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REShow: Jerry O’Connell and Kevin O’Connell - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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October 20, 2023 2:11 pm

REShow: Jerry O’Connell and Kevin O’Connell - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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October 20, 2023 2:11 pm

Actor Jerry O’Connell joins Rich in-studio where he reveals how much he’s having hosting ‘Pictionary,’ if he has more pets or fantasy football leagues, weighs in on the Michigan spying allegations and makes a TMI revelation about his wife’s (Rebecca Romjin) Instagram account, and much more.

Rich and the guys react to TJ revealing that he still hasn’t unboxed the ping pong table he won on ‘The Price Is Right’ two years ago.

Vikings Head Coach Kevin O’Connell tells Rich how he’s prepping his team to face Brock Purdy and the 49ers on Monday Night Football, responds to the whispers of Kirk Cousins being on the trade block, and provides in update on injured All-Pro WR Justin Jefferson.

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Really? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. How have you been able to adjust where you're definitely more famous every passing day than the day before, Brock?

I don't try to think that I'm somebody else or something bigger. Today's guest, actor and host Jerry O'Connell, Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. And did we celebrate our ninth anniversary last week? We just didn't. We were just missed. I mean, you were not here.

I was not here. But this is the first time in, I think, nine plus years of our show being a television product that your last name has to be O'Connell to appear on the second hour of the program or any hour of the program. Kevin O'Connell, the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, joining us in our number two. And thus, the voice you're hearing, he's allowed on this program right now. Because his name is Jerry O'Connell, one of our favorites to ever appear on this program. And he just knocked me over the feather.

The host of Pictionary season two airs weekdays on Fox owned stations across the country. You just knocked me over with a feather by saying you've never been here. You've only called into the show. I've never been in.

I mean, first time to see you in person. Long time caller. Let me just say, you, everyone here, you missed the trifecta. What's the trifecta that you missed today? Coach Kevin, me, starting QB this weekend. Aiden O'Connell, guys, come on.

We have a segment available in between Jerry now and Kevin later on in the hour. He's starting. Is that confirmed? I haven't seen it anywhere. I don't know.

It's up in the air. Could be Brian Hoer because for some reason the football gods can't quit Brian Hoer. By the way, my cousin, Aiden, looked great. I'm not kidding.

I thought he looked really good. The Raiders are a scrappy team. I'm excited for them. Well, and the Raiders, how chill and un-chill is this is they gave him Derek Carr's number. Thanks, Derek.

See you. Let's throw the four on Aiden. Wasn't that game tough to watch last night? Oh, man.

Well, until those points started going like crazy. No, but like you got like I got to tell you, I had I had nightmares about Foster Moreau last night. Seeing him on the sidelines with his head. That is that is the agony of defeat right there. It is so tough. Should. Honest. Honest question.

Everyone here. Should he have had that catch? I mean, the ball was. Yeah.

In the air. It was it was there for him to have. Any excuses? No. That's harsh, man.

What would be the excuse, though? It was a little over. Just a touch overthrown.

I don't know. I mean, honestly, I've been through a lot, but it hit his hand. He has been through a lot.

That might be the only thing is it's just like it's been a while since he's been in these situations. But that was hard. I thought you were saying it was a tough watch because you were going against Travis Etienne and one of your fantasy leagues. I do love fantasy. How many leagues are you in? I mean, I'm in an illegal amount of leagues.

It's actually illegal in some states. The amount the the amount of leagues I'm in. I am in a two QB league with a lot of your friends, a lot of the cast members of the league. Oh, you're in that one.

Yes. And it's a two QB league. So it's very frustrating. How many teams are in this league? Only 12. They're not even 24 starting quarterbacks in the NFL. There's 32 teams in the NFL.

I think there are. I think you can get away with 24. It's like it hits like 28 or something where it gets iffy. But I did draft Derek Carr thinking that he in a lava and Mike Thomas and when Kamara came back, he was just going to light it up.

And I was incorrect about that. Back to back 300 yard games, though. I mean, I don't know if that means in my fantasy league that I want to win.

That's a five yard five yard bonus. It's just a little too painful when you're seeing Taysom running into the end zone and stuff. It's just you can't it just it keeps you up at night. You're angry at your kids for the next six days.

Your wife, you don't want to talk to them. Oh, I do want to get to this Coach Harbaugh cheating scandal for a second. Sure, go for it. That I heard you guys talking about. You know, it is interesting. Yes.

You're such a sweetheart. Go ahead. I do want to get to this. I mean, you know, I'm old enough to remember when Coach Belichick was accused of this by Coach Mangini. Remember all this? Spygate, it was called. Spygate. By the way, when you go to the bathroom here at the R.E.

show, there's a picture of Coach Belichick looking at you and it says, do your job. Do you like that one? Is it unsettling? I got a little stage fright. It was a little tough. It took me a second or two to get to get going, you know. And then it was like I went going and then I stopped going. And then I didn't do your job. It was tough. It was tough. But Belichick really applies that pressure.

No, I wanted to say I'm old enough to remember Spygate. And it's funny about reading signs like, yes, Coach Harbaugh is being accused of going out of his way to read them. But if the signs are there, and especially in college football, where they hold up, like it's a box of Cracker Jack and like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and then Beyonce. And it's like, what is going on here? And it's like, oh, they're blitzing whenever you see Beyonce. So it's sort of tough not to read signs. It's like, I mean, this is going to be weird. Don't tell me when we're on air. But like my, like I know my wife's like passcode to her like phone and stuff.

And it's like, I mean, because I have her passcode, I can look at all her messages and DMs, right? That's OK, right? Hello? Is this thing on? I'm allowed to go. You are allowed to go.

But is it? Did you get another member of your staff to go seek out her information illegally against the rules of matrimony? You know what I'm saying?

I mean, I'm trying to I'm trying to get the analogy. First of all, thank you for assuming I have a staff. If by staff you mean my cat, then yes. Yes, by the way, I do mean that. I meant your cat.

No, but I mean, if you if I have look, if I have a pretty good idea of what my wife's Instagram password is going on. Hey, I just want to know who's sliding in. Do you know who's sliding into the DMs? No, nobody. Come on. I'm kidding.

We're too old for that. And by the way, I believe the cat because I know your wife's a dynamite animal rescue person. Having hosted a program.

Sure. Yeah, you did. You guys did the rescue dog show. That was so cute. Rich and my wife hosted. It's like a best in show.

But for rescue dogs, it was so cute. Thank you for all your help there. But yes, much like the illegal amount of fantasy leagues I'm in. How many? How many of an illegal amount of pets? Illegal. So what's what's more likely likely more pets?

Oh, yeah. Let's guess. Let's guess more pets or more fantasy leagues. Fantasy leagues.

You're incorrect. More pets, more pets. And the over under will be nine point five pets. Get out of here.

Are you betting the over or under? Nine, nine, nine point five. Do hamsters count? Do birds count?

We're talking just like four legged like cats and dogs who need to be taken either for a walk or litter boxes. Cleaned is what I have is the over under. You really have more than 10 animals taking the over. Everybody takes the over. I'm taking the under on that. I'm taking the under on that. Men bet unders.

I'm doing under. So you've got more fantasy leagues and pets. I have more pets than fantasy leagues. And the over would win. We have 10 animals currently in our house. Yeah.

And we live in a studio apartment. That said, oh, fact about gambling and unders. Did you know that the under is crushing? Sixty one percent right now.

Sixty one percent. Are you serious? On the NFL season, the unders are crushing. Really? Yeah. Well, I guess the Bills Giants game would be a perfect example. Last week, I think they were 13 and two or something. It was crazy. Really?

I because I live here in Southern California, I had the honor of going to the Chargers Cowboys game on Monday. Man, after a couple of quarters there, I was like, it's a good thing I don't gamble because I would always bet the over because I love to celebrate life. And so is the under like the don't pass line on a craps table? Yeah.

So it is really so you're betting against points or your or hold on a minute. You are, again, as you know, I don't do this for a living celebrating defense. What about that? Yeah, that's another side. I mean, the defense is a side of the football. Hey, listen, it you know, it got the Browns to beat the Niners last week. Correct. With a with a backup quarterback.

It's all about the defense. That was probably another under. Oh, yeah. Jeez. Yeah. Okay.

Okay. Now, why are you not tell us feel like it's just I'm trying to get Marshall Fox handicap out of him. What is the exact number of fantasy football leagues that you are in?

Jerry O'Connell? You know, I mean, this is going to be kind of disappointing. I'm I'm I'm in five. That's not disappointing. That's insane.

That's still a large number. I'm in five. How do you figure?

How do you? I'm in five. I'm doing pretty terribly in all of them. I I mean, two things you should never do with me. Take any sort of financial advice. And I really thought crypto was the future. I thought that was it. I mean, you and Matt Damon took my kids.

Didn't do any commercials were easy now. Just took a lot of my money and put it in there. And that was an error and pretty heavily in Justin Fields this season. It's not working out.

It's kind of the crypto of fantasy. Greatness there for a second. Man, that Thursday night game was something else. But that was a flash. Also invested really heavily in Nick Chubb.

We hope everybody feels better. That was that was a first rounder. It was a wise investment.

I mean, that was just a freak thing that happened. It's been a little bit of a bust. I do love a good dumpster dive, like finding somebody in like late rounds. McLaurin has been a big hit for me.

Pitman has been a big hit for me. I do love like grabbing those guys in the late rounds. So which is the league you want to win? Everybody's got that. And it's this league that I'm in with all those guys who were in that television show, The League, because they're all comedians and very funny.

The trash talk is really personal, really, really personal. And there's also a you you you have to pay a penalty if you come in last place. Oh, yeah.

Well, that's like the TV show. I know. OK, so what is the penalty? It's is it mentionable? It's mentionable, but it's a fee. I mean, you have to pay it. And I see it's I've had to pay that four times. Yeah, it's really frustrating. So Crip, like money, financial advice and fantasy advice, don't listen to anything I say.

Well, I think, listen, you do have somebody here on the set who can commiserate. Back in the day of our program, we mentioned nine years. We've been on the air the first four years we were on the air. We had an NCAA tournament pool here. Yeah. And the loser of the pool had to dress up like a clown.

Sure. In clown makeup. OK, every single happy clown or like like scare people. It was it was weirdo, Pennywise scare people until Eric Stonestreet, famed clown, extraordinary aficionado, got angry with us about not performing the makeup process in a very clown professional manner. He helped us with it. OK.

There are guidelines. And so Chris Brockman, not once, not twice, not three times, but like you, four times dressed up as a clown. In a row. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly, I had March sadness. You had March sadness is what we called it. March sadness.

This is what we called it. March sadness. It's frustrating sports. I mean, it's impossible. And there is no luck. You can't figure it out.

There's no way to figure it out. Well, certainly with the NCAA tournament. Chris didn't figure it out four years in a row. Let's talk Pictionary. I mean, that's what you want to promote here.

So, yeah, of course. I host a show called Pictionary. If you don't know how what that game is, you're out of your mind. Get out from under the rock.

Right. You live under. It's really fun. I'm a game show host now. Isn't it crazy?

Dude, nothing. I feel my way. I was born on the planet to give away a cash or a prize. That's really fun for you, man. You know, what else is fun is like I'm from the East Coast. I live in Southern California now.

Yes, sir. I have a car. I drive to work in Southern California. I'm married pretty happily.

I mean, at least from where I sit. You know, I have kids and I'm a game show host. I drive to work and I'm like, I can't believe this is my life.

Like, yeah. And when I'm a game show host, like. I have a voice that I talk it a little bit. You got to do it. You got to do it when you host a game show. You got to. I'm so sorry, but you're going home with this.

And you hit things with like a high note and you go, oh, I'm so sorry. That's incorrect. But you know what? You ran out of time.

It doesn't matter. We're sending you home with this. And then there's like someone who does the voiceover. Yeah. Oh, fantastic. I feel so legit.

I totally understand what you're saying. Years ago, we got a call at NFL Network to see if I. And I think it was Eric Davis at the time was on the was on the was on the network in support of CBS having the Super Bowl. They wanted to promote the fact. I'm like, OK, like that doesn't usually need promotion that you have a Super Bowl.

Everyone kind of knows it. But anyway, to help promote it, would I appear on The Price is Right to give away a showcase in the final showcase? And I said, of course, dream come true. But I would only do it if I could say the words brand new car.

Wow. That was my stipulation. And in the same way, in the same way, if I had to give away a car and say the words brand new car.

And the only way to say it, brand new car. I mean, like that's what you got. You got to say that. Yeah.

You know, there is I do have to say there is. Oh, my God. I get it.

Get it. The best thing about hosting a game show is you're giving away money. That is not your money. It's amazing.

And people hug you like, thank you so much for this. And I want to be like, it's not my money. And there's taxes and, you know, I do have to say. Price is right. What an inspiration. I actually I do an imitation of Price is Right.

Can I do it for you, please? Bring it. Bring it. I love it. The man to your right.

T.J. Jefferson has appeared on The Price is Right. What you play, Master Key, did you know? I'll show you what we were saying. I'll do the sound effects.

You ready? Here we go. All right. We have the wheeler go, by the way, on because, again, you're a big fantasy. On Monday show in advance of the Rich Eisen Show, NBA basketball fantasy draft, we are going to spin the wheel, each of us for draft order.

Wow. So let's let's this is my practice spin practice round with Jerry O'Connell. Here we go. Host of Pictionary on Fox own stations coast to coast.

We check your local listings. Words I love to say or go to Pictionary on TV and my cousin Coach O'Connell coming up next. That's right. Kevin O'Connell is coming to my coach. Here we go. This is my practice spin in advance.

Highest total on the wheel gets first overall pick in the draft. Here we go. 30. Oh, there's no there's no spin again. I don't know.

I think you got to put some WD 40 in that thing. It just like stopped pretty abruptly. Let's do one more time. 80. OK, very good. Over.

Well done. Oh, you're over. Oh, by the way, just to show my game show brain always works whenever I see in an NFL game, a punt goes out of bounds and the side judge walks up with his hand up there or her hand up in the air. Right. Right. To figure out where the ball where the ball is going to be placed. They never run up to the spot and stop.

They always walk and walk and walk because I think they're getting guidance from an official up the field. I think of the yodeler from. Oh, wow.

That's from that from the price. So awesome to get inside of Mr. Eisen's head, isn't it? It's like so weird. Yodeler from the price is right, because it does look like the yodeler. We don't know where the yodeler is going to stop. And then it stops. You know, that's that's that's really true.

I never really thought about that speechless. This is like a Rorschach. I just want to say I am the only guest on the show today who ordered and read your book, Mr. Eisen. I really loved it. It was about his whole it's such a good book. It was about his whole year at the NFL Network.

And it starts off at the I remember it starts off at the combine and then it goes through the whole year. And I just found it to be such a fascinating broadcasting point of view book. And really what I got out of it is that like you your your work is never done. There's always something to do.

You know, you you thought of at the time the NFL season, I think, was 16 weeks back then. And that's just one part of everyone's job. Yes, I appreciate that. And it's such a thrill to finally have you here so I could finally meet the one person who bought it. I thought to myself, who is that one person who bought my book? It was me. I should have brought it to have you sign it. I still have it. You've got a whole shelf of books.

We have many copies. I was so excited to see you until you started talking about like what like childhood memories you think of whenever a punk goes out of bounds and stuff. And you like raise your hands. That's when it got weird. No, it got weird when you admitted you sneak into your wife's Instagram account. That's when it got weird.

Come on, they're out there. You ever see a ref call offsides and just think of your babysitter? Anyone else?

Just me? That's right. I always think of Master Key at a holding call.

Mastermind. By the way, he played Master Key. Oh, wow. It was awful, Jerry. Tell him your mistake. Tell him your mistake, TJ. Here's the mistake, Jerry.

I didn't even call it a mistake. I got out there. I moonwalked when they called my name. Everybody laughed.

And at that point it just became a standup show. I was less concerned with winning the prize than making everybody laugh. And then your Master Key, as you know, they have five keys up there. No, he probably doesn't know because no one knows this game. No, it is a very rare game. Very, very, very, very rare pricing game. There's five keys and the rule is you've got to take the middle key. Right. You didn't take the middle key. You only got one key and it unlocked. Nothing. The one key opened.

No locks. But you did spin the wheel. I did spin the wheel. And you got to the final showcase. I got to the final showcase. And then now here's the photograph of what happened in the final showcase.

Put it up on the screen. There it is. Oh, gosh.

That's so crazy. But what would you have done with a trip and motorcycles, plural, anyway? Yeah, right.

Like, who needs that? Let me ask you something, Jerry, real quick. Yeah.

It was a double over. You're up there two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. What would you guess would be the price for one? Oh, God.

He's working it out. If you can ever go over $35,000, that's for sure. So I would go like $33,000. I wish I would have. Even at that, I would have went over. These two Harleys were $8,000 apiece.

I bid $44,000 and the actual retail price was $20,000. Guys, this is a lot of fun. I'm a huge fan of the NFL. I thought this was a sports show. It's a life show. It's a game show.

Jerry O'Connell, it's a life show. Everybody check out season two of Pictionary. Love you guys. It was so fun coming here.

I mean that. We have a lot of pictures across the country. Check your local listings at And we need contestants. If you're a pair, if you have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a spouse, an ex, a neighbor, someone you love, someone you hate, anyone. We need pairs.

Pictionary On TV. If you're in Southern California, please come. We love interesting, fun people that would win at something like Masterkey. It'd be great.

Team Mitch Eisen on the... Oh, yeah. Do like a... Yeah, a big select club. I can't come on as a contestant. Oh, I think if I know you, you can't come on because it's like giving money away to people I know. Which, as he says, that's what the point of being a game show host is.

You give away money that's not yours to people you don't know. Right. But we could give it to charity, possibly. I mean, that would be something. I'm happy.

I'm happy to do whatever. Something nice. And I just...

If you do go to and you make it on the show, just hide your phone passcode from the host. And as we go to break, one more photograph. One more photograph.

This is the pressure other than your bladder in our green room bathroom. There it is. That's what I saw when I was... Do your job. It was really... I couldn't go. And then when I did, it was burning. It was all... Weirdness. It was weird.

You got to talk to your doctor. It's just not like fire. Just like a tingling. Okay. Are we on? Is this on? It is. It is. This is on?

Well, it's about to be off. Thanks for coming on. I love you. Love you guys.

Jerry O'Connell, everybody. At MrJerryOC on all Twitter and Instagram. There it is. Thanks for coming on. These one and two are available to binge right now and bonus episodes are coming soon. Imperative Entertainment presents In the Red Clay.

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Well, what I've learned is a smooth defensive back can make smooth wine. That's what it's all about. What the football was Susie Schuster and Amy Trask. The podcast is available Tuesdays, wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, we just showed the, during our Roku only segment to our radio audience, the Price is Right segment where we stopped the show at Chris Brockman's suggestion again, I'll always bring that up because I'm like, we're going to stop a show to watch TV. I was kind of shocked when you were like, we're not doing it.

And I was like, wait, what do you mean? Because again, my initial thought was again, that we are servicing multiple audiences here and a radio audience, you know, we're going to stop a radio broadcast to watch a TV show. And, and we, you know, I should have, I did listen to Chris, I'm like, yeah, let's, let's do it. And it was great.

And I should have. Here's the thing is, and again, and I'm throwing the radio audiences back to hear this. And by the way, for, for that radio audience, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger on the Rich Eisen Show radio network with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. And ever since then, I have made a mental note and we're going to do that again on Monday when we bring the prices, the TPIR wheel back and spend a segment on the radio determining who's going to have the draft, what's the draft order in our fantasy basketball league that we're conducting Monday night by spinning the wheel, I should have understood. And I have made a mental note. The instinct of Howard Stern would always do stuff on his radio show that you needed to see. And this was before I think he had a stream or anything like that when he was doing locally on W&BC growing up, listening to him, you know, before the E show.

That's right. He was on E first that he would do stuff and you'd be sitting there going, man, I wonder what that looks like, you know, as long as you also describe what's going on in a way to describe what's happening. My thing with that was I knew where I was in terms of the show and I knew I was on the second half hour of the prices, right? I knew we didn't have any guests. So when you guys were talking about it, I was like, well, I know we're not going to have any guests. It was perfect. We missed you getting out of contestants' row. You missed it. They were... Well, you were watching it. Mike and I had flipped over.

Oh, yeah, because I don't have the monitor on this side. Go stand by Chris. Go stand by Chris. And that was when I was like, hey, ask him again. Ask him again.

Ask him right now. And now, come over. And I got up and went over there. Yeah, because we were watching it. Right.

Yeah. I still have that idea. And then we put it on our Emmy reel and got nominated. It was great. It was very fun. You're welcome. It was very funny.

It was very funny. Yeah, that's it. Every single week.

And he has been showing out. Thank you so much, man. Where is the popcorn machine? The popcorn machine is sitting on my fridge. Do you use it?

I have it in like two months. Where's the ping pong table? Where's the ping pong table? It's still in the box by my front door.

It's in the box. So, wait a minute. Hold on a second. It has been two and a half... A year and a half. No, it's two years.

That was May of 2021. It took like eight months for it to get... Okay, so it took eight weeks. Oh, it took a while to get the weapon. Eight months.

Eight months. So it's coming up on the two year anniversary of it being delivered to your house. Probably, yeah. And I know you're a bachelor, but I mean, so it's still like, if we were ever invited to your place and we walk in, we would see a box with a label from, you know, Mark Goodson, Bill Todman production or whatever it is.

Are you serious? Like it would be... It's like when you open the front door.

First of all... So it's like literally in your living room? Do you ever bring people to your house? Yeah.

Okay. And so they would see this? Yeah, but I mean, it's like when you open the door, it's like to the side. So you walk right by it. You literally, if you're not paying attention, you walk right by it.

Dude, again, this is just the difference in our lives. Like if I ever, if I get a package sent to the house with my name on it and I'm not home, it is opened? Opened? Opened.

What? Opened. Opened. Opened. Opened. Opened about 80% of the time. Wow. Yeah, but you can't open... First of all...

So first of all, I'm not having anything sent to the house that would be a problem. I know, but just like... Yeah, but it's still your name. Yeah, it's Curtis. What do you mean, Curtis?

Like at this point in time, it's like there's no... What privacy is there? So if you order something on Amazon, your kids will just open it? Susie will. Or the kids will. What if it's like a gift for them? Yeah.

What if you're trying to be... No, the kids won't open it. Oh, okay. No, but... So you're throwing your wife under the bus? Most of the time.

I'm not throwing her under the bus. I imagine there's many people out there here that said the same thing, but if I... Let's just say I'll open it when I get home, okay? And then if I don't immediately put away what I have received, then it's on and cracking.

Did you hear it? Like it's on and cracking, because it's a common area of the house and it's also having to model behavior for our children that we are trying to get them to do, which is put your stuff away. You have kept a boxed ping pong table by your door for almost two years, and to you, I say, God bless you, sir, to have that life.

Wow, what must that feel like? When it got delivered, there were two guys, both of these brothers was bigger than me and they were sweating. This ping pong table is so heavy, so I tried to pull it into that apartment and I couldn't do it by myself. So the one guy helped me shove it.

I thought maybe it was gonna end up here, that didn't happen. We got a pool table, and I told my mom, she was like, how long is that thing gonna be sitting there? Yeah, okay. And so what's the answer? What is your plan? What's your plan? Let's put it that way.

What is the plan? I guess I'm gonna have to sell it. So if anyone out there lives local and wants a ping pong table, one on the price is right. Fully boxed. You haven't even taken it out.

No, I haven't taken it out. You can just take a different label and slap it on there. At this point in time, let's do this for TJ, because I will bet you, someone wants that.

What would be the over under, honestly, what's your plan? I know, because like I said, I can't live with it for almost two years. I don't see it. It's out of sight. I only see it when I leave. It's not like you're sitting there and you're staring at it. That made no sense. You know, come here, out of here, get out of here, dude, it's only when you leave the house.

Is that why you don't leave the house as much because you don't want to look at your ping pong table boxed up? Uh oh, Suzie. Suzie hurricane.

She didn't hurt you, I'm talking about you, hey Suz, how are you? News show, who did? Uh huh, yeah. And by the way, there's a hotel down the street that's got a room key at the front desk. No, no, come on now, what did I say that's incorrect? This is such a total, I'm sorry, I just sadly turned on the TV in my office, and this is such a total load of crap. What do you mean? First of all, first of all, you are such a slob that you leave everything where you get it.

Boxes will be there for weeks. Well, in my office, there are things that, yeah, that's true. Your office looks like poltergeist, okay, and oh, by the way, now's a good time to tell you that my friend Lisa's coming to clean your office out on Monday.

Oh my goodness. Because I can't live like this. No, hold on a second. Number two, number two, I'm sorry. I've got stuff sent to the house that I don't even know if it's arrived, and it's just like it's been there a week, you know? Oh, do you want to know why?

Because you can't tell, because your office is such a FHID hole. Oh, come on now, come on now, Suzie. And when I put the boxes in there for you, or, or. Come on, Suz. I'll put them on the counter in the kitchen, or in the laundry room, and they just sit there. You know, that would get Murph banned for a year, right?

We just got him back. I mean, the only time you open a box is if it's a purple box from Roku, and then you open it very quickly. Oh, then that's understandable. Oh, okay, yeah, well done. I see what you're saying. But I got to tell you, I'm just saying, careful what you say on the air, because you never know who's listening. Okay.

Love you. Yeah, whatever. Hey, TJ, I want the ping pong table. You don't? No, we don't. Where are we going to put it?

Yeah, I do. Where are we going to put it? We're going to put it in the new area outside where the air hockey's going. Okay, you guys. Oh, no, no. There's no, don't make it sound like there's room.

There's no room. Daddy, motherfucker. Daddy, motherfucker. All right, very good. Thanks, Suzie. There we go, there we go.

Wow. Suzie Schuster, who's now gotten us in hot water. Rich Eisen.

Oh, that's Suzie Eisen's husband. Oh, my goodness. At least she spelled it out. She did text me. My apologies. She did text me the BS, but the full word. Understood. I saw her calling sometimes, you know, on yourself, though, you know, I share, I share a little bit too much. All right. I tried to come down on me and now you're sleeping in the hotel, see how that works. Tried to clown me. But now you know why he doesn't go to games here, because he doesn't want to look at the ping pong table on the way out, because on the way in, what ping pong table?

I'm saying it's not on my line of sight is what I'm saying. It's not like I'm sitting watching TV and there's the ping pong table. All right. Kevin O'Connell is joining us.

He wants the ping pong table. I had no idea we were talking about this. We had a great segment planned.

And another one broke out, apparently. All right. Let's take a break. Kevin O'Connell of the Minnesota Vikings.

He has no idea what he's about to zoom into here. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show. All right. Let's get to him. Kind enough to join us in advance of a Monday night football game against the San Francisco 49ers, the HC of the Minnesota Vikings. Kevin O'Connell, how are you, sir? I'm doing well, Rich. How are you doing? I am doing better for seeing you on my screen. What are your two cents on your team right now entering this big game?

What do you got for me? Yeah. I think right now we're really in a place where we're trying to use some of the early adversity from the season, some of the things from a standpoint of self-inflicted wounds that caused us to have a harder time winning football games early on. We're trying to stack, hopefully, another week this week where we're able to win the turnover battle, where we're able to do some of the little things. But also continue to improve, continue to get more comfortable offensively without Justin being out here for a cluster of games here in the middle of our season and continuing to just build weekly by what we're doing daily to try to attack that the right way.

We've got a heck of a challenge. Kyle's bringing his team to the Twin Cities and they're fantastic in every phase of the game. Kyle is, in my opinion, one of the best coaches in our league for a multitude of reasons.

But Rich, we've got to play a really good game to have a chance to beat this football team. And then in terms of obviously you knowing Kyle very well and knowing the system very well and knowing the tree all that well, in this league we refer to copycat for sure. Not to pry and get details that you're not willing to give anyway, but anything that you saw from the Browns that you picked up on tape, film, anything like that that you might be able to utilize on Monday night defensively. Yeah.

Yeah. There might be some schematical things we can do, but you've got to give the Browns a lot of credit. They played a very physical football game, which is the number one thing you would normally describe the 49ers as is first and foremost just how physical, how hard they play. And that's a week in and week out thing for 17 plus weeks really ever since Kyle's been there as the head coach and they're so talented that quite honestly, Rich, you can try to maybe look at that tape and replicate some of the things that Cleveland either did on defense or offense or in the kicking game, but really it's got to be a mentality thing.

It's got to come down to really beyond the X's and O's. It's how you play every single snap against this football team that matters. Kevin O'Connell, Minnesota Vikings head coach here on the Rich Eisen show. And then what about the fact that some of their stars are hurt and you have no idea if they're playing, how do you prepare for something like that?

Yeah. We got to, first and foremost, you're preparing for the schemes and the great schemes offensively and defensively with their kicking game as well, that you've got to do your job as a coach really diagnosing and trying to equip your players for those things. But we also have to get our team ready to play as if every player on their team was healthy. If the plan or schematics would change based upon a player on one side of the ball not being available, we have to be able to adjust if that's what is best for our team. But we've got to have a mindset that all of those guys are going to play. We've got to prepare accordingly and make sure we have maybe our best week of preparation we've had all season. And I had Brock Purdy on the program yesterday, fair and balanced.

Thanks for you providing the balance here for this game. When you see him and just you knowing the position and knowing what it takes in this league and seeing what his draft status was and what he's doing right now, what leaps to mind when you see that, Kevin? Yeah. I think it'd be easy to look back on where he was drafted and start talking about him in a way of just how much he's been able to overcome this, that, and the other.

But I look at it a different way. When I turn on the tape, you see a quarterback that is playing the position, sees the field, total command of that offense, which my background of just kind of studying and learning and talking to whether it's Kyle or anybody else, he's got a lot on his plate. And for a rookie last year to be able to do what he did and then to continue to just build on positive performances throughout his early part of his career, it's very, very impressive. But then you realize very quickly it's consistent and he's going to be the same guy every single week, which has been commanding an offense, distributing the ball to some of the best skilled players in our league, and more importantly than anything, just his way of getting them into the right play, making checks, audibles, things for a young player that you can see come to life on the tape and makes them an incredible challenge to try to defend. Kevin O'Connell here on the Rich Eisen Show, Minnesota Vikings head coach. Few minutes with him before the rest of this weekend plays out and finishes up with Monday Night Football, Vikings 49ers. Kirk Cousins and his status with the team has been much discussed, shows like this, shows around the country. What are your two cents on his no trade clause and what your team would be willing to do? Possibly any thoughts on that front, Kevin?

Yeah, really, Rich. I don't have any thoughts as it pertains to any of those kind of outside the building speculations. I just know my dialogue daily, minute to minute with Kirk, his preparation for our games, his performance so far this year. Kirk and I came into this season in complete lockstep that I wanted it to be the best season that maybe he's ever had in this league and that's saying something with all the things that Kirk Cousins has been able to accomplish as a quarterback in the NFL. I think he's gone about it from the very beginning of the offseason program through training camp and each and every week as one of our core leaders, clearly our leader on offense from a standpoint of getting us playing and play out to where we want to be schematically but also just his presence, his overall positivity that he attacks everything with, unbelievable preparation and routine that goes into a Kirk Cousins game week. He's been ultra consistent and really our dialogue has not touched on anything outside of that throughout the whole season and Kirk knows how I feel.

I've really felt about him from the first time I was able to coach him in Washington and it's been a really great experience for me to have him here over the first 20, however many games it's been now, 24, 25 games and I hope we get to play a lot more together. Well that drumbeat only got lighter after Justin Jefferson got hurt, so just one more crack at it here, how do you handle the outside noise? How do you deal with such things, Kevin? I'm never going to be somebody that ignores some of those things because I know our players may be hearing it, they may be discussing it, I've been in that locker room before, so I'm going to over communicate, I'm going to try to give our guys, equip them with my thought process and my mentality and then I'm going to circle it all the way back always to controlling the things that we can control, our preparation, our daily habits, what we do to kind of empower and uplift each other. My job as the head coach and play caller and really wanting to be there for 53 guys and 16 guys on the practice squad is a full-time thing where I don't have a lot of time to be quite honest, Rich, to spend assessing each individual thing that might be out there from whatever source that may come from, but I also respect the fact that people have jobs to do and those types of conversations considering some of the factors of our season, I understand that as well, but ultimately my job is to get us ready to go each week and make sure the Minnesota Vikings are continuing to progress and improve because the results quite honestly haven't been where we wanted early on in the season and there's a lot of football out in front of us. Does it piss you off that people even suggest you might throw in the talent, coach?

You know what, it does not because like I said, if I was spending time and energy being upset about those things, that's taken away from things that are far more important with my staff and my players. How is Justin doing that you're willing to share? Yeah, he's doing really well. We just got in from our walkthrough not long ago and he was working over on a side field and I know he feels maybe a lot better than he initially thought he would just from an overall feeling standpoint, but it doesn't surprise me, he's one of the most gifted special athletes I've ever been around, but it's very important that he commits what he has to the rehab process. He's still in every meeting as we're installing plays and I'm sitting up in front of the room still feeling like he's engaged as ever and sits right there next to Jordan Addison and it's just awesome to see the leadership role and kind of that mentorship that he's had with Jordan really since he first stepped foot in our facility.

So all of those things are still ongoing. And the only thing that we're missing right now is having the best receiver in football in our offense. So we're trying to overcome that. We're confident in our group, but it does give me a lot of confidence knowing that Justin's all in on a daily basis.

Yeah, I have Jordan Addison in fantasy, Kevin, so I'd target him. You know what I'm saying? You know what I mean? You know? Smart pick by you. I mean, I've got a keen sense, you know? And there's an eye in Rich and Eisen, so I literally just said that to a head coach in the National Football League in the minutes I have with you. You know?

That's good stuff, man. Is that a reason why you IR'd Justin, though, is you knew that he'd probably want to come back sooner and you're kind of saving him? Make sure? I just think, you know, outside of trying to diagnose and assess injuries myself, just knowing the timeline that we thought it would be based upon multiple opinions, it just made sense to allow him to kind of, with the short-term IR being what it is, you know, anytime it's around that four-week range at a minimum, and you can use that as a tool to not only help your roster maybe elsewhere, you know, elsewhere in that receiver room during that time, you can also use that as a tool to make sure that we're all just being smart about what's best for Justin and his health and his future of doing the things that he's done in this league and will continue to do.

But at the same time, knowing how competitive he is means a lot to him to have a C on his chest for the first time in his career, and I think all of that leads you to believe that when the time's right, Justin's going to be back out there for us, and I can't wait to have him. Coach, appreciate the time. Truly.

I know you're busy Friday before a big Monday night game in your season. I don't take it for granted. Appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah, always appreciate it, guys. Thank you, Rich.

You bet. That's Kevin O'Connell, Minnesota Vikings head coach right here on the Rich Eisen Show. You know, it's just kind of was passing ships with Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan was the OC in Cleveland, left, and then that's when he accepted his gig as a quarterbacks coach in Cleveland. Then he goes to Washington to be with Cousins, and that was when Shanahan was with Atlanta on his way to San Francisco. But they're from the same, you know, as you know, was it Daniel Jeremiah who said if you're from the Shanahan tree or any Shanahan type offense, and O'Connell was taken from McVeigh's staff who was with Kyle Shanahan, with Kirk Cousins, you must pay fealty to Kirk Cousins. And he has the genuine article as his quarterback, right? Boy, this would be a major W for the Minnesota Vikings.

You think? And it would put a second consecutive L on the 49ers and be like, okay, we'll see what's up. We could probably think about both teams a little differently on Monday. That's on Monday night, and you could check it out on Westwood One. I'll be in the studio for that one, just like I'm in the studio for this one. One more hour, Tom Pelissero, O'Connell, right? I had wanted to do that for the voiceovers. I kind of took it from you and used it as my own for the radio audience.

Tom Pelissero, O'Connell. It's a good one. You'll be doing that from your office at home? My office at home, and also studio work? Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I know you're trying to get back to the current state of my office, where there are multiple boxes in there. There are.

There are. That's what I'm saying, I appreciate you having the life where you can just leave your S, I'm not spelling out the rest of the word, anywhere you want. Like too salud, sir. Before you were kind of talking about it, and now you're like, no, I really respect you. She said, no, please keep going.

Like when you went back to it again. You might not even get Motel 6. You got a spare room? The locks might have changed.

You got a couch? You got a new roommate. I'm the locksmith, and?

You could sleep next to the ping pong table in the other room. That's one of my favorite lines in the history of Police Squad. When Frank Drebin went undercover to try and break up a local syndicate that was squeezing local businesses, he was an undercover locksmith, he ran a key store, and on the wall it had, you know, turkeys, Francis Scott keys, Florida keys on the wall, the key store. And he broke into the syndicate leader's office, who said to him, who are you and how'd you get in here? And his response is, I'm the locksmith, and I'm the locksmith. That'll wrap up our two.

Shout out to Leslie Nielsen, man. Every Monday, Rich Eisen and Chris Brockman react to what's happening in the world of football on overreaction Monday. Dolphins, Final Four AFC team.

Oh, that is not an overreaction at all. I'm with you. You're in. I am in.

The other three Final Four teams. If you were asking me to call my shot, this is the overreaction Monday podcast. Call your shot, call your shot. Entertainment purposes only.

Unless I'm right. Yeah. Chiefs. Dolphins. Bills. Ravens. Ravens. Final Four. Overreaction Monday. Next, wherever you listen.
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