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Overcoming an Anxious Mind - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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September 15, 2021 2:00 am

Overcoming an Anxious Mind - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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September 15, 2021 2:00 am

Philippians 4:6-7 are among the most treasured verses by Christians because of their power to help overcome anxiety. In the message "Overcoming an Anxious Mind," Skip shares how prayer and a promise from God can help you stop worrying.

This teaching is from the series Technicolor Joy: A Study through Philippians .




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Cure for worrying is to redirect your energy and replace your anxiety. The Bible gives us a name spellcasting you're familiar with the verse. First Peter chapter 5 verse seven casting all your care same word by the way Marin enough same word finds the divide to my casting call your chair upon him because he cares for you.

God loves you enough to promise you peace and rest from your word and is powerful enough to carry out that promise today on connect with Skip Heitzigs, Skip shares while you can trust God to set you free from anxiety but first we want to let you know about an opportunity to visit the ancient land of the Bible. Nothing tops studying the Scriptures in the real life locations where it all took place. That's what I'm eager to announce our upcoming trip to Israel in 2022 and if you register by November 30 using promo code connect Israel you will receive $150 off the tour price.

Find out more about the tour and inspiration a Thanksgiving word Philippians chapter as we dive into the teaching with Skip Heitzigs to be consumed with worry and anxiety betrays a lack of trust in God caring free.

So Jesus says and here's why it's unbecoming look at the birds of the air, they don't rape it up so gather into barns, but your heavenly Father feeds them mark the language he didn't say their heavenly Father feeds them because he's not there. Heavenly father that have a personal relationship with God but is your heavenly father you have a personal relationship with the father. Your father feeds birds with bird brains if your father feeds birds in your fathers and defeat his children and take care of his children.

There's a relationship there will when when my son was growing up I never remember him as a little boy being stressed about where the next meal was good to come from but my grandkids don't worry about where the market today. Daddy just like whatever they had. They always see ride. The parent delights in caring for children.

So it's unhealthy. It's unbecoming of a child of God.

The third reason Jesus would give its unproductive for he says which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature. What good has worry ever done for you.

All of that anxiety has a workout is a productive is not productive at all.

Worry is like a rocking chair makes a lot of movement, but you don't go anywhere. So I found this article in the Huffington Post this week study. They cited by Dr. Joseph Galloway who did study on essence and research, and he said 85% of the things we worry about never happened. He said of the 15% that didn't happen. 79% of the people found they could handle the difficulty better than they thought they could and or the difficulty taught them lessons worth learning.

So, he concluded 97% of what you worry about is just a fearful mind punishing you with exaggerations and misconceptions. So Paul says be anxious for nothing. See the problem in the prescription remove you to the third and that is the prayer. Now we get the solution.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus, forgive me, but you know I'm I'm drilling down. I said right so little work but in verse six, so be anxious for nothing, but that sort of contrast Suisse activity. He saying don't do this, but do that right now. In that contrast, we find the solution to the problem. If the problem is anxiety, then the solution is replacement. It's like God's replacement therapy. Don't do this, but do that the cure for worry is to redirect your energy and replace your anxiety. The Bible gives us a name, skull casting, you're familiar with the verse. First Peter chapter 5 or seven casting all your care same word by the way Marin now same word the thoughts, the divide the my casting all your care upon him because he cares for you, so don't carry your chairs cast your cares and a lot of us.

We have backpacks or briefcases or some of us have duffel bags. Depending on how much work you going take to and from work, but saw Tara like a box of papers computer like a backpack. Now when I come home and it's on my back.

I think the cards on my back like I like this with my backpack. I don't wear that thing all night. I don't like to sit down at the supper table with a backpack hunched over eating my meal I casted as quickly as I enter the door. I get rid of it. So casting all your cares upon him so the thought here is to redirect your energy and replace your anxiety with what with prayer in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Why is it that the very first thing we should do ends up being the very last thing we even try prayer is like we know we just let this thing go when we wrestle with it in week week he gets worse and worse and finally there's nothing left to do but pray you know we should've thought that it two days ago, when this whole thing for start should've immediately let that go and cast that and then Doing that is a process along the way. Jesus said to his disciples. Men ought always to pray and not to think you look back at the verse and you will notice he didn't just say hey pray about it. Notice the Paul does. There's four words there's prayer supplication with thanksgiving let your requests there's four different things he notices and I wanted to sort of break apart.

First of all prayer prayer this work.

Prayer is the general word. The New Testament uses for prayer plus UK but it is often translated worship or devotion. So think of it this way when you're tempted to worry worship when you're burdened bowel because when you do that you are focusing on God's greatness, your thought, gets off of the concern the care you and he gets on to God in his great see. Often we rush to the throne room. We just start casting out. There's a time to cast the care upon God and Telemann and and cry out to him, this time for that but not at first. When you enter his throne room, you know, if you were to go like to the Queen of England you could just go to the Queen of England and just like spew all your personal garbage. In fact, when you go to the Queen of England. You can't even get to see her unless you go to like a protocol training how to stand what to do, what gestures to make out what side of yourself. She is allowed to look at all of that is protocol to respect this earthly rulers authority so you're coming to talk to the God of the universe. Your heavenly father, but you're going to cast your cares upon him, but not right away because Jesus taught us to pray, he didn't say when you pray, say, is their daily bread right here and say that that's how you start. He said this is a start. Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. All that's worship all that is honoring him and then give us is their daily bread. The casting the care so prayer, worship, and here's why it's important worship and worry cannot coexist in the same heart. They are mutually exclusive. If you start worshiping, you can find your worries diminishing. If you start worrying you can find a worshiping minute thoughts first prayer by prayer plus UK worship devotion second word notice at supplication of this is familiar territory. It means strong crying and begging.

Who is more emotional than I like that because there's there's room for that I love, one woman, the one young mother. She would always have devotions in the morning and she told her three-year-old honey I just need a little bit of time alone with God.

This mommy's time having my devotions, so a phone call came into three-year-old picked it up and said mommy's busy. She's having her emotions. She meant devotions, but I like her choice of words.

There's a time to engage your emotion, your heartfelt cries at the idea of supplication.

So Jesus, I think intimated this when he spoke of a friend who came to see a friend at midnight and said lend me three loaves of bread. Jesus said his friend will not rise to give to him because he is his friend, but because of his persistence.

The ideas supplication. So, prayer, supplication. But don't stop there.

Notice what else it says with thanksgiving, with thanksgiving, don't forget to thank God. Now you might be going. Thank God when I'm like so stressed out and filled with anxiety and worry.

What am I gonna thank God for will first of all, thank God that he cares enough to give you promises like this to get you out of so you you you bring Thanksgiving as part of the equation. It's easy to thank God for obvious blessings God blesses you.

Thank you Lord you get a promotion.

Thank you Lord you get a big bonus. This time year's Christmas time all God I love you. I trust you. Thank you. Okay cool easy to try that when the cupboards are bare. It's not so easy but it says in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving see it's those injured. Why should thank God those trials are tools God is using to mature you and I so think and thank thank about what God is done for you in the past and I'll thank him for his promise for the future and his provision in the New Testament, there were 10 lepers that Jesus healed. We know the story, but think about that incurable diseases no hope ever people with leprosy in those days, died of leprosy, very slow, painful, excruciating the painful death. 10 men had left leprosy Jesus healed 10 of them healed, cured completely whole.

How many came back to thank Uno one 10%. I would've that ratio is changed, any since 2000 years ago. Probably it's about the same below 10%. People who are blessed and given things by God telling thank thank thank you and I wonder if that leper didn't even include Jesus, I want to thank you for healing me of this incurable disease, but I also want to thank you for the lessons I learned during the years that I had that disease which makes the healing even more appreciate so prayer supplication with thanksgiving, and then notice this, let your requests be made known to God. You hear the word requests partisan say let your demands be made known to God.

Let your ultimatum be known to God. Let your temper tantrum be known to God. Let your claim about fight be known to God.

You just come with and ask you come with the request you lay down the request because God might say yes you might say no. We might say maybe you might say wait. Either way, I'm requesting I'm asking, but it says let your requests be made known to God. So you articulate what it is exactly you want from him. None of this all God bless my life will how what specifically are you asking God to let your requests be made known to God, which brings up a question. Why do I need to inform God you don't, you can't not informing God of anything.

God doesn't sit up there.

When you articulate a request to go all, I didn't know that till now because he knows what you need. The Bible says before you ask, so why do you inform them you don't inform God when you pray, you are conformed to God when you pray, see it's it's a huge difference. Your you're being changed and conformed. You are in a sense voicing your weakness and voicing your dependence and every parent loves when the child says daddy I can do this. Would you help me absolutely your voicing your weakness your voicing your dependence. I want to help you do that one of the great plays of all time was a play that became a movie but it was a play called the Barrett's of Wemple Street now at some I said became movielike in the 1930s.

I think her 40s, I forget which, but it's about a an aspiring poet named Elizabeth Barrett who meets the esteemed known poet Robert Browning and a relationship develops between the but here's the line in this play. Elizabeth says oh Robert, how can you love me when you are so strong and I am so weak.

Robert says Elizabeth my strength needs your weakness as much as your weakness needs my strength. I love that compatibility of strength and weakness so your weak he is strong when you let your requests be made known to God. You're articulating I'm week your strong.

God says I'm strong your week is perfect match perfect get together. So, to sum it all up so far. Be anxious for nothing, be prayerful and everything.

Be thankful for anything. Let's close with the promise of seeing the problem in the prescription and the prayer. Here's the promise verse seven and the peace of God already just relaxing with that verse. The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Did you notice the phrase the peace of God, not every believer has that every believer when they come to faith in Christ has peace with God, not necessarily the peace of God, yet see peace with God is when you surrender you put up a white flag and you say I'm done fighting you, God, I give my life to you. Jesus.

And now you have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ says so. The war is over you and God become one you surrendered your life to Christ at that moment in time, you may not be feeling the experience of peace. That is what this verse calls the peace of God. So the first is a fact peace with God. The second is a feeling the peace of God, so to sum it up I would look at it this way, Jesus the Savior brings peace with God Jesus as Lord brings the peace of God accents like that tranquil feeling of confidence.

I going to be okay. God is in control. He is still the master of the universe so the peace of God which look at the description. It surpasses all understanding. It transcends human intellect, human analysis, you can try to explain it. You can't adequately explain it to peace of God, the transcends your ability to explain what my favorite verses is Isaiah 26 I often say to myself in times of stress says you will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. So the peace of God surpasses all understanding it will not picture this guard your hearts and minds now loose your mind that gets divided, it will guard your heart and mind to Jesus Christ. So picture of guard sentries got a spirit of shield got the stern look on his face he standing at the gate. He is the garrison that is posted when the thoughts come into your mind that could divided says what not go anywhere you like it in their.

I am the peace of God, I'm standing at this gate and not letting you into disrupt this person who lives in this peace of God which passes understanding will stand.

Garrison or play umpire however you want to translate it your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.

If there was one person in all of Scripture that lived in these two verses. I would say would be Daniel. You know Danny was a prophet in the Old Testament. Daniel lived in Babylon, a foreign country, hostile government that made it against the law for him or anyone else to pray to the one true God of heaven for 30 days. King Darius signed a decree that nobody could worship or pray, or make request of any God besides the Babylonian system so it says this Daniel chapter 6, verse 10, so Daniel went home.

I listen to the language and prayed and gave thanks before his God. Next verse, verse 11. The man found Daniel praying and making supplication to his God, that you hear all three of those words.

Prayer supplication things given same exact words that are in our text prayer supplication Thanksgiving was a result peace, Daniel experienced peace there when Danny got thrown in the lion's den exactly and he didn't seem to stress right back to got a good nights sleep.

The guy who didn't get sleep as a guy was living in the palace. The king was signed the decree he can't sleep you can eat.

He stressed out Daniel's going to sleep with a lion wakes up and auditing publisher live forever. Here I am now say I don't want this to sound him like it's going to just be snapped very very easy when you leave here, it is a process, but it can be done to be done at a funeral can be done in a hospital that can be done at an accident. It can be done when there's a relational disagreement. Because here's what I want you to see and in and putting it all back together. We enter the passage and anxiety. We exit the passage in peace and between anxiety and peace is what prayer anxiety, prayer, supplication, Thanksgiving request, and peace. Thus the process begin here you inherent. Here's the process you go through so reminds me of a guy who was always a worry wart. Everybody knew that Sam is always going to have that down. Look carry the world on his shoulders. Very negative about everything worried about absolutely everything came to work one day singing and whistling and smiling at everyone. What happened to this guy and he said you know, guys, a worrywart, you know that about me right so I give it some thought and I thought this is not worth it anymore. I need to hire somebody to worry form. So this weekend I found just the perfect person seems very qualified and I'm hiring him to do all of my worrying and he said and I paying them $200,000, which might sound like a steep price for $200,000 a year is worth it if you can take all my words and elected them and said are you an idiot. You can even make 1/3 of that how you payment is on no, that's his worry but I like the thought that your concern is his concern is his word, and he's not worried. It's his concern so hands up worries down or in the words of the hymn nest.

What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. Oh what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything God that concludes Skip six message from the series technical we want to share about a special resource incredible insight into what's going on in the Middle East and why it matters for you.

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Whatever it is that you think on his good thoughts very good that bear bad fruit, and guess what hear the garden, the one doing planning so Skip Heitzig presentation of connection communications changing to ever-changing time

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