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"Mise en place" - Everything in its place

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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September 11, 2020 11:13 am

"Mise en place" - Everything in its place

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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September 11, 2020 11:13 am

Do you feel cluttered?  Not just physically, but emotionally as well? 

John and I discuss mise en place which is a French culinary term meaning 'putting in place" or "everything has a place."

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Orion funerals murder. This is the caregiver are you doing 877-655-6755 877-655-6755 and is always with me is himself, John Butler, the man so tall he doesn't even understand the concept of the deep into the pool. He is all certainty is here. Are you call me shallow just: he told Scott it's all right John, throw couple things out to you something or we live in a tiny house now how tiny it's so small you have to eat a large pizza outside sized and we dealt us quite a bit and the concept about caregivers something change with me when we started doing this and I kinda developed a mantra here with Gracie as we we made this decision to leave her home in Nashville, there were hundred 35-year-old cabin been renovated three times too many. And in the first time really did need it needed to be blown up. We beg Gracie is that it's all the property would bedroom let us burn it down, but he's not on so we renovated it and it's it it's very tiny and it's functional instead everything we need and it but here's the thing. I think this applies to caregivers. Everything has a purpose. Everything has a place and I have that is when I was in her home and Ashley have a lot more space there and and I you know sometimes things just get left out or we have clutter or something which can do that here is like being on a ship, you know it if it's all put away that's tidy that it looks like it looks great but if it's not, it's really cluttered, very fast. I thought for caregivers. Can we start that principled even now in our daily life. And this is something I wish I'd started a lot sooner in my life of everything has a purpose.

Everything has a place I want to get your thoughts on that. John just throw that out to you. Well, there is a there's a this is bear with me for a second there is a philosophy in cooking and specifically invite high-end kitchens called Maison plus Maison plus iron fence French. I don't do French. I have really weird relationship with that but is this the same account concept yeah yeah 08MMISE space EN space PLA CE Maison plus it's a yeah yeah yeah it means putting in place everything in its place. And if you're doing these high-end meals for people and you have to serve so many people so quickly that if you don't have the knife in the same place every time you don't have a cutting board like everybody has their spot and everybody knows where everything goes and you don't you don't just set something down you set it down exactly where it goes.

Whatever that happens to be. You have to have a deliberate philosophy about how things are and be consistent about it like I used to lose my keys a lot. I know I don't I have.

I haven't lost my keys in probably 10 years. At this point. A different way not lose but like had to look for them before I left the house. There's a hook in my kitchen where I put the keys and if I walk past that hook and I'm at home and there are no keys there.

I immediately drop whatever I'm doing fine the keys and put them there. If I'm walking around my house and I find my keys in my pocket and they're not on the hook.

I immediately stop I'm doing and just go and put them on the hook and they are always there and that's just it is become so much a habit that I never know it's it's so rare I'm not out. Yeah, because Gracie had had more conversations because she puts everything back where it belongs. You know it is all you will see in the same place every time in me.

I'm just kind of come in and I'm just dump it on the ego and in metals cool yeah I think this is your in his tiny home now so having a yeah yeah you can't do it there's there's nontheists. Not a lot of place for there is an advantage to that in yellow unless it gets completely cluttered and really terrible levels of whatever that's it was just not that many places for the keys to be there's just little better so we had to go to the process the other day we had to leave at five. We are currently the 5 o'clock in the morning and because it's only the billings for this 200 miles with 9 o'clock appointment and an 10 minutes that was eaten up by me filing my keys and how it is, you know, frustrating. It did it well. It the part of it is I'm always pushing Gracie because she's always tardy.

Gracie loose like a herd of turtles and she just said she's not fast, but she's very organized and she's just not fast and so there she is looking at me with that eyebrow raised. And you know waiting on me to find my keys.

You know, here's the AA 50 will, but already in the car you know I and everything else she has to deal with it in so it really was very frustrating but I'm learning to put things back where they belong everything that's in my life. I need to get rid of the clutter will is caregivers. We have so much clutter in our life, because of the somebody else's stuff and got have it all around. That in itself and then there's the emotional clutter you know everything has a purpose. Everything has a place. What is the place for the emotional clutter and and and I and I think that something that I've been struggling with a lot myself humming the dead. I make no secret about the show I do but come on here to lecture anybody but how to do it right. I come on here to affirm to you on how to do it wrong because I have so much experience at this and this is let Madonna linearly saves an affirmation that this is I I'm learning these things and and I want to pass it on because nobody was there to teach me these things about caregiving. They talk with other life at that wonderful teachers, but I have not had either was no caregiver mentor for me and Jan and that that is something that I we talk about a little bit before the show. Some one of the big meta-there's there are lots of skills out there. There are excellent like a carpenters. There are excellent musicians and that is there.

They have their very very good at skill. There is a meta-skill out there that I feel gets gets overlooked and that is the ability to generalize a lesson and take what you have learned in 11 discipline of your life and then move it to something else and we were talking about teachers earlier and my grandfather was definitely one of my teachers and one of the things that he really was into was woodworking and walk in the shop and everything like that and again if you put a tool back in the wrong spot you're going to hear about. So that really carried over into me not losing my keys anymore because I hear him in the back my head. Why is that they are. You set it down not using anymore it goes back up on the on the pegboard slits go so well as it was to go to a surgeon that does that exactly mean no get this over the caregiver 877-655-6755 877-655-6755 dispute Rosenberg John Butler is with me.

Don't lose your keys which don't lose your cookies will be right back.

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