license in your name in any other state in our live state that I lived with dad and was you know there's a warrant for your arrest and not only your own statement. Anyplace else.

And this is it with identity theft. Too many people think that it's just about money, but quite frankly that is the least amount of identity theft. People want your information to do all sorts of things, even to create their own life so that they can be had very very scary stuff. So is it really is Michelle and in you know as a caregiver. I can tell you I've got too many exposed fronts in my life. There's just too many things that are hitting me. This is one of the does it need to be. This is one that I can store up and put that went to bed knowing that it II have a path of protection the path of advocacy that I can do this.

Starting it less than 30 bucks a month. This extraordinary is is and is exactly what you said and what we have found over the years is that I don't have to worry about you. I have the right answer I can call my law firm in my home state. I can ask a question about a five dollar parking ticket or I can call and talk about allotment multimillion dollar potential multimillion dollar malpractice, medical malpractice lawsuit and I know that I have qualified excellent attorneys that will give me the best advice and will work as hard as they can to fix my issue to answer my question so that my life can go on and I can be free and as a care great giver. Having been one myself. I know how time is so so precious and that emotionally and mentally and physically hundred percent of us is being given to that person were caring for as well is more than likely you know the rest of our family and then will we have things happen just put some monkeywrench into everything and just throws us off base. It is so wonderful as you just said to have an advocate that I can call and say listen, this is what's going on. My father is in getting good care in the nursing home.

The bill that was supposed to be paid has not been paid by the insurance company.

I don't want to be responsible for that.

What we do and to be able to have an attorney step in and take it who's not emotionally involved yet very that's that's the key right there for me is that what we're support you to sentiment the worst of torque, emotionally, and then we get to have somebody who is not, and they can bring a cool head to it and help guide a students of scripture scissors wisdom in a multitude of counselors you know and divorce which are the Lone Ranger this thing by ourselves were real trouble and a story that I will have no idea how much you have encouraged me through this program over these Robin do this.

What the years.

I don't know how long of you but but you know it it's just been such a help subsoil FLW that but I wanted to you to know that this is this has real-life practical applications. This is not something we just following okay we did not know I this is something I'm using and enjoying the benefits thereof and one of the ways I use as a caregiver. I was caring for my father. He had a massive stroke and I was unable to care for him physically and we needed to put him into a nursing home and all the emotional trauma with that and the guilt and everything else and I and the other problem was being a male is very difficult finding a vacancy for a man in a nursing home so we found a bed for him and went to the nursing home and they gave me the stack of papers to sign and because I'm a member of legal shield.

I was able to say immediately. I don't sign anything without my attorney reviewing I took all the forms I was able to scan them in and send them into the law firm. An attorney called me back and he spent probably close to an hour. We went to every single form he explained what was I was able to sign it and we had one last form and he said Mrs. Shulman as your attorney. I strongly advise you do not sign this form and I said why he said it will make you financially responsible for any money owed at the end of your father's visit at some point there will be an end to it and I said will they let him in the nursing home and he said there isn't any reason why they would claim went back to the home and I was shaking.

I was so worried and I handed the forms back to the woman and I said there's one form here. I've been advised by my attorney not to sign you look at it. She said okay well this was the number 10 years ago my father passed away 6 1/2 years later I received over $9000 in unpaid bills of various kinds, and I was.

Each one of them able to say that I am not responsible for this bill and I did not have to pay thank you legal shield, you know.

Listen 30 books a month goes a long ways towards non-those of the that's it.

That's where was the wood you to come on just to talk about this a little bit because I think this is a incredible service that every caregiver know should do themselves a favor this is this is a gift to you. I know that it was a well of knuckle.

Use a lawyer you don't know yes you will this you will you don't know what's coming around the Pike just next week and you know you get into a fender bender, you don't know you don't know what's going on and you don't can you really afford not to have something like this and so I've been doing it myself. For many many years. My son does a business partner doesn't.

I I've been doing this for a long long time and I am grateful for the here's how you go. Just what the hope of the character. Hopefully Click on our ad. It's right there, select the product for the or the package that you would like what beach your needs best.

If you're the real link that you just click on it you see my picture just go and take a look and see what works for you and if you have any questions you can contact me at if I have any questions I can type show so it's who works help that way.

So I want you to know Michelle how much I appreciate the Phil Shuman Nathan group.

She is here to legal shield and she's been a really great friend and resource to me is of going through some very challenging times of the very welcome. Thank you. This is Peter Rosenberg is hope.

Hopefully will be right

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