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R875 When Your Life Stinks

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 1, 2020 8:00 am

R875 When Your Life Stinks

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 1, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton open.yes we just did seeing The Encouraging Word but the topic today is when your life stinks and the truth is even in the midst of our desire to encourage one another. We need to be real about some of those valley moments in her life for life really does stink. The good news is you're not in this alone.

God promised never to leave you or forsake you and we're here for you as well for connecting that's TW and 866-899-WORD 866-899-WORD 9673 but now Dr. Dodson open God's word together and let God speak to this topic when your life stinks that anything that happens to us happens to us by mistake just lost like a very precious young lady send this to me. We were talking about Jonah and she lost me this question. She said Boston. Do you look pretty, believe that I fish swallowed Jonah, I mean do you really believe this to be literally true. I said without any doubt in my mind I said absolutely yes and I went on further and I told her that I have two reasons why I say yes. Reason number one is probably the only one that I made and that is that God said any questions.

I told her in our conversation, I said you know, I've come to the point where I do not believe that God ever needs explaining. I have that kind of profound belief in who God is gone. This disease would this Bible, God said not believe it regardless.

So yes, I believe that a big fish swallowed John, I say, but it just so happens that I believe it based upon personal experience, so I'd like to share a very quick story with you this morning I grew up as a young boy right on the Indian Ocean of southern Africa and it was an amazingly beautiful part of the country still is today. You can just imagine the Indian Ocean. It is truly magnificent massive waves and just spectacular. What I believe an ocean debate and just teaming with fish and with the foul and with everything you can possibly imagine. And one of the fish that are common to that areas the while.

Now we will love to look at whales on National Geographic and some of us have been around the I'm one of the that's where we grew up in Wales were not uncommon where we lived and the blast on the Indian Ocean was a whaling station but I tell you something folks if you've been around the paper mill and use melt a pipe about you. I smelled nothing until you've been around a whaling station but I remember one time with my little friend Terry from the next door neighbor. We were up there and we went down this babble the rules and regulations. We went down and I remember as a little boy. I remember two or three of us climbing into the elite of the whale, but folks I remember being with my friends in the about what you and we get out we would be stinking to high you cannot. I believe Jonah got swallowed by a big fish and also believe that when he was in that fish he was in the stinkiest place you could possibly be what I want to speak to you on this morning when your life stinks you got it. It's turning our Bibles to Jonah chapter 1 I like to read this to you. I was tempted to start outlining.

By definition what a person's life looks like. When they life stinks and I just felt in my heart. God didn't want me to do that I might use a few illustrations but watch the spokes.

Everybody look at me if your life stinks you know it. I don't have to tell you, you know it. You don't have to tell a man he's in the belly of the whale.

That's read about this Jonah chapter 1 verse one in the word of the Lord came to Jonah sonogram, a tie, go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it. By the way, every time I read that I think about our churches, not only here but across America. God never commissioned the New Testament church to be popular. God never invited those of us who love the Lord and preach his word to do anything but to stand up for the righteousness of God, which means that we must oppose the wickedness of that which the file has the holiness of God that watchlist go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it because it's wickedness has come up before me. But Jonah ran away from the Lord, how you doing, by the way, and he headed for Tarshish, he went down to Joppa where he found a ship bound for that port off the plane. The fate he went aboard and sailed from talking to flee from the Lord. Then the Lord sent a great wind on the sea.

By the way, can I just emphasize that Hussein the great wind God did you need to stop asking those questions, God is going to get your attention one way or the other. That's how much he loves you. Then the Lord seem to great wind on the sea and such a violent storm arose that the ship threatened to break up all the sailors were afraid meet cried out to rezone God they threw the car going to the seed to lighten the ship but Jonah had gone below deck, when he laid down in failing to a deep sleep. The captain went to him and said how can you sleep get up and corneal God. Maybe he will take notice of us and we will not perish, then the sailors said to each other, let us cost lots to find out who is responsible for this calamity by cost lots in the lock fell on Jonah so they often tell us who is responsible for making the struggle for us. What you do when you come from, what is your country from what people are you Jan said I am a Hebrew and I worship the Lord, the God of heaven who made the sea and the land. This terrified them and they lost you none.

They knew he was running away from the Lord because he had already told them so.

The sea was getting rougher and rougher so they Austin. What should we do to you to make the sea calm down for us pick me up and throw me under the seat.

He replied and it will become calm. I know that it is my fault that this great storm is come upon you instead in the main did they bash the road back to the land that they could not for the sea grew even wilder than before. Then they cried to the Lord, O Lord, please do not let us dive for taking this man's life. Do not hold us accountable for killing an innocent man for you, oh Lord done as you please.

Then they took Jonah they threw him overboard and the raging sea group call at this the main greatly fear the Lord and they offered a sacrifice to the Lord and made vows to him, but the Lord provided a great fish to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was inside the fish three days and three nights and from inside the fish. Jonah prayed to the Lord is God. I want to speak to you for a moment about when your life stinks.

I maybe share with you six major principles folks I tell you, God wrote these things on my heart. I just want to share them with you.

Number one principle number one when your life stinks re-examining you all before you examine where you all you have to think about these principles here it is number one re-examining you all be full you examine where you all I told you I'd use just wanted to illustrations. Let's talk about marriage just for a moment.

He has a couple this man and this woman I meet forming love, get married on honeymoon.

Some years later. Sometime later, just little things start happening usually always starts that way, something said something not saying some behavior. Whatever this just starts coming up. Then it gets worse then mountains go to molehills and all of a sudden they marriage stinks. If the truth were known, they may be still married, but they going through all kinds of problems and I guess what happens. Folks, if you're in a marriage and where you all is not a pleasant place to be your circumstances related to where you are all in and of themselves going to prevent you from doing what needs to be done in the change your marriage to get back on track folks paying parts doesn't unhappiness makes you want unhappy. What is anger make you angry so you all is the greatest means by which you are prevented from doing what you need to know where you are, so how do you respond to that many times when I have the privilege of counseling with couples is a great honor. I have yet by the way, to find a marriage that's just nothing ever goes wrong when I when I counseled with couples. Many times I get to a point at which I'll say to both the husband and the wife would you mind if I meet with each of you individually, because as long as we are meeting together with all is going to cloud their judgment, but as soon as we can meet together individually. We have an opportunity to examine gently. He each of those people. And when you re-examine you all you find yourself at the point at which you mean to be better equipped to respond to where you all see when I re-examine who I am what you want to come to the conclusion about well I can come to the conclusion well you could see me but I'm actually a Christian man by the way, when you go through conflict.

You don't necessarily feel very Christian. The soul I need to re-examine what my faith means because I'm a Christian means that I actually marked according to a different company I bought a platform to stand on what someone to consult greater is he that is in me than he that is in the eye, but a means beyond myself and when I come back to the point where I re-examine who I am is a Christian as a man as a gentleman as a person who knows what the love is what it means to say sorry and to ask for forgiveness to humble myself to be a servant. I am now in a better position to examine means that I need to examine all to address where I principle number one folks. What happened to John. Re-examine who you are before you examine when all folks. I know people go through the entirety of their life because clouds Dave judgment judgment is clouded surrounded by the Spanish.

This limits the struggle listening to Dr. Don Wilton will be back with more of today's message in just a doctor that I want you to know that no matter where you find yourself at this moment, we believe God is providentially connected us with your listening to us online on the radio. However, you might be connecting God's intention is for you to know that he loves you soon.

Restoring want you to come home you like to have someone talk with your pray with you.

We are joined at 86689673. That's 866-899-9673 or meet us

Now back to today's message principle number two. Realize why you always wanted verse three.

Chapter 1 of Jonah having Jonah realize why you ran away from that was the reason/thank any more questions. Couple years ago I remember running into this in our church. All of us. We have real compassion for our people.

While this particular man. You know I got into a conversation with began to talk to him Driggs re-examine who he was God's life we meet then we are trying to help them realize why he was where he was well in this particular man's case boy told me how he had grown up in Spartanburg was disobedient to parents, ran away from home didn't want to study dropped out of high school. Finally, by God's grace. When the college didn't even like that was playing the game started dabbling in alcohol and drugs went from one save it to another people begging within churches praying with them and a whole lot of stuff you say pasta what you accomplishing I tell you what I accomplished a lot with that man that day, folks.

Because the bottom line he looked at me and he said to me, preacher. My life stinks and I know why. Well, I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord, and the privilege of recommending him to a helping ministry center because I knew silver Roman now people would provide for him. I recommended him to come to church and get involved. But we go through a process to get realize why you all where you all.

Number three. Remember lose you all, no matter where you all remember lose you all, no matter where you all now folks watch this does not condemn, listen carefully, listen carefully today. I beg of you, God does not condemn you because your life stinks. What is a natural fallout when you end up in the belly of the way. When you're in a circumstance that you cannot get out of. When you cruising below the surface when you're being thrown overboard and natural thing is I'm abandoned. God doesn't even know about me anymore. You know, it occurred to me when I was starting Jonah folks.

God never abandons Jonah not one single New York second.

Remember who you are not back away you all kind of reminds me of the prodigal son was in her stinky place to remember lose you all you see you re-examine who you are before you examine where you are and if you realize why you all way you and you remember lose you are, no matter where you are to stand up and say well, God is who he says he is going to go back to bed. You gotta go back to the point of your first commitment. You gonna realize that mom and dad still love you going to come to a point where it you got a site you know it's not worth taking my life. I've got a reason to live on valued I'm not just some out cost. Yes, I might be in the belly of the whale, but I'm in the palm of the hand of a God who loves me despite myself. Principle number four relinquish all you are. Despite you all. I tell you I love this in verse 12. You see in verse nine folks when he remembered he belonging to remembering you all and as you are, no matter where you are on anything on the Hebrew and not worship the Lord your God.

Well, that plaintiff verse 12, which is our fourth principle relinquish you on the spot where you are.

Folks watch what happens in verse 12, they came to him and say what must we do. He said throw me overboard. That's the definition of to relinquish all you on the spot where you will well just think about when Jonah was no dummy folks here he is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea is raging the ships about the breakup there's every kind of creature wrapped in the sea. He knows he knows exactly where he is but he says that said, I let go toss me overboard.

How you get more of a relinquishment trust me overboard. You see folks, one of our biggest problems when we go through crises and lack is that we still hold on our counsel. With so many married couples folks that going through difficulties and one or both of the partners are so desperate to hold on. Yes I know we're in this quagmire not know what we going through and I know that it's something I know this and I know that I know that what I'm telling you, I won't later get away with this God says relinquish all you are.

Despite we going to let go.

I promise you, my beloved friends as long as you keep holding on, your life will continue to stink you not being delivered from the belly of the whale you got link wish you all this way you all and some of you, my dear friends have been through the worst kind of playing you look back and you say I made a mistake there I made a mistake. There and I paid the consequences cannot play in the cup landed. Now it's time we let God take control stop sitting in the backseat. Relinquish all you all the spot where you are. Principle number five respond to cruise you all from where you all look at chapter 2 in verse one are riveting from inside the fish. Jonah prayed to God.

This principle number five respond to please you all from where you are not folks. Jonah prayed in the belly of the whale in a very stinky place. Principle number five respond to God from where you are because of lose you all here is what most of us. Now, Lord, I'm real sick.

I'm in this hospital room.

I'm going to pop in my throat choose down my nose. I tell you what I know who I am and I re-examined and I'm willing to relinquish but I tell you what I'm going to you get me out of this hospital room. I'm going home sitting down with my wife and turn you are going to respond to you or what I meant to get so serious God says start talking. But Lord you don't seem to understand about a parking lot throat. I'm just gonna gobble that's okay I understand Volvo just gobbling the folks we do.

This is people.

That's human nature. Lord, you know, please, if you just give me $1 million on them respond to you. You give me that million dollars. I'll show you what I'm gonna do God said to me, see what you do with the $10 you respond from where you are sorry as I have young people all the time say to me for around 10 yuan in the 10th grade. I cannot wait to get to college and you gotta get to college respond to God in the 10th grade, as you go 11th 12 bang bang bang in your out before you know you fallen off a log, respond to please you all from where you all. Lord, if you just fix my marriage, Lord, if you'll just tell you what you do this for me and I promise you when I get out there, you watch what happens. Principle number five respond to who's you are from where you all. Principle number six now this is a good one report for duty after you have left where you all are nominally give you the six principles folks because these are important when your life stinks when you're in the belly of the whale principle number one. Re-examine who you are.

Be full you examine where you all. Principle number two. Realize why you all where you all faceup put it down admitted.

Number three. Remember lose you all, no matter where you are gone as an abandoned band and you you know how many times I've seen that principle in this church wrote this church let me not being generic in this church. You know how many times I've seen people in this church who go through tough times. The breakup of a marriage and as soon as they go through tough times. They moved from the front to the middle to the back and they move out of the house of God, you don't smell them for your run into them. Six weeks later at the sandwich factory. You're at the beacon and I dodge an avoidant dock folks you want to be me.

I spent half my time looking at people who would not serve among docs, I mean all the people that everywhere I go walking at restaurants 9/10 people you protect times.thanks.

I had someone the other night with the main wall, typing like a I'm thinking about my wonderful people folks do not done nothing to me with this. Nothing daunting. They mean anything, but something happened. They went through something they did. They we stay hunting. They were out of sorts like thing down and out.

They marriage fell apart. Maybe they send guess what happens folks remember lose you on the matter where you are. Number four relinquish you on the spot.

You all let it go. Let it go, five respond to who's you off from where you are and number six report for duty after you have left where you are. That's exactly what happened in chapter 3 in verse three God came to Jonah a second time and saving Jonah go and do what I told you to do.

In verse three of chapter 3. Jonah went second chance could you find yourself right now in that situation were you know God's given you instruction Satan's perhaps you need to be reminded. Most important, yes any of us ever.

Yes kitchens save don't go away right now Has the most important 60 seconds of our product. God has spoken to you hasn't you ready to give your heart to Jesus. I'd love to help you write would you pray this prayer with me and accept Jesus into your heart and life. Dear God, I know that Iversen I know that Jesus loves me and died for me on the cross.

Right now I repent of my sin and I confess my sin to the Lord Jesus Christ coming to my heart and say today and forgive me for my sin. Jesus name I pray a million. If you've prayed that pray we'd love to get along side of you and celebrate seen you some literature help you as you begin to grow and I want you to know that I love you very very much. Perhaps you just respond praying along with Dr. Donner. You to respond to have a conversation, let's let's finish this concept right now saying yes kitchens can call us at 866899 word 866899673 or meet us is a brand-new resource about Daniel. Liz has all the details coming up next. Nice thing is working overtime to counteract evil all around for the little with your get that support Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Daniel Pratt in the story. 99 mean anything. Studying God Tomorrow is when joining you.

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