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R1624 The Rock, PT.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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March 8, 2021 8:00 am

R1624 The Rock, PT.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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March 8, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

We all could use some encouragement and we will find it together today in the Bible icebreaking of Dr. Don Wilton with this message on the ROTC really describe the service yesterday that were headed back to Matthew 16 with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author of agile seminary professor and the pastor for over 25 years of Dr. Billy Graham mentioned that because it is a fresh new book coming out.

You can take a peek and get preorder as a matter fact on our website right now ITW tell you more about it later but distraught by her website anytime to see great resources that will help you grow in your faith, T. E. W that's the website also call for information at 866899 Word 866-899-9673 and now today's message the rock part two with Dr. Don Wilton is the rock you would also need to foster what shall I do, I'd say make sure you belong to the church. I want you to listen what Jesus meant by the Jesus saying I want you to join the journey.

Everybody else is going to sign on. This is the way I'm in a good and there are obvious things you not going to secure my financial investment, to make sure I've got enough so security. I'm gonna make sure that I'm willing healthy young gonna make sure that my children not typing I'm in a make sure all of these things are part of the fabric of life. Jesus said the one thing you must do if you want to stand on a rock you want to be solid you want to be panic free.

Part of my church.

Let's look at this, the church is the rock wife number one because of the headship of Christ because the headship of Christ, you could. There are so many Scripture verses saw my hundred and 1822 the stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone, the cornerstone in the building is the very heart of the building upon which everything else depends holds everything together in Colossians chapter 1 in verse 18 Jesus Christ is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning is the firstborn from the dead, so that he himself will come to have first place in everything. Christ is the head of the church.

That's what Jesus was saying to him right here, Peter looked at him and said you are the Christ. You're the one it's all on you. We stand on you half a foundation is Jesus Christ our Lord. The church, the church's one foundation is Jesus Christ our Lord elected from every nation, we come together, the headship of Christ is the greatest statement. It's the greatest joy Trenton Saenz Rice, if the city agenda the church Jesus gave to us a rock. He said you take the rock away you go to squabble about gender until the sun comes down you going to be so full with racial strife, hatred you going to fight tooth and nail over politics you going to scramble you going to say Nietzsche the harbor Uganda cost one another out you going to get in each other's face you going to the same to such unkindness.

The church, this is not just a Sunday morning happening. This is the foundation this is the rock and it's Jesus saying, I invite you to join the journey.

The church is the rock because of the headship of Christ. But it's also the rock because of the authority of the word. The authority of the word, regardless of trains. One of the trains that go on any society.

The trains all listened.

Let's put on a show. People want to show I want something moving action. I want checks I want to just do something that's got some something and folks that's why soaping is so critical. Studying God's word together reading God's word. Life groups will of God talk about bowl games and family and it's all about relationships is yes yes way to God. What about the word of God on things you can say about the word of God.

Jesus was teaching us this is the church would've God's truth.

You want no truth brought the wound, search, number two, it's an absolute it's absolute it Trenton Saenz alum meetings, discussions it Trenton Saenz the discourse of public opinion. It's it's so much better than a preacher word of God. Someone wonderful person wrote to me this week said how do I respond all of these theories going on conspiracy theories in this theory, and that person says this is going to happen to stumble onto the word of God taste everything I would go back to the will of God done beyond con. No need to be unkind from people off. Thank God for great teachers of wood.

Thank God for your Sunday school teacher for your life group leaders view pastas, people get along side your mom's and dad's teacher would about none of us have a corner on this market It's his word. It's go back to his word right, it's truth, it's absolute, but it's also sufficient. It is sufficient. The word is sufficient. What is that word sufficient mean in terms of the word of God and the church. It's very simple. It's sufficient enough in all of its ways to restore through salvation. Even the most broken life. That's what it means the sufficiency of God's word. It is sufficient to restore through salvation. Even the most broken life. It is sufficient. It is sufficient to give reason to be thankful all these things, Jesus was standing there in the midst of all this panic. He said let me tell you something on my word. My church 20 sign stand on the rock stand on the rock the church, the headship of Christ. The authority of doing it sufficient to meet every human need. There is not a single human need that this word is not sufficient to meet. Not a single one meet every single human need. It is sufficient to equip every believer. For every good work. This would that's why God saves our responsibility in the church is to equip us believers for the work of ministry to do it in order. Does it stops us yapping away and gets us down there and actually doing what we say we believe that's what it means to be equipped otherwise.

All you doing is spewing hot air and there is a lot of hot air going around. It means you redo the word and the sufficiency of Scripture equips every one of us. All believers to do the work of ministry.

The church is the rock Jesus.

Gary is standing in the midst of all this obvious panic in this frightful condition. He chose that spot why the church is the headship of Christ because of the authority of the word, but because of the application of the spirit you not happening right now this bird is applying the truth of these were what is the spirit spirit convicts us one of three things. Number one of seven. The church applies the spirit why the church does the Bible say his way to a three are gathered in my name.

I'm rock their limits guaranteed the spirit convicts us of sin. You and I of sin, for I walked out to today. I knelt down at my kneeling bench.

My good friend Dr. Kaminski made for me. 25 years ago I knelt my kneeling bench. Before I walked on and I cried to God in a CMO God I'm on my knees you there's nobody watching me. I'm in my little office and I'm just asking you, would you forgive me for my cleans me.

How can I get up and say anything.

The only way that I can be blameless is because you forgive me. Application of the spirit he convicts us of sin. He convicts us of righteousness.

The word righteousness is right living.

You and I go to live Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday said what you facing this week the church. This is what God does for us in the gathered church in our life groups.

That's why this is an invitation to join the journey convicts us on how to convicts us of judgment.

Judgment because when we become convicted of the reality of God's righteousness. We become convicted of the reality that God cannot in any what he tolerate or accept sin is folks these in a pagan world. You hear it everywhere. God get God doesn't really mind.

Yes he does. He's righteous. You know that's just a you know you know how can you say God loves us and cite the same time, God will never seen anybody and it was hell. Bob is clear. Folks matter how unpopular popular it might be. We are not the measure of the rightness or the wrongness of the righteousness of God who says we decide God has already decided the church this rock. This is a rock pain. This is where we go. Where else would we got when we go to stand on a rock who you turning to who's got the audiences whose arm swing out questions why don't you put on your TV tomorrow and see if you can find bonds who's telling us where we are we getting which it Christian but everything Jesus said you say I am your I want to know what you say you are the Christ, the son of the living God. And then Jesus gave to them. Three. Dynamics of the church sit on this rock I will build my church on this rock the gates of hell.

Why, because of the headship of Christ and the authority of the wooden because of the application of the spirit.

How about this one because of the role of every believer because of the role of every believer when he talked to Peter.

He was talking to me who told you he was assigned to Peter, you're right, Peter. You'd like Matthew and Mark and Luke and William unlike Mary every believe you have me living in you. You have a rock in you, you got me you are the temple of the living God. This is the church. He was saying you don't honey come to church you all the church just go to church be the church because that's who you are. This is the great commission. This is going out, coming in being equipped to go out and to equip its earnings statement it is.

It's just this is the rock and it it's the role of every believer.

What is the role of every believer in church while you could list I Pike are listed for five things is run now one what the what our role as a go to Scripture what our role is to be there. Not a good one to start with to be there be church be part of the church to church number two to learn. This is God's school. This is where we learn to imperative to be in that life group option imperative to be in these worship services you need both its character to study the wood, it's imperative to learn every day we learn on the rock from the rock as the rock every time we learn as participants in the church we ourselves solidify the rock, who we all it is the most incredible opportunity. Do you know yesterday I prayed for by name, probably 15 of my neighbors in our neighborhood bonnet sitting in my opinion I'm asking everybody to do that. That's the believe that that's the wrong. Our oldest is to share the disciples did Jesus get out there and be a witness, encourage, our role is to be ministers of encouragement, not ministers of discouragement you listening church. It's a powerful challenge to be ministers of encouragement in the world we live seems to feed on discouragement and discourse that is always oppositional instead of finding those opportunities to encourage one another.

Forgive the interruption.

Dr. Don insists I remind you that we would love to encourage you either keyboard keyboard on our that's TE W great place to sign up for a daily Encouraging Word email and discover other grand resources like new book coming out on March 20 Saturdays with Bill, the brand-new book written from Dr. Wilson's experiences every Saturday for over 25 years to spending time marketable, influential man, Dr. Billy Graham Dr. Don Wilton the other day Dr. Don started going is for somebody thought he was somebody talking to someone who believed he was nobody really was something Dr. Billy Graham's influence on Dr. Wilson's profound and as you read this book will discover that Dr. Wilton and Dr. have an influence on men and women of Christ. Again, details are another. We are to pray with you as well. 24 hours a day at 866899 word 866-899-9673. Now back to today's teaching with Dr. Donald visit.

They are so many things that I will agree with you. I can only you know a lot about you know my role was born we can do this I can just see Gen. Eisenhower just before D-Day gathering thousands of man who about to lay down their lives will man, I just want you to know we going to go across this little channel here in Ontario. I doubt if any of you going to get to the other side is gonna be the worst thing that ever happened to you what, in general, is that what what what what kind of believers that goes around Scott, Jesus was standing in the middle of all me and he said guess what the hell are not going to prevail. You ready for this role of the believer and do the work of an evangelist church is the rock. Why just sharing some thoughts with you is the headship of Christ and the authority of the word and the application of the spirit and the role of the believer number five because of the encouragement of the heart cannot just tell you, you know what I'm praying today, you'd be encouraged that okay just want you to be encouraged want you to come out of this want you to go to your life group be encouraged want you to go home go back be able to get up tomorrow morning you might be standing right there at the gaping hole of your Caesarea Philippi but you standing there encouraged Europe lifted Jesus was saying, this is the rock cannot just close with this it's the rock because of the invitation to join Jesus did this for all of us said, drawing the journey to guess what I'm going to recommend you just office the Lord brought us the Lord for these three things number one. Ask the Lord to let you really become a piece of the rock that was Peter become a piece of the rock. I can never be Jesus you know I'm not Jesus.

And I mean not even close. You and I can never measure up to him to not he invited us to be a piece. Lord, I want to be a piece of you. I want to be a rock. Second skim if you could be a partner in the rock. The apartment sunset on the outside. I'm an invite you in a minute to join and sit outside component. The apartment in the room number three Austin Lord Jesus to help you be a participant of the rock a piece of the rock apartment in the rock, a participant of the rock cannot tell you why God raises up participants discover look at the bridge all the participants of the rock ministering to people in need.

Just think of all the life groups and Sunday school groups meeting today and all the teachers that have prepared they are participants.

Just think of all the people, welcoming others into the church, standing up doors. Think of those who serving as deacons those on team those going out those going on mission trips. Think of your partnership in giving you being so wonderful. You even church that partnership will partner with you on the most important project. The most important mission. The most important reaching out to your community is reaching out to Jesus first and foremost as Lord and Savior you for this great preaching from Dr. Wilton medevac. Some of you listen to the last couple of days in our prayers that you would open your heart Dr. Don Wilton share with you next. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know you love me very, very, and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came died on the cross so that I might be forgiven today.

I repent of my sin.

I can face my sin to you, and I invite you to coming to my phone line Jesus name I pray. If you pray that prayer that may be the first want to welcome you to the family of this is one of the I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying very cold so we can hope to make you can begin this wonderful journey.

If you display perhaps to give your life to Christ. Dedicate your life to be part of seeing God would love to encourage pray with you the questions you have helped discover those answers God's Encouraging Word if you call 8668998668999673 as well that's TEW the silly remarkable things that God has brought our way to help encourage you including one special book, but a good friend of Dr. with Jack Eason call the loneliness solution.

Now more than ever, God hasn't for the loneliness that many of us feel details are on our website at appraisal. Take a look, here's Liz with all the details about this very special.

Jesus said the light of the world gives us so many opportunities to share the gospel. We today are friends first so I Jesus brings warfare spiritual warfare going on, we had better wake up America encouragement life changing ministry friend of mine get the support findings loneliness greatly starts to encourage people to discover a copy for yourself copies to go about your day know how much the right time can change someone call us today at 866899 word to request the loneliness solution for $15 for your prayers and continue Encouraging Word to deliver lost souls like in the darkness around. It's a great resource, but our number one resource is the ability to pray for one meet with us online you have resources that will help you walk through your prayer life and grow your prayer life like a daily Encouraging Word devotion sign up for you have in your email box every morning about 6 o'clock it will supercharge your day. I promise you talk to some 868999673. That's 868-9996

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