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Caregivers and an Instant Vacation

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 13, 2022 3:30 am

Caregivers and an Instant Vacation

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 13, 2022 3:30 am

Legendary comedian Milton Berle (Mr. Television) once stated, "Laughter is an instant vacation." 

As caregivers, we certainly shed plenty of tears, but do we laugh?

Caregivers certainly top the list of those needing an "instant vacation," but few give themselves permission to book the trip. When our life remains so full of harsh realities, how can laughter be appropriate? 

In this episode, I invite fellow caregivers to take an instant vacation with me as we laugh for a bit. 

"...a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;" Ecclesiastes 3:4

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And whatever missile you're the right place were glad to have you with us.

Digital caregiving is not certain limited to just this country and I'm so grateful for all the listeners we have around the world and the will to give a special shout out to Haney in Finland who contact me. One of our prostitutes that we took over to Africa many times before he passed away was a wonderful friend. Wonderful process with our prosthetic limb outreach staining with hope his family was from Finland.

I just I miss him terribly. And when I got the note from Haney, who didn't know.

I don't think new demanded. But it was a one of those things.

It just brought back a lot of great members who Haney up. Appreciate you listening all the way over in Europe. Thank you for being part of this we have blisters all over the world and were grateful to be able to connect caregivers didn't have this for you certainly struggle for decades as a caregiver without any type of connection like this.

And so I'm very honored to be a part of this with you on part of this journey we talk a lot about heavy things on the ship and rightly so. We got a lot of things that are painful that we deal with and we we all do with them in and I get it, but sometimes we need to have a little bit of a lighter heart. Ecclesiastes says in 34 a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. Do we laugh you laugh. If so, what makes you laugh, what's funny to you.

I like to hear from you hope the newsletter for Noreen.

Philip said to me what it's funny to you what's happened along your journey. That's funny, and grace have had many mishaps along the years have been funny but also intensely fun and we now say things to her that just get her to belly laugh and I've often said that when Gracie laughed. She laughed like a drunk Viking and she's cut this big laugh is incredibly contagious in and really quite astonishing for somebody who's been through what she's been through and so I am always looking for ways to make an effort to look for ways to make myself laugh. I love stand-up comedy. Love, love learning about company and how these guys did not go back and never huge done recklessly and ready to shoot your vehicle did and something like this got out. I just think they just hilarious and I'm amazed at what they can do you think about the one-liners that they would do for an hour hour and 1/2, and it is is is astonishing you know and and Rodney Scott is these things, he would just doing you see one of the Tonight Show for Carson if he would do these things just get Johnny all busted up he felt about you know you said I was a little chuffed. My mother got morning sickness after I was born. So these are things that make me laugh and I look for ways to make.

Gracie laughed in to just see the humor in things that we've had you crazy moments on the gist of this last hospital stay when we were there in Denver and there were there for a long time it was. It was a very serious surgery within 10 weeks. Big surgery and yet I you know I I I tend to see things just a different prism of learned over the years of grace have had plenty of tears, but we can't wait for all the stuff to go away before we start just living life and this is our life, and so we laugh and and the doctors came in the room and they were all very Sears. It was get the mask on his big neurosurgeons of releasor pleaser very important people and I asked the doctors and other any questions as it duck. I got ask you. I have a serious face on vested his Tourette syndrome of a product of the surgery.

It Gracie just looked at me, shot daggers, hit me with her is that all of the dogs got liver they all started laughing in it. She looked she was very hoarse with the duck season.

Don't listen to him.

I don't have to read syndrome you know it.

It was just as good of a moment for me because everything you are our life is hard and I look for ways to lighten it up and look for ways to make it a little less dire and is not that I want to be the comic relief and just always make everything a joke. I genuinely see things that are funny and in Gracie does to me.

She's keenly aware of the seriousness of her challenges and she doesn't need me to remind of those things. But however she does require a lifeline to brighter days ahead in companionship along the journey and I tease and flirt outrageously with her while in the hospital, especially the hospital because this is what you know we were married 35 years she was. She looked all right hospital when she smiled when she is.

She rolled her eyes at me would I do that and I imitated Jeff Foxworthy that looked interested.

If you hang a sock on your wife's hospital room door here probably. But I noticed that when she's rolling your eyes at me.

She's not crying and wheat we we cry a lot caregivers and the people we take care of cry, but I think Scripture is very clear.

There is a time to laugh, and the time to cross and we seem to make time to cry but do we make time to laugh, be curious to know what is funny you will what are things that have happened in your journey that are funny and and that make you left what makes you laugh at what is that release for you.

Jeff Foxworthy never talked about this a lot about laughter in comedy that it knows that pressure valve relief for all of us wheat.

We desperately need. And I think there are big defaults in big belly laughs at all of us that are waiting to come out and I'm just crazy enough to try to help you do it did help me do it, but it's not accidental, it's intentional in and I want to give myself and fellow caregivers permission to laugh and live life and live it with with gusto because if we don't were going to serious ourselves into some very significant dysfunctions we we can't maintain this level of angst and seriousness.

44 on and on and on in perpetuity. We can't do it. And there's a time for me. I went to the surgeon with grace and their times. I just hung my head and still today, there are times I just I'm so tired and I'm so weary I'm frustrated and you feel helpless with it and I allow those moments within their other times when I see things and say things and do things that just represent life were still a couple weeks. You know were still very much in love and we've been married a long time and we want to live our life in this is our life.

I'm not waiting for this part of our life to get finished so that we can go live our life. This is our life. What about you what are you doing in this.

How are you living in this. Do you have any fun at all.

Do you laugh at all. What makes you and me. There's some great stuff out there that that they can do this every I dare you. You to go out and watch you little Carol Burnett show with Tim cufflink. It would when she did that go on with the way they came out with the progress of it.

I dare you to watch it without laughing it. It's okay to laugh, but you have a huge Three Stooges for me there just about as nutty as a co-you know it and I I loved and he put on Don Rickles, Mr. warmth and and I mean I'm on the floor.

I don't know what works for you. Some people are tickle by different things, but we got a laugh and it's okay to even while the tears are still drying on her cheeks. It's really okay Scripture says it's okay. There's a time to laugh more time today. What does that look like for you as a cure and if you want to please let me know hope for the if you get a good joke.

I'm always up for it all and and I I love it and listless. Tomorrow we'll talk about this tomorrow after the break. This is Peter Rosenberg. This is hope for the caregiver, hope for the healthy caregivers make better caregivers over the caregiver. This is Peter Rosenberg.

This is the program for you as a family caregiver are you doing going on with the about laughter. The laugh I know you got tough stuff in your life. I know I get we do to still laugh. There's an opportunity for us to learn to do this with intention so that were balanced out. Yes, when there is a time to cry.

We heard that ecclesiastic is a time to laugh. There's a time to cry. Do we take time to laugh, it's okay to hear Job 821 he will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Check out the book of Proverbs says in 1515. All the days of the oppressed or wretched with the cheerful heart has a continual feast.

How do we have a cheerful heart. We have to look at such heartache will part of it is we have to first accept permission to do so it's okay sometimes you give yourself permission, and I learned years ago I used to be extremely seriously things I was uptight and was anxious I was was very unpleasant person and I inherited a wicked sense of humor for my mother come from Irish stock and she is she's always known coming up with something sarcastic to say but we grew our group of four brothers and a sister and and we spoke fluent sarcasm in our family that's that's indicative of an end. So but when you start go to all this heavy stuff with Gracie that that that the two of us in it just was taking me down as some dark places and then one day something just snapped and I just said I'm going to live life. I'm going to give myself permission on this.

It's okay.

I'm tired of this unbidden down the mountain angry for a euro.

It's exhausting to be angry all the time. It's just exhausted.

Do you have any idea how healthy it is for us to laugh and so I I just determined okay the laugh that I think for me it was a couple moments that stand out. You don't know who James Robinson is James and Betty Robson. We were on their televisions away back in the 90s and Gracie was pretty sure she was. Yes, she was a double amputee, but it and she wanted to make a point. There's a Scripture that is very important to her second with his 12 none I will boast all the more gladly.

My weakness for my weakness, crush, rest upon and she wanted to make a point and so she's going to take her leg golf that was you know, and in holed up in both Stolberg led weakness is just one big taker is a below knee prosthesis.

Well it didn't go off smoothly on cameras one would hope.

I don't know what she was hope for taking her leg off on B like what it was it. It was just it was a little bit you know clumsy to do so and we were gotta buying time here and then she took it off as she said out of the table. There was a Bible there and for whatever reason she she had their right there by the Bible so big you had to go but forgot it somewhere but on their put her prosthetic foot all the other leg on the Bible. I said let Jake she stated on the process they didn't quite know how to respond because you know here's what would take it or lick a flood camera. It it was it was just kind of a funny, but we were just being ourselves were just goofy and it we found that it gives other people an opportunity to relax this brief. It's okay. We were the set of the today show and Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda.

It was on their show and their dates did not, for they sent us to see the little mermaid on Broadway. So go see the little mermaid was okay but it I'm not really that, but you know the story. The little mermaid that exported were at the today in the face of a how was the show and I get real serious and I said the not too good and you can just everybody just just got real quiet on the set title to the produce of the four director of an they just froze, you had those moments would also there's drama everybody stop and he looked at me kind of funny and I said that little fish girl kept saying I want some legs about the legacy Gracie took is often loved her before the station. He got a little fish broke what you wanted us that it was just it is a terrible master it was we were thrown out of the port authority was called were banned for life Disney which is a bad thing. The staircase, but you know it was just one of those moments where they all just started laughing. Kathy Lee's that way to.

She's been on the program to your further bliss of the silver on top and she's a big laugher and in its it was just funny to took to be a part of that. It was just so much enjoyment and to make Gracie laugh and I do love making Gracie let you know sometimes she gets mad at me a lot of time to get mad at me but that sometimes will say things to her that her little face and crinkle up and she will start at her nose rings and she starts just laugh and then I said thanks to and I will let up what time we were driving and I just I just kept going with something and she was she was she was part of really and I think I think I took a call from a telemarketer because I like to take calls from telemarketer deal do that. How do I love to mess with and and I kept going with this guy mean that he said he said do you still have the car and I said well sort of is it's it's been impounded is that the police impounded and estimate. Those aren't my drugs and about that time Gracie is over there just pitch yourself to keep from laughing as I have it on Bluetooth on the speaker.

The car it so she can hear all of it since she's she's over there just about ready to choke.

She's laughing so hard and then the Gasset would you have another car as it was an older khaki citizen after 2004.

Yes, it's that it's 2004 it is it's it's it's it's a hearse that is gotta hundred 25,000 miles but the really easy mouse real easy. This is the guy try to sell me the extended car warranty and integration. Just see that she rolled out the window just leaving your head out. She was just trying to brief was laughing so hard and it was just a fun moment had nothing to do with disability had nothing do with prosthetic that nothing do with amputation.

It had everything to do with me just ragging on a telemarketer which for me is is quite enjoyable and it she's like why do you always take these calls while I'm always on Bluetooth so hands-free, it is not like I'm having to stop what I'm doing. I mean, do the dishes or whatever, that sometimes act like a sick and throwing up to the id and there there wanted to let one guy tell me said that the IRS is issuing a warrant for my arrest in three months.

You know, and I told him I said I'll find out from a doctor only had three months to live. And he's the only person is called meeting must be a wonderful person and I started choking and gagging like our throne and finally after several minutes he just hung up. So I figured if they could interrupt me. I I can have as much fun with them is in it to me.

It's fun. Okay some of the people may not want to do but I love doing it, and in Gracie's over there just rolling she's crying she's laughing so hard last a pretty good day's work. If you make a woman who's had 83 surgeries laugh to the point where she just couldn't catch her breath and it's it's it's just healthy for both of us. And so what if we do it in a telemarketer's expense. Can you think of anybody else you'd rather put out that a telemarketer course not that's that's what they're there for my amusement and and so I want to do things that that help her laugh and in the you know we did things happen to her that her hysterical. We had up she was she was getting a manicure one time.

This is when we lived in Nashville is really busy salon and the girl there was was just not paying attention and and she sat there doing Gracie's nails said we are pretty lady.

You need to get a pedicure.

Gracie similar happy feet. She said okay.

Maybe next time.

Gracie just looked at it out, but that's just funny to cure your list funny. Ed, those are things that you you come to treasure and you just laugh and have a good time with because you realize it's just life and and listen to Psalm 126 26. Our mouths were filled with laughter or tongues was songs of joy that it was said among the nations.

The Lord has done great things for them. This is why Gracie because we know the Lord has done great things for us. He has saved us from something far worse that 83 surgeries and multiple amputations in chronic pain and all the things that we deal with. He saved us from something far worse than this and so our mouse can be filled with laughter and we can rise above some of these things. It's hard to do it all the time because some the things we did with very very painful. But we have to be intentional about it. You know, we went. When I make a meal for her.

I don't just throw it together I'm intentional about it so we set out to watch movies that have a lot of humor to the men and and a lot of fun in them and you know she doesn't like I do. I do like drum like movies that are really serious and intense. She doesn't like. She said I got enough drama my life. I don't do that.

So she likes to watch things a little bit lighter but you know we would there's there's so many different things that they would have to watch that you don't that's just hilarious. And sadly, we've lost, you think hope it in the woke move and everything else is killed. Comedy that's really unfortunate because you know comedy is is is essential for us to be healthy individuals.

We have to laugh. We've got to cut up. We've got to tease each other you know we've we've got to do these things otherwise were going to just ghost just barking mad and so I wanted to take some time on this program today just to be able to have those moments where we could just cut up and laugh and give you permission away.

I want to hear from you. What makes you laugh, what makes you relax a little bit what are those things that are in your life that do that for you and I love to hear what you have to say and hope for the just a little foreman said to me if you want a copy for the show. You can tell the story if you want. If it's a funny story to make sure is funny okay don't make it one of those, like yeah it's kind of sad, funny, no, no. It's funny, funny, and we make it funny. You know I gotta I got a niece who is 34 years old was cerebral palsy.

She's like an 18 month old is my brother and sister-in-law's daughter and she is absolutely and brawled with bodily noise but I got four brothers, it gets louder and she just laughs and laughs and laughs and she severely disabled and we laugh with, because the Lord has done great things for Peter Rosenberg Hopefully caregiver will be right Rosenberg.

These Irish and carpet cleaner on Rainer. Your dog to your wife's wheelchair just to see if it would work like redneck like out here not make you back.I have footage I caregiver when they busted me up with every okay.

My lab hopefully caregiver that is of course Jeff Foxworthy drifted with me sometime ago. We do this, you might be caregiver and also John. But when there the Count of Monte disco longtime producer of the show and it was fun to do that. We had a lot of fun with it. If he puts ever seriously asked you, baby. You see my left. Let is my life. By the way, it is funny I remember one time where this is Peter Rosenberg Hopefully caregiver, hopefully and pledge with us, you know, Grace and I have heard about every kind of joke you can have when it comes to prosthetics and lost her right leg that he wanted to left leg five so she doesn't, she tells more than she doesn't look at that is the source of her identity, her legs were damaged and broken and she let go of the and she she is funny with that I ever though still Jeff some years ago out of this had to been 20 years ago and I said you know what I twirl her when she's dance and she gets taller but he just thought that was really fun. You can use it and but he would use it. He I heard it six months later I heard Larry the cable guide to Chuck about that game I jumped in Larry the cable Guy so you we have a good tab and enter it in grace. We talk about laughter today. So many of us as caregivers, don't laugh. We are so serious and I know we have painful things can we do. Gracie not strange that there are days when I am so discouraged. She is so discouraged and we intentionally have to do things to you balances out. And when you think about the magnificence of who we are in Christ and what awaits us.

Paul said that this pales the suffering.

This will pales in comparison to the glory that weights ahead of us and are we able to laugh and have a good time enjoying life. Yes, in these difficult issues that we face in and I think this is what confounds the world is when they see joy in the midst of suffering and and Gracie not have just learned that this is just part of our life where one time she was run the horses out here Monte this many many years ago and we are out here that's property in runs horses what they will. Gracie had a new type of prostheses she got and they had buttons on the side where the calf is basically because he sees below the knee. A beauty and that would release the lake.

I don't get ahead of me. What this is Silverado horse and Gracie whatever reason that the legs were when she wasn't really riding in the stirrups very well. We were running around me and I'm very careful with her and they were the legs popped against the saddle or both of popped off and they slid down but they were stuck in her straight leg jeans and so they started these loose prostheses hanging from the bus for cheese were slapping the horse and you know what the horse did they just went faster and she is just screaming as the horses were put in put the world is going on. She says, screaming. So Parker are all decided we chased her down and we got it really got the horse and everything was okay. That hurt. We went in to the legs off and am waiting to get back to the board because we led the horse. She held onto the pommel and workers caring one leg is settled. He was just grumbling the whole time he was a teenager that the and that I had the unwanted I slid into the rifle scabbard sleep this late, go to the rifle scabbard. You know it was a moment. We've had lots of things like that in our life where we can learn to just roll with it and and I've ever times we pull up the traffic in and people look over next to Gracie's is beautiful woman but she had her leg off at one time instead of craving up so she headed off and she gets it held it and scratched her ear with it and looked at the other text. The clock at the light. They just got freaked out and in you. You learn to just have a good time and and we've we've we've recognized that this doesn't define who your doesn't define who she we were at a disability conference once in McLean, Virginia being church up there and it was big conference and everybody was twisting themselves. It seems like into pretzels. Everyone was just just all nervous about how do we categorize ourselves as differently a boulder. You know, visually impaired or hearing-impaired or physically challenged the rock try to come up with all the right terms, and Gracie was speaking and thinking at this and she got MC sit out and try to figure out how to describe myself and my mobility impaired by physically challenged and she said picky.

All I got only ever just got a drop in jobs.

It it was just as he sees just such a stunningly beautiful woman and then she just just as this is who I am you with an and I love that and we week we had a time were we were performing with several celebrities for big children's fundraiser for children's charity in Kentucky, and John Michael Montgomery country singer was they gathered this big headline the Fort there a lot of different folks.

Place the golf turbine there's a big show with music performance Gracie that were part of that and at the beginning of they had everybody come out in and talk about you know who they are and you know that because stuff and John Michael Montgomery had been country singer and he had a broken leg broke his leg while hunting ducks and he comes out in crutches and and you know it was legs broken with it. Here comes Johnny bent show the Hall of Famer from Cincinnati Reds, the catcher and he comes out and he said well you think that's bad. I got seven broken cups at home thereby just can't awaits you know it. It was you laughed a little bit and then Gracie comes out. She's wearing a skirt and her legs, a robotic, she comes up to the microphone.

She said I have never heard such a winding from grown me. Everybody just fell out laughing and it was it was such a great moment to see her be this way. And just to embrace life in the midst of this, and so I'm asking you a secure what do you do to do this. What what what helps you get above this because if you don't, I promise you it's going to have serious negative effects on and those around you, your relationships, your outlook on life and everything and it doesn't mean that you have to take what you deal with less seriously doesn't mean that you have to be less respectful. It just means that you're getting above your transcending this because you have something you're grasping that is greater and in the next block to play you a song. Gracie saying it with rust half over the whole so we would also the joy of the Lord is my strength, and a member when I when we were put this all together and and I asked Gracie you know you want to do this when it called out rust half and asked if he'd be willing to do it with her and I worked out this arrangement and so will play the next block because it's such a great song.

Twila Paris wrote the joy of the Lord is my strength. What is your strength.

What are you leaning for this is is is a caregiver. I know how painful the journey is on 36 years and this Gracie and I haven't gone the day without serious challenges. So what's your strength. How you do this what we do, how we do it and I'm just sharing a little bit today of some things that help us navigate through these things because it is. It's painful and it's heartbreaking and it's demoralizing and all the things that you can describe it, but that's not all. Our life is and as believers we have more to hang onto it.

As I said in the last block Psalm 126 two our mouths were filled with laughter or tugs with songs of joy. It was said among the nations. The Lord has done great things for them enormous abode of the caregiver keyboard. You know that song.

Therefore, the redeemed of the Lord shall return income was thinking to design and lasting joy being everlasting joy should there, don't you think that it sins a huge message to the world when we are able to have joy in the midst of our journey. People look at us. What's different. What's different.

You can't fake this. It's got to come from within and part of that, there's a decision that you make a decision on what it is okay for me to live life in the midst of this, it is okay for me to laugh the five of the first, I would go out and speak as a caregiver at I was doing this and I got there and people look around. Is it okay to laugh and I'm like yes it's okay to laugh. It's it's not only okay it's it's imperative, and in somebody had to give them permission. Somebody had to give me permission but you know what we have to give ourselves permission first and realized euros. There's there's joy inside of us that wants to come out and wants to be expressed and I know you and I both know more than a cry cry live and that's okay. Can we let Job 821 he will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy today shows just about experiencing that is and I got a couple more stories than will do this song. The next block over. When we have more to go.

Euros is Peter Rosen. He's not a preacher but he's got all that is. Oh happy day. The first part of the gospel. Ralph talking singer that is a gospel choir, Philip doctorates wrote that back in 1755 way back before this country was even a country and this is just a staple of great gospel hymn.

Oh happy day and my question to you is are you happy were talking about laughter today were talk about joy today were talking about. We as caregivers are we able to push through some of the things we had to deal with and see the bigger picture and admit it's hard to do that. In fact, I would suggest to you that on her own, it's impossible, but were not left to our own devices were not left to be alone. In fact, when Jesus left this earth. He said I have to go so that the comforter could come and that's the whole point is that he is comforting us through his Spirit in our distress and giving us clarity to see the bigger picture. As Paul said the joy set before him eclipsed everything that he was going through that same joy that same vision that same clarity is available to us even in our distress, even as a caregiver. I'm saying this because it's my life. This is how I've learned to be able to experience this journey without losing my mind and before you say so. I know that there people that say maybe you have lost my mind that could make a good argument for but you know what the reason I do this program is because I have and continue to have an awareness of what God has done in my life and continues to do in my life and Gracie's and that gives me hope and it gives me purpose. It gives me meaning that gives me a sense of perspective we live in the moment, but we have the perspective of eternity which gives meaning to the moment in our perspective of eternity is laid out in Scripture say I has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him. It doesn't take away the sting of what we live with, by any stretch of the imagination, and I get that increasingly the first to tell you that but it does provide awareness of the bigger picture and that courage to trust him. In these things, and as we do this we find that it's okay to laugh. It's okay to rejoice. It's okay to enjoy life even with broken bodies and broken minds and all the things involved. I tell you I have been in nursing homes left plate for folks who have dementia and Alzheimer's and when I would play certain hymns. I would just light up and they would they would just be excited to hear that him even in their state of dementia that that music sustain them for a lifetime still spoke to. I watch this is a reference early. My niece Kelsey when I start playing certain songs and she's literally like an 18 month old, but she's a 34-year-old woman.

She's completely immobile nonverbal and yet when Esther planned the piano for her, she dislikes up her small slice of the room and the whole family rejoices with her someone to spend the show today just talking with you, but if one caregiver to another of some things that I do to get through the day and to help Gracie get through the day and I have other people that I depend on. I have a buddy of mine. Everybody we were in the hospital. In this last rich in Denver was very serious and there a lot of things going on and people were sitting all kinds of notes and and beautiful scriptures and praying for you and all these things beautiful notes I got this one freighted.

We all need this one friend and he's been my best friend since we were kids and so there's not many people you know how many folks have a friend for 45+ years, and this gap, but he refused to send me anything other than just hilarious memes and so forth.

How just be corrected. If you don't I see you that's it and make me laugh.

It was okay.

She got 1/2 people like that in your life that can help provide that lifeline to better days and ultimately that's what Christ is done through the Holy Spirit is that lifeline to better days. This will be okay.

We look at the world around us and it is literally going nuts.

You know, our political leaders are media, academia, everything is just crazy. Any and you see it. How are we to respond to this broken world that I would suggest to you that when they see us filled with the joy of the Lord is an enigma that causes people to morph the some may think were crazy. It's okay. Those of us who live this understand we have that peace and that joy that is available to us and that's what I want to close up this time. Thank you all for indulging really appreciated. I love doing the program and I love being able just to connect with you and talk with you about these things that Popping my head and I do appreciate your indulgence with that I'm getting in with the saw from Gracie seed it will play the full song and this is a tune that she did with a staff of references in the last block and I talked to Grace about this and I wanted to arrange this for the helped arrange all this out for she and Russ to do this thing at the studio just wailed this a great Twila Paris tune around for long time and is called the joy of the Lord, but I knew that I wanted to make this pop for Gracie and for Russ just to have something that just kinda kicked it for them. It had so much joy just watching them in the studio watching Gracie just come a lot. It was it was a big personal thing for her because she's always been such a huge rest have failed and for her to be able to do this, do it with him was just so great and he was so gracious and and I and I thought this is perfect so the joy of the Lord is my strength in an thing for us as caregivers, we can hang on to you will be surprised if you start retraining your mind might start giving yourself permission to do this.

It was in Estonia what can happen in your life. This is 36 years of experience to so I wanted it with this. This is off Gracie CD resilient.

If you don't have a copy that you can go out to hopefully

Help us do more this program and in the prosthetic work that Gracie launched over West Africa for any donation accident will give Cindy a copy of this hopefully Mrs. Gracie and Russ Taft thing in the joy of the Lord.

This is hopefully caregiver, hopefully will see you next. I now sat on a job I and is in and I and and and and and and and and and and and and and and

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