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#421 Jim Breuer called the show and gives one of the best (and hilarious) Father's Day tributes ...EVER.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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June 18, 2020 4:47 pm

#421 Jim Breuer called the show and gives one of the best (and hilarious) Father's Day tributes ...EVER.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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June 18, 2020 4:47 pm

Saturday Night Live Alum, Jim Breuer, called the show for a special Father's Day episode. In all our years on the air, Jim's interview soared up to one of my all time favorites.

 "If you don't have people who can laugh with you're doomed."

- Jim Breuer

From Home Improvement to Saturday Night Live, Jim Breuer brings a comedy legacy to audiences across the country. Calling the show, Jim also shared his huge heart and great love of family as shared his own journey as a caregiver.  Recalling introducing his father to Sylvester Stallone, Jim launched into an impression of the Rocky star that had us howling with laughter. Jim's rapid fire delivery showed no mercy to John and me as we vainly tried to catch our breath. But then just as quick, Jim opened his heart to share deeply personal and poignant events with his father.

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John one of the commitments that I made was to do the show was to bring in individuals who have a great outlook on life caregiving relationships, family, and a lot of humor and I reached into your vault. John what is your childhood heroes who shaped you as a young job. One of his biggest fans. And this is Jim Brewer people knowing from all over the country and the world from Saturday Night Live home improvement kinds of comedy stuff to do what everybody is affected by this issue will be the caregiver and gyms no exception. Except eat little bit different subject, welcome to the show and I'm so glad you're here with us topic you embraced something different. You took your your father for long time. You really should be dead was so fabulous and it's been talked about a lot, but I want to share with our audience of what happened because not only did you serve as a caregiver for him and in this later time. But you guys act together really growing up and clearly about my income are all about World War II era had he had 10 brothers and sisters. His mom died by the time you worry and then by the time he was always talking World War II for threescore years and then and in his life at the ready.

And the more I the more I learned about that and realize that men never complained day in his life, and I I think is one the greatest humans ever came across.

And always, finding a going black and white but with the most hardest things we put out.

I guess you don't understand now.

I thought what I want to say that if it was the work break up. I just thought so got hit by car.

I lost a lot. That sucks.

All you have something up. I mean, you might have to wait two years ago when he passed away like so we thought okay now what MoveOn.would you decided to go with the comedy that given his background. Let me that's the greatest generation that's a different world and you're going into comedy how that conversation go in a lot. I handed him I can do (1989. IRD wanted to going to comedy Artie dabbled in it already dabbled in acting.

I love acting and then they moved to Florida and I kind of lost direction and I finally know what this is not my destination definition is not to fall back and have an education adjust. Not me and when I finally made that decision and I went there, my mom had a heart attack, but my father was the one that you listen to me you're young and you go after your dream. I never had that chance. The last thing you want life to be your late 20s and 30s in the resent that you never went after you dream you do it now. You go for it and that that I never forget that moment. Quite honestly wasn't a conversationalist. I think that was one of maybe six conversations I have it in my life and say so. Joomla! conversations want to come for what he conversation and that that altered a big start of my life and and then I knew my parents were older so I felt horrible leaving them like leaving children, even I knew they were okay. They were hidden 70s by the time I was getting out a house down in Florida and it was right. I always bought him on the road with me. The early 90s I always have them. Part of my life. Both my mom and dad. I want to get Senate lab and fly them up and he was so whiny when I introduce them to people. Each got all he cared about was that this guy drink beer and hang out our physical health club. I mean it went from the bathroom about Lita Sylvester Stallone. You gotta do that. It was just mean.

I mean like I introduce the Loney home and hope they think I got up quite a lot thinking in the Elks.

I doubt it. I should look into it and then he was. He now all day. So then I entered him Sylvester Stallone and Stallone was thought to great man. I really I really admire that man and he told amazing stories that you might meet my dad is dying to meet you World War II vet you go try site. I get that Stallone and Mrs. alone like that because you call me Goldberg who will walk in my car got Place in Florida that I'm plotting, why not Hollywood like Hollywood Florida say I know I got else where you're at Elks club looked at him and a look at me like you know he was kidding but he could tell them.

I think he wasn't kidding. Eddie, you oh okay yeah I think I get a night activity day NIAID I drag out I make getting it all lowballed local clouded Ali baba get to miss a beat Planet Hollywood $15 fee Artie makes such yes.

Studies claim what is dumped into guess I'll bring unity Elks club business in five years which you would. That's got to be so deeply meaningful to you to have those because the things that you don't have that interaction with him and that I love the fact that you not working out your angst on stage you celebrate this man for who he was and that is so the Ike I learned so much from him like that moment giving meeting thing you know I got to meet and my back is what you think thing is mother name. Now that's like stage and each shot he put his hand the air out of this yes would haunt me was at the end the day. It doesn't matter if your CEO you're the biggest star. Whatever a man whose credentials below yours away match yours on a different level and you know and whatever faith your into. I learned so much about you only talk about whatever Lord our God, you follow with sacrifice men sacrifice the sacrifices whole life and there's a lot of us have family members that sacrifice their life books written about them. There's no you know after made for them but who's to say what sacrifice is bigger than the other. I mean the man had no mother and kid abuses a kid watched within world war, watching people get main source to have to kill people. I mean that in the day that the interest talking so much about. It doesn't matter your CEO you're the president. The biggest star. You're the biggest you don't have. You don't know what you have, over the person living right next to you and and that person could have been a greater success of greater person, then you just not glorified for that.

That is beautiful and she is his health started to decline, and you stepped into the role of caregiver. What was of the things get in your heart. During that time was the hardest thing hardest thing honestly would not watching him struggle soiling himself drop in use without art may comedy about. I mean I think my next book is going be the top 10 cities. My father cropped himself. I'm not even care you at least 10 cities where gagging in the bathroom of a star hotel and in the ME American Airlines clogged that enforcement way, but the work for me was to see him defeated so I knew he was even on many levels going to elderly lose their car defeated emotionally and they think they know all this is this is good for you.

Take a big chunk out of what this is really happening.

This is really happening yet. He said things to me like I think my days are numbered and I was before his dementia really kicked in and we met at that point days are numbered. I went out of my way to tour and count the cost of bringing with them. I lost money by hiring a tour bus and I think hair I just went to meet meant more to be there. I don't want him alone to go through this and begged God please God make sure I'm there and I what those great but I remember one time he dropped the interplay with Seeing we just landed in all, please please play fair going out half-light we land packing and he looks at me, got i got a call please just hold it okay and i held it like when you smell that diaper and outlook and i knew it, and i'm looking for the baby. a couple think that kid you don't looking at you for a fact there 13. this will see this is why this is what i wanted you on the show so much jill because you bring such a heart to this and you could tell that your your great love for your father this thing and so many people get resentful there there doing what you did but the dude with clinched fist and you're doing it with a grieving heart, tears coming on your face but your laughing at the same time because you love this man so much and you respect them and and i can't tell you how grateful i am that you share liberty your heart. we were better, but i want to make sure talk about little things that you are doing right now your big time baseball fan big-time base after it started. i started met three Whereafter every mets game out for drink cabinet really kind of cool and all that jazz.

and i did not admit the world series that year which why every game became even bigger viewership last year, even though only the diehard men aligned with the whole community of baseball fan washington for a great family just want to get into it out when seattle i've always different fan and i think you know what would be really cool if everyone else try to make a recap by the end of the year.

we can start her own little espn and run by the fan like i back with what the atlanta that won the fan in a recap guy does when and i was more fascinated listening to him talk about the braves and each player than any espn would analyze like wow such a great band point of view and i went there have to be so i created that all in group b are you and people go on that site and in the next month i will be looking at certain recap picking people call them up and creating some online network which now there's two different networks that like hey we really want to get involved with this. is this a great idea when anything is awesome. it's awesome to be a mets fan sitting there talking to a national span court can't stand billy fan and i'm out again with the brave and wicked talking face all and it it's a pretty awesome community so i hope more people get involved to put your videos up at all on the website, your bats, balls of brew that's bre john that was dark, balls and brew it will have that out there and jim are we only got just a couple seconds.

love you bring such a hard thing and people need to hear this. it's okay to celebrate even the crappy things literally the crappy things going on. it's okay because were celebrating the life of someone we love. yes it's painful.

yes, it's hard yes or heartbreaks do all these things but we also are celebrating this thing you've done that. just one less thing to somebody to take care of their dad right now what what what your heart to the bank get angry can't take personal, it is your parents but when you don't and circle of life which they don't teach you in school circle. life is your child you nurture then you go on your journey. you create your family. however, your parents are not so strong bold they now deteriorate, they become children and your next cycle. if you're strong enough to do is take care of you can't get angry at them because they don't have the strength or they don't have the emotional drive.

knowing the deceased soon you have to step out of that personal realm and realize with their life and step up to help them last last little thing for you as a caregiver. what was something that you specifically did just to protect your own heart of this thing to be quite switch to telling people stories because ann and Mike) if you don't have friends that can make you laugh you're doing your your doom.

you cannot heart ache is a part of life. but the greatest healing is laughter.

anyone said for someone that there and laugh about, you know, pooping yourself in, i mean that that is hard to deal with. but when you have people bus in each other's chops and you need that laughter. you need that person. that's cold, funny, and knows how to get needed. the best that be in the world to get through it all the perfect note in the saw jim brewer everyone would known for years on stage, but now you see his heart.

do you see what i wanted on the show.

this show is all about that bringing a little bit of laughter little lightheartedness and and wrap in our arms around you all as caregivers as best we can, because i need you to do that for me as well or all of this together were going to strung together with a laugh together with grief together, but we are doing to help the place and jim brewer shows how to do that little bit better today. my question is to anybody comes in my circle house is going to help me take care of my wife with severe disabilities and if it if it doesn't strengthen me, and if it doesn't equip me to better do that to get out of the way, i modified some of the can you help me to do that today, just by letting my heart and i'm extremely grateful.

jim and and i'll have this up on the website will have it for. this is a father's day show. please know you have my all i got at clear please reach out to. i love i live i live for me. my passion heart failure. i'll do all the work you we have john john you shaped john's adult life, which i think you probably on the face of georgia.

i apologize that i am really glad because you're not spam.

this is why i love baseball myself really on glad you admits that said, very few people ever. i know i'm a fan dance on the boss is your busy guide you gotta go, and i'm going to run it will be a caregiver myself here and think like you and larry the cable guy caregiver arrow burn and your

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