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Guarding Our Witness (Part C)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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October 18, 2019 6:00 am

Guarding Our Witness (Part C)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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October 18, 2019 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the 1st letter of Peter 2:11-17

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The church that departs from the word of God becomes a monstrosity they become that fig tree that has the leads that says I have wrote but it doesn't so when you go up two additional fruit.

What did Jesus do that.

He cursed it so you say I'm at church, by definition, ecclesia the place where you come to hear about Jesus Christ to be separated from judgment the wrath of God and to be brought into heaven.

We are a church well of you are preaching the word of God. What you preach. This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston. Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of first Peter, please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching. Open your Bibles to first Peter chapter 2.

Let's join Pastor Rick for his continuing study called regarding our witness so he is saying among the Gentiles have a life is such that glorifies God.

So when that moment comes you not compromise how many Christians have blown their witness they can say whatever truth they want to say but their witness has been destroyed and what he wants to hear from them coming from them and we have to work you say. Well, that has happened to me once on the thing to happen to me. Working not to let that happen. But maybe, maybe I'm speaking to someone who you who you say I blew my witness, God can restore if he can put backward locus he have eaten. He can do anything if you hang the planets and the stars where they are not keep them from crashing into each other. He can do anything he can restore my broken witness John Mark was such within the church.

John Blewitt, he felt he was going to be a hero of the faith going to all the world preach the gospel to every creature and he found out that he couldn't handle it. And so we headed back home. And because of this it came another time when he wanted to give it another shot. Paul and I think wisely, at that time Paul said no way.

We put a lot into him and he he crumbled is already Barnabas's cousin insisted they got into this big brouhaha over John Mark. Well, Barnabas and Mark went their way in. Paul and Silas went their way, and the result was Satan thought he got him while Satan did was create to minister to more ministries, where there was one ministry of Paul and Barnabas there went out to ministries of Barnabas and Mark Paul and Silas that backfired.

So Paul went off with cousin Barney and he developed and he became a solid Christian and God pinpointed John Mark to give us the gospel according to Mark, which is an excellent introductory into Christian writing you want to sell someone you want a quick quick course on Christianity go to the gospel of Mark 16 chapters, you get an overview that you'll never forget. And then of course later on Paul nearing his execution rights to Timothy and says bring John with bring Mark. He is useful to me.

He is useful to me in the ministry and the gospel so God can restore.

That's why those stories are preserved. But if you've not crumbled in front of everyone and blown your witness. Full out work to keep it. Don't ever take it for granted. Now this does not mean I will have blown my witness and in workplaces once or twice. Yeah I'm a one time I will want to take too much time on the story, but I mean it was almost a fists fist if I could have gotten downs to the ground level. It would've been a brawl. Yeah, I was ashamed of this. This day God moved on the other guy was wrong anyway. But let's move on and is a lot more to that story that anyway, submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake.

Again, human struggle here. All of them struggle, submit yourselves to every ordinance. What helps is when you respect someone if you had leaders in life and I've had good leaders in my life.

Believers and nonbelievers alike.

I've had good men who I could respect even if I didn't like them. I respected them and had no problem if they gave me a command that I didn't like because I respected them. I had less difficulty carrying it out you parents know if your children can respect you get more out of them and it is a good thing. So let's be careful as believers to submit ourselves to every ordinance that he's talking about Nero that's was going to go with this. How much with the church you get pastors and and then church leaders that aren't dear all, and no one was to submit to them. For some do but when the pressures on they don't, why is it this way the real devil. That's why will Peter and Paul share this view about submitting to every ordinance. Romans chapter 13 the first seven verses Paul lays that out is lucky doesn't carry a sword for nothing. He carries it so you can execute sentence on the guilty. Don't be the guilty. The alternative is what the alternative to submit yourselves.

Every ordinance is what rebel create an uprising become a community agitator we are supposed to be witnesses of Jesus Christ, not some militia that Oriental revolutionaries going to change everything through the physical sword. One of these two occasions, the hemi out to this because some of you are saying maybe saying to yourself, you will want about what gets us couple of the what about in a minute but our Lord in two occasions. He paid local taxes in front of everybody in Matthew 17. It was the temple tax in Matthew 22 would be the equivalent to our federal tax give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar give to God what belongs to God. Jeremiah summarizes this attitude when he told the Jewish people taken into captivity in Babylon. He says look in Babylon now bro. Do what you're supposed to do.

Jeremiah 29 seven. This is most of most folks like to go. I know the thoughts I think of you, thoughts of peace was a beautiful verse which remembers to captives who didn't want to be captive prior to that, he says, seek the peace of the city where I God have caused you to be carried away captive and pray to Yahweh for it for its peace. You will have peace, so the prophet says to the Jews taken captive was still trying. They were God's going to get is that there is no you had a 70 year sentence as a people and in Babylon while you're there. Pray for peace of that place become a sinner.

The citizen assimilate civilly, not spiritually, and in so that that is a summary of what is being said here by Paul in Romans 13 and Peter here in first Peter chapter 2 now there are limits to this submission to obey laws if we were commanded to violate moral laws we would not we have to say no. This will bring persecution physical persecution. This is a story with Shadrach me shack and Abednego you bow down when you get to be this good beat when you hear the boom boom. You do it and they did not they were cast into the fire then is Daniel six.

Whenever going to get him committing a crime unless we make it a crime for him to exercise his faith in public. They did that to Daniel, and of course he was cast into the guidelines, then before them and then they were cast in consume and then there's acts chapter 4 where the apostles were commanded not to preach the name of Christ.

Peter and the apostles that look to you figure it out. Whether it's right or wrong as Russ we going to do what God told us to do. John Bunyan, he refused to be silenced by the state church when they told him you cannot preach the gospel he preached anywhere they did 12 years in Bedford jail because of it time again a second time. As long so Peter says this in the midst of persecution you submit to the laws don't become entangled in society in the affairs of this world. Second Timothy two, no one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier you get the feeling these apostles will not let up on us not being part of this world they just will not stop it with telling us this is not all there is to you.

There's more to you than being here let up, and if they had the church would've been gobbled up to be no more Christianity. So as citizens we use civil laws. We do not allow ourselves to be engulfed by them becoming activists with causes other than Christ. That doesn't mean we cannot work within the laws to be activists of Christ as as Jeremiah told the Jews get spiritual where you are.

Do something before Yahweh on behalf of the place you find yourself how awful it would be if the apostles became political activists where in church history. Did the church leaders become political activists. When Constantine made peace with the religions of the world, especially Christianity, and he embraced Christianity and gave us what we now know as the Roman Catholic Church, not Christianity that does not mean that they are not Christians within Roman Catholicism, but overall you pray to Mary, get disqualified and subsided, and no two ways about it and not going to tell her my speech because you disagree with description. If you pray to those who are not due to the one who is not God you sinning is cut, and it's dry and now I move on one or more point to make about balance. Ballin was a prophet. The Bible tells us, yet he allowed himself to be seduced and he got political then and we get to the book of Joshua.

In chapter 13 we find out they killed bowel.

He should've stayed a prophet but he became entangled. He says whether to kings as supreme, while the countries laws must be obeyed for the good of all of society becomes no anarchy will rule. Do we believe that social ills are to be dealt with spiritually or do we think they're just a physical problem. Matthew 1519 for out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adultery, fornication steps, false witness, blasphemies its spiritual issue. Sin is spiritual and it shows up in the physical. It is not content to just be physical. It shows us spiritual.

It shows up physically so another words is going to harm someone is going to damn souls. If he can verse 14 hour Peter.

He says to, or to governors be nice if the Verses 13 and 14, together but they did not.

As to those who are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who do good again laws law has to be administered by someone and he is talking about local leaders at this point and again sinners have issues with authority, may it not be awesome is not easy.

It's not easy when you don't like something is in fact if you don't like something enough. The clouds your judgment should get emotional lawyer for what happens if you carry emotional emotions too far, we have word forů One word is called hysteria between your emotions are now running the ship into the rocks. So it is good to just take it to the Lord.

Prayer. Prayer as a stabilizer has a stabilizing effect. It helps us settle down and get back into the spirit and outside of our emotions, they can get away from our emotions. They do good you need them least. I feel you do Titus that was corny, but corny is safe.

Titus chapter 2 Paul says to tell Pastor Titus to inform the people that they're not to pilfer showing all good fidelity that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things as we put on garments. We are is to put on the doctrine of God.

So here we are considering this book of persecuted Christians first Peter which is really a letter which is rich in warm bran. Some of you know him, is the author of tortured for Christ spent 14 years in Romanian prison and was tortured and was tortured many ways and he was subject to witnessing others being tortured. Also he saw some renounce the faith he saw others stay true to the end. Richard writes this is his Western Christians can help us by praying for the persecutors that they may be saved. Such a prayer may seem na´ve. We pray for the communist and they tortured us the next day. Even worse than before the prayer but the prayer of the Lord in Jerusalem was also na´ve. There they crucified him after his prayer, but only a few days later they beat their breasts and 5000 converted in one day. She is his observations. His view of Scripture, and what we go through has been enhanced by the misery he went through you know when he would go speak in a churchy walk up, he wouldn't be wearing shoes because they beat his feet to the bone and was painful for him years later for the rest of his life where shoes so we come across a solid Christian life that we pay attention we say here is someone doing it actually carrying out the superlatives of Scripture and we say I have no argument against I cannot now say you will.

That's easy for you to say, I have to say, what if he did it. Where my supposed to with the lesser things I'm faced with. I can get up on time for church. I'm not rebuking anybody of that you so please come to me as a sorry but I don't know about that verse and don't come up to me tell me was sleeping in the sanctuary. Please guy don't look at why don't look at it was one of a thousand reasons why. Don't try to look at anybody seasonally. Not now get even a stud. Not now back okay verse 16 is free yet not using liberty as a cloak for advice, but his bond servants of God. Some Christians some Bibles and evidently doesn't get printed in every Bible using your claw your liberty as a cloak one free in Christ brother I can do this I can hate you because I'm free is not legalistic to tell Christians to obey Jesus Christ. But this is what many are doing something legalistic over there because me tell you a Jesus that will legalistic right well. Isaiah 30 verse 10 say to Sears. This type do not see into the prophets do not prophesy to us right things speak to us so things prophesy deceits and nobody was at the center, but Isaiah in August. Both prophets were sarcastic when they had to be any missing is would you go around doing don't tell us the truth tell us lies. We really like lies and you would think that some Christians thought that was one of the 10 Commandments you shall enjoy a lie. It's it's damning to trample God's word is not just okay. I did that's all right. It's not a church that departs from the word of God becomes a monstrosity they become that fig tree that has the leaves and says I have fruit but it doesn't. And so when you go up two additional fruit. What did Jesus do that to.

He cursed it so you say I'm a church, by definition, ecclesia way other place. When you come to hear about Jesus Christ to be separated from judgment the wrath of God and to be brought into heaven. We are a church well of you are preaching the word of God.

What are you preaching the word of man that makes you a monster and apostate and is not sinful to say that it's very easy to fix, preach God's word. It is their choice unamended will lately a lot but hear a lot about this is best Bethel church operating California one punch a kooks in the pew and demons in the pulpits what is going on.

Well, you know you got people that support that kind of stuff you got people to benefit from that.

Why is it go. God's word gets boring you read it enough times it no longer thrills you is just not doing enough for you is that why people become apostate apostates. I find it better to just talk to God.

Straight out when you struggle with things that you cannot resolve go right to him.

And even if he doesn't talk back to you.

He knows full well you are talking to him and that matters. Everything because the apostate has stopped talking to God. Verse 17 honor all people love the brotherhood, fear God. Honor the king is not writing this from heaven where he is now around a bunch of righteous people is still on earth around all people and is telling them the guy got a do it you going to cut you off the hook sought crisp sentences.

He charges them to honor all men love the brotherhood. Why would anybody have to be told to love Christians are we the best people ever. It's up to you.

It is up to the individual Christian and that's what he's been saying don't give them a reason to blaspheme the God take God take their ammunition from them their false ammunition regardless of color or what class of person is a what they believe we are to be honorable people. It doesn't take much to be polite, although I know a few people that think it would kill them to be polite. Love the brotherhood we ought to be more invested in other believers and nonbelievers. Galatians 610.

This is not the only two places there are others in the New Testament. Therefore, we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith and why some people to get turned off by that is, Christians we are supposed to have heightened participation with the body of Christ. Honor the king, which is Nero at this time persecuting Christians. Of course you going to get a lot worse going and killing Paul and Peter and then the Christians did not say what remember before he killed Peter before Peter was killed. He wrote this letter, and he said that honor the king.

Let's get rid of the letter because that King killed Peter and we are not going to let ourselves line up with what that apostle said no, that wasn't the case. They continued with these teachings, in spite of the persecution Daniel again, despite the king's attempt to murder his three friends that would be net you can, as are in Daniel chapter 3, he always addressed Nebuchadnezzar with the fitting a befitting term as King all Lord now. I struggled here in preparing this I could not I would take a miracle I'm you know on the proportion of the sky, opening up and God sticking his hand on me gently and letting me but could you call Nancy Pelosi, the Hon. Mrs. Pelosi. Daniel would I would to go wash my mouth out with the stream afterwards, but this is what were called to because what happens when you start seeing these people that are getting away with lies. What wells up hatred and that's not us. We start hating these people is that I don't hate. I don't hate the sinner is able to know you hate them.

You do you list your Bureau conscious of being drawn to hate them. And we must guard against these things. Even when Bell says are the last king of Babylon, you know, the one whose me smoke against the other.

When the handwriting was on the wall even to him. Daniel was respectful and gave him the proper title, although he said keep your trinkets interested what should be done for this man who want to stop you. You will die tonight anyway. There the last king was Darius of course he became friends with Daniel, but so what we have here is honor all people love the brotherhood, fear God.

Honor the king.

If you're looking for less. You're in the wrong faith if you're looking to be encouraged to hate your enemies you not in Christianity. Is it God didn't say this is going to be really easy.

Love those who persecute, pray for them. He says this is a bloodied religion. It's bloodied to the body and it's bloodied to the flesh spiritually and physically. It's going to take a lot of work but were up to it because the body is a temple that houses the Holy Spirit in your life is not your own belong to God. You are his.

He loves you and he works with you. Believe it or leave it. We are so glad you tuned in today to study the book of first Peter on cross reference radio cross reference radio is the daily radio ministry of Pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia, and we are blessed to bring you God's word with each broadcast. If you'd like more information about this program or want to listen to additional teachings from Pastor Rick please visit our website cross reference We also encourage you to subscribe to our podcast so you'll never have to miss a program. Just search for cross reference radio iTunes Google play music or your favorite podcast. We hope you tuned in again next time to join us as we continue our study through the Scriptures like here on cross reference radio

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