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The World's Greatest Peace Treaty - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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October 11, 2021 2:00 am

The World's Greatest Peace Treaty - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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October 11, 2021 2:00 am

The cross brought a state of peace between God and the people who choose to live under His reign. In the message "The World's Greatest Peace Treaty," Skip contemplates Christ's work of establishing your peace with God.

This teaching is from the series Give Peace a Chance.




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God use you differently now that the reconciliation has taken place.

This is called another portion of Scripture justification of the word justification means God declares you are righteous because you want based on the declaration reads that since you present to reconciliation.

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We like sheep have turned our own way in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve had sinned. Bible says God came into the garden form and he called out what he said. He said anybody know how you got it you got Adam where are you in a debtors that's God looking for man, there's no record of Adm. God.

Are you looking for God. He was running from God.

He was fleeing from God. God was looking and searching for him. Adam is looking for God.

People are looking for God any more than a thief is looking for a policeman that I want to get caught.

They want to run.

They want a high so man needs to be reconciled to God. That's that's the first truth.

The second truth here is that we need to be reconciled, but it's only done by blood. It's done by blood forces here.

Verse 20 by him reconcile all things to himself. Things on earth.

Things in heaven, having made peace through here's the method. Here's the means through the blood of his cross. Hebrews 9 says without the shedding of blood there is no remission. His blood brings my peace. His blood brings my peeps say that his blood brings my peace. So several years ago I got opportunity to be in a movie called the last flight out and that they called me they wanted me to play a medical doctor and said, look, I'm a pastor I'm not an actor as they said no but you believe the message of the gospel and we want a doctor who at the end of the movie says the gospel but we don't want to be acted.

We want somebody who really believes that I go will you got the garden because I really believe so. In the film. One of the lead actors he had played in Black Hawk down.

He was not a believer, but he had to act like a guy who gets converted right in this film, so he's looking to the script were on the set were filming and this guy find his reading the script and there's a lot of things about the blood. The blood of Christ. The bloodshed for us because it's a bloodied battle scene that was had been taken place in the movie so he has to talk about the blood of Jesus and I just remember this look of frustration over his face and and he just lambda thing down the script down on the desk and what's the big deal about the blood. Could her pin drop you this the Christian dog, blood blood Jesus blood, what, why, why is that a big deal so I just remember because all the actors and producer and him all shifted their heads and looked directly at me when yes a Circle K preacher. The actor has spoken deal with and so it was a very lively theological discussion. As I explained, no blood, no power, no blood, no message you try to make the blood out. You got no gospel at all. You are emptying it completely of its power without blood, and I explained why. Here's what I've discovered people hate Christianity because they resent seeing themselves as sinners resent that. So, so they would prefer a God helps those who help themselves kind of approach to God.

Do they want their own works involve I've earned this. I have a little bit of entitlement I've done something on my part and so they will steer clear of the cross and build a bloodless religion of their own good works to throw up with John stockbrokers great great quote liquid. He said nothing in history or in the universe cuts us down to size like the cross. All of us have inflated ideas of ourselves until we have visited a place called Calvary, there at the foot of the cross, we shrink to our true size that's good. Now we shrink to our true size because the cross tells me some very unpleasant truth tells me that I'm an unreconciled center. It tells me that I am in the stream of God's righteous wrath and it tells me that I can't save myself when I see Jesus dying on the cross. He seems to be saying I'm here because of you. It's your sin that I'm bearing it's your death, that I am dying. It's your curse that I am suffering it's your debt that I am paying but I want you to know some he did it gladly. What you think of Jesus sort of standing here with his armful yet what he just said I did that for your really crummy know I want you to know he did it willingly and gladly. He said nobody takes my life from me. I lay it down of myself as willingness in the Bible says, for the joy that was set before him.

He endured the cross, he did it willingly.

Now the Cynthia if peace with God could be made any other way, then that you know what that would mean eventually mean that heaven would be the most boring place ever.

If we could get to heaven by good works, you would have to listen to people every day in heaven brag about how they got there. What I did to get here and every he did say it everywhere. You are so awesomely give it up for him and then she'd sent ability to what I did to get here and it would be a brag moaning. In heaven there will be no brag about his only testimonies were to be in heaven saying I don't deserve to be here. The only reason I'm here is because of him. What he did for me. Here's the third aspect to this peace treaty, the magnitude of peace. Now this is interesting and I'm only a touch on it really expand on it in our last study together but there are two reconciliations I want you to notice that are in this chapter.

The first one is mentioned in verse 20. Notice it says by him to reconcile all things to himself things on earth, or things in heaven while what is at me will hold a thought. That's just one reconciliation. Here's the second one verse 21 and you he has reconciled. Notice that's past tense, Artie done. He has done it you he has reconcile so you have one reconciliation that is yet future. All things in heaven and earth.

Yet one reconciliation that is passed one the first that is eschatological in the future is going to happen. The second is historical and personal.

I've been reconciled to him. So what is this mean here's what it means when sin entered the world, it did not just affect people. It infected and affected everything in the universe. Everything in the universe.

Did you know that the animal kingdom was affected in Romans eight verse 20 we are told, the creation was subjected to futility that is placed under the curse so as not just people, animals also suffer pain animals also get sick animals also die that is part of the curse. Romans 822 all of creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. So the animal kingdom was also infected because sin entered. Not only that but the very ground itself, the very earth itself was cursed was affected bro Genesis 317 God said, cursed is the ground in toil you shall eat the fruit thereof. The ground is curse the earth's curse that's evidenced by things like thorns and briars and metals and thistles and weeds send the labor that is required to get produce out of the ground, especially around these parts. We have to really prepare the soil to get some to grow. So not only that, but it would seem the solar system was even affect in the Job 25 Bildad indicated, and I'm quoting the stars are not pure in God's sight. It seems to have affected the entire physical world things in the heavens and things on earth.

Oh, and there's one more thing. Heaven itself.

Heaven itself and in Hebrews 923 we are told that things in heaven need to be purified very interesting phrase things in heaven that have needed to be purified. I'm I'm not sure exactly what that means but I can venture a guess that perhaps heaven has in a very real sense been defiled because Satan has had the Bible tells us access still into the presence of God.

Job chapter 1 Job chapter 2 Revelation chapter 12 verse 10 Satan called the accuser of the brethren, who accuses them before God day and night, and it could be that just that alone defiles have been enough that it affected heaven and by the way, did you notice that in the end times Artie study this that when God re-creates everything he's not going to just make a new word, the Bible says is to make a new heaven and earth. Ever wonder why what we need to make a new heaven, he's I think it probably got a good one can be happy with that heaven is God because heaven is been defiled, friends and so he will create a new heavens and its use in the plural, and a new earth, to talk more about that in our last study we talk about Jesus as the Prince of peace. But let me let me take it back down Go back to the personal level of notice and are verse in verse 22 says in the body of his flesh through death, look at this talk about the magnitude of peace to present you put your name there. I'll do it to present Skip wholly blameless and above reproach in his son. It's not that you are that way. Holy Blessed are you blameless even on your best day, wholly blameless, and with an above reproach without reproach is something you are there ways. Not that I am the way, it's that he sees you that way. Notice how it's put that he might present you holy, blameless, above reproach in his sight God use you differently now that the reconciliation has taken place.

This is called in another portion of Scripture justification member that were justification. It means God declares you are righteous even though you're not all that he declares you are and based on the declaration treats you. That way that's justification so he presents you faultless. He presents you blameless. This is reconciliation.

This is peace. This is the great exchange is a God treated Jesus Christ like you and I deserve to be treated on the cross death on the cross, suffering on the cross so you and I deserve to be treated. Jesus was treated like you and I deserve to be treated so that God could treat you like.

Jesus deserves to be treated. He can treat you now as holy, blameless, above reproach. Because of this great exchange on. By the way, it tends to stop with that justification. One day you will actually be in God's presence in a glorified body, a new body so there's not just justification.

There's glorification where you will stand perfected in his presence. Every time I bring up the idea of a new body. People get all stoked about that excited about that. Usually people sacredly. What will I look like an here's my short answer better. I'll just leave it at that. You might look really good.

Now you will look much better than that.

That's when reconciliation will be complete all at a little color to that no failing eyesight. No diminished hearing. No wrinkles. Do I get an amen. No sags another. Amen. No gray hair or she can fix that with a bottle. No stiffness, no sunspots, no skin tags feminist operator that that's graphic enough so three aspects of this piece treated the mediator. The method and the magnitude of peace on a close with this last one. The maintenance of peace. That's verse 23 now so far so great. Here's Jesus fully God became a man stand in front of the stream of God spray can so that that we can escape any we can be treated like royalty when we don't deserve to be treated one day's gonna give us a glorified body while awesome awesome awesome until we get verse 23, because what's the first word in verse 23 the go-ahead. This is church that allowed if that doesn't sound too promising a sound like a condition if indeed you continue in the faith grounded and steadfast, and are not moved away from the hope of the gospel which you have heard, which was preached to every creature under heaven, of which I Paul became a minister makes me nervous. Sounds a little threatening. It almost sounds like the salvation is on me little bit.

I okay you know this is what Jesus did for you. God, you better continue or it's off like you have to keep yourself safe.

It sorta sounds like so this is why people every few years make new translations of the Bible because language is fluid and they want to help you understand that the intent of the original language. Here's the best way to see this. This is the proof of your salvation, not the production of your salvation that is continuing is what proves the reality. In other words, if you really believe if Jesus is real to you. If salvation is really taken place can happen.

You can continue to continuing it and not fall away all you might fall down my backside. You come back to stand up again you going to keep moving forward in the faith that happens to be opposition widely held in the New Testament is a summary verse of that first John chapter 2 verse 19. John said they went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belong to us they would have remained with us, but they're going out showed that none of them belong to us there and fellowship together.

They left the church. They walked away from God. John said they really never were of us as if they were they would continue. So the idea here is that it proves the validity by the continuation by the way, notice the language here in these verses. He says grounded in verse 23, grounded, steadfast, and not moved away from the hope is what you would pick up on just reading that Paul is using architectural language you see the city of Colossae was built on earthquake land. It moved a lot. The ground shook a lot and was known for earthquake so the words moved away can mean earthquake stricken or prone to earthquakes. So you could even translate that if you are grounded, steadfast, and not prone to earthquakes. Here's the here's the truth behind that. If you're truly saved.

If you are building your life and resting fully on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Nothing will shake you will not be moved away. He'll keep you, you will be kept by him so were not saved by continuing in the faith we continue in the faith, to show that were saved that that's the idea behind now, having said that, if this verse still makes you a little bit nervous.

Don't let that go as it could be that you have just made a profession of faith and that's all it is a profession of faith that you haven't really built your life on Jesus authentically yet you haven't really surrendered your life to him and you want to sing all the P songs but you don't want to really make peace with God and surrender your life so you're still little bit nervous me just put it this way. This is the one answer on the test.

You want to get right.

How do I get to heaven. Question, how do I get to heaven.

I hope I got the answer right note you get it right. And if there's any kind of doubt about it, make a decision Ted today like now to surrender to come to terms and conditions in the instrument of surrender.

It was French philosopher Blaise Pascal who said he's want to came up with this there's a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the creator made known through Jesus Christ love that quote God put a hole in your soul and nothing can fill it by Christ. So are you ready to accept the instrument of surrender to you willing to say, I'm coming to you Jesus on your terms in your condition as only you can mediate this peace agreement between heaven and earth can't be my my good works. My background, my parents, my grandparents, my religion has to be only by you. You know I made a interesting read the other day and the war of 1812, when the famous battles in our country, there was a battle in the war of 1812 called the Battle of New Orleans which historians say was a needless battle and that's because a peace treaty, but between Britain and America had already been signed 15 days before the battle took place but they didn't hear news of the peace agreement being signed till it was too late 15 days went by, they fought every day about 100 people by 1500 people died needlessly when there was a peace agreement already intact and in place is what God wants you to know the war is over you vessel in your arms put up the white flag quit fighting the conviction of the Holy Spirit and you say, I surrender to your terms that reps of Skip message from the series give peace a chance now to Skip to share how you can keep these teachings coming to you while connecting others to God's word. As Christians we all have to deal with life in a fallen world. But that's why it's important to equip listeners like you, with God's word so you can soar through life.

You can try to not just survive when you give a generous gift you help share important lessons from the Bible. With so many others, I'd like to ask you to consider taking action today to help reach even more lives with God's truth.

Here's how you can do that visit to give the gift that's or call 800-922-1888, 800-9222.

Thank you for your generosity and come back tomorrow.

Skip Heitzigs and explore some of the things that can steal your peace and how you can guard against them. We have three wars that steal person wars that are going on right now all of the all three of them are peace feelers. All three of them will make your life and all three of them need to be ended in when they are and if the result will be the last Castle Skip presentation of connection communication changing truth ever-changing time


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