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Prove It! Part 6 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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November 17, 2020 7:00 am

Prove It! Part 6 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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November 17, 2020 7:00 am

The importance of possessing godly qualities that will increase our faith in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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What would happen if we as believers in Christ responded people in kindness instead of responding in kind might out next on today's destined for victory hello and thanks for tuning it in just a few moments, Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message prove it first joins me know from his studio in California will pastor this current series prove it is proving to be a challenge to those of us who claim to follow Christ. Let me ask you this once we begin our relationship with Jesus. Why is it so important for us to develop these godly qualities we been studying together why think it's because as much as I enjoyed the fire insurance aspect of being saved by that I mean you know he that believes in him will perish in the fires of hell, but will enjoy everlasting life, and as much as I enjoy the fire insurance. The fact is I know from the Scriptures that God has called us to live quality lives here and now while I'm grateful for eternal life.

We all need to be concerned about living the abundant life. Jesus said I've come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. Now you know in these days when we hear abundance. We tend to think the three C's clips cars in cash, but the reality is abundant life in Scripture doesn't have to do with those things God might bless you with a lot of wonderful toys and gifts and provisions, but the reality is, it is the inequality that gives us abundant life, and that's what this series is all about teaching us to build the character that gives glory to God and will help us be a blessing to people everywhere we go, you know, one of the ways we can be a blessing to others is by sharing the gospel with them, inviting them to accept the gift of God's salvation as well as showing them how to live the abundant Christian life here on earth. Your gifts to destined for victory help Pastor Paul do just that with people all over the world as our way of saying thanks for your generous donation would like to send you a book from Deborah Smith Borges called 30 days to taming, worry and anxiety. If you want to know how to deal with the stresses. Life sometimes brings your way if you like to replace your worry with the joy and peace that only God can give you want to pick up a copy. This great resource today. Again, that's 30 days to taming, worry and anxiety. Our gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to destined for victory. Call 855-339-5500 to give over the phone or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 five.

We met what would happen if we when you study the life of Christ. You can't help but notice how kind he was to everyone he met. He didn't judge or condemn me. Didn't guilt unbelievers into repentance instead he treated them with love, respect and kindness as his followers we would do well to walk in his steps today on destined for victory. Pastor Paul Sheppard wraps up his message on seven qualities we as Christians should strive to develop a strong him now for today's destined for victory message prove God's people who are now dealing with. And God made to God made you in politics. God knows we need some godly people and politics. God knows we may godly people waving up businesses of integrity corporations of integrity we godly people dictation education will we be everywhere who will truly represent God. These young men. The three Hebrew men. The Bible says they stood against the political pressure to bow to this foreign God and when Nebuchadnezzar heard about of the condiments and I like you fellows and normally there would be been discussing when somebody defies me.

I know you all are from Babylon.

You were brought here captive and so I realize that you understand how the kingdom works. When you define a king. That's it like to sell because I like you, I will have mercy upon you. I have called the band back and they will play it again Sam and when you hear the trumpets this time you want to back out when you bow. I will send that you all were temporally insane, but you got your act together that you in fact bow and everything will be good look at what they say when you get a chance. The Bible says in the book of Daniel.

These men looked right at the King and said we are not slow to answer you in this matter.

The God we serve in respect they settled king live forever respectful you cancel out the validity of the motorbike. In this respect, even if your boss by throwing the ball, let me help somebody. Will you know they don't know Jesus yet doesn't mean that you can be disrespectful. In fact, New York's respect you can begin to set the stage for your witness to have an impact on their lives.

They settled king, but when it came to bowing and compromising their faith. They couldn't do it and if it were not able to deliver. I love this part. They said but it we still will not let your furnace when you backfire and we love now gone. God you by means of this fire. We still won't burn before we back in the Bible says the king was full of wrath and he ordered them to be slain by fire. In fact, he commanded the Army heated seven times hotter. It was so hot that the man who was playing by the end when the king don't know how he saw it somewhere from afar.

They had some ancient, but not deliver what I know my man would know that close to what I do know that he was looking in my mind and body know all he said. So one looked like a son of God.

He said I don't know what is what is not from around here, God, God's supernatural help, and decided that he would show our we tell you something, so people with power through you if you'll stand up to godliness, godliness, brotherly kindness, brotherly kindness matter is we've got to understand that God has called us to be people treat people with respect and kindness has one principle of life in the church but it has a different light. Because I missed the city from which I hail called the city of brotherly love is really the least part of town and not that's what comes from the Greek word, it means brotherly kindness and so on the one hand we have a unique bond we have to recognize that all men are brother and sister in Christ all brothers and sisters on some level. If you don't know the Lord not truly my brother, sister you out when you which means that God's plan for your life blueprint on your life will never be executed until you come to faith the matter is the way we help bring people to faith is the start out by just treating them kindly let me ask you something nice for you to people every day no matter who they are, what color they are nice for you another question you. You look at people and some of you don't like it, based on their cultural based on their dress based on whatever it could be you got to get those things out of the way because God has called us to walk in brotherly kindness, we represent Jesus mean somebody let me know Jesus religious will church will grow."

Jesus called off of publicans and sinners now and befriend them by compromising his wall. He befriended them with his brotherly kindness. He treated him nice.

He treated him with respect you treat people the people you wait and see if they speak to you when you see if you happen to like what they look like, or you think there might be something in it for you. What happened we were going to commit random acts of kindness. What would happen if we nice people to death when I get in the elevator hello hotel you walk in the what if you want to go to say hello how are you today look at you like what's your angle. While it okay will appear so many people have a gimmick.

You just to be nice just called nice to be nice to have a bumper sticker somebody Jesus. We enslave all got the little fish and some people all go Jesus finger why balance will go away were only about halfway through today's destined for victory message with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. Be sure to subscribe to pastor Paul on YouTube to watch some of his best video clips for more details and links to all of the social media sites. Be sure to visit pastor that's pastor

You can listen on demand recent messages or find a variety of resources that are online store. Now once again here's pastor Paul was arrested today's message prove my woman speaks a lot of conferences told the story on herself. She said I had just spoken at a meeting people moving around. Speak a lot of places coming home from a particular trip got to the airport they had lost her bank not that uncommon and they said don't worry will find it in will send it to you. Well, they didn't send it to her. Next day since I go back to the airport went back to the airport.

She was warm. Went to the lady troubleshoot the kind of thing and said listen, y'all promised me flew in yesterday. You promised me you would locate my bag and somebody would bring it to my address. I need my stuff and you promised me and you didn't do what you promised she was all right. At that point, but the lady was six trying to explain what we have to located in until we find we can't bring it to you.

And of course would do our best and we gotta find and we have all these ligands back and we got as he was trying to explain her point of view and sort of stand up for her airline and Terry wasn't having it. So they were, going and then Terry looked and saw her bank backing on a section behind this lady where they had some of the unclaimed bad and you turn around to see if okay well if you will just tell me when the counter told the lady I'm not a thing if you touch me, I will break your neck, at which time some of the things that will break in the late we got ask God to our faith, kindness, treated nicely to take anything off anybody with respect and so we gotta find a place and then when it comes to the family of God. All the more Paul said in Galatians 6 we should do good to all men he said let us leave those who are of the household of faith, makeup, and with people in the body of Christ be nice to one another kind to one another.

When I called you parking spaces. Hallelujah, the traffic people in the all that means is we have some adding to do your thing, brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness, love, now and in the language we typically would use low for a lot of things. Hello's erotic love.

We use lawful, brotherly kindness, we use love for friendship. You don't use it all kind of thing, but in Greek all different word so you but then he says kindness that this with your best interest at heart, kind of love. See agape is the foundation for representing God in the lives of others. Because agape is the way God loves us. The Bible says when we were his enemies, Christ died for us even when we were nice. Some of us would've done treat me with some respect did not think about saving you all you want to use my name. Okay, let's see you do that without God you are my God dropping like lies when we Christ died for us.

When we seen him him he said, but I love look beyond your fault and see your knee and God sent his son to solve our problem when we didn't know we had a problem and didn't want him to have anything to do with and he says that kind of love abroad in our hearts and tells us to love one another that that's the love that'll make your relationships stay intact. Hello that will help you deal with unlovely people unconditional sacrificial agape said I love you and that's the end of it. I love you. You can do about it.

To try to make me stop loving you means I am with you not how much you treat me like me love you all deserve agape additional sacrificial CU newlyweds were getting married.

We often counsel. Make sure that your relationship is not on things like feelings, romantic feelings.

I love his arms just looks like you can carry me through what signal do somebody built just like just be right is a wonderful feature foundation times and seasons are coming and you don't feel all that now try to get the fan the flame rekindle the romance of feelings when they change something so what you have to do is have a foundation that says when I don't like the dynamics of our relationship I promise to still love you when we've had a lot of disagreements in difficulty and we can see on some major issues and and a lot of people are just turning and walking away.

I'm going to do my best if you will stay with me. I am committed to staying with you because I'm in this for the long foundation that is not based on the conditions you here's my list. If you agree push it across the table. If you agree to the terms and they pick it up and look at it in writing passes across the table. Here is my proposal. Love says, yeah, we can work out the details and all that but the bottom line is I'm going to always act in your best interest.

That's what we're called to strive for and to your brotherly kindness agape when all else fails, as God has loved me by his help. I do love you not only in a marriage context within a church context as a parent with children as a child dealing with aging parents. Whatever it is whoever the challenging people in your life will help you always act in their best interest will help you to forgive them when they are when they are doing what you do right by and we will add these to our faith.

He says if you add to your inquiry, your will be people in the group. He said two things will happen. You'll never fall. He uses the word there. That means you will never come to utter destruction and ruin doesn't mean you won't have a slip world learning and growing what it means if you have a slip, you will get up you will learn from it and you will move forward and become better for what he says.

Ultimately, you will never fall into destruction and a rich welcome will be afforded you into the kingdom of God. You will add to your faith you will see God. One day you will hear God one day say well one of the ways we can prove our faith is to share our faith.

Thanks so much for joining us for today's message prove it.

If you'd like more information about the Destin for victory ministry or this month special offer. Be sure to stop by our website Pastor that's Pastor so we went almost 101 younger, but I don't have bellyache about what I have lost it is time for me to get on with the business of living. That's tomorrow in pastor Paul Shepard's message so you want to get married until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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