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I Think It's About Forgiveness

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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August 24, 2021 2:30 am

I Think It's About Forgiveness

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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August 24, 2021 2:30 am

Forgiveness benefits the offended, does not require reconciliation, and can be extended even if unsolicited. Remorseless criminals fill our prisons, yet victims can still forgive. Many care for abusive but impaired loved ones who are incapable of repenting and reconciling. Yet, those caregivers can still forgive.

Resentment gnaws at our souls and, as caregivers, we already bear enough. We can choose instead to walk in forgiveness and lose the grudges—while keeping healthy boundaries.

“…I think it’s about Forgiveness.” – Don Henley

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And American family radio this this family caregiver.

This is hope caregiver hope caregiver's conviction that we ask your can live a call. Health embarrassing or joyful life.

As we care for someone with chronic impairment care with aging, especially my case wife who has a severe trauma from erection 30 years ago. Whatever the impairment, there's always a character in this show is about strengthening you and helping you stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not you will be a part of the show. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and as we are prone to do on this show. Let's take him and ask if you know what you do give me a call and tell me why the song is important to you talk about why this song particularly applies to us today is caregiver's and this may be a multi-part series because of the topic with the song will hopefully illuminate to us and and other things were discussed today and as always if you have something going on that is not related to what were talking about.

Feel free to call. It's okay will come to a screeching halt and discuss whatever is on your heart month.

We don't want to give advice on the show because it's really not what this is about.

I can't tell you how to take care your level anymore. You tell me and think your fun and the show is not about caregiver being in the task of caregiving shows what's going on in your heart.

That's what were about here in the show because if your heart is a train wreck. Guess what happened to your wallet to your body to your relationships to your job, all those kinds of things and in the frame of caregiving.

We deal with the human condition and the heartache that arises in us as we struggle in this area and there are relentless struggles for so many was talking to a friend of ours a couple perverse number road here where we live will waste on the road because we live in a very rural area of Montana and they have a young man is special-needs child and he's I think that 2021 having tons of seizures. Right now he's got all kinds of challenges going on is bedridden all the time and energy, seizures repeatedly and this is this is for for families, especially children who have cognitive issues in all because of other health related issues. When you have those ongoing things like seizures and so forth is just it just wears you down how you stay strong and healthy and and that's what we discussed on the shows of waste upon his back to safety. Here's opening him here and step over here to the caregiver keyboard so if you know this if you know the student will this course. I love this course. This may really want you can live today latest select is on the Christian creation. I love this him if you know this before you make that 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 words matter. Words matter and all too often we throw words around with great sentiment, but little thought in one of those words is forgiveness. Talk about that today. Forgiveness and of all, though the weighty words in our vocabulary.

Forgiveness seems to be the one that gets the most disrespect you ever see on courtrooms where they have. You know when there's a horrific trial going on in the interview. The family there all emotional distraught and the cry we forgive and we forgiven that kind of thing any kind of Catholic that while do they know what they're saying on the other the other, engaged in what they're actually saying you see this out with those who were pressured by family and friends to see you got forgiveness in the past. Let that go. You need of you to forgive and and then they also tell you wanted forgive and forget and then many struggle with the concept of forgiving themselves. What is forgiveness even mean and NS will not like to spend a little bit of time here today with you all, because I think that as a caregiver you're faced quite extensively with the opportunity to forgive some of you are taking care of love once who left horrible losing you as a child or whatever throughout your life and now you're in a position where you taking care of and in the bitterness is just so close to the surface and in your thinking will. They're not asking for forgiveness and my question to you is, is forgiveness predicated on somebody soliciting do you have to be asked to forgive before you offer forgiveness. But what really is forgiveness and start off or say what forgiveness is not forgiveness doesn't mean that the offense didn't matter or that anything can be forgotten by us that God is able to do things that we cannot with forgiveness but forgiveness doesn't minimize the effects it in essence. Forgiveness is this willingness that we have, to take our hands off of someone else's throats. We are puts it positioning ourselves to be their judge, jury and executioner by harboring unforgiveness and when you forgive someone you're willing to let justice be done to that person that is beyond you. It is not, even though emotions come with it is not just this emotional thing where we get out. You know you have the wonderful orchestra playing at always have stuff. It's it's a decision of the will that often requires a daily decision of the will to walk in that forgiveness. So for example if somebody done a horrific crime.

You can forgive them. But it doesn't mean that they are released from the judgment of life of the authorities or God. It just means you are not participating in that you are relinquishing that to to somehow be their judge during executioner that some people you are harboring unforgiveness towards may not even know that were doing it. They maybe just completely clueless that you have unforgiveness. But when you have unforgiveness you're not completely clueless about and it gnaws it and it eats it and and this is where so many caregivers are living there is there is this great turmoil within our hearts.

It may be towards our love one ourselves. Family friends Pastor physicians medical staff. Maybe it it it's know that the people are helping you the way that you would think they would want them to help you with her just hanging all kinds of scenarios where unforgiveness how do we deal with talk about this would be a part of that conversation.

888-589-8840 888-589-8040 family carrier that is Gary Chapman treasure one of my all-time favorite photos until those who put that in the bumper rotation here for this joke is love that song and appreciate him writing that in just I just love this so 888-589-8840 were talking about forgiveness for us as caregivers and what does it look like what what does that mean for us with how we function in this. Can you forgive and forget. I don't know that that's even required God to us that he puts it, far away from us deep in the ocean. I don't know that that's required for us to forget it. I think that it is the requirement is for us to release this and let it go. Not saying that doesn't matter. I said in my book. Hope for the caregiver lose the boundary of illicit drug. Just keep the boundaries looking key boundaries effect is important to keep boundaries effect is imperative to keep boundaries but you don't have to walk in bitterness and in this is so important. Where's the startled starts are him for today and I got out of quite a few folks that want to weigh in on that particular him and if if you want to talk about that. Please feel free don't have to just because you somebody else got it that the name of the him were not just doing you know name that tune here were doing this.

The why is this so important to you, what would it mean to you and so I want to start off with the Roger in Arkansas Roger good morning are you feeling and start you know the song after what is at Calvary at Calvary. Mark, you know, I know he rode away. I know I don't who routed his name is Bill Newland there's a great story behind that but you have mercy there was grading grace was free pardon, there was multiplied to me there. My parents on how family birthday That I great him uniting radio and love love that hard and there was multiplied to me. I love that I lose.

I just love the way he turned that phrase at Cal three.

I like Raja played a little different than what you probably heard the first time you heard is that it is at a fair segment that entire statement will what that means to you about forgiveness and and in the mercy that you received a Calvary telly very quickly. What that means to you. Now I didn't have a chance to meet my God had abandoned Calvary and I and Sunday school last Sunday we are talking about that and that, you know, people got the cross-linkers break tag around her neck of outboard none but a tree had not been good with Calvary and cries given up is alive or made it bad today and that became a debt. Any DDD and listen Roger I do appreciate the call on that. I will head to another call, this is Bruce in Ohio Bruce good morning how you feeling, I'm all right. Did you know this one as well only affect Calvary love you know who wrote it. You know who wrote it. Bill Bill Newell. There's a great story about Bill Newell that I'll tell a little bit here but other songs important to you will Bruce well I grew up in a good Christian church.

When you listen to the words and they're just such a neat message in their and regardless of the that he multiplied the grace upon me and you and everyone is and add multiplied. You know, just over you can only get so much out of addition. But when you multiply you get big numbers and get a lot in place by the mercy mercy here was great and grace was free and down pardon, there was multiplied to me and I just thought I love that word multiplied. I think this may be the only him that I know of that has that word in it and that was multiplied to me and there's a there's a great story about this man. The wrote this in an he was is an extraordinary journey to the head. He was a pastor side and I'm a pastor, son, and he was evidently a real challenge to his pastor father and II would share that I've been a real challenge to my pastor for more than one occasion and they that the pastor wrote to the president of Moody Bible Institute and said look I got this son who is roughly caustically, some challenges can yell taking. Basically, I'm paraphrasing anyone over there and they they said substrate guidelines for him and then he through that process. He really came into a relationship with Christ ended up becoming a teacher at Moody Bible Institute and one time he was acting as assistant superintendent or something that he was rushing to class and he stepped into an empty classroom and wrote this song as he was rushed to class years I spent in vanity and pride carry not my Lord was crucified.

Knowing not it was for me. He died on Calvary and ghetto by God's word at last my sin. I learned that I trembled at the law I've spurned to my guilty soul imploring turn to Calvary mercy.

There was great and grace was free pardon, there was multiplied to me there. My burden soul found liberty at Calvary. We understand what we've been forgiven, the more we understand about what we've been forgiven, the greater drive we have in our hearts to offer that same forgiveness to others who have offended us along the way and that's the point we want to make today so I appreciate you that you got that and you knew that tune. Bruce and went telly telly very quickly and just just a minute or so, tell me what forgiveness is meant to you in your life.

Forgiveness that you received and the forgiveness that you've extended was that meant to you. Well I haven't mantra about divorce and I had to choose whether to hurt their or to get even with her and I had to let go let go of my God, you know, and it was and it was bad.

You know, and now all guided made me a stronger better Christian man and now I'm very thankful for that. And it helps you to understand that and I'm not perfect yet. I've been forgiven in Christ you know this ended, I have committed and makes you so much for thankful for song like that you have this morning how forgiven we are you now are all sinners revolve come up short, minimalist reach in sinless perfection here on earth.

We strive to be the very best and strongest Christian that we can do but someone will baby a little angry with somebody even inside or something in outlining. We guessing will wait a minute that the human thiamine we got we got to get back in to see what God would have us to, you know. And now it doesn't lean Bruce doesn't mean that it didn't matter what went on in your divorce and the things that you struggle with those things matter. They had consequence.

They had weight to them in the they were they were devastating once it but it does mean that we are taking like a sit in the opening block were taking her hands off of someone else's throat that I am not responsible to judge and execute them in a modern term that over to God where it belongs and I would walk peacefully this, but you keep boundaries you still keep boundaries. You don't have to keep sticking your hand in the same blender and that you know a sample you want. Yeah, I mean that you you don't Ronald Reagan put in my favor. The trust but verify the ghetto and you don't have to continue to put yourself in that situation. However, you're not walking around was so much rage inside your own heart and sometimes they don't even know you have it and and people sit with you. What they didn't ask for forgiveness for that as a matter you could have forgiveness. No matter. Forgiveness is for for the wounded reconciliations for the perpetrator is our choice and wellness.

I will say that again forgiveness is for the wounded reconciliation is for the perpetrator. The that we can forgive whether they've asked or not.

That's why you know if somebody's already passed away or they have Alzheimer's and they're not able to ask forgiveness for things that they've done that were just devastating. They don't have it in them. You can still extend forgiveness.

You may not be able to be reconciled to them because of disease or death or impairment or whatever, but, or, or the what the there a lot of different circumstances. While you cannot be reconciled with that is mean that you cannot forgive and and that is so important to us is a caregiver.

I've often said on the show that caregiving does not stop at the cemetery.

The issues for caregivers does not stop at the cemetery because we have to walk and some things post caregiver that the caregiving task that have traumatized her own souls are tucked away too many people who are struggling that area and so part of that is forgiveness and we walk in forgiveness, trusting that he is equipping us to do so. Bruce, I appreciate you understanding that that that the text of that him so well and knowing it and thank you so much for calling in and I'm really do appreciate this is Peter Rosenberg. This is your This is the this is the show for you as a family caregiver and we are so glad that you are with us today. 888-589-8840 888-589-8040 will be right back.

This is the show for you as a family caregiver. So glad since my wife gracing the staff of CD resilient and if you want to get a copy that go out to hope for the and be a part of what were doing and so will send you a copy of her CD it is.

It's a great record of a testament of her journey of of what she's endured and she's lived to sing about it and does this amazing job just great duets on their that I think you'll find very meaningful and we destitute if you like what you had on the show if you feel like it has value to you and you want other people to be able to hear to help us do it more astute better and you got to hope for the and be a part of it whatever you want, you can support the show we have a prosthetic limb ministry that you've heard Gracie talk about and we've got patients at work sponsoring right now you know we cannot travel to Africa where we been doing this for 15 years loosening supplies. We have a prosthetic limb recycling program where inmates help us recycle prosthetic limbs all the things you could help us do this more with your tax-deductible gift to this ministry and got to hope the Click on the giving tab and will send you a copy of Gracie CD there.

I let's go Alan Allen in Texas. Good morning Ellen how are you feeling fine. Can you play that song and report time before time I would let her not to okay okay yeah I did not deserve. Reason lies is a reason why I should sound a little more wall Sierra melodic or something. I don't think I could do that this morning that early in the morning and after working that thought, you really influence our time. You may know what I would tell me, but then I got like this mean something to you to do it in the waltzing format is not like it's not like you're plodding along in 01234 this kind of smooth.

I guess you may I play piano some minutes this kind flows from one standard connection from one major to the next.

Things like this thing for so many years.

I don't think I could do it in 34 tie without having the brain collision and I prefer if it's all right with you, Alan, I prefer not to have a brain collision on the air anymore than I already do. And that's all right and it's only good know it would not become anyway, number three, and it's at Calvary data at Calvary dial-in quite soon enough. That's all right now, then just fond of the point is not to see who wins the name that tune.

The point is you know that song and what it means years I spent in vain. Tried caring not my look and when you when you realize that this guy was a son of a pastor who had heard the message of the gospel, but clearly, by his own admission didn't care caring. Not my Lord was crucified. And I thought wow what a great testament.

How many millions of people have found great strength and comfort in Christ. In this him and it still that it is still powerful to us today to walk in this because once we understand how much we been forgiven, then that's what is the game changer for us as we learn to forgive as you've a Matthew 614 for if you forgive other people when they sin against you. Your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Mark 1125 when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your father in heaven may forgive you your sins, you know, and it's that's there's a whole there's so many things out there that discuss this concept of forgiveness. It's in pardoning that we are pardoned. St. Francis of a sissy said and of one of my favorite quotes about this is from Mark Twain and he says forgiveness is the fragrance that the violent sheds the flower, the violet forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. My thought wow that is a beautiful quote there.

So what I Allen at the what I would let you go and try to play this and thank you for an and I admire you for taking on that task and then okay if if you you you let me know how that would focus on that. That's a challenge I'm not into this early in the morning so thank you so much for calling on that appreciate that this is Linda in Tennessee. Linda good morning, how are you feeling I kind of caregiver, and heart attack and stroke like a month later than five years ago and amazingly well and thank God for healing. The Lord gave the crack not, is mainly the forgive. I had complete anger and bitterness can form probably 25 years and I guess you could play earlier this year I finally I held onto it long enough and when I forgave the person I called all their heart long ago. It was like there was a was it was like a nail stuff and I cannot find it and much lighter and good Lord had shown me how much sunlight and me over and over again for when you forgive I will forgive you and that individual. That individual asking for forgiveness. No point is that we don't have someone ask us in order for us to extend this.

This is something we can do right here right now.

Today, while the show began to show ins today. We can offer forgiveness to someone and that doesn't necessarily mean is also a one and done we may have to offer this throughout the day tomorrow weeks on the but it becomes a part of her life intent. You don't accidentally forgive someone that doesn't happen when I excited when a partner, not at not being quite right, but not found an I can hear the pols in their boy and a month ended like I started crying so I'm hoping that paddle fan along that I would forgive others that have heart will maybe they will make they won't.

That's not the point. The point is for you to walk in forgiveness, recognizing how much we've been forgiven by our Savior at what God did through Christ's sacrifice. That's the point.

And I think that the key for us is to are we going to intentionally do this in walking this with deliberateness and say I am not going to hold onto the I'm going to take my hands off of their throat and it doesn't mean that what they did. Doesn't matter that that's something I really want to drive home to date that the wounds are grievous.

The wounds are are often horrific doesn't mean that that doesn't matter. It means that you are not judge, jury and executioner, and there may be tremendous consequences for these individuals, and in many cases there should be, but that doesn't mean you're the person who is dispensing that the only consequence that you can offer is extending forgiveness. Your presence all those kinds of things that you can remove your presence. You don't have to be in relationship with someone who is abusive, but you can forgive and it doesn't mean you're minimizing the sin or the abuse. It means that you are letting go of this and trusting that God himself will deal with this and he may choose to deal with this through the authorities he made choose to deal with this through a variety means, but he will deal with an and we of the other. I walk in peace.

In this at Calvary and I would counter black love and not a note, I do know this guy was a fellow pastor said like I was it because his dad. You know a lot of stress. I think I can well did you cause your dad, stress all I have given my dad. I have four brothers and a sister in that but all the dead listen every week to the show.

I love to need a little bit but of all my brothers and sisters, I would suggest to you that I have been one that has caused a few eyebrows to raise is that it is that in a diplomatic way of thinking that when come from well it is and because it is quite drizzly a good mom will admit it because of so much like my mother she can't deny so it's of but you know what, this is the that that this a great story that this this this hymn writer who had cost so much angst that prompted his father to write to the head of Moody Bible Institute say can you help with this kit and and and then he ended up not only you will be coming believer but did end up going on to train and educate and equip, and then through his music now inspire of a lifetime of mean MLM untold millions of people because here you are you and I talk about this on the day in him the right here. I don't know then say when he wrote it, but this is been some time ago that he wrote this hymn, and so anyway will listen. I appreciate it very much. Linda, thank you for calling us share the story of forgiveness. It's a big part of our journey as caregivers to big part of our journey as believers, it is grandfathered will thank you very much on this and in you as well. This is this is why we do this shows because these are the issues we face as caregivers.

The issue is not you know how to better deal with an insurance company or injections or changing dressings and and and filing claims in a list of those are important issues have done it for a lifetime. I graciously had this enormous medical journey almost foredeck issue still remains.

This hope caregiver right you ever struggled to trust God when things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brittle to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison.

We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing I'm Gracie. I am staining with help go guessing that means to us now. Those views show regularly know we've had all types of calls to the show were we discussed issues similar to this, we have people: and who were dealing with horrific situations. Whether it's taking care of an effect.

I remember one color vividly was taking care of his father was an abusive alcoholic and that is fallen later in life, and he said to take care of his father had stopped drinking and he still and he said every time I'm around and I feel like I'm just a kid again him to deal with this and and these are not easy things, and in these people that will tell you that they are really just forgive him and you kind of wonder how shallow that that's going with them and I'm not there to lay judgment on them just simply say if I could give a little bit a step back on that I would want Thomas watch a Christian network. A band was up there playing and they were just rocking out they were just go of the base was thumping and guitar guy was just, I mean it just they were just going at it dance around the stage and everything else in the text that they were singing to all this music they were playing was. I have been crucified with Christ. I have been crucified and they were just thumping on this thing and I was at was amazed at the disconnect because what they're saying and what they're doing are not matching up. Do you understand the magnitude of what you're saying that I have been crucified with Christ while you're thumping around on the base and doing guitar riffs on this in the drummers back there just no indicate in kicking.

Do you understand what you're saying and and I think that it's it's important for us to speak out of intelligence and and out of awareness.

When we say that were forgiving someone. It is not some kind of production we do on the evening news. It is not the scan think it is a deliberate thing when you get up in the morning when you go to bed at night and you walk in this. There are blooms that are so grievous that you do not you. You give respect to the wounds by not making this big production about how I forgiven this person.

Nobody needs Stephen know know from your been demeanor don't know from your actions. This is not necessary something you need to broadcast out. This is between you and God really. And maybe that person, that person may not be around to be even able to engage with and they don't have to solicit from you your forgiveness. In order for you to get it, give it that that's always nice. That's part of the reconciliation process and I remember one time I was dealing with the premise of embroiled in a church conflict in a no fight like a church Vigo and enemy of the sky got up and said this and he was he was a learned man, and he should've known better.

Longtime pastor and he said there can be no healing without repentance. And afterwards, because I'm who I am and sometimes I get ahead of myself and fun and decide to poke the bear. I pulled him aside and I said in the sky had bebop he's got me by 30 years he's been around loan companies like cities very learned menace of your things is there can be no healing without repentance is really not accurate repentance for the perpetrator but healing can occur without someone else repenting of that to the offended party, the offended party can walk in healing healing, forgiveness is what facilitates the healing in the wounded party and we could be healed through that regardless of what that individual does. There are plenty of people sitting in prisons all over the country who have not repented, but their victims have walked in forgiveness and have gone on to walk in healing through this, you see the difference and it may seem subtle, amazing mom tried to nuance it too much but but for me it was it was very important people understand that if you know because if you're taking care of somebody with Alzheimer's.

For example, they're not to be able to repent of some of the things that you're still struggling with that they did to you and I know people in this situation right now. I know people who are taking care of aging parents. Right this moment today this morning who are harboring some very difficult, painful things and that parent is not able to offer any type of apologies or a reconciliation or repentance or anything. So what is the person supposed to do with the caregiver supposed to do with the only way towards healing for that caregiver is to walk in forgiveness, but that person has not asked for it. They may not be capable of asking for it.

They maybe did. But can we still walk in forgiveness and I say to you, yes we can. And part of this is why did this him the mercy there was great grace was free pardon, there was multiplied to me there. My burden Sophia Liberty at Calvary. Once we understand that it always starts at the cross where we ourselves are forgiven, we were forgiven we were when we were enemies with God and he he gives us the power of his Holy Spirit.

The, the ability to even ask for forgiveness to to repair it. Luther said we have to repent of her repenting literally know how to repent well and the more we walk, and that the Morgan understand this concept.

But as we walk in forgiveness. We are never minimizing the sin the offense. The one we respected for what it is. It is trauma. We don't have to minimize but we don't have to preside over its execution or that person's judgment that is not our responsibility and we can keep healthy boundaries and we can trust God to work through these things so that we are not bound to this. Do you you have any concept with bitterness and unforgiveness does to your soul. It rots us and into thinking that you can come up with somebody right now that you know who's just better and in just picture that a little bit. Maybe you're in that place the grace that was extended to you while you were yet enmity with God, then can flow through you to extend others that is the journey towards healing, even if they don't ask for it. Jesus hung on the cross is that father forgive them for they don't want that doing, they were not asking for Rick for forgiveness.

They were not repenting and he's extending forgiveness and asking his father for this to be appropriate that as caregivers get weak and I would suggest to you. This is the way that we can walk peacefully in the midst of this great sorrow that we have to deal with this caregivers and we will agree. We will weep, but we will not grieve in despair or rage, we can mourn over the brokenness without being destroyed by tracking with me. Many of you right now are dealing with horrific wounds that have been leveled on the that have pierced your soul like nothing else. And it's crippling and you're still serving as a caregiver, often for the very person who did the ones you got family and friends who are just brutalizing you in the way you try to take care of somebody but they're not helping or you got a doctor that made a terrible decision or whatever sit you down a path and you're paying the consequences for years later there's all kinds of scenarios maybe got a pastor that you went to.

And you were struggling and they just dismissed you and they said something that was just off-the-cuff or whatever and it level judgment you having people over taking care.

Christie 35 years he's been hurt for 38 years. Do you know how many times we've had bad theology thrown at us. If you had more faith God would heal you people actually said that to my wife.

You can't. You can't. You can't carry. It's too much.

You know when when Gracie was faced with amputating her right leg is the first imputation and and I remember these two ladies came up and I'm not trying to disparage anybody but they think told her that she was in rebellion, forgiving upper like the guy was a healer in June and she's give up her leg in March and the guy was a healer and she was in rebellion to do the surgery did you realize the, hubris that That takes from people what they did to my wife was 25 years old and she was struggling and I was 20.

We were just kids were struggling with this horrific decision of this broken limb in these nut jobs come up and say stuff like that to us how many of you all that experience that Kathy and you have to you have to walk in forgiveness, realize I'm not in charge of that to keep healthy boundaries, but I'm not going to harbor the cells like this towards God. It was just a teachable and we moved on many many many years.

But the point is, is that's the kind of grievous things that could be done but are we walking in forgiveness with as we and that's how that's the path to healthiness versus caregiver in healthcare euros would go to hopefully podcast books, music all the stuff it's all available for you will see you next week.

Some of you know the remarkable story of Peter's wife Gracie and recently Peter talk to Gracie about all the wonderful things that have emerged from her difficult journey. Take a listen Gracie. When you envision doing a prosthetic limb outreach.

Did you ever think the inmates would help you do that, not in a million years.

When you go to the facility run by core civic and you see the faces of these inmates that are working on prosthetic limbs that you helped collect from all of the country that you put out the plea for and their disassembly sell these legs like what you have your own prosthetic arms and orange everything when you see all this makes me cry because I see this miles on their faces and I know what it is like someplace where you can't get out without somebody else allowing you to get out the hospital. These men are so glad that they get to be doing is one been said something good with my did you know before you became a deputy that parts of prosthetic limbs could be recycled and had no idea I thought Peg leg. I thought a wooden legs.

I never thought of titanium and carbon legs and flexibly the legs and all that. I never thought about. As you watch these inmates participate in something like this, knowing that there there helping other people all providing the means for the supplies to get over there.

What does it do to you. Just on the heart level.

I wish I could explain to the world.

What I see in here and I wish that I can be able to come and say the this guy right here in East Africa with that.

I never not feel that way out every time you know you always make me have to leave. I don't want to leave. I I feel like I'm at home with them and I feel like we have a common bond that would never expected that only God could put together. Now that you've had experience with it what you think of faith based programs or core civic offers. I think they're just absolutely awesome and I think every person out there that have faith-based programs because he return right at the men that are involved in this particular faith-based program and other ones like it and I know about this one car is amazingly low rate compared to those who think that that is with me just has something to do with God is broken. If you want to donate and use prosthetic limbs, whether from a loved one who passed away or you somebody well-groomed you donated some of your own for the data out of the please go to standing gain. We

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