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Absurd Truth: Wyoming Sorority

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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September 6, 2023 3:15 pm

Absurd Truth: Wyoming Sorority

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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September 6, 2023 3:15 pm

A trans woman whose sorority admission was contested by fellow members speaks out after a judge dismissed the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Liberty Safe gets criticism for giving access codes of a gun safe to the feds for a search warrant over January 6th.

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Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch

Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. This is literally the second time in I think three years or two years that this kind of story has happened. So a Florida Man was arrested because he tried to run to London across the Atlantic Ocean in a homemade hamster wheel.

Not making it up. US Coast Guard intercepted Reza Bellucci about 70 miles off of Tybee Island, Georgia on August 26. They said that the 44-year-old marathon runner refused to leave the vessel for days and sadly had previously threatened to kill himself. Now he has tried three, I bet he was the guy then that was in the story. He's tried three similar voyages before, all of which ended in Coast Guard intervention.

The makeshift contraption that he was using, it's shaped like a wheel, has paddles that are designed to propel it forward as the wheel revolves. And so they said that it was not safe. It was manifestly unsafe. And they were prepared.

This was like right before the hurricane arrived. So they got him, he refused to leave his vessel. Then he said he had a bomb on board, but he was arrested.

They had no bomb. And he was what drifting 30 miles south of Tybee Island. Of his departure points. So yeah, he had to be rescued in 2021. Yeah, he tried to do this before in 21.

He also tried to do it again before that in 2014. I don't know why. I get I get this guy has a death wish. I think he needs help. Good heavens.

Let's see this. Oh, let's a man gets 12 years in prison. After he drove his truck through an ailer's Ace Hardware.

I like those Ace Hardware commercials. That's not the story. This guy drove his truck through one. Florida man named Lionel Medina got a 12 year prison term. He ran into ran rammed his truck into an Ace Hardware. He was just sentenced though. Yesterday the crime happened last year. It was all caught on camera. He forced his way into the store, and was able to grab as much stuff as he could before fleeing the scene thousands of dollars of stuff. Clearly because it was all on video, they were able to easily identify his vehicle and identify him. And they arrested him and now he's going he's going to the pokey. But oh my gosh, like what?

Everything is on camera nowadays. That's the dumbest way to what were you wanting to get called? Like I don't even understand like how would you? What is the point of that?

I mean, were you wanting to get captured doesn't make any sense. Let's see this. Oh, one guy got he got an assault charge because he threw repeatedly through Snickers at a manager's face in Walgreens. Because he was denied the sale of cigarettes. I got to save this one for you tomorrow because I don't know how many Snickers he threw, but it was a lot of them.

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That's 866-887-1188 or text Dana to 998899. I want people to know that everything that they've experienced that I'm certainly not the first trans person to ever be attacked by elements in the media to be used and unfortunately I don't think I'll be the last but I want people to know that it's never okay for that kind of scrutiny on a person just because of their identity. Just because I'm trans and I hope that you know even if there's one person out there that feels that their identity is being attacked that it's okay to be who they are and it's never okay to be attacked on their identity whether it's because of their race, their gender identity, their sexual orientation, religion or creed that every day that they can be themselves is a good day for us all. Oh my gosh. So this MSNBC talking to this dude because it's a dude. That's a dude who is discussing the suit that's going on with Kappa Kappa Gamma.

I know you all heard of the story. First off, welcome back to the program, Dana Loesch here with you and we're at the top of our second hour here and this story, because you know like everybody's going back to school and you know it's I what is it isn't a Bama rush week or something like that or their rush period and so this was there was there was a lawsuit that was filed by seven sorority sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma and they are upset because this dude joined their sorority and the dude joined it was like kind of forcibly like it wasn't it was sort of forced on them and they weren't really given a choice. See choices are arbitrary for women. Apparently, the sisters wrote that they were blindsided by this at this university. When this guy was allowed to join, they said they brought up privacy and safety concerns. And they were either told to be quiet, or they would have to be changed their definition of a woman and this is at the University of Wyoming. They alleged that he would stare silently at them as they changed, became visibly aroused, asked repeated non stop intimate questions of the young women. And if they had to change their definition of a woman, they would have to be very careful.

Of the young women. And if they, you know, apparently because they felt uncomfortable with this as anybody would, they were called bigots and told that they were attacking him because he's transgender. He's accused of taking photos without their permission at a slumber party, asking them what their genitals look like.

All kinds of stuff. All of these girls are saying that this is what would that they had to deal with. And he has already been on the record saying that he's still attracted to women. Because remember, the whole trans issue is what you identify as but not necessarily what you're attracted to. And so they said that this individual, this guy, he's been making them feel entirely uncomfortable for quite a long time. And the sister said that the sorority changed its criteria to allow him to apply. The lawyer said that, well, you know, the definition of a woman has changed, it's evolved. And that the term is open to interpretations. And they accuse the women who feel uncomfortable and vulnerable of being bigots.

They're smearing them is what it is. And it is just, I mean, oh my gosh, there's like so many of these like stories that they have of this guy. Bottom line, though, is this is a sorority and they shouldn't have to accommodate this dude. They shouldn't have to accommodate this guy. And that's what gets me with this because women are always told you have to accommodate the guy. You if you feel if the guy feels uncomfortable, then that's, you know, he's got to be accommodated. But if the woman feels uncomfortable, then she's a bigot, and you're being ignorant to this guy, you're being discriminatory, etc, etc, etc.

I mean, this is this guy's name is Artemis Langford. And, you know, the the audio that we played for you, he was on MSNBC. And they portrayed these women as, you know, these horrible bigots. That's how they portrayed them. They're horrible, horrible, mean bigots. And he's just this guy who's Oh, bless his heart. He's just, you know, going through all of this stuff. And they're so mean. But I mean, when you look at the series of allegations that they have made these sworn statements. I mean, this is wild. You know what gets me? And I was talking to my son who's in college.

And he was saying that Oh, yeah, we had to watch this, you know, video about Title Nine and all this stuff. But when notice how it's not there's never any video shown about it, because it's all about men versus women. What about men who are dressing up as women and taking advantage of women in this way in these very vulnerable spaces? I mean, they can't even feel comfortable in their dorms.

They can't even feel comfortable. This is just it's just ridiculous. The women said that if the sorority wanted to admit men, then they should change the organization formally, through the proper processes. I also think this is a bait and switch. I mean, when you join a sorority, I mean, when you rush and you join a sorority and you make that kind of commitment.

It's, it's not I mean, that's a that's a huge investment of your time, a major investment of your time, and your emotions into this and getting to know these women. And if the sorority is going to change this after the fact, that's a bait and switch to me. I mean, they should have let these women know you don't just do this in the middle of it and say, Oh, by the way, women now we're going to admit men who identify as women. You can't do that to sorority sisters. You can't do that to women who, who joined in good faith thinking that this is going to be a sisterhood. It's not a sisterhood when one of them has a schlong. Okay, that's a dude.

It's a dude. I, it would be the same if a woman tried to intervene in a man's space. It would be a bait and switch.

It'd be, it would be a complete bait and switch. But all these accusations, I mean, this guy's lucky he didn't get his ass kicked. I got to tell you, these, I mean, these are nice ladies because I think I'd have beaten him upside the head with a frying pan.

I really would have. Someone who is preying up on you in your space like this. So this, yeah, this Artemis Langford.

And he's actually, and you know, and especially some of the sorority sisters who are coming in, they are, I mean, younger than him, obviously. The judge had rejected their, the sister's lawsuit. They said that the court isn't going to define a woman. Well, the court doesn't need to define what a woman is because science has already done that. Science has already defined what it is. Science knows what they know what a woman is. Science knows what women are.

But the organization's bylaws don't define what a woman is. And this guy's just, he's still, I mean, I think the women should leave. Honestly, they should just leave the sorority at this point. Every one of them should leave.

And I just, this is, it's just, this is insane. But they said that Kappa Kappa Gamma has two, has over 250,000 members in 140 chapters. And they're like, we're not going to discriminate against gender identity.

No, you are discriminating though, because what you're doing is you lied to the women who joined your sorority and thinking that it was a sisterhood and now you're going to go back and try to retcon that. That's not fair. You've heard me rave about the Keltyte KSG shotgun for a long time. And the fact is I cannot say enough good things about it. I mean, the KSG is the one that started it all, made ordinary shotguns obsolete and still reign supreme.

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That's K-E-L-T-E-C And now, all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's Quick 5. So the Stones have their first studio album in 18 years called Hack Me Diamonds. That's actually was a bit of it that we played coming in. They're preparing to release their first album of original material in 18 years since A Bigger Bang from 05. The group apparently I guess what they're going to be, they live streamed it. They're live streaming it exclusively today, the event where they're I guess previewing the rest of the album.

But they said that this means two, there's going to be a tour probably, right? I don't know. I mean, it's without Charlie Watts. And I don't know, like I'm made of opinions because I dig the Stones, but I also love blues bass rock. And I don't, I don't know, like I was talking about the guitar tone.

I don't want to, you know, being that I'm a horrible rhythm guitar player, so I don't feel like I don't know. Anyway, it's a whole other subject. I'm torn about this.

Steve and I were like about ready to dive into a bigger conversation about it before we actually came back on air. All right, so a review. This seems kind of obvious. A review of over 1000 studies indicates that exercise can actually be more effective than counseling or medication for depression.

Well, duh. I mean, just the endorphins and all the good stuff that your body releases when you're working out. I just know that it's cathartic. I mean, if I'm, you know, throwing weights around, I feel so much better afterwards. And I feel, you know, like less like tearing off people's limbs and beating them with them for saying something stupid on the internet. It's good for you. Go out and do it. No, I mean, like lift weights. Don't do it.

I just not the latter thing. I need to clarify that. The US has 52 million airbag inflators should be recalled over a rupture threat.

Oh, great. So the US auto safety regulators said that 52 million of these they were supplied by ARC automotive and Delphi automotive. They have to be recalled because it could rupture metal fragments could fly, etc, etc, etc.

They said that they've been used in vehicles from 2000 through early 2018 from GM, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, basically all of them, all the cars. So just look at look it up, go look it up because you might be affected. Nobody wants shards of metal.

Nobody wants anything like that. Gary Busey was apparently involved in a hit and run accident in Malibu. What a California headline. Very California headline and Texas Republicans are putting it Ken Paxton on he's going on has this trial that he's kind of a witch it's kind of it's a witch hunt to the Republican firebrand AG of Texas. He's facing these goofy charges of corruption and abuse of public trust.

It's his impeachment trial that kicked off yesterday. Yeah, that's what they're doing instead of lowering property taxes. Yeah, we got a lot more on the way. Stick with us.

We were discussing this a little earlier. This situation with Liberty Safe. So Liberty Safe, they advertise themselves and as and they used to advertise on the show, I don't believe that they do anymore.

Which that's not going to make a difference in me commenting on this. They said that they they were advertised as America's number one heavy duty home and gun safe manufacturer. Now they said that they issued this statement late last night where they said that they gave the FBI an access code to a customer's gun safe in response to a request on August 30th. And they said that the request came Jennifer Van Law at Red State has a really good chronological timeline of this. The request came during a raid on this guy's home. It was a guy who attended the protest on January 6.

Right. And the protest people broke there was there were people who decided to get violent and carry out a riot. Now this individual, the incident to which they are referring, this individual was apparently there and they wanted they were investigating Nathan Hughes.

He's based out of Arkansas. And so they were looking into his attendance at the protests. And there's video of them apparently like arriving at his house and all of this stuff. They had him in handcuffs, etc.

He's a small business owner. And they said that the FBI turned off his security cameras. They unplugged his internet. They went through his house. Then they called the manufacturer of his Liberty gun safe and they got the passcode. Now, the individual, because it was looking at some of the charges, they said that he was interfering in, I guess, like enforcement there, the day of the riot, etc. And but they said that they got his access code.

And I I'm trying to figure out because I just keep thinking of how Apple like wouldn't even cooperate with our government. Do you remember this was I think this was in San Bernardino. Do you remember the terrorists, the couple who opened fire at a holiday event and killed a number of elderly people? It was a guy who was upset.

And he remember this whole thing. And they had been getting these deliveries and making weapons in their garage and neighbors saw what was happening. But they didn't want to report it because they didn't want to be accused of being racist and all this stuff. And they had gotten like that. I guess the feds had gotten their phones and the feds had asked Apple if they could unlock the phones and the phones and Apple said no, they weren't going to cooperate. There was a there was a huge news story. And I just I mean, that was a big thing. They went back and forth on that forever. Liberty Safe was like, well, just show us the warrant.

And here we go. I so my thing is they said that they have access codes depending on the model. I guess they're different from the model. I don't know if it's just ubiquitous for every safe. I guess that there's a battery depending on what type you have with the battery fields. But you have keys.

Like even if the battery fields, you still have keys. So I just don't understand why they still have those those codes, why they have those access codes and why they it doesn't. I'm just curious as to why they didn't resist it a little bit more. Why did they even have to be involved is my other question. Like why did they? Why did Liberty Safe even have to be involved in this? Because. I mean, if the feds wanted to access it, could they just cut into the damn safe? Right. So why did they even have to get Liberty Safe involved? Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
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