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June 13, 2022 1:31 pm

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

Kerwin Baptist / Kerwin Baptist Church

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, Psalm 119 for 73 or Jo in the Hebrew alphabet and I'll get on that later. Our eyelid were 73 thy hands have made me and fashioned me, give me understanding that I may learn thy commandments. They that fear they will be glad when they see me because I have hoped in thy word.

I know Lord that thy judgments are right and that thou and faithfulness hast afflicted me let I pray the thy merciful kindness be for my comfort. According to thy word unto thy servant.

Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live for thy law is my delight.

Let the proud be ashamed for. They dealt perversely with me without a cause, but I will meditate in thy precepts. Let those that fear the turn unto me and those that have known my testimonies, let my heart be sound in thy statutes that I be not ashamed. Interesting versus here, and as we talk about the subject this morning submitting to judgments that are right. Hope this'll make a whole lot of sense to you when were done sure did I know you probably think me you cry at the drop of a hat, but I had some happened to me this week and II guess you have to be there but it just I've not got over it yet. Lord we love you and I pray that you would help us to understand that your judgments your decisions the way you do things are right.

Lord I pray that you would help us to learn to submit to the judgments that are right.

Lord I love you and I pray that you would help us to rightly divide your word today. In Jesus name we pray. Amen as this little eight verse mini book out of a very larger book as it begins to unfold. I want you to notice and really the system in an end of thinking we do not know who this offer is by the way, now you might say that you might think it's David, it looks much like his style, but there is no guarantee, you have different books will say this verse the author some books of said Solomon is the author some books of said David's the author and different things. Some folks even said that her Asaph is the author. There are some books that will tell you that David Asaph Moses that there is different authors to this, we don't know for sure, but I want you to notice in verse 73.

He says this thy hands have made me and fashioned me, give me understanding that I may learn documents number one I want you to see as the author here is taking us on a journey number one. He says this I was designed by God, this very fact means that God has all the right in the world to do what he wants to do in our life. You know why he made us give you whatever, 73, thy hands have made me we are his creation.

I was designed by God. God made you the way he made you were all different none of us have the same fingerprint which still boggles my mind. But on the day some God had a perfect design. God made us, and that means this that God is the owner that make sense God is the owner. Now the only way that somebody make something. The only way they're not the owners if they give it away or sell it and I would say this because not given us a way, it is not soundness.

He made us wear his creation. He owns us notice the second thing he says is not only my designed by God, but he said I'm directed by God. Notice were 73 is all going somewhere thy hands have made me and fashioned me that word fashioned is an interesting word. It means God didn't just create me. He is literally made me into the personality into the person I am.

He has literally not just design me, but he's directed me these fashioned me like literally a piece of pottery and clay is not only created a piece of pottery, but he made me specifically into a cup or into a bowl or endure a picture God makes us he didn't just make us but he makes us into specifically what he wants. We were just literally designed by God. We are literally directed by God, he fashions us. That means he's in charge or listen to the fact that he made me means he owns me. The fact that he fashions me means he's in charge. Notice this third thing and I'll I really like this again.

Verse 73. He says they thy hands have made me and fashioned me, give me understanding notice are all here. Third, says I'm developed by God. That means is on knocking on it on my can understand anything unless God gives me the understanding you can read everything you want to read on the taste, something the Holy Spirit. The Bible said leads us into all truth. I'm here to tell you that we are not only designed by God and directed by God, but we are literally developed by God.

He gives us understanding for the things we need to know and the things we need to learn when you come into God's house will do the best I can to rightly divide God's word to make it understandable to make it easy to follow case on the floor you ever show up at church you want to be Holy Spirit.

Please guide me to true today.

Help me to understand and learn what I need for my life. By the way, Sunday is not just a ritual we pinned on this we can go only but we do know notice number four below. This is, as I hands have made me I'm directed by God fashioned me. I'm developed by God, give me understanding, I'm developed.

Notice this, that I may learn thy commandments. They that fear the will be glad when they see me because I have hoped in thy word. Number four is that I depend on God's word he said I'm directed by God designed by God I'm developed by God but I depend on God's word.

That's my hope is God's word that means this week just from this one verse. We realize God made us he controls us.

He's the one that controls what understanding we have what wisdom we have. We depend on him for guidance. I depend on his word for everything in my life. He said are you agreeing with me so far.

Now what you notice were 75. This brings us to this point the author says God, I know you made me and I know literally that you fashioned me you do not just the owner but you are literally in control and you know what you're doing God I'm just on literally. I'm just the clay you're the Potter and I get that.

And God, I certainly understand that I I'm not going to understand a lot of things without your help that you realize what I'm getting this morning he saying this that there might be a whole lot of things in my life that I don't understand why God is doing. The way he's doing it, but it doesn't mean I'm going to understand it because I only get understanding from God and of God doesn't really care or doesn't think that I need understand this is not been explained. You understand that God doesn't have to explain anything to us and he says this so because God I can only under understand the things that you explained to me. Therefore I depend solely on your word you get that please don't leave me here. You got out alive all get all for now. This will make any sense. He said God you made me in your directing me and I under and II get that and you're the one that has to give me understanding, unlocking understand anything that you don't explained to me that you don't give me knowledge that you don't give me understanding up and I get all that so I am going to have to open your word because I don't always get an explanation every day from God what he is doing. Do you mean do you wake up in the morning to God just to put your bed and he says well you know now that you're awake let me explain you what I'm getting ready to do today. Let me explain why what happened yesterday. I know it was rough but limitary one got a new he doesn't explain every little thing to us because we don't understand it doesn't mean that God doesn't have a plan. It just me that he didn't feel the need to explain it to. So we have to depend on his word.

You realize that in our life as a Christian is our explanation. God has never explained anything to any of us.

I don't ever preacher said that Jesus was 600 feet tall and told him whatever Tony did happen really got me.

God revealed himself in his word. This is his explanation.

I don't have understanding of a lot of things. So I have to depend on God's word because that's where he chose to explain your understanding to wax on wax off, for those in my generation will you know.

Notice where he goes and 75 I love this and I hated I needed. I don't like it. All the above. We were 75 because of this, God, you made it. You control. I don't understand it all I have is your word and on disk and a trusted, this is what he said I know that thy judgments are right, God might not have given me understanding of why he's done what he's done or why he's decided to do what he's decided to do all I have to know. And the only thing I can depend on. Is this whatever he does, whatever his judgments are there right this means this a hold on.

That means when we disagree with God. He's right.

That means when we have another way, his way is right.

It means that if I have a different opinion. His plan is right explain what happened this week. My wife and I we were to Kate and we had to run a couple errands. I think it was Friday or is it first day. Sorry, I want to call the wrong person babe, that's for sure been down that road already here. We don't want to go there again Thursday or Friday. We are on new Garden Road. You did a lot of good art. So I am your husband. That was you like we were. Kate was in the so I'll remember we were running some errands and we got done and we needed batteries and there is a dollar store trundled new Garden Road. We were over there in Greensboro and so that's all I've put date hurricane. The car we needed batteries as they were going. Going to Walmart or target just to get batteries I want to go fight that crown we just go on the dollar store I know the batteries aren't as good that I can get to number the price one pushes key change in amount on the last of the big spenders. I know you know. So I got the car on from there onto the me just run over the to the dollar store and I was walking over and there was a lady that has was getting out of her car and it was in office. He she was parked in the handicap parking and I was walking and almost to the dollar store and she was really a good ways away. That was the closest handicap parking that was open and as I was walking in a washer and she and you would understand. I don't mean anything respectful, but she she have those armed walkers. You know you put your hand in and it covers up the arms and she had braces on both her like she's probably in her mid to late 50s and she had she had braces all over her legs and her legs were extremely I mean at the knees just bowed out and she was walking like this from and you understand I'm not making light at all. She was literally walking like this from the car.

Some I'm almost in the dollar store. She's a ways away, and immediately I thought how this will even open the door us amount I want to help her out somehow than I thought if I stand here and hold the door. She's way out there. She's gonna feel like she's gotta hurry. It was hot and all the stuff in my heart is like I don't get a one of the things I don't know what to do what I want to help what it was I when the dollar store not just of the window and watched her, and I thought when she gets close and I'll come out the door for because if I sent out there. She's in a hurry and I think the public really on this man comes in with you know kind of thing, but she was walking in and you know you just start thanks says while she's a smile and she was gonna walk a thing so she got close close there. So I open up door night and I will SAI you it's hot out here today and she said it sure isn't. And she said will think in us and we get the stores you need a buggy E thing is that you take your time and I said you need anything in there anybody bothers you, you need a buggy, you need whatever you let me know and I'll take care of business.

You hear me and she's a she was laughing. I was so she can't why appreciate that very much as she was walking in that dollar store and she was in and she'd see a person I was on the other you can just hear talk hey how are you today good to see about my batteries, got the car my wife throat with you to set two years. Let me tell you why a thought why her, not me.

Have you ever thought about what her, not me, most precious member. We have sit right back there in that wheelchair bar paces sweetest thing a lot you know I love you Laura. I watched Lars struggling get in and out of meat meals will have her church and all these different things undertake some I just go out why her and not me while I get to walk out of this dollar store go back to my car. Why did God do that, why, why did she have to go through this and why didn't you watch we have to go through this. Now you would think will you just be thankful and praise the Lord whatever tell you something. My heart hurt for why her. Why do I tell them why do I get to walk in and out tell you something before long you can think and think and think it'll never make sense when I got that car mid to, as they still could not think about just tears. All I know is that God's judgments are right.

I don't know why I have healthy legs.

She does, but I know God's judgments are right you can sit here today and say that's right bedroom. On the other end of that. Why do I get such a such a no. But why do they get all the wonderful things and while I have to go through this and they know different.

I don't know what I do know this. God doesn't always give understanding for things he doesn't give us an explanation every day.

What I have to trust is whatever he decides to do his judgments are right, but they would be wrong is that somehow in God's infinite will. I got healthy legs and she didn't say what would be wrong for me to take those healthy legs and spend it for my life and not be in God's house and not be faithful to God and not serve him. Let me tell you something this building doing to you start serving God is no reason why all of us are in wheelchair. But if you're not in God's will.

Somehow he felt that was so you honor him with the help you've given notice what he says here, I know Lord that the adjustments are right now. This was the kicker, and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me.

Did you just hear that not read this verse and numerous times but all of a sudden something just clicked this week and I mean honestly, I did read it anywhere. I look up anything on it also and it was just like you know a big slap me across the face. Did you get that notice first the certainty of God's decisions, he said, whatever you do it's right. You can count on. But notice.

Secondly, the credibility of God's faithfulness. They were sent five.

He said I know that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me.

Did you get that lucky me. What you get this please.

Do you know the very fact that he was afflicted proved that God is faithful. Do you know when things happen in your life that you don't understand that is proof that God is faithful to you is a print journalism was you this people oftentimes please wake up and get this one. People often feel when affliction comes, then maybe God has forgotten them. You got understand the fact that there is an affliction there proves that God has not forgotten wasn't dimming.

Some feel that when affliction, that means maybe that God hasn't been faithful, but the fact that you have an affliction in your life proves that God is some believe that when difficulty arrives and maybe God is angry with him or doesn't love them anymore. Look at me dear friend the fact that affliction comes into your life proves that he does love that means as wide as affliction, and water difficulties come because God is doing a work in our life. And if he never brought affliction. He wouldn't be doing so the fact that you go through things means no one get this this morning but I can have a little revival that's okay with you, the author here says got I don't understand it all, and you have explained it was get up to trust in your work, but I know this that you afflicted me in your faith.

That means my affliction is part of your faithfulness to me. It reminds me that you're doing something in my life. It reminds me that you do still love me to remind me that you are trying to make something out of me and reminds me that you're not down with me and remind me that you got a plan for my life very fact that you whatever you're doing proves me.

Oh dear friend. We look at things so wrong when things happen we think will God just forgot to be faithful to me. The very fact that happen should show us that he still or he wouldn't be doing something in our life superrich. I think of this rather him not do anything than to have to face affliction unveiled. I understand that a little bit younger.

Honestly, I would. I would really rather not go through some of the things my wife and I go through.

I would really rather that not be the case but only taste something you have a love one, you have a child you have whatever you're watching them suffer. Only thing you can depend on is God if you're doing this. It's right. I don't agree with it and I don't like it got a much better way.

I think to do this, but if I have a difference of opinion. You are right. If I have a better plan. I'm wrong.I'm just going to have to trust you.

Whatever you do, whatever your judgments are the fact that you even allowed affliction. My life proves that your faith babe middle of that in your easy would have no reason beer. I probably shouldn't share it. Please don't tell them anything.

We always have one or two whatever us a run ride to the person afterwards this week.

My middle son got in trouble at school second little incident most people would say what he really did anything that we get any kind of calling any income thing. The teacher. This was the second offense. So my wife comes to meet one day brought them home and she said this is what happens with the teacher said and I said well he needs a spanking. Then walk away and she said yeah he does big. I have added the course. Why not me, but I don't like that stuff so I will give you little bit not praying to God. You said provoke not the children of wrath, but you also said that Lord that if the father if he loves his son. He correct some not. Once of my young as if I had to take a belt to know you can arrest me if you want to go ahead, as will be edited out you go interest. Go ahead. He'll look like a bad person. Trust is not praying I got my bottom wound. I got the verses you know if I walked out requested huts and commit so when he sat down and I splaying the Ritz versus two I said because I love you would have to do this so I want to do it won't hurt you for the world but I said I'll hurt you worse if I don't know. He's a hard one as far as my tougher when I guess in a sense, in a sense that he just won't cry. He just kind of you know if he senses you're doing some he'll just harden up on you, buddy, tears start come out of his eyes us over to pray got on my knees next to an upright message got I don't want to do this because I love my son going to forgot about the listener you bend over the bed and I had my belt course my belt a big belt so you know I started you given them, and I think I said I need to get 10 and I think I stopped at seven doing more velocity to stay in your loving. I walked out I went outside and thus the boy is really hard but you know what the affliction came as a level little bit. I was outside working on some training the mind her the screen door and a backboard here huts and commit to start growing public is that Olivia please don't make me do that again went back inside. Getting how many times God has to do things and we don't understand it and will and we don't realize it, but it is just part of his faithfulness because he loves us. The author said got. I know you're inflicting me but I know it's part of your faith. Notice what he says and I'll let you go for 76 he says let I pray the thy merciful kindness be for my comfort God if you're going to have to do it, he says. Notice there. The comfort of God's merciful kindness God if you're going to have to click me and I know it's put it, it's proving your faithfulness and approves you love me but Lord, if you'll just come for me through and can I tell you something God never brings affliction that he doesn't offer you comfort through these we are supporting sky even in the midst of affliction. He shows kindness to us. Notice two things about this verse. 76. First it was prayed for. He said let I pray the thy merciful kindness be for my comfort. This kind of comfort is pray for God, please. I'm praying would you comfort me through this. You know why it's important to ask because he's our father. When you come as a child when you say God this really hurts and I trust you know it's his party are faithful but this really hurts what you comfort me in the Bible says he has given us the comforter notice.

Secondly, not only is it, prayed for, but it's been promised before, I love this would give you whatever, 76, he says let I pray that merciful kindness be for my comfort. According to thy word unto thy servant, he said, God, you promised you would so I need it now.

God praying for, because you have promised you already said in your word to your servant before you and offer comfort that you would always be there. Now I know you're lying is that the understanding about it.

I trust you and I know the party are faithful. Please would you comfort me through this notice. Next, the compassion of God's tender mercies for 77 he said, let thy tender mercies, he says, merciful kindness and then tender mercies come unto me, that I may live the compassion of God's tender mercy. You know what God's merciful kindness means he's faithful, but his tender mercies means he's compassion it's 10. He loves us notice this last thing I want you to see the completion of God's affliction verse 80 is what it's all about let my heart be sound and by statutes that I be not shame thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast the Kerwin Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC.

You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live all our media honor website and church. Thank you for listening.

Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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