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When Caregiving, Don't Underestimate the Value of Cleaning the Microwave

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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August 24, 2020 3:46 pm

When Caregiving, Don't Underestimate the Value of Cleaning the Microwave

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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August 24, 2020 3:46 pm

As caregivers, life seems to relentlessly hit us like gale force winds. There's often so much clutter and so many tasks that we feel overwhelmed to the point of paralysis and despair. 

Here's something I learned in my 3 1/2 decades as a caregiver that you might find helpful. 

Peter Rosenberger is the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER. 

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I am Peter Rosenberger I am your host and we are focused on the family caregiver. Those who are putting themselves knowingly, willingly, voluntarily, that it sometimes great expense to themselves to their own wallets little embodies their own peace of mind there putting themselves between the vulnerable love one.

And even worse disaster.

How are you doing how are you holding up her youth. That's what we ask of every color of everyone on the show as our starting point. Not that we base our well-being on our feelings but we get used to being able to speak in her own voice. Be able to speak from her own heart. Somebody caregiver struggled with that the they have a very difficult time speaking from first person singular. I I am angry. I feel despair I feel this discouraged.

I feel resentful.

Whatever whatever comes afterward. I am okay with because now we can have a real conversation and let's go from there. So if you want to be a part of that if you if you felt so lonely and so isolated and so ignored or or or taken for granted presumed about all of those things overwhelmed. This is your place is your time and I want you to take advantage of. There's no show like this in the entire world and we are so very grateful that your part of the show. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 yes we are used to doing.

We want to start off with the Scripture this morning and and I was this, this came from a conversation I had with a friend last week who was just beyond tired and overwhelmed and in the week we talked after the show and it it's it's a tough situation she's dealing with a very tough situation and she just felt so overwhelmed know where to start. I sent art but splits back this up and and so here's will read the Scripture and they were going to start just, unpacking it from there and showing the application there for us as family caregivers.

Luke 1610. Luke 1610, one who is faithful and will bear in a very little is also faithful in much and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.

We've heard this a lot, but we'll talk about this is a caregiver. What does that mean and sometimes I think we we feel like we got to take on all the things that are coming at us in the end there. Somebody thinks it's it's coming at us in droves.

We are overwhelmed and I get there. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt got it okay still feel that way and when you read the Scripture okay God is looking for us, not as to solve all the problems in the world here that's his job. Okay he he's pretty clear what he is to do and so one who is faithful very little. Those are things that mean something to God. If you look the Scripture that people being diligent where they are doing what they can with what they have where they are stands out God's easy since he sees the small things we may not place a lot of value on but he does because it's reflecting what's going on in us. Helen Keller said I will long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is much chief duty to accomplish task as if they were great and noble nice start to connect the dots for you as a caregiver who among us wouldn't like to be able to do wide sweeping things in and have global implications of know what we do and think, such as that would love to be able to do for like were doing something important but but the secret is that what we are doing is important as a caregiver in the little things that go on in your life as a caregiver truly are important, they really are so what I told this friend was to what here's what I've learned in my now I'm in my 35th year as a character is what I've learned sometimes the great successes come in unexpected places for me.

Sometimes I just clean the microwave start with their look at it say does this look kind of like it needs a little bit of cleaning here and so clean the microphone that's maybe all I was able to get done on my list of things that them because I'm old.

I'm juggling too many things back and forth hospitals back-and-forth the doctor's office back for this work or whatever crisis erupts and I didn't get all the test but I am and I look back, that microwave it's clean or the refrigerator. My life has an aunt, a gradient she is a great and if she is literally a gradient, but she is also great.

Her name is Lila. She lived out in Texas and Lila evidently impressed upon my wife at a young age, the need to clean the kitchen before going to bed at night so that you wake up to a clean kitchen. I did a series of interviews express the whole world, changeable start working from home. I said what are some tips that you would you would recommend that I've been working from home for its 2003 some way ahead of the curve here and I talked at gave my great aunt Lila's tip clean the kitchen the night before so you wake up in the next morning and there's a clean kitchen. How many of you know how distressing it is to walk up to the kitchen. The next morning and just see it looking just awful mother. I don't get it right every tether. Sometimes I just like a put all the dishes of the sleek and I got a bit but for the most part I hear it Lila's voice in my head sheet. I told her she live rent free, but it should be 90 years old this year she live rent free of my head and because I think I okay got Clint's kitchen here, but when I come out the next morning. I'm always grateful that I did it because I'd start the day with the clean kitchen that I'm selling much in the scope of things in the firestorm that is a caregivers life truly does not sound like much, but it but it is to me and you be amazed how different your day starts when you come out to clean kitchen or when you open the microwave and you see that it's it's clean and not know all nasty with spaghetti so splattered everywhere on the refrigerator is clean and out little things like that mean something and if you can do one you can do to and that's how you start building successes for you as a caregiver. Another point is not to just get all your task that's important. But the point of it is for you to start building successes in your life as a caregiver and value those successes. If you faithful in small things Scripture says be faithful in large things and if you start holding your head up a little bit higher knowing I'm I'm doing what I can with what I have and being responsible to the task about what Helen Keller said no. She loved to do something just great and noble, but you know what I'm gonna do the small task as if they were great and noble. Mark Twain said the secret of getting ahead is getting started. A lot of people plan but do they actually start the secret to getting started is to break your complex, overwhelming task into small manageable task and that starting on the first. It's very easy as a caregiver to get overwhelmed extremely easy as a caregiver to get overwhelmed. It comes at us in waves and in its relentless and it's unfair. I get I get. This is how we can fight back about it and build up our own hearts, our own stamina, our own sense of well-being.

You know what to do this were not to sit there and just look at the clutter in the mess working to put away.

One thing you touch it one time and you put it away and and and and stop just letting this stuff, read on. You and pull you down and say look at doing nothing am accomplishing nothing short may have a clean microwave oven that something 888-589-8840 888-589-8840. This is Peter Rosenberg is in everything related to being a caregiver.

That's what we do on the show.

How are you feeling how are you doing what's going on with you. 888-589-8840 888-585-8840. Let me welcome.

They intend to end up in the Norfolk area believe it is WP HW PMH one of our new affiliates to sell now is on over 200 stations and we got more stations are coming again.

There's nothing like what the show is an and we are thrilled to to have any and all affiliates over fillets a come on and got quite a few mobile go down the entire two punchlist beer but will like to recognize them as we can.

And it is a an extraordinary show of of focusing on a group of individuals that people buy more. Just ignore me. If you're caregiver for any length of time you know this and it is just you know this is the way this but were changing that. I'm sorry this is a W PMH 1010 Portsmouth, Virginia, and I want to welcome them to the show the lighthouse and we are. We're just thrilled to have them be a part of what were doing and it's it's that the world has the secular world has co-opted just about every social issue out there if you've noticed and tends to be extremely proactive on addressing these issues from a from secular point of view but not this this morning we are leading the charge to help this group of 65 million Americans who are buying largest of just ignored and left a kind of just dangle out there and there are some a lot of folks are that about you helping caregivers but they're all spoken those focusing on on those who take care of aging ones are seniors and so forth, and we on this show expanded. We have special-needs children and their families we deal with the mentally ill.

We deal with people who are struggling with attics were alcoholics. That's a chronic impairment and these are things that we are focused on because we know that as long as there's a chronic impairment.

There's always a caregiver and how are you doing as you care for this person tomorrow night, podcast and you can go out to hope for the on the podcast weekly open up some interviews and do little more lengthy conversations. But on the podcast and is free but I guess you got subscribed to it is wherever podcast arts hope for the caregiver through iTunes or Google player, Amazon, whatever, where you get your podcast you go out there and do a bit of hope for the Is this the launching point and I won't have gospel singer Michael O'Brien on the ship and is good to talk about his journey as it is a musician all things to do, but also they are pretty open about their journey through bipolar with his wife and these are things that you would think okay what he's a character, yet he is and that's what were doing were redefining the term and were bringing to you a a wealth of experience and understanding and biblical perspective, and so forth about how to function in this and some of the stuff they several simple you know what.

So what simple is good. We deal with complex all the time. Always had 80 surgeries both of her legs gone hundred doctors, 12 hospitals, seven insurance companies. We get plenty of complex sometimes is the simple things in the simple things don't always make sense to us. God asked if you go back and remember Naaman this Syrian guard, you know, when he went to Elisha and you really want to get healed and the got it. Elisha's a good hunter and and bathe in the in the Jordan River and said you know I won't do that that rivers nasty subject that affected and he would do it, but the servant of Naaman said sir if he'd ask you to some complex, you would've done it just as you go down the river. So when did it and he was healed of his leprosy. So those are the kind of things that that means something in the in the kingdom of God.

When we realize that oh that were dealing with, you know craziness in our world and yet simple things may be able to bring us back to a place of stability. So as I said the first segment your beard, your your overwhelmed you sit there and near your houses. You feel like everything is is clutter or whatever sometimes starts just clean microwave up and people thing with this Stupid. So what so what. Maybe this but was to get a clean microwave oven out of it. Don't underestimate the power of being faithful in small things, don't underestimate the impact for you to do something simple. And if anybody tells you that doesn't have value, then give some distance that person because the wrong. It does have value.

It has value for you as an individual and guess what, don't be surprised if it is value in the kingdom of God were not here to sit there and and somehow have delusions of grandeur. Sometimes it's about serving it's about cleaning. It's about faithfulness in these small things and if you want to be faithfully small things you be faithful and much more. This is what Scripture says this is what he says in Luke chapter 16 verse 10, one who is faithful in very little is also faithful and much what it was, dishonest, and very little is also dishonest in much.

You see the application for you was a caregiver. Now you see what that means.

First off, understand this God sees these things, he is not blind to the things he knows what's going on. He sees the and this think there's things that is working out in us as caregivers. As we mop the floor at 11 o'clock at night or if we do laundry at three in the morning I noticed that my journey is a caregiver that laundry seems to be a big part of it. You know when you make a meal for love one are you doing it out of resentment or you do it as unto the Lord.

All these things result in a mind shift and you realize. Okay, wait a minute I don't work for this person and my wife has all kinds of challenges but I don't work for her. She's not my supervisor. She's not my boss.

I am a steward of this woman to care for her, to the best of my abilities and ultimately I have to answer to her father, not her earthly father which I get that to but answer to her heavenly father and so do these things, as in the him what would he want me to do in this, and sometimes it's about just being faithful in small things edit it once you start doing that is some it's a mind shift. It really is a much Sean in Fayetteville, North Carolina Sean good morning, how are you feeling are you feel you know for man my age and limited ability showed up, dude. Okay, thought IIII.

The call because I get it on the from a different level morning I know I know the whole feeling of overwhelm and political thing to do on analytically and and that they fit days when I don't get any of it and help it. Anything dominant is only you gave that office. The well out of all that is one thing The thing that that has been forever finally got that one thing done by and I can relate to the whole picture serving in your pocket. I might get the word imaginable and now this is water upon father fun clutter. I don't want our thought bubble one thing and then there is only some of it anyway.

At this wanted to say I appreciate you shall appreciate all you do all Johnny's means a lot what to do today. Typical Saturday work alternately with the folks that are within without bunker show. I will probably do one thing I do like to go over and my life already you want to go pick up again so that and then try to put them in a way-11 Roman that went about it that I have no pick one thing. Pick one thing.

Just then matter how small it is just one thing you can do today that bad this evening.

You look back and say you know what I guy got that when I got that one done today is one thing that it and so did when you do that, you know, kind of step back and say okay look I got clutter. I've got craziness I'm trying to juggle two things that I did this today asking that for a moment and then pick one tomorrow you know and just little by little, you just chip away at it and I know that sounds like a yellow Hallmark card and some say I don't mean it. Such a meeting with with caregivers though.

There's so much coming at us. We are not able to just simply you know just as well just say about this today that we have to be deliberate in this be deliberate in your accomplishments, be deliberate in your task. I will do this and then do it but but make it small, make it manageable make it realistic and then you know what Sean called her back and let me know how it about that. I listen, thank you for the call. Thanks from us in the show. I really do appreciate this is hope for the caregiver. This is Peter Rosenberger. This is the show for US caregiver John you know you know that there's a pandemic going on, you know, I read a word here and there, he saw something on Twitter know I when I wanted. I went to Walmart and is that I wear amazement. But why Panthers appears are not required but facemask evidently are as well return for Toby Edward to face the reason I'm referencing that is because you know of our work for New Year's with prosthetic limbs, and we can't go to Ghana right now and I'll take Gracie over there. We been going to to to Ghana for many many years to help work with deputies over there but we been sitting supplies and were sponsoring more patients but were not sitting pings right now because we just can't.

And we've got patients that are lining up that are really needing some quality prosthetic here it were contracting out with prosthetic providers there in West Africa in Ghana and and there helping these patients that we really are urgently trying to treat get them up walking one of us and you do one of the crutches we have for their patients. John is weak, we target children and working age adults, children, students, working age adults and really in that order got shot because we want to give them a fighting chance to have a productive life with the quality prosthetic limb. This is what Gracie envisioned after losing her own legs is not that we don't want to help aging or so forth is just that that's that's work parts of it lately.

Have a lot of these yet in and out. We've had a lot of kids. We've had some some students that are getting close to the graduation but they there presently needing aesthetic adjustments or a new leg new socket. Her since Leavitt will try to ship things over were try to sponsor things in contract with the workers there do it. We could use the help. So I am asking staining with what you just take a moment to go out to standing with look at the work we do and look what we are seeing and and get involved in in that you could certainly write us and ask us any questions about it. We would love to have your help today. We really needed today for any donation amount whatever's on your heart doesn't let witnessing a copy of Gracie CD and and when we just want you to know that this is this is what were serious about doing we been doing this for a long time. We can go over there in person. But guess what, we could still help them get up and walk and you could be a part of that today. It's a gift that keeps on walking. I came up with that myself to, I did bring a flood walking and grace, with Gracie being a double amputee herself. When we understand that in and and I were in fact were dealing with prosthetic stuff right now with her and because she's constantly needing investments and so forth and so we understand the need and were asking you to help with the today to go to standing with today.


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