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Camp Southern Ground

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 9, 2019 11:46 am

Camp Southern Ground

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 9, 2019 11:46 am

Almost a decade ago, Grammy winner Zac Brown envisioned creating a life changing camping experience similar to his own ...but one that was inclusive for children (and families) struggling with challenges. His heart also went out to the wounded warrior community and his answer was to create Camp Southern Ground.  

"As a former camp counselor and camper, I know how a positive camp experience can transform a child’s life. My dream is that children of all abilities will have an opportunity to grow and learn from each other, while experiencing the magic of the outdoors. It is also important to me that we take care of the families that protect our freedoms and keep this country safe. Camp Southern Ground will be a haven for children of family members serving in the military, as well as be a respite for our active and veteran service members. Through our partnerships we’ll be able to welcome military families to our camps year-round. Thank you for supporting our efforts and for helping us create an amazing place that is much more than the typical camp experience." - Zac Brown

Jake Dukes, VP of Strategic Initiatives, called our show to discuss this extraordinary camp and the programs that are available to families with children on the spectrum.  He also detailed their amazing veterans' programs that step into their families to offer a path towards healing and growth. Whether it's a veteran struggling to transition from active service to civilian life ...or those struggling with PTSD, Camp Southern Ground is ready and eager to come along side those veterans and their families and play an important role in their journey following their service. 


About Peter Rosenberger and HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER

A 30+ year caregiver for his wife, Gracie, who lives with severe disabilities, Peter Rosenberger understands the caregiver’s journey and is committed to strengthening the family caregiver.  Through his books, music, and weekly radio show heard on Sirius XM's Family Talk Channel and 180 additional stations, Peter demonstrates an unswerving commitment to those who put themselves between a vulnerable loved one and even worse disaster.

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John is not in the hope of the caregiver. This is this is the nation's double-walled show, the family caregiver that is my wife Gracie with rust testing and the joy of the Lord and it is on her new CD resilience resilient if you'd like a copy that you know what is very easy to do.

Hope for the

We got a very special guest on he is down about how to know about an hour south west of Atlanta. There's a place called Southern ground and I heard about this I heard about this place a while back and I wanted to reach out to them and just talk with them about but some of the programs I have and I have Jake Dukes is on the 40s VP strategic initiative. One thing to do is have a huge outreach to wounded military and their families and so forth that I wanted just to talk with them about that subject you with us yet Jacob, so glad you joined us and and thank you for being a part of the show. Tell us a little bit about Southern ground first and then we want to get into these initiatives you have for for the wounded military absolutely my friend yet you guys think of gravity on here so The Ground Is Georgia Stuck Goodbye Grammy Award-Winning Artist Background of the Background so That Spent Time in Fayetteville and about That Couple Years Back.

Back in 2011. He Decided That He Wanted to Start Building a Camp and This Actually Come from That Passion As a Camper Himself. He Was Inspired by His Experience When He Was a Kid Learn to Play the Guitar by Cord at Camp and Was Later Counselor to North Georgia Can't Listen and Just Profoundly Impacted Back in Close Friends and Family That One Day He Was Going to Build a Zoning Man. He Has Made His Word and He Went Came Brewing Follow through on That Vision.

And so Now We Have a Camp Data Fayetteville and We Been Operating and Nonprofits of 2011 and Nearly about 111 Acres out There. We Been Running Camps for Kids. The Kids Summer Camp and It Also Veteran Programs during the Off-Season for Two Years Now.

It Is a Great Place to Get to Come Check out Will. I've Read All about Another Long Ways Away from the Right Nails Because of the Selflessness of the Santa Run over.

Your Job Is.

John Is an Eagle Scout, so He's Really There but but One of These Intrigued Me Was You Guys Have a Special Program in the Summertime for Kids with Autism Correct. You Are to An Inclusion And so If You Are Typical Can't Make It Your along the Spectrum Are You Have Any Kind of Neurodevelopmental Disability That in Our Specialty over Their Camp and We Had a Great Director Scott Hickok Who Built the Incredible. For Children with Your Kids on Kids Who Have Autism Income.

We Got Inclusion Specialist to Our Arrival to Be a Part of the Camping Experience with Them Together Counselors, but Everything so Inclusion We Just We Just See How Important It Is Where Campers Who Have Differences Can Come Together and All Those Things Can Melt Away. I Nikki Just Spent Time Being Kids, Celebrating in Outdoors Together, Learning Together. Annabelle Is A Lot of What Inspired Back When He Went to Kampe. He Was Able to Experience a Taste of What the Inclusion Experience Can Be in Transforming Wanted to Create Another Place like That so We Really See That in Our Summer Camp Expenses and Added Value with Actually a Step above a Typical Camping Experience Where You May Have Kids Who Are All of the Same Background We Really Celebrate the Fact We Got Diversity Background That Includes Picture on the Spectrum May Be Kids in Lower Income Areas, Underserved Areas for Kids Who Are, You Have Our Military Families We Have. So Sorry, Why Start Family to Send Their Children to Come to Camp and All Those Campers Come Full Scholarships and so We We Really Love to Be Able to See the Experience of the Campers As They Come Together the Differences You Fade Away and Use the Lap Joy and Celebration.

You Know Everything Is a Great Summer. One of the 61st Caregiver's Particular Specialties Children As They Are Terribly Afraid to Turn Loose of Their Children's into the Environment Where They Are Not in Control. You Know That That the Parents Are Because It's It's a Hard Thing to to to Let Go Pictures Which We Struggle with That and You Guys Have. This Is Not Unfamiliar to Him. You're Prepared to Bring a Safe Environment for These Folks You Have Experts There. You Have Betrayed Everybody's Train.

Everybody Knows What's Going on. This Not so to Just Drop the Kids off at an Pin 20 Bucks to the Shoulder and Say Wish Him the Best of Luck.

You Know You Gotta You Got a Structured Program so Because You Understand That You Have Children Coming in There with Autism and Other Types of Issues.

So You're Not Unprepared for This Course of the Things That You Would Say to Parents Who Are Nervous about Sitting There Kid to Attempt for the First Time, and Because a Kid Has Special Needs like This. What Are Some of Things You Would Want Them to Know Yahweh. We Have Been Designing Our Camp from the Ground up with with the Kind of Concerns in Mind, Just Yesterday That We Started out We Put Together a Panel of Specialists from around the Nation Who Are Asked Words in Autism and Neurodevelopment around Little Challenges and so We Have Individuals like Tommy Quinn of Emory University Kevin Pelfrey.

We Have the Director of Autism Speaks and She Finds Officer Also Has Helped Consult with Us and so We Got to Get the Great Doctors and Specialists Who Have Been Helping out Design Will Be Given the Ground up to the Very Beginning Missing Something.

You Know There's A Lot Of Cans out There That Kind of Want to Bring on These Elements, You Know after They Get Started, and This Is This Is Who We Are. From the Very Beginning so That Is What I Love about You Guys Is Not Such Is Not an Add on. This Is Intentional to Create an Environment for These Families Who Are Justifiably Very Very Nervous about Turning over Their Kids to a Camping Space with Desperately Want Them to Have It and and and Know That the Benefit Is There but a Little Bit Real Quick to the Military Programs You Have Because This Is Another Thing When You Have of Wounded Military Personnel and in Their Family Members Are Struggling Trying to Help Them Kind of Regain Footing after Going through the Trauma of Battle Wounds and Other Things That Happened in the Course of Their Military Service. What Are Some the Things That You Guys Are Doing yet It's a Real Reality. I Appreciate You Bringing It up and Back.

We Bought More Members to Suicide Them at This Point and so It's a Real Challenge in Their Air of the Incredible People Who Have Seen Their Loved One to Serve in Combat or Serving Some Other Capacity and and Now They're Trying to Figure out Okay.

How Can I Help This Person Find out with Next. I Cannot Help Them Reengage a Purpose and Mission That Is Going to Be Fulfilling for Them and so That's Why We Designed to Programs Actually Wanted the Workforce Readiness Program Called Warrior Week. If the 12 Month Program That Begins with a Weak Immersive Experience of the Camp and It's a Great Program for Veterans Were Looking to Find out What Next Next Were Trying to Help Veterans Identify Their Strengths, Define Their Purpose and Discover Their Plan in Effect at Plan for What They're Going to Do after Daily Service and so This Is a Great Chance to Meet a Course All That Covered by the Can't. There's No Cost. The Veteran from Flight to Meals, Accommodations to Curriculum Instruction. Everything Is Covered and Then There's There's an Extensive Follow-On Curriculum That Allows Veterans to Set Goals and Keep Them and Really Go after the Life That They're Designed to Live on and to Be This Incredible Person That They Were in Service. Back at Home with A Lot Of Caregiving Families and I and I Don't Just Lose the Spouse until, but the Family Itself Is All Is Affected by These Men and Women and They Are at Their Wits in Some Sense Because They See Their Loved One Circling the Drain, They You're Right. 22 a Day or Taken Their Own Lives and When You Got a Wife Is Watching Her Husband in and Weave Gracing. I Have Spent A Lot Of Time with Wounded Warriors over the Years and We Seen This and She's Watching Her Husband Just Staring Listlessly out the out the Window or Waking up and He's Got a Floated 45 in His Hand and Things Such As At Least These Families Don't Know What to Do Man and I What I Was at Walter Reed One Time and I Was Talking to a Guy That Lost Both of His Legs above the Knee and He Was Joking and Cut up with Me That I Asked Rather Poignantly.

I Said What's Going on at Home and He Said That and All Of A Sudden the Jokes Left the Smiles Left the Happiness Left and He Just Clouded over and He Realized at Any She Shared That His Marriage Is Falling Apart at Another Situation with the Young Man Who Was Limited Horrifically Wounded and Was Talking to His Mother Noticeable, Wears His Father and She Said He's Gone and Good Riddance You Know Families Are Art Being Unraveled with. We When You Have One Wounded Individual. It Could Affect a Whole Bunch of Other Individuals. What Would You like to Say to Those Families Who Were in That Place Right Now Who Have That Love One Point Help Point Them to Give Them the Courage or the Vocabulary to Ask for Help from Southern Graham.

I Appreciate A Number of Time I Get Paid Any of the Family Listening Tonight so You're Not Alone. There's Someone Here That We Want to Help. You Want to Support. And You Know That the Challenges That You Face the Does the Author You Face and Every Day and It Difficult for Most People to Understand What You're Going to the War You're Fighting at Home and in Your Fighting up Your Loved One, and It Does Sometimes Feel like There's Nowhere to Turn in like the Year at the End of Euro and yet What What I Would like to Say Is That One of the Things That We Seen Is That It Oftentimes Takes Veterans to Help Veterans and That the Cornerstone of the Warrior Path Program Is That We See between Traditional Therapy and Often Times There's Just Not a Connection and so What We Designed and What We Going Participating in Is a Program Called Warrior Path in the Warrior Path Is Score Veterans Designed by That I Built on the Philosophy of Posttraumatic Growth That Even Though They're Very Difficult Times That Veterans See Impossible. Sometimes That There Is a Way Backing Is Actually There's a Way to Be Fine.

Hope through the Trauma or You Don't Have To Pretend like It Didn't Happen. You Don't Sweeping the Rug. You Don'tEnchant That Everything Goes Away and Talk Your Problems out Way, but You You Actually Reconnect with Brothers and Sisters Who Understand What You're Going through and Add the Veteran Find a Safe Place to Share Those Things and Then Recover in a Healthy Environment and Asked What Will Your Path Get Something around Is All about. So for Those You Serving at Home. You Are so Incredible That We Love You. Your Service Is Valuable and Even Though It Sometimes Seems to Me It Seems like You May Be Invisible. You're Not See It and We Are Stepping in with You to Help. That's Really What These Families Need to Have the Gist of the Path to Safety Because They Are so Lost They Are so Distraught They Don't Know What Else That You Know That They Are These Men and Women Are at Their Peak of Training. I Mean They Are the Highly Disciplined Holly Goal Oriented and These Families Are or along the Ride with It and That Always Stood with These Horrific Injuries Happen They Are Lost They Are Truly Lost and Don't Know Where to Go and so I'm so Grateful for What You Guys Are Doing It. Southern Graham Ellis Little Bit How People Can Get in Touch with You Yeah Peter Appreciate That It Some Really Needed, and Programs Are Featured Prominently so If You Just Follow the Link Fetus Programs You'll See That There's an Application like Right There on the Website.

If You'd like to Send Me an Email If You're Saying You Know What Jake and Listen Right Now I Need to Take Action. You Can Email Me at I be happy to follow-up you. We got an incredible team of veteran instructors and staff that are are here and ready to support you and would love to hear from you and show your veteran and post 9/11 veteran and you go to somebody thing for caregiver radio. You know a spouse or family member. He's going to send anything please reach out. We love the party was Jake appreciate this very much. Take duties of VP strategic initiatives at Southern ground camps you know I don't have people on the show that I haven't dug into it and it identified that they could offer some real help. So for you family members right now you get a child with autism you want to have a camp experience with them. You know what to call these folks if your veteran family member that you get a wounded warrior in your family.

Call these people today Jake, thanks so much for the time this is hope for the caregiver. This Peter Rosenberger will be right back. I this is Jeff Foxworthy 65 million American service caregiver for sick or disabled. If you're one of them, then listen to my friend Rosenberger showed redneck really good and what

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