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R1619 God Can Do This Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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February 15, 2021 8:00 am

R1619 God Can Do This Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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February 15, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

We all could use some encouragement. I will fight it together today for the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton and part two of this latest message. I know it's like a cliffhanger. We hate to leave you hanging. As we did on Friday, but the truth is all that we learned about what God can do is submit to him is really standing alone and today we add on top of that God can do this part two Dr. Don Wilton died back in working to understand more about John five at least in my life and I've ever understood before as we know how we live out in these difficult times. Life passionately committed. Jesus actually committed you as well, where to encourage you. The other end of 866-899-WORD anytime day or night.the number down interpreter line 866-899-WORD 9673 or online at oh are you think perhaps we've convinced ourselves that we are not capable that we not lords about manna anymore. Recall just cold meetings and say hello.

Be our name our kingdom come out will be done. It don't work. People I'm a Christian man, my life is been handed over to the Lord Jesus, it's inhumane that I live in I don't have the wisdom you know the Bible says if we seek off to his wisdom, he will give it to us and then really that means, in an abundance not fantastic. God doesn't do this we brought hope I'm telling you we got we got an incredible future accept the facts and when you accept the fact you go to do two things you would all ask yourself what's going on and then you go to Moscow you are responding.

Now let's get all three personal so have you responded this week. You just as bad as everybody else you know we got covered all around us. Do I need to remind you that we would we be without Jesus we can't do this do this somehow you responding.

Number one.

Accept the fact number two sacral allegiance. That's my second point. Sacral your allegiance to Matthew chapter 6 and verse 24 says that Jesus gave us this heat.

He said this. You cannot serve two masters. You are either full blog or you're against God.

Did you get that Jesus said that Jesus. Jesus made this clear when it comes to our allegiance.

You either belong to the Lord Jesus, you don't.

What is it do you belong to the 1 foot club 1 foot in the world and 1 foot in God's kingdom. You serve God and Jesus just on Sunday mornings and on other special occasions when grandma was there or do you serve him with all your heart and your soul in your mind. I'm so grateful in my church.

I'm surrounded by so many people are so sold back to Jesus, and you can see the difference.

You can see the differencing parents with a children you can see the difference in businessmen and women you can see the difference in school teachers you can see the difference in so many of our young people seeking the issue of their allegiance are your habanera you harbor between two opinions all across America today. We just got people everywhere just they don't know what they want anymore than what they knew.

They can't make up their mind and when something happens and they got convictions about a think of nothing else to do but to go ballistic. This is never an excuse for violence. That is the way you carry actual convictions. It doesn't matter that's not how we live and that's not how we operate. That's not how we behave and if you are a believer.

God will do this. He loves us that much.

Number one. Accept the fax number two sacral allegiance while maybe some of you thought I might've said no you wouldn't, but you might've thought of you decide. Are you a Republican or a Democrat. Listen they're all in.

Be strong, strong feeling. Boy do I respect those feelings do we not respect the feelings of one another and the convictions. By the way, and the rights that we have as Americans. I'm not ashamed of the political convictions that I've got to stand on that I believe in these things that are important but critical. They vital. I'm in a fight for them. I'm going to do everything I can but the wound fact doesn't mean I'm going ballistic overt because my allegiance belongs to Jesus Christ and God's word said I am to conduct myself in a manner that is worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ in every circumstance, no exception to it. That's pretty tough it's very tough well if you accepted the facts and secondly allegiance that you have to the Lord Jesus about number three establish foundations establish foundations well you know in America today.

We've got 100,000 wonderful foundations. The freedoms that we have and I tell you I'm one of those people.

I love the Constitution of this nation. I stand on the freedom to worship. I'm one of those people that believes profoundly in the Second Amendment. We have freedoms freedom from want and freedom from fear, freedom to provide freedom to work freedom to, and we believe in the equality of all people born on no exception when it comes to the foundations of a believer. There are three foundations number one trust in Jesus number to follow Jesus. Number three obey Jesus. That's foundational trust, follow and obey. That's what it means that's foundational.

That's the Constitution of every believer.

Our trust in Jesus, I'm gonna follow Jesus. I'm going to obey Jesus. We are not doing any of those.

Evidently in America today. I'm talking about among Christian people and if leaned on good windows that leave the rest of America because the salt loses its savor and if the salt loses its flavor. It's just gonna drop all over the place and men are going to trample on it. We are being trampled on America by people, mankind, men and women voices, the court of public opinion. Bad behavior. People just going ballistic.

Not us as believers. Surely my brothers and sisters, not us. We are to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Lord Jesus, God will do this for us because God can do this. Alright so number four getting down to bringing it all together.

Number four. Determine instructions well if we going to trust Jesus. This is foundational and began to follow Jesus and again to obey him.

What are his instructions by mother tell you that there are so many incredible instructions that God gives us a needs word he foods us with with his directors and they will get. That's the design for how good it my foundation is to is to trust and to follow into obey. Here it is, for I have to determine what his instructions are so I just singled out for them.

Is that okay you got, you can go home and and and get your Bible out, you never stop writing it down there so many that I'm just going to give you full all right here it is number one reprint and confess one John chapter 1 verse nine if we confess our sin. Jesus Christ is faithful and just to forgive us for our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness reprint and conveys you as a believer.

My friend me as a believer listen when you give your life to Christ and you're a follower of Christ doesn't mean to say you don't stop sinning and we are sinning against God. We are guilty of sin people. We are sinning against it. We are not living according to God's standards of holiness when not studying his word were not we not upholding his standard practices. We are not conducting ourselves in a manner that is worthy of Jesus Christ that is sent, and the Bible says repent and confess that we going to follow the instructions in a time like this. And God is going to do this. Number one repent and confess what you do that. Forgive the eruptions… Asked that question will we do that will we confess and repent reminding of the great scripture that says if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness be like to talk with someone Dr. Don insist I interrupt to give you this phone number so you know that you can have a conversation with us as you are listening and hearing from God's word through God's servant Dr. Don Wilton we love to speak with you.

Pray with you at 86689. Again, the numbers 866-899-6734 extra questions in these moments, let's go to the Scripture and find the answers that's 866-899-9673 or rather connect keyboard keyboard.

Let's do that online.

Our website is TW that's TW why you're there, sign up for the daily Encouraging Word devotional from Dr. Dottie comes out via email every morning and you can sign up right now be getting it tomorrow.

That's that today's message with Dr. Don Wilton on doing that.

Lord Jesus, I repent before you of my sin.

I can face my sent. I can face my anger I can face my hostility off confess my attitude the way I can face the way I just tell him that he will forgive you for that number two trust and acknowledge second instruction. Proverbs chapter 3 in verse five and six. Bible says in all your ways acknowledge him, trust in the Lord with all your heart, did you get that trust in the Lord.

That's to place yourself in his hands with all your heart. Listen folks trust with all your heart.

In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. We will here in America today, we're facing the inauguration of a new president. There are many people upset.

They many people rejoicing there are opinions every way everybody is going ballistic believers. Let's trust the Lord and acknowledge him watch this he will direct our paths. He's already there and he's going to show us where to go, how to go and how to get there and what's going to have Eddie keep his handcart because he loves us. Number three pray and plead just to reiterate, number one repent and confess these are instructions number two trust and acknowledge number three. Pray and plead in the book of Philippians chapter 4 verse six and verse seven. The Bible says be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known unto God and the peace of God which passes all understanding, will keep your heart and your mind. Even through the Lord Jesus Christ. You know that is so precious, that is so wonderful, my friends, what is it bring to bear. They what is God's instruction it eats to follow, pray, you know, even in our church we beginning a new initiative to prior all of us praying for revival, we doing that was starting that today this week this month for this year. We will leave it. Pray we are to seek our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come by will be done on earth as it is in heaven forgive us for our sin. Just as we forgive those who sinned against us. And please Lord lead us not into temptation, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and forever and forever. Pray and then he says, but pray and with supplication that would supplication they means your attitude with which you pray this. This is urgent, and God says listen this is what I meant to do for you. I'm on single pray and you come to me and you cry and you presented to me and you tell me about it, but do it with urgency. Folks, this is not a like a little powder puff little. Let's just have a little whisper pray with Jesus, God is calling upon us to call out to him with an earnestness, will you join me you join us through the Encouraging Word when you partner together with us.

Let's do this. People instructions repent and confess trust and acknowledge, pray and plead and then there's just one logical to give this to you as 1/4 instruction. Sprinkle and Shawn sprinkle and Shawn remember I read to you out of Matthew chapter 5 in verse 13. Sprinkle your salt Bible says you the salt of the earth. Listen, I hang around people at First Baptist Church of Spartanburg.

Every time I'm around so many of you and I get the latest from people all across our region. Precious people cannot read them every day just so many leaders coming in through the Encouraging Word and people worshiping with us in partnering with us and people from other churches in our communities use such salt you give such believe that you're so tasty. Sprinkle yourself around, give the given away.

Sprinkle the second part of that is Shawn you are the light of the world take that. Who do you often let somebody see the light coming out to you. Let your light so shine before this world that I was maced see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. All right. Dr. wrap up here with you. So what's a final would how can we bring the sword together.

Garrett is number five stand firm stand firm, God will do this second Timothy chapter 1 verse seven God's not given us a spirit of fear, my brother, my sister not given us three things in one spirit of love, or you don't see a lot of love going on. Do you just listen to our politicians listen to our presidents that people listen to us while God is love. He loves you and given us a spirit of fear given us a spirit of love sick in the spirit of we think we just so magnificent. But we are demonstrating our time uselessness people we are becoming a useless nation, God sees you. Give us power and 30 will give us a spirit of self discipline. It takes a self discipline person to conduct him or herself worthy of the calling of Christ that self-discipline and that's something that God gives to us so watch this if you take love and power and self-discipline of a community. What you're left with a spirit of fear, that's exactly where America is today. We are plunging into a spirit of fear with all our arrogance and convictions and finger-pointing and brittleness. God sees no none none stand firm. My friends, for I the Lord your God I love yourself much when I come in your heart and your life. I give you a spirit of power and of love and of sound mind, you will no longer have a spirit of fear is see. I think Billy Graham was right, my beloved friend Dr. Billy Graham. He said the future is as bright as the promises of God. I believe it. I believe there is hope for America. I believe tomorrow is going to be incredible these things to shallow costs and I believe God is causing you and me. People who love Jesus to look up into the face of God and to know that he has us in the palm of his hand. Would you value hits me for a minute every head bowed as you trust in Jesus as your Savior and Lord, you know him wanting to give your life to Christ today.

That is the question is when you give your life to Jesus Christ. If you have questions about what that really means your friends would love to speak with you one-on-one at the other end of 866899 word chapter number down stored in your salads available to connect with us anytime day or night. That's 866-899-9673 and right now as you are calling and maybe if you just thinking about calling would you open your heart to not just what Dr. Donna said from the pulpit but he comes in the studio what you want to share next from his heart. God has spoken to you hesitantly. You ready to give your heart to Jesus. I'd love to help you right now. Would you pray this prayer with me and accept Jesus into your heart and life. Dear God, I know that Arneson I know that Jesus loves me and died for me on the cross right now, I repent of my sin and I confess my sins, Jesus Christ coming to Maha Satan give me for my sin. Jesus name I pray a if you pray that pray we'd love to get alongside celebrate literature help users begin to grow and I want you to know that I love very very much. And by the way, don't leave, don't go away. What ever you do is I'll be right back.

Just pray that prayer gave your life to Jesus Christ and we dedicated your life. Welcome to the family of God. Welcome home. We have wonderful resources. Dr. done what you have what you need to call us and let us know what God is doing in your life 866-899-WORD as our phone number 866-899-9673. We love to put these wonderful resources in your hands that will help you grow in your faith help you get connected to a local church fellowship all that again starts with a phone call at 866-899-WORD 9673. If you'd rather connect keyboard keyboard were online as well. At TW that's OR G.

The fact that the place will discover this walking with giant series such a powerful surgeon, Dr. Wilton, careless with all the details about how to get your copy God's intended purpose for us never changed. I'm not we are overcoming students. Jesus Christ, word of God is alive and is relevant times in which we read there are countless testimonies of people who walked with God in the Bible. They are our out of witnesses to encourage us on the Christian journey. Learn from. You can block with God's journey with your gift of $20 or more in support of The Encouraging Word will receive Dr. Wilton new dynamic two-part series. Walking with God series to walking with God's Giants is available on CD or DVD includes four messages on the lives of Nehemiah Solomon and David Collis today at 866-899-WORD to request theories to walking with God's Giants.

If you missed the first theories you can request it to thank you for your continued partnership to help us hear the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world really is a powerful series, you can discover more and while you're there, sign up for the daily Encouraging Word become self conducted on every day. You can also get hardcopy for preferred but this morning Dr. done with right there in Psalm 55 talking about casting her burden of leasing the weight of it can sustain us again just another way we can encourage you.

It's absolutely free sign up for the daily Encouraging Word with love to put that in your email box to forgive your physical copy if you like a coffee or coffee will send out the mail at 866899 word 866-899-9673 and L closing thought from our pastor chief encourager Dr. Don Wilton you know before we go to the day of worship.

You know you and I have in the middle of our hearts, our beloved nation how much I love so you know this rule. So many of our Armed Forces across the world and we hear from many, many of them and we love them with my name. We respect them. They are our real heroes and I want you to join with me as we are praying for them that God would protect them and their families and loved ones, let's do that right now showing just before we got wanting to join the Lord Jesus, I'm joining with thousands of people right now I'm trying for our members. Our brave, brave members of our community and our world. Lori many overseas in strange and different places families left behind. Lord Jesus bless them. Keep your hand upon them every way in Jesus name. It's been a great day and that number again to connect with. This is 866-899-WORD at 866-899-9673 find that number in many ways to connect on our as well. Tomorrow we dive another two-part series with Dr. Don called dealing with God again. You might get a taste of it. You look ahead on our hope you join us again tomorrow at the same time and perhaps invite a friend for more of The Encouraging Word

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