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Building Racial Harmony in Our Communities

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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January 17, 2022 5:00 am

Building Racial Harmony in Our Communities

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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January 17, 2022 5:00 am

Carey Casey shares an inspiring message about unity and Christian love. He also discusses the legacy passed on to him by his father and grandfather.

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You have all the wonderful thoughts.

There were no that we are Christian by our law mats. Casey your own Focus on the Family is Martin Luther King Jr. day here in the US we honor the great civil rights leader and that Kerry has an important message for all of us about loving our neighbor regardless of their background and called thanks for joining us today your hostess focus president Dr. Jim Daly and I'm John John here neck that reminds me of the special and memorable chapel service.

We had a focus with characters honored guest.

He's a dear friend and a brother to me. That guy is so good on Father's Day is always the first one to shoot me a text or Christmas.

Wishing me a great Christmas and a happy new year just so good relationally.

In such a good man.

He talks about how to love others and he demonstrates that very much so, in his everyday life. There are strong forces in the culture that want to divide us and get us fighting with each other. I think we all see that today, but we can't give in to those voices that separate us and Carrie has some great words of wisdom to help us see through the chaos to God's heart for all of his children. That's each one of us and we need this message.

Maybe now more than ever and is exactly what I was thinking Jim and I Carrie is a pastor at Lawndale Christian community church in Chicago is ministering in the inner-city Martin Luther King Jr. used to live and carries also the founder and CEO of championship fathering when he spoke here at Focus on the Family. It was electric. A very powerful message about building racial harmony now carry Casey on focus on the I am so very honor to be here as I stated be a black Baptist preacher. Also, we could be here all day. You must be so Q you God did not make the mistake red, yellow, black and white is what you will have on the stage. See you next team call Aretha Franklin. The pictures on the stage. Lewis Strahl Hilliard Jackson your learning. But I think God made all of us. You think about what I was black not. I was still black when I get when I when I was a mortician these last will and all other but I think about only have a few moments, the greatest thing that happens in the universe was when I would sit on the front row and I turned around I saw sweet Afro about this and I looked at her turn around after class she snuck out the back door.

I went out the front door. I chased her down, but we are so blessed and we been married for 40 years but we have three grown children. And then we Fund and now we have Chancey came 41 is a sophomore in college and he just turned 20 years of age. We have nine grandchildren, but I think about it, married to Melanie yes then I have Vermont I had a mom-and-pop dad went to be with the Lord on February 12, 2000. The same day as my mentor coach Tom Landry. I used to be chaplain with the Dallas Cowboys. Both of them with heaven and their partying and having more fun enough, but I think about dad, mom, eight months after Daniel my 45th birthday. She would want to be with the Lord but I think about all that I've learned over the in my life? Real quick that well before that shared with me also. He said so don't ever forget opportunity will come is going to come the ball bounce away one day soon when it comes your way. When opportunity comes when you notice if you notice it.

Will you be prepared failed to pay or prepare to fail, but I think about when I was a little 16-year-old sophomore. How many of you by the way have seen the movie remember the Titans or whatever some of you seen it all right anyway. I know the ladies remember because Washington is the stock I don't know how we're the same age but he looks so much better, but in that movie remember the Titans. I privilege to be on the team lost to the Titans in real life in the state championship game, my team, they set out team was all white but it was that we had eight African-Americans on 19 we played the Titans back in 1971, 16-year-old sophomore ran back to Dixon play wide receiver and I remember in the movie how they beat us on the last play of the game. I love that. But in real life. They beat us 27, 20 so Hollywood has to fix that but I don't feel bad because only three teams scored on the year. They were very very good reason I'm telling you that after my senior year I was on coach Bloom did they'll put straight I was on his All-Star team in Virginia.

Good athlete and he coach me that you would anyway talk about the Titans and that is this they beat us pretty bad now. That same year loss to the Titans mouth quite so talk about African-American history month my white coat got in my face about something.

I go to the cafeteria. Blacks on one side whites on another.

I sit with my black friends and I share with them my coat to get my face about some they like to see don't play for that racist coach. Don't be an uncle Tom.

Here's why dads are greatly needed in the richest the most powerful country in the world when I was a chaplain in Seoul, South Korea at GABA game. Folks will come up behind the sale comes on the dog Noblesville where you from America all USA one type thing but in the richest the most powerful country in the world tonight 25 million children will go to bed without their biological father know when it happens and more like people like to drop out of school be involved in crime grows more like to be pregnant as a teenager, but my daddy just being tested, believing that perfect dance not yams not have strong but my dad being there statistics flip-flop.

I'm glad that when I went home that day from the cafeteria, Danny J play for that racist coach. I'm not going to be an uncle Tom, my daddy. My dad said so I want to tell you something. Your code is a winningest coach in the state of Virginia. At that time he was inside the wine before you got here after you lay son, you need 15 more than the team needs you. By the way, your name, your are Casey and you are a Christian, so there's a way that we roll it out family and that's a joke coach is not a racist. He is checking out your character and your loyalty so you need to team more than a teenager. I never forget I went back to that team that was in 1971 when daddy told me the movie came out 30 years later. Here's what I'm saying this is that we will make their children will make that would dictate where we will be on legacy will be 30 years from now.

My mother and father never saw that movie with the information that dad gave me literally allows me to know Jim Daly was white carry case it was African-American and he is my brother because of the your child will love Focus on the Family clubhouse and Focus on the Family clubhouse Junior magazines there, filled with fun activities, jokes and faith-based stories that will capture your child's heart and imagination of the Lord. Learn ready

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