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The Greatest Lessons Ever Done R902

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 7, 2022 4:00 am

The Greatest Lessons Ever Done R902

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 7, 2022 4:00 am

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We all could use some encouragement. I will find it together today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton on The Encouraging Word today will be heading to John chapter 21 about the greatest lesson ever learn as we study the word together. We are so excited to get connected with you to pray with you and for you, both online and TW and this phone number jotted down to start your cell is 866898668999673 available 24 hours a day to pray with you to connect with the right resources just know were here for you and also connecting online and TW while you're there, sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email TW now. Today's message with Dr. Don Wilton Bible and turn with me to John's Gospel in chapter 21 now we always open the Bible and always remind us that I have nothing to say we have nothing to say outside of God's word but I do want to impress on you today, most particularly, you gonna need your Bibles I want to speak to you today on the greatest lessons ever learn the greatest lessons ever learned.

Now, that's quite a bold statement to make is a small greatest lessons ever learn and I want to remind you of something today because it's very important before I read this past the very fundamental issue involved in whether or not you become a Christian, is the fact that you believe that God has raised Jesus from the day Bible. In fact tells us that there are two things that you must do number one on faith that Jesus Christ is Lord, which means that you've gotten to the point in your life when you accept that God St. Jesus Christ and that he is none other than the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

That's what separates the Christian faith from all other religions.

Number two that you're willing to believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, but often Jesus came forth from the two year period to over 500 people something wrong.

The remarkable happened.

I know this is a long passage but I'm going to read it to you John chapter 21 afterward Jesus appeared again to his disciples by the Sea of Tiberius. It happened this way.

Simon Peter, Thomas Nathaniel from Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee, and two other disciples were together. I'm going fishing. Peter told them and they said well we'll just go with you so together they went out and got into the boat, but that's not like Cork nothing early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was the Lord Jesus. He called out to them friends have you caught any fish know they won't. He said to them, will throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some when they did, they were unable to hold and maintain because of the large number of fish and the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, it's the Lord, and as soon as Simon Peter heard them say it's the Lord.

He wrapped his outer garment around him because he had taken golf and he jumped into the the other disciples followed in the boat, towing the map full of fish, for they were not far from shore, about 100 yards when they landed they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread. Jesus said to them ring some of the fish you've just court. Simon Peter climbed aboard and dragged Anita short was full of large fish hundred and 53 of them.

But even with so many the net was not torn. Jesus said to them, gentlemen, and have breakfast with me.

None of the disciples David to ask him who are you, I knew it was the Lord Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to them did the same with the fish. This was now the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples, often he was raised from the dead when they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon son of Jonah.

You truly love me more than these. Yes, Lord.

He said you know that I love you.

Jesus said will then feed my lambs again. Jesus said, Simon son of John Deere truly love me. Jansson yes Lord you know that I love you. Jesus said will take care of marshy third time he said to him, Simon son of John.

John, do you love me now Peter was hurt because Jesus Austin the third time you love me, he said, Lord, you know all things in you and people you know that I love you. Jesus said will then feed my sheep. I tell you the truth Peter when you were younger you dressed yourself and went wherever you wanted to go when you are old you will stretch out your hands and someone else will dress you and will lead you where you do not want to go Jesus say this to indicate the kind of day by which P2 would glorify God. Then he said Peter Peter follow me Peter turn and he sold the disciple whom Jesus loved, was following them. This was the one who'd leaned back against Jesus the law supper and had said, Lord, who is going to betray you. When Peter saw him, he lost Lord about him. Jesus Johnson if I want him to remain alive until I return, what business is that of yours. You must follow me. Because of this the rumor spread among the brothers that this disciple would not die. But Jesus did not say that he would not die.

He only said if I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you.

This is the disciple who testified to these things and who wrote them down. We know that his testimony is true. Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down. I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would have to be written. I want to speak to you today on the greatest lessons ever learn. I made Oscar somewhat silly question. If you look back on your life from your perspective today. Is there anything in your life any stupidity any mistake any event, any sin in your life that you can look back on that now. From your perspective, you know, you're able to say boy that I learned a lesson from that.

When I was about 16 years of age. I had a terrible motorbike accident and I remembered, I guess I guess amen remembered for the rest of my life. My dad was in early service at 8 o'clock. He was sitting there watching me and listening as I was sharing because he was involved in it. I'll never forget his face when he finally arrived. I had a call a terrible speed and fortunately being a young whippersnapper, the people told me that the only reason that I survived was that I hit him right behind the front wheel head on never touched her break or change the gear. It happened so quickly, and my motorbike concertina in the back wheel said hello to the front wheel and vice versa. The only thing they could use was the back reflector and if you ever seen Superman lab folks. I became Superman not to call that thing but we will flock a bucking horse. I went right over the front windshield of the car, but badly hurt, but the thing that I remember the lesson that I learned was I wasn't wearing the crash. Fortunately, I didn't come down on my head. I learned a big lesson. I've never forgotten.

Every time I bought onto a motorbike. I try to make certain is much as I love riding motorbikes without a helmet on. I try to make certain and then I also know that motorbikes of David every day you open the newspaper someone else been killed on a motorcycle. I know that but I learned a lesson now in my adult hood. I look back I learned a lesson about safety and portion my dad used to tell me, son. Don't forget that everybody else on the road is going to make a mistake drive with your head on your shoulders when Cal was this incredible event.

The most dramatic event in all the world and Taken Pl. in Jesus appeared in folks I'm data say to you today that there are some of the greatest lessons that our Savior gave to those who believe in his name by the way I want to say this very clearly. These all lessons learned by believers by those who know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. When the Lord Jesus appeared to the disciples, he was teaching them something.

He was teaching them the absolute truths of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was trying to impress upon them the things that would be written upon their hearts that would guide them and mold them and make them and motivate them.

I'd like to share some of these with the greatest lessons. A balloon number one Jesus is not being that's lesson number one. Jesus is not dead, by the way, have you ever read the Bible and all of a sudden you read a verse or two. You say you know I didn't even know that was there, happens to me all the time. That's why read the last couple of verses, even the Bible says if we could put down all the things that Jesus did, they wouldn't be enough books that could contain all the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus and our Savior from the time he arrived on this earth was about the father's business. He talked and he practiced and he gave and he demonstrated and he showed them and he taught them about himself demonstrating that he was indeed the Christ the son of the living God. But we know that in John chapter 17 just moments before he walked down across the Kidron Valley just moments before Judas would betray him just moments before he would be taken and beaten and bruised and keeled hold to the cross as a sacrifice for sin. Just moments before that he stopped and he turned to the father which is in heaven and he said I have completed the work that you've given to me and I want to be glorified by you with the same jewelry that I had with you from before the world existed because I am God, and I was in the beginning with God and the completion of all that I came to do only certain full God was not needed, but did not across and then to be raised up and interests same to be seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for all those whom Christ died. And when Jesus appeared right here on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. He was giving to these disciples.

The greatest lesson that they would ever learn here it is. I'm alive. Gentlemen, any questions, all the skeptics have gathered from sea to shining sea today in the United States of America. The skeptics are gathering here and there and everywhere. The debate is on every news cost is now focusing on the old pain intensity on this thing called Christian faith and the reality of who we are in the Lord Jesus Christ and the bottom line of every debate about the skeptic and everything is topical point of view, lasting one. In fact, it's a Christian is God really who he says he is Kaman you Christians are out of touch. You don't really believe this God is but a figment of the imagination. He's a toy to play with the someone to pull out of a box on a Sunday morning, you stroke Kaman is cute cute dusty ball up and put them back again when you leave church on Sundays, but I'm here to tell you today my friends that when Jesus appeared to these disciples, he gave to them the greatest lesson that could ever be given. Jesus is not.

You see folks he wasn't speaking to unbelievers.

He was speaking to a group of believers you say to me you mean to tell me that believers dock with the he's alive, folks, I have, haven't you promised good Jesus appeared to Thomas and Thomas said I don't believe you. I mean evidently, these disciples were having a problem actually believing that the same Jesus would rise from the dead. They went back to fishing. They went back about their business. They went back to miming that business. They went about the father's business that had laid the instruments down. They had given up, they turned their back wall. They were fighting for their lives in Jesus appeared and said I'm going to give to you the greatest demonstration of the greatest lesson you live alone.

Jesus is not. Lesson number two friends of friends forever. All I love this passage in verse five of chapter 21, Jesus appeared on the seashore and he cried out friends have you caught anything. By the way God tried to see whether that was just some kind of man-made addition descriptors. It's not see the Bible tells us my friends that when you give your heart and life to Jesus, you become a friend of God and by the way, if you want a real theological definition of being a friend of God.

It means that when you give your heart and life to Jesus you are born again of the spirit of the living God. Your life becomes inextricably bound into the life of Christ himself, and he declares you to be his friend. And no matter what you've done and no matter where you been, no matter what business you returned to and no matter what her playing you've gone through the Bible teaches that once you say you're always same.

Once you're a friend of God.

Always a friend of God.

It would be so easy for Jesus to turn up on the shoulder Sea of Galilee and look over there inside. I fisherman you man. You may stop you denied me you turn your back on me you stop believing in me utilizing down the instruments of the work that I've called you to do.

You no longer are part of me knowing he looked at them with compassion. Many spice and he said friend. It kind of reminds me of the prodigal son. It was a man who is very much part of his father's house and determine one day that he wanted to take everything he hadn't always underway.

He laid it all down, he walked out the door, turned his back on his father's house he left the fold.

Not only did he do that but he went back witnessing time in any spiritual being he went and he began to sow his wild oats and he began to waste the very thing that God had given to him ended up in the pigpen. Brittany became very senses.

When he stood up in the pigpen and he turned around he said I'm going back.

He looked directly on the seashore standing in the doorway of the father's house was the father himself with these long-sought strakes that say my son you will always be my son. You never ever stop being my son come on back home. Follow me your beds made, son has your remote control. You want something the refrigerators full son, Jesus stood on that seashore gave in the greatest lesson. I think anybody could ever learn that his friends of God reframes such great truth brings confidence in our life. Understanding God's love will be back with more of today's message in just a moment. Dr. Wilson was we remind you where here for you connecting our phone line at 866899 word that's 866-899-WORD 9673 were online as well.

At TEW that's TW so much discussion about the grace for the widow powerful book by Joyce Rogers. That's the widow of Adrian Rogers powerful puppeteers who would Jesus now was a great friend of Dr. Wilton. That book is available on our I hope you'll check it out. Now let's get back to today study the greatest lesson never learned with Dr. Don Wilton as 1/3 greatest lesson ever learn here. Our job is to fish. Did you get that lesson number three I'll job your mind is to fish.

Verse three verse five. The Bible tells us these men went fishing.

By the way, we could talk a lot about that today, but they went fishing. Jesus said to them, I'm gonna make you fishers of men.

All year they'd laid this down. They were wallowing in their self-pity and despair. Jesus hadn't changed his mind.

We gonna discover that in just a moment and what he was teaching them was listen your active fishing is exactly what you need to do, but for man job is to fish and I love to fish which I could fish a lot more. I tell you stood there in that boat with them many times. If our job is to fishing. Jesus said I'm gonna make you fishers of men. The single most important thing we fishermen need to do is to make sure we got the right equipment.

I know it was primitive. They didn't have older instruments to be able to design things like we do today that it was intricate then you imagine them putting together those nets back in Jesus day the time that when in truth the effort. Listen folks they fishing required the very best of everything that they did that to sharpen their tools. When you go fishing if God is called us to fish when he seen in the great commission go into all he was telling us to go fishing and if you go fishing you need to make sure you got the right raw the right review the right strain, you need to have the right, right. The right hook. You need to be in the right place. You need to make sure you don't cost you line over the rocks. You need to make certain that you read the elements.

Another way the wind is blowing. You need to know what to fishing for how you fishing you need to be able to understand the personality of the fish that you're trying to catch folks always Oscar, Lord, Lord, would you allow me to be a good fisherman, would you allow me to have the right instruments in my hands and in my soul in my be at Windward Lord, would you help me to be absolutely tireless in my preparation would you help me to tie the knot correctly so that the hook is safety in place properly, would you help me to sacrifice what you might be willing to set up will not see folks. My responsibility but I is your responsibility is to stand here, right now I'm fishing when God's boat with God's word. All I'm doing today is simply costing Annette. You see friends and brings us just logically to the fourth of the greatest lessons.

If our job is to fish. His job is to catch in John chapter 17 in verse six.

Jesus made this statement just moments before the cross. He said father I have revealed your name to the man that you gave me from out of this world because he is create toll. He made you and he made me cry every day as I stand and proclaim the word of God that God would give to me the right perspective that he would remind me that the success of a spiritual fishing expedition is not determined by the number of fish that a court the six CSA bear is such a thing about worship service is not measured by the number of people walked down the side that God would deliver us as a people all across America because churches did not have with casualties of blogging and journalism where there is a great confusion that is taken place between the one who is instructed to face the only one who can catch the fish all my friends, there are churches in every walk of life across these United States of America that have people come within the fold. Nothing about Jesus Christ because they never responded to the voice of God according to the word of God.

Jesus today and he said if you caught anything that we fished all night.

He said good for you. Why don't you cost you made on the other side. Why did he say that because he knows what lies beneath you and I don't. We do not have the power to save anybody. We don't know the heart of man, God does John's Gospel chapter 16 Jesus told his disciples, he said, it is my spirit who is God that has the only authority to convict your sin to convict you of righteousness, the holiness of God, and to convict you of the pending judgment for disappointed on the man once to die Dr. that the judgment and I believe with all of my heart that these disciples were learning the greatest place that one could ever learn.

Just look at it.

Jesus is not dead, friends of friends forever. Our job is to fish his job is to catch number five soon humbles you soon. Humbles you well. If you pick up there in verse 15 with me and go through that draw the extraordinary discourse between the Lord Jesus and Peter. Now, folks. Just imagine Peter for a moment, if you please. IEEE must've been so embarrassed don't you think I would've been coming here was Peter, you know he had denied the Lord Jesus. This is the same God all know you the Christ the son of the living God. You know that I love you Jesus came up they tell you Peter must've lost his khakis at least 10 times.

I mean, he must've been looking around know where to put his face. Jesus looked at him and said so Peter ratchet now big talker. Jesus wasn't questioning his salvation. He said to him, do you really love me, you really love me.

Jesus said of course you did. But the love with which Peter responded was an incomplete love, the love that Jesus was the morning was a complete love of full love. A total love.

A committed love Jeep Peter was saying well you know I love you sort of I love you when it suits me. He said no.

I want you to love me when it doesn't suit you see folks, the lesson that is going on has that soon humbles you we talk about sin negatively. And of course what is a positive about sin. But let's talk about it positively for just a moment. I really believe in the life of a believer like Peter, Jesus was giving him the greatest lesson he was trying to listen. Peter you send against me.

You denied me and I'll tell you what good is coming out of it.

It's humble. It's put you where you need to be because pride comes before full turning to someone who points fingers it every morning she got three points trifecta to you been listening to Dr. Don Wilton when God speaks and challenges us to lay down our pride. The good news is he's ready to empower us not only to do that to pick up the joy of following him complete and total assurance before we get away. Would you take a moment and hear these most special for closing thoughts from our pastor Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross. Today I repainted myself and by faith I receive you into my Jesus and I my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting. You, as Dr. that was praying. Given your life to Jesus Christ.

We dedicated your life to Christ all how we want to walk in these next steps with you to encourage deductible to have some free resources he wants to put in your hands, but to be to call and let us know at 866899 word 866-899-9673. We love to walk with you with this brand-new journey of life together. I want to thank you for all of you who literally are helping us share the word of God. Every day we call you encourages her name is Risa is in crisis support for us to those around noon and the God of Jesus Christ. Will you join us in our endeavor to read just one more course becoming regular today 8990 brochure The Encouraging Word is a you are a listener supported ministry really great time in John 21 today, but tomorrow we headed to the book of acts chapter 1, I hope you join us. Bring a friend.

Between now and then. Let's stay connected Be sure and sign up. Dave Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don Wilton that

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