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Are All Marriages Really Made in Heaven? (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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January 4, 2022 7:00 am

Are All Marriages Really Made in Heaven? (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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January 4, 2022 7:00 am

Three ways believers find marriage partners; Pastor Paul's thoughts on arranged marriages and the TV seriesMarried at First Sight;based on various Bible passages.

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Three ways believers historically have found their marriage partners number one, seeking a spouse according to what I called the Cinderella theory was that that's the theory that there is one that slipper perfectly.

There is one person walking this earth that you supposed to be married to Cinderella and other stories on today's edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard hello and thanks for stopping by. Believe it or not marriages that begin as a fairytale don't always have a happily ever after ending marriage is hard work, no matter how it got its start today pastor Paul talks about the three ways believers in Christ have historically found their spouses along the way to tell you which of the three is the most popular method in the world but brace yourself, his revelation may very well surprise you today's messages straight ahead so stay with us or visit pastor to listen on demand. That's pastor, you can subscribe to the podcast. It's bona fide at A podcast whenever you get your podcast is Pastor Paul.

Today's Destin for victory message are all marriages really made in heaven. How do you find a good partner or for some people the right partner. How do you find the right partner for some who believe there is a thing of the right one good partner.

Glad you asked an ongoing to give you three ways believers historically have found their marriage partners number one, seeking a spouse according to what I call the Cinderella theory was that that's the theory that there is one that that slipper perfectly fits just like in the story Cinderella lot of people believe that's what areas one person walking this earth that you supposed to be married to and you can shake them from the belief I've known believers over the decades. They believe that there will be confuse with any other ideas that person before you.

People often talk about. I'm looking for my person as if there is one. The guy searched the earth and find all access to theory a mental bother that belief. Second is seeking a spouse according to the any good size 8 will do. See if you got the Cinderella does long perfect look for that one slipper and all the other feet right then the other view is good size 8 will do on the other looking for good size 8 and so there are some people who found a spouse by in other words, looking for certain compatibilities. They had a certain list of reasonable thing here is what I need in a marriage partner. And this is what I'm looking for and then the third is receiving a spouse via arranged marriage. Those of the three methods that people use believers all around the world and through the centuries have used defined a partner if you want to contend one is the legitimate one and the other is an illegitimate you I personally believe because of what I said earlier that marriage is an institution, God ordained, but is voluntarily entered into by two people choose to be together that all three of them are people in all three categories who are well married blessed in their marriages. So I don't think it's one-size-fits-all, you who believe in Cinderella, you go right on, but there are three ways and so you need to know that now the historic and cultural practice of arranged marriage is actually worldwide.

The most popular of the 3C you will note in America because in America we think everything dramatic then the Western Hemisphere. We think everything is spooky and and and ordained in an predetermined then there's this one person.

You gotta meet some your sisters all started really know all these fairytales about the prance and so so you think it doesn't prance, God bless you.

I was single women in this church and most times I bring to godly sensible looking, good jobs, all I wish I could give all plants but the fact of the matter is, it simply was a wonderful fairytale doesn't pan out in real life.

There are Christian women down through the centuries who were godly who are available who are open to getting married and the issue is while they were ready and available all suitable guide never came knocking on their door who could upgrade them. Let me just shoot straight past.

Gotta shoot straight single sisters. I applaud some your focus solely on Hannah, but when you use so that he wasn't going to take you anywhere above where you are in fact silly. All what I had to do a downgrade to hook up with some of what has knocked on your door and called you and texted you and Instagram to NDM to so why go down, trying to look for companionship.

Just a question, just a question. Just a thought. If you want to see many you have the right because you voluntarily enter into it. I've seen people say I just would rather be with him. I know he's not everything I would looking for this rather not be alone okay but at what cost. You need to talk to some action married friends tell me some stories not only McNeil, Joe Marist or what but tell me about some people you know and gather some information because I don't want to seal go down trying to improve your life because it's not going to work out too well. Now let's just talk about the fact that the Cinderella thing. Some folks are looking for that one person. God bless you going to your faith be it unto you. As far as I'm concerned. I hope that works out for you. Others in the good size they will do: look for your size. A prayerfully look for your sizing use and don't blame the others. We are just not spiritual prescription looking for size 8 you been shopping at the store just because you know what size you need me next door has it to go to many a store to find the right size 8 so you don't need to trust God, you still need to pray. You still need to seek the Lord's direction. Do you know that Abraham sent his son to find Isaac a life that I run around trying to find my son alive, but in that day it was normative and in today's world. I start to say earlier, more than half the people now in today's world worldwide.

Do it by arranged marriages. Nearly 60% seat with American that shocks us but limiting Zumba now Americans are figuring out because now we got a show on TV called married at first sight married at first sight. They have had 11 seasons as of this day when I'm preaching in March 2020, 21, the 12th season is on the way. I have looked at the 12 season your pray and fast for the couples in the 12 season quitting when we get back to the 11 the 11 completed series.

Let me just give you some information jotted this down.

Of the 11 seasons completed today of married and foresight which is an American TV series that premiered in July 2014 of those 11 seasons, 39 couples have been matched by these people who call themselves experts. They call themselves experts at 39 couples have been matched out of these 39 who they've matched 24 of the couples actually chose to stay married on what they call decision day.

So of the 39, of all the 11 seasons who they put together 24 which is 60% of those chose to stay married after either six or eight weeks. Whatever it is, being married because you start out they meet at the altar. Literally, they meet at the altar and they get married and then for the next several weeks. They are married and then decision they come they got to decide whether they will stay married 60% of the 39 couples stayed married or said they were choosing to stay married on decision day. Now half of goals have since divorced all the 24 that shows it. 12 are divorced.

So as of December 20, 2012 of the couples remain married, making the overall success rate. 30%. It just makes the point. Experts can't live your lives for you. You gotta figure out do you want to do what it takes to have a working relationship with this person and these are people who for the most part, certainly the experts are basing anything they do on spiritual principles are distorted based on what they think are sociological norms that would predict a successful marriages. Bottom line is okay how spooky you are or how clinical you are going to have to make the marriage work. Nobody can make it work for you know expert can make it happen.

So back to Abraham. So this goes out because Abraham sent out to go find my son alive.

Given the parameters don't go here to go there. You gotta go there, look among his own people and five and so he goes out but the servant goes out saying what I'm doing.

So I need you to point out a person who would be so for various family and he put out a certain fleece and read Genesis 24.

When you get a chance to be with the story and you know what happened got out of the prayer of the servant and that resulted show love in Rebecca showing up.

He took her back and she married Isaac wonderful doesn't mean it will perfect their marriage lasted their marriage work. They were perfect people.

Rebecca was straight on this functionalism, you know the story you read Jacob and Esau and Rebecca love kids need another one simply trying to tell you you got a get out of jail and commented on real spooky it was when you got together you find out who that person is you really want to link your life with your life still ahead. The second half of today's destined for Victor message with pastor Paul Sheppard who is senior pastor just to the Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California.

We want to take a moment to thank all of you who sustained destined for Victor with your prayers and financial support, gifts that help pastor Paul share the gospel all over the world destined for victory is a listener supported ministry. So as God leads these prayerfully consider making a gift to destined for victory today. You can give your gift securely or by calling 855-339-5500 I'm sure you read fairytale love stories as a child Cinderella and sleeping beauty and all the rest of them.

Hollywood perpetuates the same idea with many of his own love stories, you're invited back to the real world next to the rest of today's destined for Victor message for all marriages really made in heaven.

Once again, here's pastor Paul and let me tell you are members of destiny.

That's why I believe in pre-engagement counseling.

Yes, I do premarital counseling.

I've done several couples while during this pandemic we did on zoom and I meet showing off, but they already days and I'm still going to give the information try to help them.

What do I give my questionnaire that I personally wrote over the years.

When I learned how to keep Marion crazy and I didn't say make sure you check this out this this this this this and I've had over the years I had some people come back and they broke up they never did get engaged and Absalom said thank you so much. Make a big mistake.

Can you help me pastor. I have some I give me a big offering because I helped him keep from Marion crazy so back to the matter is you gotta make this thing work. I will do pre-engagement already existing one can't help but I would much rather do pre-engagement Mineola just start to think about maybe lives up and wanting only say okay pastor Paul said call him because you know why you know why that's better because before you engage before you billing and before you picking out dates and venues and telling all your friends and and put up on Instagram all the blank and all that stuff. I want to sit around which all you know why because I'm in love with me. The wanted y'all so I can shoot straight and tell you the truth I love you but I'm somewhat in love. See y'all just so goosebumps and distal hooked up sound for that which would either want to go so I can just shoot straight say okay God bless you find out about how to hook up and how to get together.

I learned not to use words CMO I sent to a couple hook up and visit sex. But in my world back in the back of the wagon train days SIMPLY mean getting together like them because they are so doing physical stuff, but they help me.

So now that means hook up when accusing you learn as I go boy I tell you what pastor and in the 21st century is no joke for real old people, but we will get through it. But here's the thing I want to help you think sensibly ask the right questions looking to write issues okay how much he loved you and we love his mama house. He treated his sisters. What is he doing he gets angry. Have you seen him get angry see I can help you.

I can say to the woman off-line from the zoom thing. I say pick a fight, pick a real good fight, since you will not engage in pick a real good fight, find a way. If you need me to help you come up with some ideas pick a good one, we need to see what he act like when he calls you know what caused you some y'all heard it, but we got a lot of new people plus I want him to get to my Jack-in-the-Box story, here's the problem. When you date somebody y'all put your best foot forward you look your best. You smell your best you got all your great closure. Go to the restaurant that before Kovic and you sit there in the dark restaurant and there's a little candle and in the flames flickering in your faces look all beautiful and all that you said may have in this nice meal and you have a nice conversation getting to know them put your best foot forward. If those days of single and dating can be 5 Mason Ln., emissaries will talk more about the fact that you can't just date you got a new weight would get back to the matter is you said you only the last you know you normally click up now you submitted to Saul somebody's got to help you get down to the rich could you not marrying that person sitting across the flame flickering you will marry who they are when they tiredly when a man you will marry their background got merited there, how they dealt with the family dysfunction so I need to help you get in touch with that before you say I do. That's the whole idea and I've always framed it in the Jack-in-the-Box story your members kids Jack-in-the-Box the box is pretty got these little pictures on it and looks at whatever is on is really pretty and it engages the child's attention and then has a little connected to the that's when Jack comes out trying to help you meet Jack Koziol date and you married and and you think you will marry the box is all pretty and gorgeous and wonderful. So I'm a teacher had click be to diluted is what you need to see what Jack looks like how angry jackets how dysfunction objectives. How accountable. Jack is your sister bring me a man who's willing to resign a little mentally what to do.

This will no want to do. What chance you think you have of getting him to live right as your husband and here he won't even submit to a God ordained leader in the body of Christ.

God himself gave apostles, probably vendors, pastors and teachers, especially those of us who pastors were spiritual parents, we guide people through their spiritual journey and he will submit to and you think he's will be a suitable husband. You are an accident waiting to happen and I could give you a boatload of people who can verify what pastor just say it is true.

So you got a deal with the real issues so that's it for this pitfall number one this whole idea, believing that God's promise a spouse to every single person who wants to get married is simply not there. You have the opportunity to get married. But God hasn't made a personal promise. God is not eHarmony on high on high fact of the matter is, God is not that he has ordained an institution. He can be as involved as you want.

Just like Abraham's arm and said, Lord, please guide me and help me because I don't know what I'm doing. You're free to do that but I'm simply trying to let you know marriages even if they are made in heaven that some people swear they are not all are. And furthermore, even if yours was made in heaven is gotta be lived on earth on earth. People can get on your nerves. Have y'all live long enough to meet somebody who you genuinely are thrilled and excited that they just give you goosebumps today. Make your spine shivering your liver should all let life happen and you see the real them when they're angry when the irritable when angry, hungry and angry, you need to see that angry bad combination me food and need to go some windshield you need to find out. But how do they handle because God wants you child of God, to live the abundant life and better to all that you my listener what pastor is telling you then to just go jump headlong if they all got the word that we both love Jesus loving Jesus done make marriages work.

I know a whole lot of people love Jesus case stand each other, telling they married and they stood up in front of God and witnesses and promise till death.

Not till misery, but with a little misery came they took off so I need you to let the Lord speak to you through this series, I got the dim sum is gone before married and single people, but let me just help you, because you can live the abundant life. Here's the thing I love you can live the abundant life with nobody else's permission. I don't need a spouse. I don't need a boyfriend girlfriend. I don't need all the parents I'll meet anybody to help me live the abundant life life to the folder. Jesus promised that Bob, I just follow his work build regulation to talk about and all the other ingredients living successfully as a single let those words seek deep into your spirit today you can live the abundant joyful Christian life without the permission of anyone on earth. Jesus bought it with his blood and you can have at the moment you put your faith in him. If you need prayer today. If you're single and wish you were married. If your marriage is sometimes wish you were single or if you're facing any challenge at all.

The destined for Victor ministry team would like to join you in prayer, visit pastor use the contact feature to share your prayer request with us while you're there sure to sign up for pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement. Yours, at no cost or obligation. Did you know that less than half of Americans identify themselves as member of a church, synagogue or mosque or any other religious organization.

It's true, 20, 21 Gallup poll confirmed it. This may sound discouraging but pastor Paul believes it should actually excite us in his DVD message influencers for Christ.

He explains why in this month.

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That's tomorrow would pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message if I only had a spouse. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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