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R662 Presenting The Son

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 13, 2021 8:00 am

R662 Presenting The Son

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 13, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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One weeklong study with Dr. Don Wilton on the presenting song as we study got together know that were available to connect on our website right now in much buzz about the is this the end series and get details RTW as you open your Bibles this morning to Hebrews chapter 1, I couldn't think of a mole wonderful appropriate subject this morning, then the presentation of the son of God.

That's all subject to the from God's word presenting the son. I should imagine that in America today and right throughout this week we are going to hear a variety of presentations concerning God. I could imagine that we are going to hear a lot of opinions people from every walk of life, and every persuasion and every religious denomination are going to have something to say about this God, under whom we place our trust. I would like to make an announcement to the I want to say to you without any question in my mind whatsoever that I believe that what God has to say to us is exactly true. We are a nation under God in this God of whom we speak is none other than the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it's a remarkable thing. When we begin to understand the word of God and as we continue this Bible study for the next months as they lie ahead of us that here in Hebrews chapter 1, as we've already discovered that God tells us how he chooses to tell us about himself God spoken times because the Bible tells us in verse one we discovered that God has spoken to us through our profits in a remarkable way. God has reported for us that we need to know about himself in these last days, God has spoken to us through his son. One of the things that I love about golf when you watch it, especially the major championships. They always present the one who is about to tee off so you could watch the United States open. For example, the PGA, the monsters and when one of the players comes up to the first three.

The stalker says, may I present to you Mr. Jack Nicholas or Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer or whoever is stepping up to the plate and he tells us something about that particular person. Now he can't say everything he needs to say, particularly about a Jack Nicholas but he says this is Jack Nicholas he's won so many times on the PGA tour. He is a pasta champion.

This number of times and he did this and that, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Mr. Jack Nicholas and he begins to play the game here in Hebrews chapter 1 we have. Perhaps the most extraordinary announcement ever made, ever in the history of mankind. There is a sense in which God is looking down from heaven and he is telling us to things he is saying in times parsed.

I presented myself through the prophets and through the priests, but I want to serve you notice that in these last days.

I have present continuous dance. I am continuing to speak to you through the presentation of my son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Now this is one of the most dramatic things that you've ever seen.

Ms. I began to study this some weeks ago. I just really confess to you I said well I got a good message error in the first several verses of Hebrews chapter 1 and I got down to verse two and couldn't get any further. God began to speak more and more to my heart began to fill up more and more pages of notes and I eventually got to the point at which I said what Lord are you telling me all this concerning your son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let's read it together. Hebrews chapter 1 verse one God's word says that in the parsed God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets, not how did he do this we discovered that number one at many times in the word day really is many portions as we discovered many different portions.

He spoke to us.

39 books in the Old Testament he spoke to us through the prophets and we tried to study these things together but then he also spoke to us in various ways. He speaks to us through narrative and through wonderful stories and through poetry and through doctrine and through all these things that we discovered here in the word of God and then he gets down to verse two and he says, but let me make a presentation to you in these last days, God has spoken to us through his son the Lord Jesus Christ and then he said, is the first of a number of things he says God appointed heir of all things and watch this and through he may the universe what is it that God is trying to tell us whether to things that I want to deal with this morning.

Number one is presenting Jesus Christ as the air of all things. I love to talk about inheritance got you my favorite subject. You know the thing about me. I have a couple of brothers we will preach and just as God would have died to me and mom and dad knew all the best in the world and then you don't think God's got a sense of humor folks we love to talk about being in air. What do we inherit.

And if we don't like to talk about it because if you talk about inheritance. You going to talk about this. Of those that we love and we certainly don't want to talk about that doing you know there's something remarkable here that God is going to tell us God is about to make an announcement he's about to tell us that Jesus Christ has been appointed by the decree of God to be the character of that which pertains to God and watchlist. Then he makes this announcement.

He says that when you and I give our hearts to Jesus Christ. What we become good to be the joint heirs with the son of God has given to his son. Can you imagine that friends we cannot understand our position in Christ. If we do not understand the superiority of Christ. This is the most Christo centric passage in all of God's word. God here is standing there making a booming announcement through all the pages concerning the finished work of Jesus Christ upon the cross and he is leading the world know I want you to know in unequivocal terms that this is my beloved son, I am well pleased, and he has been appointed to be the goal thing.

What does that mean you see my friends if Jesus God tells us this about his son, the Lord Jesus Christ means a number of very important things. Number one, it means that he is claimed by God.

Jesus Christ is the heir of all things. It means number one that God has claimed him. I like that don't you. I don't know if you've ever been in the company of people who are considered important people I have from time to time. You know there is nothing more wonderful when you're out there lost in the crowd and all of a sudden the important person looks over and says I know him. My friends just think about this for a moment here.

Is this unbelievable announcement coming from the heart of the righteousness of God that this God is the one and only this one. There is none that can compare to him. He looks down from heaven and he says I want you to know that I claim him.

He's with me. What is it mean that he is appointed the son to be heir of all things. Number one he is claimed by God. Number two. He is unique to God. I love John 316 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. The key here is the word begotten, and that word literally translated means unique none like him to him. No substitute you means that these the only one who has been authorized to do what he does, that there is nobody else who occupies the same position as the sun. I'm going to tell you in America this week my friends with all the love in my heart. You are going to have commentators use people you going to have religious people of every walk of life. Churches, you gonna have meetings of every description, with people standing up and claiming all kinds of things about who this is and what the season where it comes from God says, let there be no mistake whatsoever. Not only is Jesus Christ claimed by me, but he is unique to me.

There is no other one who can take the place of the son. You've heard me say this with all the love in my heart. God is not interested in our opinion, God is not interested in our letters, God is not interested in our emails.

God's not interested in our religious training or theological understanding God here is saying something I want you to know something that this is the one he's my beloved son. I have appointed him heir of all things. It means I claim him and he is unique to me at number three.

It means that he is the firstborn of God while you can go back into the Scriptures we don't have time to do it. Go to Psalm 89. In verse 27, for example, go to the letter to the church at Corinth you going to read time without number that God makes a statement he says listen concerning Jesus Christ. He is my firstborn. Why did he make that statement he made that statement because it meant that God was establishing the legal right of the authenticity of the birthmark of Jesus Christ.

He was putting it beyond human reason God is trying to tell us is you can harness the Supreme Court. Together they can issue one, judgment and opinion from another. It's not going to make any difference to me because this one is Jesus Christ is claimed by me, he is unique to me and he's my firstborn is the son of God is a false statement here that adds meaning to the fact that Jesus Christ is heir of all things. He is installed by God. Go back into Psalm two going to read about a going to the book of Revelation you going to understand the confirmation of this, that God himself speaks from the portals of heaven and makes an announcement and he says this is my beloved son. He is King and he is Lord of the angels of heaven came down and they made that extraordinary announcement about Emmanuelle God with us and when he ascended, he was seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for you and me God announcing that Jesus Christ is King and Lord that he owns everything. He is the inheritable of all that God has done and he rules this entire universe.

This is the most magnificent correlation statement that one could ever read about what God says here boggles the human mind what God says here loses its way within the feeble framework about human understanding what God is announcing to us. Jedediah is that this one was born in Bethlehem's manger is not just a somebody he is the body and he is keen and Lord, and not any one of you can make that decision.

You don't decide that God is Lord because he is and he claims who he is. He is heir of all things by the appointment of God by the decision of Almighty God. It means he is claimed by God, he is unique to God. He is the firstborn of God is installed by God and number five what it means is this my friends is that he is in possession of everything that belongs to God. What is the word teachers that he is the ruler of everything to the very ends of the earth and by the way that Hebraic expression bear to the very ends of the earth carries with it the limitless boundary of eternal imagination. In other words, half what is the lost extent of God's dominion.

It goes beyond human comprehension. You and I couldn't see in the space rocket into space for the next million years and ever reach the lost extent of the possession of God through his son. In fact, I think what God is saying to us, as you just waste your time. Now what is God possess God possesses everything I want you to watch that question within your own heart and life. What is Jesus Christ in charge of he's in charge of all the affairs of man is in charge of the world is in charge of salvation is in charge of people using charge of our possessions for me.

Oscar question today. Are you tithing is anybody listening to me today, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of you is there anybody listening to the voice of this preacher to do you not try the new site foster what is that Bible tells us that you and I as believers have to give minimally 1/10 of all that we have, to the Lord's house where we are engaged. If you remember first Baptist Church first Baptist Church member of the First United Methodist Church versus First United Methodist Church and then Oscar question how things going well me to give you a clue cite me plus dry just cannot get a handle on my finances are you tithing yes or no. Somebody say we got you now costing anonymous student.

Are you tithing.

Your $20 that means.

Have you given minimally two dollars.

The first Baptist Church to the Lord's work. If this is where you remember if you not tithing, my friend, I will guarantee you will uncover one of the reasons why you're in trouble.

Folks listen carefully, God speaking.

I've had people from time to time come to me and say now pasta do I need to tie my Social Security well any Oscar question you want God to be involved in your retirement will not know what is God, tell us about Jesus says that he is in possession. He is the owner and the operator of all things is that glacial retirement say no I'm not going to tide you saying to God literally.

I accept everything you say about God, but I don't want the Lord Jesus Christ involved in my retirement. Well, what about my house payment you not let this house crime will you want God to be involved in your house if you burned up to this point this year $30,000. You haven't given up to this point minimally $3000 to your church that you remember you're not tithing, God's not been a blessing you can strike that anywhere you want to folks. I had people come up and say will pasta you don't understand. I support a missionary, not tithing. What I support Habitat for Humanity.

That's not tithing. Carolina pregnancy center is not tithing.

Child evangelism Fellowship is not tithing. The tide comes to the storehouse.

There is no way around it.

You cannot love your way out of a paper bag.

But you know what man is doing to Mama saying I limited my wife. I don't care what God has to say what is God saying to us. Are you up to date on your pages to the building fund.

So I will pasta the economy is tough, my friend, you haven't seen tough if you stop and renege on your plan to pledge to God.

You literally folks you literally saying I don't want God involved in this part of my life. I'm going to go it alone you say pasta your passionate about these things I'm passionate about, because God has made an announcement concerning the sermon said he's been appointed all how many things all things listening to Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word. He'll be back in just a moment with the rest of today's teaching that we want to remind you that you can connect with them on our website at Margie.

The great place to follow Dr. Donald and socials to hear today's message both video and audio versions also to sign up for the daily encouraging it's sign up for that daily devotional it will bless you in your email box every morning.

That's online at

He now back today's great teaching with Dr.well what is it mean by virtue of what Jesus Christ is heir by virtue. First of all, of his relationship to the father he is, by virtue of his relationship to the father not mind telling you this sometime ago I was invited to say a prayer at an NFL football game and that's happened to me a number of times I'll be very grateful.

Well when I got this invitation and they told me I would be treated like royalty. I like that. I thought it suited a man of my caliber, and besides I like football and the game wasn't on a Sunday so I could go so I wrote back and I said I'll do it. I'm not there long after I got a wonderful letter from the organization. That said, thank you Dr. workman for doing this. Blah blah we just need to let you know a couple of things when you come to the football game.

The NFL game. We need to just remind you that there's going to be a lot of people there and on that basis we want to remind you that you may not mention Jesus Christ at all in your prayer while I wrote back and very politely informed them that I was unable to come and there's a simple reason for it folks. I pray that is void of Jesus Christ and him crucified is not a prayer.

Any questions God is making an announcement I don't care if they gave me $100 million contract to say that prayer I cannot violate the word of God, you noticed in America today. How many prayers are offered and someone gets up and says thank you for the lovely Diane whoever it is up there and we gospel blessings a man will do today. Just talked to my cat that a conversation with a dog with a talking to me because if I were talking to me, my friend, I can do nothing. Nothing.

If I were talking to the pub he can do nothing. If I were talking today guest preacher. He can do nothing.

I want you to know that God in his word is making a statement about the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ and he says this from heaven.

He says this is my beloved son. I have appointed heir of all things by virtue of what by virtue of his relationship to the father number two by virtue of his establishment as King. We talked about it, you can go into Colossians chapter 1 and verse 16. You can going to Romans chapter 11 and verse 36 the establishment of Almighty God through Christ Jesus as the ruler of this universe is the functional central feature of who God is, by virtue of what is he heir of all things, not earning his relationship to the father and his establishment as King, but by virtue of his accomplishment to Savior.

That's the finished work of the cross. What is this all about it is about the authority of Jesus Christ, the only begotten of the father and it was his very accomplishment as Savior upon the cross that established his divinity and his right to be heir of all that God has for his own son. It was not only his relationship to the father and his establishment as King and his accomplishment as Savior, but he is heir by virtue of his resurrection as conqueror turned quickly with me to first Corinthians and verse 15 first Corinthians 15 many of those pages turning first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 54. This is what Paul reminds us about you when the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come to date has been swallowed up in victory. I love the spot where this is your victory where these roosting heritages. The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God. He gives us the victory through Christ Jesus dry here and I'm in this morning's shafting time.

This is what it's all about Jesus. Christ has been appointed heir of all things, not just because of his resurrection as conqueror but because of his ascension as Lord. I can't wait to get to that point in Hebrews just down the road in verse three. The Bible is going to tell us that often Jesus Christ had provided purification for sin that the same Jesus who has been appointed heir of all things, the same one the spotless son of God, that he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven never had someone come to you and say to you what can you say about Jesus Christ, who is he, number one, according to God's own word, he is heir of all things. Number two. He is the maker of all things. Look at the second part of verse two. Bible says and through whom he made the universe. What is the maker of all things by the way, that where there is probably bit of rain and he is the creator for Michael and Karen lies the essence of what God is saying is that he takes something out of nothing and he makes nothing into everything. And so I am beholden to ask this question is God being by this, that, through whom he made the universe six Jesus apart number one because of his sinlessness number two because of his righteousness number three because of his holiness. What makes God divine in Christ Jesus. And what makes the sun set apart is his ability to create the joy of knowing God's created you for unique purpose. He is a plan for your life. You've heard Dr. Wilton as he's been preaching now as he steps in the studio.

Open your heart what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my phone in Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting life to Christ once called phone numbers. 866-899-WORD has free resources he wants to put in your hand just given your life to Jesus only dedicated your life. Instead, 866-899-WORD 9673.

We love to hear from you just mean so much to me and we are going to get you can right now and connect with me, 866-899-9673 call and connect with me right now my time gone for today but stay connected with us online at


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