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R874 When Your Suffering Makes Sense

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 28, 2020 8:00 am

R874 When Your Suffering Makes Sense

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 28, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton and how we can face suffering God's word faith in God, trusting him is a way to change our perspective on suffering in our own lives on suffering that perhaps ministry to the lives of others. Today we finish with the message when you're suffering makes sense. I know this counter intuitive to think that happened. How could suffering ever make sense to open the word of God together.

Dr. Don Wilton, our teacher, well-known evangelist, author and pastor gain insight, no are available for you to connect with you.

Our prayer line at 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 or now Dr. Don Wilton greatly rejoice, though now for writing.

You have two brief pain and suffering of all kinds here in this particular context. I will being persecuted they will be. They were suffering from every corner of the universe folks and Peter looked at them and he said listen, you can rejoice in these things. Even though you are suffering grief in all kinds of trials. Let me explain it to you these things these trials this suffering.

This pain has come so that you will of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire may be proved genuine and may result in praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. For though you have not seen him, you love him, and even though you do not see him not you believe in him, and often with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your soul.

Now what's this watch this I'm going to give to you six principles that will help you to make sense of your suffering. Now God is going to apply these things to your life. He's going to give you understanding. He's gonna enable you to minister to others.

He's going to carry you through the burdens of life.

Your suffering will only make sense number one when it is preceded by a living hope.

Now love the spokes. Peter puts it like this in verse three he says on the basis of God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ and his great mercy he has given us new birth onto a living hope this is the evangelism component of making sense out of suffering. God is about to lay the smack down and he's about to tell us something about our human condition. In other words, he saying to us. Listen people, you will remember understand your suffering which is difficult to understand. Outside of the fact that you have a foundation which is your living hope in Christ Jesus. Now I have the privilege from time to time of marrying young couples and sometime in the sessions in which we meet usually right up front somewhere.

I'll say something like this and I want you to love.

Maybe God will bless you with children one day, but I want to make a suggestion to you. Yes, you need to buy them a nice motorcar and you need to protect them and give them a refrigerator full of food and take them to flag football and and be in the stands for them and for you need a new all of those things that's the fun part of life.

It's absolutely necessary and we can have the best fun in the world but I'll guarantee you there's one thing that if you give to your sons and daughters. It is of more value than anything you can possibly give you an audit is that mom and dad love each other. I watch the spokes you show me a child that goes to school. That doesn't sit on the front row of the cafeteria that never gets invited to the prom that goes to all kinds of struggles that feels left out the ghost ruled the ring is at puberty and pain and everything else and that child can go through every kind of up and down you could possibly imagine. They could be persecuted looking they could be treated badly and bullied by everybody at school. But when they know mom and dad love them.

I'll tell you given them the greatest gift of life that you can possibly give them outside of salvation in Christ Jesus. That's what he's talking about.

You see, folks, this foundational living hope, of which the apostle speaks has three components number one it is founded on God's sovereignty. According to this matter. It is based upon God's mercy and it is provided for by God's son. Now watch this here I am and I'm suffering I'm going to play and I'm struggling with depression. I cannot understand it never seems to go away.

But I'll tell you, folks, you give me the sovereign grace and mercy of God, combined together with the provision of God's son, who gives to me through his blood, I direct passage into the heart of God and into the throne of God and I will do everything necessary to get through what I'm having to get through it makes sense that which doesn't make sense, it means I've got something to stand on folk you take away the platform you show me a child out there in our school system who goes to school every day and they walk out of their home and all.

There is us fighting and four letter words and fussing and feuding. They go to school and my subject to all the things that go on in school and then I come home and I got nothing to come home to do you want me to sit down and show you the end product you not know what we talking about.

So when you want to make sense of your suffering. It'll never make sense folks unless it's preceded by living hope to put that in the basic terminology.

Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ number two.

Your suffering will only make sense number two when it is rewarded by an eternal inheritance verse four the Bible says quite clearly because of the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, that I am delivered into continual continuing trends and inheritance that we will know what an inheritance is not I have a friend in Mississippi. I've known him for years donkeys years running for long time and I see him every blue moon at a conventional meeting summary once every two or three years but uploading for this guy is is a great guy but have you ever met someone your sight everything they touch turns to gold not with him everything he touches squawks groans with his guys, I mean he just can't get it I'm loading now probably 25 years and Gracie's heart he not I every time I see this guys on thin ice just cannot get it together.

He just cannot connect the dots. He's why he and his wife played.

They kinda live just on the age you know all the time. Always mapping and I remember saying that one, rising pulled the Cypriots out of Jackson. He and I were sitting there having a cup of coffee and I said to him, still struggling ha he said all man said how you do it you know possibly mean how do I do look at me. Many said everything I touched his withers and dies. I just can't get too bad. He said he said I'm quite happy said you know my dad's a very wealthy man on city is he said yeah I said he hasn't founded any talk to share that with me right now, but he said my dad is a very wealthy man told me what he's dad owned and so on. I mean very very wealthy man. I sit makes you happy about that.

He says well I'm an only child. He says I'm telling you something my inheritance is gonna be something else. I sit will wind you suppose your daddy and mom all going to go to heaven. He said all about 40 years from now I sit is that Rhonda said according to my calculation, that's gonna make you about 75 years of age.

One of us should listen 75 years of age, they might not be putting you in a box by the he said. Listen man. He said I bought my eyes on the prize.

He said if I'm 75 years of age. My Betty goes to heaven leaves it all to me and I have just one month. He said be the best month of my entire life. And if you knew this man I'm telling you folks, he is as genuine. He's got nothing. He just seems to go from one ruination and the zoster to another, but somehow in his mind he's got his focus on this inheritance that we know what inheritance is all about. Don't we tell you some time ago we got our boarding than him in the mile. A little thingamajig and it said that I have to send all lot of money down to the department.

Treas. Oren Brady or whatever his name is and I bought it right out all this money to get a tiny little stick. I mean a little dirty little piece of pipe 07 on ending you stick it on you on your tag so that when you ride around in Spartanburg. We got all these policemen riding around on your bumper and sing with you got to stick it in place these criminals out 10 people speeding and should the areas on my bumper to see without my stick and then stop me there and get our hands behind your back and turning like this. And here I am with my hands straight like that, being scripts and because I don't have a well.

The stick arrived but it wasn't for my son. I mean it wasn't for me. It was for my son Greg so I send this off to a great does your sticker put it on your motorcar, Greg says to me dad, I need to write you out a check. I tell you, folks, all that sugar I've been eating just began to melt me. I bought all this resolve. He needs to play. He's 25 years of a Arlene then money more than anything in the Army and I know I'm going to die without it being boy. He needs to learn how to stand and I get right up into the line and I say it's okay son, you don't owe me anything and Greg says, but I can do that. Why would you do something like that and I say to son how you make sense is if you're inheritance you make sense because God looks at you and says you and everything I have is for you. Number three suffering will only make sense when it is guarded by an unswerving faith please forgive the eruption will be back with the completion of today's message when your suffering makes Dr. Don Wilton in just a moment. The doctors on insist we remind you that where available not just as a presentation would present the gospel will present this great teaching to you. It's a joy to prove part of our call.

We also this to be conversation an opportunity for us to to to have some feedback with what God is doing through the power of 6899 Word 866-899-9673 or meters online, G. You can put something in the front of that darn that her pastor's first that's the email you sent to Dr. Kahn like to let you know what God is doing in your life how we can pray together. I can guarantee especially if your life is being changed the power for any reason. Just know that we would look for it with you and for you that email will get you connected to Dr. Don and R. Fulford, Don Dio Chinatown to hear from Palestine back in today's message here is the conclusion of when your suffering sentence with Dr. John when it is guarded by an unswerving faith in verse five he says faith are shielded by God's power and he gives to us of an unswerving faith. Number one, which is imperishable. It could never perish. Number two.

It is legible because it is shielded by the power of God, and number three. It is unchangeable because God will never change is about things because he is sovereign and he said the ways of God and made this myself and I can only make sense of my suffering based upon my unswerving faith. What does that tell me it tells me the essential ingredient of making sense out of my suffering, my frame is not determined by the quality of my because I can have a quality that can match up to the quality of a sovereign and a holy God.

It is not raw. The measured in direct proportion lot by the quality of my life, but by the content of my faith. What is life. I let you know. It is imperishable. It is untouchable. It is unchangeable because ice in the presence of the right to send a holy God. And I know that my God is exceedingly great about all that I could score even think that's quality faith that's quarantined that puts the emphasis on the right syllable quality faith has to do with God to inflate us to be with me and when I meet quality and quantity together.

I begin to make sense out of those things that I just cannot like saints. How do I make sense suffering from one when it's preceded by living hope when it's rewarded by an eternal inheritance when it's guarded by an unswerving faith number four when it is enveloped by spiritual joy in verse six and verse side he talks about joy.

He says you gonna have an inexpressible and glorious joy, but he qualifies it by saying in verse six. In this now, wherein lies my joy my joy does not blacken my suffering. My joy lies in this which is my living hope my eternal inheritance. My unswerving faith there is my joy, I cannot go to someone and say I know your suffering wanted to just have an inexpressible joy walk around smiling all day playing hearts my dear friends," but I am enveloped by spiritual joy because I know that my Redeemer lives. Number five because it is valued by a loving God.

Verse seven he says these things, because God is at work in you because God has a plan for you because God has a purpose for you because God is doing for you. What nobody else can do. I tell you, folks, it is an amazing thing that we can be valued by God. To that extent, that God would brace us like he does. I can only make sense of my suffering would not understand that God does not condemn me in my suffering.

In my pain, but God raw the values we that I get to the point at which I might say it doesn't matter what state I am there with I will the content because my God is able to supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. But number six. My suffering makes sense when it produces an unsurpassed testimony and unsupported taste when you look at verse seven he says these things happen in order that several things may be prudent friends. My praying in your pain-and-suffering and grief. The pain of the world and the pain of those that love the Lord Jesus Christ or billboards to the grace of God. Did you know that boy. I think of my dear sister and our friend Hannah.

So basically all man. Karen and I were in the hospital a week or so ago standing there at her bedside and she was going through more treatments and get there is an unsurpassed testimony that flows out of a hot every day we hear of reports of the unsurpassed testimony of Hannah Sbastien how God has used her suffering to touch the lives of countless thousands of people. I think of Brittany fog.

I think of as so often precious young lady who life taken so prematurely from us and I think the people that have come to know Jesus Christ. Because of her suffering in this congregation today. One of my dearest friends and Ola will pull scales visiting us for just two days from Brisbane Australia lost you my precious friend frame and his beloved wife Debbie scales taken into the presence of the Lord) Brisbane Australia moments before she died. She began to clap her hands and say I'm coming, I'm coming on the boys I meeting with her twin sons and her family waiting and seeking God in scales one of the most unchristian ladies I've ever met transported into the presence of the Lord want soup lost testimony. I want to thank you for two things today I want to thank all the doctors and nurses and medical personnel who are within the sound of my voice for the manner with which you treat those of us who hurt so bad you can go to the average doctor's office or to the dentist and their sick people like you and me.

I've never been into one of those rooms that people are sitting there bouncing off the wall saying how wonderful it is to be everybody's hurting everybody's in a rush, then the door opens.

Finally, you been waiting in line for what seems like everything I want you to sign up form and nobody wants to sign that form again.

Then you get into that room and we've got some of those godly wonderful practicing medical personnel that I've ever met that folks that you conduct a medical practice layering in practical limits because they stop looking out places and they practice I've never met anybody that wants to go to doctors offices, dentist office, get a pat on the back of the pool and be told to get lost. We will want the time of day. We all want to feel love them and will want to be part of an we've got people in our community who give out counselors in our parents and our teachers. I want to thank the people who help us to make saints out about suffering, but I want to thank all the people who are listening today who suffered all of you. Those of you that suffer so much you mama's grandmother's precious friends, members of churches people have gone through every kind of grief you could imagine.

You know who you are. Sometimes it's a loneliest world you've ever been. You got every justification to believe that nobody else could possibly understand what you're going through your rack suffering sometimes is so unique sometimes is nobody else who can understand. I want to I just want to thank whoever it is that's listening right now whoever is looking at me right now full of suffering and the pain that you've gone through and for the manner with which you unsurpassed testimony for Jesus Christ to student. Thank you for helping.

Some of us who haven't gone through the same pain makes sense of your suffering.

Thank you for helping us to help others make sense of their suffering and thinking. Thank you for parsing on to future generations. The things that touch the nerves of every one of us.

I tell you, dear friends, I thank you today I thank you because you make us the kind of people that we all you, like that divorce group of people who serve this country and paid a price you like those servicemen and servicewomen in all the wars that have traveled across the season taken bullets on our part. You're the ones that have paved the way and flown the flag you the ones that have stood the test of time. You, the mamas and the debtors who no matter how unpopular we become. You're always at home and you boys loved us.

Regardless, thank you for making a difference in some of you here ladies and gentlemen the grief that you've gone through the pain of separation is being so intense if I could walk out of the sport but right now I lay my hands on you if I could call upon the Lord Jesus Christ. If I could just cause God to move across this place and is power in the spirit for a general healing as you are so precious. The one thing I know that we can we can make saints suffering because we put a firm foundation upon which to stand.

So it begs one more question for you, standing on a foundation you know Jesus Christ. Maybe you came here this morning.

You know you didn't quite expect all of this. Suddenly it all makes sense.

You know you see the Bible tells us that God loved us so much that he gave us drinks gave us Jesus because Jesus is the cornerstone. He's the rock.

And when we got house the rock when the wind and the way, the house on the rock stands for when a house is not built on a rock, but it's built on sand other than the Lord Jesus Christ wind and the waves come in the house on the sand because we cannot make saints wrap up mentally today with this entire week of broadcast Encouraging Word is our prayer that the Lord is heard not just this wonderful South African brogue, Dr. Don time to make a change to make a course correction, and adjustment. Just another brick here to praise you through that next connect with us in a number of ways keyboard. The keyboard on her that TEW for The Encouraging Word free to give us a call at 866899 Word 86689996 and before we get away to take a moment to secure these closing thoughts her pastor chief encourager. Are you ready to give you 1/2 in life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why don't you pray this prayer with me right dear gone. I know that I was and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart.

In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news.

Perhaps you just given your life to Jesus Christ. You pray that prayer with Dr. Don or you've rededicated your life. If so, welcome to the family of God.

Welcome back to the family in the middle of all that's going on in this unique time the virus in the separation and just know this God can use even this suffering you for this time to draw us closer to each other in the body. Draw us closer to the Lord has done that life is way today.

Let us put some free resources in your hands.

Given your life to Christ or we dedicate your life. Please call 866-899-WORD and let Dr. Don. That's 86689967. Pray with you those resources and send that to you and maybe I know that were still connecting virtually in some areas gather just know the God called us to courage.

You don't have a local church home.

We have a wonderful network resources, not just around the nation with now around help you find a church within a couple where you are in most situations.

Jim shall love to help.

So if you need help finding a church, call 866899 Word that's never jotted down. Start your sellers feel part of Dr. Don Wilton your 2 AM friend network packet.

Pray for you anytime at 866-899-9673 connecting online as well. Here's a list of the details of website. Our online store online like having a Christian bookstore at giving four hours a day, you will find sermon preached by Karen this evening reading where it is a newer God to supply our needs for listening today. Wonderful weekend together Sunday 99

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