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What Does Title IX Really Say?

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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July 7, 2016 12:00 pm

What Does Title IX Really Say?

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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July 7, 2016 12:00 pm

NC Family president John Rustin talks with Kellie Fiedorek, legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, about the escalating national battle over the Obama Administration’s effort to force gender-neutral bathrooms, showers, and changing facilities on public school campuses nationwide.


Nine not require new interpretation doesn't give a number of text upright, enter into the one women's locker room. This is family policymakers with NC family Pres. John Weston thank you for joining us today for family policy matters are just as Kelly for Doric legal counsel with alliance defending freedom where she saw was on the unity of marriage and family team at ADF is an alliance building nonprofit legal organization that advocates for the right of people to freely move out there fight Kelly, who was a great friend of the North Toronto family policy Council is going be talking with us today about the escalating national battle over the Obama administration's effort to redefine the meaning of sex, and also to force gender-neutral bathrooms, showers, and changing facilities on public schools, colleges and university campuses nationwide the battle in many ways started here in North Carolina with the passage of House Bill two but it has expanded into a national issue of significant importance because of the Obama administration's incredible overreach. This is now become a national legal battle pitting parents.

Many of our schools and numerous states against the federal government so will be talking with Kelly about this battle today Kelly. Welcome back to family policy matters harmony. Well, it's always great to have you. Kelly you are at the forefront of many of these issues across our nation. As I mentioned in the introduction you been very involved in North Carolina and we really appreciate the partnership that we have the restaurant family policy Council with you and your colleagues alliance defending freedom in an Kelly.

I know it really is an understatement to say that a lot has happened since the last time we had you on the program when we discussed health bill to a since that time, the Obama administration has attempted to use the weight of the federal government and the federal pursestrings to pressure North Carolina into overturning House Bill two. It is also issue a directive to public schools, colleges and universities across the nation that they must adopt the administration's radical transgender bathroom policy or risk losing federal education tax dollars.

Tell us more about the Obama administration's directive and what it does. Kelly, three, four weeks ago today that the directive came down with time delay what they abound taken a convicted daily and wanting to clarify for people think that the African part of the regulation simply a guidance letter about an efficient stating it opinion beguiling guard really simply reinforce what they've already made clear and not anything a political goal of 14 women and men to share locker rooms and share restroom to an overnight trip. Or what they're doing at that bait thing that the rat Diane are in accurate interpretation of title IX, enter federal law that prohibits school to discriminate in and also title IX specifically allows school to maintain separate restaurant and locker room on that basis at the Obama ministration is trying to ignore solution that accommodate everyone. Hi Ricky and port. This new understanding that fact and how included gender identity, which then leads to minimum and having to share a very intimate private facilities together. Kelly I know that this is been building over time we seen the past several years of efforts within the Department of Education and the Department of Justice. The EEOC to expand and really redefine what we've always understood sex domain which is either being male or female, so it is an incredible overreach by the Obama administration and I think it's really important for listeners to understand the full impact of what were talking about here at one of the questions I have about this is, although this deals with title IX as you said in the federal government is attempting to use the pursestrings to force this new definition of sex own the country. Does this directive only impact public schools or do you believe that it could potentially impact private schools and other institutions that accept federal dollars. Even if they do so in very limited circumstances. I think it definitely a possibility anywhere definitely thing impact on all public schools and public university administration Latin America article dollars. I know that that question great concern cute many private school to accept money for lunch for lunch it out there that lunch money find common at many schools rely on, especially for very underprivileged. Holdren and select. That is a concern that with the overreach and unlawful action that Obama had taken our ministration where out at least with a standard and interpret what is historically not been an issue if you're receiving on federal program targeted eval program. The receiving benefit but will that help click on advanced and this addendum is floored when we clearly see me administration is threatening to use the federally pursestrings and it which is our tax dollars that we as taxpaying citizens of the state in the nation pay and and hand over to the government for public support for public purposes, not to push a radical social agenda, but that's exactly what are the president and his administration is attempting to do in the closing months of this administration. Skin response without a number of lawsuits have been filed against the Obama administration's bullying tactics, including a couple at least by alliance defending freedom on behalf of North Carolina students and parents. And I know there are other groups and some other states that have been represented as well tell us about the lawsuit in North Carolina Mercury lineage for privacy versus United States Department of Justice. How many families are involved in this case and what is it all about couple weeks ago are now on the half parent in North Carolina and public school as well as UNC student within red font. You Department of Justice letter and spec to revoke federal funding from North Carolina public education there right when applied or could apply to elementary school all the way out through the state university system and the DOJ escalated that threat when they found a locket data for on May 9 until it work. What is essentially private fee and an federal funding tech between knowing that they're going to feel faint and Carolyn Eric changing clothes.

After some fact that yelling is that I received important federal money coming in on the cranky concept that that's what were asking the court to give it clear that title IX does not require this new interpretation extra good again number next of bright enter into the one lemon font you're listening to policy matters of resource to listen to our radio show online, and someone resources that will be a voice of persuasion in your community to our website and see Kelly I know that ABF is also involved in another lawsuit challenging the Obama administration's bathroom directive and that is entitled students and parents some privacy versus United States Department of Education worded this case originated and how similar is it to the North Carolina lawsuit. I pray for Kate that we fired and on the way on behalf of 63 and 73 parent barrel roll out a lot of interceptors are inherently Department of Justice on education and authentic Township will because the school district had disregarded him privately when he greatly open it school restroom to the opposite sex and then helping the girls locker room to a boy after the time of education to the district federal funding and so again here where making an argument that you cannot force students to undress in them and for members of the opposite sex that that's violate their right to privacy, title IX does not require that a lot of very sad stories that are coming out as a part of that motivating the parent you take action because your difficult many of the email didn't feel embarrassed and expressed that they feel humiliated or anxious because they have to.

You locker room with one of their biological male classmates. This again very from a locket that is asking the court to Teledyne education they cannot force that you into interpretation and compromise photography and safety of their update of the school student. Thank you for doing that and I know that even as of today during our discussion that ABF has is involved in yet another seat in the state of Ohio. Talk about government. If you would only get elected today in Ohio on behalf of the school district. There, that the private education has threatened the federal funding of cladistic hilum. I would look with district and that the official they are, have not allowed to protected gender that conflicted biological fact that facilities like overnight accommodations locker room like that that's what it on education has threatened their funding went into staying at the Dick to Allow the student to you that single occupancy restroom. They really terminated all of his wishes with regard Q how he wants to dress in the types of things that day. The school has a duty to protect the dignity and privacy and safety of all of their students for that's what the school district had time and yet to come.

Education is attempting to bully them into confinement. This lawless demand open up their locker room term of the opposite sex.

Kelly also know that on May 20 for us. In addition to the lawsuits that you've already discussed a number of states joined together to sue the federal government challenging the Obama administration's bathroom directive. This was filed in the state of Texas against another states joined the state of Texas.

In this I think there have been some some additional states that have at least expressed an interest in joining that lawsuit as well so talk a little bit about the Texas case. If you would one of the current attorney general or superintendent. I think that hiring the media that you wear boots on the ground. We as superintendent, school board and school teachers. We know our students know their need to urinate but are struggling with how to serve and how to help them navigate the what what is elementary and high school education that is not the role of the Yvonne is not the role the federal government, and so I think that David overstepped their their ground and trying to dictate how skate how local school will affect their policies and how they should or should not protections privately so.

Very exciting to see that the Atty. Gen. can happen. The growing number date. Yet the more joined lawsuit or filing their own half the country for simply exploiting common and playing a light, we are not going to put a price tag on the privacy and safety of our children. We committed one stick thinking about policy as we know best how to protect every child privacy and should not be forced to comply with with this new interpretation that's not based on think the leaders in the public for you to go to Dan Forrest of the centiliter for burglary to speak of her house to mail all will very encouraged and bolstered by the actions of all the states coming together in this lawsuit that was very consistent with the lawsuits with the governor and legislative leaders filed against the Obama administration of Department of Justice are in the department of education in all of these cases and I think it is is shown just to an incredible groundswell of support across the nation, not only for the passage of House Bill two, which establishes again a common sense our statewide policy relating to privacy and safety and dignity in bathrooms across to Ravana. But in responding and pushing back against this incredible overreach by the Obama administration.

It is really rallied to support across the country to stand firm stand against this this really radical policy working our listeners go to learn more about alliance defending freedom in your great work we go to is a great place for report. On information on what happening.

What like that about me. She can do it that way. That title IX sailors that mean that also included all the various locket locket that we filed and resources about the great K-6 to get information on able to stay informed and engaged with people's websites, ABF and safe more specific information about the happenings, lawsuits, and the current status of all of these actions with respect to the bathroom issue again that safe I will Kelly for the work with that unfortunately were out of Tom Kelly, thanks so much for all that you do. We appreciate you and appreciate very much alliance defending freedom.

I got you've been listening to family policy matters production of NZ family to listen to our radio show online, and for more valuable resources and information about issues important to families in North Carolina go to our website and see and follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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