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"In Seasons of Distress and Grief"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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January 25, 2021 4:00 am

"In Seasons of Distress and Grief"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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January 25, 2021 4:00 am

Back in the mid 1800's a blind minister wrote an amazing lyric that became of one the most beloved hymns of all time. This episode, from our 1/21/2021 broadcast, features that hymn well as callers sharing their stories, fears, and triumphs. 

I included this hymn on my CD, Songs for the Caregiver, and you can stream it by clicking on this link.  


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And caregiver heroes American family radio. I heard of this is the nation's number one silvery.

I hope 88 858-8488 589-8842 be part of the show would have its show like no other. Focus on the ones who were pushing or staying up late doing laundry your cooking cleaning, doing all the things necessary, and then also holding down a job or back-and-forth the hospitals or doctors offices are dealing with insurance companies, pharmacies, name it.

There are a myriad of task go involved that go into being a caregiver, and they are often overlooked, often feel invisible often feels secondary, not on the show on the show. We understand that the role of caregiver is a is a unique and very special role. And it's also a very dangerous role. A lot of people lose themselves and so that's why we do the show to speak directly to the heart of a caregiver to let them know that God sees them to you know we don't just have to tear up the roof or get somebody to Jesus. We can get Jesus to, you know that and that's the whole point of the show would were glad that you with this. 888-589-8848 885-8988 forgot a couple things a lot. Start off with this morning. One of them is a do you know this in seasons of distress and grief. My soul has often found relief and often escape the tempter's snare. You know that from you know what him.

That is, from give you a little bit hit its night. You know this from 888-589-8840 if you know that and I want to talk little bit about that, why that's important what were going to talk about today. Romans 826 likewise the Spirit also help with our infirmities, for we know not what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings that which cannot be uttered. Do you know how to pray. Do you know what to say when you pray when you think about your loved one. Maybe it's the child with special needs are having a meltdown.

I remember friend of mine whose son has autism and she went to take him for a haircut and think about it with Eric it with you and I had stuffed a big deal but when you get a kid who's 819 years old and you start putting scissors around his head and he's got autism in a kid just had a meltdown and and everybody was staring at was really, was very embarrassing to this mother. She said I just wanted to have a shirt that said, don't judge his autism.

When you have situations like that. Do you know how to pray. You know what to say. I've watched my wife through her many seasons of distress and grief and I haven't known what to pray sometime you know what to say of Lester Groening and and and just in agony as she deals with with her chronic pain and she said you don't 80 surgeries. Now this is been going on since 1983 and and she got she doesn't know a day without it. I don't know. I don't know what to pray. Sometimes Roman says the spirit helps our lack of knowledge we will. We don't know what we should pray the spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.

Does it bring you comfort is that bring you relief. Does that that help it all today. Have you found that to be true in your own life has as yet been made manifested in your life. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and and I wanted to spend some time with us Please understand, there's always a disclaimer to the show. Everything a talk about.

I'm talking to myself about because I don't only six, I'm learning them and I'm hoping to learn the better. But this is what I finding is the crux for all of us is caregiver's arm in my 35th year. Now is a character.

So I've had a little bit of time to work this through and and learn what does it work I am kind of the the wily Coyote of caregivers, you know, I mean how many times have I run off a cliff and of the Holy Ghost kinda looks at the garrisons help you know and that's that's my journey and everything I've learned of learn through lot of heart failure, but I'm learning what roads not to go down that that's a bad place down there.

Don't go down there and it takes the kind of time that I put into this to to learn some of those things and so what I'm trying to offer. Here's the benefit of a vast amount of experience to fellow caregivers to let them know okay, somebody else's been walking down this path, and here's what here's what we've learned talk today about prayer and and if you know that that him from that learning in seasons of distress and grief.

My soul has often found relief man if there's anybody that understands seasons of distress and grief, it's gotta be the family character and you guys get this don't you understand this, you understand the what it means to have grief seasons of distress and grief together wrote this is an amazing story. We'll talk about that was we get into the recalls well evidently our phone lines are way lit up. So let me just jump right into this.

This is, is it Charlie in Ohio.

Charlie good morning how you feeling like drought IRS. I'm sorry were still spelled down the side that do I go ahead I don't want to let you know that I really appreciate your show. I am not a caregiver. Not all crime caregiver. I do work in healthcare so I did want to let you know the reason why with your show it because working where I feel in healthcare. Sometimes I come across caregiver that I can impart some your wisdom on them. I also figure some day.

What about Matt my dad, my wife would like it might become a caregiver or what they say they have to become a caregiver to me. Maybe I'll be more understanding. I will let you know that while you show. Not that I directly need it right now, but I like that that I learned talk to learn you know Charles like you, I set out to do the show I did two things in mind. One of them was one of the things I wanted to do was was to impart a vocabulary to caregivers on what help. Looks like and hopefully infuse them with the courage to ask for and receive that help the other one was to impart a vocabulary to non-caregivers of what help.

Looks like to a caregiver and hopefully inspire them to offer that help and so you you answer that. And you're right at we there's two tooth two possibilities here.

If you love somebody, you're going to be a caregiver. If you live long enough you going to need one is just that simple. And so you are you are right on target for everything I set up to do with the show at what type of healthcare of the healthcare industry working so I do mobile x-rays I griped in nursing on and I take back your machine into x-ray but sometimes I going to private home do an x-ray. That's where I come across the caregivers all time caregiver than the private all whereabouts for band members take care of their their loved one that I have x-rayed a lot one and sometimes I tell them something that I've heard on your show.

I make sure I asked him how are you doing like you do. How are you doing and unite. Sometimes a comment that like you that there yet know the current disgruntled Mike Palomino at you gotta get somebody in here for a little bit. You can go shopping. You can document something for you. Q tell people that will appreciate it very much and how you feeling this is the question asking Megan and give them time to answer because it's going to be hard for them speak in person singular is very hard. You have a thank you for this you really made my day. Charles appreciate that very very much. Thank you so much for calling you go to break this hope this this is the show for you as a family. 880-589-8840 know the him this came from seasons of distress and my soul has often found will be 24 seven emergency support increasing safety, reducing isolation, these things are more important than ever. As we deal with the challenges of covert 19. How about your vulnerable loved ones. We can always check on them or be there in ways we like. That's why there's constant companion seamlessly weaving technology and personal attention to help push back against the isolation while addressing the critical safety issues of our vulnerable loved ones and their caregivers. Constant companion is the solution for families today.

Staying connected staying safe. It's smart, easy, and incredibly affordable. Go to today.

That's my companion. connection and independence for you and those you care about my companion. caregiver. I know for as a family caregiver 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 want to jump on this call real quick Ray from Georgia rate was know what I think about the vaccine.

Ray good morning how you feeling I for once in my will as far as the vaccine I really don't know. I mean, you know, I think there a lot of very smart people that have worked on this thing. I don't think it's going to be with you. We take a flu vaccine every year. People still get the flu you I don't know. I think that I think there a lot of smart people that have worked on it and I'm on my my in-laws got it. I think my wife is they want her to get it because she's a high-risk individual she's she's headed home about. Here's the you know my thoughts are this I'm going to do the best I can to educate myself on it and move forward.

If the vaccine goes wonky. I'm going to trust you, Jesus. With acoustic these Lord at all. He is Lord of all, including the vaccine. I think flu vaccine when I go to Africa to work with our prosthetic limb industry that we do. I think a whole lot of stuff to go over there and you know I think that at this point there been there's been a huge collaboration of the scientific community and there are some people out there that are yet another nonvaccinated nurse in an and that's fine. That's their decision. That's their opinion at that. The only thing really strong opinion I have on it is Andrew again, who ran for president as that of the Democrat take a businessman. He felt like we needed to have some kind of ID for people who took the vaccine, or didn't take the vaccine and you need to have some kind of marker and and I was of bit appalled by that. You know it if it's one thing to have proof of unionization because I have to have that when I go to Africa get to show all kinds of stuff you know that you going there for your safety and so forth and I get that but I just didn't didn't. It's something about that right will be a bit in my thing was you I don't have a proof of flu vaccine that I have to show and and I thought you know if it's if it works great. What you need to know who took it or not, you know that config slows you did but I was a kind of raise my hand is that you will what was that all about you that I don't particularly have a great deal of confidence when you get some of these guys who are not medical professional starting to get out there and weigh in on some of think so.

Talk with your doctor look at your situation and make sure you don't have any kind of underlying health issues that would be compromised by this and and let your doctor and you had that discussion. I'm not qualified in any way fashion or form. I just think that my my only opinion is, and I really don't like to give my opinion too much of the show about things like that because it's punching above my weight class. My only opinion is that it seems like there's a whole lot of very very smart people that have worked on this and come together to create something this going to help stem the tide of this thing. But again, you can and you do need to sit down with your physician and and have that conversation, you do your own research on and and see what kind of pops up that's that's my opinion. So I know that I as a caregiver.

I don't get paid but that's but if something does happen to you and you don't have a doctor once you what's your plan for the person you're taking care of it would be a good place. Well, I appreciate that but but at some point you're going to have to make the call here because of something happens to you. This this that was in trouble and he so there are clinics that you can go to at least take your blood pressure. There are around and see if there places that you can go to gently start this process that you can go to reduce Army going around well start with the phone interview and go from there. Maybe work around it. But you got to you at some point it this thing is to reach a critical mass with you right and in and if you don't do something it's not gonna get better on its own.

Okay, down the stress on you as a caregiver and then that the chances something happened to you how old are you with him. Same age is not a cure for health ailments and so is this thing progresses on you're going to you going to find this is going to reach a place where okay I would have to make some some hard decisions here so I would. I would recommend you started that process ASAP. I mean Monday morning make the phone call while you can do as a phone interview. Start with that. I didn't go to the next step after that that you can do. I know that everybody's little bit wonky because of the way they want to meet with embarrassment, but at some point yesterday to see a doctor and and and also work on your health and make sure because if you are if your brother did you take care of your brother right if you go down, who's in line to take care of it.

Me. So then that is good that you that I have to make some hard decisions for yourself that if you're not healthy. He is really in a bad way. I land. There are also some good people there also some good that will take care of and held his November. There are some people that that will take care of them and it's it's better finding the right group of people in you you you sit down with them and you you lay out a plan of care of what this looks like, so that you can go see your own doctor so that you can do these things and you can do that you can find people I've had to learn to trust people with my own wife, and you sit down with and you layout you get a professional and there you don't just get somebody you know the one thing you don't want to do she's go down the bus station find somebody that has a pulse, they would you watch it for a bit, though there are services out there there people out there you can trust your church may be able to put you in touch with us because people. Your doctor may be able to put you in touch with this people, but it starts with you taking the steps to get yourself into a better plan of care for you. Healthy caregivers make better caregivers. Okay, I think any I don't know. I'm not but you never know will you don't. I don't know the getting of God. It's in a wheelchair that's got all kinds of physical prompts to give you brothers the right call my wheelchair sometime not. And I might know there are other people that can help you with your brother present some guy at the grocery store.

Okay, not yet, that that's fine, just, you know, keep boundaries, but look for professionals to help with it and you could also get referrals and fees on if he's on disability if he's on some have.

There's also places with Medicare.

They can refer and and so for there a lot of different ways you can go. But it starts with the phone call okay yeah I really appreciate the call very much. Thanks for for listening to the show and keep listening and then make the call on Monday to start looking at your own health all right that's that's that's really important. Do that and I again run Shirley in North Carolina surely good morning how you feeling fine thank you. Well you know the answer, so I Tim Shirley radar prayer suite. Our prayer fleet our prayer that calls me from a world of care, and bids me at my father's throne make all my wants and wishes known in seasons of distress and grief. My soul is often found relief in off the skate there, but I returned to suite our prayer. Do you know who wrote it out when I Shirley that's the bonus question. The guy that wrote this is a guy named William Wolford and he lived back in the mid-1800s and he was blind.

He was blind.

He would often speak it little church services. He would preach, you would do all of his sermons he would compose by memory because he didn't write them down the was is all it is mine. It was a guy visiting out there. This little town and in England where he lived in. The guy was riding interviewing any and he said you have some basically asked him if he had some poetry or something that he had written them a little bit embarrassing civil disability rattled off suite. Our prayer, the guy wrote that it was put into a large publication and just took off and in that in that a great him and sees a great Shirley had never had. If you ever had a seasons of distress and grief. Shirley I will. It's I get it but I love that him up a put that on my CD and it's also the caregiver and I I just love it. You can download that on all the streaming services because I wanted to put that on there because it's it's it it when I play it for me it just come helps,, soul a little bit and settle me down because they're just so many different things that can just you know bang on us as caregivers and and while I don't know how to write. How might you pat my brother on the back for me and my parents caregiver parent and put him in a nursing home to get help, but he would take my mother and he put it, he taken this recliner a real recliner that you have and how the foundation and read input and he would not allow around outside with did you help take care of them as well.

Mom did you help you a lot in surely appreciate you going fishing to listen to music music editing lovely out here. This Peter Roseman Hope caregiver will be right broadcast presents for the family caregiver and I'm so grateful for all of Christian radio.

That is, taken this up and live discharge.

All too often I feel like we as Christians allow the world to dictate how were going to address many of the tough social issues of our culture and were received on seemingly playing defense and this one this show were on offense were taken at two that were going into the isolation of caregivers. They were told about prayer below that was Gracie from her CD, resilient you want to be a part of the show if you want to help us do more into two veteran and and so forth.

Go out to help the Click on her CD cover whatever's on your heart will send you a copy that CD and help us do this show and we would very much appreciate that we we love what we do. We love the fact that we get to do it. And right now talk about prayer in particular with this him suite. Our prayer in seasons of distress and grief. My soul is often found relief. Caregivers understand distress and grief. The regular country understands where we are divided split country and we don't always know how to pray. But that's when we go to Romans 826.

This is likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmities, for we know not what we should pray as we have of the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Spirit is groaning for us and that that amazing that we have an intercessor for us. We don't know how to pray and if you been a caregiver for any length of time. I can promise you there are moments when you just don't know how to put lots of moments when you don't know how to pray. You don't know what to pray for you know what to say and if you haven't gotten there yet. Give it time you will, but would we have an advocate that is doing that for us the spirit is advocating for us. Scripture says in praying for us in ways that we really know how to pray just groaning for and so that's why love these hymns because when you get in these places and and sometimes all you can do is just hang onto him. That's all you can do you just hold onto this verse in Romans eight Thomas Merton once said, all true prayer somehow confesses our absolute dependence upon God and and I think that we get to this place were we we tell got okay I got this I got this I got this but then when when when reality crashes in office. We realize we we don't have this and it drives us to our knees. That's not a bad place to be because that's when we realize how dependent we are a pastor friend in Nashville. Jim Bob and my pastor for many years there before we moved up to Montana. He told me this the other day I had a mama show. He said you to come to Christ. All we need is nothing but how many of us have nothing.

We surround ourselves with things that make us feel stronger and better. But all we need is need all we need is nothing and and that's where we find in these places of prayer, suite our prayer and I love that. And so, say drama don't go to you anyway here north you said you had the answer. So we've already talked about it but are you feeling this morning Sandra you know, for the shape I'm in, I'm in pretty good shape. As you can so you know the song that you reality, how many on the way to take my Friday, my and it was before I even started the show, I would like now to help encourage wiki. Were you going to have a phone bring so much suite joy and peace to our home if only seasons of distress and is often found relief. You have seasons of distress. I have on my comp. MIP am glad that you count the Current Evening, and I Will Be Given at A High Commitment Tomorrow in Our Home Church about the Stock of the Thing Often and I'm Glad You Told William Wolford and He Was Blind and He Would Write These Columns in His Body Did Everybody Write Them down and This Guy Happened to Interview and Said You Have Somebody about This in the Battle. This Often Think about How Many Millions upon Millions of Millions of People Have Been Comforted by That Lyric Seasons and*Grief My Soul Is Often Family with Cedric. By the Way, Are You Caregiver. So Now That I'm a Caregiver for Sound into Radiations and 91 Is No Christian Woman in Our Family.

Good and Healthy Care. There Talk about the Lord and Announce She Recently Went through Quite an Ordeal. This Kathy Montana Summer Data Tell Amputated and Gets A Lot Of Things Happen to. I Want Frank and I Just Can't Incurred Her Trust in the Mowing and We Continue to Pray for Her and She's Getting Stronger in the Lower and Stronger. Nobody Is Doing Fantastic Field and Every Show You My Wife's Double Amputee. Both Legs Very and We Have See Lots Many Years Ago a Prosthetic Limb Outreach to Her Fellow Amputees in West Africa with the Do That for Some Time Where We We We Can Actually Recycle Prosthetic Limbs. They Go to a Prison out in Arizona and People That Have Have Use Limbs That with a Family Members Passed Away or Outgrown the Limbs Kids Outgrow the We Need Those.

In Fact, I Just Got up Request to Stay for a Guy Needs to Prosthetic Hands. He Was Working Electrical Wires.

A Young Man and Electrocuted Himself and Lost Both of His Hands, and so for Those of You out There Who Know Somebody Who Has Them Upper Extremity Amputation in the Head May Have Used One That They Played Outgrown or They Don't Need Any More of the Family Members Passed Away Please Please Please Go Abstaining with and Click on the Prosthetic Limb Outreach Tab There Than He Could Recycle Stay with It Will Take Those Parts We Can Remake Another Let down Her Case Suite We Don't Need the Silly Need a Tow Unless We Need to Call a Tow Truck. See What I Did There.

Sandra and but My Wife Does Particular Care for When I Make Jokes like That She Said Something He'll See What I Did There, but No Lobby We Can We Can Give the Gift That Keeps on Walker in This Case Give Help This Young Man with Prosthetic Hands. If You Know Somebody Spread the Word. I Mean Send out the Email Database and Friends. They Look Standing with We Need All Those We Can Get and Sandra, Thank You for the Work You Do and for This Young Lady 91 Years Old and I Thank You That You Love This Him and That That Means A Lot That You Were Saying That before I Even Played Smart As I Have about That in the Share That with Your Home Bible Church about Studying Church Tomorrow, William Wolford.

He Was Blind and He Wrote This Wonderful Text That We That Is Been so Meaningful to so Many People of Got a Run to a Another Call Here but Thank You so Much for Listening and This Is Not Dancing in Louisiana Nancy Good Morning Are You Feeling Are You Doing This Is Nancy, My Listening. You Have You Have No Idea How Many Interviews I Have Done. I Could Use a Bluetooth All the Time When I'm Talking, and so My Hands Are Free and You Have No Money, No Idea How Many Interviews and Phone Calls Business from Everything Else Ago but I Do the Dishes and Clean Because of a Caregiver. I Don't Make Any Apologies for so That's Music to My Ears to Hear Dishes Clanking in the Background Telling You What You Got Your Retired Nurse Atomic Tell Me What You Got on Your Mind. Here Are, My, Help with Entering the Our Pastor Pastor I Pastor Pastor Doesn't Know Who in the Congregation Needs a Caregiver to Find a Different Pastor*That's That's the Job of Pastors Is to Know That the New Has a Need in the Church and My Dad's Minister about Growing up in the past Are Some I Know How the Job Is Done and so You Call Your Pastor and Likes It. If You Pastors Unaware and Says We Don't Have Anybody Needs Care in Our Church.

I Think You May Be in the Wrong Church Got You Call Your Pastor Say Look I Want Help on the Retired Nurse, I've Got Training and I Could Sit with Them.

While That They Get a Reprieve or Whatever and That Is Incredibly Gracious of You to Offer That Because to Have Someone Do Respite Care Is Wonderful to Have Somebody Who Is Trained As a Nurse Is Even Better. So Thank You for That Very Much and You Behave Yourself Today to Go Ahead and Finish up Cleaning the Kitchen Right Are You Are Just Amazing.

So What. What a Blessing You Are so Many People.

Thank You so Much for for Just Call This Morning. Share with Us. Nancy, I Really Do Appreciate It.

You Have a Fabulous Day. You Know, That's It. That's a Great Thing If You Are Retired. Healthcare Professional and You're Looking for Some to Do Call You Pastor and Find out Who in the Congregation Needs Some Respite Care Some Training Base of Trained Individuals Who Can Come and Sit with Their Loved Ones Just Go and Get Some Groceries or See Their Own Doctor like We've Done Gets What He Did Know Who to Trust with. But There Are People out There You Can Do This. Nancy Was in Louisiana and She's out There Helping Folks That Hurt Most to Help Other Folks This Is How Were Going to This Is Having a Minister of Christ. This Is Missing Is Our Mission and Is Not by Might Not by How the Spirit Says the Lord, in the Spirit Makes Intercession for Us When We Don't Even Know How This Ties in Again This Hopefully Get Healthcare and Caregivers in Butte Roseburg Ogling. Have You Ever Struggled to Trust God When Lousy Things Happen to You. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I Experienced a Horrific Car Accident Leading 80 Surgeries in Both Legs and Became It. I Questioned Why God Allowed Something so Brutal to Happen to Me. But over Time the Questions Changed and I Discovered Courage to Trust God That Understanding along with an Appreciation for Quality Prosthetic Limbs Led Me to Establish Standing with Help More Than a Dozen Years We Been Working with the Government of Ghana and West Africa, Equipping and Training Local Workers to Build and Maintain Quality Prosthetic Limbs for Their Own People on a Regular Basis. We Purchased Ship Equipment and Supplies and with the Help of Inmates in a Tennessee Prison.

We Also Recycle Parts from Donated Lambs. All of This Is to Point Others to Christ. The Source of My Help and Strength, Please Visit Standing with to Learn More and Participate in Lifting Others Standing I'm Gracie. I Am Staining with Help You Is 885 840 Trivia Question, Get on I Know I Failed. I Grew up in the Church Studied Music and Majored in Music and Go Back to These Hymns and Find Them to Be Extremely Rewarding and Comforting, Strengthening and Inspiring and This Is Why I Push This. A Lot Of the Show It out.

I Think I Was Telling the Records Produce the Show Today. I Think I'm the Only Live Radio Host in the Country That Has a Keyboard Hooked up to the Board Here so That I Could Play Because I Think That It's It's Something That Didn't Fix It Is like like the One Lady That Called Him before She Was Singing Sweet As His Hubby Sweet. Our Prayer before I Even Came on the Air and and How Many Hymns Are Due, You Won't Know That You Are Singing and Humming during Tough Times That a Recall to Your Mind. It Is Well with My Soul Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art Great Is Thy Faith Was Unscrewed on the List below. If You Ever Want to Call in and Just Have Me Played out. I'll Be Glad to Play for a Least a Couple Bars and I Put This on My CD Sauce for the Caregiver Go, What to Hope for the You Can Stream Them Now Listen to Him Right Now That There's Lot about Their Just Put out There and You Just Click on It.

Just Listen to It Right Now and I Think It Provides You with a Great Deal of of Comfort and and It's It's It's It's Something That Martin Luther Used To Say Music Elevates so like Nothing Else except Scripture and Scriptures. The Next Description Music So, and in Its It Is True, and I Think in Times When We Don't Know What to Say We Don't Know What to Do. You Nonmember Gracie Went through Surgery after Surgery after Surgery.

She's Going down the on the Gurney and and You Know How Many You All Stood in a Corner of of of a Hospital Room and Watch Your Level, Go to Surgery over and over and over One or They Can Come Back with What Happened. What Do You Forget That There Is One. One Particular Time I Think about When She Lost Her Right Leg and As They Took Her down There or Not. I Was Left in the Quarter by Myself You Know and and When You Don't Know What to Say You Don't Know How to Pray. You Don't You Don't Know You Only Not a Function and That's When We Go Back to These Things That That Got Us Because Other People Have Been in the Spots so William Offered This Fellow Wrote Sweet Hour of Prayer. Sweet Our Prayer That Calls Me from a Worldly Care, and Bids Me at My Father's Throne Makes All My Wants and Wishes Known in Seasons of Distress and Grief. My Soul Has Often Found Relief and Often Escape the Temptress Nearby That Return Sweet. Our Prayer and That Is Something That Is Is Those Lyrics Have Have Sustained Untold Millions in Seasons of Distress and Grief. You Understand That As a Caregiver to Which You Get That Some of You Are in a Season of Distress and Grief Right This Moment. Most of Us Are. Otherwise, You Would Be Listen to a Show for Caregivers of Saturday Morning so Her and This May Be the Only Time of the Day Where You Could Have Any Kind of Just Peace of Mind and I'm Glad You're Here with Us.

I'm Glad You're Here Dissipating the Show Just Listed Letting Us Speak to You into Your Pain. To the Best of Our Abilities Appreciate American Family Radio for Hosting All This and and All the Other Affiliates That Are Doing This Because the Isolation of Caregivers Is a Real Thing and It Is a Dangerous Thing You See Them in Real Time.

The Way the World Is Responding to the Isolation of the Coronavirus We Caregivers Been Doing This for a Long Time and and Now Were Watching in Real Time. The Entire World Struggled with This and What It Does to Us Emotionally and Spiritually, Physically, Isolation Can Quickly Glad That We Have a Show like This That We Can Punch into That Isolation and Offer Tangible Help of What It Looks like. So I Ask You Right Now If That's Where You Are You and in and You're in Your Heart Is Just Breaking in Your so Troubled and You're so Discouraged.

Hang on to Those Lyrics in Seasons of Distress and Grief. My Soul Is Often Found Relief and As the Day Goes on in the Weeks Go on, Go Back to.

You Can Listen to It Right Now on My Website Think I Got That out There and You Can Listen to It in Seasons of Distress Agree This Is This Is a Tough Time for Our Country Were Watching It.

We Have Never Seen Her Country so Split Don't Know That It's Going to Be Un-Split Many Times I Don't Know What's Gonna Bring Us Back Together. I Don't Know What You What What What We Can Copper a Wood Good Compromises with People Who Wins in and If You Feel like the Ones That Is Evil Hi Got a Compromise with an and I Look at the Stuff That Is That Is Already in Play, How You How You Work with This. I Don't Know but I Know This That the Battle Is Not to Be One on News That Weathers No More News Itself Is Media Propaganda so Involved That with the Battle Stuff to Be One in the Media and the Reconciliations. Not One. It Was Some Kind of Political Argument.

It's Currently One by Just Reaching out Neighbor to Neighbor Person-To-Person Effectively Pointing Others to Christ, Wrote an Article A While Back That Was Published I Identify Some of These Pastors Who Are out There Telling Christian Shouldn't Vote for Trumper. They Should Do This. Whatever Mess Was like You Know Stop Pointing to the Orange. And Start Pointing to the Crucified Me Because None of This Is It Is Going to Eat You Can't Argue Your Way into Comfort and This Transcends All of These Things. Presidents Come and Go but Our Savior Never Leaves Us That This Promise and and That's Where We Stand on This Paula in Oklahoma.

Paula Good Morning. Well, When I'm Not Dan I'm Peter Several Times and You Get up and Make You Talk to Me Several Times and He Still Call Me Dan. I Thought You Quite Often. Peter Is Now Part I Talked about You.

That Was Quite Young. I Know I Came out but You Know, like How I Taught Me a Couple of Vital Know You Paula I Remember You and Your Brother Was Trying to Basically Blackmail You out Welling Back in the House Everything Though. You Know, Really Changing and I'm Feeling Convicted Can't Find a Chart Well I'll Tell You What You Could Watch One Online into You Find One That I Would Recommend One. I'll Give You One Right Now That You Could Watch All the Sermons Online and You Could Participate Watch It Live There Doing Affiliate Memberships All across the Country and I Love This to Havens Valley Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Stevens Valley Church on YouTube Partner Will Not Be Charged. But I Go Right Now You Know What My Background Will Marry and Then My Just My Mother Will by Your Blog While You're Looking for One. If You Want to Hear Solid Biblical Teaching Go to Stevens Valley Church, Nashville, Tennessee, and Listen to Listen to the Sermons for My Friend Jim Bachmann and He's Cross and It Is Solid 100% It'll Strengthen You and to You. Find a Local Church, and You Will Be Bloodless When You Hear This Man Preach. You'll It Will Strengthen You, That They Write the Okay Paula) Bachmann, Jim Bachmann, and Stevens Valley Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and I Don't Have's Middle-Class Dreams and Electric Guitars, or Anything like That Preach the Gospel Get a Guide by Buyer Book and Then I Give It to Her Friend, Nonbeliever, I Get Price for It like That Is Very Gracious of DD You Have.

Did I Send You My CD. I Got Your Idea. By Now Yes It Did I Send You Gracie CD One. You Get Both the Women Volunteered at the Wounded Warrior Will That'll That'll Bless Johnny I'll I'll I'll Pass It on the Johnny Got a Blister You Are You Are Such a Treasure.

Paula and This Is a Long Ways from Our First Conversation, Visit This Is a Long Way from Our First Conversation. My Family Come along Way and I Do Thank You for Right Now for Being so Encouraging.

Thank You. You Encouraging to Me into This into Everybody's Listen Today Because You Are You Are Amazing and You Are You Are Why We Do the Show and More Importantly, You Know You Are Just Such a Model of the Gospel. This Is What the Gospel Transforms All of Your Life As You Wait so Long to Call Me or Not at All like Just Don't Call Me Dan Paula Just Don't Call Me Dan. You Getting to You What You Are Such a Treasure so Much This Behavior Simply Going to Stevens Valley Church in Nashville. Just Listen to the Gospel until You Find Your Home Church in Oklahoma.

They We Gotta Go the Speed Arose. This Help the Caregiver Help You Sell More of You like to Hope and Be a Part of This Is John Butler and I Produce Hope for the Caregiver with Peter Rosenberger.

Some of You Know the Remarkable Story of Peter's Wife Gracie and Recently Peter Talk to Gracie about All the Wonderful Things That Have Emerged from Her Difficult Journey. Take a Listen Gracie. When You Envision Doing a Prosthetic Limb Outreach. Did You Ever Think That Inmates Would Help You Do That, Not in a Million Years.

When You Go to the Facility Run by Core Civic and You See the Faces of These Inmates That Are Working on Prosthetic Limbs That You Have Helped Collect from All of the Country That You Put out the Plea for and Their Disassembly Sell These Legs like What You Have Your Own Prosody and Arms and Arms Everything When You See All This. What Do You Make Me Cry Because I See the Smiles on Their Faces and I Know I Know What It Is to Be Locked Someplace Where You Can't Get out without Somebody Else Allowing You to Get out Course, Being in the Hospital so Much and so Long and so That These Men Are so Glad That They Get to Be Doing As As One Man Said Something Good Family with My Hands.

Did You Know before You Became an Amputee That Parts of Prosthetic Limbs Could Be Recycled Now Had No Idea and I Thought a Peg Leg.

I Thought of Wooden Legs.

I Never Thought of Titanium and Carbon Legs and Flex Feet. The Legs and All That. I Never Thought about That As You Watch These Inmates Participate in Something like This, Knowing That There There Helping Other People. Now Walk the Providing the Means for the Supplies to Get over There. What Is It Do to You.

Just on the Heart Level. I Wish I Could Explain to the World. What I See in Here and I Wish That I Could Be Able to Go and Say the This Guy Right Here Denise Go to Africa with That. I Never Not Feel That Way out Every Time You Know You Always Make Me Have To Leave. I Don't Want to Leave Them. II Feel like I'm at Home with Them and I Feel like That We Have a Common Bond That Would've Never Expected That Only God Could Put Together. Now That You've Had Experience with It What You Think of the Faith-Based Programs. The Core Civic Offers. I Think They're Just Absolutely Awesome and I Think Every Prison out There Should Have Faith-Based Programs like This Because the Return Rate at the Man That Are Involved in This Particular Faith-Based Program and Other Ones like It, but I Know about This One Are.

It Is Just an Amazingly Low Rate Compared to Those Who Don't Happen and I Think That Says so Much That Has Anything to Do with Me Just Has Something to Do with God Using Somebody Broken to Help Other Broken People. If People Want to Donate or Use Prosthetic Limbs, Whether from a Loved One Who Passed Away or You Know Somebody Well Groomed.

You've Donated Some of Your Own for Them to How to How They Do That Now. Please Go to Standing with Staining with X Grace


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