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May 11, 2024 2:21 pm

Bible League

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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This is the Truth Network. And talk about somebody who God has taken their passion and using it to build the kingdom today. What a pleasure it is to have my friend back with me, Michael Woolworth, with the Bible League. The world needs Bibles.

I mean, the world needs the Word. And so Bibles for the nation, that's what we're talking about today on Kingdom Pursuits. And, you know, again, your passion is for Bibles for the world, and I love, love, love what you guys are doing. I'm so excited the Truth Network is partnering with you again to get the Word out there. Well, Robbie, we couldn't do without great friends like you and an incredible listening family like the Truth Network family.

And I say that because, listen, we've worked together for many, many years. The result is literally thousands and thousands of Bible-ist believers who really had no hope of a Bible in the regions of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, who have God's Word in their own language. Robbie, they're using those Bibles to make much of God.

They're edifying themselves, building themselves up in the faith with the help of the Holy Spirit. And, you know, it's Mother's Day weekend. I thought, you know, this hour together, and I always enjoy our time together, Robbie. I'm going to catch my breath here in a sec because I want to hear one of your wonderful jokes, right? But let's, I want to focus on moms. And I want to tell you some stories from around the world of incredible mothers who live under really challenging circumstances, and yet God is using them to minister to their children and to those in their community.

How's that sound for this hour together, Robbie? It sounds very biblical. I guess one thing, you know, if you look at the Bible... You would expect that from Bible media. You would that the moms, they were going through unbelievable challenges, whether it was Sarah or Rebecca or Rachel or Hannah or, you know, Rahab.

Take your pick. It was common, but the Word of God made all the difference in all their lives, and it continues to do that. Again, what a neat, neat idea, you know, God put on y'all's heart to do this in so many different ways. I think that you listening today are going to be so excited to see how God has uniquely placed Bible league there to get the Bible in people's home language and their heart language, right? Into these folks where it can really impact them and impact generations and generations of moms and kids.

And so, you know, we want to get that word out there. We want to let you know that, you know, simply put, for $5, I mean just $5, you can put one of these Bibles in some mom's hand in Africa or Asia or even Madagascar, as we talked about yesterday, in the home language. And it's shipped to them or maybe even an audio Bible if they're blind, as we may hear later in the show.

And just $5 buys one, you know, 60 buys a dozen. You know, wherever God has blessed you with, it puts on your heart. Man, what an opportunity that, again, we'd be talking 10 years from now like, oh my goodness, look what God has done this time. And we get to hear these stories.

And so as you hear the stories today, you know, think about all the opportunities we've had over the years to share in this to partner with Bible league. And the number to call is 800. This is the number to call to donate to Bible league. It's 800-937-9673. 800-937-9673 or 1-800 if you're digitally gifted. 1-800, yes, word or, you know, also real easy if you're good on the Internet, you can go to You can see the Bible league ad and click on that easy enough or good old

Kingdom Pursuits, I've got it right up there in front and center today. You can click on that and boom, you go right there. In fact, that's exactly what I'm going to do here in a minute myself.

And just, you know, pray that God will put this Bible in somebody's hand and make the kind of impact of the stories, you know, that we're going to share here in a minute. But as Michael said, you know, we've got some shenanigans afoot. So, Nick, what do you think? I'm back with you.

I knew you would be. Let's do it. Let's do it. Hey, Robbie, let me go ahead and start with a story if you don't mind. I don't mind. We'll just stop the shenanigans for a second since you want to tell a story.

No, it's okay. We'll hear the story. I'd love to. So go ahead. Go ahead, Michael. Yeah, you know, again, it's Mother's Day.

Robbie, you know, you and I were talking yesterday. I lost my mom about a year ago, and I thought about, you know, John 14, to be able to open my Bible where Jesus said what? I go to prepare a place for you, and even though we grieve the loss of my mom, I mean, knowing that she lived her life as a believer, and she's now in heaven, I mean, Robbie, that brought great comfort for my family and me. You know, you said you had a good cry just remembering the precious memories that you have with your godly mom. And, you know, we want this for believers around the world. And again, I thought I'd focus this hour on some stories, some accounts of believers around the world who are praying for Bibles, and all the stories include what?

Good old mom. Let me take you to Tanzania, Africa. Robbie, I was in that part of the world not too long ago, and we were deep in the heart of that country. I remember this trip very vividly because we were in a van going through the Great Rift Valley. We had a flat tire.

I had to change that tire. We were surrounded by wild baboons. And the driver said, oh, he said, guys, do not make eye contact with these wild baboons. We said, why?

What could happen? He said, well, they could take it as a threat and attack, maybe gouge your eyes out. So I said to my colleague, you kind of hold the baboons at bay and I'll get this tire fixed.

And anyway, the tire got fixed. I still have my eyesight to be able to at least share this story today from the heart of Tanzania, Africa. But Robbie, we met a young boy 12 years of age named Barack. His story was this. He was an albino.

If you suffer with albinism, you lack pigmentation in your skin, hair, and eyes. And in that part of the world where witchcraft is so prevalent, somebody like Barack is viewed as an evil spirit. Nothing to be loved and nurtured, but to be destroyed, right? And so what happened to him one day was a couple of witch doctors. And I won't be too graphic here, but on the way to school, they cornered him. It's kind of hard for us to understand in this Western culture, but it's a big deal if a witch doctor can sacrifice a body part, even a corpse of somebody who's an albino.

Again, very strange. But what they did is they assaulted him. They removed some parts. They took his teeth. They took his tongue. But I like to say they could not take his joy.

Why? Because he's a born again believer. His mother, even though the father had left the family many years ago, couldn't deal with the boy's albinism. His mother, Mary, had a long 16-letter African name, beautiful name, but they called her Mary. Mary had again endeavored to raise her son to know and love Jesus.

And I can tell you, they found the grace and the gumption to forgive those that harmed this boy. In fact, Robbie, he would walk around with a whiteboard. He had no tongue, so he couldn't speak. But he wrote in Swahili, one of the pastors said, Oh Michael, he's writing a scripture verse to you.

Michael is asking, how's your day? And that's the result of God's grace working through this mother, because Mary invited others to come learn about Jesus. They used a Bible study from Bible League, Robbie. And week after week, she would invite people to come learn about Jesus. And would you know, at the end of that 12-week study, about 100 people came to Christ.

Two of those, the witch doctors, who at one time sought to harm this boy. Now Robbie, who can bring about a story from deep in the heart of Tanzania, but our gracious God. And so I want to salute to all that he's doing. We're bragging about our Lord today, but also his work through moms like Mary, the mother of Barack there in Tanzania, Africa. So that's 100 believers as part of his goal to bless 3,500 by the time we hit June 1st. And we're doing all this in celebration of moms on this Mother's Day weekend.

Robbie? Oh my word, what a story. Right, and that number to call is 1-800-937-9673 if you want to donate. Again, $5 gets one Bible.

You know, can make all the difference in some mom's life out there. Or, again, if $60 gets you a dozen, and on up you go. You know, $600, obviously, what does that make? A hundred and twenty? Am I right? Is my math good?

Are you a hundred and twenty? Yeah, Bible, yeah, correct. Oh, wow.

You're good on your math, brother. And if you know, you know, and I know the beauty of the Truth Network audience, is you folks love your Bibles. And I know the comfort that you get out of them every day, you can imagine the amount of comfort that you can provide is that, you know, however God got you that first Bible, he wants to get them to others, and we get a chance to partner with him in that, again, through this amazing story. And, you know, you can't help but note that these baboons were kind of these witch doctors.

Like, oh, my word, right? These are two of the guys that came to Christ as a result of this mother's faith, of this boy's faith, as a result, again, getting all that from Jesus, which is in the Word. And so we're going to be back with a whole lot more stories. And, yes, we will get to my shenanigans early.

We will. And if you want to stay tuned for, oh, my gosh, how God has taken this passion for his Word. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And I'm going to guess that, like me, you have a passion for the Word of God. And so what an opportunity we have today here on Mother's Day Eve to, right, take our passion and use it to build the kingdom by working with Bible League and this partnership that we have to try to raise these 3,500 Bibles, right, before the beginning of June and wait until you hear, oh, my goodness, what an impact a lot of these have. And, again, we want to partner with you and we'd let you know, if you just go to, I just did, and you click on the big old, you know, Bible League banner I put there, you'll go right to their site and you can just donate easy as pie.

Or you can dial 1-800-937-9673. So I told Nick yesterday, as we were talking to Mike, that, you know, there was a famous five-and-dime franchise, you know, when I was growing up called Woolworth's. And so Michael's name is Michael Woolworth. So, you know, when it comes to these shenanigans, today I thought of, you know, speaking of five-and-dimes, right? So go ahead, Nick. Now the fun begins. Now it's time to play Shenanigans.

Oh, yes, it is. And I know Michael's been waiting for these jokes and here they come. Or riddles, as the case may be. Bring them.

Yeah, there you go. You know, my wife told me, actually this week, that the dollar store no longer is a dollar but a buck fifty. So if you go, and that happened with five-and-dime stores, and, you know, they went to the point that they just became dime stores. So what does a dime store in Santa Claus have in common, Nick? If anybody should know the answer to this question, it should be you. I have no idea, actually.

How about you, Michael? You got any idea? Hmm, Santa Claus in a dime. Wow. Hmm. Is it Rainiers?

I don't know. They're both Nicholas. You being Nick, I thought of anybody, you know, I thought for sure.

I should have got that one. You know, if I had a dime for every decent joke in these shenanigans, how much would I have? How much would I have, Nick?

Again, you should be the perfect person. You'd have enough to... I'd have a nickel, right?

Okay, so half the deal. Anyway, I do like this one. If I had a dime for every time I saw a BMW turn without signaling, what could I do?

Buy a BMW? You're right. And this one's just a freebie because I like it. If I had a dime for every math problem I get wrong, I'd have $1.46. And this one goes perfectly with our subject today, so if we get the actual Bible riddle today, are you ready for this, Nick?

I'm ready. All right, so switching music to our Jeopardy theme. So as you well know from the Bible, you know, the value of a mite, like the widow's mite, it can be dino-mite. That's a nice one. I like that one.

So you think about that mite, that $5, right, that you buy a Bible, like talk about dino-mite, you know, that's pretty cool. So how many... This is not as easy as you might think. How many mites did the widow actually have in Luke chapter 21? If you know the answer to that one, we want you to call in at 866-348-7884.

How many mites did the widow have in Luke 21? Again, this number's different than the donate number. This is to call in and guess the riddle. That number's our normal call-in number, which is 866-348-7884. And if they can guess that, Nick, tell them what they can win.

Absolutely. You'll be winning a prize from our Team of Pursuits prize ball. Give us a call at 866-348-7884. That is 866-34-TRUTH. And as soon as you pick up the phone, you will not be Nicholas. Just saying. As soon as he answers, you will not be Nicholas.

866-348-7884. But getting back to the joy that we have at hand of partnering with Bible League to get these, it's just, I can't even imagine my own life without the Word of God. I can't imagine it. But these people, like, there are thousands out there that, I love the way you put it, Michael, they're praying, right? These are moms, and they want their kids to have Bibles. They want to have Bibles, right? These folks are praying for Bibles. Well, if you follow, you know, church growth here in America from organizations like Barna or Pew, they will tell us it's on the decline.

It's somewhat stunted, especially after all the COVID restrictions. I know a lot of churches are pleading with, you know, their people come back, right? But it causes you to look at parts of the world where the church is growing. And, Robbie, that's places like Latin America, the continent of Africa, and the region of Asia, and because of this incredible growth, that's the primary reason that we find that as many as 9 of 10 new believers in those parts go without what is so basic to the Christian faith.

What is that? It's happened in the Bible, being able to open the Word of God in your own language and to be reminded of his precious promises, to be challenged in the Word, right, and to grow. And, of course, so many of these believers that I meet as I travel on behalf of Bible League. Robbie, they know that Jesus is not to be kept to oneself.

He is to be shared. And I thought I'd focus this show today, since it is Mother's Day weekend, on moms who are really, God is ministering through in different parts of the world. And I know our hearts and our prayers are with the conflict there in Israel between Israelis and Hamas. And, you know, I was in that part of the world, only miles from that conflict. I met a young boy, 14 years of age.

Robbie, his story was this. He was a Syrian refugee. His family was forced out of the country of Syria several years ago. They were in a very large refugee camp right about the border of Syria and Jordan. This boy's father had died fighting for ISIS. So, you know, this was a radicalized family.

His mother had a large family, had eight children. She had been denied an education. She couldn't read, could not write, couldn't even read a recipe, couldn't read a government form again because she had been denied an education. The small evangelical church that partnered with the Bible, they say, you know, we just want to be a blessing to these Sunni Muslims who are assimilated into the communities in that part of the world. And so they used a program that gives literacy to people who are denied an education.

They've never had an opportunity to learn to read and write in their own language. And so Ahmed's mother came to that program through this church and she had two Christian women that poured themselves into her. And I can tell you, long story short, she learned to read and write. So she became literate in the Arabic language. But Ravi, she also became literate in the language of heaven, if you will. She became a believer, just a grateful response for those women pouring themselves into her. She led seven of her kids to Christ, but not number eight.

Who was number eight? That was Ahmed. By that time, he had come under the influence of a violent imam, was essentially a Jahanist, wanted nothing to do with his family. In fact, he was on a trajectory to be a suicide bomber.

In the name of a law, he would blow himself up, kill as many people as he could. We hear this story so often, and that was the plight of young Ahmed, but his godly mother, a new believer, prayed nonstop for his salvation. When it came to radicals that he hung around with, they beat him nearly to death. They said, we're going to find you and finish the job.

The family fled literally in the middle of the night with only the shirts on their backs. And Robbie, when we caught up with this young boy Ahmed, several villages over at his church, I was able to ask him through a translator. I said, Ahmed, what's your Bible mean to you? He said, Michael, I can go here where Jesus says they'll hate you because they hated me first. He said, I can go here where Paul writes, we are persecuted but not abandoned.

We're struck down, but we're not destroyed. He said, oh, the promise of Jesus in the Great Commission. He said, Jesus says, I'm with you always, right, even to the end of the age. And so, Robbie, because he had a Bible, he had a perspective.

And the pastors around us said, oh, Michael, the story goes on. Let me tell you what he has been instrumental in doing. He has led about 100 young men between the ages of 10 and 20, often singled out because they're refugees.

They're promised some financial incentive. And he has literally rescued these boys from lives as jihadists. And, you know, as I got back to the States, I've continued to kind of follow this story.

I found out that about another 200 have come to Christ. Associated with this story only miles from the conflict there in the Middle East. And Robbie, as I sort of peel back the layers, what I see is what a godly mother, her name is Miriam, praying for her son, right? Pleading with God to rescue her boy, young Ahmed, a Syrian refugee, but now a follower of Christ and an evangelist in that part of the world. Robbie, at 14, I'm thinking, okay, I'm peddling baseball cards in downstate Illinois where I grew up, right? But here's a kid with a bounty on his head.

They told him they'd find him and kill him, right? But he is focused on pointing people to Christ. Now listen, that part of the world, that's the Middle East, right?

I don't come with the answers to all the geopolitical issues that face that part of the world. But as we apply the hope of the Gospel today, we see lives totally transform. And again, thank God for that mother, that godly mother in Miriam and the eight children that she is raising to know and love Jesus.

And to think right here in the U.S. through the Kingdom Pursuit show today. Robbie, your listeners, they can step into the story and send exactly what they're praying for, not into their suffering, but for the Word of God in the Arabic language. Right, in their language, just $5 sends a Bible. It ships it, the whole works.

They're praying for it, and you get to be an answer to their prayers. How amazing. And you could join me, actually.

I just sent 20. How fun, right? I just did that.

And so, you know, how fun. All you have to do, again, is dial 1-800-937-9673. Or you can do it like me and go to, click on the Bible league banner. It'll take you right there. Easy enough.

It shouldn't take me two minutes to go ahead and send, you know, 20. And pray along the way that God's going to use his word, which I know, in those people's heart language. Which just means all in the world.

You know, I thought about your young albino friend, too. I mean, how comforting those Scriptures would be for him, as well. Because I'm sure he still faces all those, you know, people in that culture that look at him as an evil spirit. And he can see, wow, they're going to hate you because of a lot of reasons that just aren't legitimate.

But he loves them back, and it makes all the difference. And again, God's word goes forth, so what an opportunity. Again, we're going to be back with a whole lot more stories. But please, consider going. Easy enough. We'll be right back. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom to hear on Mother's Day Eve. Nothing could be funner, but actually Mother's Day is going to be tomorrow. And if you happen to be in the Asheboro area, I would love for you to come join our church. No, you don't join our church, just join us at our church. I have a Mother's Day message I am so excited God gave me.

Oh, it's called Mothers Are Forever. And so it's West Asheboro Baptist Church. You can find us on Facebook at WABC. And our service is tomorrow at 11 o'clock. I would love to see you there, because my passion like yours is for the Bible. And so that's what we're talking about today with Bible League and my good friend Michael Woolworth. Bibles for the nations, right? The world needs the word.

The word, oh man, what it does when they get a hold of it. It's so amazing. I love these stories, Michael. And I love what you guys are doing. What have you got for us? Well, let me share a couple of scriptures. First, Isaiah 52, it's how beautiful are the feet of those that send good news. And Robbie, all of us at Bible League, we've enjoyed this partnership with Truth Network for several years. The result is literally thousands of Bible-ist believers who had no hope of a Bible in the regions of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, parts of the world that we're focusing on today, and sharing stories of incredible mothers who are making a difference for the kingdom. We're so grateful again for this relationship. And as you are saying, we have to go all together as two ministries to bless 3,500 Bible-ist believers that we know by name.

We want to do that by around June 1st, and it happens with every $5 gift. And Robbie, I don't mean to single you out, embarrass you, but thanks for your gift today. I know you're not asking your listeners to do anything you haven't already done. And again, that's who this listening family is. You don't merely hear these stories and respond, okay, that's interesting, or yeah, that would be a difficult part of the world to live out your faith. But you take that a step further by becoming Bible-senders. And so again, we're prayerful that we'll reach this goal to bless 3,500 Bible-ist believers.

The other verse I'll mention is Proverbs 31. This might be part of your message tomorrow, but her children rise up and call her blessed, right? And her husband praises her as well. And that's a scripture that certainly applies to my beloved bride, Julia, and our three children, our five grandchildren. They do rise up and call her blessed. And I know all of you are grateful for your moms and just women in your lives, really, that make a big difference.

And again, that's my focus this hour. Let me pull some of these stories that I've personally experienced on behalf of Bible League that feature moms. And to Robbie, I'll take your listeners to India and tell you about a young man by the name of Ashanti Vard. He's about 30 years of age, but his story is this. When he was born, he was born blind and lost his father at age 10. He lived in abject poverty.

I mean, if you've seen photos and video of some of the really extreme poverty in India, it's never exaggerated. That's the domain of young Ashanti Vard, and frankly, he wanted to end his life. He lived with a lot of despair. But Robbie, his godly mother, a woman by the name of Sita, was praying for her son that God would pull him from the depths of despair. I can tell you, he did come to saving faith. And today, he has led about 200 people to Christ.

Let me tell you how all this unfolded. We typically put a real physical Bible in the language of the receiver into the hands. We pray the Holy Spirit will put it into their hearts. And we do that like in his part of the world.

The primary language is the Tamil language. We talked about the Middle East. It's Arabic, right? We talked about Tanzania.

That's Swahili. So Bible League has taken care of sort of the heavy lifting. But what we're asking your listeners to do today is no less important.

That is to send those Bibles at $5 a Bible. But in Ashanti Vard's case, because of his visual impairment, we provided an audio Bible in the Tamil language. I can tell you, he would listen to that every day.

He became just enveloped by the grace of God, how God loves him. He was fired up. Robbie, he would invite those blind, physically disabled, developmentally disabled, to actually call into a conference line. He had the acumen to be able to do that. A lot of people in that part of the world, even though there's abject poverty, they have cell phones.

Not the smartphone technology, but cell phones, as interesting as that is. And I believe the government subsidizes a lot of that service. But he would have people call in, and he would hold that little phone up to his audio radio, a Bible if you will, and would play scriptures. It meant so much to him, right? Like 1 Peter 5-7, cast your cares on him for he cares for you, right?

I mentioned John 14 earlier, that meant so much to my family to be with my mom past, right? So that was his ministry. But others in his evangelical church there in India, again, they would gather people week after week, come learn about Jesus, and they would take him through this study from Bible League. It's Christianity 101, the Gospel of John, paired together. And these people would learn, these new believers would learn, who is Jesus?

How is he both God and man? What does it mean to die to self and put on Jesus in the day to day? And I can tell you, through that faithful ministry of this man, Shanti Vardan, about 200 people have come to Christ.

It's like 192 will round it up to 200, let it roll off the tongue a little bit easier. But Robbie, this was a man who at one time wanted to end his life, but now he is pointing others to the bread of life. And as I think about, you know, the influence in this story comes down to what? His mother, a woman by the name of Sita, a godly mother who prayed for her son in his darkest hour. And then I think about our Heavenly Father, we're bragging on him today, right? That wonderful Lord who was willing to bring this man from the depths of his spirit. He's brought an amazing number of people to saving faith. And Robbie, we're thankful for them, they're members of our spiritual family. And they're part of that overall number to bless 3500 Bibleist believers by the time we get on just the other side of Memorial Day.

And Robbie, it's why we're doing this Kingdom business today on Kingdom pursuits. I love that idea of prayer, right? And so, you know, maybe you're sitting there right now and you don't have $5 or, you know, whatever. You can certainly pray that God will open the door for other people, that their hearts would be set on this kind of thing.

And so by all means, you know, whatever God puts on your heart to do, pray, give, whatever the situation may be, we want you to know that God counts that huge just like he did the widow's mite. And all you need to do is 800, yes, word, or 1-800-937-9673. That's 800. 937-9673.

Or easy, easy, if you've got a smartphone or a computer, just go to You'll see the Bible league banner I got up there. You just click on that and boom, it'll take you right there. I won't take you two minutes to send 20, send 10, whatever, you know, one mite. As we talked about, the value of a mite can be dynamite. And I'm shocked that nobody's called in yet to tell me how many mites did the widow give. We got a prize package for you. All you gotta do is call.

That one is 866-348-7884. I would love to hear your answer to how many mites did the widow actually give in Luke chapter 21. It might surprise you, but it was still dynamite. And your gift, if it's $5, it's dynamite because, you know, how fun that you can pray that God is gonna take that Bible and do what he did in my life, right? And I'm sure he's done in your life, but in my life, I literally came to Christ as a result of reading the Bible.

There wasn't anybody witnessing to me, teaching me. I was just following a tape series by Norman Vincent Peale, and he said to read it, and so I was reading it, and that's all it took for God to get a hold of my heart and, oh my goodness, what a difference it made in my life. But if you heard the Christian Car Guys show an hour ago, you heard what a difference it made in my mom.

You know, think about all the times my mom suffered about, what am I gonna do about this crazy son? And her prayers were answered through a Bible that was given to me when I was going from fourth to fifth grade. And so, you know, you guys have, like I do, just unbelievable what God can do with a mite, right?

So, I love it. And then you get a chance to go see this firsthand, Michael. Yeah, you know, I go all over the world, Robbie. I've given out Bibles.

We make a big deal about it. Goodness, we were in a village, you know, they're in Tanzania, associated with that story with Barack. 200 people were given Bibles that day, but they sing, they shout, the women oeulate, they shriek so loud, you gotta cover your ears. It's all an excitement, because God's precious word came to their village. But, Robbie, as I've given out these Bibles, whether it's in Swahili or Mandarin or the Arabic language, God help it. Think of Truth Network listeners, listeners to Kingdom Pursuits that have given sacrificially over the years, to see those Kingdom transactions that take place. And so, you know, give today to experience the joy of sending a Bible to a brand new Christian. I know we're up against a break. We'll come back with one final segment.

I'll take you back to the Middle East. But I can tell you, just the joy that comes to believers. And again, they use those Bibles, not just something to mark off their wish list.

Robbie, they use those Bibles to make much of God and to point others to the hope of the Gospel. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the Kingdom. And, you know, I know that Truth listeners have a passion for the Word, and I'm so grateful for Stu's vision to start this network to, you know, help feed us all with the Word of God.

And that's the heart of what the Truth Network has always been about. And so how neat that we've always, as far as I know, for a long time partnered with Bible League, and we have a chance to do that again today on Mother's Day Eve. And one of the neat things that they're doing here at Bible League, or Michael, that you guys are doing with us, is if you want to give your Bibles in honor of your mother, I mean, what a neat note, right? You know, I know how much my mother, if she was with us, would appreciate that. Or even my wife, if her kids wanted to do that, just saying, if you're listening this morning, any of you. You know, Mom would be unbelievably thrilled because she has that passion for the Word of God that I do. And what a neat thing we can do that, to honor our moms, right, Michael? Yeah, you know, if you call in, if you go online, there's an opportunity to designate. Do you want to honor your mom, remember your mom with that gift that you're making today? To bless others with the Word of God? Yeah, please send a note to your mom or to a loved one to let them know that gift has been made in her honor at 800-ES-WORD.

800-ES-WORD, or just go to Robbie, let me finish up our hour together. It's been a great joy, brother, as always. Take you to the Middle East. I know I've shared a story earlier from that part of the world.

I know our hearts and our prayers are in that region with the conflict that's there right now. But let me tell you what happened to Nora. A year ago, her husband was murdered by a terrorist cell that hates Christians.

And then it was only recently that those radicals returned. They destroyed her house, nearly killing her and her four daughters, the youngest, to which four years of age maimed for life with very serious burns all over her body. Now listen, rather than grow bitter through all of this, the loss of her husband, the loss of her home, all of her belongings, this young woman, Nora, a widowed mother of four, again, didn't grow bitter.

She grew bold. And Robbie, it was about a year ago, she became a believer, received an Arabic language Bible, and she would go on to introduce about 50 Arabic-speaking women to Jesus Christ. And many of them are widows, and they faced really a life of hopelessness. But now they're members of our spiritual family. And again, God working just in His gracious manner through this wonderful woman, Nora, in the Middle East, only miles from the conflict. Is that in place where there's been just millennia of suffering, pain, loss, and conflict?

Absolutely. But when we apply the hope of the Gospel, we see lives truly transform. And again, we've got our sites, our prayers, focused on blessing 3,500 Bibleist believers by the time we wrap up, just on the other side of Memorial Day. So when we put brats on the grill to observe that somber holiday, we'd love to be able to say that 3,500 prayers have been answered for the Word of God.

But Robby, I've got portals open before me. Your listeners, they have been getting involved, they've been generous. And thank you, brother, you've made a gift on behalf of your family, and we'll believe we'll get there at 3,500 Bibles again by around June 1st. But listen, the world needs the Word. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 12, when one part of the body suffers, we suffer together. And that's what Truth Network listeners and listeners of this wonderful program, Kingdom Pursuits, are doing right now with Bible League, and we're so grateful.

Yes. It's so easy, too. It really is. You just go to, click on the Bible League banner I have there.

It'll take you right to the website. You can get her done in like a couple minutes, and then just rejoice with me that God's going to take that and do these amazing things. And my heart kind of breaks, you know, that there's these people around the world that are literally praying that they would have this God's Word. And what a neat thing that we can do to make these – or to help God or partner with him to make these prayers answered.

Again, the number to call, if you want to do that, is 800-937-9673 or 1-800-YES-WORD. And, you know, it's really – I'm so grateful for you, Michael, that you come and faithfully tell us, you know, this is what's going on out there around the world, and obviously the sacrifice your family makes for you to be able to make those trips and all. You know, I think it's just really, really amazing, and I'm so grateful for the firsthand experience. You know, you put a face on the whole thing for us, right? That there is a face behind every one of these Bibles that's going out. Every single one of them, there's a face of somebody that's getting to experience God, right? Well, and now you know Nora, now you know Sita, you know Mary and Miriam, all these godly mothers that God is using around the world in some of the most challenging of circumstances, Robbie. But our God is faithful. He is redeeming the world. You know, Jesus said, if I be lifted up, I'll draw the nations to myself. And again, I pray this hour has been an encouragement to your listeners.

Why? Because we all pray the Gospel would take grip, and it's happening all over the world, Robbie. Great to be with you this hour, brother. Oh, as always. You know, it is, and I look forward to, again, what God's going to do in this next season. As, you know, as things get darker, people get hungrier, they get thirstier, and so as that all is going on in the Middle East, we're very wary. Your prayers for that area, there's no doubt it's going to create a massive hunger for the Word of God. And how cool, as I've interviewed many people over there as well, that all talk about their seeing Jesus. I'm talking about Jewish people saying they're seeing Jesus like they've never seen him before.

Like, they never thought Christians could be nice to them. However that's working, God's doing something amazing. He's doing it through you. Again, go to, click on that Bible League banner, or 1-800-YES-WORD. That's easy enough to remember. 1-800-YES-WORD. And I should say that the widow had two mites, according to Luke 21, and that was dynamite. So two Bibles for ten bucks, what do you think? 1-800-YES-WORD. Thank you Michael, have a great weekend, and have a great Mother's Day everybody!
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