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Insight Into Stress

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt
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February 2, 2022 7:00 am

Insight Into Stress

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt

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February 2, 2022 7:00 am

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Today on Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt challenges you to become a fully functioning follower of Jesus Christ not want to think about this.

This gifted man this great warrior this wonderful king, this man who wrote and played music. This man who wrote songs that are still in the word of God. This man is been used so magnanimously by God's absolutely incredible and he is saying now because of the stress in his life. You fill enough of it and you begin to feel useless.

That's what happens each and every joining today on this additional fellowship in the work pastor Bill Gebhardt Fellowship in the Words the radio ministry of Fellowship Bible church located in Metairie, Louisiana pastor Bill Gever now is once again he shows us how God's word. Our world and read a book on the pressures of living in contemporary society and talk about our needs to take stress management classes and our needs that we have to take stress retreats and especially they said we need to learn how to meditate even more what today we are learning to deal with stress levels worldwide that would've even been dreamed of just a couple years ago this past week I saw a newscaster and he was talking about how all these stress indicators in our culture on the rise, the amount of belligerent airline passengers has gone up 10 times in the amount of road rage incidents are still climbing in our society. The amount of marital and child abuse has been on the rise in America as well. All do this Cova 19 pandemic and Americans are drinking more and maybe ever drank before, and they are medicating themselves at an all-time record level.

In fact, I just heard this morning on the news that not only have consume more alcohol over this past year than any other year in spite of the fact that so many beer gardens even being close, but that this New Year's Eve could be the all-time record consumption for alcohol in a single day, the omicron viruses had a devastating effect on America know all that's true the idea that human beings find themselves under tremendous pressure.

That's not new at all. It's always been with us.

Just imagine if you're an individual when you find this out that a group of your enemies have conspired to kill you they have spread slander and lies about you to everybody they knew. In fact, your reputation is one even among your closest friends. No one wants to be identify with you any longer. You are overwhelmed by the guilt of your own setting your wrestling with that guilt you're losing your health, your body is wasting away, and you're struggling with depression and in spite of all of that you're known as a man after God's own heart.

The only one ever describe I got in the word of God, a man after God's own heart, and you are struggling. That's exactly what David went through. I want you to open your Bibles to Psalm 31 Psalm of David and I will look at that together today the context of the song is Absalom David sons rebellion against his own father. Just imagine what that would've been like for him, but in the midst of all this depression and all that he talks about in Psalm 31. David is going to give you and me a remedy. We don't need to drink more alcohol this year. Take more antidepressants. David is going to try to remind us of something that can alleviate the stress and depression in our lives. So the first thing we see in this Psalm I'll say it this way, stress is normal for everybody, including the best of us, including the children of God. Notice how David starts this in you, oh Lord, I have taken refuge. Let me never be ashamed in your righteousness.

Deliver me incline your ear to me, rescue me quickly be to me a rock of strength in a stronghold to save me. Sounds pretty good typical way. The Hebrews wrote Psalms. There's a conclusion here at the very beginning. He's going to change a little bit as we go one. He goes on that and says in verse three pieces for you are my rock and my fortress for your namesake you will lead me and guide me you will pull me out of the net which they have secretly laid for me, for you are my strength and into your hand I commit my spirit. He says you have ransomed me oh Lord, God of truth.

He's praying to God. It's a lot like how you and I pray whenever we want to be pious or religious. We say the things we know are right, but they're not true we're just talking to God about how wonderful God is, how great God is.

But we have a tendency just to be talking in a situation like this in verse six he says I hate those who regard vain idols, but I trust in the Lord. I will rejoice and be glad in your lovingkindness because you have seen my affliction you have known the troubles of my soul, and he says you have not given me over into the hand of the enemy and you have set my feet in a large place. So far, this sounds perfect, doesn't it. It's interesting he's going to use three times in the Psalm that one word in the English and says loving kindness. That's the Hebrew word Hessen, it means lovingkindness, but it means grace, mercy, forgiveness patients, there's no English equivalent to it and he says Norm God, I rejoice in your lovingkindness.

You see my affliction and it makes it sound like. While there is David facing several times he seems to be really depressed and he snapped right out of it except is not true. It's as though David wrote those verses and then said you know I better be more honest here, I better come clean here.

This is an unusual song.

The first eight verses say one thing but then when you start in verse nine Dave is going to say something else at this time you want to say something completely different, so he catches himself and he decides he's going to say from a different perspective. Reality sets in. Be gracious to me oh Lord, for I am in distress. My eye is wasted away from grief my soul and my body also falling to pieces. God knows how deep his depression is my soul and my body are falling to pieces are going to waste. He said for my life is spent with sorrow in my years with sighing. My strength has failed because of my iniquity in my body is wasted away.

Now remember in the beginning of this. He talked about all this enemies all these people want to get up and that's really bothered him and his neighbors have turned on but something else is bothering David his sin with Bathsheba. He's overwhelmed with guilt of how Betty feels. Notice he eludes the dead, and he says that in such an interesting way. I've had many years with sighing in my strength.

This fell because of my iniquity is my own sin. I did this to myself. I feel guilty about it as bad as covert is in all the things were dealing with for a lot of us, we add to it. Our own past. How we failed how bad things went for us and so consequently we say I feel so guilty now we know we shouldn't guide us told us over and over again book. I forgive your sins. I take him to see. I threw him overboard.

I buried them as far as the east is from the West. I remember them no more. But that's God for a lot of us when we have past failures like this.

They eat at us. We always feel as though were still guilty because of it. And that's what he is added to all of this notice. He is said to so far I'm in distress. My ID waste away from grief my soul and my body also.

My life is spent with sorrow in a five years of sighing. What a picture my strength. This fell because of my iniquity, my body is wasted away and he goes on, he says, because all of my adversaries. He said I have become a reproach especially to my neighbors and then object of dread to my acquaintances. Those who see me in the street flee for me the who is this David a man after God's own heart. Do you remember when David slew Goliath was a teenager to member's reputation. They sing songs about it was like on the yearly hit parade everybody in Israel was singing songs. This is the greatest young man in Israel, look what he did.

He became a hero now. Notice how is life is changed. Now he is saying look because of all my adversaries, I become a reproach especially to my neighbors an object of dread to my acquaintances. Those who see me in the street flee for me. I am forgotten as a dead man. While I don't mind too much.

Would that be like member. There's not a single person in the nation Israel was famous as David. There's not even anyone even close to David and David says no one even remembers me know what you think about this though, is that true, not necessarily.

That's how David feels don't you do that when you're finding regular stress in your own pity party just so bad for me. It's just is just terrible for me I just I don't what to do.

I don't that's what we end up doing, and that's what David is doing. He said everybody has turned against me. I would doubt very seriously if that is true in any real sense of the word you think is only says I am like a broken vessel. Don't miss this one is a broken vessel I want to think of the vessels they use for like carrying water, things like that was the point of saying your broken vessel that we said your useless I'm useless. If you have a vessel at the Kerry water and it's broken.

What good is it not all he said yeah that's where I am. I am a broken vessel now want to think about this. This gifted man this great warrior this wonderful king, this man who wrote and played music.

This man who wrote Psalms that are still in the word of God. This man is been used so magnanimously by God.

It's absolutely incredible and he is saying now because of the stress in his own life. I'm useless. See that's what stress test was you Phil enough of it and you begin to feel useless on your own.

That's what happens to each and every one of us. He said I have heard the slander of many tear is on every side he said while they took counsel together against me. They scheme to take away my life, see what is paranoid. The depression in the stress of got the game to such extent.

He is now become paranoid. It's just awful. David right there on those verses. He feels shame he feels guilt he feels fear he feels anguish he feels rejected and he feels useless does not describe any of you see that's what happens to us is just so bad see how different these verses are the first date. The first dates on like a spiritual man saying spiritual things, and this sounds just like one of us going through a really hard and difficult time.

But this section is extremely important because David is now. Let me know. You know, and everybody also what it's like to be really really stressed out in your life, and he is he is a stressed-out as a person can possibly be. And then he takes his first real positive step and you could see it in the next word but in spite of all the things I feel I feel shameful, guilty, fearful anguish. I feel rejected and useless, but as for me, I trust in you Lord the personal name your very own Lord I trust in you Lord. In other words you say you are my God, which implies that I am your child. See there is a perspective change.

You are my God and I am your child. What a great line. The next one is my times are in your hand for don't miss that in a general sense the sovereignty of God applies everywhere but this is a very specific one. This is my life, my times are in your hand. That's a fact. David said I know that's a fact. What happens when we get overstressed what happens.

We did the press.

What happens were overrun by anxiety because of covert and all the related things.

We forget this you see and what you think is book I am under the control of my circumstances. Whatever my circumstances are. That's what's controlling me. That's why I'm so afraid that's why am so depressed. I'm under the control of the circumstances they resist, but I know that's not true. My times are in your hand.

He said deliver me from the hand of my enemies and from those who persecute me. That's a specific request. One of the great important things about your prayer life is this one. If you look at verses nine done the 13 those verses be honest with God. The idea being honest with God is and so God knows how you really feel the reason for you to be honest misguided so you understand how you really feel to God want you to say to him exactly how you really feel then you're going to see something here to take what you really feel and compare it to what you really know is true. What's the difference between the way you feel and what you know and that's what David is doing here is comparing the two piece of my specific prayer request is deliver me from the hand of my enemies and from those who persecute me to always get a yes without no. The next thing they'll go some of my relationship with God.

A great phrase make your face shine upon your servant David's view is I tell you what I would want. I want to be delivered out of the circumstances. I'll tell God what I want right now I want covert in the rearview mirror, I want to be done with this now because I want to be done with it is that mean we will be done with it.

Now can we be done with it. Of course, but it doesn't mean we will be done with that's what I want. God allows us to pray our humanity.

I say that all the time. You can pray what you want for specifically. But notice the make your face shine upon your servant God put me in close and tight with you. Will God answer that yes if you relate with God in the correct way you have that relationship God said yes come closer. I want you here. He said save me and I don't think is not about salvation here is talking about from his distress. His depression is anxiety all those kind of things he said save me how in your lovingkindness.

There is the second time it's there again in the song save me in your Hassett not save me because I deserve it not save me because you can load your power save me God, just as you always say with your Hassett with your lovingkindness, your grace, your mercy, your forgiveness, your patience, save me God because of your great attribute.

The Hassett that's how I stand before you.

He says in verse 17 then let me not be put to shame. He said, oh Lord, for I call upon you, he said, let the wicked be put to shame.

Let them be silent. She'll let the lying lips. He said be mute, which speak arrogantly against the righteous with pride and contempt that tells me by the way, David's phone a lot of emotion. David's probably right but who is he really blaming his problem on the wicked ones are plotting to kill the ones you want him dead and he is an emotional response to them.

It's sort of like saying to your favorite dog Sikkim guy got 10 God got yes that he often got them sometimes does he always get no not all you see.

But where you get your comfort not in the search aims of the circumstances, but in your relationship with God.

So he says look to be honest with him. As you can possibly be, and you trust him so he's already said to God, you have ultimate control of my time.

That's a fact. Secondly, how great is your goodness, how do you measure the goodness of God and his word for goodness is intrinsic goodness, how good is God infinitely correct. How much is God in control of the times of your life. The first thing you said totally, completely, so God is totally completely in control and he is infinitely good, you can kinda see where this is going. At this point how great is your goodness which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you have wrought.

For those who take refuge in you.

I know God, you are particularly good to your children to us what Paul said in Romans 828 all things work together for the good to those who love God all things work together for the good wife because he is infinitely good, and he's completely in control he said in verse 20 then you hide them, the sons of men, he said, in the secret place of your presence from the conspiracies of man, you keep them secretly in a shelter from the strife of tongues. He said got.

I know this, why has David been so protected. So far, see Whiting Goliath: what install: buys and Told All These Things. One Reason Guided Him. He Was Only Says Blessed Be the Lord for He Has Made Marvelous Is Lovingkindness to Me in a Besieged City.

There Is the Third Time Lovingkindness Has Said While Your Lovingkindness, Your Grace and Mercy, Your Forgiveness and Your Patients.

It's Right There and Notice What He Calls His Life Because He's the King a Besieged City and He Said You Know Why I'm Still Here, God Because of Your Lovingkindness Because of What You Have Done for Me.

I Get That, He Said. As for Me I Said in My Alarm I Am Cut off from before Your Eyes. What Was Making David's Life so Depressing Sending Me Chores.

David Is Saying Where's God Was God Doing This Pandemic. Where's God during My Stage IV Cancer. Where Is the Davis of That's What I Said Is under so Much Stress and I Love the Way He Said It. As for Me I Have Said in My Alarm I'm Cut off before Your Eyes. You What God Said to When David Said That He Said Son You Know Better Than to Say That When Are You and I Ever Cut off in the Eyes of God. Somehow under Stress in the Right Circumstances. That's What We Believe.

I Am Cut off before Your Eyes. He Said Nevertheless You Have Heard the Voice of My Supplications When I Cried to You What It Is Saying Is, Nevertheless, God, I Know I Talk to You Stupidly. When I Said I'm Cut off from Your Eyes. But In Spite Of Me. Nevertheless He Said You Heard My Prayer. Nevertheless, You Heard Me Say, You Heard Me Cry out to You. That's How Faithful God Is. Even When We Are Faithless We All Forget This Very Important Truth. Stress Can Blind You against the Reality of God in Your Lives. Instead of Understanding and Embracing the Reality of God, You Allow Stress to Push God Away and Then You Become Totally under the Prisoner of the Circumstances of Your Life. David Says In Spite Of That, You Listen to Me That's That's a Wonderful Thing As a Writer of Hebrews Has Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace Will You Receive Grace and Mercy.

No Matter How Difficult You.

No Matter How Misguided You Are Because of Them Right Here Come Here and I Give You Grace and Mercy.

Number Four I Had These Last Reverses and Want to Say This.

This Psalm Rings so True That It's Kind of an Amazing Song.

Jonah Quotes This Song When Using the Belly of the Great Fish He Quotes on 31 Jeremiah the Great Prophet Who No One Ever Listen to. He Quotes in Several Places in Jeremiah, Psalm 31.

It's Amazing How This Works. Not Only Does Jeremiah Do It and We Know That Jonah Doesn't. But Jesus Quotes on 31 He's Trying to Get Support As He Is Facing These Incredibly Difficult Circumstances of Life and He Gets It from David in Psalm 31. We All Need This Kind of Help. So Then He Says This in Conclusion to the Song. He Said Own Love the Lord, All You His Godly Ones. Notice He's Not Talking about Himself.

Was He Talking about Us.

He Said All of You Love the Lord, You His Godly Ones. The Lord Preserves the Faithful. He Always Preserves Us to Me Say It One More Time. How Do I Know I'm Always Preserved by the Lord.

The Worst Thing That Could Happen to Me Can Happen to Me. You See, That's It. I Will Always Be Preserved. I Am Sure of the Surety That I Will Forever Be with the Lord. Such a Wonderful Piece. I Don't Know Where the Circumstances of My Life Go at All, but I Know Where I'm Going and I Know What That Means to Me and That's the Piece That It Brings about, He Says, and Fully Recompense Is the Proud Doer. Be Strong and Let Your Heart Take Courage, All You Who Hope in the Lord. David Is Saying This Be Strong like I Wasn't Let Your Heart Take Courage, You See That All through the Bible, the Incredible Courage of Men of God Have When You See People like Joshua Going to That Promise Land. The Courage That He Has and He Said All You Who Hope in the Lord When Amazing Thing to Say.

He Says Look You Love God, He Will Preserve You and He Will Be Dressed in the End Be Strong and Let Your Heart Take Courage. That's the Message for the New Year for All of Us Be Strong and Take Courage and Hope in the Lord.

She Was Here's Another New Challenge Force Omicron Seems to Be Adding Something Completely New and for Some of Us Wonder, Getting More Depressed over Will Other Circumstances to Put Asunder More and More Stress but Doesn't Have To Be That Way You Could Actually Face This Next Year with Your Life Full of Hope Future Certitude for the Future. Why Three Things He Said in the Song God Sees Your Affliction. Secondly, God Is in Control of Your Times and He Is Infinitely Good to See That No Matter What's Going on in Your Life. I Have a God Who Is Completely in Control My Times. I Have a God Who Is Seen My Affliction.

He Is Hurt My Prayer and He Is Infinitely Good If I Believe That for the Year 2022 This Next Year Is Not Going to Be Filled with Depression, Anxiety and Stress Can Be Filled with Peace, Saying Pastoral Giver on the Radio Ministry of Fellowship Lord, If You Ever Miss One of Our Broadcast or Maybe You Dislike Listen to the Message One More Time. Remember, You Can Google a Great Website Called One That's One and You Can Listen the Fellowship and the Word Online Event Website You Will Find on with Today's Broadcast but Also Many of Her Previous Audio Programs As Well at Fellowship in the Word. We Are Thankful for Those Who Financially Support Our Ministry and Make This Broadcast Possible.

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I'm Jason Gebhart you for listening to Fellowship in order

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