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Training Part Two

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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March 18, 2018 6:00 am

Training Part Two

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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Thank you for tuning into the radio ministry of community church had clear our focus is making Christ visible providing an atmosphere, worship, community come check us out at 3485 Oxford Rd. in Henderson or visit us join us for this week's message by Pastor Albert on shop now don't usually use movie illustrations but just for today. Can you tell me which movie this line comes from no such thing as bad student. Only bad teacher about another line from that same movie wax on wax off, there you go, that's that's that's it. I love that line that I quoted earlier.

No such thing as bad student. Only bad teacher. I'm preaching this morning, and the premise is the same no such thing as a bad kid. Only bad parents as a tough message to swallow because I am a parent and my kids are still in the house and so is tough to preach a message that I need to hear desperately last weekend we looked at Proverbs 22 and verse six, where it says train up a child in the way he or you could say she should go and when he is old he will not depart from it and refocused on four elements in that verse. The first is the child. The second is the way the card is the training and the fourth is the promise that if you do the first three things right there is the promise that they are coming back this morning I want to focus on the fifth element that I barely touched on last weekend and that is the trainer the parent and I'm going to Psalm 50 verse 16 and you will see why I'm choosing this passage for this message and a few moments of you have your Bibles with you. Psalms 50 verse 16 and also verse 17 let's all stand for the reading of God's word but to the wicked. God says what right have you to declare my statutes, or take my covenant in your mouth seeing you hate instruction and you cast my words behind you. A coach cannot hate the playbook and still expect to train his athletes the way he's supposed to. You cannot hate God's word. You cannot disregard God's word. You cannot disobey God's word and still expect your children and your grandchildren to love the word of God and to obey the word of God. How do you feel about this book.

How do you feel about the truths in this book and the question I ask every week.

Are you saved or to say it differently, have you received the word of God, Jesus Christ, the last weekend I barely touched on the character of the trainer. I even gave the example of King David and how he failed to be a good father, now in today's message, step back and further understand why and how did David mess up what happened to him.

Why would he do the things that he did you know the sin with Bathsheba. You know how he killed her husband and how he lied to cover things up and then later on he took many wives to truly understand this, we have to turn to Psalm 50 you may not know this but scholars specially scholars in the Old Testament in the past three decades have come to realize that the book of Psalms is not just a random collection of the songs of Israel. That's what we think that this is their hymnbook and just like our hymnbook. They have been thrown in their there. The word of God. But there is no connection between the Psalms.

Scholars have come to realize that there is plenty of connection. In fact, Psalm 51 which is David psalm of repentance. You know the Psalm very well against you. You only have I sinned, and done this evil in your sight. Purge me with his sub clan's meal. God so that the bones that you have broken may rejoice again so that I can tell sinners of your way and they will be converted. That's David psalm of repentance after Nathan the prophet confronted him about his sin.

Now we know what happened in Psalm 51.

But why did David fall into sin, to know that all you have to do is read the Psalm prior to Psalm 51 which is Psalm 50 the how do we know this for sure if you were to compare Psalm 50 and 51.

There are many words and concepts that are common, it may not seem like it in the Englishman. The Hebrew that a lot of commonality something else.

If you have your Bibles open the first line of Psalm 50 says a Psalm of Asaph, who was Asaph. Asaph was a wonderful composer. He was a worship leader that David had appointed in the temple. Asaph wrote many Psalms and fax Psalms 73 through Psalm 83 are Psalms of Asaph. They are in a collection they are together, but there's something happen.

Psalm 50 is also a Psalm of Asaph, but someone took it out of his collection and place did before. Psalm 51. Who do you think that someone maybe I tend to believe is the Holy Spirit.

He chose it for a particular reason because it gives us an insight into why and how David fell into sin no I don't have the time to go through the entire Psalm that is not my purpose this morning, I encourage you to go home and read it. But in the Psalm first day of Asaph addresses the righteous people and he tells them of God's blessing. He reminds them of God's promises in their life, but in the second half. He deals with the wicked Amelia began the passage with, but to the wicked. God says now don't misunderstand, these are not the wicked as those who hate God.

These are not the wicked as those who are evil and don't believe in God the wicked. In this context are those who are righteous but for the moment have turned away from God to listen to verse 16, but to the wicked, righteous God says what right have you to declare my statutes and take my covenant in your mouth seeing you, hate, instruction, and you cashed my words behind you.

God is confronting his people.

Those who have turned against him. Those who are righteous but their living unrighteously he is confronting them and say, you declare my words you speak my truth, but you despise my word and you disregard my truth. God is telling them that unless they have the right attitude towards his word. They don't have the right to declare his word. In other words, I lose the right to preach God's word and to teach God's word to my children if I don't receive God's word and obey God's word in my life that David love the word of God and all you have to do is read some of his Psalms. He loved the world I want to read to you. Psalm 19. Just a few verses. Psalm 19 starting in verse seven, David is writing these words, the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. The statues of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart the commandment of the Lord is pure or enlightening the eyes see when you are in the word of God. You cannot help but have more of the word of God because you know the difference it makes in your life.

It brings you joy. It cleanses you and draws you clear and close to God. It sharpens your conscience. This is David in Psalm 19. The listen to verse nine, the fear of the Lord is clean and during forever. The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether more to be desired are they than fine gold. When you are in the word of God. You want this book more than anything else. Your than much fine gold sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them your servant is worn and you are in the word of God when sin begins to come immediately your sins sense begins to tingle and you know this is not right. I need to move away from this, I need to get away from this person. I need to stay away from the situation and keeping them there is great reward.

Keep back your servant also from birds from presumptuous sins.

Let them not have dominion over me that I shall be blameless, and I shall be innocent of great transgression.

Let the words of my mouth. You know this one and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight oh Lord my strength and my Redeemer. You see, David had incredible love for the word of God.

He wanted to stay in the word of God.

He got the benefits of the word of God, and he wanted more of the word of God, but something happen you got away from the word of God and what God is saying to David, is this what right have you to declare my statues or take my covenant in your mouth.

Seeing that you hate instruction is not a joy for you to go to church and say I want more give me more of the word of God is not a joy for you to sit and listen to the word of God, or watch the word of God. Now it's it's it's almost hatred and that's what preacher say all the time yes_Otto he was talking to me.

I know she was far Otto was you talking about I know when they read that passage I was all for me. I got it here. You use either the sense of disdain in the tone. There's a sense of hatred, God says you have lost the right to tell people my work can extend that little bit.

How does it apply to training your children when you don't stay in the book when you don't love this book, you have fitted the right to train your children right this moment, many of your Bibles are on the coffee table collecting dust. And there are people who wander children and grandchildren to go to church. They want them to go to Sunday school to want to be in blaze and Alana in children's camps in youth retreats but they themselves do not love coming to church.

They don't love getting into the word. They don't care anything about Bible study and Sunday school.

I recall just like this just like this that have excuses, but you better go to church.

Where were you last is not under supposed to be in charge and the kid is thinking why do you want me to be in charge when you hate everything about church you don't read the Bible you only the word of God. Let's go back to Psalm 50 when you turn away from God's word.

It opens the floodgates to sin. Listen to the list of sins that follow about the way they are. It clear violation of the 10 Commandments, especially commandment six through 10 listen to how sins begin to come on back in Psalm 50 verse 18 first thing that comes to the sin of stealing. When you saw it teeth you consented with him. The word consented by the way, is the Hebrew word terrazzo, which means you become accepting you are pleased you get along with people who steal when you're not in this book when it comes around. You don't have the same conscience, the conviction that says that person will steal.

They will steal people's reputations. They will steal people's money they will steal people's time. But right now, since you are not in this book, the sword of the Lord is not working in your heart you are accepting of people you consent with robbers.

By the way, that's the violation of the eighth commandment, which is thou shalt not steal. But that's not the only sin that comes your come sin number two the sin of adultery. Listen to what God says in verse 18 when he saw thief you consented with him and have been a partaker, the word partaker is the Hebrew word catalog, which means you have a common ground with adulterers when you are not in this book than you seem to be okay with people who are having affairs and justifying a fair honey you deserve to be happy and you are hanging out with that honey you even begin to condone them you know someone is stepping outside their marriage. But see, right now you're not in the word of God and you think her hat marriage is unhappy anyways. The list is making her happy whenever the good work right of the word of God is not in your life so you what you say is aware whatever makes you happy. By the way, what is that doing that's a violation of commandment number seven which is, you shall not commit adultery if I can add to that is also a violation of commandment number 10, which is, you shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.

See how quickly when you get away from the word of God. These sins begin to follow the sin of stealing the sin of adultery but that's not the only sin here comes a person which is sin of slander listen to verse 19 you give your mouth to evil. Now, you begin to say things and your tongue frames the seat you know the word framing's amazing Hebrew word is almost like you build a house you build a whole structure something that is hollow you make up stories about people. Your heart is full of bitterness and now you begin to say things and conjure up stuff about people why because you are not in the word Jack and stand here and preach to a message on anger and bitterness and adultery and stealing and it will just bounce off of you.

But if you go over the word of God, you realize the sources you're not in the word you know I'm in the word, not because I'm a pastor I'm in the word because I need this book. This book keeps me saying this book keeps me in the right path.

This book helps me in my marriage. This book helps me and how I raise my children. This book helps me and how I lead the church when I listen to this verse 20 you sit and you speak against your brother, you slander your own mother son means now you begin to talk trash about those in your family and that could be a flesh and blood, or that could be your church family, your work, family, now you begin to slander them.

You why I think this is also breaking the commandment. The sixth commandment, which is what you shall not murder because assassinations are not just physical is also character you can assassinate someone's character by saying trash about them and what is the source of all this is all bitterness that is coming when I get away from this book. Folks what's gonna happen.

This book brings grace in my life. This book brings forgiveness in my life when I get away from the word of God. Now bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness have total reign in my life.

So what I'm up spewing out is because the word is not checking me is not purifying me. Now here's a danger. Imagine you are a teacher, but you are corrupted by stealing, adultery, slander, how good a teacher are you going to be.

You see, this is why I began this message by the statement, there are no bad kids, only bad parents. Kids are kids, but if the parent is infected by these sins because they're not in the word no listen to what's happening to the children. They are taking in all these sins into their lives. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you cannot be saved and be forever bitter against people. There will be time to time bitterness in your life. There will be times it will be hard for you to forgive but you cannot be perpetually unforgiving and bitter and resentful and talk trash about people and still claim to be say.

So what would God do about this. Listen to verse 21 these things you have done and I have kept silent but don't misinterpret God's silence as God's approval.

In time God will deal with our sins, but I love this last line I love it and I dreaded you taught that I was altogether like you what God is saying to David and to us as you think I am like you. You tried to create me in your image so you are full of bitterness and hatred and anger and jealousy and lust and greed and somehow you have projected those things towards me and you think it's okay because God is these things to how crazy can that be he made us in his image, not vice versa. Folks, you cannot say what you know I get angry but but usually God gets angry. What wait wait wait back up a little bit. God gets angry and is called righteous anger you get angry because you don't get your way.

God doesn't tell us everything.

Wait, wait while God is until is everything for a benefit you are holding back on the truth because you are deceiving some don't make God in your image tone.

Bring God down to your level. That is the sin of misrepresenting God and he hates it. You see, without the word being the standard you begin to make your own standard without the Bible giving you the true image of God, you begin to make God into your image.

Verse 21, but I will rebuke you and set them in order before you before your eyes. Verse 22 not consider this. You who forget God less tartare you in pieces less dietary in pieces literally, lest I kill you if this sin has serious consequences when you get away from the word of God, you lose the right to declare the word of God to train your children in the word of God, because now the sins of stealing and adultery and slander begin to come through your life and instead of repenting you tried to create God in your own image and God says I want to deal with you. I would expose you.

I will tear you in pieces in the whole world is gonna watch this because there will be none to deliver. This is a powerful passage because it tells us that people will see what is happening to you, but they they cannot interfere. They cannot intervene again.

The old adage, you uncover your sin and God will coverage you cover your sin. God will uncover and no one can interfere. Finally, verse 23 whoever offers praise glorifies me and to him who orders his conduct a right I will show the salvation of the Lord which means this what you have to do is you have to repent, you cannot continue the same way. Repentance has to come now we know that David repented there was some 51. The other thing about David was this when God confronted David. He repented, he humbled himself before God. But something happened towards the end of his life. David did not have the same walk with God last week and I share with you about David's relationship with his other son Absalom. Absalom was a handsome young man, Absalom was very gregarious.

Absalom was winsome. Absalom also had a bad temper and one reason had a bad temper is because his daddy didn't do anything when his own brother raped his sister. Both David's children and David didn't say a word. He didn't do anything at Absalom was angry with his father David only sat back and he cried.

He never reached out and said Absalom let's make it right in front of the Bible says David brought Absalom back to his home but he did want to see his face is really artisan it that instead of saying God I have sinned. I need to talk to Absalom. David says God I just want Absalom in my life but I was see him. Absalom led a rebellion. He was killed in the process and David sat there weeping the never reconciled. David failed as a trainer masking this morning. What kind of trainer are you what kind of parent argument. Are you in the word of God. Are you truly in the water and ask if you are into my preaching. I did ask if you are in someone's preaching or someone's book. What I'm asking you is, is this Bible primary in your life do you love instruction or do you throw it behind you stop trying to grade me this morning.

Examine your heart.

Are you in the word of God.

Do you love this book because if you are moving away from this book and you despise instruction, sin is coming to not only forfeit the right to train your children but you also mislead your children you created God in your own image and then you project that image to your children, and many times I've had people sitting in my office they said I have a tough time coming to God because every time I think about God. I think about my dad or my mom and I think this is how God is like, and I don't know what to say to them other than that's not what God is like.

Let me tell you how God is compassionate how he is gracious how he is holy how he is truth and wisdom. You see some parents somewhere projected the wrong image and maybe here this evening. This morning you are that kid who was misled by your trainer.

What you do in that situation you have to forgive.

You have to forgive that parent you have to tell God that is no longer what they did or the didn't do that now.

From this day on, you will walk in God's word.

You will live in God's truth. If you spend your whole life saying, but you know what my mom and daddy taught me to never took me to church. They never did this for me than ever did that for me. My trainer didn't do his job is what you're saying doesn't matter with you trainer did his job or not you're still failing at the game of life.

Only thing you can do is a God, would you help please help help me forgive them help me let go and then God deal with the sins in my life I will love your work and that I want to train my children to walk in your word for.

Never give your heart to Jesus Christ you never have the love for God's word unless you love Jesus Christ. This book is about him.

This book is by him and this book is to him unless Jesus is in your life.

This book will remain a mystery to you. That's why when people say I understand the Bible was really going to my mind is are you really save you really know Jesus as your Savior that maybe the root cause. Thank you so much for joining us for this message we have any hope of training our kids in the way they should go we have to have a clear understanding of who God is. We are because of him, that your faith one true God today for more information visit us for this week's notes checkup exercise block Abbott on

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